Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 10 Harry goes to Gringotts

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

Essences of Lily – Chapter 10 – Harry goes to Gringotts


Harry was a bit afraid to go into Gringotts by himself especially after reading the word engraved upon the doors:

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

'I wonder what that means.' Harry thought.

Summing up his courage, he enters the Bank and is a bit surprised when the doorman / guard bowed slightly to him.

Continuing on, Harry was soon at the front of the line before a goblin.

"Well wizard, what do you want? I don't have all day. Time is money you know." The goblin spoke roughly.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir, I have come to make a withdrawal from my vault, but I don't have my key."

"No key? Are you sure you have any money in here boy? What's your name?"

"Har… Harry Potter sir."

The goblin put his quill down and looked up at Harry. "Harry James Potter by chance?" The goblin asked most intently.

"Yes sir."

"Forgive me please Mr. Potter. We have been waiting for you for several years now. It is good that you have arrived when you did. Your accounts were about to be forfeited to your magical guardian, Mr. Albus Dumbledore."

"What do you mean forfeited? Like they wouldn't be mine any more?"

"That is exactly correct. But we are getting a little ahead of ourselves. We still have to make sure that you are who your say you are. Griphook! Come take Mr. Potter to the Hall of Inheritance and call Goldridge at once!"

A smaller goblin hurried over to Harry and led him down a maze of corridors until they came to a set of doors that looked as if they were made out of solid Gold.

Griphook opened the doors and ushered Harry in and asked him to please take a seat while he when to get Goldridge.

Harry sat down and took off his hat. A few minutes later, a much older goblin entered the room with Griphook and several other importantly looking goblins. Out of habit, Harry stood from his chair when the others came in and bowed his head slightly in recognition of the goblins who entered. The goblins seemed to be quite pleased and surprised at his actions.

The first goblin approached Harry and offered his hand. Harry reacted by taking the hand and shacking it.

"I am Goldridge Mr. Potter, Senior Vice President here at Gringotts bank. But more importantly, I was a friend of your grandfather, and an acquaintance of your father's. I am glad to finally meet you."

"Thank you Mr. Goldridge and its just Harry if you please. I am honored you would meet with me."

"The name is just 'Goldridge'. We do not hold to many titles here in the Goblin Kingdom."

"My apologies, I meant no disrespect. This part of the magical world is quite new to me. If fact, if my parent's house elf, Sassy, had not informed me of this place, and brought me here today, I would still not have know."

"How did she bring you here Harry?"

"She said the form of travel was called 'sliding', and she allowed me to observe how it was done."

All of the goblins in the room, except for Goldridge, seemed to be rather shocked and concerned at this development.

Goldridge just raised an eyebrow and innocently asked, "Oh really, and how is it done?"

Harry was about to answer when he received a strong feeling from 'Ma', and in the pit of his stomach that he was being tested, and that he should not answer.

"I am sorry sir, but I can not divulge what I have learned from Sassy. She showed me in good faith, and I must respect that trust. I must keep her secrets, as she keeps mine."

Goldridge smiled widely, his pointed teeth showing clearly. "I am pleased to see that you too treat other magical creatures as seriously as your Grandfather Harry. It was one of the many traits that I respected about him, you have passed your first test."

Trying to hide his nervousness, Harry said, "If I had known there was going to be a test, I would have studied for it."

Goldridge laughed out loud at this comment and many of the other goblins looked rather amused.

"It is good to see that one so young, with so much expected of him can have a sense of humor" Goldridge said, "But we have much to do today."

"First, we must verify that you are indeed Harry James Potter, the son of James and Lily Potter."

Goldridge pointed to one of the goblins to come forward.

"May I please see your right hand young man?" He asked kindly.

"Do you freely give this blood?" He asked.

"Yes." Harry stated, expecting a small pin prick.

Almost before he had finished his answer, the old goblin grabbed Harry's hand in a vise like grip, and producing a cruel looking knife, savagely cut the palm of Harry's right hand, turned the hand, slammed it on a sheet of thick parchment.

Harry was in such shock at to what had happened, he didn't react until the goblin had released his hand and stepped back into the line.

