LoL Survivor

Death to Teemo: After Show

Kog'Maw and Lee Sin sat on red couch.

Lee Sin was talking at the wall, "Hello, Summoners!"

Kog'Maw told him, "Wrong way."

Lee laughed, "Oh sorry. This is our first LoL Survivor: After Show. After every 3 episodes, you will see Kog'Maw and I talk to our the champions of the League of Legends and maybe a few of our own challenges as well."

Kog'Maw smiled, "And FOOOOOOOOOOD!"

Lee sin shook his head, "No, no food."

Kog'Maw frowned, "Aww…"

Lee Sin chuckled, "But just for you, I'll find you a way to get food."

Kog'Maw smiled once more, "FOOOOOOOOOOOOD!"

Lee Sin grinned, "Anyways, today, we shall be doing a challenge! 5 champions, all of which were picked randomly, will all have the chance to get into the competition. Please welcome Nidalee, Lucian, Thresh, Blitzcrank, and, unfortunately, Teemo!"

They all walked in. Lucian and Thresh both glared at each other.

Lee Sin announced, "Hello, to enter the competition, you must cook the best meal that you can. Kog'Maw will be judging it out of 10 so make sure it's good. You have 1h, go!"


Everyone ran to get their things. After 2 minutes, everyone had gathered everything except for Lucian and Thresh.

Lucian screamed, "GIVE ME THE PASTA!"

Thresh yelled back, "NEVER! I AM THE PASTA STEALER!"

Lucian replied, "AND A WIFE STEALER!"

Thresh gasped, "You have no proof that I did such a thing! But yes, I did steal your wife."

Lucian's face turned red, "YOU SHIT!" Lucian tackled Thresh and began to punch him repeatedly, "LET ME KILL YOU!"

Lee Sin shoved Lucian off Thresh, "You two have both lost. Just leave now."

Lucian and Thresh walked off staring at each other with hate.

Lucian's Confessional


Lee Sin sighed, "Like little children. They must grow to forgive one another. For if they don't, they shall never feel happiness."

Status Update: 5 minutes in:

Blitz's hand was too big to use a knife to chop the lemons that he brought, so instead, he's decided to simply make lemonade by squeezing the citrus fruit.

Teemo was making a dish that required a lot of mushrooms. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.

Nidalee was in her maid outfit and she was baking a pie.

Status Update: 10 minutes in:

Blitz had finished his lemonade and is bored.

Teemo was still cutting mushrooms.

Nidalee was waiting for her pie to get out of the oven.

Nidalee's Confessional

"Little do they know, I am actually an amazing chef."

Kog'Maw was getting impatient, "Feeding time?"

Lee Sin shook his head, "No."

"…Feeding time?"

"No, Kog'Maw."

"… Feeding time now?"

"Not yet."



"… Now?"


Kog'Maw opened his mouth.

"No, Kog'Maw. Not yet."

Kog'Maw closed his mouth.

Status Update: 30 minutes in:

Teemo kept cutting mushrooms.

Blitz started to stare at Nidalee's ass. Slowly getting more… "Excited".

Nidalee waited for the pie to finish.

Blitzcrank's Confessional

"Hot. Hot. Hot. Overheating. Overheating. Overheating. Must. Have. Ass."

Status Update: 35 minutes in:

Nidalee's pie was finished. So, she opened the oven and bent over.

Blitz couldn't hold it back anymore. He wanted. No. He NEEDED that ass.

Blitz smiled, "ASS! GIVE ME ASS!" Blitz had grappled her butt and sent her flying towards him. At the same time, Nidalee's pie fell on the floor and exploded into tiny little pieces.

Nidalee screamed, "YOU FAT ASS ROBOT! GET YOU'RE HANDS OFF ME!" Nidalee pulled her spear (from out of her ass) and chucked it at him.

Blitz made a screeching noise and fell over mumbling to himself, "Ass. Ass. Ass..."

Nidalee flipped her hair.

Lee Sin kicked Blitz out of the room, "Attempt at sexual assault, Blitz, you've lost. Leaving Teemo and Nidalee." He turned to the wall, "Are you done?"

Kog spoke, "Wrong way."

Lee Sin blushed, "Oh. Haha. My bad." He turned around, "Are you done?"

Nidalee and Teemo nodded.

Nidalee handed whatever was left of her pie to Kog'Maw, "I'm sorry but Blitz made me drop my pie and that was all I had left."

Kog'Maw frowned, "Ok…" He ate the pie and the plate along with it, "1/10. Tastes like plate."

Nidalee's jaw dropped, "Are you kidding me? It tastes like plate cause you ate the plate!"

Lee Sin stared, well tried to, you know, he's kinda… Blind… "Nidalee, do not question Kog'Maw."

Nidalee got angry but she didn't argue.

Teemo brought a bowl filled with cut up Teemo shrooms, "It's shroom salad."

Kog'Maw ate the entire the whole. Sadly, the Teemo Shrooms, if you didn't already know this, cause whoever to consumes them to hallucinate.

Kog'Maw spoke, "1/10. Tastes weird." Then, the shrooms' poison kicked in. Kog'Maw looked at Teemo and didn't see the small Yordle, instead, he saw a giant CHICKEN LEG!"

Kog'Maw began to drool, "Food? FOOOOOoooooood. Me want FOOOOOOOOOOD!"

Poor Teemo was unaware of what he had just done to himself. Kog'Maw jumped onto Teemo and started mauling the tiny Yordle.

Teemo screamed as Kog'Maw chewed and chewed.

Lee Sin panicked too, "OH NO! KOG'MAW! SPIT HIM OUT!" Lee turned to the wall, "SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON LOL: AFTER SHOW!"

Nidalee laughed, "HAHA! I'm in the competition! WOOT WOOT!"

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