LoL Survivor

That Ain't Valor! Part 2

Vi and Caitlyn: Before the show

Vi moaned, "Why do I have to be the one that participates in the contest? You'd actually look good in a dress!"

Caitlyn sighed, "You'd look fine in a dress."


Caitlyn pointed out, "Then don't wear a dress. No one said you had to."

Vi's face lit up, "YOU'RE RIGHT! I'LL WEAR A TUX! THANKS, CAIT!"

Caitlyn replied coldly, "You're welcome."

A few moments later, Vi walked out in a white tux, "So, how do I look?" She said deviously.

Caitlyn turned around and saw Vi.

She blushed but then she sighed, "Vi, how long do we have to keep this up? We could've gotten the job done a long time ago…" (Possible foreshadowing? :P )

Vi smiled, "We need to keep the audience entertained!"

Caitlyn frowned, "But-"

"No. We'll catch her when the time is right! Plus, how cool would it be if we caught her AND won the competition?"

Caitlyn crossed her arms, "What happens if we get eliminated? She gets away and we get nothing!"

Vi gave Caitlyn a hug, "Then, we just have to make sure we don't get eliminated."

Caitlyn pushed Vi away and smiled, "Well, with you in that tux, there's no way we're gonna lose!"

Vi grinned, "Don't flatter me."

Edwardo and Kog'Maw: Before the show…

"We were extremely fortunate that I am the one that gets to participate in the contest, if it were you, then we would surely lose. You're not nearly attractive enough to win the competition," Edwardo said.

Kog'Maw replied coldly, "You has no chance either, dumb dumb. You too ugly."

Edwardo gasped, "You take that back you ugly little earth worm!"

Kog'Maw stayed silent.

Kog'Maw's Confessional

"I eat him one day… Will make him shhh…"

Edwardo turned away angrily and got changed.

His outfit was identical to the one he usually wears, "With this outfit, we will win for sure!"

Kog'Maw commented, "Is you not changing?"

"I did change, silly Kog'Maw! You see?" Edwardo pointed to his monocle. "My monocle is slightly bigger. This'll make all the difference!"

Kog'Maw's Confessional "I eat his dumb monocle too."

"Don't worry, Kog'Maw. I'll win this for us."

Kog'Maw rolled his eyes, "Ok…"

Orianna and Blitz: Before the show…

Orianna was taking notes, "According to my calculations, we have only a 3 percent chance of winning the competition. In order to increase our odds of success, we must discover what the Homo sapiens consider to be attractive."

Blitz beeped, "I shall look through my information board." Blitz beeped for a few seconds and then started short-circuiting, "Hot. Hot. Overheating. Booty. Booty Overload. Booty. Booty. Booty. Booty."

Orianna gave him a good kick and he returned to normal, "I see your obsession with the human gluteus maximus is still in your programming."

"I thought I had that erased." Blitz beeped.

Orianna asked, "Would you like it if I were to erase it for you?"

Blitz beeped, "Perhaps later, but we must make you physically appealing to the human eyes."

Orianna nodded, "Understood. What do these odd creatures find attractive?"

Blitz showed her a picture.

Orianna took more notes, "Big butt, big boobs, thigh gap, and thin arms… How odd. These humans enjoy their women to be unhealthy. I don't even think that their physical appearance is achievable."

Blitz beeped, "I agree."

"These are truly fascinating creatures. Let me find some clothing they would find attractive." Moments later, Orianna is wearing a bikini. "We are prepared."

Blitz beeped, "We now have a 25 percent chance of winning."

"That is the highest it will get then."

Karma and Lucian: Before the show…

"Ah yes, a fashion contest. I've been waiting for this moment my entire life!" Moments later, Karma is in a sexy red dress. "I read the auras of the judges, and this is precisely what they would want to-" Karma looked at Lucian and blushed.

Lucian blushed, "What's wrong?"

Karma frowned, "You're aura… It's… I hope you know that we are completely incompatible."

Lucian yelled, "YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT?"

Karma tried to laugh it off by teasing him, "You may know that but your lower regions say otherwise."

Lucian was too stunned to speak, "Uh…"

Karma patted him on the shoulder, "It's ok. You can't control what you find attractive." She smiled and walked away from him.

"Karma," He said really quietly, "You look really pretty."

Karma turned around and grinned, "I know."

Lucian's face turned red, "I take that back!"

"It's already been said!" She teased.

"I HATE YOU!" Lucian yelled blushing.

