LoL Survivor

Stand Behind Braum: After Show

Ezreal and Lux smiled at the camera, "Hello and welcome back to LoL Survivor: The After Show! We've got a lot of great interviews planned! First of all, we have Miss Fortune and Darius coming back for another interview. Then, we have Braum and Taric-"

Lux interrupted, "Wait, Taric your ex?"

"Yeah, please don't tell me you're jealous…"

Lux shook her head nervously, "No… haha… Why would you think that?"

Ezreal replied coldly, "Because you get jealous a lot."


Ezreal nodded, "Yes you do…"

"Prove it!" She yelled.

"Today, I was having lunch and I said, 'This chicken is so delicious!' and then you yelled, 'WHY DON'T YOU EVER FIND ME DELICIOUS ANYMORE?' You made it sound like I nibbled on your arm or something."

"You may not have nibbled on my arm but you did used to eat my fine-"

Ezreal yelled, "LUX!"

Lux chuckled awkwardly, "Maybe that was a little inappropriate…" She continued, "Anyways, you should've seen the way you were looking at that chicken, okay? Like you were licking your lips and glaring at it as if it were Miss Fortune."

"It was a dead piece of fucking chicken! Do you honestly think that I would cheat on you with a cooked chicken breast? Is that even possible?"

Lux burst into tears and ran off, "IF A MAN FUCKED A CAR, YOU CAN FUCK A CHICKEN!"

Ezreal sighed, "Commercial break…"


Graves sat on a white couch as In the Arms of an Angelby Sarah McLachlan played in the background.

"I know what you must be thinking… Zyra can be half-naked, Gragas can drink alcohol, Tahm can have a hat, but… Graves can't have a cigar… I know… I understand how you feel because I feel it too. This injustice that has been bestowed upon us must end. Do not fret. We will overcome this. By donating a dollar to the Light 'Em Up Campaign, we can finally give me a cigar. Please, donate to 1-800-LIGHTEM so we can end this suffering… Queue the suffering puppy photos."

A whole bunch of sick pictures of dogs started appearing on the screen.

-Commercial ends-

Lux and Ezreal sat on the red couches again, "Sorry about that, Summoners. Please welcome Miss Fortune and Darius."

MF and Darius walked in smiling, "Hey, guys! Thanks for having us again!"

Ezreal shook his head, "No problem! It's actually our pleasure to have you back. The viewers insisted that you returned."

MF and Darius looked puzzled, "Umm… why…?"

Lux giggled, "Oh you two are so innocent. After the events that happened last time you two were here, how could someone not want to know what happened?"

"You mean the basketball game?" Miss Fortune asked, "Well, Darius and I completely wrecked his friends. To be honest, Darius did most of the work."

Darius chuckled as he playfully punched her shoulder, "Yeah, I did! You were good at defence though."

Miss Fortune blushed, "No, I wasn't." Darius glared at her and she giggled, "Ok… Maybe I was."

Darius continued, "She made my friend, Jeff, cry from the amounts of time she took the ball from him. It was sad."

Miss Fortune laughed, "He cried because I kept fouling him!"

"Shhh! Minor details."

Lux smiled, "Have you guys been hanging out a lot since then?"

Darius nodded, "I guess, but I wouldn't say too much."

MF agreed, "Yeah. We've gone to the movies a few times."

Ezreal asked, "Really? What did you watch?"

Darius replied, "Many romance movies."

MF rolled her eyes, "Way too many."

"Do you like romance movies, Miss Fortune?"

Miss Fortune laughed, "Romance movies? That's hilarious! I hate them! I've only been watching them because Darius loves them."

Darius' face turned red, "Maybe just a little."

Miss Fortune grabbed his arm, "He's a romantic."

Lux smiled, "I am so happy to see your relationship is going well."

Miss Fortune and Darius both yelled, "Wait. What?!"

Darius continued, "You thought we were dating?"

"Where'd you get that idea from? Darius is nice and all but I don't think I could really see us together."

Darius agreed, "Plus, we barely know each other!"

Ezreal pointed out, "Barely know each other? Miss Fortune has already met your parents, Darius. It was all over your social media."

