Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 12 – A Board of Inquiry

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

Essences of Lily – Chapter 12 – A Board of Inquiry


As Harry entered his cupboard, he immediately made sure it was locked and went into the fifth chamber in his father's trunk and called for Sassy. "Sassy, could you get me a little something light to eat? And then we'll need to have about 5 days worth of supplies in chamber eight. I plan on taking advantage of the Dursley's being away."

"Yes Master Harry, I's be getting yous some food, and then getting the room ready. Is yous wanting Sassy to come with yous in your room?"

"Of course Sassy. I think the studying will go much quicker and easier if I have someone to talk to. Besides, I thought you wanted to learn wizard magic, and maybe you can show me some of your house elf magic."

"Oh, Master Harry I's is so happy! Thank you for being such a kind master."

"I'm not your master Sassy. I'm your friend, Harry. Please remember that okay?"

Sassy just started crying again, and gave Harry a big hug before going to the kitchen to get him something to eat.

Harry went into his master bedroom and went to sit on his bed and began to meditate. He had to talk to 'Ma' for a few minutes, and didn't want any outside distractions. Harry envisioned the landscape of his mind where he knew he would find his mother's essences.

When he got there he found 'Ma' working hard organizing the 'knowledge sphere' and protecting it.

'Ma', we need to talk about a few things.' Harry started out.

'What do you want love? Is something the matter? I think it's great that you are taking Sassy in to chamber eight with you. It's about time we started your training.'

'Ya, that's one of the things I wanted to talk about, but right now I think there is something a little bit more important that we need to take care of.'

'Is something wrong Harry?' 'Ma' was starting to get worried. She may be in Harry's mind, but that didn't mean she knew everything that he thought about, or exactly how he felt.

'I noticed several times today you started referring to yourself as 'Lily' or my mother, and then correct yourself.' Harry started.

'I'm so sorry honey; I'm not trying to take her place. I know that I am just her thought, knowledge, and experience. I was not the one that gave you life.' 'Ma' sounded a bit sad as if she were missing out on something.

'But you know what my mother went through when she gave me birth. Don't you? You know exactly how she felt the first time she saw me and held me in her arms. You know exactly how much she loved me and my father don't you?' Harry watched as his 'Ma' hung her head and 'wept'.

'I know you love me like I am your son, because in all ways but one I am and I want you to know that I do love you as my mother. You have shown me kindness and unconditional love. You have made it possible for me to live here at the Dursley's without losing my mind, becoming so depressed that I would never recover. I think I just realized today how hard it is for you in here. You have an entire lifetime of experience and your stuck in the mind of an eight-year-old boy. It must be almost maddening at times.'

'Oh Harry, it's not as bad as you make it out to sound. After all, I do have all of Lily's memories and knowledge to go through if I get bored. And I am still making progress on some of the charms and potions that I … she was working on before she passed away.'

'See… Right there… that's what I want to talk about. You shouldn't have to worry about talking about yourself as if you're not my mother. I know who you are, and I think it would make you feel much easier if you didn't have to worry about some stupid grammar point. You have been working on charms and potions that you were working on before Voldemort killed you. You will still be 'Ma' to me, but you should think of yourself as 'Lily'.'

'Ma' looked at Harry for a few moments trying to take in what he was saying. For an eight-year-old boy he was being very grown-up about this. 'It would make it easier for me to not have to worry about how I refer to my self'. She thought.

'Thank you Harry that will make things easier for me.'

'Now, what else did you want to talk about?'

'I was wandering if we will be going over the first year material by subject, or in a regular 'school' type mode?'

'I think it would be best for you and Sassy to study just like we did at Hogwarts.'

'In the first years studies, we will cover the basics of Astronomy, Herbology, History of Magic (which you've mostly read already), Charms, Transfiguration, Defense against the Dark Arts (or DADA), and Potions.'

'You won't have every class every day. Some, like Astronomy are only covered once a week during the nighttime at Hogwarts. Others, such as DADA and Potions will have a single hour class one day, and a double class the next. Just to stress some of the finer points.'

'Now with bringing Sassy into the training, things may be a little bit difficult at first. You will have to read the material, and then I will go over it with you and teach you, and then you will have to teach Sassy. I will be observing what you are teaching, and if you are not doing it correctly, I will let you know. This means that you will be going over the same information twice or even three times, once by yourself, once with me, and once with Sassy. This has several advantages in that you will be hearing and doing everything twice, and you will soon find out that if you have to teach someone else, you have to know the subject matter so well, that you can explain the problem to them at their level. I use to do this with Hagrid, the keeper of the Keys and grounds keeper at Hogwarts. He was good friend. I hope you get to meet him there.'

'So, we're almost ready here. Why don't you go and eat, and then we'll start training when you get down to chamber eight?'

Following 'Ma's advice, Harry hurried and eat while Sassy got things ready to go into chamber eight for the next 5 days chamber time, four hours in real world time. He explained to Sassy what would happen to see if she was all right with the teaching situation. Of course she was overjoyed with the idea of learning wizard magic, but she felt uncomfortable being taught by her master. Harry reminded her again that he was her friend, and that he would be gaining more out of the lessons by having her there.

Harry and Sassy were not able to cover as much information as they would have at the same time at Hogwarts, but slowly, they began to fall into a routine. Good progress was made in all classes. They made sure that there was time to play and have fun, not just study. But at the end of the 5-day chamber period, Harry and Sassy had a fundamental basis for their magical studies, and Sassy diction, and attitude toward Harry was also changing. She now DID view him as her friend, even though he was also her master.

At Gringotts

Goldridge was following up on Harry's request to call a Board of Inquiry over the execution of the Potter's will.

The first thing he had to do was call the Board. There would be three wizards, and three goblins on the board. Goldridge wanted to get people who could think for them selves and not be intimidated by the presences of Albus Dumbledore.

From the wizarding world, Goldridge invited: Madam Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Alastor Moody, semi-retire senior Auror, and Tiberius Ogden an Elder Wizengamot member.

For the goblins there would be, Goldridge – acting head of the Board of Inquiry, Ragnok, President of Gringotts Bank and leader of the Goblin Nation, and Stonehand, head of security – Gringotts.

