Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 15 – The Rise of the House of Lupin

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

Essences of Lily – Chapter 15 – The Rise of the House of Lupin


Entering the seventh chamber brought a big surprise for Harry. Instead of several hundred of poorly clothed, poorly cared for house elves, there where several hundred of well clothed, sharp looking and well cared for house elves.

"Boy, that didn't take long!"

Sassy blushed an said, "Well to tell you the truth Harry, we've been using the time function of chamber eight to get everything done in a 'short' period of time."

"Well I think that was great thinking on your part."

"Mika, have you been able to assess the other elves yet?"

"Yes my Lo… Harry. Most are general duty house elves, but you do have some that have specialties such as child care, animal husbandry, food preparation, and one young elf that seem well equipped for construction management."

"Really? Great! Who would that be?"

"That would be Ty sir. But I should warn you, he can be a little … 'hyper' if you know what I mean."

"Well, no I don't, but there's no time like the present to find out. Ty! Would you please come here?"

An excited elf appeared in front of Harry with eyes as big as saucers. "Oh man, I can't believe it! I'm really standing right here in front of Lord Potter! It is such an honor sir." The little elf came up to Harry and shook his hand vigorously.

"It's nice to meet you too Ty." Harry said.

"My name! He knows my name!" Ty was literally jumping up and down.

"Ty, how do you think Raven would act right now?" Professor McGonagall asked. Almost immediately Ty got a very serious look on his face and blushed.

Holding his head down he apologized, "I am sorry Mistress McGonagall. It's just that it has been so long since anyone has had need of my special talent. It's not everyday someone wants an elf that does new construction or major remodeling.

"I understand Ty; I just want you to remember who you are addressing and who you represent at all times."

"Ty, I want you to come with me for a few minutes if you would." Harry said.

Taking the lead, Harry led Ty to the fifth chamber, and the model of Potters Manor.

"Ty, this building is a model of the Potter Manor that was in Wales many years ago. It was destroyed when Voldemort killed my Grandparents. The land that the building has been given to Remus as part of my parents Will. I would like you to look over this house, take everything into account. Make note of the material that this is built with, and see where it can be upgraded and improved. After your through with that, we will go to the goblins and have them get what you need. Then I'd like you to go to Wales with a team of other house elves to rebuild the Manor for Remus. But instead of Potter Manor, it will be Lupin Manor, and the beginning of the Noble House of Lupin."

"One other thing I want you to do; look at the different chambers in this trunk from chamber two through four and six, eight, and nine, and make sure there is a room or floor set aside for each of these functions. All costs for materials and whatever will come out of the Potter's Vaults. Remus may have his own money, but that wasn't meant to be spent building a house for him to live in."

One could see the excitement in Ty's eyes as Harry explained what he wanted. "Let me gather a few other elves who are skilled in design and planning, and I will get back to you in a few hours to let you know what we need, Master Harry." With that Ty disappeared and went to work looking at all the different rooms and chambers that would need to be built in the new Manor.

Harry went back to chamber seven he found a very upset Remus, and a shyly smiling Professor McGonagall.

"Harry, what do you think you are doing? Min just told me about that house elf you were meeting with, and if you think you are going to re-build Potter Manor for me, you are sadly mistaken!"

"Uncle Remus, you wound me!" Harry said dramatically with both hands on his heart. "I wouldn't think of rebuilding Potter Manor on your land. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to talk to Goldridge regarding a few things." With that Harry just faded away.

"I hate it when he does that! How am I to keep track of him when there's not a ward normally used in the wizarding world that will hold him?" Remus said.

"Maybe you'll just have to put a tracking charm on him to let you know where he is at. Also, I saw the most wonderful clock at the Weasley's last month. It had a hand on the clock for each of the members of the family, and pointed to the current location of each member of the family. Home, school, work, traveling, mortal danger you know, something like that."

"Min, I just don't know what to do. I mean he looks just like James did when I first met him on the train to Hogwarts all those years ago, and he still has three years to go before he goes there. But then I look at those eyes, and I listen to his words, and I could swear, I'm hearing Lily. How has he done it? How has he been able to keep such an even temper while staying with these… these … they barely qualify as people, let alone family."

"I don't know Remus. It's almost as if he has a guardian angle helping him. Come on Remus, let's go back to the Manor and wait for him to return. I'll serve you tea this time.

Gringotts Bank

Harry 'slid' to the apparition sight in Diagon Alley. He didn't want 'shock' anyone by appearing in Gringotts directly.

Walking quickly to Gringotts, Harry kept his head down with the hope that no one would see his scar.

Entering the bank, Harry was greeted by Griphook, "Good evening Lord Potter, what brings you here at this late hour?"

"I'm sorry Griphook. I've been so busy trying to get thing ready for Remus and the new house elves that I didn't even notice what time it was. Should I come back tomorrow? And please, it's Harry. I'm not use to this 'Lord' stuff yet."

Griphook just nodded his head and smiled. He liked this wizard. Harry didn't take himself too seriously, he wasn't consumed with gaining power or wealth – which he had plenty of, and he didn't think himself 'above' other creatures. He treated house elves, goblins, witches, wizards, and human the same. It was quite refreshing.

"No Harry, we can take care of thing this evening. Please, come back to my office. I'll let Goldridge know you are here." With that, the two made their way through the maze of offices and conference rooms until they reached Griphook's office. Letting Harry in, Griphook excused himself to let Goldridge know he was there.

Of course Goldridge already knew Harry was in the bank as soon as he appeared in the Bank. There was another reason for leaving Harry in the office. They wanted to see how Harry acted when he was alone.

At first he just sat there waiting for Griphook to get back with Goldridge. After about ten minutes, he got out of his chair and started to look around the office. He looked closely at the painting on the wall, and watched as a famous battle from the last goblin revolution was played out on the canvas. You could almost hear the combatants scream.

Next Harry walked around the rest of the office looking at titles of the books in the bookcases, and the important looking papers on the desk.

