LoL Survivor

Lost Woods Part 1

"Hello, and welcome back to LoL Suvivor! I'm your host, Sona!"

Jinx cheered, "And I'm your host, Jinx!"

"It was a long and tiring journey but the competition is coming to an end because we have reached the final three."

Jinx grinned, "Speaking of final three. Please welcome the final three teams!"

Orianna, Blitz, Caitlyn, Vi, Kog'maw, and Edwardo all walked on.

Sona smiled, "We have an interesting challenge for you! It's a survival challenge!"

Jinx yelled enthusiastically, "In other words, WE WANT TO SEE YOU ALL DIE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" When no one laughed, Jinx added awkwardly, "Haha… Just kidding…"

Jinx's Confessional

"I guess people don't like it when I joke about their lives."

Sona continued, "Anyways, since we can't have you guys see where we're bringing you… we're going to have to knock you guys out… HIT IT!"

Everyone was extremely confused. They got even more confused when Jinx and Sona put on gas masks. Moments later, a yellow gas spewed from the ground and they all fainted… Except for two…

"How curious, Blitz. What gas do you think they used to 'knock out,' as the humans would say, our opponents?"

Blitz beeped, "There is not enough data for me to properly estimate. I will take a sample and run some tests."

Jinx stared at them in confusion, "Why aren't you passed out?"

Orianna replied, "We are robots. We do not breathe."

Jinx glared, "Then, how would we be able to knock you out?"

Blitz beeped, "We need to run out of energy; however, Orianna and I both have a very efficient energy source fuelling us. It will take years for us to need a replacement."

Jinx sighed, "Ugh…" Jinx walked off camera and brought back two blankets. She threw them over Blitz's and Orianna's heads and told them, "Don't you dare take them off, you hear?"

Orianna replied, "Yes. We are equipped with the best hearing system in all of Valoran, We can hear you perfectly."

Jinx groaned, "It's an expression."

An hour later, Sona and Jinx said, "Alright. You two stand here. Don't take off your blankets until you hear our voice." Jinx and Sona then walked away.

Orianna and Blitz stood there motionless waiting… and waiting… and waiting… Until…

"Hello, Summoners! Now that you're all awake, you should probably take a look around you."

Orianna and Blitz took off the blankets, looked around, and analyzed their surroundings.

Blitz beeped, "It seems that we are in a temperate forest."

Orianna nodded, "Yes. It seems to be the case."

"You may have already realized that you are, in fact, in the middle of a forest. Your goal is to get out of this forest. First team that escapes wins invincibility. Here's a tip: It takes around a one-hour walk to get out of the forest if you walk in the right direction. Good luck!"

Blitz beeped, "Should we discuss probability?"

Orianna replied, "No. I forgot to inform Jinx and Sona that I am equipped with a GPS."

Blitz beeped, "How convenient."

Orianna's Confessional

"My father was afraid that I may get lost, so he installed a GPS."

"In which direction do we walk?"

Orianna pointed towards a certain direction, "South."

Kog'Maw and Edwardo

Edwardo was furious, "I am so done with this stupid competition."

Kog'Maw agreed, "First time I agree. And I hungry!"

Edwardo joked, "Hello, Hungry! I'm Edwardo."

Kog'Maw glared at him, "Kill yourself."

Edwardo completely ignored Kog'Maw's comment, "So, how do we get out of here… Kog'Maw? … Kog'Maw?" Edwardo turned around and noticed that Kog'Maw was gone. "Kog'Maw!?"

From a distance, Kog'Maw's voice could be heard, "Yeah?"

Edwardo followed the voice and found Kog'Maw walking further into the woods, "Where are you going?"

"I leave forest."

"You have no clue where we're going though!"

Kog'Maw shook his head, "Food."

Edwardo was confused, "What?"

Kog'Maw yelled, "Smell!"

Edwardo sniffed the air, but smelt nothing, "I smell nothing but trees and animal poop."

Kog'Maw sighed, "Just follow. There nothing I know better than food."

Caitlyn and Vi

Vi yelled, "Damn them! I haven't had breakfast yet! UGH! Why do they do this to us?"

Vi's Confessional


Caitlyn sighed, "They must be running out of ideas."

"NOW WHAT! UGH THEY MAKE ME SO MAD!" Vi punched a tree and the tree fell over.

Caitlyn spoke calmly, "How about, instead of killing a whole bunch of defenceless trees, we just find the speakers."

Caitlyn's Confessional

"My mother did not raise a fool!"

Vi was confused, "Speakers…?"

Caitlyn explained, "Where do you think that voice came from?"

Vi nodded, "Huh, never thought of that…"

Caitlyn smiled, "That's right, and neither will anyone else."

Vi questioned, "But there's Orianna and Blitz. They're very smart."

Caitlyn grinned, "True. They are very smart. Actually, I would say it's the best thing about them. However, their biggest asset is also their biggest weakness. Blitz and Orianna are probably over analyzing everything as we speak."

(Sorry about the fact that this is a two part chapter instead of just a full thing but there is currently a problem because there is currently a tie between two teams. Usually, I would simply choose which team I would like to keep but this is the final three so these votes decide who will be in the finale, which is very important. I would ask all of you who simply said things like "Keep this team!" to actually vote for a team to be eliminated. Unfortunately, I do not count that as a vote. Anyways, I hope you still enjoyed this short chapter. Have a nice day.)

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