The hearing would be held on the afternoon of August 28th at 2:00 PM. This would allow the other summoned parties to appear before the Board as well.

Headmaster Chamber Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Professor Dumbledore was somewhat confused and a little upset regarding a summons he had just received from Gringotts. It read:

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Order of Merlin - First Class,

Grand Sorcerer,

Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot,

Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards,

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


You are hereby summoned to appear before a Board of Inquiry regarding the disposition of the Last Will and Testament of James and Lily Potter.

The purpose of this Inquiry is to see if you are fit to continue to act as executor of said will.

Failure to appear before the Board will result in a summary judgment against you, and you will be striped of all rights, powers, and privileges provided to you as executor.

The hearing will begin at 2:00 PM on August 28th, 1988.

You may bring legal council to advise you in this matter; however, this hearing is just to judge your ability in this specific case.

All participants will be under a magically binding oath that the proceedings of this hearing will remain private.

This will be your only notice.



Senior Vice President, Gringotts.

'What is the meaning of this?' Albus thought. He knew that only the Head of a family could challenge the actions of the executor of a will! That was one of the reasons he had been so careful to put Harry in a family that had a clear hatred of magic. They wouldn't let another witch or wizard within 100 meters of him.

Albus went over to a little table full of magical devices all chugging, and whirling, and puffing out small bits of smoke. He cast his detection spells over the different contraptions. 'Harry is still at Number Four Privet Drive. He is still the only wizard in a five-kilometer radius. The wards are all still up and functioning properly. There have been no owls go through the outer shields. It appears everything is as it should be.'

'So why are the goblins summoning me to Gringotts? I know Goldridge was the other witness to the will, but even as a senior vice president at Gringotts, he does not have the power or authority to bring this up… It must be because I have asked for the forfeiture of all of young Mr. Potter's vaults, property's and titles. Don't they realize that this is for the great good of the entire wizarding world? I have spy's to pay, information to procure, people that need to be hid, and a corrupt ministry to correct? What is the purpose of the goblins wanting to get in my way? In less they are getting ready for another rebellion? Well, let's just play their little game, and see if we can get to the bottom of it. Without the Head of the Potter House, they don't stand a chance.' He thought.

Little did the Headmaster know but Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, and Remus Lupin also received summons from Gringotts, with a warning not to disclose or discuss this item with anyone else. They each also received a certified copy of James' and Lily's Will.

Number Four Privet Drive

Harry and Sassy went into their first extended schooling section over the August 13th and 14th weekend.

From then until school started again on the 1st of September, Harry and Sassy would average 10 days of magical schooling (chamber time) per day. This was split up in three sections: 8:00 AM through 12:00 Noon (five days chamber time), and 2:00 PM through 6:00 PM (five days chamber time). Harry would do all of his sleeping in the chamber, meaning that he would be well rested for the coming day. Some times over the weekends, Harry could get in more training since the Dursley's would travel, leaving Harry locked in his cupboard.

By the time the Board of Inquiry was set to begin, Harry had completed most of his first year of Hogwarts course work and was starting to review the second year books.

With his expanded mind, and magical core, he was starting to learn at a greatly increased rate.

Sassy for her part was also making excellent progress. It would seem that wizard's magic was much easier to perform then house elf magic. She was kept busy taking lessons from Harry, fixing meals, taking care of Hedwig, cleaning up, and sliding back and forth between chamber eight and the library getting Harry more books to read. Sassy also took the time to show and teach Harry more house elves magic. Harry could now 'slide' by himself, which was a big accomplishment. In addition, he could now become invisible and silent by using house elf magic. This would be a great advantage to him since most wizards didn't pay attention to, or could even detect house elf magic, or if they did detect it, they would just think that he was another house elf.

Harry still performed the exporrigo magus umbilicus' and the 'exporrigo affectio meminisse' charms on the 12th of August. And this time, when he went to draw power from the blood runes that surrounded Number Four, he only took off the excess power so as to leave the wards intact.

Between the dates of August 12th and August 28th, Harry had made some other discoveries also.

It would appear that one of the wards around Privet Drive an anti-owl ward. Meaning that any owl outside of the ward could not get inside, and any owl inside the ward, could not get outside. This was driving Hedwig crazy. Harry had asked her to deliver a message to Goldridge regarding the Board hearing, but she couldn't leave the warded area.

Harry asked 'Ma' regarding the situation, and what if anything could be done about it.

'Usually the person casting the ward comes and modifies the ward to allow a certain owl, or owl's carrying a letter from a certain wizard (like Dumbledore), or the letter contains information from a certain place like Hogwarts. But in our case, I think you are going to have to find the ward, and either 'punch' a hole in it to allow any owl through, or you can find the ward and try to over come the magic and modify it yourself. You'll have to read about wards and how they are constructed before you try it.'

'Now, we know the anti-owl ward is not in the wards that are right around Number Four Privet Drive, so that means there must be an outer set of wards also. Why don't you 'slide' out to the park, and then ask Hedwig to take you to the other set of wards. Once we know exactly what Dumbledore has used, we should be able to find a way around it.'

Following 'Ma's advice, Harry and Hedwig 'slid' out to the park near Number Four Privet Drive. Harry asked Hedwig to show him where the outer edge of the ward was. When they got there, Harry asked 'Ma' to help identify what the wards were.

There was a Wizarding Notice-Me-Not ward the would keep any witch or wizard from even having the desire to come within a five-kilometer radius of Number Four Privet Drive; There was a very strong anti-owl ward set up to keep owls in or out of the shielded area as the case may be; and there was a Notification Ward that normally sent out a message if either of the wards were breached.

After they had found the anti-owl ward, 'Ma' ask Harry to extend his magic out so that he could 'see' and 'feel' the ward. Harry noticed that the ward was made up of little 'net' like structures that radiated a very nasty curse – if you were an owl. He also found that there was a 'register' of sorts where the magical signature of a given owl could be stored, to allow it passage through the field. Harry thought for a few moments, and then called Hedwig over to him. As she landed on his arm, he felt her magical signature.

Taking one hand, and placing it on the ward, Harry 'pushed' Hedwig's magical signature in to the ward's registry so that she could come freely in or out of the ward, but keep all other owls out.