Miss Fortune rubbed her head, "Oh my god… We are totally dating…"

Darius shook his head, "No, we're not."

Miss Fortune repeated what Ezreal had said, "But, Darius, I've had dinner with your parents! I told them about my life goals and my passions and… We're practically already in a relationship!"

Darius insisted, "We didn't consider it as dating, so it's not dating."

Lux added, "We're running out of time…"

Miss Fortune sighed, "Alright, we should talk about this later. Are you free Thursday? We'll have plenty of time to think about it by then."

Darius nodded, "Yeah, I believe so."

"Okay, how about coffee at the usual spot then?"

Darius smiled, "Yeah! And how about we go watch Inside Out afterwards?"

Miss Fortune smiled as well, "Great!"

Darius replied, "It's a date."

After a moment of silence, Darius yelled, "OH MY GOD. WE ARE DATING!"

Miss Fortune yelled back, "I KNEW IT! I TOLD YOU!"

Lux sighed and turned to the camera, "We'll be right back."

After a few seconds of static, the screen returned to normal and Lux and Ezreal sat on the couches along with Taric and Braum.

Ezreal spoke to the audience, "Welcome back, Summoners. Sorry about what had happened previously. Miss Fortune and Darius are currently facing some troubles. However, we have Taric and Braum here. Hello guys!"


Lux asked, "How are you two?"

"Good." Taric replied coldly.

Braum smiled, "Good times, good friends… What could be better?"

"That's good! So… Umm… how'd you two meet?"

Taric grabbed Braum's hand, "Well… When you completely destroyed my heart and started dating this fat bitch-"

Lux gasped, "Excuse me? I am not fat!"

Taric gave her elevator eyes, "Mmhmm… Your thighs say otherwise."

Ezreal yelled at Taric, "Taric! Come on. Don't be so immature."

Taric rolled his eyes and continued, "Anyways, after you started dating… that thing… I went to the bar and tried to the numb the pain of my broken heart with some virgin… drinks."

"Virgin drinks?"

Taric nodded, "Yes, you know I don't like the taste of alcohol. Anyways, Braum came and saw my shattered heart on the floor and said the most romantic thing… Say it Braum. Tell them what you said."

"You remind me of Agatha, best cow back home!" Braum said proudly.

Lux was puzzled, "You thought that was romantic? He said you reminded him of a cow…"

Taric snapped, "THE BEST COW, LUX! THE BEST COW! Anyways, we've been together ever since."

Braum chuckled, "Hehe! Life is good, no?"

Taric smiled, "Yes, life is very good when you're around."

Ezreal rolled his eyes, "Okay… Anyways, what made you fall in love?"

Taric grinned, "Well-"

Braum was confused, "In love?"

Lux nodded, "Yeah. Taric keeps posting on his social media that you two are in love…"

Braum turned to Taric, "I thought we friends?"

Taric laughed awkwardly, "We are friends!"

"Then why we in love?" Braum asked.

Taric explained, "I just thought… You know… You keep saying things like… You are safe with Braum… Braum is here… They may have many, but you have me… The darker the night, the brighter the stars... Or, my personal favourite, how about some warm milk instead?"

"That is how I speak! I do this with everyone!"

Taric gasped, "YOU ARE CHEATING ON ME?"

Braum was even more confused, "What?"


Braum just kept getting more and more confused, "What is wrong with milk? Goat milk is really yummy!"


Lux spoke, "Well that's awkward…"

Ezreal added, "I don't think Taric understood that Braum was talking about actual milk and not… You know… That…"

"I don't think I'll ever feel jealous of Taric after this," Lux added.

Ezreal laughed awkwardly, "Haha… Good..."

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Braum asked "So… Were we in love or no?"

(Hello! I hoped you enjoyed today's chapter! By the way, I hope no one gets offended by how Taric is portrayed. Gay men are not crazy. This is purely for comedic effect. I'm apologizing mostly because Taric is currently the only gay male in this series and it's not really a good representation either. Anyways, make sure, if you haven't already, to vote on which character you want eliminated for next week! Have a good evening!)

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