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A story about chilldhood best friends, who find their way back to each other.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

The sun in California rose on a Sunday as bright as usual. All of the Students walked around carrying their belongings, and saying their goodbyes. To most of them, that day was the best of the year: The last day of school before summer vacation. They couldn't be happier to finally leave campus, and enjoy a few months away from teachers and tests. All of the students felt that way, except for two of them. Instead of happiness and excitement, they stood quiet and tense.

Tori crossed her arms, and looked down. She didn't want to cry in front of him, but it seemed like an impossible task. She stared down at her best friends shoes. White Nike shoes, which she swore looked really bad on anyone. She nodded her head, he wasn't just another person. Now more than ever, she wished she could stare at those shoes every day.

Beck's father had been transferred to England right before winter break, and agreed on letting his son finish middle school in the US. He went to a boarding school, so it wouldn't make a lot of difference where his parents were living. Although to him it made all the difference. He knew he only had a few months left with her and that the next year he wouldn't be back. He would be 5437.37 miles away from her, and lost his chance of telling the truth.

Beck pulled her into a tight hug, and as she laid her head on his chest a million thought ran through his mind. That was the last time he was going to see her in person, at least for another six months. He had do it, it was no or never. He took a deep breath, and gathered all of the courage he had left. He broke away from his best friend, but she still faced the ground. He raised his hand to her face, and tilted her chin up. He had to do it right.

"I love you."

Tori wide her eyes when hearing those words, and imagined how good it would feel if they meant what she wanted. She had loved him for years. First as her best friend, but soon she realized it was more than that. She constantly played scenarios in her head of how it would happen. The day she would confess her feelings to him, and hopefully have them reciprocated. She knew they would be great together, and she also knew he was moving away.

"I love you too, Beck." She wrapped her arms around his neck.

He tightened his grip around her, resting his head on her shoulder. "I'm gonna miss you like crazy." He admitted, as he pulled away. He took the pen he always kept on the front pockets of his shirt, and took her palm.

"We've been in this school for four years, and…" She bit her tongue, keeping herself from saying too much. Instead she watched him draw on her hand. As usual he did half of the Yin-Yang sign, which was their thing. He drew the half black part on her, and she did the half white on him.

He gave her the pen, and this time she was the one who took his palm. "Yours always looks better than mine." She told him, with a smile. They held hands, completing the sign.

"I practice a lot." He said, shrugging. "And that's about the only thing I'm better at than you."

She held his hand tighter. "That's not true. You're a better lucky charm than I am."

He chuckled. "That's because I don't need one, you're the one doing plays every weekend."

She let his hand go, and crossed her arms again. "I can't perform without you here, it won't be the same."

He took a step closer, and his heart raced. "I'll be there… Through a Laptop, or something. We'll figure it out."

She leaned against the tree behind her, and looked up. Her eyes now watering, and mouth shaking. "This school is not going to be the same without you"

"C'mon, Tor." He smiled. "You're probably the only one that's going to notice that I'm gone."

It was sad, but true. At the age of fifteen Beck Oliver was nothing but your average teenager. He had average high, average weight, and average grades. Nothing about him stood out, except that somehow he had ended up being best friends with the school's star, Tori Vega.

She was a part of the theater club, always got the lead of school plays, and to top it all off was beautiful. Her wavy brown hair, and cheekbones could land her any boy in school she wanted. Yet, she chose to be alone. Beck liked to think that someday she would admit her love for him, and then he would remind himself. 'I'm just another guy; she was made to stand out. I'm not good enough for her.'

She offered her hand again, and he took it. "Promise you're not going to replace me with some brit girl."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. Both their hearts pounding fast, thinking of the things they wish they had the guts to do. He looked at her and run his thumb over one tear running down her face

"Don't cry, Tor." He kissed her on the left cheek, and then the right. Unlike all of the previous times, Tori didn't hesitate. Every time either of them tried to get this close to the other one, one of them backed out with a joke, but not at that moment. Then they didn't know what to think, or do.

She ran her hand on his back and kissed him on the cheek for the second time. She didn't know why they kept doing that, but it didn't matter. In a few minutes he would be gone, and all of that would be left behind.

"You're irreplaceable Tori."