"Go on girl, try it now." Harry told Hedwig. Hedwig looked at Harry as if to say, 'Okay, but if I get shocked, I'm taking it out on you.'

Hedwig took off from Harry's arm and flew a few circles to gain altitude. Then, suddenly, she turned and looked like she 'dive-bombed' the warded area. To her great joy, the shield did let her through, but Harry noticed the 'Notification' ward was tripped, and a message was being prepared to go to Hogwarts that a magical owl had just left the area. It seemed that Dumbledore wanted to be notified of any owl coming or going from this area. Harry had to work fast and hard to overcome the notification ward, capture the message, and reset the ward so that it would look like nothing happened. He then added Hedwig's magical signature to the notification ward so that it would not activate again when she returned.

Harry returned to Number Four Privet Drive to continue his studies. Shortly there after, Hedwig returned looking very pleased with her self. She had a message from Goldridge giving the time and place of the Board of Inquiry hearing, and an open invitation to attend. 'Just come a half hour early and give his note to any of the goblins'. Goldridge also included a moneybag connected to his trust account vault, with a perpetual updating scroll that would show the current balance of the account at any given time. The current total in the trust account vault was just under 3.2 million galleons. Goldridge had also sent a note stating that as the Heir Presumptive of the House of Black, he also had full access to those funds if he needed them

Remembering his obligation to Mr. Ollivander, Harry 'slid' to Diagon Alley to pay the balance of what he owed. Entering Mr. Ollivander's shop, Harry this time felt the powerful wards that identified the persons coming into this establishment.

Mr. Ollivander came quickly out to the front of his store and greeted Harry. "Lord Baron Potter, what an honor to have you in my shop again. How may I be of service to you?"

"I have come to make my account current with you, regarding those items that were summoned last time." Harry replied.

"Ah yes! Quite an impressive collection of magical item, they tell much about the person who shall bear them!"

Mr. Ollivander then went through each item that had answered Harry's magical call and explained the significance of the item. Harry was most impressed with the description of the staff and the sword.

"Excuse me sir, but what is a 'Paladin'?" Harry asked.

"As I understand it, they are the 'champions' of the weak and oppressed. They do what is right, not what is easy just because it is right. Anciently, they would have been a trusted military leader, or possessor of some royal privilege such as a prince. They are distinguished by their high moral standard, and their power and strength. I must say, there will be great things expected of you Lord Potter, great things.

"Please sir, it's just Harry when we are in private, could you just call me Harry?"

"Now, could you explain the history of the sword to me sir?"

"The sword is called 'Durendal' reportable. It is said to be the indestructible sword given from King Charlemagne to his nephew and chief hero among the paladin's, Roland. Others say that this sword once belonged to Hector of Troy. It has been blessed by several Christian artifacts: The tooth of St. Peter, the blood of St. Basil, hair of St. Denis, and a piece of raiment from the Virgin Mary are stored in the hilt of the sword. It's 'core' elements if you will. It is to be used in fighting evil, and can only be wielded by the pure in heart. Again, most impressive Lord Potter." There was a little bit of awe in Mr. Ollivander's voice as he described the weapon.

Harry gave up trying to have Mr. Ollivander call him 'Harry'.

"Mr. Ollivander, when do you think you would be able to begin working on the staff?"

"Oh, not for some time now, you see, it lacks one thing yet, that is the blood of the person who will wield the staff."

"How… how much blood do you need?" Harry asked with caution, still thinking of what happened in Gringotts and the goblin with the sharp knife.

"About a liter of blood, freely given, all at one time. That is the element that will help merge all the other core elements together. Without the blood, putting some of these elements together would be … very careless."

Harry understood, as he had been reading in his favorite potions book, Moste Potente Potions.

"So, what do I owe you?" Harry asked.

"The total comes to 247,500 galleons." Mr. Ollivander said without blinking. In response, Harry opened his new money bag and call out a sum: "250,000 galleons." Just as calmly.

"The additional amount is for storage fees for the material until we can complete the staff. How long do you think it will be before I can donate that much blood?"

"Well, I don't know for sure. Part of it is dependent on when you go through your first magical maturation. That should be between the ages of 11 and 14 depending on your situation. The other issue is, I think we should try to take the blood as soon after a new moon as possible, so that your body and your blood are full of magical energy."

"All right, will then I guess I'll be seeing you in about three to six years then, but, could I please have my sword, I may find time to practice with it between now and then."

Mr. Ollivander handed the sword, still in its scabbard, to Harry. Harry accepted the sword, and very reverently withdrew the sword from its covering. As with the wand, the magic in the room rushed in. The sword seemed to glow and shine as though it were freshly forged and polished. The scabbard too took on new luster and shine. Both Harry and Mr. Ollivander were in awe of the magnificent sword and scabbard. Harry would have to look in the Potter family library to learn how to become a swordsman.

Mr. Ollivander told Harry that it should be possible to conceal the sword and scabbard in such a way as to be undetectable, and he should be able to call the sword to him at any time, in any place. Again, more research. 'Ma' was loving it.

Harry thanked Mr. Ollivander and then 'slid' back to Number Four Privet Drive.

"Remarkable, simply remarkable." Was all Mr. Ollivander said.

August 28th, 1988 – Gringotts Bank

Arriving at Gringotts Bank at 1:30 PM Harry was quickly taken to a side room by Griphook, where he could watch the Board of Inquiry's proceedings and be close enough should he be required to make an appearance. Harry asked Griphook if it was all right for him to be in the main room.

"We do not want Professor Dumbledore to be aware of your status as the Head of the House of Potter until after the participates have been sworn in, and put under a magical code of silence. That way, the people in the room can not reveal anything that is said or done in the room."

"I understand, but what if I could do this?" 'No Harry don't!' Said 'Ma'. But it was too late, with that statement, Harry used the technique he had learned from Sassy to go invisible and slid in to the Conference room.

Griphook started to panic when he could no longer sense Harry's presence or magical signature. "Lord Baron Potter! Are you still here?"

Harry had moved to the viewing wall and made himself visible again, and said: "Don't worry Griphook, I'm still right here, nothing to worry about, but it's great fun when your playing hide-and-go-seek, or capture the flag, when you can do something like that don't you think?" Then Harry went invisible again, and 'slid' back into the observation room and came visible again.