As Harry would look at the title of the books he heard his 'Ma' say: 'these titles are in gobbledygook Harry. But according to the translation spell around your 'knowledge sphere' you are looking at 'Basics in Goblin Accounting', 'The Art of War', 'How to win friends and Influence people', 'Think and Grow Rich', 'The Richest Man in Babylon', and 'Goblin Revolution's 435 – 1914 – a Goblins prospective'. That last book would be very interesting to see the Goblin's of the last couple of revolutions.'

'I'll ask Griphook if I can borrow it when he gets back okay?'

'That would be great dear.'

Harry continued looking around the room when he saw a piece of paper behind one of the file cabinets. Bending down, he picked it up and looked at it. 'Paid to the order of 'Blank' ten million Galleons. Signed Ragnok. Boy I better put that on Griphook's desk before somebody else tries to run away with this.' So that's exactly what he does, placing the bank draft on Griphook's seat so that he is sure to find it.

Harry looks around for a few more minutes, mainly at the weapons that are on the wall, but makes no attempt to pick them up since he doesn't know how to handle any of them yet. That would come when he received his 'squire' training.

Harry was tired of wondering around, and thought it best to just return to his chair to wait for Griphook and Goldridge to return.

As soon as Harry sat down, the door opened again showing not only Griphook and Goldridge, but Ragnok, Stonehand, and several other elderly and wise looking goblins. As the door opened, Harry stood as if by instinct, and upon seeing Ragnok, kneeled in front of him with his head bowed, exposing the back of his neck to him.

"Rise young Lord, you have passed your test well." Ragnok said.

Harry stood with a puzzled look on his face. "Test my Lord?"

Ragnok laughed and motioned for Harry and the other goblins to sit down. "Yes, a test my young Lord. Several tests in fact. There were several members of the Goblin High Council that did not believe a mere wizard could have the traits of a Paladin or be a Guardian of the Goblin people at such a young age. When you showed up here it gave us an opportunity to show them just how good you were."

Harry realized that he had been manipulated again. Even though nothing bad happened, he had been manipulated! He just looked at Ragnok and tried to keep his breathing even. 'Calm down Harry, you've just won some very big brownie points with the leader and high council of the Goblin nation, don't blow it by losing your temper right not. But do tell them how you feel.'

Harry was grateful for his 'Ma's presences. Without it, he was sure he would have 'exploded' on Ragnok and the others in the room.

For their part, the goblins in the room were getting a little worried. Some had heard the last two times this young man had lost his temper. Goldridge, Stonehand, and Griphook had been present at both of them. The goblins noticed the magic getting heavy in the air, and Harry's eyes started to glow like green spotlights in the dark of night. Stonehand was concerned that if this young wizard went off now, he could, effectively destroy the entire goblin government. So he was especially happy when he noticed the magic start to lighten, and the light in Harry's eyes start to diminish.

"Forgive me Lord Ragnok, I just got out from under one manipulating wizard; I did not expect to be under another one so quickly." Harry said through strained teeth and lips.

It was at that moment that Ragnok realized what he had done. "Please forgive me Lord Potter! It was not my intention to manipulate you, only to show the rest of the high council what a fine young man you are. No manipulation was intended."

"I understand… I think. What were the tests anyway?"

"Patience, honesty, self control, respecting others privacy, resisting temptation to name a few. But I am sure that is not what you came here for tonight. How may we help you Lord Potter?"

Harry took a few more minutes to calm down. During that time, he talked to 'Ma' and Durendal regarding the best way to ask for help from the goblins.

"My apologies noble sirs, I wanted to make sure I was under control enough to not make a scene."

"As you know, Remus Lupin was recently given the the land that included Potter Manor in Wales as a part of by parents Will. It is my firm belief that they had intended to rebuild the Manor before giving it to him, but died before that could take place. I am having some of the house elves reviewing the model I have of Potter Manor, and will be asking them to rebuild it with several additions."

"I am in need of setting up agents here at the bank that can buy goods and materials from the wizarding and muggle world, and deliver it to the elves in a timely manner so that they can complete the construction as quickly as possible."

"It has also come to my attention that the goblins are among the world most competent ward casters. I would be willing to pay to have a team of your best casters to come and set the cornerstones for the Lupin Manor and also to set the wards around the land as well."

The entire group of goblins looked at Harry for a few seconds not knowing what to say. It had been many centuries since a human wizard had asked a goblin to set the wards around their property, and none of them could remember a wizard asking a goblin to be their agent in procuring items.

"Please give us a few minutes my Lord. It is a most unusually request you make of us." Ragnok stated, and called the other goblins to gather around him to discuss the matter.

'You handled that very well Harry, I'm very proud of you.' 'Ma' said.

'Thanks 'Ma'. Hey, do you think you could spell the knowledge sphere so that as the goblins are talking, it could interpret what they are saying into English, and then let me hear it? I'm not trying to ease-drop, but where their conversation concerns my money and me; I'd like to know what is going on.'

'Okay, but don't get into the habit of listening in on others conversations.'

Suddenly the conversation went from gobbledygook to English.

"…I say if he is foolish enough to turn his money over to those he does not know, then he does not deserve to have his money. We could accept the work orders, buy the cheapest materials we can find, and over charge his account for many times the cost of the goods, putting more gold in our pockets."

"I do not think you understand the importance of this young man Greedhip. He is a Paladin! He is honest and upright in all his dealings with people of all races, and breeds. Just look at how he handled the ten million Galleon bank note. To most other people they would have tried to pocket the note without a second thought since it was not made out to anyone. But how did Lord Potter behave? Without hesitating, he placed the note on my son's chair where he would be sure to find it. You do not want to be on the wrong moral side of the issue with this young man. He has the power to protect us, and he has the power to tear us apart. And he will only get stronger as time goes on. No, we will not be careless with Lord Potter. We will help him and make a good profit in the mean time, but we will not take advantage of him in this manner. Is it agreed?" Ragnok asked.

