Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 11 – The rest of the Alley

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

Essences of Lily – Chapter 11 – The rest of the Alley


Harry made his way out of Gringotts Bank feeling very foolish. He had almost lost control of his magic for the first time in is life. 'Ma' had been in his subconscious trying to get his attention when things started getting out of hand, but Harry had been too caught up in the emotions of the reading of his parents will to hear her.

After leaving the Bank, Harry was glad Sassy was there to help him settle down. To begin with, Harry thought it might be good just to walk up and down Diagon Alley to burn off some of his pent-up energy.

He noticed Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions and their window display showing the latest styles for the teenage witch and wizard (That dark green robe does look good he thought). Next came what looked like a bookstore – Flourish & Blott's. Maybe looking at the books inside will distract him from what had just transpired.

Stopping in there he saw a display full of new DADA book with the latest advanced spells approved by the Ministry. As he looked through the book, 'Ma' told him that many of the spells in the book were the spells she … Lily had worked on just before Harry was born.

Harry did find one special book on potions making called 'Moste Potente Potions' that seemed to start right at the beginning with explaining everything you would need to know about the interaction of ingredients, to the most complex potion, something called 'The Wolfsbane Potion'. 'Huh,' 'Ma' said, 'they still only have it half right after all the work Severus and I did in refining that potion.'

'You mean you know how to brew the Wolfsbane potion?' Harry asked 'Ma'.

'Yes, I …Lily had a very good friend that was afflicted with Lycanthropy.' 'Ma' answered.


'He was a werewolf Harry. But during the other days of the month, Remus was one of the nicest, kindest, and I might add intelligent people I … Lily knew.'

Harry had noticed that it was getting harder and harder for 'Ma' to not refer to herself as Lily. Harry thought for a few minutes trying to find a way to fix the dilemma. He'd have to address that problem after he returned home.

Harry collected a few more books before taking them to the register to be checked out. When the clerk looked at the selection of books Harry has brought up, she looked at the eight year old very strangely.

"Aren't these books just a little bit over your head young man?" She asked.

"I'm sure they are ma'am, but my 'Ma' asked me to come in and pick these things up for her. Is there a problem?" Harry asked.

"As long as you can pay for them there is no problem."

"Now, most of these books come with an automatic update feature that you can pay for, and we can apply so that as newer additions come out, these books will also be updated. Do you think your mother would want that? It's an additional 20 percent of the book price."

"You bet! That would be great! What does the total come to?"

"Well, total cost of all the books is 75 Galleons. O that, the ones that can be upgraded is 60 Galleons, and so the cost of the upgrade would be an additional 12 Galleons, bringing your total to 87 Galleons, do you have enough son?" The clerk asked.

"Ya, I think so." And with that Harry counted out 87 Galleons for the clerk.

"Would you like me to shrink those for you so you can carry them easier? Your mother will know how to take off the shrinking charm."

"Yes please." Harry asked politely.

Leaving the bookstore, Harry was right, the bookstore had taken his mind off of the events that had occurred in Gringotts just a few moments ago.

Turning back up the street to head back to The Leaky Cauldron Harry didn't make it very far before he saw a stationary supply store called 'Scribbulus Everchanging Inks'. It had a fine display of parchment, quills and inks on display. Going in quickly, Harry got a small supply of different grades of parchment, quills and different color inks, and an ink blotter. 'Ma' has indicated that it took a little bit of practice to get use to writing with a quill and ink.

As Harry left that store, he could tell that Sassy was right beside him, keeping quite, and out of sight, but there never the less giving him silent support, and helping him adjust to the wizarding world.

When Harry got to the next store he just had to stop and look inside. 'Quality Quidditch Supplies' looked like every young boy or young mans dream come true. There were brooms and Quidditch supplies of all shapes and sizes.

There was the new Cleansweep 7, a clear improvement over the Cleansweep 5 that he had in his trunk, or the new Nimbus 1500; the current top-of-the-line of standard Quidditch brooms.

