LoL Survivor

The Banana God: After Show

Lee Sin smiled, "Welcome back, Summoners, to LoL: After Show! My name is Lee Sin, and this is Kog'Maw!"

Kog'Maw spoke, "Hai."

Lee Sin continued, "Today, we'll be interviewing three special guests. All of them were contestants in LoL Survivor and they've all been eliminated!"

Kog'Maw clapped without using… hands…? Anyways, "Say hi to Garen, Soraka, and Taric!"

They all walked on waving, "Hello, thanks for having us."

Lee Sin grinned, "We'll ask you some questions, alright? First, how did it feel to be eliminated?"

Garen answered first, "Meh, it didn't DEMCIAAA effect me much. DEMACIAAA Honestly, I was happy 'cause I got to kiss DEMACIAAA sexy Kat."

Taric sighed, "Unlike Garen, I was greatly effected by this. I was actually scared because now I can't protect my man from that evil temptress that is Nidalee."

Soraka answered last, "I was angry. I didn't understand why they would eliminate me? They simply don't understand the pure beauty that are bananas…"

Kog looked puzzled, "Why bananas? No apple?"

Soraka giggled, "Oh bananas. You see, when I was a child, bananas called out my name. They said: Soraka! Eat us. We must go into your belleh! And I couldn't resist. I stuffed them all down my throat and ate them all."

Kog seemed scared, "Ok…"

Lee Sin asked, "Who do you want eliminated?"

Taric screamed, "NIDALEE! KILL DAH HOE NOW!"

Soraka answered with, "Ahri, I hate her. And my hate has nothing to do with the fact that I am extremely jealous of how she manages to get everyone to love her or how she's so beautiful…"

Garen paused, "Jinx. DEMACIAA! That girl is crazy and DEMACIAAA unstable. She scares the DEMACIAAA hell out of me... DEMACIAAA!"

Lee laughed, "And Kat doesn't?"

"Pfft. DEMACIAAA! No. Kat is DEMACIAAA hot."

Kog asked, "Food? Not you, Soraka. We know why you love bananas."

Taric replied, "I really love the taste of Ezreal pen- I mean chocolate. Yum… Chocolate…"

Garen answered, "I really DEMACIAAA love and I mean DEMACIAAA LOVE poro-DEMACIAA-snax."

Kog gasped, "EEEWWWWWW!"

Garen continued, "Bare DEMACIAAA with me. They taste DEMACIAAA really good with some DEMACIAAA biscuits and a drink of health potions."

Lee asked, "Alright then… Also, Soraka, Taric, as women, do you take a lot of time to get ready?"

Kog'Maw whispered to Lee, "Taric is a man."

Lee was surprised, "Wait! I thought Taric was a sexy blond! Now you're telling me that Taric is a man!?"

Kog'Maw nodded, "Yup."

Lee face palmed as Taric glared at him.

Soraka answered the question, "As a beautiful narwhal-horse-purple-shit-banana-obsessed-unicorn lady, I don't need to wear make up. So it doesn't take that long to get ready."

Kog'Maw asked the final question, "Who you think win?"

Garen sighed in love, "I hope Kat does. She really works hard and I believe she deserves it."

Taric answered, "Ezreal, obviously."

Soraka laughed, "None! The banana god will win with his godly powers and sexy banananess! No one suspects the banana."

Lee and Kog both seemed scared by Soraka's last comment, "Ok… Good night, guys. Hope you enjoyed this episode. See you next time…"

Hope you liked it. Sorry it was short. I didn't have much time to write it because of personal life. Although, I guess I could've written it earlier in the week… Anyways, vote. Here are the current votes for the characters:

Shen 1

Wukong 1

Jinx 1

Evelynn 2

Ezreal 3

If you don't like the results, make sure you vote.

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