LoL Survivor

Lost Woods Part 2

Orianna and Blitz

Orianna was confused, "Blitz, my GPS seems to be malfunctioning."

"How so?"

Orianna pointed to the lake, "It is telling me to take a right turn. However, there is a lake on our right. If we take a right, we'll walk into a lake. Also, I can easily see the end of the forest on this map."

Blitz beeped, "Could you create a projection of the map?"

Orianna nodded and, moments later, a hologram map appeared in front of Blitz.

Blitz beeped, "Hmm… Should we listen to the GPS or continue walking forward?"

Orianna shook her head, "I do not know. Shall we calculate the probably of which one will get us out of the forest?"

Blitz beeped, "That seems reasonable. Allow me to quickly pull out my portable white board."

"Did you bring the markers?"

Blitz beeped, "No. I ran out of storage space."

Orianna pulled out a pack of dry erase markers, "I have spares."

Edwardo and Kog'Maw

"So, Kog'Maw, where are we going?"

Kog sighed, "We gonna leave forest."

Edwardo asked, "But-"

Kog'Maw stopped and turned around, "Just trust me, okay? For once, butthead, don't argue."

Edwardo was offended, "BUTTHEAD? You're the butthead!"

Kog'Maw growled.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Edwardo finally broke the silence, "Kog'Maw, what would you wish if we were to win?"

Kog'Maw screamed, "FOOD!"

Edwardo was confused, "Food? You'd wish for food?"

Kog'Maw shook his head and repeated himself, "Food!"

Edwardo took a sniff and smelt cupcakes, "Are those vanilla cupcakes I smell?" Edwardo looked around and found the source of the smell, "LOOK! A CUPCAKE!"

Kog'Maw saw it and sprinted towards it, "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!"

Then Edwardo noticed something odd, "WAIT! KOG'MAW! IT'S A TRAP!"

But it was too late. Kog'Maw dove on the cupcake and triggered the trap. Right afterwards, a net popped out of the ground and Kog'Maw and Edwardo were left suspended over the ground.

"Damn it, Kog'Maw!"

Kog'Maw apologized, "I'm sorry! I no think when hungry!"






Then, they heard a laugh.

Caitlyn and Vi

After a few minutes of searching, Vi found the speakers, "Caitlyn! Over here."

Caitlyn walked over to Vi, "Oh! You found them! Good eye."

"Thanks! So now what?" Vi asked.

Caitlyn found a wire buried under the leaves, "Now, we follow this."

Caitlyn led the way while Vi walked beside her, "So, we made it to the final three, eh?"

Caitlyn nodded, "Yeah. Pretty amazing, isn't it? I didn't really expect for us to get this far, to be honest…"

Vi smiled, "Yeah. I understand completely. I find it really funny how we only agreed to do this to you know…" Vi whispered the next few words, "to catch Jinx…"

Caitlyn smiled back, "Yeah… I sort of feel bad for those that actually wanted to win for the prize… Like when Annie and Amumu got eliminated, I was going to cry my eye balls dry."

Vi frowned, "Yeah, I didn't expect Annie to react in such a way considering she was always either smiling and giggling or about to kill someone… She must have had some really shitty ass parents."

Caitlyn agreed, "Yeah. She deserves better. Like honestly, how could they do-"

Vi interrupted Caitlyn, "Shhh! What is that?"

Caitlyn listened and whispered, "Sounds like Kog'Maw and Edwardo…"

Vi grinned, "Do you still have some of Pantheon's cupcakes?"

Caitlyn nodded, "Yeah. I always carry them around. I need them for my Yordle traps. Why?"

Vi turned to Caitlyn and replied, "You'll see."

Vi's Confessional

"This time, I get to be the smart one!"

Vi did her thing for a few minutes. She then backed away and smiled at the trap that she had created.

"Alright, now we hide," Vi took Caitlyn's hand and hid behind a bush.

Caitlyn and Vi hid in silence in a bush and waited until Kog'maw and Edwardo finally sprung the trap.

"Damn it, Kog'Maw!"

Kog'Maw apologized, "I'm sorry! I no think when hungry!"






Vi laughed, "Oh my god! Will you guys ever get along?"

Caitlyn and Vi stood up and revealed themselves.

Edwardo and Kog'Maw yelled, "YOU DID THIS?"

Vi nodded, "Yes, I did."

Edwardo was fascinated, "Hmm. I didn't expect such a genius plan to be executed by you."

Vi pointed out, "Well it's not like you guys made it too challenging either."

Edwardo glared, "Do you honestly think you can keep us in here?"

Vi grinned, "Yes. That net was fabricated in Zaun. I highly doubt you'll be able to get out."

Edwardo chuckled, "Your ignorance is absolutely historical!"

