Illicit Passions

Chapter 12

I couldn’t see his face, with Ambrose blocking him, but when he turned to make introductions, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Coming to my feet with a quickness, that topples the chair, it takes everything within me, to not set his soul on fire!

He’s alarmed at the sight of me also, the room has gone quiet and the occupants still.

The warlock, the one who murdered Max.

“You two know each other?” Inquires Ambrose.

“How do you know her?”

“She’s my child’s mother.”

“You have a child?”

“He or she’s in the process of being made, but soon... Yes.”

The cards are in his hand, as I wait for his next move. If he tells Ambrose of my double life, I’ll rip his skin off, before burning him alive, in front of Ambrose.

“To answer your question, we’ve run into each other once before.”

“It must have been a very distinct, first impression.” Ambrose replies, righting my chair.

His questioning gaze upon me, I’ve yet to speak a word, and fear what I might say if I do.

The aunt’s watch the scene, playing out before them, as they slowly resume their dinner, with trepidation.

“I can’t say that it was an honor, to make her acquaintance.” His words are filled with malice, and spite.

Ambrose’s gaze moves from him to me, and then back to him. Our gazes locked on each other, I’m sure that he sees as much hatred in my eyes, as I see in his.

“Maybe you could join us for dinner, we’d love to hear about it.” Ambrose offers.

No we don’t...

His arms around my waist, my nerves get the best of me, and I move from his embrace.

“I’m done...”


Ambrose has latched onto my arm, and ends up going with me. We end up in my home, and shaking him off of me, he’s disturbed by my abrupt change in attitude.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t like your friend, and you’re not to see him anymore.”

“What? You can’t tell me who I can and can’t see, especially with the way that you and father Blackwood has been carrying on.”

Oh my freaking god... I’m beyond mortified!

“How did you find out?” I ask, weakly.

“Maxine told me, as you.”

I am going to royally kick her ass, she’s done the most.

“It’s not beneath me to share, I’m open to nearly everything. You should have been the one to tell me, though.”

“I’m sorry, I should have.”

“As long as there’s no more secrets, we’re good.”

I love him, more than words can convey, but his last statement worries the hell out of me.

I’d found her with the witch, that cast the spell of concealment, and quickly dispatching her. I have a very pregnant Maxine, pinned to the wall. “What have you done?” I ask, using my powers to choke the life out of her.

“I wanted... to hurt... you.” She says, in between gasps of air.

“Yeah, that was pretty obvious.”

Her stomach’s about ready to pop, from the life inside of her, and only because of that, do I release her. taking in large gulps of air, she slides down the wall into a heap.

“Let me guess, life magic?” I ask.

“Yes, I’ll give birth in a day or two...”


She’s quiet a long time, before answering. “Iris showed me the choice that you would make, and that choice was to let the witch that killed me, live. All because of him, the other witch, Ambrose.”

Her weeping doesn’t move me, doesn’t grant her immunity for her crimes against me. So you decide to give birth to a half breed, something that I’ll forever hold a grudge against, and will one day end?”

“I did it to torment you, Kai, you won’t kill my child, my friend... you can’t.”

She’s right, as much as I hate her right now, I still love her, but she must pay for her wrongdoings.

Burning the hidden sigils on the wall, she panics and tries to put the fires out. “Kai... no... what are you doing?”

Removing the necklace and bracelet, I slice small cuts into the markings on my chest and wrist, breaking the seals of protection.

It takes but a second after the sigils are gone, and the removal of the trinkets for several angels to show.

Capturing Max, trying to escape, I face off against them. They’re strong in their attacks, their hits are powerful, as they attack in unison.

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