Illicit Passions

Chapter 9

“You can’t keep doing this.”

“We can, and we will... and if you want to stay off of their radar, then I suggest that you consider our offer.” Says, Jess.

“Okay, so how about this, everytime that you summon me, I’ll lay one of you down to rest.”

If somebody else gives my name out, it’s going to be a problem.

If they keep this up, soon I’ll be as famous as Michael and Gabriel.

“I have a better offer, you help us take down the Academy of Unseen Arts, and you can consider your contract with us, null and void.”

How did they find out about the school?

“I don’t answer to you, anymore. And the truth is, that I never did.”

“Perhaps you would like to answer to the angels, then.”

Perhaps they need a lesson in manners...

The light in my eyes shining brightly, they go for their weapons. “Please...” I state, at their naivete.

The air seems to leave the room, as I’m pulled away.

“You guys have got, to stop doing this!”

I’ve been called back to my home, by none other than my other half.

“I take it, that you’re having a bad day?”

Taking a few deep breaths, to calm myself, I accept his offer of a hug. I can’t resist his playful nature, or the solid hardness of his body.

His arms offer me comfort, as his lips sends a signal to all of the right places.

My fingers make a quick beeline for his manhood, and lightly stroking him through his pants, I go in for the kill.

“Wait... to be continued, soon.” He says, stopping my hands from disappearing into his pants.

Another kiss, with me taking advantage, by refusing to end it, he let’s me have my way.

“Well... Well... Well... So you did screw him, after all.”


Breaking away from him, I can’t believe what I’m seeing, who I’m seeing.


“The one, and only.”

Rushing into her arms, we both have a squeal fest, laughing and spinning each other.

“Surprise...” Says Ambrose, interrupting our reunion.

This is the best gift ever, and giddy with excitement, I have a surprise for him.

Silently giving Max my thoughts, her wicked smirk, let’s me know that she’s game.

“Why are you two looking at me like that?”

Her eyes brimming with delight, we attack each other’s clothing, removing them, as we explore each other’s bodies.

Her soft lips, taste of honeydew, and sampling her tongue, as her fingers tease my nipples, I want to taste all of her.

Joining us, we turn our attention to him, sharing kisses. Helping him out of his clothing, I love his body, and raining kisses down his stomach, I end on my knees in front of him.

Undoing his pants, his member’s standing at full salute. I dont hesitate, licking the tip. My tongue circling the head, before fully taking him into my mouth.

His velvety smooth hardness filling my mouth, I move my hands slowly up and down his shaft, as my tongue and mouth work the top.

His groan of pleasure, inspires me as I pleasure his rod. Sucking, my jaws creating a suction, that has his legs shaking, his hand on the back of my head, directs my movements.

Savoring the precum seeping onto my tongue, I aim to drain his entire sack dry.

A few whispered words from him, and we’re on my bed. In a frenzy, we’re both on him, straddling his face, she takes up a position on his pole.

I’m loving the sensation of his tongue teasing my clit, as his nails dig into my rear.

The pain’s erotic, and as we take our pleasure from each other, we verbally give our appreciation.

“Ambrose...” Max and I moan, in unison.

Concentrating on my release, it’s interrupted by Ambrose removing me from my perch, above his mouth.

We’re both displeased, with his intervention, until he forces me onto all fours, settling in behind me.

The girth of his length stretching my flower wide, his rhythmic strokes are in sync, with my tongue moving in and out of Max’s sex.

Ambrose’s constant pounding, his long strokes hitting my g-spot, my body tenses, in preparation of my oncoming orgasm.

Holding tightly to my hips, his pace quickens, short hard strokes, that has me screaming my release into Max’s muff, as his nut, hot and oddly stimulating, shoots into my womb.

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