The other goblins discussed the issue for a few more minutes before agreeing with Ragnok. They then turned back around and made their announcement to Harry.

"Harry, it has been agreed that we will act as your agents in this matter, and will also get a team of our best ward casters to come and set the wards and the cornerstones when it is time. Do you have any idea how long that will be?"

"One moment Ragnok and I may be able to tell you. Ty! Are you ready yet?"

"Oh, I am sorry Harry, but unless a house elf is keyed to the wards around Gringotts bank, they can not just enter." Griphook explained. "It seems your house elf Sassy was the exception since she was bound to you prior to your entering into the bank."

"Oh, sorry about that, just give me a few minutes then." Harry said, and without another word, vanished from sight.

Arriving back at Number 4, Harry called out again. "Ty! Ty! Do you have a plan ready yet?"

With that the very excited Ty appeared into the room with his arms full of drawings, specifications, project management time lines, and bill of materials list.

"Yes Master Harry, I just finished and I am ready to start as soon as Master Lupin gives us permission to start building on his land, and I get a load of these materials."

"Okay, let's go back to Gringotts and see if the goblins are willing to help us." Harry reached over and, touching Ty on the shoulder 'slid' both himself and the house elf back to the bank.

The goblins were shocked to see Harry come back with a house elf in tow. Several including Stonehand immediately started casting spells to insure that the wards around Gringotts were working properly. Not only were the wards working properly, they did not show any sign of being breached or attacked. It was if nothing had happened to them at all.

As Harry and Ty re-appeared in front of the Goblin leadership at Gringotts, Harry started to introduce Ty to the members of the Goblin leadership.

"Excuse me gentlemen, this is my friend Ty. He will be the house elf in charge of construction of the new Lupin Manor." Harry took the time to start to introduce all of the goblins to Ty.

Ty for his part became extremely nervous. He knew of the bitter feelings between Goblins and house elves, and was more then a little bit concerned when he saw that he was the only house elf present in the room. He knew his new master would never knowingly place him in danger, but could young master Harry protect him here and now?

As if answering the question, Harry noticed that the Goblin who had previously identified as 'Greedhip' striking out at Ty with a vicious goblin curse. Without even thinking, Harry blocked the curse, and just a moment later, was standing in front of Greedhip, one hand holding the hand that Greedhip had cast the spell with, the other hand held Durendal up against Greedhip's neck glowing black and green, ready to separate his head from his shoulders.

Greedhip was shocked that a human could act so fast or block a goblin spell. This should not be possible! Greedhip then made the mistake of looking at Harry's face and eyes. Harry's eyes were once again shining like two large searchlights boring into his own eyes.

The magic was once again heavy in the air, and the other goblins seemed to be pressed back against the walls of the chamber. "What do you think you are doing goblin?" Harry asked very coldly through gritted teeth.

For his part, Greedhip could not utter a sound for fear of having his neck cut from the blade of the sword that was currently being press against his neck.

Ragnok was able to speak saying, "Lord Potter! Please excuse my associate! He was not aware of your abilities of passing through our wards and bring others with you! We do not wish a confrontation at this point! Please!"

After several seconds Durendal disappeared from his hand, but he still held the goblin by one hand, while his eyes burned a hole through Greedhip's brain.

"As you wish my Liege, but if this goblin attacks another one of my friends, I will not stay my hand!" Harry replied. Slowly Harry released Greedhip, and Greedhip, to his credit, moved as far away from Harry as he could.

Stonehand just watched the altercation to see what could be learned about this young lord, and was quite pleased with what he saw. Powerful, brave, decisive, willing to defend a friend when threatened, not attacking blindly out of rage or anger.

After taking a few more minutes to settle down, Harry turned his attention back to his house-elf.

"Now let's get down to business. Ty, how many other house elves could you use to construct this manor, and how long do you think it would take?" Harry asked.

Ty had also been somewhat shaken up over what had expired in the last few moments, but now felt a strange source of pride knowing that is new master could in fact defend him in the most threatening situations.

Taking a few moments to center himself, and remembering the type of loyalty and service he wanted to give to his young new master, Ty started his report:

"There should be three shifts of at least two hundred house elves to get thing done in a seven day time frame." With that, Ty spread out his project time line showing what needed to be done when, and what had to be done first before something else could start.

Everyone gathered around to look at the work Ty had done. "This is fantastic!" Goldridge said. "If every plan were designed to this level of detail, you could tell where you were at any time on the project and make sure everything got done on time! It may take a little bit more to set up in the beginning, but in the end, you would save both time and money, and have an outstanding product."

"Harry, there are several projects that will be coming up in the Goblin world over the next few years. With your permission, I would like Ty to work with us on those projects as well."

A great gasp came up from several of the other goblins. It had been many millennia since there had been peace between the goblins and this branch of the elf family. House elves were normally thought of as the 'untouchable' of the magic world. Doing those labors that were beneath others. To even talk to one was frowned upon. Now the leader of the Goblin world was asking a HUMAN to let his house elf work on a project in the goblin world. It was unheard of!

Several of the council started to complain most vigorously about the situation, but Ragnok stopped them with a glare, and a wave of his hand.

"Harry is here to show all of us how to treat each other. I have not seen him treat me any differently then a human, or a house elf for that matter. I think it is time we look at the prejudices in our society, and begin removing some of them."

With that taken care of Harry spoke up again: "Let me go and get Remus so we can get his permission to start working on his Manor." Again Harry 'slid' back to chamber five in his trunk at Privet Drive.

Minerva and Remus were still in the kitchen having a spot of tea when Harry 'slid' in. To say they were both surprised would have been an understatement.

"Uncle Remus! I need you for a few minutes at Gringotts okay?"

Without waiting for an answer, Harry took Remus by the arm, and as he was standing up, 'slid' with him back to Griphook's office at Gringotts. The others in the room were just as surprised this time as they were the last to see Harry leave without any of the bank alarms going off, and even more surprised when he re-appeared with another wizard still holding his teacup.

