A Hogwarts Rose Year 3

Chapter 2

I soon finished unpacking my trunk and placed my things on shelves, the dressing table and in the wardrobe, I like this place and apparently Mabel does to, my cat was content in walking around my room and finding things to hide in. I decided to let her get used to the place and went back downstairs to spend time with my family in hopes of getting to know each other better. As I walked towards the kitchen I heard the three of them talking and being me, I decided to listen in.

‘Well, what do you think of your sister?’ Father asked.

‘She seems like fun!’ Julia replied happily.

‘I don’t know......... What happened in the foyer before?’ Gavin asked unsure.

‘She was attacked by some other students in her school last year, they chocked her and she panicked because she couldn’t breathe with the two of you on top of her.’

‘So we reminded her of what happened......... Oh I feel terrible.’ Julia turned sad.

‘It wasn’t our fault how were we supposed to know that, we were just excited to see her, after all we haven’t seen her since we were three!’ Gavin said angrily and he stormed out. I quietly snuck into the kitchen, happy that he hadn’t noticed me.

‘Hey.’ Julia said turning to me.


‘I’m really sorry for what happened before, we didn’t mean to smother you, it’s just we got so excited!’

‘It’s ok, I just over reacted, but hey we’re all good.’ I smiled.

‘Thank goodness. By the way don’t worry to much about Gavin; he gets moody and having you around is going to be weird for him for a while, but he’ll get used to it.’ She shrugged it off.

‘Right......... Anyway..........’

‘Wanna go to the games room?’

‘Sure!’ The two of us walked out of the kitchen and we talked until we reached the games room and flopped on to the lounge. ‘So how old are you?’ I asked.

‘Fifteen, but I’ll be sixteen next month.’

‘I’m thirteen, but my birthday’s the fourteenth of November.’

‘I see, so it’s still during school.’

‘Yeah, but I’ve never really celebrated it anyway.’

‘That’s terrible, everyone should celebrate on their birthday! Don’t worry this year I’ll send you a gift from Beauxbaton.’

‘That’s the witch school you go to, right?’

‘Yep. It’s pretty fun, speaking of school what’s Hogwarts like?’

‘It’s great, I never knew so much about magic and everyone there is so nice, well except some of the Slytherins, but on the whole it’s the most amazing place I’ve ever been to!’

‘Dad doesn’t talk about it much, but what’s it like having boys there with you?’

‘You don’t have boys at your school?’

‘Nope.’ She shook her head. ‘Beauxbaton is an all girl school.’

‘I don’t think I’d like that, in fact two of my best friends are boys.’


‘Oh yeah, Harry and Ron are two of my best friends, Hermione’s my only good friend who’s a girl actually.’

‘Wow, I couldn’t imagine being friends with a boy, everyone at school says they’re insensitive and only like girls for their appearance.’ She wrinkled her nose disgusted.

‘Not all of them, Harry, Ron and Draco aren’t like that.’ I shook my head.

‘Wait, who’s Draco?’

‘Oh, my other friend.’

‘Do you mean Draco Malfoy?’

‘Yeah, how’d you know?’ I asked shocked.

‘He and his parents come to visit us sometimes, I like Draco, he’s a sweet kid.’

‘Yeah, he’s nice. Anyway what about you? What are your friends like?’

‘They’re pretty nice, but we don’t get to see each other during the holidays much.’

‘Why not?’ I asked curious.

‘Dad normally doesn’t have people over to the house much unless they’re from Hogwarts like the Malfoy’s or Parkinson’s.’

‘The Parkinson’s? As in Pansy Parkinson?’

‘The very same.’ She nodded. I was disgusted; why would Dad ever invite them over?

‘You know I always wanted a little sister to hang out with.’ Julia blushed.

‘I always wanted a big sister and a big brother.’ I replied smiling as she reached forward and gave a gentle hug.

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