Wisely, before Harry spoke, he picked his hand up off of the paper and looked at it. He could see that there was a great deal of blood on the parchment, but when he turned his hand over, the cut was healed, and the palm of the hand clean of any blood.

Confused, Harry looked from his hand up to Goldridge.

"Goblin Magic." He said. "To verify the identity and linage of a person, the blood must be given freely. We have found over the centuries that the best way to do it is quickly before the person can see the ritual knife and change their mind thinking that it will hurt."

"I would agree!" said Harry, somewhat still in shock rubbing his hand.

A second goblin came up to the table where the blood covered parchment lay and started waving his hands over it, and speaking a long chant in gobbledygook. After the chant, he took another piece of parchment and placed it over the first. Harry leaned back a little bit just to make sure this goblin didn't grab him and cut somewhere else. But he just turned around and returned to the line.

A third goblin now came forward with a large book in his hand. He placed the large book on top of the two pieces of parchment and spoke another incantation in gobbledygook. The book and the parchments both glowed for a few moments. As the book was raised from the parchment, three bands of color appeared on it. One was deepest black with a red border. The second was deep red with a black border. The third was the most interesting of all. It was Blue and Bronze with a black border.

Goldridge came over and picked up the parchment and looked at it interestingly. "I can see why Professor Dumbledore would have liked you to forfeit the vaults. It would appear my young friend, that you are the Heir Apparent of both the ancient and noble houses of Potter and Ravenclaw, and the Heir Presumptive of the ancient and noble house of Black. That means if the current head of the house of Black does not have an heir before he dies, which is very likely, you will inherit the title of Lord Black in addition to your rightful titles of Lord-Baron Potter and Lord Ravenclaw. You can legal be addressed by any of these titles, but I would assume you would prefer to keep your family name, while keeping the other title private for now."

Harry was simply overwhelmed at the information that the goblins had given him. He found that he needed to sit down for a few minutes to let it all sink in.

Harry hadn't noticed that as soon as the heritage lines were announced, three goblins left the room to collect items needed for the next part of the Appointment of the Heir ritual.

While they were out of the room, Harry asked Goldridge, "What are you talking about when you say that Professor Dumbledore wanted me to 'Forfeit' my vaults to him?"

"Ah, you caught that point did you. It would seem that Professor Dumbledore has taken it upon himself to 'reunite' the artifacts of the founders. He already has the sword of Gryffindor, the challis from Hufflepuff, and a potions manual from Slytherin. I believe he got that artifact about 40 years ago. But according to our sources, he is unable to read the text. So all he needs now is the coronet from Ravenclaw, and have everything he needs to clam ownership of Hogwarts."

"It is said that the coronet is located in the main Ravenclaw vault. But since it has remained unopened for almost 800 years, no one is sure."

"What is a 'coronet'?" Harry asked.

"A small or lesser crown usually signifying a rank below that of a sovereign' is the technical definition, but the main idea is that it signifies power and authority. It is the one thing Dumbledore lacks in his plan to take over Hogwarts."

"Why would he want to 'take over' Hogwarts? Isn't he already the Headmaster? Can't he basically do what ever he want to anyway?" Harry was still confused.

Goldridge laughed. "No, Dumbledore has to answer to the School Board, the Ministry of Magic, and to the parents of the children that go to Hogwarts. If he could declare himself 'sovereign' over Hogwarts, no one could touch him."

Harry sat and thought about what had learned. 'Ma' was also processing how this new information affected how she viewed her former Headmaster.

As the three goblins returned Goldridge spoke again. "We will conclude the Ritual of the Appointment of the Heir by installing you into your three titles. First we will start with the House of Black, since you are only the Heir Presumptive."

"Excuse me sir, but who is the current head of the ancient and noble house of Black? Would it be possible for me to met him or her?" Harry asked.

These questions took Goldridge by surprise. "The current head of the House of Black is Sirius Black, the person that betrayed your family to the Dark Lord. He is currently serving a life sentence in Azkaban Prison and has been for the last six plus years. Why would you want to meet him? I would think you would want him dead for what he did to your family." Goldridge was a bit upset with the memory of Sirius Black by the time he was through talking about him.