Griphook gave him a nervous smile and shock his head. "If you'll excuse me Lord Potter, I will let Goldridge, Ragnok, and Stonehand know that you are here. Please make yourself at home." With that he exited to room as quickly as possible.

Running through the hallways and corridors, Griphook knocked sharply on the conference room door out side the President of Gringotts' office. Opening the door, he came face to face to the three most powerful men in the goblin world.

"Gentlemen, we may have a small problem."

"I was just with Lord Baron Potter, when he asked if he could be in the Inquiry room when the others come in. I told him that it might be difficult since all in the room will be taking a magically binding oath regarding the procedures. He then demonstrated how he could go invisible, and move to the conference room and back without being detected!"

"Stonehand, I thought you warded the conference room against apparition, portkeys and becoming invisible?" Said Goldridge. "You know how Dumbledore would love to pull off something dramatic."

"Yes sirs, in addition to a few anti-wizard magic spells just encase he tries an Imperius or some other spell. He could still defend himself, but nothing too 'fatal'" Stonehand responded.

"Then explain to me how Lord Potter seems to be unaffected by these wards?"

"I do not know sir, but I assure you, if he appears to be a threat to the goblin kingdom, and our way of life, he will be dealt 'with extreme prejudice' sir." Stonehand's eyes were glowing with the thought of battle.

"I do not think you will have to be so harsh with young Lord Potter. Remember what happened the last time you tried a direct attack against him Stonehand." This time it was Ragnok speaking. "Remember it was you who said that young Lord Potter showed signs of being a young paladin did you not? Let us give him time to grow and mature to see what his personality will grow-up to be."

"Yes, sir."

"Come now, let us greet young Lord Potter, and get ready to meet our other Board members and guests."

Observation Room next to the Conference Center

'Ma' was quite upset that Harry had given such a display of his magic without consulting her first.

'WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Didn't you feel those wards around the room before you did that? Those are to prevent wizards from going invisible and apparating or using most types of 'offensive' magic! Now they will view you as a risk to them unless you can convince them otherwise. And there is one thing you have to be sure of when dealing with goblins; NEVER LIE!'

'Goblins are very proud and honorable people. They appreciate complete honesty in others as well. The reason they seem so strict, is that they are living up to the LETTER of the law. They have been lied to so many times by wizards that they expect us not to live up to our end of the deal! Why do you think they put so many wards around this room! And then you go and punch holes through them like they're paper? Do you know what that mean to them? They don't have anyway of stopping you from going anywhere in their world and do anything you want! Now Harry, if you were the leader of the goblin nation, and you had someone that could go anywhere and do anything in your kingdom, what do you think you would do?'

Harry was a bit shaken up at his 'Ma's reaction to his little demonstration. All he wanted to do was show the goblins that he could be in the conference room and not be seen by the other people. He didn't want to cause another goblin rebellion. From the ones he had read about, they were always ugly, and the only thing that happened was a lot of people died on both sides.

'I'm sorry 'Ma', I wasn't thinking.'

'Well that goes without saying… I'm sorry Harry that was uncalled for, but we have a problem that needs to be fixed now don't we?'

'Yes, we do. What do you think I can do to make it up to the goblins 'Ma'.'

Both Harry and 'Ma' thought for a few minutes about different ways to get out of their current problem.

''Ma', do you think if I promise never to do it again that will be good enough?' Harry asked sincerely.

'Ma' laughed a little thinking at how simple life would be if our word were our bond. But then she thought, 'the goblins seem to be paying a great deal of attention to Harry for some reason. Do they know something about his destiny?'

'Harry, do you understand what a Paladin is and what is expected of him?' 'Ma' asked.

'Yes 'Ma', a Paladin is someone who fights against injustice no matter what the odds are. It's someone who does the right thing because it is right, not what is easy. A Paladin fights for those who can't fight for themselves, or who are unjustly oppressed.'

'Now Harry, I want you to think very carefully… Do you want to be a Paladin?'

Harry had known this question was coming ever since Mr. Ollivander told him about the sword that had come to him in his shop. He had been thinking a great deal about it as he went through his schoolwork with 'Ma' and Sassy.

For some reason, Harry has a picture in his mind of him dressed as Don Quixote, with Sassy as his faithful Sancho Panza going around 'tilting at windmills'. Harry cleared that from his mind and thought seriously about the situation at hand. After a few moments, Harry made up his mind.

'Yes 'Ma', I've made up my mind. You know what I have to be: what I have to do. I am going to be a Paladin. Not because it will be easy, or appealing, but because it is the right thing to do, and because there is injustice in the world that I can fix – starting with Voldemort.'

'Ma' looked at Harry and smiled, 'I'm very proud of you son. Now you know the first thing you have to do don't you?'

'Yes 'Ma', I have to pledge to the goblins on my life and on my magic that I will never do anything to the goblin kingdom as long as they are in the right.'

'That's a pretty big promise; do you think you can keep it?'

'As long as I am choosing the right, and they are in the right, I can keep this promise.'

'Okay dear, you know I love you and will support you as much as I can.' Mentally, 'Ma' gave Harry a hug letting him know how proud she was of him.

At that time the door to the observation room opened, and Ragnok, Goldridge, Stonehand, and Griphook all walked in.

"Good afternoon Lord Baron Potter. Thank you for joining us this day." Ragnok stepped forward to shake Harry's hand.

Harry instead went to one knee before Ragnok and looking him straight in the eyes, spoke: "Lord Ragnok, I fear I have acted most foolishly this morning. I meant no disrespect to you or the Goblin Nation when I incorrectly used the gifts I have been granted for simple amusement and entertainment for myself before Griphook. I did not understand the tension that existed between he goblins and the wizarding world. I pledge to you on my life and my magic that I will never misuse my abilities against the goblin nation and will do all in my power to see that the unjust treatment of goblins is corrected, as long as there is no wrong doing on the goblin's part. So mote it be!" Harry dropped his head, looking at the floor, hoping he had done the right thing.

Ragnok looked shocked at Harry. I could feel the sincerity and the power behind the oath that he had just sworn. The magic was thick in the air for the President of Gringotts Bank – and the leader of the Goblin Nation, to accept or reject his oath.