Lucian's Confessional

"UGH I HATE HER SO MUCH! SHE'S JUST LIKE SENNA- She's… just like Senna…" (Senna was his wife, just in case you didn't know. That's her name.)

Karma's Confessional

"That was awkward."

Leona and Diana: Before the show…

The room was cold.

Leona spoke, "Let's get this over with."

Diana nodded.

Leona walked in and out of the change room with different hairstyles and outfits, while Diana either said maybe or no.

Halfway through it, Diana said, "You know, Leona, what I said in the room, I-"

Leona interrupted her coldly, "You don't need to explain yourself, Diana. The message was clear. I'm sorry for what I did back then. Can you just tell me whether I look good in this?"

"Yes, you do, but that's no what I meant to say. I didn't mean what I said. I was just angry. Please-"

Leona smiled, but it was clearly faked, "Alright then, Diana. So should I wear the yellow sundress?"

Diana nodded, "Yeah…"

"Alright. Wish me luck."

Diana's Confessional

"I can't believe I miss her calling me Deedee… I really messed up, didn't I…"

The cameraman said, "Yeah. You definitely did."


Annie and Amumu: Before the show…

"I've never entered a fashion show before, Amumu… What if I suck?"

Amumu assured her, "Don't worry! You'll do great!"

"You think?"

Amumu nodded, "I'm sure!"

Annie smiled, "Alright! Let me get changed. I'll be right back."

Moments later, Annie walked out with a pale green ruffle dress.

Amumu stared in awe, "Annie! You look so pretty!"

Annie was blushing, "Really? You think so?"

Amumu blushed, "Yeah…"

Annie hugged Amumu, "Let's win this!"

(Young love)


Valor and Quinn were still arguing, "Valor! Why are you always so rude?"





"GUYS! WE'RE FILMING!" Someone screamed off camera.

Quinn and Valor glared at each other, "Fine."

Quinn turned to the camera and spoke, "Anyways, before the fashion contest starts, here are the judges! First, we have the fabulous Ahri!"

Ahri winked, "Hello! Make sure you buy tickets to my new tour!"

"Next, we have the even MORE fabulous, Taric."

Taric grinned, "Gems. Gems are truly, truly, truly, truly, outrageous."

Quinn rolled her eyes, "Uh-huh. Anyways, lastly, we have Lee Sin…?"

Lee Sin smiled, "I'm blind."

"Yes… Which is why I'm confused… Oh well. Let the show begin!"

Caitlyn and Vi

Vi did nothing but pose, and they were yoga poses… She did the downward dog, the cobra, the rabbit, the corpse, and many other weird things…

Caitlyn sighed off-stage, "We should've gone over some poses…"

Ahri: It suits you! I'm not sure if I could pull it off but it definitely looks great on you! Although, your poses were off… 6/10

Taric: That tuxedo was absolutely splendid on you! It lacked some gems but otherwise, it looks very good on you. Like Ahri said though, you're poses were awkward. 7/10

Lee Sin: Are you a man? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. Umm… 7/10…?

Total: 20/30

Edwardo and Kog'Maw

Edwardo tripped and fell as soon as he walked on stage. When he tried to recover, he just fell back down. So, he tried to make it seem like that's what he intended to do by posing on the ground.

Kog'Maw said, "Told you. You dumb dumb."


Ahri: Actually, you don't. Sorry the truth hurts but what's up with that outfit? No one wears monocles and top hats anymore… 3/10

Taric: I have to agree with Ahri. Not to mention that you had no stage presence, and no gems. 2/10

Lee Sin: From the comments I've heard, I think I'm happy that I'm blind. 3/10

Total: 7/30

Orianna and Blitz

Orianna and Blitz studied many fashion shows and looked at different poses. As a result, Orianna knew what she was doing, sort of… Since she's a robot, her movements aren't exactly human like. As a robot, she looked very robotic. On the bright side, she looked great in the bikini!

Ahri: You looked very sexy, sort of. I'm not entirely sure if I liked it or not. I'm gonna give you a 6/10.

Taric: Not enough gems. 5/10

Lee Sin: Umm… 6/10 Good job?

Total: 17/30

Karma and Lucian

Karma looked sexy as fuck! She showed that booty and strutted like no ones ever strutted before. She worked it.

Ahri: You looked very nice! Damn! 9/10


Lee Sin: I'm still blind but everyone else thinks you looked hot so 9/10.

Total: 27/30

Leona and Diana

Leona wore a very simple white sundress. She walked and posed every once in a while but something seemed off. Although the dress looked really good on her and matched her skin tone and hair well, she just didn't work it.