There were pads, and mitts, capes, and robes, bats, and books, and quidditch sets for all levels of play; from primary school leagues all the way to a set of professional level elements including two professional bats, two professional bludgers, one international regulation quaffle, and an international regulation snitch in a dark Mahogany case with brass trim and fittings.

There were displays of historic games being reenacted in some of the training books. But the thing that caught Harry's eye was the display of a full set of Chudley Cannons robes in the front window. 'Man, someone would really have to like orange to wear that thing' thought Harry.

Deciding to finish his quick tour around Diagon Alley, Harry left the 'Quality Quidditch Supplies' store and finished walking down the street towards 'The Leaky Cauldron'. The last store he passed before turning around and going down the other side of the Alley was 'Slug & Jiggers Apothecary'. Harry just had to take a smell of it on the outside to know he didn't want to spend any time in there right now.

Turning around, and going back down the Alley, Harry saw a small Cauldron Shop that seemed to have every type of cauldron that someone would need. He hadn't started working on potions yet. He was still going over the History of Magic and the History of Hogwarts to give him a feeling for the world he was now a part of.

Harry really wanted to get on with some of the Charms, Transfiguration and DADA courses for the Year one students, but knew that he would have to check with 'Ma' to see how the classes at Hogwarts were laid out, and then have Sassy help him in his studies in chamber 8 under the time rune.

Continuing on his tour of the Alley, Harry walked into Eeylops Owl Emporium. He knew that the main mode of communication – as far as letters were concerned, were by using owls. Eeylops' seemed to have every type of owl in existence in their shop. Harry just walked around for a few minutes feeling the aura of the different animals.

As he reached the back of the store, he noticed a large Snow Owl resting with her head under her wing. As Harry got closer, the owl took her head out from under her wing, and looked directly at Harry. There was something different about this owl. She not only radiated a higher level of magic, but she also seemed to almost be able to talk to Harry through her eyes.

"Hello girl, how are you today?"

The owl just looked at Harry and blinked her big expressive eyes.

As if by mutual consent, Harry extended his arm out to invite the owl to join him, at the same time that the owl spread her wings to rise off her perch and travel to his arm.

"BE CAREFUL WITH HER! She's been known to bite and snip at anyone who comes near to her! The shop attendant yelled. But it was too late; the snow owl had already come over to Harry and lit on his arm gently. Harry and the snow owl looked at the attendant like he was out of his mind.

"How much for her?" Harry asked.

"For that trouble maker, ten Galleons, and I'll throw in the perch; you'll still have to buy a cage and the owl treats, but to get that battle-ax out of here, it will be worth it.

Harry looked at the owl. "Battle-ax? Like a little fight do you?" The owl just ruffled her feathers and looked at Harry straight in the eyes. Harry kept looking at her trying to think of a good name. "If we were in Old Germany, they would probable call you something like 'Hedwig'. That's a name from the History of Magic book I'm reading. Do you like that name?"

The owl for her part hooted enthusiastically and bobbed up and down.

Harry laughed. "Okay, Hedwig it is. Hedwig, I'm Harry. It's nice to meet you."

Hedwig for her part just hooted some more and reached over and lovingly nipped Harry on the finger and then up on the ear, as if she were saying: "This is mine."

Harry paid the ten galleons for Hedwig, and another 15 galleons for a cage and some deluxe owl treats. As soon as they were out side Harry ask Sassy if she could please take the writing supplies, perch, cage, and most of the owl treats back to chamber number five in his master bedroom. Sassy agreed, only if Harry did not ANYWHERE until she came back.

Harry waited for a few seconds as he noticed the owl supplies disappear, and felt again how Sassy used the Negative Matter to open the portal to slide to Number Four Privet Drive and back.

"That was quick." Harry said when he sensed Sassy slide back to his side.

"Yous is feeling Sassy slide back to you Master?" Sassy asked.

"Of course. You showed me how you generated the portal, I just wanted to see if I could feel you leave, and then wait until I felt the same kind of 'shift' to know that you were back, and remember, it's Harry, not Master."

"I is sorry Master… Harry. I is not use to having such a kind master. Yous is much like yours mother in that respect." Sassy said.

