Illicit Passions

Chapter 11

I’m hurt, I’m devastated... my friend... she used a spell of glamour, to conceal the identity of another hunter. I thought that it was Max.

The personality was off, so that should have alerted me, that it wasn’t her. While I was out hunting, she was with Ambrose. The bitch...

She’d gone into hiding, concealed by the magic of a witch, but I wasn’t going to let her get away with this. I needed answers, as to why she did this.

I called the only person, that I knew who would and could help me.

“For you, anything within means, and as long as it’s not one of my people.”

He doesn’t ask me why, just does it.

“Thank you.”

Reaching for the paper, with Max’s location written on it, he snatches it back, out of my reach.

“I can’t give you something, for nothing.” Says, Father Blackwood.

I knew it...

“What do you want?”

“A kiss...”

“That’s it?”

Leaning over his desk, I give him a quick, polite kiss on the cheek.

“No, I want you to kiss me, the way that you kiss him.”

Thank god, that I find him attractive, so this should go over easy.

“Fine...” I state, accepting his offered hand.

Taking my place upon his lap, I hesitate... everything about this man is dark, and I find it alluring.

Letting thoughts of Ambrose flood my mind, my hand on the nape of his neck, I draw him closer, as our lips lightly touch.

My tongue slowly circling the tip of his, my playful teasing, turns into a full blown passion frenzy. It doesn’t take long for a light thumping, to start in between my legs.

Father Blackwood has my shorts undone, and his hand inside of them. I almost squeeze my thighs together, from the shock of his probing fingers, gently coaxing a much needed release from me.

His lips on my neck drives me wild, with lust, and I want something more than just his fingers. “Father...” I wimper, trying to scoot away from his magic fingers.

“I envy you, your ability to feel everything times ten.” He whispers, my legs opening wider, as the sensations from his vigorous petting has reached a feverish pitch.

His teeth nipping at my neck, and breaking through in time with my climax, makes for a soul shattering orgasm.

Trying to catch my breath, he licks at the small droplets of blood coming forth.

“What do you get out of doing that?” I ask, of his biting me, Ambrose does the same thing.

“Angel blood, it amplifies our gifts for a short period of time.”

“You’re not taking that much.”

“Because it doesn’t take that much.” He states, before his lips meet mine, a quick kiss, that I can’t help reciprocating.

Lying next to him, as he reads from “The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe”, his aunt Hilda can be heard from downstairs, calling for the household to come to supper.

“Oh c’mon stay... you can officially meet them.” Says Ambrose, pulling me back down.

“I don’t want to intrude, and you know that I can’t...”

“Sabrina’s not here, please...”

“I love it when you beg...” I state, playfully.

His kiss, soft and delightfully sweet, takes my breath.

“Ambrose, dinner is ready... Oh, hello Kai, I didn’t know that you were here.”


“Shall I set one more seat at the table?”

“Yes, thanks.”

I actually adore his aunt Hilda, humorous. and kind hearted, but don’t mess with her family. Zelda’s a “witch”, literally... the attitude on that one...

“We’re so excited about the little one.” Says Hilda.

“It’s about time that Ambrose contributed something, to the Spellman legacy.” Adds Zelda.

“You should let Zelda, be your midwife.”

Damn Max, for putting my business out there like that, and double damn Iris for letting the cat out of the bag. Even I didn’t know, until Ambrose said something about it.

I don’t need one, the baby will be healthy, and I’ll deliver the way my mother did, alone.

“You don’t have to.” That comes from Iris, standing next to Ambrose. No one can see, or hear her but me.

“I have a doctor, thank you.”

The doorbell rings, and Hilda hurries away to answer it.

“We could go together then, I’d love to hear his or her’s heart...” His statement’s interrupted, by Hilda returning with a male.

“Oh shit...” Says Iris.


Who the hell is Luke, and why is Ambrose rushing into his arms?

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