"Uncle Remus? We need your permission to rebuild the Manor on your land, and to have the goblins ward the building and the land. How bout it?"

"Say 'Yes' Uncle Remus." Harry prompted.

"'Yes' Uncle Remus." Remus said still in shock.

"Will that do? Ty, do you know where the land is now?"

Ty looked thoughtful for a few moments with his head held down. Then suddenly, his head came up with a big grin on his face. "Yes Master Potter I know where Master Lupin's land is located."

"Great! Now, let me get Uncle Remus back home before he can start arguing." Again without a sound, Harry and Remus Lupin simply disappeared from Gringotts Bank to re-appear back at the kitchen where Remus and Minerva where taking tea.

"Well, I have a few more things to take care of at Gringotts, I'll be home soon." Harry said as he departed.

Remus was still holding his teacup in the same position it was in before he left. He looked over at Minerva with a shocked look on his face and asked: "What the hell just happened?"

Minerva had the good sense to swallow her tea and put down her cup before she started to laugh.

"You're not helping Minerva!" Remus yelled.

"I sorry Remus, but it's just feels so good to have one of the Marauders pranked once in a while. James would be so proud."

Back at the Bank

The members of the goblin high council could not believe their eyes. Here was a human wizard – a child – that could get through the strongest wards in the goblin world without setting off any of the alarms! Not only that, he proved he could bring someone back with him into the bank and back out again without setting off the alarms!

Some of the council members were scared, others were mad, and still others were in too much shock to know what to do.

"I can assure you that Lord Potter will never cause harm to the goblin nation, as long as we are in the right. Now can you see why we will not cheat Lord Potter Greedhip?" Ragnok said with an evil grin on his face.

For his part Greedhip just dumbly shook his head. He was just glad Lord Potter couldn't understand gobbledygook.

Harry 'slid' back into the room and stood next to Ty.

"Ragnok, could I possible ask that Goldridge, and your son Griphook act as agents for me. They will be paid twice their regular rate, and receive a commission for the supplies they procure."

"I think that would be acceptable Lord Potter."

"Ty, could you please make a copy of your papers here and give them to Goldridge and Griphook? Then you can go back to my current residence and start organizing the elves into their work shifts. Tomorrow you can come back here to work with Goldridge and Griphook regarding the delivery of the materials."

"Of course Master Harry, thank you." As quickly as his task was done, the goblins keyed Ty to the wards around the bank allowing him to go back to Number Four Privet Drive.

"Just one more thing, Griphook, I noticed you had a book on your shelf call 'Goblin Revolution's 435 – 1914 – a Goblins prospective'. Do you think I could barrow it for a few days?"

"You read gobbledygook Lord Potter?" Griphook asked.

"Among other things."

"Of course you can read it."

"Thank you. Well, it's late and I need to be going home. Good evening my Lords," Harry bows to the members of the high council. "Ragnok, Stonehand, Goldridge, Griphook… Greedhip." With another bow, Harry 'slid' back to Number Four Privet Drive.

Greedhip stood there shacking with fear, and pale as can be.

"Be glad he didn't use Durendal to see if your heart was pure." Said Ragnok.

During the time of actual construction on Lupin Manor, Harry, Remus, Sassy, Mika, and the some of the other elves took the time to visit all of the Potter and Ravenclaw properties. The main purpose for this was to make general repairs and determine the staffing levels of the different locations.

Harry was in awe of the shear number of properties he currently held, and with Remus started to think of how some of these properties could be put to better use.

"Remus, are there other children in the wizarding world like me who have lost their parents in the fight against Voldemort?" Harry asked.

"I'm afraid so Harry, more then I care to think about."

"Is there any way some of these properties could be converted into orphanages to take care of those children? It would give the house elves some one to look after, and put the properties to better use?"

"I think that's a great idea Harry, but you should talk to Filius and Minerva as to the legal aspects of something like that. Then there's the matter of staffing the homes, and getting the people paid, making sure they do a proper job etc. That's more then I know how to do. Maybe your 'agents' at Gringotts would know how to set that up."

"Thanks Uncle Remus, I'll talk to Aunt Min as soon as we get back tonight and Uncle Flitwick this Saturday when I meet him for my business training at Gringotts."

Ty, the house elf, had been spending time around Remus to try to get to know him a little bit better. He thought by doing this he could customize things more to his liking. This meant that he had seen Remus go through a transformation into a werewolf on the full moon. Now Ty understood why Harry wanted to include a 'chamber nine' in Remus' house. It would give him someplace to go to that would prevent him from injuring anyone other then himself. Ty ended up putting it in the sub-basement of the house, below the potions lab.

The time Harry hadn't spent visiting his properties, he spent in the Rune Chamber (chamber 8) working in flextime with Remus and Sassy. They would go over the books Harry and Sassy had read, and then take the regular Hogwarts classes to cover everything from Arithmancy to Wizard Etiquette.

Being in flextime Harry found that he could use his wand without being noticed by the Ministry. This was a great benefit while doing Charms, DADA, and Transfiguration. There were even times when Remus would duel with Harry in flextime, but he didn't do it very often since it soon became clear that Harry was just as quick as the werewolf, and if you ever were 'tagged' by one of Harry's spells, you knew it!

Harry had been careful not to show Remus that he was just about as fast, and much stronger when he cast wandlessly, but he did slip up a few times. Once, when he was shielding himself from one of Remus' spells while casting one of his own. Remus just couldn't understand why he couldn't hit Harry.

Harry really didn't need to worry about a spell hitting him. It seemed the 'Blessing of the Heir' charm was still strong enough to have stopped any spell that Remus could have thrown at Harry, but the fact of the matter was that it was weakening. How long would that last? No one knew. 'Ma' didn't know, Harry didn't know, and no one else knew about it. Harry didn't know what the spell was, and even through 'Ma' did know, this was one spell that could only be cast by either the Head of House on their selected heir, or a mother on her child after they had been selected as the heir. So that meant the only person who could 'refresh' the charm was Sirius, and he was still in Azkaban.