"Thank you Sassy. Oh, Sassy, meet Hedwig, Hedwig, Sassy."

For her part Hedwig looked right at where Sassy would be (even if she was still invisible) and gave a little bob and hoot. Hedwig jumped up on Harry's shoulder when he started moving again.

"Yous is having a very smart owl Harry. Most animals, even magical delivery owls can't sense house elves when we is invisible. Nice to meet you Hedwig."

Harry had been walking down the Alley looking at the different shops while Hedwig and Sassy were getting acquainted.

All at once Harry stopped in his tracks. Ice Cream! Harry had never been allowed to have ice cream since he had been at the Dursley's. It seemed that as soon as a box of Ice Cream came into the house, either Dudley or Uncle Vernon had it eaten.

"Oh guys I have got to stop here!" Harry said enthusiastically. He chose to sit in an out door table so Hedwig would stay on his shoulder.

"Can I help you young man? A very pleasant server asked.

"Yes, do you have anything like a sampler where you can try a little bit of everything?" Harry asked with big eyes.

"Well, we haven't had much call for anything like that lately, but I'll tell you what, I'll start you off with a scoop of our three most popular flavors, and then I'll bring out another flavor when your finished with that until your full. Then you can come back and try the next few flavors until you've gone through all 213 flavors. But you may want to skip the Blood ripple, or Cockroach crunch. It's three Knuts a scoop. How does that sound?" The server replied.

"Great! Here's a Galleon to cover the first few rounds!" Harry said.

The server just laughed without taking the money, and left only come back soon with the first three scoops of French Vanilla, Chocolate, and Every Berry Banana swirl.

Harry ate the ice cream with great enthusiasm. But the server had been wise to only start out with three scoops. After about the sixth scoop, Harry felt like he was going to burst. Of course he had given some to Hedwig, who was now flying around Harry's head trying to work off her sugar buzz, and he had tried to get Sassy to eat some too, but she informed him that it would not be proper for her to eat out of her Master's bowl. Harry knew he had a lot of re-education to do with Sassy, but he didn't want to cause a scene right there in Diagon Alley today.

As Harry was sitting back recovering from his minor 'pig-out', he observed the different people as they walked up and down the streets of Diagon Alley. He noticed all the different styles the people were wearing. Pointed hats, wide rims, narrow rims, long robes, short robes (this one was obviously out-grown), new robes, old robes, tall wizards, short wizards, but the one that really grabbed his eye was the older witch coming down the street with a young man that must have been her grandson. They had just come out of a place called 'The Magical Menagerie' where it looked like they had just picked up a toad for the young man. The thing that had caught Harry's eye was the vulture the elder women wore on her hat.

Harry took a moment to look at the young man that was struggling to hold on to his toad, and keep up with his grandmother. He looked so sad. Like he didn't have anyone his own age to talk to or play with. He wondered where his parents were. He looked like Harry felt when he was really depressed. 'I hope everything okay with him, whoever he is.'

Just as the two of them disappeared into The Leaky Cauldron, Harry heard the Grandmother say: "Come on Neville don't fall behind, we have to be getting home now."

'Neville… as in Longbottom?' 'Ma' was asking. 'Harry, quick, see if you can catch them before they uses the floo in The Leaky Cauldron to get home! You have to tell him about the power block!'

Harry struggled to get out of the booth at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor; he left the Galleon on the table to pay of his lunch, and started running down the street to try to catch them.

"Neville! NEVILLE – WAIT UP!" But it was too late. By the time Harry got to the wall that led to The Leaky Cauldron, the archway was already closed.

'I tried 'Ma', really I did!' Harry thought.

'I know honey, I know you tried. I just sorry we missed him. Who knows how long it will be before you have another chance to see him? It may not be until you both get ready to go to Hogwarts.'

'Harry, you can't spend much more time here today. Petunia will be expecting you home soon so you can make her lunch. You still need to go to Ollivander's for your wand. Now Mr. Ollivander's a little strange. He always seems to know what you are thinking which probable means that he knows Legilimens. Now, I have put up some basic shields around your mind so that people won't see me, unless they look really hard, now you are going to have to put up your own Occlumency shields so that Mr. Ollivander won't find out what you have been doing, and that I have been helping you.'

