Illicit Passions

Chapter 15

I’d done what all the mothers of Nephilim had done, I’d given birth to my child, alone. Her cries brought about a multitude of moans and great wails from the hosts of heaven, that sent chills through my body.

“She’s beautiful...” His large hands, gently stroking her small face, the babe stirs in her sleep. Ambrose had come to me, after I’d called to him, and even though he was upset at my choosing to have the child alone, his smile spoke volumes.

“Thank you.” He whispers, through his kiss upon my forehead. I’m more than happy, I can’t even express how delighted I am, with my family.

Family... I love it, and them, Ambrose, and Reese.

Her growth from birth to adulthood, took mere minutes. She’s wrapped in a blanket, and watching us with a suspicious gaze. Ambrose loses it...

“What the hell just happened?”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well... this is my surprised face.”

“She’s part angel, and part human, Nephilim.”

“What that’s supposed to mean?”

“As you can see, we grow up immediately, and she’ll have all the gifts of an angel, her other half.” Beckoning her to me, she rushes into my arms.

“Do you know who we are?” I ask her.


“She can speak?”

“Ambrose calm down, she learned in the womb. She could hear us the whole time.”

I Still remember my time on the inside, the voices... my mother... Extending her arms to him, he hesitates, and my heart falters.

If he rejects her, I just might have to kill him. Exhaling loudly, he joins us, and her arms going around his waist, I can’t stop the laugh that comes forth.

His wide eyed expression is the funniest thing,that I’ve seen in a long time. “What else do I need to know?”

My smile drops, knowing that our lives are about to change. I can’t run forever...

We’re thriving, and she’s learning, gobbling up as much information as she can, and as quickly as she can. A young adult, eighteen years of age, A part of me wishes that she could know Remiel.

Like they say, be careful what you wish for.

Trying to explain, how Reese just aged up within weeks, from birth to adult is met with, disbelief and uncertainty.

“Well, she’s your adopted child, so she’s still a Spellman.” Says, Zelda.

“She’s not adopted, she’s my daughter.” States, Ambrose.

“And as I said, it doesn’t matter, you claim her as your’s, so she’s a Spellman.

“I hope that you’re all well rested, and that your powers are rejuvenated.” He says, taking Reese’s hand in his.

Ambrose and I are in agreement, we’re not running, and hiding anymore. It’s time that we faced the threat.

“Well rested, for what?” Inquires Hilda.

“For our fight, against the Angels.” I state.

“Goodness, what have you all been smoking? Hilda says, with a laugh.

A glance at each of our solemn faces, and she sobers up quickly. “Enough of this, there’s no such thing as angels.” Zelda, chimes in.

Our gazes meeting, his wordless confirmation that we’ve made the right decision, has me removing the sigils upon my body.

A loud rumbling, that shakes the foundation, the windows shatter, and a loud trumpet sounds.

“What is this!” Yells Zelda, over the noise, which sounds like a great wind.

“Oh, dear...” States Hilda, going to the hole where a window was.

There’s a legion of angels waiting outside, we just might not make it through this.

“Koray!” It’s Sariel, calling for me.

“Who’s Koray?” Ask Hilda.

“That’s my angelic name...” I won’t let them take her, and heading out to face them, Ambrose joins me.

“There’s too many of them, you have to take Reese and leave.”

“Not without you.”

“Then we’ll die together.” I state, drawing my sword. Taking my hand in his, we both go out to greet death.

“Where’s the abomination?”

“You can’t have her.” Says Ambrose.

There’s a commotion amongst the assembled angels, before Remiel appears, by my side.

“You’re just like your mother, disobedient.”

“Really, I thought that I got that, from my father’s side.”

“We want the child, and if you interfere, we’ll cut you down also.”

“So many for one child...” Remiel replies.

My gaze wandering over the assembly, I wonder the same thing also. Why so many, it’s just two half-angels, and a few witches.

“Why do you think, that we hate your kind so much?” Remiel’s voice in my head, I don’t acknowledge him.

