Illicit Passions

Chapter 13

Two have me cornered, and disappearing, I reappear behind them. Blocking my attack, they have me at a disadvantage, as I attempt to take the head of one. A blade to my shoulder, has me crying out in pain, before I’m roughly swung around, and forced back into the wall.

My knife cuts through the male’s arm, before his companion delivers her blade to my other shoulder. A powerful hit to the face, and a ringing has started in my ears. They have me secured to the wall, with a frightened Max, screaming for them to not hurt her.

There’s the sound of thunder, and a bright light, before Sariel appears. Struggling against their hold, i’n given a contemptuous glance, before her attention goes to Max. “Don’t touch me...” Trying to escape their hold, their grip on Max tightens.

“For dust you are; and unto dust you shall return.” Says Sariel, with a snap of her fingers.

And just like that, Max becomes a pile of ashes. “How stupid of you, to let anger cloud your judgement.” She says, turning to me.

Her steps are slow but steady, and drawing her sword, I accept my fate. “I’ll take the child’s life first, and then yours, father sends his regards.”

Closing my eyes, when she stabs at my stomach, I wait for the sharp knife to pierce my skin. Seconds tick by, and when I don’t feel any pain, I reopen them.

They’re all gone, and my Sariel’s locked in my father’s embrace. His arm around her, she doesn’t struggle, as his blade’s at her heart. “i thought that there was nothing, that you could do.” I state.

“Well... I couldn’t just stand by, and let it happen.” He says, releasing Sariel.

“You bring death to your door as well, Remiel.” Her words dripping with venom, her blade’s put away.

“That’s up to father to decide.” He replies.

Disappearing, we’re left alone.Beckoning me to him, I keep my hand close to my blade on my hip.

Repairing the broken sigils on my chest and wrist, the pain’s bearable. A quick blow of air from his mouth, reseals them, and the pain’s gone.

“Thank you.”

“Some friend you are...” He says, in reference to Max.”

“Vengeance is mine, saith the lord.” I state saddened, but not repentant. “She wasn’t supposed to be here anyways.”

“Is that your excuse?”

“What do you want, I’ve already thanked you, for your assistance.”

“You need to be more mindful of your status, they’re going to kill you, as they’ve been instructed, to do. There aren’t to many of us, who will so openly defy him.”

“So, this is goodbye?” I ask, not wanting it to be so.

“For now...” He says, vanishing from sight.

I don’t know too much about him, but he is my father, the only relative that I have left in the world. It’s nice, not to be alone in this world.

My friend’s gone, and keeping my distance from Ambrose, he finally catches up to me, with you know who. “I don’t want to.”

“That’s a first, you always want to...” He says, pulling me back down onto his lap. Gingerly kissing my fingers, he becomes alert, and then concerned.

“What’s wrong?”

“Like you care.”

“Actually, I do.”

“I killed my best friend.”

“I’m sure that she deserved it.”

“She was carrying Ambrose’s baby.” I state, removing myself from his person.

“Well... the rabbit hole really does run deep.”

“I could forgive her for everything else that she’d done, but that... I couldn’t.”

“If the choice that you made upsets you, then you’re wrong for what you did.”

Am I?

“Maybe you’re right, I don’t feel bad when I kill witches.” I state, turning to him.

“You do what?”

His voice alone, puts the fear of god within me.


“I’ll leave you two, to it.” Says, Father Blackwood. The door closing behind him, we’re both silent, waiting until we hear my front door open and then close.

“You’re a hunter?”

“I can explain...”

“Another lie?”

“I didn’t lie, I just didn’t tell you.”

“Father Blackwood knew?”

“He kept my secret, in exchange for... favors, that I grew fond of.” I say, quietly.

“Well... I guess that you’re a talented whore after all.”

“Ambrose, you don’t have to be...”

“Anymore hidden lies, that I should know about?” His cold interruption hurts.

I don’t want anymore secrets between us, I want to be honest, I have to be.

“I let the angels kill Max, and... she was pregnant with your child.”

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