Simons was keeping Harry up-to-date with Sirius' health and well being, which was improving daily. Harry still hadn't told Sirius who Lord Ravenclaw was, he felt that was something best addressed face-to-face.

Harry would also take time each day to meditate where he would visit his 'Ma' and go to 'Potter in the Mind' to work in even a slower time flex. As a result, Harry had completed his page training under Durendal, and was well into his squire training.

After a few 'months' as a page in a medieval castle, Harry found that the training was hard, labor intensive, and not always pleasant work. But he was determined to see the training through. The page's duties mainly related to the care and feeding of the different animals there might be in the 'kingdom' and physically taking care of the fixing and cleaning of the castle or lands round about. It gave him a feeling of completeness, like you were building a firm foundation of a building before you tried to put on a capstone.

As a squire, Harry was taught how to handle all type of weapons, mainly swords; Side sword, Back sword, Rapiers, Épée, Foils, Hunting sword, Saber, Long swords, Broadswords, etc. Along with knives, daggers, axes, flails, mace, spears, lances, and other items.

Durendal its self was considered to be an 'Arming Sword' or 'Knightly Sword', though it could 'morph' into a longer, heavier two-handed broadsword if the situation called for it.

The essences of Durendal had also been doing a great deal of learning from 'Ma' with regards to the current situation in the wizarding world, and in modern or different fighting techniques. It was determined, however, that Durendal would teach only what he knew of swordsmanship, and let other people teach these newer fighting styles.

Harry had also been working very hard on his physical fitness: running, lifting, moving things in 'Potter in the Mind'. Working with Durendal he learned how to move with a sword. He also learned how to move and defend against different forms of attacks.

There were times that Harry would go to sleep in the castle so tired that he didn't know if he would be able to wake up the next day, but he always did.

It was now September 11, the day of a new moon, and also the day Professor Dumbledore was to have the wards taken down from Privet drive. It was just after 4:49 AM when Harry went down to the Rune Chamber in his trunk and again performed the mind expansion, and core expansion charms on himself again. He would wait until Dumbledore showed up to pull more power into his core, or if the Professor didn't show up today, he would destroy the blood rune stones and 12:01 AM on September 12th.

The clock struck 12 Midnight as Harry exited the back door on Number Four Privet Drive. He had just been notified by one of his ward alarms that a powerful wizard had just entered the premises.

"Good evening Professor Dumbledore, you're cutting your timing a little close this evening." Harry said in an unemotional tone.

"Good evening Harry. Isn't it a bit late for you to be up? I have been quite busy the last few days trying to set things right with a few people. Are you sure you want this done Harry?" Asked the Professor.

"Yes sir. It really won't be necessary. I will be moving from here as soon as the elves finish a few things."

"Since you're here, maybe you could help me with a few things Professor."

"Anything Harry, what do you need?"

"Could you please set up your silent charm around the house and the back yard? I would also like you to set up several layers of shielding charms around the Dursley's house and yard? I would hate for anything to happen to it."

Professor Dumbledore looked questioningly at Harry, but complied with the wards around the house and the back yard. "Just what are you intending to do Harry?" He asked.

"Well, I'm sure you've noticed that I'm just a little more powerful then your average eight-year-old wizard. I'm going to tell you part of how that came about. Not that you have a right to know, but I thought you should see part of what you have been denying the young witches and wizards for the last fifty-some years."

'Harry, what are you doing? You shouldn't tip your hand to him. He'll try to find someway to use this against you. He could even have you declared as a dark wizard if you're not careful.' 'Ma' said.

'Ma', I just want to show him that he's not as smart as he thinks he is. I also want to put a little fear into him so that maybe he will leave me alone.'

'Harry… What are you planning to do?'

'Just stick around 'Ma', this ought to be fun!'

With that, Harry just stopped listening to his 'Ma' and turned his attention back to the Headmaster.

"This won't take too long tonight Headmaster. I know you have to get back to Hogwarts and the new school year."

"You see, as I've already told you, my parents found out about the magical block you talked the Ministry to put on any new born who had a magical strength over 100 after you defeated Grindelwald, and how you had them lower that figure to 40 after the rise of Voldemort.

They were able to stop the healer before she was able to put the block on me, and if they were smart enough to figure that out, they you know others were too."

"But that's not all. Mum came up with a charm that would allow the parents to expand my magical core. I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say that it was very effective."

"Dad found out that if you 'transferred' some of his magical energy to me after mum expanded my magical core, the results were even more impressive."

"Of course I had to read all about this from some of the journals they left me after I reached my eighth birthday – just a few months ago. I found out I could use other magical item to 'draw' magic from to help expand my magical core. These blood runes shields have been very helpful. I guess it works the best because you used MY BLOOD to create them didn't you?" Harry was beginning to get a little upset. He stopped and took some deep breaths to clam himself down.

"Since I'm going to be moving soon, and these blood runes shields will be coming down tonight, I thought I would use them one last time before destroying them."

"No Harry you mustn't try that! It's far too dangerous! The magical backlash would be tremendous! You won't survive!" Dumbledore was feeling panicky. For some reason he found that he couldn't move at that time – most unusual.

"Well then Professor, you better hope your shield hold up."

With that Harry did as he had in months past, but this time using his wandless magic to connect the four blood rune stones together and bringing the focus to himself. He started slowly, drawing just the excess power that was generated from each stone. Then, slowly, he increased the amount of power he was drawing from each stone.

All Albus could do was watch in awe as this young boy was drawing in more power then should be humanly possible. He noticed that the blood shield was getting weaker around Number Four Privet Drive – Soon the shield would be completely down.

Harry was having a hard time keeping all of the power in his core. So as a last resort, he started to transfer some of the power to the part of his core that he got from 'Tom Riddle'. It wouldn't hold much, but it would be just enough to finish what he had planned.