Harry was shocked again. His uncle Padfoot had been sent to prison for something he didn't do. Harry had to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

"But Sirius wasn't the secret keep. Peter Pettigrew was! He's the little RAT that came into our home with Voldemort and killed my father and mother!"

Now it was the goblins turn to be shocked.

"Do you have any proof of this Harry?" Goldridge asked seriously.

"Do you have a pensive? If I had a wand I could extract the memory of either the night he became our secret keeper, or the night he came with Voldemort."

Goldridge spoke quickly to one of the other goblins who then quickly left the room. Another goblin went to the far end of the room and retrieved a small pensive.

"No, that won't do," Goldridge said, "We need an Aurors pensive that is capable of making an exact copy of the memory so that Harry's memories can be returned to him while we keep a copy."

The goblin put the first pensive back, and returned shortly with another pensive with copy runes on the basin of the it. At the same time, the first goblin returned with a wizard curse breaker that worked for Gringotts. When he came in the room, his jaw nearly dropped to the ground. "Your Harry Potter!" He declared.

Goldridge took control of the situation and said, "Yes he is. And that is why you are to be obliterated after you help Harry extract a few memories for us to review. Is that understood?"

It was at this time that the worker took his eyes off of Harry and looked at Goldridge. When he saw Goldridge in the room, he became very nervous. "Sir yes sir Senior Vice President Goldridge sir!"

"Harry, I want you to think of the first encounter when Peter becomes your secret keeper. When you are ready nod your head, and Mr. Martin here will use his wand to extract the memory, and place it into the pensive. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." Harry replied.

"Good. After the first extraction, think about that Halloween night, and show us what your remember Okay?"

"Okay, sir."

With that Harry thought back to that night so long ago. 'Ma' was helping Harry find the exact memories, and getting them ready.

Harry nodded his head, and Mr. Martin pointed his wand to Harry's temple. As he drew his wand back, two memory strands came out, and fell into the pensive.

"Harry, we just wanted the memory from the first event, not both at once, that can be very dangerous." Goldridge chided.

"That is just the first event sir. If you will swear a magical oath, I will tell you what is going on."

Harry waited until everyone in the room had sworn a magical oath that they would not disclose what Harry was about to say.

"Not only do I have my memories of that night, but I also have ALL of the memories from my mother Lily Evans Potter. The second strand is her thoughts and views that led up to that night including why Sirius was not used as the secret keeper."

Again the goblins where shocked and amazed.

"All of her memories Harry?"

"Well, everything relating to her upbringing, schooling and work experiences, but nothing too personal in nature." Harry said as he blushed.

This time it took the goblins and Mr. Martin to get over the shock.

Harry was glad they hadn't asked any more questions; he just wanted to get on with the meeting.

When they indicated that they were ready to proceed, Harry and 'Ma' again brought the memories of the night when Peter came with Voldemort to attack. Once again, Harry shook his head, and once again Mr. Martin extracted the two strands of memory of from Harry's temple.

After all of the memories were in the pensive, Goldridge went over and after chanting over the copy runes, asked Mr. Martin to return the original memories back to Harry. This he did one memory at a time to insure that all four memories were returned properly.

After that was done, Mr. Martin stepped forward, and shook Harry's hand saying, "Thank you Mr. Potter. I don't know what you did or how you did it, but thank you for getting rid of the Dark Lord." With that, Mr. Martin was escorted out of the room and obliviated.

Goldridge turned to Harry and asked him, "Harry, do you mind if we take a few minutes to review these memories?"

"Not at all sir. I've wondered what had happened to my uncles Padfoot and Moony, if this helps answer those questions, that would be great."

"Padfoot? Moony?"

"Oh, I'm sorry sir, Padfoot is a nickname for Sirius Black, Moony is a nickname for Remus Lupin."

"I see. Well, as soon as our chief of security gets here we will review your memories."