'You will also have to shield your magical core to where he cannot tell how big your magical core really is. Don't worry though; the right wand will be able to find you.'

'What do you mean 'Ma'?' Harry asked.

'The wand chooses the wizard Harry.' Was 'Ma's reply.

Harry took a moment to 'will' an impenetrable shield around his mind and his power core. Then he retraced his steps down Diagon Alley; past the Cauldron shop, past Flourish & Blott's, and Gringotts, to the far end of the alley where an old store were peeling gold lettering over the doorway read: "Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C."

As Harry opened the door, a small bell sounded in the back of the workshop but nothing seemed to happen.

"Hello?" Harry asked weakly. No response. Harry tried a bit louder; "Hello, is anyone here?"

Suddenly the hair on the back of Harry's neck stood straight up. Harry turned around so quickly that Hedwig was forced to take flight. She squawked at Harry to display her displeasure.

There standing behind Harry was an elderly, clean-shaven older man looking intently at him through silver eyes.

"Curious, most curious." He said as he looked at Harry.

"Excuse me sir? What's curious?"

"I know for a fact that you are a person of magic." The old man started walking around Harry. "I have special wards around my shop to help me know a bit about my customers so I may serve them better."

"For example, I knew before you came in I knew that I had a young man, or was it a young woman ('Oh no Harry! His wards can see through your shields! See if you can make them stronger!' 'Ma' was almost panicking), Who's age seemed to be somewhere be 8 or was it 22 years of age – but there is only one soul – Most curious.

Anyway, I knew there was also a recently acquired familiar, presumable an owl since she was resting on your right shoulder, and aside from the package of shrunken books in your left pocket, your house elf – Sassy is it? And the Potter's Family amulet of protection around your neck there was no other magical devices on you so I assume you are here for your first wand. Am I correct Mr. Potter or I should say Lord-Baron Potter or … Lord Ravenclaw?" Even Mr. Ollivander was a bit in aw with the young man that had just walked into his shop. But he was still confused. These wards had been used for over a thousand years. They had never had such a difficult time discerning information about someone who had come into the store.

Needless to say Harry was somewhat shocked by the amount of information Mr. Ollivander was able to detect through his wards. He just stood there for a few moments trying to figure out this strange man. Harry knew that he already suspected something, and he needed to try to get some control over the situation.

Standing as straight as he could, Harry looked Mr. Ollivander in the eye and asked him: "Mr. Ollivander, I need a magical binding oath from you that you will not disclose ANY of the secrets you learn today regarding who I am, or what I have done."

Now it was Mr. Ollivander's time to stand and look somewhat shocked at being asked by an eight year-old boy to swear a magically binding oath! He did see the boy's point of view. It had been many centuries since there had been an Heir of Ravenclaw.

And then there was the coronet.

To some it was just a symbol of sovereignty and power. But Mr. Ollivander knew that it was the coronet of power and knowledge! It is said that the wearer of the coronet would experience a ten fold increase in power if the coronet found you worthy, and they would have the combined knowledge of all of the founders, plus the added benefit of being able to learn and retain knowledge at an astonishing rate. Yes, he could see why Mr. Potter would want this kept secret. But could he give him a magically binding oath.

'Harry, I don't like this.' 'Ma' said. 'He's taking far too long to think about it. You may have to do something about this.'

'What? I don't know any real magic or spells! All I've been doing is reading and trying to get ready to study. What do you want me to do?'

'There is an Unspeakable level spell called 'Obliviate' that can be used to erase his memory of his encounter with you. You may have to obliviate him, extend your magic and summon your wand then leave here as quickly as you can.'

'Unspeakable level! 'Ma' you said that it took up to 6 years after Hogwarts to know how to do those types of spells! How do you expect me to do it now?'

'Well, start by bringing up your power from your core. I'm sure Mr. Ollivander has a remarkable mind shield that you will have to break down before you can erase his memory. Next, look into your 'Knowledge Sphere' to see how your dad and I … Lily did it. There must be at least a hundred examples, and if you watch closely, you will be able to see how it is done.'