Ragnok took another step forward and rested both hands on Harry's shoulders.

"So mote it be." Said Ragnok.

The power that was in the room flared and expanded until it completely surrounded Gringotts Bank.

Stonehand stood there for a moment as if feeling something in the air. "My Lord, there is a new ward around the Bank. It is most unusual. I will have to look into it further..."

"Do not bother Stonehand. It is the protection of a Paladin is it not young Harry?"

"It is sir, and I will, to the best of my ability protect the just and helpless as best I can. But please, be patient with me. I still have much to learn."

"So you do Lord Potter, so you do. It is too bad you do not have a sword with you. We could officially set you apart as a protector of the Goblin Nation."

"With all due respect sir, I have recently obtained a sword to help me in my quest. With Stonehand's permission, I would wish to draw it now."

"A sword? How would you have gotten a sword past security." Stonehand started moving forward getting ready to draw his own sword.

Ragnok held up his hand and stopped Stonehand's advance.

"May I see the sword Lord Potter?" Ragnok questioned.

Holding his hands out in front of him, Harry called his sword to him. "It is called Durendal, the sword of Roland."

All the goblins in the room looked in shock. Stonehand knelt on the floor as the sword appeared in Harry's hands. As a warrior, he had heard the legend and lore of the fabled sword of Roland, and had many years ago dreamed of being able to hold the famous blade. And now here, in this room was someone worthy to wield the sword again.

Ragnok also knew of the fame of the blade, and how only the righteous could hold the blade. He was hesitant to pick up the blade, lest he be judged, and found wanting.

"Go ahead sir, it will not judge you for this." Harry said. And with that reassurance, Ragnok picked up the sword, and as in day of old, appointed Lord Baron Harry James Potter, Baron of Potter, Lord of Ravenclaw a protector and ally of the goblin people – to help them over come oppression, as long as they were in the right.

Again a powerful wave of magic went out from the conference room, and into Harry.

After this ceremony, Ragnok took Harry by the hand and stood him up, handing him back his sword. Harry took the sword and sheathed it. As soon as the sword was back in its scabbard, it disappeared. "You are a very great and noble wizard Lord Potter. Thank you for your service."

"It is you who honor me my Liege. I do have one request – that when the time comes, I may study and learn of goblin magic to better serve you."

Ragnok looked around to Goldridge, and Stonehand to see if they objected. When they both responded that they were okay with the request, Ragnok said: "When the time comes, you will train with Stonehand to learn the fighting technique of the goblins, and with our elders to learn of the magic and warding used in our areas. You do realize you will be under strict oath to only use this magic when it is absolutely necessary?"

"Yes my Liege." Harry responded with a short bow.

"Good, now, we have other business to attend to at this time. Harry I would like to introduce you to the other people who will be on the Board of Inquiry. They are currently being held right outside of this room. Shall I bring them in now?"

"Yes Goldridge, that would be nice."

Griphook opened the door to let a witch and two wizards into the observation chamber.

'Mad-eye' Moody stepped in with this wand drawn. "Would anyone mind telling me what those magical burst were?" He asked, "I wasn't expecting any additional wards being put up today."

"Do not worry Auror Moody, nothing ill will come from the wards that were enabled today. You may put away your wand." Ragnok said.

"Madam Amelia Bones, Alastor Moody, and Tiberius Ogden. My Lady, gentlemen, it is my privilege to introduce you to Lord Baron Harry Potter. Lord Potter, the rest of the committee."

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you, and please, call me Harry."

"Maybe in an informal situation, Lord Potter, but this is a most serious accusation you have brought up against one of the foremost and powerful wizard of light in all of Britain." Said Madam Bones as she looked over Harry while adjusting her monocle.

"Aye boy, you better have all your little ducks in a row if you plan on attacking one of the greatest wizards of our time." Added Tiberius Ogden.

"How about you Mr. Moody, any admonitions regarding my foolish charges against the foremost wizard in the world?" Harry asked.

'Mad-eye' Moody just stood at there looking at Harry with a course smile on what was left of his face.

"Na, with me it's all about CONSTANCE VIGILANCES that counts, if Albus hasn't done what he was tasked to do, then he has something to answer for don't he?"

"Very well, gentlemen, my Lady. Have you all read the will of James and Lily Potter?" Goldridge asked.

"We have."

"Do you have any questions for Lord Potter before we go into the conference room and greet our other guest?"

"Yes. Lord Potter, where do you currently reside?" Madam Bones asked.

"I current live in the cupboard under the stairway at Number Four Privet Drive in Little Surrey, at the home of my Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursley." Was Harry's response. He had been waiting for what seemed like years to tell someone that.

"Why has no one known about this before now?" Asked Mr. Ogden.

"It would appear that the good Headmaster did not seem it necessary to inform anyone. It may also be the fact that he has erected two set of wards around my home, including a 'Notice-me-Not' ward approximately five-kilometers away from my home in Little Surrey."

"How did you come to know about you being a wizard and all of this?" Mad-eye asked.

"On my eighth birthday I came into contact with an old trunk that had a lot of my parents letters and writing in it. It explained a lot of who I was, and about this world. The other thing that helped is that one note told me how to get in contact with my parent's old house elf." Harry looked at Ragnok and Goldridge. "Sirs, may I call her here?"

"Yes Lord Potter that would be fine."

"Sassy!" Harry called out. Suddenly beside Harry was a small green elf wearing a tie-dye shirt and sweatpants.

"What happened now Harry; your shoelaces come untied again." Sassy asked with her hands on her hips. She hadn't noticed they had company yet.

"Sassy, not now! You're in front of the committee!" Harry whispered to her.

"Oh, sure you are…" then she started looking around seeing not only the witch and wizards, but also four goblins looking rather amused. "Opps." She said, and immediately changed her cloths to something more appropriate for the situation. "Please forgive me my Lords, my Lady, I thought it was another one of Master Harry's practical jokes. Please forgive me."

Mr. Ogden was quite furious by the lack of 'submission' shown by this house elf, and stepped forward raising his cane to strike Sassy. Before he could act, he found Harry in front of him, with a surprisingly strong death grip on his upraised arm. His eyes were cold as steel, and glowed with the power of a thousand candles.