Just at that time, the biggest, meanest looking goblin Harry had ever seen came into the room. He snapped off some kind of salute to Goldridge, and growled, "Stonehand reporting as ordered sir!"

"Thank you for coming Stonehand. We would like you to come into the pensive with us to review a few memories granted to us by Mr. Potter here to give us your opinion as a law-enforcement specialist."

Stonehand gave a quick look at Harry, then back to Goldridge, and nodded his head in the affirmative.

"If you will excuse us Harry for a few moments."

"Before you all go in, I need an oath from Stonehand that he will not divulge any of my secrets that he may see." Harry looked intently at the mean-looking goblin.

Stonehand returned the stare, then smiled and said, "Your courage serves you well young master." He then stated a magical oath to keep safe any of Harry's secrets that he should see.

After that, Goldridge, Stonehand, and several other goblins entered the pensive, leaving Harry with Griphook.

After several minutes they returned looking very upset. Goldridge gave instructions to Stonehand to take the pensive and make sure 'the appropriate people' also viewed the memories, after stating an oath to not disclose any of the secrets they may find. If asked regarding the Lily Potter memories, just tell them it was found in one of the Potter vaults in another pensive.

"I am sorry for the delay Harry, but this will make your claim as the Heir Presumptive much more sound, and with a little luck, it may get your Godfather released from that Hell-hole called Azkaban. But without Peter Pettigrew, it may be impossible to get your Ministry of Magic to admit their mistake."

Harry felt his hopes dashed when he heard the requirement for Peter Pettigrew – or at least his body – to prove the innocence of his Godfather.

"Now, let us continue with the rite of the Appointment of the Heir, and getting you installed as the Heir of the House of Ravenclaw, and the House of Potter, and as the Heir Presumptive for the House of Black. In this case, since the Head of the House of Black is incapacitated, you become the effective temporary Head of that House as well."

With that the goblins proceeded with the rites and rituals. The main result of this was the receipt of knowledge specific to each house, and power relating to the office of Head of House of the three houses. All of this was overwhelming to Harry, by 'Ma' reassured him that he would have time to understanding what had happened today.

After the rites and rituals had been performed, Harry was permitted to enter the main family vaults for the Blacks, Ravenclaw, and Potters.

He knew already that he had a copy of every book in the Potter family vault, but he knew he would have to return with his trunk so that he could make a copy of the books in the Black and Ravenclaw vaults as well.

Harry wasn't too surprised to see that there was very little gold in the Ravenclaw vault, but the books, and scrolls there were unbelievable! Manuscripts from the time of the building of Hogwarts! Designs, plans, everything! Lists of the secret rooms and passageways; wards that were around the school, and how they were controlled! Harry still wasn't old enough to know or comprehend the importance of what was here, but he knew that it would be important to him in the future. Harry could fell 'Ma' jumping up and down as he perused the list of books and scrolls in the Ravenclaw vault. But as Harry looked around, no coronet was found.

'Well, it will take a long time to go through this and the other vaults. Maybe years! I shouldn't get too discouraged after just one day.' Thought Harry.

After returning from his trust account, Harry was brought in to meet with Goldridge again.

"Now that you have been installed as the Head of the House of Potter, we can show you the will your parents left.

The Last Will and Testament


James Harold and Lily Evens Potter

We, James Harold Potter and Lily Evens Potter, being of sound mind and body declare this as our last will and testament, revoking all previous wills and documents.

Should we pass on to the next great adventure before our son Harry James Potter, reaches the age of Majority, We appoint his Godfather, Sirius Orion Black, to be his legal and magical guardian.

We also ask that Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore be assigned, as executor of this will, to see that it is executed according to our wishes.

Should Sirius become incapacitated, then his Godmother, Alice Longbottom and her husband Frank Longbottom are to be appointed and the legal and magical guardian.

If they are not available, then other acceptable individuals to act, as guardian would be: Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, or Filius Flitwick. As a lastresort, Albus Dumbledore is to appoint an appropriate guardian for Harry. Professor Dumbledore, acting as executor of this will is not an eligible candidate for guardian.

