Illicit Passions

Chapter 5

“Do something to keep your mind off of him.”

“I am, I’m watching her.”

She’s being traumatized by the witches, at the academy.

“If you’re not going to stop it, you could at least comfort her.” Says, Iris.

“Unlike you, I don’t harbor an unnatural compassion for my charge.”

“Liar... you love her, and you’re in love with mine.”

She speaks the truth, and anger raging through me, I send a wind that sends two of the three up into the air, and miles away from her.

The other one panics and runs away. “Serves them right, but keep your powers off of my ward.”

Lenora, guardian of Agatha, one of the antagonists, appears out of nowhere.

“Spare the rod...”

“They’re just being children...”

“Bye... Lenora...” I state, sending her away from us. She’s become a part of my life, due to her ward’s interaction’s with Sabrina.

We’re protective of them, even if they’re lunatics. “Come with me, I’m going to check on him.” Says, Iris.

He’s working on a dead body. How he can touch those things, is beyond me.

Iris stays for the duration, and I leave them to it, going to his room. Years spent in this dungeon, unable to leave this land, it’s inhumane.

Calling Iris to me, I demand that she give me the location of his jailer.

Father Blackwood, he’s expecting me, the doors open automatically when I approach.

He’s attractive, as all witches are, arrogant, poised, and studious.

“Ambrose has suffered enough, you’ll release him.”

“The offer of immunity still stands.”

“It’s been how long, and he hasn’t buckled yet.”

“Yes, but the time is drawing nigh, you’re here to plead for mercy, on his behalf.”

“He’s not aware of my doings.”

“And neither are the angels.”

His report alarms me, he knows what I am. “But... how...”

“Blood sigils...” He says, pointing to the walls.

Red symbols emerge on the walls, before slowly fading.

“It keeps their prying eyes and ears away, and they can’t enter.”

“But, I’m here.”

“Apparently, It was made to specifically exclude you.”

I’d come here too make demands, but it seems that demands are too be made of me.

“What do you want?” I inquire.


Considering his proposal, it sounds doable. “Thirty minutes...”

His chuckle, his smile that follows, makes him even more appealing.

“Fine, one hour.” I offer.

“No, I want all off you, your grace... your love...”

“I can’t give you my grace.”

“But you can fall from grace, and fallen angels, makes for the most powerful of demons.”

“You ask for too much, I’m only half angel.”

“But you’re still an angel.”

“And my love? You have a wife.” I state, questioning this part of the deal.

“Her time draws near, I’ve seen it. I’m envious of your love, new love... you’d do anything for him, and I want that.”

“You could find any woman, to love you.”

“But I want you, the abasement of something that your god holds in high regard, will be greatly satisfying.”

“You narcissistic bastard...”

“Ambrose will work at the academy, until the terms are honored. He’ll be able to see something, besides those four walls and his aunts. Do we have an agreement?”

I might as well get something out the deal, also. “He’ll be able to freely come to my home, at his leisure.”

“You took a witches voice, you’ll give it back to him.”

“He killed my friend.”

“And you killed his, give it back.”

Holding fast to my allegiance to Max, his next ststement has me conceding.

“Or shall I tell Ambrose, what you do when you’re away from him? Did you know, that a witch hunter killed his parents?

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