She gazed into his eyes, as he tucked strands of her hair behind her ear. He knew that was the moment, somehow he was sure that she wasn't going to stop him. They leaned closer, and Tori held her breath. She had been longing for that moment and- His phone rang, it was time for him to go. He looked down, letting out a sigh of frustration.

"I promise." He whispered, walking away as she stood still, not knowing what to do.

Unfortunately, that was promise not meant to be kept.



I light up a cigarette, so I can have a few minutes of peace and quiet before getting my stuff and going inside the dorm. I'm so pissed off at my parents. I can't believe they actually made me come back to this place! What's the point of moving your kid to another country in his senior year of high school?! Fuck, they could've let me stay just another year! I'd live fine by myself, it's not like they'll be with me in this boarding school. I don't understand their logic! Just because my Father gets transferred back, does not mean I have to suffer the consequences of his job.

I look around at the green trees, and sunny sky. I hate California.

The only decent thing about this place is that they let the students who are over eighteen smoke, otherwise there was going to be no way in hell I'd come here. God, and that isn't even a good enough reason! If they had let me stay in England I'd be able to smoke whenever I wanted anyways.

The only factor in all of this that makes me have some interest in going back is Tori. I haven't talked to her in years, maybe three or more. I don't even know if she still goes her, and if she doesn't then I literally have no reason to stand this place. I wonder if she changed as much as I did.

"I'm Jade."

I look down at the girl who seems to have materialized herself in front of me. She's hot, but obviously trying way too hard to be rebellious. To begin with, we're in California and she's dressed all in black and leather. It's a weird dominatrix look. Then there's how she behaves. She has her hands on her hip and her chin up as if she was trying to intimidate me. Poorly for her, she doesn't know that it's been a long time since I was last intimidated by a girl.

"Hi Jade." I inhale what's left of my cigarette, and throw the tip on the floor stepping on it. I leave her behind, and open the trunk. I get my bags, and strap them over my shoulders.

"You're new." She leans against my car. She's trying so hard it's almost funny. "Can you give me a cigarette? It's unbelievable how no one in this place smokes..."

I chuckle at how hard she's trying to impress me, and she seems annoyed by it. "Do you?"

"If I didn't, why would I ask you to give me one?"

I roll my eyes, I'm not in the mood for this today. "Fine." I hand open my pack and give her one. She's totally caught off guard. I grab my lighter and stare her as she struggles to hold the cigarette properly. I turn on the lighter, but she looks reluctant, this is pathetic. I put the lighter back in the pocket, and leave her with an unlit cigarette. "Bye Jade"

I lock the car and walk away from her, she yells something at me but I don't understand what it is, so I just keep walking. I follow the way almost automatically, since there's only one dorm for boys and I lived there for four years. I already have my key, and grade since my parents picked up for me during visitation. At least that's the one decent thing they did, let me stay until the very end of summer in Europe.

I walk on the hallways, looking for my room. No, not my room, the room I'm going to share. Yet another awful thing about this school: You have to share rooms. Only extremely lucky people get singles, and I'm pretty sure I'm not one of them. I don't even remember who my roommates were back then, I'm sure I can tolerate the ones I have now, but still… All of this sucks.

I open the door, hoping I'm the first one there. "Hello!"

A skinny guy with curly hair and… A puppet? Are already there, thankfully he seems to have chosen the bottom bunk instead of the queen size single. It's weird, but I'm not complaining.


"I'm Robbie, and this is Rex!" The puppet gives me a head nod, and I think this might be the strangest moment of my life. "You're Beck Oliver right?"

"I am." I lay my things over the queen-sized bed, and take my jacket off.

"Yes!" A short, and dark-skinned guy says as he walks in. He has one bag, and a keyboard. "This room is so much better than last years!"

At least he looks like he's normal. "Hey roomie." The puppet says, as Robbie waves.

"Damn, you're still carrying that puppet around?" He leaves his things by the bed, before walking towards me. He offers me his hand. "I'm André, nice to meet you."

We shake hands, which is a much better introduction than a saying hello with a doll. "Beck."

He frowns, and stares. Please don't say anything weird, I can't handle another one. "You were Tori's best friend, right?"

I raise my eyebrows. How and why does he remember that?

"That was me." I give him a friend smile, and get back up. I need some time away from Rex, it's creeping me out. "I'm sorry I don't remember you." I add, before heading towards the door.

"Nah, that's cool. I only know who you are because of her."