Then it happened. The blood rune shield around Number Four fell! Harry felt it fall, Dumbledore felt it fall, and any magical creature within 50 kilometers felt it fall.

With a primal yell Harry made a jerking motion with his hand and summoned all four of the blood rune stones to him at once.

As the stones came rushing to him, Harry mentally summoned Durendal.

Wishing Durendal to be a bigger, heavier sword, it morphed into a large two-handed broadsword.

Harry was still yelling as the stones approached at top speed. In what looked like one fluid movement Harry and Durendal smashed each stone as it came within range.

The magical backlash was something to behold! The light seemed so bright it was as if you could see through the Dursley's house! The sound was as if you detonated an atomic bomb in the Dursley's back yard.

Professor Dumbledore was just able to get a strong Protego shield behind a thick granite wall in front of him before Harry destroyed the stones, but the force of the explosion knocked Professor Dumbledore all the way back against the furthest shield he had placed around the property.

As he got back up on his feet, he noticed Harry standing in the same place he had been before, his clothes completely blown off, but not a scratch on him, the stones – dust under his feet. He just stood there, head down, breathing hard. Durendal was being held in his right hand resting the edge of the sword on the ground.

'I've got to stop the boy! He doesn't know how dangerous that was. He could have been killed! Then what would we have done if Voldemort ever shows up again. I must take him away for his own safety!'

Dumbledore walked slowly and quietly closer to Harry. When he was in range he raised his wand and fired off four quick spells. "EXPELLIARMUS! STUPEFY! PETRIFICUS TOTALUS! INCARCEROUS!"

That should be enough to take down an un-armed wizard! Dumbledore thought. But when he was through, he looked up to where Harry had been standing… where Harry was still standing. Only this time he was looking right at Professor Dumbledore.

The light from Harry's eyes flooded the backyard, his aura clearly seen in the dark of the night. Turning slowly to face his attacker Harry walks to where the Headmaster was again transfixed to the ground.

"That is the second time you have attacked me Headmaster! The first time I gave no response. What do you think I should do this time? What would you do?" Harry's tone of voice was as cold as an arctic blast from the North Pole and it made Dumbledore literally shiver.

"I… I'm sorry Harry, I … I thought you might have been hurt and need to be taken to the hospital." Dumbledore lied.

Durendal flashed darkly as the Headmasters answer.

"Would you like to try again Headmaster? Durendal doesn't seem to like your answer.

"I am sorry Harry, and I am concerned for your welfare. You should not have been able to do something as dangerous as that, you could have been killed! You must be properly trained if you have this type of power!"

"Are you volunteering to train me Headmaster? Were you ever planning on training me?"

Dumbledore was honestly afraid of Harry right now. He knew he could not have done what Harry had just done. He had planed to go to each blood rune stone and deactivate them one-at-a-time. But to basically rip all of the power out of all four blood rune stones, summon them to you and then destroy them at one time would have taken an unimaginable amount of power!

Harry continued walking closer to Professor Dumbledore, his scar was starting to glow a sickly green color – the same color as the Avada Kedavra curse. An aura began to grow around the scar that felt dark and sickly. Harry felt that he should be the one ruling over the wizarding world. Who else had his power?

Why should he still be living here with these muggles when he had the power to control them all? What had they ever done to him? Only hurt and ridiculed his very existence! For all he cared at the moment, he was of a mind to just go in the house and kill them while they slept!

"I tire of your interference Headmaster. I think you have caused me enough grief and heart-ache for more then one life time!"

Harry's eyes were blazing red as he raised his sword with the intent of striking Albus Dumbledore down. The Headmaster was still stuck firmly to the ground - unable to defend himself.

Just as Harry went to swing the mighty Durendal, the great blade again turned as black as coal sensing the change of heart in its wielder. A massive discharge of energy came down the blade into Harry's arm.

Uhhhhh! Harry screamed as he dropped the sword and dropped down to his knees. A bright flash of sickly green magic flared around Harry as if he had been hit with a hundred killing curses!

Professor Dumbledore found that he could move again, and headed directly to catch Harry.

Harry held up his hand and tried to stop the Headmaster from coming over: "NO! Professor – stay away from me, please! I could still be dangerous! I'm sorry; I just don't know what came over me!"

Sassy was suddenly next to Harry. "Master Harry! What happened! Professor Dumbledore, please stand back from Master Harry before I have to remove you. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM?" Sassy was upset to say the least.

"Sassy, Professor Dumbledore didn't do anything to me. I did it to my self." Harry said.

"Oh, is that why you don't have any cloths on?" Sassy asked.

"Wha… Sassy, could you please help me with this – I don't know what I can or should do right now."

Sassy snapped her fingers, and Harry was again dressed in pajamas and slippers on his feet.

"Thank you Sassy. Sassy? Could you please levitate Durendal into the house? I don't think I should try to pick it up right now."

"Professor, with the wards around Privet drive down, I would ask you to please leave. Your presence is not welcome here at the moment."

"But Harry you could be injured. I wish you would come with me to Hogwarts and have Madame Pomfrey check you over. It wouldn't take that long."

"I am afraid I'll have to decline your generous invitation. I have people here who can 'check me over' and provide anything that I might need. Good evening Professor. And please, don't try attacking me from the back. I don't think you would like Sassy's response to it."

Harry slowly and shakily got up and moved back into Number Four Privet Drive. All Professor Dumbledore could do was watch the receding figure of a young man who was largely untrained, with probable more raw magical power then anyone else in the world. What was he to do? It was obvious the harder he pressed the boy, the more he resisted. Maybe there was another way. If the direct approach didn't work, maybe he could use others to influence Harry into seeing his point of view. He would have to talk to Professor McGonagall and maybe even Remus Lupin the next time he saw him. With that thought in mind, Professor Dumbledore apparated to Hogsmeade.

Inside Chamber five, in the Cupboard at Number Four Privet Drive.

As soon as Harry got back into chamber five he was verbally assaulted by Remus.