Harry started to get ready to obliviate Mr. Ollivander, he really didn't know if he would, or if he could. All he knew is that he had to try.

He accessed the 'Knowledge Sphere' and found everything that was required. He reviewed in his mind how to do it. The main problem that Harry saw was that his parents both had their wands when they had performed the spell and Harry didn't have one yet. This meant that he would have to channel the energy through is body to his hands before he could do the charm.

While Harry was talking to 'Ma' and getting ready to obliviate Mr. Ollivander, Mr. Ollivander had been observing Harry. He could tell that he was communicating with someone – but whom? The Owl? Was it really an animagus? No, the wards had clearly shown that it was a familiar – a true animal. The shop was warded against being listened in on what went on inside, so it couldn't be from the outside. That left the house elf, or the amulet that young Mr. Potter wore around his neck. He quickly discounted both of those sources, so that left a source within the young man himself. But how could that be? He knew he was not possessed; there was defiantly only one 'soul' that walked into the shop.

And then he saw it. It was like someone had turned a light on behind the young man's eyes. They started to shine brighter and brighter – but he could not feel any magic build up around the young man. Then, from the corner of his eyes he saw the power start to build up around the young mans hands. Now he felt the power! It was intoxicating! So much power in one so young! Mr. Ollivander thought about the tremor they had had this morning. The people in the Alley had said that it was centered inside Gringotts. Could this young man be responsible for that?

Mr. Ollivander was brought out of his musing when he remembered that Mr. Potter had asked him for a magically binding oath. Now he saw that if Mr. Potter did not get the oath, he would be forced to attempt to Obliviate him. Mr. Ollivander was quite sure that Mr. Potter did not have the knowledge as to how to do the spell, but he did have the power! And if Mr. Potter hit him with the power that was building up in his hands, he might not obliviate him as much as he would obliterate him!

"Mr. Potter! There is no need to obliterate… I mean obliviate me! I will give you the magically binding oath!

He was hoping that Mr. Potter would relax a little bit, but he did not.

"I want to hear the oath!" Was all Harry said.

Mr. Ollivander swallowed hard and gave the oath.

"I Oliver Seth Ollivander do swear on my magic and on my life that I will not disclose the secrets learned today from Mr. Potter, also known as Lord-Baron Potter or Lord Ravenclaw. So mote it be."

"So mote it be." Harry said as he accepted the oath.

It was only after that that Harry began to relax and draw the power back into his core.

"Remarkable. I've never seen anything like that. Now, if you would be so kind, could you please drop some of your shields so that I can help you."

'I'll just drop the shield around my core. He doesn't need to know everything about me yet.' Harry thought.

'No Harry, drop everything. The oath he took will only apply to the secrets he learns about today. If he were to find out about else later on, he wouldn't be prevented by the oath from telling anyone else what he found out'.

'If you think it is wise 'Ma', I'll drop my shields.'

'Thank you son.'

Harry very carefully began to lower his shields around his power core and his mind. At the same time 'Ma' also lowered the protective shields around Harry's subconscious.

As they did this, Mr. Ollivander was re-examining the results from the wards that were around his shop to re-evaluate his young charge.

"Mr. Potter! What have you been doing? And what is this… presence in your mind that I am sensing?"

"First sir, my name is Harry, and second, I will remind you of the magical oath you have just taken. My 'Ma' felt is would be best to disclose all of my secrets to you since your oath only covers the secrets you learn today."

"Ah, your 'Ma' is very perceptive. Am I to assume that this is the presence in your mind? My I ask, how long she has been present, and who is she?

"Yes, 'Ma' is the presence in my mind and she has been there since the night Voldemort came to kill my family. As to who she is… 'Ma' should I tell him?'

'You may as well since he is sure to have already figured it out. Just don't tell him how I … Lily was able to do it. While your at it, you may as well tell him about your expanded core and mental abilities.'

Harry looked back at Mr. Ollivander. "She is the essences of my mother; Lily Evens Potter. Her thoughts, knowledge, and experience."

