LoL Survivor

DEMACI- WHAT: The After Show

Ezreal and Lux sat on a red couch while waving at the camera, "Hello andWelcome to LoL Survivor: The After Show! We're your hosts, Lux and Ezreal, and we have a special episode just for you."Ezreal continued, "That's right! As you already know, LoL Survivor is coming to an end. So, Lux and I have decided to bring in the two original hosts to be interviewed. Please welcome, Fiora and Ryze!"Fiora and Ryze waved at the camera and walked towards the couches.Fiora shook Lux's hand, "'Ello! 'Ello! 'Ow are you?"Lux smiled, "I'm great. Thank you. Did you do something with your hair?"Fiora nodded, "Yes! I got new clozes too. Do you like it?"Ryze added, "She felt the need to change her style for some reason." Fiora explained, "I got bored of my old one. C'était si fatiguant! I saw zis look in a magazine and I fell in love."Ezreal spoke, "It looks good.""You do not like it…"Ezreal shook his head, "No, no! You really look good. I just need to get used to it.""Really?"Ezreal smiled kindly, "Really."Lux turned to the camera, "Anyways, if you don't remember, Fiora and Ryze were the original hosts of LoL Survivor. However, they gave up their positions to Sona and Jinx since Sona and Jinx were the winners of the competition. So, Ryze and Fiora, what did you two think of Sona and Jinx?"Ryze hesitated, "Well… They weren't bad but they were very unprofessional at times. Like they took a vacation in the middle of the season. That's not really great of them."Fiora agreed, "Yeah. Zat was not good."Lux pointed out, "You guys did also quit midway through the season though…"Fiora replied, "We never said we were good 'osts eizer. Zey just weren't any better.""True, true. Do you miss hosting?" Ezreal asked."I don't know about Fiora, but I don't. It was so tiring. Especially since I had to work with her.""Oi!" Fiora yelled, "You loved working with me. Je suis magnifique!"Ryze rolled his eyes, "Mmhmm."Ezreal and Lux chuckled, "We're happy to see you two haven't changed a bit. Anyways, last question, who do you think will be the victor of Season 2?"Ryze answered, "I think Caitlyn and Vi are going to win. They work very well together. Caitlyn and Vi really compliment each other. Caitlyn is fragile, while Vi is buff. Vi is a loose canon, while Caitlyn is always under control. Since they both of them are completely different from one another, they can easily make up for each other's flaws. Theoretically, they are the superior team."Fiora agreed, "What 'e says is true. 'Owever, I am 'oping that Kog'Maw and Edwardo win. Zey make me laugh ze most."Lux nodded, "Yes, I agree with Fiora. Even if Vi and Caitlyn are a better team and are probably going to win, Kog'Maw and Edwardo were always more entertaining. I hope they win."Ezreal shook Fiora's and Ryze's hands and thanked them for coming, "Well, thanks for being here. It was a pleasure seeing you again."Ryze nodded, "Thank you for having us! We'll see you at the finale."Ryze and Fiora walked off camera and wished one final goodbye to our hosts.Lux turned to the camera, "Anyways, now that that's done, Ezreal and I just want to thank you guys for watching LoL Survivor: The After Show. You guys have been so great and amazing. However, Ezreal and I will be resigning after this episode."Ezreal frowned, "Yeah, it's been a long and fun journey being the hosts of The After Show, but we both believe it's time to move on to a new adventure."Lux smiled and raised her hand to reveal a ring, "We're getting married."Ezreal continued, "I'm so very excited for this-"Someone from the audience screamed, "WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU, EZREAL?"Ezreal looked around confused, "What?"Then someone else screamed, "LUX? WHAT DO YOU DEMACIAAA THINK YOU'RE DOING?"Lux looked through the audience members looking for the source of noise, "Garen? Is that you?"Then both Taric and Garen stood up and walked in front of the camera.Garen scolded his sister, "WHAT IS DEMACIAAA WRONG WITH YOU, YOUNG LADY? YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED TO THIS LITTLE DEMACIAAA OF A SHIT?"Lux shook her head, "No-I mean yes! I am! But he's not a shit! I love him!"Taric laughed, "Love? Bitch please. You're like twelve. You don't know what love is.""Twelve? I'm not twelve! Do you see these boobs? No fucking twelve-year-old has boobs this large."Ezreal glared at Taric, "What the hell are you doing here?"Taric explained, "Making sure you don't marry this skank!"Garen gasped, "You dare DEMACIAAA call my sister a skank?"Taric crossed his arms, "Yes I do. She stole my man!"Garen laughed, "MAN!? DEMACIAAA! You call that twig DEMACIAAA a man?"Taric walked up to Garen and stared at him, "If he's not a man, then who is?"The room was very silent. Everyone in the room prepared themselves for Garen to rip Taric to pieces. However, they were completely thrown off by what ACTUALLY occurred."I'll DEMACIAAA show you a real man, " Garen grabbed Taric and kissed him.What. Just. Happened.Everyone in the room screamed in confusion. Lux, Ezreal, the audience, Paul the Camera Guy, Judy the stage manager, Zoie the makeup artist, Terrence the Sound Guy. Everyone screamed."WHAT? GAREN? WHAT THE FUCK IS YOU DOING? WHY ARE YOU KISSING TARIC? OUT OF EVERYONE YOU'RE KISSING TARIC? TARIC? STOP THIS MADNESS!""TARIC? WHY ARE YOU KSSING GAREN? OUT OF EVERYONE YOU CAN KISS YOU KISS GAREN? FUCKING THAT DEMACIAAAAAA SHIT BAG?"The camera slowly pans out while everything is in chaos.Katarina's Confessional "YES! YESSSS! I'M FREE! GAREN WILL FINALLY LEAVE ME ALONE! HAHA! SCORE!"

(That was an emotional rollercoaster… Anyways, I hope you liked this chapter of The After Show. Make sure if you haven't already voted, to get on that. I'll try my best to finish the finale by next week. Also, I'm not entirely sure what the final challenge should be so if you have any ideas, feel free to send me a private message or write it in the review. If I use your idea, you will be credited. Have a nice day. :D )

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