"May I ask your intentions regarding my house elf Mr. Ogden?" Harry asked coldly, his magic flaring slightly.

Mr. Ogden looked at the glare in Harry's eyes and suddenly had the urge to run away.

"Why… I… will… she… um… someone… show… respect…" he stammered.

"I do not know how you treat your friends Mr. Ogden. But you will not attempt to strike my friend again. Do you understand?"

"Friend? But she's a house elf?" Mr. Ogden stated.

"She may be a house elf Mr. Ogden, but she is still a sentient magical creature, and as such, deserves to be treated as an equal."

"A paladin!" Whispered 'Mad-eye'.

"Indeed, Mr. Moody, it would appear that Lord Potter is on the path of developing into a paladin. Mr. Ogden, I would strongly urge you to lower your cane before Lord Potter lose his temper – It is not a pleasant sight." Ragnok stated.

With Harry still looking very coldly at Mr. Ogden, he slowly lowered his cane, and stepped back from Sassy.

"We called Sassy here to tell how she came into my employ. Sassy if you will?" Harry stepped aside so the other Board members could see and hear her.

Sassy was shaken up by the near attack, and started slipping back into some of her old habits.

"I is being called by Master Harry…" she started.

Harry turned sharply at Sassy and said, "Sassy!" Sassy stopped her comments and looked fearfully at Harry. "Remember who you are and who you represent!"

Sassy looked at Harry for a few moments, then stood up tall and squaring her shoulders, looked again at the Board members.

"I came into the employ of Harry James Potter shortly after his eight birthday as he called for me. My family has been bound to the Potter clan for many generations, and it is my privilege and pleasure to call Lord Potter both Master and friend."

"I am the one who first took Lord Potter to Diagon Alley and Gringotts, where he received the Appointment of the Heir rite and associated rituals. He is the heir of the House of Potter and of the House of Ravenclaw (witch and wizards gasp), and the heir presumptive of the House of Black. He is my master and my friend, and I serve him willingly, and completely." Sassy had said this last part looking at Harry with pride and affection.

All the members of the Board of Inquiry looked impressed with the little house elf.

Harry turned and faced the wizarding part of the committee. "I want a magically binding oath that you will not disclose my status regarding the House of Ravenclaw to anyone, by any means, and I would like it NOW!" Again Harry's aura flared showing his power and also just how serious he was about the situation.

While keeping his eyes on the witch and wizards, each in turn gave their magical oath to Harry.

"Now, are there any other questions of these two?" Ragnok asked.

"The answers you gave us regarding weren't the whole truth were they Potter?" 'Mad-eye' stated.

"The statements were completely true… as far as they went. I do live in the cupboard under by Aunt and Uncle's staircase. However you are correct Mr. Moody, after by eighth birthday, I was made aware of a multi-chamber trunk that includes a living area. But it too is still in the cupboard under the stairs."

"That's good to remember, for all of you to tell the truth, but only as much as is needed. Don't voluntary anything extra, CONSTANCE VIGILANCE!" Moody yelled.

With no other questions, Harry turned to Sassy and said, "Thank you Sassy, you can go back now. If I need you, I'll be sure to call again, but remember where we are okay?"

Sassy blushed and hug her head a little, "Okay Harry, sorry about that," then disappeared from the chamber.

Looking into the conference room next door, Harry could see three people already had been let into the room. The first one he noticed was a stern looking witch with her hair in a tight bun on top of her head. 'That must be Professor McGonagall.' Harry thought. Next was a much smaller wizard talking to her. 'Ah, Professor Flitwick I presume.' When Harry got to the third person, he had to take a double take. It was the same older man he had run into after his first time at Diagon Alley. 'Remus? 'Ma' is that Remus Lupin?' Harry asked.

'Yes it is dear, why do you ask?'

'The first day I was in Diagon Alley, I ran into him and helped him up before 'sliding' home with Sassy. Why didn't you tell me who he was?'

'Well dear, the only thing I can say is that I was still trying to get over everything Mr. Ollivander had told you and I'm afraid I wasn't paying any attention when you left his shop. I'm sorry dear, I think you would really like Remus.'

"Lord Potter, you will stay here with Griphook unless you are needed to prove a point, at which time, you may enter the chamber any way you would like." Said Ragnok with a smile on his face.

At that time the door to the conference room opened one more time to let in the last participant of the Inquiry, Professor Albus Dumbledore.

If he was surprised to see the other individuals, he didn't show it. He just went over and began to talk to the group as if it were a regular chat. For some reason, the conversation between the Headmaster and his friends seemed to be a bit 'colder' then usual.

"My Lady, Gentlemen, I believe it is time to get this Inquiry going." Stated Goldridge. "If you please…" With that the door between the conference room and the observation chamber opened, and the members of the Board of Inquiry entered the room.

As the door opened, the people already in the conference room looked at who was coming through the door. Upon seeing Goldridge leading the procession, the other occupants in the conference room also took their assigned seats; the professors and Mr. Lupin off to the left of the room, Professor Dumbledore directly in front of the Board.

"Thank you all for coming, you may all be seated. On the behest of the Head of the House of Potter, I call this Board of Inquiry in session." Goldridge begins. "This meeting is to rule on the fitness of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore to remain executor of the will of James Harold and Lily Evens Potter. All those present are sworn upon their magic to tell the truth. The proceedings of this Board will not be made public, and all participants are forbidden to discuss the results with anyone not associated with this hearing. So mote it be."

"So mote it be." The other people in the room said.

"Excuse me Mr. Chairman, but how can this be called on behalf of the Head of the House of Potter, when there is no current Head of that house? To the best of my knowledge Harold Potter was the last installed Head of the House of Potter. I know that after his death, James did not go through the Appointment of the Heir riteandrituals and now that he is gone, that would only leave young Harry and I have it on good authority that he has not been here to undergo the rites and rituals also. So again I ask, how can you call this inquiry on behalf of the House of Potter?" Professor Dumbledore was quite proud of his logic.

"Professor Dumbledore, do you claim to still have the signet ring of the House of Potter? Could you please summon it forth?" Goldridge ask. He knew that as soon as the ring was summoned, it would go to the true Head of the House of Potter.