Mr. Ollivander stood in front of Harry with his mouth open, and his eyes blinking. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Lily Potter was well known as one to the top spell developer and charms mistress in the Unspeakable Division, not to mention a top potions mistress – even if she didn't take her mastery test.

"How did this happen?" Ollivander asked excitedly.

"I'm sorry, but that is something that I and my 'Ma' are not sure of, so I can't really say."

"That is really too bad, but to have the knowledge and experience of one of the most brilliant minds in the Unspeakable Division is truly fascinating!" You could tell that Mr. Ollivander was excited with the prospects of getting some of Lily's knowledge and experience.

Harry for his part just looked at Mr. Ollivander and said coldly: "You may find it fascinating, but I would give anything in the world to have my real mother and father again."

Harry could feel the hurt in his mind as 'Ma' also realized, that no matter what happened, she would never really be Harry 'mother'.

"Forgive me Mr. Potter, I did not mean to diminish your loss."

"Thank you sir."

"Now, tell me how you came to so strong so quickly." Mr. Ollivander spoke with a twinkle in eye. For some reason, that twinkle made Harry feel uneasy.

For the next few minutes, Harry quickly told Mr. Ollivander about the exporrigo magus umbilicus (Expand (the) magical center ) and exporrigo affectio meminisse (Expand the mind ) spells and what his parents had done to help his magic grow; How he knew that all newborn children who had a power rating over 40 had their magic bound, and anything else he could think of.

Looking at the clock, Harry could see that it was almost time for him to be home starting lunch.

"Excuse me sir, but I really have to be leaving soon. Would you mind if I extended my magic to see if my wand could find me?"

Mr. Ollivander was surprised at the statement. One of the main enjoyments he received was testing the different wand on the students. Of course he already knew which would be the correct wand, but he was collecting his own set of data on all of the different students using the other wands as a 'cover' behind his true intent.

"Why… Yes, Mr. Potter that would be very interesting to see a demonstration of that use of your power."

Slowly Harry let out his magic, feeling all of the different wands and magical items that were in the shop. Suddenly Harry found a wand that felt like it matched his magic perfectly. Instead of drawing his magic back in immediately, Harry continued sending his magic out until it encompassed the entire building. Then Harry made a mental command for those items that were compatible with his magic to come forth. Harry was not surprised when he saw the wand box come forward, but he was more then just a bit surprised to see a staff of Lignum vitae wood, five gems stones and eight different core elements along with the mysterious sword of power – a sword similar to the famed Excalibur, also came out from the work area and on to the counter in front of Harry.

"Mr. Potter! What did you do?" Mr. Ollivander asked somewhat nervously.

"I just extended my magic out to encompass the building and then asked for those magical items that were compatible with my magic to come to me. But I didn't expect this!"

"Mr. Ollivander, I am very sorry for this, but right now I only have time to pickup my wand and return home, but I would like to pay you for all of the other items that came out also. If I do not have enough money here, then I give you my word as Lord-Barron Potter that I will bring you the rest of the money as soon as I can."

"Yes, yes, I know you are good for the money. It's eight galleons for the wand, but I couldn't even begin to tell you how much the additional items would cost. When you return next time, please go to Gringotts and ask them for a moneybag that is attached to your account. Then we will discuss price."

"One more thing before you leave Mr. Potter, do be so kind as to take the wand from its case and give it a wave."

Harry did as he was told. He opened the wand box and saw the most beautiful wand he had ever seen. Holly with deep set grains running straight all the way down the wand, polished to a high, hard gloss finish. As Harry picked up the wand, his whole body started to tingle and feel warm inside. The hair on the back of his neck, and the top of his head for that matter, seemed to rise with unbounded energy pouring out of each strand. Harry took the wand, and with a grand gesture, brought the wand in a wide arch in front of his body.

The red and orange sparks erupted from the tip of the wand, and were so thick that Harry thought he had caught the store on fire. Panicking, Harry waved the wand back, thinking only of putting out the 'fire'. This time deep blue and white sparks came out of the wand, and when they met the red and orange sparks, both quickly disappeared. The next thing either one of them knew the store was completely free of sparks, and there was no damage to anything in the room.