Harry's guardian is to be given a generous stipend, payable from the Potter family vault, to cover any additional cost of raising Harry. The rate of the stipend is to be established by Goldridge of Gringotts Bank, and will increase at a rate of no less then 3 percent per year, or 3 percent over the cost of inflation each year.

Under nocircumstances is Harry to be placed in the care of Petunia and Vernon Dudley. Harry is not to meet with the Dursley's until he is at least 11 years old. If any future contact is to be had after that, it is to be by mutual consent between both parties.

After Harry reaches his age of accountability, and prior to reaching his age of majority, his guardian is to educate him in the ways of business, both magical and muggle, and is to ask his opinion in matters pertaining to the business that we have interest in. His opinion is to be listened to, and if found sound, should be followed.

The guardian will have voting rights in all Potter affairs until Harry becomes of age.

If said guardian is shown to disregard Harry's general welfare, or fails in their fiduciary responsibility or the terms of this will, they are to be released of their duties immediately, and the selection of a new guardian is to take place.

If it is found that the terms of this will are not adhered to, a board of inquiry will be held at Gringotts Bank, with Goldridge as head of the Board. The board is to be comprised of goblin, witches and wizards. All meeting are to the held at Gringotts Bank the expense of the inquiry to be paid out of the Potter family vault.

At the end of the inquiry, a new executor will be selected by the consensus of the member of the board.

As to bequeaths:

We know you don't need it Sirius, but we bequeath one million galleons to you and the Southern French manor.

To Remus Lupin, we bequeath one million galleons and the manor in Wales. Maybe you can fix it up to include a dog run for Padfoot. This is not charity Moony. Think of it as payment for putting up with James for so long.

To Peter Pettigrew, we bequeath one million galleons and the manor on the Isle of Man.

Aside from these bequests and any outstanding fees, debts, and obligations which are to be paid from the Potter family vault, we name Harry James Potter as the sole heir of all rights, responsibilities, duties, lands, titles, vaults and money, and is hereby appointed head of the ancient and noble house of Potter.

Just one last thing Harry; Please know that your Mother and I love you with all of our hearts. May Merlin bless and protect you always.

Dated this 15th day of October, 1981


James Harold Potter

Lily Evans Potter


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore


'Ma' had told Harry about the contents of the will, but to actually hear it was, to say the least shocking for Harry. To say the least, he was shocked and very upset.

He was to have been with Sirius, or Remus NOW! He was NEVER to go to the Dursley's. The person that betrayed his parents was to receive one million galleons!

As calmly as he could Harry asked, "When was this will received by the executor?"

"November the first, 1981".

"To whom was the will delivered to?"

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore."

"To the best of your knowledge, is a monthly stipend being taken from the Potter Family vault?"


"What is the current amount of that stipend?"

"Approximately 2,000 galleon per month."

"To whom is the stipend being paid to?"

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore."

"What would be the Pound Sterling value of the stipend?"

"Approximately 10,000 pound sterling per month."

"Have any of the bequeaths been given?"

"To the best of our knowledge, no."

"Who is currently controlling all of the assets and properties of the Potter family?"

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore."

Harry was starting to get really angry for the first time in his life he could feel his magic start to stir and raise as if it were getting ready for action. His green eyes started to glow brightly. From out of nowhere, a wind started blowing around in the room and all of the loose parchment and items started to blow around.

Harry was looking right at Goldridge with an almost murderous look in his eyes.

"How was I able to be placed at the Dursley's home when the will specifically states that that is to NEVER happen?"

"I do not know."

"WHY HAVEN'T THESE ACTIONS BEEN CHALLENGED BEFORE NOW!" Harry screamed. His aura was coming out, and all of the goblins were having a hard time staying upright. The displays and pictures on the walls were being knocked down and buffeted by the outpour of raw magical energy.