"Harry what the hell do you think you were doing out there? I swear the ground was shacking, and when I tried to get out there to see what is going on, Sassy stuns me! You look like hell and I know those aren't the same cloths you went to bed in. So Harry, just what's going on?"

Harry looked rather sheepish at Remus. Truth be told, he felt like hell and a little confused as well. Harry knew he wouldn't be able to avoid telling Remus so he went ahead and told him what he had just done, including the attempted attack on the Headmaster, and the way Durendal reacted to him.


"Ya, but I wasn't hurt was I?" Harry tried to justify himself.

"No? I'll agree that something did protect you when you destroyed the blood rune stones, but the blast was big enough to shred your former flannels right off your body. And then there's Durendal's reaction when you tried to attack Professor Dumbledore. Were you really trying to KILL him Harry?"

"I don't know Uncle Remus; I don't want to talk about it right now."

"You're staying right here and telling me what happened tonight young man! We're going to have a long discussion about this. Harry, you have got to realize that you have taken a huge responsibility on your shoulders, and either you are going to learn how to handle it, or it will destroy you. Now, tell me again what happened when you destroyed the blood rune stones."

Harry sighed; he didn't want to be there. He didn't want to be with Remus right now. He just wanted to go to bed and forget everything that had happened in the last few hours. Suddenly Harry heard 'Ma' in his subconscious mind: 'you better think hard and talk to Remus now, because when you get here you're going to be talked to again!' She sounded more then just a little upset. Harry now knew he was trapped. He couldn't get out of talking to some adult just by going to sleep. It was either talk to Remus now and 'Ma' later, or 'Ma' now and Remus later.

Harry finally decided just to face the problem that he had facing him now, and worry about 'Ma' when the time came. He knew she would be listening in to their conversation, so maybe he could get out of talking to her separately if he talked to Uncle Remus now.

Harry started by reminding Remus that he had told Professor Dumbledore to have the wards around Privet Drive down by the 11th of September, so technically, since it was after midnight; Harry was in his right to take the wards down with Durendal as he said at the Board of Inquiry.

"I'm not here for you to justify your actions Harry; I'm here trying to help you see what went wrong. Just go on. What happened when you started pulling the energy from the blood rune stones?"

Harry began to explain how he felt as the magic rushed into him, filling his recently expanded magical core. How he could feel that there would be more magic there then he could safely take in, and how he directed the last bit of energy over to the part of his core that had been left in him from a 'Tom Riddle'. How he then summoned the stones to him, and used Durendal to smash them to powder.

He then explained how the Headmaster attacked him again. "I don't remember clearly what happened. It was like another influence just came over me. I was filled with such rage and hate, not just for the Headmaster, but for everybody, magical and muggle, I hated them all." Harry unconsciously started to rub his scare. "When I saw the Headmaster just standing there, all I could think about was removing him. He was an obstacle to my plans. He had prevented me from completing my goal of total domination; he had to be removed."

Harry had tears in his eye as he looked up in to Remus' eyes as he recounted the next part. "I now know how to do the killing curse. Not just the words, but the feelings and emotions required. It was pure hate! When I raised the sword to strike Professor Dumbledore, I felt pure hate enter into my heart. That was when Durendal struck back at me. I remember feeling pain beyond measure as I felt the hatred being burned out of my heart. I remember the pain and sorrow of being so 'unclean'. I then saw a bright green flash of spent magic around me and the 'evil me', for lack of a better term, was subdued, if not completely gone."

"I then asked the Headmaster to please leave, and not try to attack me from behind again." Harry sat quietly for a few minutes while he and Remus reviewed what had just happened. Finally, Harry stirred, and wiping his eyes, said: "I'll going to go down to chamber eight to meditate for a while, could you have Sassy please being Durendal down there when you see her?" Remus shook his head 'yes'. He was still thinking about what he had heard.

Getting up, Harry first got cleaned up before going down to chamber eight. When he got there, he found that Sassy had already set up a wizarding tent, fully stocked for an extended stay in flextime, and Durendal was already there mounted on the wall.

Harry activated the flextime function of the chamber and got into a comfortable position before starting to meditate. Soon Harry could feel himself entering the portion of his mind where 'Ma' and 'Potter in the Mind' resided.

Seeing the expression on 'Ma's face, Harry fell to his knees and started crying again. He could see the disappointment on her face. He knew that he had failed her. 'I am so sorry 'Ma'!' Harry said. Then he cried all the harder. Some time after that, Harry became aware of someone holding him, and comforting him. He looked up to see 'Ma' there, hugging him, rocking back and forth, and humming a lullaby to him.

'Shhh, be quiet little child. I know how much pain you're in. Just stay here for a few minutes.' 'Ma' kept holding on to him, giving him comfort. Before he knew it, Harry was sleeping.

When he awoke, he felt somewhat more rested, but still sad and remorseful concerning what had happened with the blood rune stones, and Professor Dumbledore. He found 'Ma' waiting for him where she usually was.

'Good morning Harry. I hope you're feeling better. We need to talk.'

'Ya 'Ma', I know. Do you know what happened to me yesterday?'

'We'll get to that in a moment. First, I want you to come with me and look at something.'

'Ma' took Harry by the hand, and led him down to where he could see his magical core. It had been a long time since Harry had seen his core. To say he was impressed with how it had grown would be an understatement.

'It is impressive isn't it Harry? I would daresay that you currently have the largest magical core since Merlin. Especially after that stunt you pulled last night. You actually exceeded the size of your core last night didn't you?'

Harry had to shack his head 'yes' at 'Ma's observation.

'Do you remember what you did after that Harry?'

Harry thought for a minute, and then remembered the small core of 'Tom Riddle' that had attached its self to him when Voldemort killed his mother.

'I pushed the rest of the magic into 'Tom Riddle's core didn't I?' Harry asked.

'Yes you did Harry. Now come over here and look at that part of your core.'

Harry and 'Ma' then walked around the core chamber to where the 'Tom Riddle' core was. Harry gasped when he got close to it. This part of the core was a sickly green color, pulsing with rage and hatred for everything. There was a crystalline shield around this portion of the core that almost completely encompassed it.