"Of course Mr. Chairman." And Professor Dumbledore held out his hand to summon the signet ring. As soon as the signet ring appeared in his hand, it disappeared again. "What is the meaning of this?" Professor Dumbledore bellowed. "What have you done with my signet ring?" He challenged.

"We have done nothing Professor Dumbledore. We are just showing you that you are no longer the Head of House Pro-tempore as the true Head of House has accepted his place."

"This can not be! Show me the imposter who claims to be the Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter!" Dumbledore demanded his aura starting to show.

"Lord Baron Potter, I was hoping this could be avoided, but it seems that Professor Dumbledore wishes to meet you." Said Goldridge.

"That won't be a problem Mr. Chairman." Said a cold voice from the space directly in front of Professor Dumbledore. Harry had been listening in the observation room for as long as he could, but when he heard that Professor held the family signet ring since his grandfather had passed away, he started to get 'upset'. He asked 'Ma' why his father hadn't become the Head of House.

'As far as I can remember Harry, Your grandfather died when your father was in his fifth year. I didn't know he could become the Head of House at that time, but after graduation, the subject just never came up.'

Harry was starting to dislike this Professor Dumbledore more and more. And then when he heard him being called an imposter, he just about lost it! Harry decided that this man would have to know that he was not playing with a little child anymore. He may not be able to match the old wizard power or spells, but he would let this old manipulating fool know that he was no imposter, and his days of deceitfulness were over. Harry called up his magic from his core, but instead of just letting it out, he decided to let it radiate through his aura since it seemed that that is want this man understood.

Harry went invisible and 'slid' into the conference room directly in front of Professor Dumbledore. As Dumbledore had summoned the Potter signet ring, it immediately came to Harry. Who grabbed it and put it on his right ring finger.

As Goldridge asked Harry to show himself, he was already in the room standing in from of Professor Dumbledore. He came out of his house elf invisible shield, and turned on his aura as full and looked straight at him.

Holding up his right hand for all to see the signet ring, Harry declared: "I, Harry James Potter, swear on my life and on my magic that I am the true and legitimate Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. So mote it be!"

With the Potter signet ring on his hand, the bond that occurred between Harry and the ring was something to behold. There was no doubt that the young man before them was indeed the true Head of the House of Potter.

"Let the records show that I, Harry James Potter, did request Goldridge to call this Board of Inquiry regarding the fitness of one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore to remain executor of the last will and testament of James Harold and Lily Evens Potter."

"Mr. Chairman, I hope I am not out of line, but I would like the entire will to be read into the record."

"That will not be necessary Harry…" started Professor Dumbledore.

"YES, it is necessary Professor Dumbledore. These proceeding may be closed to the public, and this may only be regarding you acting as the executor of my parents will, but I want every person in this room to know how much you disregarded their wants and wishes. And it's Lord Potter to you sir." Harry spat out.

As Goldridge read the last will and testament into the records, Professor Dumbledore was thinking quickly.

'When did Harry get here? How long has he known? How did he get past the wards at Little Surrey? How did he come to be standing directly in front of me? There was no invisibility cloak. Does he know how to apparate? No, the wards in the room won't let me apparate, or use a portkey for that matter. How long can he let that aura flare like that? He appears to be just about as powerful as me right now, but how? I do not detect any dark rituals, is there something that I could have missed? Does he know about the prophecy? I must get him back under by control so that I can train him!

Professor Dumbledore was brought out of his thinking when the Chairman of the Board addressed him.

"Professor Dumbledore, did you accept the role of executor of this will after the deaths of James and Lily Potter of you own free will."


"Did you attempt to place Harry James Potter with is appointed guardian, Sirius Orion Black?"

"No, I had Hagrid take Harry from Sirius and bring him to Hogwarts."

"For what purpose?"

"Everyone knew that Sirius Black was the Secret keeper, only he could have brought Voldemort to the Potter's home. I felt it in the best interest of the boy to bring him to Hogwarts since he had sustained some injuries that night."

"Did you allow Mr. Black to accompany Hagrid back to Hogwarts with him."

"No, again, I did not think it wise to being a Death-eater into the confines of Hogwarts."

Harry's magic flared even more, as he said in a very cold voice: "Sirius was not a Death-eater, nor was he the Secret keeper – But that is for a different time." Several people gasped at the statement, both on the Board, and the other three members present.

"Thank you Lord Potter, now if you don't mind…" Goldridge chided.

"Forgive me, my lord, I just could not bear to hear my Godfather spoken of badly from this man." Harry gave Dumbledore another cold stare. And for the first time Dumbledore wondered if he had done the right thing in taking Harry away from Sirius.

"Professor Dumbledore, can you tell us why Harry could not have been returned to his Godfather after he had recovered from his injuries?"

"According to Auror reports, two days later, on November 2nd, Sirius cornered his friend Peter Pettigrew on a busy muggle street. Peter started to ask Sirius why he had betrayed the Potters. There was an explosion in which it is assumed Peter was killed along with 17 muggle with one curse. When the Aurors arrived, they said Mr. Black was laughing wildly saying something about 'he pranked us all.' A search was made for Mr. Pettigrew's body, but only a single finger was found. At the time it would seem that all of the eyewitness claimed it was Mr. Black attacked Mr. Pettigrew. Mr. Black was taken directly to Azkaban Prison on order of the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge. In short, Mr. Black was not available to take over the duties as guardian at that time."

'Mad-eye' Moody spoke up at this time. "But Albus, isn't it a face that you had already taken young Harry to his Aunt's and Uncle's on the morning of the second?"

"I believe that is correct."

"And wasn't it sometime around 5:00 PM before young Mr. Black was taken into custody?"

"I am not sure of the exact time."

"But isn't it a fact that Black was taken into custody after young Harry had already been placed in the Dursley's home?"

"… Yes … I believe I was acting in the best interest of the greater good of the wizarding world."

"Professor Dumbledore, let us get back to the stated preference's of the will as to who should have been guardian of young Mr. Potter." It was Ragnok that was taking up the line of questioning at this point.

"Tell me, why were Alice and Frank Longbottom not considered as appropriate guardians?"