Stonehand and a contingency of guards came running into the room, only to be knocked back. Stonehand did get to his feet and was able to throw a spear in Harry's direction. As the spear approached, the shield from 'The Blessing of the Heir' flared into existence and stopped it cold. The other goblins stated to fire curses at Harry as fast as possible, but could not hit him. Stonehand then attempted to attack Harry directly, but as he went to thrust his sword, again the shield flared into existence again, not only stopping the sword, but Stonehand as well. He found himself rolling backwards on the ground. Using his training he quickly righted himself getting back on his feet into a fighting stance. His eyes blood red with the thought of battle. Some of the other guards were still attempting to fire curses at Harry, with the same results, the spell would be stopped by Harry's shield.

"STOP!" Goldridge roared over the commotion. "I still owe Harry an answer, and he has not moved to harm us."



Almost immediately the storm in the office stopped. Harry's aura dissipated, and the magic in the room was collected back into Harry's magical core.

Almost embarrassed, Harry asked, "Why didn't you just tell me before?"

"Please forgive me Goldridge, honored goblins, Stonehand, I meant no disrespect, and I did not mean to get out of control." Harry hung his head ashamed of the outburst he had just put on. He was a bit surprised when he heard Goldridge, Stonehand, and the other goblins start to laugh. At first it made him feel worse. Now he would be the laughing stock of the goblin community.

"Harry, you are to be commended for how well you control yourself in dealing with the goblins today. You took no offensive action, and clearly showed that you are a wizard who is not to be taken lightly, though I must say I can't remember when I have seen such an impressive display of raw magical power. Have you Stonehand?"

Harry looked at Stonehand who was still catching his breath. "Nay malord, I can't remember that last time an eight year old wizard clearly kicked my butt." Harry could see the battle lust in Stonehand's eyes. He lived for the fight, and the harder the fight, the better he liked it and right now, Stonehand was enjoying himself a great deal. 'This may be a wizard I could come to respect… in time.' Thought Stonehand.

Harry decided to try to regain a bit of dignity. Clearing his throat, he said, "Goldridge, as the Head of the house of Potter I am requesting you look into the irregularities of how the will of James Harold Potter and Lily Evens Potter has been executed."

"If necessary, you are authorized to call a board of inquiry to investigate the actions of one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and determine his fitness to continue as Executor of the will and his clam as guardian of Harry James Potter." Harry hoped he had done it correctly.

Goldridge bowed to Harry and simply said, "It will be done."

Goldridge had Griphook take Harry back to the front of the Bank, and bid him a good day.

Harry went outside to find Sassy and put his baseball hat back on. He just wanted to walk around a bit trying to get the adrenalin to go away, and have his heart a chance to slow down.

"Master Harry, what is happening in there? The whole building be shacking as if it would be falling down!" Sassy asked.

"After going through some things with me, the goblins let me read my parents will. It seems I was never to have gone to the Dursleys, and Professor Dumbledore has basically been stealing from me for the last seven years. I guess you could say I got a little upset."

Back at Gringotts

Goldridge and the other goblins that were in the room with Harry move on to a conference room closer to the President of Gringotts office.

After they have all entered and sat down, the doors at the head of the room open. Ragnok, the president of Gringotts, and of the Goblin Nation entered with his guards.

"I take it you have just met with young Mr. Potter Goldridge, what is your report."

Goldridge looked around the room and then back to the President.

"Ragnok sir, we have indeed just finished our meeting with Mr. Potter. He is just as fair and honest as his Grandfather. He has just been installed at the head of both the House of Potter and the House of Ravenclaw. I believe it is safe to say the coronet of Ravenclaw is safe."

"In addition sir, he has also been installed as the Hair Presumptive of the House of Black, and has provided evidence of the innocence of Sirius Black."

"Stonehand, I believe you also viewed this evidence. What is your opinion of it? Is it true and honest?"

"Aye Ragnok, it is a true account. The fact that he was able to provide two accounts of the incident would normally be more then enough to free someone if not for a few problems: 1) The ministry sent Mr. Black to Azkaban without a trial, so there is no ruling to over turn, 2) The actual traitor has been 'posthumously' given the Order of Merlin third class, 3) The body of Peter Pettigrew was never discovered, only a finger 4) Mr. Black was sent to Azkaban on the direct orders of one Cornelius Fudge."