"Most impressive Mr. Potter. It only makes me feel guiltier about selling the brother wand to this one."

"What do you mean sir?"

"I remember every wand I sale Mr. Potter, and it pains me to say that the brother wand to yours is responsible for giving you that scare!"

"You mean Voldemort has the brother wand to mine?"

"Please we do not mention his name, but yes, 'He-who-must-not-be-named' owns the brother to your wand."

"Please sir, can you tell me the core of my wand?"

"Of course. As you know, the wood is holly, and the core is that of a particularly fine phoenix. The only difference between the brother wand, is that it is made of wood from the Yew tree."

"Thank you sir. You have been a great help today but I really must be leaving. Come on Sassy, we need to get home quickly."

"Yes Master Harry, we is going quickly."

After putting his baseball cap back on, and covering his scar, Harry, Sassy and Hedwig all headed back into the Alley. Almost immediately Harry ran into a poorly dress wizard, with premature gray hair. Knocking him down, Harry stopped, to give the elder wizard a hand up.

"I'm sorry sir I wasn't watching where I was going." Harry stated. As their eyes met, the elderly wizard took in a sudden gasp. "Lily!" he whispered. Then looking up at the cap, read the caption 'Marauders Rule' across the brim. "James!" he said to himself.

Using his enhanced sense of small, he caught the whiff of a familiar house elf. "Sassy?" He thought.

By this time, the young man had gone back down the street and was turning the corner. Finally Remus Lupin raised his head and yelled out – "HARRY!" as he started heading down the street. When he got to the corner, the young man and house elf were gone.

"Harry!" Remus said again sadly.

At Number Four Privet Drive

Sliding home as soon as no one was around, Harry quickly changed his cloths and headed out of his cupboard.

"There you are you little ungrateful little brat!" Uncle Vernon was in a fine mood today. "Where my Lunch? Get in there and get it made before I throw you out of the house! And when your finished, get back in your cupboard and I'm going to make sure you stay there. We're going to go visit my sister's until Sunday night, and we don't want to be worrying about you!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon, sorry I'm late; I was doing my homework for the coming week." Harry answered.

"I don't give a DAMN what you were doing! Just get in there and GET MY LUNCH!" Uncle Vernon yelled.

Harry quickly went in to start making lunch for the Dursley's. He could tell that Sassy was right next to him, acting quite upset that she had not been asked to make the lunch.

"Sassy, this is the way it has to be while we are out here. When we are in the wizarding world, or in the trunk, I'll let you make all the lunches you want." Harry whispered to her.

"Fine! But Sassy still be helping!" Sassy said defiantly. Suddenly, all of the lunch meats, breads and cheeses were in nice, neat little piles to where Harry only had to arrange them on the tray before taking them out to the Dursley's.

"That was mighty quick you little freak! You didn't uses any of your unnaturalness on this did you?" Uncle Vernon asked. Dudley was already grabbing at the bread and meat to make the first of many sandwiches for him.

"No Uncle Vernon I didn't user any of my freakishness to help prepare this. Now if you will excuse me, I'll go back to my cupboard. Have an enjoyable meal."

"I don't care what you say Petunia, there is defiantly wrong with that boy." Vernon muttered.

Meanwhile back at Ollivander's

Mr. Ollivander was still somewhat in shock. Harry Potter had just visited his small shop, and had done more in that half hour to change the course of the magical world then anyone since the time of Merlin; And Mr. Potter didn't even know it!

Mr. Ollivander began to look at some of the artifacts that had come forward when Mr. Potter's magic 'asked' the compatible magical items to come.

The first thing that caught his eye was the wooden staff. It was from the heart of the Lignum vitae tree – also called the 'tree of Life'. This was the same wood that Merlin's staff was purported to have been made from. It was one of the hardest, most dense woods in the world. It was so dense, that if dropped in water, it would actually sink! It's density also made it very useful in a fight as it could effectively block a blow from a sword, knife, or most spells. This staff was unique through out all the world.

