Illicit Passions

Chapter 7

A date, in Germany, the time... the witching hour, the setting... A graveyard.

“The oldest graveyard in the world.”

“And this is supposed to be romantic?”

It’s has all the ingredients, needed to make a horror flick. Desolate, foggy, and a deafening quiet, that sends a chill through my body.

“What is this?” I ask, as a bag materializes out of nowhere. Our... tools?” He says.

Blankets, candles, rose petals, wine... “You wanna let me in on the plan?”

“A picnic, and... sex magic.”

“How presumptuous of you.”

“Don’t play coy with me Kai, you want me, as bad as I want you.”

“But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to screw you sideways, in a graveyard.”

“That’s what the rose petals, wine, and full moon are for, to make you more agreeable.” He says, with that gorgeous smile of his.

Spreading the blankets out, he’s having a time of it, with just one hand. “And... whats the purpose of said magic?” I ask, helping him.

“To manifest what you want.”

“And you believe, that this will work?”

“I’m a witch... it works.”

Sprinkling the petals around the blankets, he pauses. “Is there something that you want?” I do, but it can’t be given.

Leaving his question unanswered, I continue with the petals. “If it doesn’t work, I promise to be your on call sex slave, until death.”

His lips grazing my fingers, sends a delightful shiver of anticipation, of the ecstasy soon to happen.

“That’s a job, that I don’t think that you would want to sign up for.”

“Oh yeah?”

His eyes play at mischief, and devilry.

“Yeah, there’s alot of mandatory overtime hours.”

“Well, here’s my official application.”

His lips gently touching mine, I feel an explosion of energy within my body. A surge of sexual need, heats my body, and the need to be naked is great.

“Wait... I wanted to... at least... make an attempt... at wooing you.” He says, in between kisses, and the removal of our clothing.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m experiencing an overload of sexual excitement. Every touch, every connection of his skin to mine sends a jolt of pleasure through my body.

Pushing him back onto the blankets, I shimmy out of my dress, and assist him with his pants. Quickly straddling him, I capture his lips in a hot, intense kiss.

Lowering my hips, his rod plunges deeply into my essence. Guiding my hips, up and down his pole, the moisture from my flower, saturating his rod, coerces a moan from him.

There’s an unnatural glint in his eyes, and his lips on my neck, speeds up the heartbeat between my legs.

An ache, sweet and insistent, I surrender to the breathtaking thrills of rapture, that his length provides.

A familiar stirring of pleasure cresting, I brace for the wave that’s sure to be mind shattering.

My nails digging deep, his groan of pain and pleasure, incites a need to bring it all to a quick gratifying end. My pace increasing, I ride him hard and fast.

“Focus...” He instructs me, as the waves of satisfaction forces his name from my lips. My deep intake of breath, is my only reaction to his teeth, breaking through the skin on my neck,

My body spasming from my orgasm, I’m temporarily paralyzed as the pleasurable sparks rack my body.

I’d looked to the angels to bring my friend back, and they declined. It wouldn’t hurt, to give this a try. My thoughts are of her, our time together, Max.

“Bring her back, to me...” I whisper.

“Nice of you to let me know what you wished for.”

“What did you want?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” He whispers, conspiratorially.

His kiss is soft, and sweet, awakening my need for him, again. “So soon?” He inquires, as my hips begin a slow rhythmic rocking.

“I told you, that there would be required overtime hours.”

I’m ripped from his arms, and transported to Father Blackwoods home.

“What the hell?” I exclaim, standing in his office, naked from the waist down.

“A summons?” I state, pissed. The result of his wife revealing my true name. Now he can call upon me, and I’ll be forced to come to him.

“I want to taste the essence of your sin.” He says, moving with a quickness, that surprises me. Going to his knees before me, I try to back away from him, but he has a firm hold of my rear.

“You were spying on me? How?”

“Don’t...” He says, of my attempt at pushing him away. “Let me...” My leg’s lifted, across his shoulder as he moves forward. His tongue wet and warm, greets my nub, and a lightening streak of pleasure has me gripping his head.

“Father Blackwood...!”

He doesn’t respond, as his tongue lightly teases my bud. I should make him stop... but I don’t want him to. Closing my eyes, It’s heavenly when his tongue enters my center.


Pushing thoughts of Ambrose from my mind, I ride his face slowly. Loving the sensations that his tongue’s providing my body, I know that I’ll be back, this won’t be a one time occurrence.

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