Illicit Passions

Chapter 8

I’d severed all affiliations with the hunters, and made it my business, to seek out and end the witch, that took Max from me.

I’d waited, and when Ambrose’s spell didn’t take hold, in a fit of rage I’d taken my anger out on every witch that I could find.

“A cloaking spell...”

“As if we would let him out of hiding, with a witch hunting angel after him.”

Father Blackwood’s scratching away at some manifesto, and using my powers, I force him to stop.

“We protect our own, just like I protected our enemy.”

Confused, he points to the necklace, and bracelet that he’d given me, the night of our little indiscretion.

“Why haven’t the angels come for you, what are they waiting for?”

“My superior protects me...”

“I don’t know much about how the angels work, but I do know that they’re malicious, like a pack or rabid dogs. If you remove those trinkets, they’ll descend on you like wolves.”

My thoughts immediately go to Ambrose, his safety.

“He’s protected, I made sure of it. If they couldn’t get to you, don’t you think that he would have been their next victim, if only to draw you out.” He states.

Now I’m really confused...

“What are you getting out of this, you don’t care that much about Ambrose’s well-being.”

“For now I do, he’s important to the cause.”

“I could force you to tell me.”

His smile, causes an instant reaction, my skin becomes warmer, and a light pulsating heartbeat starts below.

“The plan is to break you, with all your power and the advantage, you’ll submit to me.”

“That still doesn’t explain, what Ambrose has to do with this.”

“I can’t give you everything, maybe you could beat it out of me?” He suggests, rising from his seat.

Oh god... a closet masochist.

“Look, Father Blackwell...”

“I love it, when you call me that.”

“Because you’re filthy, that’s why.”

Inching closer to me, I put an even greater distance between us, by backing away. I love Ambrose, I can’t betray him again.

“I would love to see you later.”

“I would love it, if that warlock wasn’t protected anymore.”

“You know, that I can’t do that.”

“And I can’t give you something, for nothing.”

“Well... you can officially add, harlotry to your repertoire of immoral acts.”

“It’s a fair exchange...”

I’m minding Sabrina’s business, when a summons sends me directly to the hunters.

A group of mean muggers, with bad attitudes.

“Now who in the hell, told you my name?“”

“I did...”

His voice, fills my heart with dread.

“Remiel...” I state, consumed with more than just a twinge of fear.

“We couldn’t locate you, so we had your friends summon you to us.”

Producing a knife, I quickly carve a seal of protection into my wrist. Remiel’s an archangel, they’re powerful, and like all angels they lack empathy, and obey without question.

The others watch in silence, as I cut another into my chest.

“Self mutilation, won’t keep us away, forever.”

“What do you want?”

“I’m one for giving second chances, after all I do believe that one can change their future.”

“I know, but what do you want with me, because I’m not going with you.”

“I won’t let them hurt you.”

“Yeah, you have to give me your word, that you wont hurt me either.” I state.

“I most definitely, wouldn’t hurt my only beloved child.”

My father...

Remiel fell in love with a human, and fell from grace to be with her.

I was the result of that union... God’s a merciful god, in some instances, and gave him a second chance.

Now I’m fucking it up for the both of us.

“What’s there to understand, you accepted a pardon, and left my mother to die, giving birth to me. Then you left me to fend for myself, not knowing anything about this world, or the people in it.”

Nephilim grow fast, from birth to adulthood, in a matter of minutes. But that’s a whole other story...

“And after how long, do you decide to drop this bomb on me? My father... okay, what now?”

He’s quiet, letting me rant, his eyes making an intense study of me, and I feel a need to readjust my attitude.

He’s taken me to a dry desolate place, where no one resides. “You’re walking the same path that I walked, and the end doesn’t end well.”

The sun’s setting, and watching it, he comes to stand beside me. “Sariel’s been given the order, I can’t protect you.”

“No, you’ll just stand by and let it happen.”

“I warned you...”

“No, you said that I could change my future.”

“You knew the rules, the danger...”

“It’s my life, and I’ve lived a long one.”

“You haven’t even begun to live!”

His raised voice causes alarm, and I pull my sword. Neither of us speaks, as we eye each other.

“Give him a reason, to spare your lives.” He says, calmly.

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