Caitlyn asked, "Historical? Do you mean hysterical?"

Edwardo blushed, "NO! I meant historical."

"That's definitely not what you think it means then…"

Vi crossed her arms, "You are so full of talk. If you can escape, then prove me wrong."

Caitlyn's Confessional

"She is so attractive right now."

Edwardo grinned, "It seems you think that I'm bluffing. I can easily get out of this trap because I have Kog'Maw."

Vi and Cait were confused, "What?"

Kog'Maw reacted in the same manner, "What?"

"I've been with this poop brain partner from the beginning of the competition. Since then, I've learnt one thing: Don't mess with him when he's hungry," Edwardo smiled and said one word. "Food."

"FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" Kog'Maw broke the net with his pure anger.

Kog'Maw's Confessional

"Wow. Edwardo was actually useful for a change… Don't tell him I said that."

Caitlyn and Vi were immobilized in fear, "How did he?"

Edwardo laughed manically, "TIME TO FEAST!"

Caitlyn and Vi turn, ran, and screamed while Kog'Maw and Edwardo followed closely behind.

Orianna and Blitz

Meanwhile, Orianna and Blitz finally finished calculating probabilities, "If we continue straight, there is a 100 % chance we will escape the forest. If we follow the GPS, there is a 0 % chance we will escape the forest."

Blitz beeped, "However, there is a 100 % chance of death if we were to listen to the GPS and walk into the lake."

Orianna paused, "Hmm… The GPS seems to be completely incorrect. We will fix it right after we leave the forest. Onward."

While Orianna and Blitz continued on, the GPS kept trying to get them to walk into the lake, "Turn right. Turn right. Turn right. Please make a u-turn when possible. Make a u-turn. U-TURN! U-TURN!" (FUN FACT: This was based off of an actual GPS my family once had. Her name was Jane.)

Jinx and Sona

"OH MY GOD! THIS IS SO BORING! NONE OF THEM HAVE MADE IT OUT OF THIS FOREST! UGH! We should've come up with a different challenge, Sona."

Sona giggled, "You really need to work on your patience, Jinx. Our cameras have spotted them coming our direction so they'll be here any minute now anyways."

Just as Sona said those words, all the contestants ran out of the forest one after the other. First, Caitlyn and Vi ran out of the forest yelling for help. Then, Kog'maw and Edwardo who chased them relentlessly. And finally, Orianna and Blitz along with their psychotic GPS who still wanted them dead.


Orianna pointed out, "The GPS seems to be very furious."

Blitz beeped, "Do you have a Snickers? According to a commercial that I witnessed, people get angry when they don't have a Snickers."

Orianna nodded, "We'll get the GPS a Snickers as soon as we can."

Jinx jumped up with excitement, "YAY! You're finally out of the forest! Well, Orianna and Blitz, you were the last two out of the three groups to escape the forest. SO BYE BYE!"

Orianna asked, "What? We've been eliminated?"

Sona frowned, "Sorry, guys..."

Orianna held her chest as a weird feeling struck her chest, "I won't be human... I'll never be human again. We've lost. It's over, Blitz! It's over!"

Blitz beeped, "Orianna-"

"And what is this feeling. I'm in so much pain. And it won't go away." Orianna fell on the ground.

Blitz beeped, "Orianna-"

Orianna screamed, "WHAT, BLITZ? WHAT?"

Blitz beeped, "You're crying."

Orianna stared blankly and slowly moved her hands and touched her metallic cheeks. When she pulled away her hand, she saw some traces of water left on her robotic finger tips, "What is this?"

Jinx smiled, "Oh my god! You're sad!"

Orianna repeated, "I'm sad?"

Sona screamed with delight, "YOU'RE SAD!"

Blitz beeped, "Sadness is an emotion that is caused by an imbalance of the chemicals that reside in the brain. Something that many researchers believe is an emotion that only humans can feel."

Orianna grinned, "That means- I'M FEELING! I'M FEELING SOMETHING! I'm human, Blitz!"

Orianna hugged Blitz.

Blitz beeped, "What are you doing?"

Orianna stood back and replied, "It's called embracing. Remember? It is a sign of human affection."

Blitz beeped, "Right. Affection... Hey, Orianna."

Orianna asked, "What?"

"Come here," Blitz hooked her and gave her a hug. "I want to embrace you."

Orianna smiled and hugged him, "I'm so happy."

(HEY! Chapters done! I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure you vote because we're in the final two! There only like two more chapters left before the end of this Fanfiction: next weeks After Show and then the finale. I honestly am so grateful for all of you. Thank you for reading this fanfiction even though it's been getting worse and worse. :/ However, I hope you still enjoyed reading this fanfiction as much as I enjoyed writing it. Anyways, have a nice day and don't forget to vote.)

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