Ahri: I don't know. The dress looked really good but something just seemed weird. Like you didn't really pull it off but you did at the same time… I don't know. 7/10

Taric: I have to agree with Ahri. It seemed weird but nice at the same time. Also, there was no gem. 6/10

Lee Sin: I disagree. You looked really good. Black really suits you. 8/10

Total: 21/30

Diana's Confessional

"I know what's wrong. Sundresses are usually her thing. She always looks amazing in them, but, thanks to me, she's really upset and her happy and radiating attitude isn't present to make her look AMAZING. Ugh. I'm so dumb…"

"Yes, yes you are." The camera man said.


Annie and Amumu

Annie was very nervous so she sort of just stood there and hugged Tibbers.

Amumu tried to cheer her on off stage, "You can do it, Annie! You look great! Don't be nervous!"

Annie looked at Amumu and her confidence grew. She nodded because she now knew what to do. Her entire life was leading up to this very moment. She was born for this. She was conceived for this. SHE HAD NO DOUBT IN HER MIND! SHE KNEW WHAT SHE NEEDED TO DO! SHE. NEEDED. TO…


That's right.


For the next 10 seconds, Annie just twirled.

She twirled.

And twirled.And twirled.

Until she fell.

It was ok though.

The judges loved her.



Lee Sin: I think your cute little display has cured my eyes! I CAN SEE! Just kidding. You're still black. 10/10

Total: 10/10

Amumu ran to Annie and gave her a hug, "I TOLD YOU THAT YOU COULD DO IT!"

Annie giggled, "YEAH!"

Quinn walked up and announced the winners, "Well, it seems that Amumu and Annie are the winners. We'll see the rest of you tonight at the elimination ceremony!"


"Wow, Valor! That was the nicest thing you've said in like 4 years!"

Annie poked Quinn's leg, "What did he say?"

Quinn smiled, "He said that you and Amumu aren't cock sucking, mother fucking, bag of Asian dicks rotting on the side walk underneath a homeless man's sweaty ass butt hole. He must really like you two!"

Amumu turned to Annie and said, "He seems… very… Umm… Decent."

Quinn turned to the camera, "See the rest of you tonight!"

Later that night…

"Alright, teams! Caitlyn and Vi, Orianna and Blitz, Leona and Diana. You three are safe! That leaves us with Edwardo and Kog'Maw and Karma and Lucian! Karma and Lucian, say good bye because you two have been eliminated!"


Lulu muttered in the corner angrily, "Why hasn't anyone noticed me yet? All really good questions."

Quinn raised her shoulders, "I don't know. I didn't vote."

Karma patted Lucian's shoulder, "It's ok, Lucian. We made it far, sort of."

Lucian shook his head. His eyes began to water, "No way! I refuse to lose like this! I still have some stuff I need to say to you!"

Karma teased, "What could be so important? If you're so pissed, why don't you just send me a well-written angry letter at my business? It'll be easier. Plus, I can just throw it in the paper shredder before opening it."

Lucian looked down on the ground, "I can't do that… Karma, I… I love you."

Karma blushed, "Lucian…"

"No, just listen, after Senna died, I didn't think I could love anyone again, but then I met you. At first, I didn't realize how great you were. Your dumb auras made no sense. Not to mention that you constantly teased me, but today, I finally understood my feelings for you."

Karma smiled kindly, "Lucian, you don't love me... I just remind you of Senna, but I hate to break it to you, Lucian, but I'm not her. I'm Karma, and you may think that you love me, but you don't… I'm merely a replacement."

Lucian argued, "No! That's not true! Sure you remind me of her but- But…" Lucian began to cry. "She was everything to me, and now she's gone! All I ever feel now is anger and sadness! I can't handle it anymore!"

Karma hugged Lucian, "It's ok… Don't give up. You'll find a way to bring her back."

Everyone watched in silence as Lucian cried.

When Lucian stopped crying, he apologized, "I'm really sorry, Karma. Just ignore what I said before."

Karma smiled, "Don't worry about it."

Lucian wiped his tears away and said, "Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, Karma."

She nodded, "You too. Oh and Lucian?"

He turned around, "Yeah?"

She smiled, "Your auras yellow."

Lucian chuckled, "Thanks for letting me know."

(BAM! CHAPTER COMPLETED! I hope you liked it. I feel that it got really bad towards the end though because I got tired of writing. So, I'm sort of just hoping that it's sad and not dumb. :P Anyways, have a nice week and don't forget to vote! I'll try to post a chapter next week!)

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