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Illicit Passions

Chapter 2

“Did you have sex with him?”

It’s Maxine, my friend and sister in arms, a human hunter.

“I told Iris that you wouldn’t, it’s forbidden... you’d both lose your lives, and as bad as you are, the powers that be are badder.” Says, Max.

We’d met as new recruits, and became the best of friends. I’d revealed my secret to her, and made introductions to my only other friend, Iris.

Another rule that I’d broken, never divulge who we really are to humans. The other broken rule, angels and demonic beings are never to mix.

If he doesn’t renounce his claim on the darkside, then we’re both commiting unpardonable sins.

“And If I did, why would I tell you?” I state, from my hiding place in the bushes, beside her.

“Because, you tell me everything.”

We’d been tracking a warlock for weeks, and he’s finally led us to his coven. We never take on whole covens by ourselves, we just eliminate them one by one.

But he’s gotten away from us before, and this time he’s not slipping through our clutches again.

“No, I didn’t.”

“Oh wow... you’ve been salivating over him for the longest, and now when you’ve finally made his acquaintance, you screw it up. No pun intended.”

“Are you done, like seriously... are you finished?” I ask, bored with the discussion, and her ranting.

“No, I’m not... He’s super S.E.X.Y, and if he wasn’t a witch, I’d hump the hell out of him.”

“If he wasn’t a witch, and he wasn’t mine.” I correct her.

“Oh, so now he’s yours...?” She says, with a smile.


Using my powers, I make us invisible, as the warlock passes by our hiding place. His steps are hurried, and he takes one long look behind him, before going into the building.

All right, lets get to it...” She says, as we reappear.

Quietly moving about, we pour gasoline around the building, and on the walls.

Leaving the areas around the front door untouched, we start the fire at the back of the building.

Waiting for them at the front, I send the flames up the walls, and over the roof. I can hear rushed movement inside, before five witches exit the building.

Their surprise turns to anger, and then satisfaction, that it’s just two mortals.

“You picked a fight, with the wrong group.” States, one.

A few chanted words in unison, I can feel their magic, but it has no effect on me.

Max begins to gag, trying to take in air, but is unable to.

“Silence!” I command them, and their raised voices come to an immediate halt.

Max is released from their hold, and takes in large gulps of air.

Looking to each other, with frightened expressions on their faces, I’ve taken their voices.

With a swipe of my hand, I force them to their knees. A snap of my fingers, and one is instantly engulfed in flames.

Their screams are muffled, as I ignite two more. Releasing the last two, they take off into the woods.

It wouldn’t be a proper hunt, if we didn’t actually hunt them.

“I’ll take the male.” Max states, going behind him.

“Be safe...”

I can hear the female, moving swiftly away from me. The hunt isn’t fun anymore for me, and walking at a leisurely pace, I let her get a good lead, before popping up directly in front of her.

She screams, but no sound comes out. Snaping my fingers, I return her voice, and a hellish yell comes forth, as she makes a beeline away from me.

Tired of playing with her, I have her lifted up in the air, hanging by her feet.

“Let me go.”


Her hair starts to smoke, and then spark, before a loud popping sound as her body’s lit on fire.

Unable to take her screams, I silence her, as the fire finishes her off.

Her life force gone, the flames are dosed with a quick blow of air from my mouth.

Another scream rips through the night, and my heart drops. I’d not given the warlock back his voice, so I know that it can only belong to one other person.

He’d killed her, ripped her heart from her chest, and fled. Craddling her body in my arms, I’d delivered her to our figurehead

“A coven, just the two of you, whose idea was this?” Asks, Jess.

“You have to answer to your superiors, someone has to take the blame.”

“You damn sure will!”

“I’ll find him, he won’t get away a third time.”

“No, your hunting days are temporarily postponed, until further notice.”

“I don’t really need your permission.” I state, angrily.

“You joined this organization, knowning full well our rules, and regulations. Disobey, and you’ll be subjected to corrective actions.”

“What are you going to do, fire me?”

“Don’t test us Kai, we know more than you think we know.”

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