Illicit Passions

Chapter 4

“What are you doing, the Taj Mahal?”

Zelda appeared like a ghost, and frightened the bejesus out of us. Her face popping up in a painting that we’re examining, her voice echoing off the walls... in the darkness of the creepy monument, I almost let go of his hand.

“Get back here, this instant! You’re not supposed to be...”

I don’t even let her finish, as we’re instantly in front of his home.

“I don’t want to go back, just yet.”

“We’re not like our superiors, I’m only part human, we do get tired.” I state.

We’d been everywhere, all over Egypt, Rome, China... I’m done.

“We? Part human, what’s your other half?”

“Look, I have to go.”

“Were are you going?”


“Let me come with you.”

“I can’t hold your hand, and shower at the same time.”

“I’ll wash your back, and you wash mine?”

I should leave him, and never return, but I can’t...

“As tempting as that offer is... I’m going to have to decline, but... I can come back after.”

“Is that a promise?”

“I promise...”

As I’m getting dressed, I hear her cries, her heart’s broken. Danger! It’s a shock to my senses, and going to her, she’s standing on the edge of a cliff.

Eyes closed, she’s in her night clothes. Sleep walking, I could let her go over the edge. She’s reaching out to someone, and starts to teeter.

At the last minute, I’m over to her, pushing her backwards to safety. A snap of my fingers, and we’re back in her room. She’s in her bed, contendly sleeping, when I can’t help being malicious.

I implant Freddy Krueger, into her dreams. A horrific shriek follows, as I’m entering Ambrose’s room. He’s reading, but comes to his feet at her screams.

“What the hell!”

“It’s just a nightmare, she’s okay.”


The aunt’s footsteps, can be heard running to Sabrina’s room.

“You have a beautiful home, you live by yourself?”


“All alone, in this big home?”


“How old are you?”

“It’s impolite to ask a woman her age.”

“C’mon you have to give me something.”

I sure can...

“My name’s Kai, I’m part human, and I’m one hundred and twelve years old.”

“An older woman.... sexy, but you know what I’m asking.” He says, moving closer to me.

“Why is that so important?”

“I need to know, who I’m falling for.”

“If my people knew about us, that I was entertaining the idea of being with your kind, they would kill us both.”

“You’re half mortal, so that alone makes our union forbidden, to my people.” He says.

“So, we know that nothing can become of this.”

“I was never one to take kindly to rules.” He replies.

He’s sweet, kind, a gentleman... and I’m in trouble.

“You know that I didn’t say anything, we should be happy too.” Whispers, Iris.

We’ve both been summoned to the angelic realm, and I think that I know what for.

Waiting in a brightly lit room, Sariel enters in her angelic form. Beautiful black wings, that frightens and interests me, hangs behind her.

Imagine a human, of ethereal beauty, a glowing light surrounding them, and a halo upon their head.

The luminescent light surrounding her dims, and she draws closer. Quiet, we watch her as her gaze upon me never wavers.

A huff in aggravation from me, and I take a hit, that sends me backwards into the wall.

“You know better!”

Beyond livid, my angelic half manifests, and my eyes glowing a dull white, her’s becomes a bright white.

“You would challenge me!” She shouts, at my sword coming forth.

“Kai... don’t...” States Iris, coming to my side.

“Youre an abomination, attempting sacrilege... if it wasn’t for father, we would end your kind.”

“It was just a kiss.”

“I should being him here, and cut him down in front of you!”

“Sariel, leave us.”

It’s Remiel, Sariel’s superior. I don’t withdraw my sword, until she’s gone.

“I’m sorry, she can be...”

“A bitch...” I interrupt.

“Extreme...” He finishes.

He has a book, and leafing through it quickly, he closes it with a sharp thud.

“I can’t tell you what I see in your future, and Iris you shouldn’t either, you’re bound to confidentiality.”

She nods her understanding, and I’m afraid to even ask what they see.

“You can change your destiny, and I’m willing to give you that chance, don’t make me regret it.”

We’re both sent back to the earthly realm, separated, but they can’t keep us apart. They have no control over us, there’s no halo about our heads.

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