"So by providing this memory against Mr. Pettigrew, without a body, you could be viewed as wanting to undermine the authority of the Minister of Magic correct?"

"Correct sir." Answered Stonehand.

Just then the door to the conference room opened, and Griphook entered.

"Griphook, can you tell us how Mr. Potter was after our meeting?" Goldridge asked.

"Mr. Potter was quite embarrassed by his emotional outburst in the Hall of Inheritance, but he displayed no weakness, or weariness. Once outside, he met up with his house elf, Sassy. It was quite unusual to see the interaction between the two. The house elf actually seemed to be concerned for her Masters welfare, and Mr. Potter for his part did his best to try to remove those fears. If I didn't know better, I would say … they were friends."

This statement brought many raised eyebrows in the room.

"Goldridge, what brought on the outburst in the Hall of Inheritance?" Ragnok asked.

"It was only after we had disclosed the contents of the Potter's will that Mr. Potter became upset. His main point of contention was why no one had challenged Professor Dumbledore's action yet." Goldridge said with a slight smile on his face.

"I take it you had not mentioned that action such as that can only be brought on by the Head of the House of Potter?" Ragnok also now has a small smile on his face, knowing that Goldridge had been testing Harry's power, temperament, and moral standards.

"Precisely sir. As soon as I mentioned the roll of the Head of the House, Mr. Potter calmed right down."

"I take it that is was during this time that he almost destroyed the Bank?"

"Yes sir. Sorry about that sir. We had no way of knowing just how powerful young Mr. Potter was."

"Speaking of that, why didn't we know of Mr. Potter's power?"

One of the other goblins leaned forward to speak. "According to the records at St. Mungo's Wizarding Hospital, Mr. Potter was born in a Muggle Hospital, and was visited about a week later by a mediwitch. She reported in her notes that the infant Potter had a power rating of 39 and did not require a power bind."

"It would seem that either the mediwitch's initial reading was a mistake, or inaccurately reported."

"What would you say his power rating was today?"

"We do not know sir. Every attempt to read his power core was unsuccessful."

"Then what would you estimate his current power rating to be today?"

"Sir if I may?" Stonehand asked to speak. "During the time of Mr. Potter's magical display, I and a group of the ten best guards I have came back into the Hall of Inheritance thinking that there was an altercation going on in there. I accosted Mr. Potter twice. Once with a spear, the second time my sword directly, neither time was affective, and I found myself being knocked to the ground without Mr. Potter lifting a finger."

"At the same time, the remaining guards where sending the goblin equivalent of the reducto curses as quickly as they could at him, with no visible effect on him. I believe if I had had 20 or 30 guards with me I may have started to even draw his attention away from Goldridge, but I can honestly say that I have never seen such an impressive display of raw magical power. Not even after Goldridge told Dumbledore he couldn't enter the Ravenclaw family vault."

That last statement brought some smiles to the goblins face.

One of the other goblins spoke up, "If I didn't know better, I would say we were looking at an eight year old Sorcerer, or low Sorcerer at the least."

Ragnok shook his head, "I would have to agree. But the real question is, can we use him?"

To everyone's surprise it was Stonehand that answered. "Sir, I believe that our Mr. Potter has the foundation of a Paladin. A fighter for justice. He is very charismatic, he has a high moral standard, his powers are developing at a tremendous rate, and I believe he would be a champion to the cause of oppressed magical creatures regardless of their nature or background. I have been in many battles for the goblin Kingdom, but I get the distinct impression that if you try to control or manipulate him as Albus Dumbledore has, you will pay a very sore price."

"I feel that we should support and assist him as much as we can, for he will certainly fight for equality of all. We can begin that support by calling the Board of Inquiry that he has ask for."

"I agree. Goldridge, please see that a Board is called as quickly as possible."

"Yes, Ragnok." Goldridge replies. "It shall be done." All the goblins get up to start to leave the room..

"And Goldridge." Goldridge stops and turns around to face the President of Gringotts.

"I would like to be on that Board." Ragnok requests.

"Yes, Mr. President. I understand." Says Goldridge.

End of Chapter 10

Chapter 11 – The Rest of the Alley

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