“You’re stronger than we are, we fear what you might do, if you knew this.” I pick up from him. Finally an understanding, a revelation.

A hand on my cheek, he says a non-verbal farewell. I don’t even question his actions, of always leaving me, now isn’t the time.

“Stop using your physical strength, and use your mental abilities.” He says, departing.

A mocking smile from Sariel, and she advances towards us at a leisurely pace. “Kai...” Says Ambrose, his eyes trained on her.

One tall order of mental abilities, coming up. Sariel snapped her fingers, and Max disintegrated. I’ve never done anything like that before, and never used my powers against angels.

“I’m stronger than them, I’m stronger than them...” I whisper, trying to convince myself.

“You may want to put some wheels, on that puffing up of yours.”

Ashes, ashes.... “Lightening, fire, brimstone...” Repeating the phrase, the sky darkens, a loud clap of thunder sounds, before streaks of lightening light up the sky.

The ground becomes an inferno, the angels are struck, but it doesn’t seem to affect them. Their eyes turning a bright white, they take to the sky, eluding the fire below, and the lightening above.

Using his magic, Ambrose sends some of them back down into the fire, holding them there.

Keeping the others busy, they’re avoiding the giant balls of flames barreling from the sky. Sariel’s running for Ambrose, and dodging a severe hit from a bolt, she disappears.

Searching for her, she has Ambrose hostage, and my heart drops.

“All we want is the aberration, and we’ll let him live.” She spits out.

“No...” Say, Ambrose.

Applying pressure to his neck, he cries out from the pain. “Wait...” I state.

“Don’t do it, Kai.”

Realization dawns, and I understand that I can’t have them both. His gaze upon me, he understands this too. A slight nod of his head, and with tears in my eyes, I send the strongest bolt of lightening that I can muster up, straight for them.

The power of it, sends him from her arms, and keeping her firmly held in place, her agonized scream is barely tolerable.

A loud screeching piercing howl, that sends the others scurrying from the area. Putting all of my energy into it, I don’t let up, until her body explodes. The light within her blinds me, and I’m forced to my knees, shielding my eyes.

Out of breath, my eyesight returns, and I’m over to Ambrose, trying to shake him back to consciousness.


His lifeless body is beautiful, even in it’s death state.

“We’re more powerful, than they are.” Says Iris, dropping to her knees beside me.

“What?” I state, distraught.

“I’m going to miss him.” She says, touching his forehead.

A light from her palm shining brightly, she smiles at my grief stricken expression. “I’m going to miss you too.” She says, an arm around my shoulders.

“Take care of him.” She adds, ascending. Watching, as she’s lifted up towards the sky, she slowly fades, a smile on her face.

What in the hell is going on?

“What did you do to me, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.”

“Oh my god.. Ambrose!” Gathering him into a tight hug, he beats at my arms.

“Whoa... whoa... too tight.” He says, as I release him.

“I’m sorry... I thought that you were dead.”

“I think I was...”

“Can you stand?” I ask, helping him to his feet.


Hugging him, Reese and the aunts join us, with Reese rushing into our arms.

“Well... I think that we need to have a lil talk, over some tea, with a large amount of whiskey, huh?” Says, Hilda.

“Yeah...” I state, with a laugh.

“Witches, half-breeds, and angels... this family is a muddle of life forms...”

“Oh, can it... Zelda, Come on...” She says, ushering her and Reese, back into the house.

“So, since you’re all powerful and all, you can break this spell upon me.”

“Let’s see...” I state, with a smile, leading his towards the edge of their grounds. Backing away, I cross the line, where their property ends.

Beckoning him, unsure... he follows me. We both exhale with happiness, before i’m pulled into his arms.

“You know, I never got to properly thank you.” He says.

“For what?”

“For coming into my life, and filling it with so much joy, and love.”

“If you want to properly thank me...”

“I got it covered...” He says, before his lips gently greet mine.

I love him...

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