"The night the Potter's were attached, the Longbottom's were also attacked. But instead of killing them, they were driven out of their minds by the Lestrange's, and Barty Crouch Jr. They were captured and given a trial, and then sent to Azkaban.

"What of the other candidates for Guardianship, Mr. Lupin, Professor McGonagall, or Professor Flitwick?"

"Mr. Lupin suffers from lycanthrope, making it impossible for him to be a guardian. How would he watch a young infant during a full moon?"

The Headmaster's words wounded Remus deeply. He did not expect him to uses that as an excuse to where he would cut Harry out of his life completely. Remus wonder again if the Headmaster really cared for him, or just needed someone to be a messenger between the Order of the Phoenix, and the other Werewolves.

"And Professors McGonagall or Flitwick?"

"As capable and responsible as Minerva is, she is getting up in years, and ill fitted to start mothering again. As for Professor Flitwick, I am afraid there would have been a culture clash as young Harry grew older."

Both of his 'friends' were looking at the Headmaster as if they were ready to just about murder him. How dare he assume they would be unwilling or unfit to raise Harry in a healthy, happy environment. The main point that seemed to be the main sticking point was that he had made the discussion on his own, without even talking to them about it. In fact, none of the three potential guardians even knew they had been considered until after the goblins had summoned them to the hearing, and sent them a copy of the will.

"Professor Dumbledore, can you please enlighten us as to who Lord Potter's current magical guardian is?"

"I would suppose that would be me."

"Are you also his physical guardian?"

"No, that would be the Dursley's."

"Why were the Dursley's chosen when the will specifically states that there is to be no contact with them until Harry is eleven?"

"While searching through the magically binding contracts in the Hall of Records, I found that Mrs. Petunia Evens Dursley owed James Harold Potter a life-debt. Since Petunia was Lily's only living relative, I could use blood magic, and blood runes as a protection for Harry."

"Professor, who is getting the stipend for raising Harry at this time?" Ragnok asked.

"… I am."

"How much is the stipend each month."

"I couldn't really tell you Ragnok. I don't pay attention to it."

"Does the sum of 2,000 galleons a month ring a bell?"

"If you say so, I really don't notice."

The other three potential guardians gasped at the amount that their headmaster dismissed as nothing. For Remus, two months stipend would be about what he made in an entire year! Professors McGonagall and Flitwick were well compensated for their teaching, but not that well. That amount would go a long way in providing some of the finer things in life.

"How much of this stipend is given to the Dursley's for their raising Harry?"

"None of it."

"Let us move on to the bequeaths. Professor Dumbledore, have any of the bequeaths been made up to this point?"

"In the case of Sirius Black, He is currently spending time in Azkaban. In the case of Peter Pettigrew, he was believed to have been killed by Mr. Black, and I might point out, his body has never been found or seen. And in the case of Remus Lupin… I have no answer. I just thought giving a werewolf that much money all at once wouldn't been good for him."

The Headmaster turned to look at Remus and said, "Forgive me old friend, but it was for the greater good."

Remus was having a hard time containing himself. He could have been taking care of Harry. He could have had land and money to help him rebuild his life. And the one man who he use to think of as a grandfather had taken all of it away from him.

"Professor, have you done anything in accordance with the last will and testament of James and Lily Potter?" Asked Madam Bones.

"I have done what I felt was in the greater good of the wizarding world, and for Harry benefit."

That did it. Harry's magic spiked much like it had the last time he was at Gringotts Bank, and everything not nailed down started to fly around.



Harry looked from Dumbledore to Goldridge and back to Dumbledore before he nodded his head and took several deep breaths and brought his magic back into himself.

Everyone else that was in the room who hadn't seen the last magical outburst was flabbergasted. How could someone so young have so much power! It appeared to be as powerful as anything Professor Dumbledore had ever done, who at the moment was looking wide-eyed at the young man. What had he done? Had he created another Voldemort? He had to subdue the young man. Without even think, Professor Dumbledore drew his wand and case a powerful stunner at Harry.

As the spell got close to Harry, his shields activated close to his skin, to where the other people couldn't see them. As the spell was absorbed into the shield, Harry turned fully to face his attacker and began to slowly advance on him.

Everyone in the room was totally shocked that the stunner had not had any visible effect on Harry, and as he approached Professor Dumbledore, he began to panic. He fired another stunner with the same results. He tried a full body bind, but nothing happened. He tried subduing him with ropes, but as the ropes approached Harry, a sword appeared in Harry's hand to cut through them. He tries a Banishing Charm, but Harry just flicked the sword and knocked it away.

By this time Harry was within striking distance but instead of striking, he just brought the sword up to Dumbledore's heart. Harry just stands there as the blade starts to glow a bright light yellow.

After a few moments, Harry said, "You do believe in your heart that you are doing the right thing. But be warned; your time is passed. A new generation will rise to take care of the current plague. So says Durendal of Roland."

Harry moves away from the Headmaster, and turns to the other three observers. "Mr. Lupin, Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, I would like to apologize to you for my lack of control. I would like to have time to get to know each of you better. When the time is right, call for my house elf Sassy to bring you to where I am currently staying."

Turning to the Board of Inquiry Harry said, "My Lords and Lady, I ask your forgiveness also for my unseemly display. I leave in your hands the outcome of this hearing. I will return later to hear the results."

And finally he turned to Professor Dumbledore. Looking him straight in the eyes Harry said, "My parents trusted you. They loved you as a father or grandfather. They thought you would be the one person who would look out after their son. AND YOU GO AND DO THIS, AND FOR WHAT? WHAT GREATER GOOD? YOU HAVE TAKEN AWAY THE FREE AGENCY AND CHOICE OF NOT JUST ME, BUT OF AN ENTIRE GENERATION! You are not a god Headmaster; you do not know all things. You do not know the end from the beginning. You need to let the people make their choices and their mistakes. How do you expect them to grow if they do not?"

"Regardless of the outcome of this Board of Inquiry, I expect wards around Number Four Privet Drive to be down no later then September 11th, or Durendal (Harry holds up the sword to show everyone) and I will take them down for you."

Harry turns back to the head table, bowed, and slowly disappears.

The entire room is silent after Harry's departure. Each person was caught up in what they had just seen and heard from an eight-year-old boy.

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