A Hogwarts Rose Year 3


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Chapter 1

I sighed, the hardest part was over, now we went and sat in the same compartment that we had every other time we took the train and we sat in the same seats: I was next to the window that was facing backwards for all the return trips and forwards for the trips to Hogwarts, Hermione sat next to me, Harry was next to the window opposite me and Ron sat next to him. I was sad that another year was over and yet I was happy that I didn’t have to go back and live with the Partridge couple. Instead I got to spend the holidays with Father and meet my siblings for the first time which made me feel excited.

‘So Rose what are you going to do these holidays?’ Mione asked.

‘Probably getting to know my siblings.’ I shrugged. ‘What about you Harry?’

‘Not much.’

‘You know, you could probably come and visit me during the holidays, I’m sure Father won’t mind.’

‘That would be nice.’ He smiled.

‘Yeah it would get you away from those awful relatives of yours.’ Ron said.

‘But I don’t know if they’d let me go.’

‘I’m sure Father can convince them, after all he got me away from my foster family.’ I replied.

‘We’ll see. Anyway, what are you doing these holidays Mione?’ Harry asked.

‘Reading.’ She replied.

‘Lots of visits to the library.’ Ron smirked.


‘What about you Ron?’ Harry asked.

‘Whatever I want.’ Ron replied. ‘Or at least anything that doesn’t cost money.’

‘In other words stay at home with Fred, Gorge and Ginny.’ I smirked.

‘Shut up.’ He replied.

I couldn’t help wondering what Draco was going to be doing, I was going to miss him during the holidays, I didn’t get to say goodbye to him before we got on the train and I honestly didn’t think I’d see him at Kings Cross.

‘Anyone for a liquorice wand?’ Harry asked.

‘No thanks; I hate liquorice.’ I replied.

‘I’ll have some.’ Ron grinned.

‘None for me.’ Hermione shook her head.

‘Suit yourself.’ Harry shrugged.

The trip was long and it felt like a century had passed before the train stopped at Kings Cross Station. The four of us said goodbye and we promised to write to each other, I have my doubts that Ron will actually follow through with that promise though and giving each other one last hug we went our separate ways. I found Father waiting for me near the back wall away from the large crowd, I walked over to him and smiled, I never thought I’d be happy with him as my Father and I’d never thought I could be so wrong.

‘How was the ride?’

‘It was great.’

‘I’m happy to hear that, now take my arm we don’t want to keep the rest of the family waiting too long.’ He said holding his arm out for me. Hesitantly I placed my hand on his arm then I was twisted and warped as we moved with lightning speed. We soon came to a stop and I ended up in a mangled heap on the ground beside my Fathers feet, he was still standing and he smirked as he looked down at me.

‘What was that?’ I asked groaning as he helped me up.

‘Apparating, you did very well, most people vomit on their first try.’ He explained.

‘Can’t imagine why.’ I replied then I looked up to the huge mansion in front of us. It was black with several windows on the second floor that I could see. When we walked up the long driveway and reached the door I was surprised to see that there was no door handle, instead there was only an old brass knocker in the shape of a snake. How very Slytherin. I looked beside me to Father for an explanation.

‘It’s a security precaution.’ He explained. ‘Knock.’ I did as I was told and reached up, took hold of the knocker and tapped it against the door.

‘State your name.’ The snake hissed.

‘Rose Ebony Snape.’

‘You may enter.’ Then the door swung back to reveal a beautiful foyer. I walked through and looked around in awe. In a way it was just like I’d picture the potions masters house it was large and foreboding, the amount of Slytherin green, black and silver was scary and yet it was comforting too. I hoped my room wasn’t quite as Slytherin and that it had a little more red in it.

I was about to ask if I go and explore when I heard a shriek echo through the halls followed by a pair of thundering footsteps. Within seconds I was pushed to the floor once again as two over excited kids tackled me in a bone-crushing hug. It was a boy and a girl, they were laughing hysterically and I was able to assume these were my brother and sister. The boy had very short black hair and the girl had long beautiful red hair.