I nod, that's exactly how I used to be. I walk out, as the two of them begin a discussion about a Cat. I walk around for half an hour, and decide to stop by the cafeteria to get coffee. I then find out the school is no longer serving coffee, due to the parents' complaint, so now we have to buy it. The coffee shop was already there when I left, but the only people who went there were teachers, and those who wanted Lattes or beverages like that. I can't believe I'm spending a year having to buy my own, overpriced coffee.

I hate this place.

I get in line, which has four people in front of me. I go through my apps on my phone, knowing none of my friends will be online. They're eight hours ahead, and all probably asleep. I can't even talk to them without staying up till four AM or something.

Suddenly, I feel someone tapping me. Before I turn around, I pray it's not the Goth chick.

"Beck?!" My chin drops. "I didn't know you were coming back!"


I wrap my arms around his neck, and take my feet of the ground as he lifts me up. He sits us both down on the bottom bunk, and kisses me. He slightly hovers above me, when my chin starts to burn.

"You gave me a beard rash." I say, pouting my lips.

He runs his thumb on my chin, and lips. "It's not my fault you can't stop kissing me." He grins, and I gaze into his piercing blue eyes. I run my fingers along his stubble jaw, and let out a sigh. He's so hot.

"You couldn't be more right." He captures my lips with his, and I ignore the burning feeling. "It's worth it."

"Cut it out." My roommate says, as she walks in. I pull away, and he sits up. I roll my eyes annoyed. Why did the summer have to end again?

She sits down on the queen-sized bed bringing in all of her dark bags and dark self. Jade, Cat and I have been roommates for three years now, which I'm thankful for. We might all be very different, but somehow we find a way to get along. The only downside is that half of my room is made of unicorns and pink, and the other has skulls and giant scissors.

"How was your summer?" I ask her, resting my head against my boyfriend, Ryder.

She shrugs. "Too dark for you to handle." She opens her bag, and starts taking out her clothes. All of them black, and leather. "Did you see the new student? I think he's a senior."

Our school is king of small, and since it's a boarding school everybody knows everybody. So to have a new student, specially a senior, it's big news. It might shake things up a bit, sometimes being with the same people all the time gets tiring. Especially when you spend the previous months with your super-hot, and amazing boyfriend, who won't be studying with you.

"I haven't, does he seem nice?" She grunts, taking a cigarette out of her purse, and throwing it in the trash. That's weird, no one except our math teacher smokes.

"I just know I don't like him." She says.

"Yeah but you don't like anyone" Ryder points out, before giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"That's true." As she starts to put her thing away, he kisses me again. But before we can actually do anything, she throws a pillow in our direction "Move the making out outside, it's making me sick."

I get up and offer him my hand, and Jade starts to take out the weird things from her suitcase. We head out, and he wraps his arm around my lower waist. I can see the younger girls staring at us. Well, at him mostly.

"I don't know how you stand the creepy shit that girl does."

We walk outside, towards his car.

"You eventually get used to it." He leans against the car and I grab on to the collars of his leather jacket that I love so much. I kiss his neck before he draws me to his mouth. "What time do you have to leave?" Instead of answering my question he kisses my ear, my cheek and finally my mouth. I would say that's a much better answer. I pull away and he kisses my neck, sucking on it. I already know he's going to leave a hickey. I grin. Most girls hate them, but not me; it doesn't bother me at all. I even kind of like it, and I know for a fact he loves giving them.

"Damn, I have to go!" He says, running his fingers through my hair. "I'll come back on Friday, okay?"

"Okay, I love you." I kiss him on the cheek, and take a step back.

"Love you too, cheekbones." I smile at the way he calls me by that nickname. I watch him drive away, before turning back around. As I walk to the coffee shop, I think about the summer. It was by far the best one of my life. We spent the most amazing summer together, we stayed in his apartment, went to parties and Luau's almost and I hardly ever had to go home. My friends think we moved too fast, but any girl in my position would do the same. I mean, have they ever taken a look at Ryder Daniels?

I get in line, and stare at the guy in front of me. He has long hair, and is tall. Something about him looks really familiar to me. He smells like cigarettes, which is weird. Maybe that's the new student Jade was talking about. He slightly turns his head around... I can't believe this.

I tap him on the shoulder. "Beck?!"

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