Illicit Passions

Chapter 14

Now I truly am alone, no father, no significant other... no best friend. Ambrose has refused to see me, he didn’t put up sigils to keep me out, but when trying to talk to him, he’s ignored me.

Pretending like i’m not there, and refusing to talk to me, he refuses to acknowledge me.

I’m hurt... and he’s hurt... “Ambrose...” Alone, I cry out to him, hoping that he’ll forgive me, and come to me.

My pregnancy advances, and I’m in a state of depression, preferring to stay in my home.

“My dear Koray... he loves you, just give him time.”

Iris, my friend... “I can’t stand him not talking to me, I love him, I miss him.”

He’ll come around, he loves you also, and believe me, I know his thoughts, he’s miserable.”

“Then why doesn’t he come to me?”

“Pride, and hurt...”

That last part, hurts me, I didn’t want to hurt him, didn’t take into consideration the hurt that my actions would cause him.

“I love him, Iris... I’m so in love with him, and it hurts, to not be around him. I miss him.”

The tears falling, her embrace causes a river to flow.

“Tell him, then.”

“He won’t listen to me.”

“Kai... tell him.”

I’m moved from my home, to the Spellman home. Ambrose is in his room, and taking notice of me, his anger becomes evident, and he does what he’s been doing of late.

Ignoring me, I can’t take it anymore.

“Ambrose, I’m sorry...”

He doesn’t say anything, and not sure on how to proceed, I make my way over to him.

“Kai, don’t... I’m not ready.”

Well.. fuck it... I’m ready.

“I know that I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I miss you. I need you...”

No response from him, I take my place beside him on his sleeping mat. To my surprise, and utter relief, he doesn’t push me away.

“I still hate you.” He whispers, as he pulls me into him. Snuggling into his embrace, I let the tears fall, silently thanking the powers that be, that he didn’t shun me.

The sun shining brightly, through the window, his warm body next to mine, I love being near him, and don’t want to ever not be.

His kisses, soft and sweet on my neck, sends a rogue wave of passion emanating through my core.


His erection’s enticing, inciting a wetness in between my thighs. In my tee shirt and panties, I shimmy out of the latter, as his light kisses drive me wild.

Entering my sex from behind, his name on my lips, I love his hand around my throat, as he pounds my flower.

My walls griping his staff, his strokes are steady and hard. “Ambro...” I make out, loving the pleasure that his thick rod’s giving my yoni.

Holding onto my hips, I slide up and down his length, short quick strokes, that has him saying my name.

Filled to the hilt, with his meaty bulge, my orgasm peaking, I scream his name, as waves of pleasure engulf my body.

His nails digging deep, his body stiffens, as his nut saturates my canal. “Kai...”

It ends with light kisses along the back of my neck.

“I love you...” I whisper, as my body settles into the after sex euphoria. A delightful, pleasing calm... his hand entwining with mine, I kiss his hand in gratification... love...

“I love you more...” He whispers.

I never want this to end...

Ambrose has been kind, and helpful. He’s moved in with me, and is waiting on me hand and foot, when he’s not at the academy.

Father Blackwood has been solicitous, also. Although he can’t seem to keep his hands off of me. “I want to please you, let me please you.”

“I’m almost ready to give birth to Ambrose’s child, can’t you keep your nature under control?”

“No, I can’t... You have me under your spell.”

I know what he’s saying, without saying it.

“Faustus...” I state, as his lips part the lips of my orifice. His tongue worshiping my clit, I try to fight the sensations coursing through my body.

I shouldn’t feel this way, I care for Faustus, and I love Ambrose. “I’m crazy about you.”

“Is that what this is?” I inquire, as his tongue does a slow, tantalizing lap around my nub. “Oh...” I moan, as he’s holding my hips tightly, keeping my body pressed into the bed.

I can’t get away from the rapture, the fulfillment... “Don’t run...” He instructs me.

He has a way with words, and the “I love the taste of your pearl, the flavorful taste of your essence”, has me hot with need.

The dew from my flower soaking the bed, he drinks from my fountain. Taking everything that my fount has to offer.

“Kai...” He says in between his gluttonous drinking. “I love you...” He adds.

The crazy thing about all of this, is that... I think that I love him too.

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