Next were the precious and semi-precious gemstones had come to be attached to the staff. Mr. Ollivander found it interesting that there seemed to be one stone for each of the houses in Hogwarts: Emerald for Slytherin, Tiger's Eye for Hufflepuff, Ruby for Gryffindor, a Blue Sapphire for Ravenclaw and a flawless diamond that would be the 'focusing stone'.

Mr. Ollivander was most surprised by the number of items that came out in the vials that would be used in the core of the staff. Again, the first four vials seemed to relate back to the Hogwarts houses: Dried Basilisk eye suspended in Basilisk venom, a Grand Empirical Griffin heart-string wrapped around its wing feather, a full set of Ravens claws, and in the last vial, fir from an alpha male badger.

It was the last four vials that really shook Mr. Ollivander up however. The fact of the matter is that there had not been a person on earth who could control all four natural elements since the time of Merlin. Yet here, in the last four vials, was every indication that Mr. Potter was also bound to be a controller of the elements.

First you had the blood, gathered from the Liver of a Sylph – indicating the element of air. Next was the black bile gathered from the gall bladder of an earth gnome – this indicated the element earth. Then, the yellow bile from the gall bladder of a Salamander – indicating the element fire. And lastly, phlegm from a water nymph – indicating the element water.

All of these vials were extremely rare and valuable. But there was still one element missing. In order to bind and blend these items without them blowing each other up or canceling each other out, you needed the blood of the wizard that they were going to be bound to. Mr. Ollivander knew that young Mr. Potter was not large enough to supply the amount of blood he would require for the binding, so he would have to wait until Mr. Potter was older before he could work on the staff.

The last item that came out to Mr. Potters 'call' was the Sword of Power. No one was sure of the origin of the sword, but rumor had it that this sword predated Arthur and Excalibur, and may have been from the time of King Charlemagne and his twelve Paladins. Could this be the sword of a new Paladin? If it were, then Mr. Potter's life would be spent righting injustice wherever it was found.

The last thing Mr. Ollivander had to reflect upon was when Mr. Potter tested his wand. There was no doubt that the wand was a match for him. The level of Magical energy went up a full factor as he gripped his wand for the first time. And then there was the display of the sparks! The first was and emission of sparks from Mr. Potter's wand showed a strong connection to the elements fire ('red' sparks) and earth ('orange' sparks). Mr. Potter must have panicked thinking the room was on fire seeing the eruption of red and orange that came from the tip of his wand. That is why it was equally as impressive when Mr. Potter brought the wand back and had it emit the blue and white sparks. Again related to elements – water ('blue' sparks), and air ('white' sparks). And to be so perfectly balanced that there were enough of the blue/white sparks to 'extinguish' the red/orange sparks. Amazing, simply amazing.

Mr. Ollivander was in deep thought regarding all the different items he had just seen and experienced when the door to his shop flew open, and a very excited Remus Lupin came running in.

"Mr. Ollivander! Please excuse me, but was that young man that was just in here… was that Harry Potter by any chance?" Remus was very excited and nervous. He hadn't seen Harry since before his parents were killed. He was worried because he seemed to be in Diagon Alley with just a house elf. Where was the protection? Where were the guardians!

"Ah Mr. Lupin, Dogwood, 12 and a half inches with the hair of a werewolf in transition. How are you this fine day?"

"I'm fine thank you, now, that young man that was just in here. Was that Harry Potter? Do you know how I can get it touch with him? I have to know that he is alright!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Lupin, but I have taken a magical oath not to disclose who that fine young visitor was, I hope you understand. Now, if you don't mind, I have to start sorting some of these things in my work area." And with that, Mr. Ollivander gathered up the items on the counter and went back into his workshop.

Remus left the store feeling sad and depressed. Was that Harry? What was he doing here all by himself? The only other person who might know was Albus Dumbledore, and right now Remus didn't feel like talking to the man that he felt let his friends die seven years ago.

'Please be safe Harry, for Lily and James' sake, be safe.' Remus prayed.

End of Chapter 11

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