However the light-hearted mood soon changed when they began to smother me and they cut off my air, my mind went back to that day at Hogwarts with Millicent Bulstrode and the others as they pinned me up against the wall and choked me. I freaked and began to writhe frantically from underneath them, trying to escape their grasp. Father ordered them off me and they did as they were told, but I stayed lying on the ground quivering.

‘What’s wrong with her Dad?’ The girl asked. Father bent down and brought me close to him.

‘Rose, are you alright?’ He asked softly.

‘I-I thought...........’ I shook my head and clung to him. He picked me up and held me and I saw the curiosity and fear in the other kids eyes.

‘It’s ok Rose, your brother and sister would never hurt you.’ He assured me.

‘I’m sorry Father, but that day at the castle..............Bulstrode...........the other Slytherins........’ I whispered.

‘Of course........... When they attacked you, I’m so sorry I didn’t even think about it.’ He said appalled with himself.

‘It’s fine.’ I said getting back to normal as he put me back on my feet. ‘Now who are you?’ I asked the others.

‘I’m Julia.’ The girl replied.

‘My name’s Gavin.’ The boy introduced himself. ‘You must be Rose, right?’


‘Well Dad I guess we have a lot of luck, I mean three kids and not one of us got the Snape nose.’ Gavin laughed, Julia and I giggled.

‘Very funny Gavin, but I’d watch out if you want desert tonight.’ Father warned.

‘Sorry Dad.’ Gavin instantly apologised.

‘Now why don’t you two show your sister around the house.’ He suggested.

‘Yes Dad.’ Julia replied and she took my hand. ‘Come on.’ Then we started running down the halls, I heard Father chuckle as we disappeared. ‘We’ll show you the games room first.’ Julia said as they led me to a large room near the back of the house.

I was shocked when I looked inside and saw a huge TV sitting on top of a mahogany cupboard in front a big black leather lounge, there was a coffee table where wizard chess had been set up alongside a pile of exploding snap cards. My mouth fell open when I noticed the black Wii and PlayStation 3 next to the TV. Despite the room being the same green as the rest of the house it wasn’t as dark as the sun shone in through the large windows which could still easily be covered by the curtains.

‘How rich are you?’ I asked.

‘Reasonably.’ Gavin replied.

‘Anyway there’s still loads more to see.’ Julia said tugging on my hand and they then showed me the rest of the downstairs rooms. ‘Our bedrooms are upstairs.’ She explained so we went to check them out. Our rooms were all in the one area, except for Fathers, a wide hall with two rooms on either side. Mine was the one closest to the end, Julia’s was next to mine and Gavin’s was opposite hers.

I walked over to the door and put my hand on the knob, I looked to my siblings for approval and they nodded grinning. So I twisted the knob and gently pushed the door open, as I saw the room I was amazed. The colour of the walls was changing! It went from pink to purple to blue, yellow, orange, red, green, black and white.

‘It’s the most amazing room I’ve ever seen!’ I said in complete awe.

‘Dad thought you’d like it.’ Gavin smiled.

‘It changes depending on your emotions.’ Julia explained as the room settled on a bright shade of pink.

‘Brilliant.’ I said walking in.

‘We’ll let you get settled.’ Julia said pulling Gavin away into the corridor and I heard them walk back downstairs.

The room was at least twice the size of my old bedroom with a four poster bed with a fluffy white duvet and silver velvet sheets. The black carpet was nice and soft between my toes. There were large sliding glass doors that opened up on to a balcony which connected to the other spare room across from mine. I walked out on the balcony and looked at the spectacular view of the land that the house was built on. I noticed that there was a large area that looked as if it was a quidditch pitch and there was also a large swimming pool with a slide going into it.

This is going to be the best holiday ever!

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