'The shield is what Durendal put around it when you almost lost control. He is using the magical within this part of the core to create and maintain the shield. He hopes this will slowly be drained off this part of the core until it's basally harmless.'

'Just what is that 'Ma'?

'As close as I can figure out, there must be some part of this 'Tom Riddle' within Voldemort. Maybe Voldemort is 'Tom Riddle', which is more likely the case. Durendal previously told me that this core fragment would be a source of great knowledge and even greater temptation. I think we saw part of what the temptation would be last night. If you ever let this part of your core control your thoughts and actions, with the power that you have, you would be a far worse Dark Lord then Voldemort ever thought of being. This is where those feeling of hate came from last night, and the knowledge of how to do the killing curse. All that came from this little portion of that monsters core.'

'We always knew there was something bad within this core, we just didn't realize how bad. It was dormant until you pushed power from the blood rune stones into it.'

'How long will it take to drain the power away from it?' Harry asked.

'We're not sure dear, but in all probability, it will take several years, maybe decades. It will be important that in the future you don't push any more energy in its direction. If you did, it might break the shield, and we'd have another episode like we did last night.'

'You were actually lucky you were holding Durendal when you went to attack the Headmaster. If you hadn't, there would have been nothing to prevent you from casting the curse you were thinking of.'

'You mean the Killing curse?'

'Yes dear, the Killing curse. But one thing you have to remember; every time you use that curse, you lose a piece of yourself. Much as 'Tom Riddle' or Voldemort did when he used the Killing curse on your Mum.'

'If you had only had your wand, or used wandless magic, Durendal could not have stopped you and you would have succeeded in kill the Headmaster, and gone on to be a Dark Wizard. Since Durendal was there however, he was able to detect the change in the 'heart' of your soul and since he can only work with – and can be controlled by those who's hearts are pure, he had to find a way to reject you. He did that by redirecting the magic around 'Tom's' part of your core and try to remove as much of the bad influence from you as he could.'

'You mean I'm no longer worthy to hold the Sword of Roland?' Harry was sounding greatly worried. Did this mean he couldn't be a paladin, or keep the promises he had already made to the Goblins?

'Harry,' 'Ma' said placing an understanding hand on his shoulder, 'it means you made a mistake, and have to make up for that mistake. The mistake wasn't the way you got rid of the rune stones, that was just being a showoff. The main mistake was not being able to control your feeling and emotions and almost killing an individual not worthy of death – and you would have killed the Headmaster if not for Durendal.'

'Now Harry, what do you think you could do to over come this mistake?' 'Ma' was trying to make this a moral teaching experience.

'Well, first off I know I almost did something very wrong and I can't tell you how bad I fell about it. I think that I should also write a formal letter of apology to Professor Dumbledore and for lack of a better word 'ask his forgiveness' for my thoughtless actions. I already have a firm desire to never do something like that again, but I still fell like there is something missing. What else do I need to do?'

'Well, I think you have most of the bases covered, but there are still a few things more you can do. One would be to really understand the gravity of the action you just about took tonight – if for no other reason then to fix a resolve in your mind and soul to NEVER do anything like that for the wrong reason. That will take some time. But the other thing is to not be so totally down on your self. You made a mistake! Granted, it was a pretty big mistake, but we all make them. Then we'll just have to see if Durendal will accept you again.'

'Before I went to Hogwarts, I found a poem that was thought to have come from one of the first churches built in the new world. It was later discovered that a gentleman named Max Ehrmann had written it in the early 1900's. It called Desiderata – The Desired. I think you could benefit from some of the things it says:'


By max ehrmann

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexations to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.

Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass.

Take kindly to the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.

Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

Max Ehrmann c.1920

These few words gave Harry a peaceful feeling. He felt like he knew what 'Ma' was trying to stress. He had to find peace with a Higher Power then himself, but also he had to 'Be Himself'. He had to discipline himself, but at the same time not be so 'serious' all the time that he couldn't be a kid. But most important was the last line – 'Be cheerful. Strive to be happy'.

Coming out of his meditation, Harry spent the rest of the day (outside time – 10 days in flextime) reading on ethics and philosophy and talking with 'Ma' as to the difference between what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'.

One of the last things he did while in 'flextime' was to write a letter of apology to Professor Dumbledore:

September 12th, 1988

Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian DumbledoreOrder of Merlin - First Class,Grand Sorcerer,Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot,Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards,Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Professor Dumbledore,

I wish to sincerely apologies for my behavior earlier this morning. It was completely uncalled for and unacceptable.

Not as an excuse, but as part of an explanation, there is a portion of 'Tom Riddles' also know as 'Voldemort' magical core that had been dormant in me since his attack at Godric's Hollow seven years ago. In the process of bringing down the wards around Privet Drive, I unwisely moved some of the last part of the energy to this portion of the core. This 'woke-up' that part of the core and I was unprepared for the consequences.

It was the sword Durendal that noticed my 'change of heart' and refused to be used in such an unrighteous act. In the process, Durendal was able to drain a good deal of the 'evil' part of that core's power and has erected a shield around it to prevent any further incident.

I ask your forgiveness for my actions and as penance from my actions, give you a wizard's oath that on my life, and on my magic, I will always fight on the side of light. So mote it be.

This should not be interpreted as 'burying the hatchet' with you.

I still hold you responsible for not following my parent's directions in accordance with their Will, and crippling a generation of witches and wizards by having blocks placed on their cores. May I recommend a prudently placed 'amoveo virtus compresco' (Remove power block) on most of the students at Hogwarts?

I apologies again for my actions of this morning.


Lord-Baron Harry James Potter

Head of the House of Potter

Former resident of Number Four Privet Drive

Harry knew he was taking a chance telling Dumbledore so much about what had happened, but he did feel he needed an explanation why he had been attacked, and that he would not be attached again in unrighteousness. Harry didn't want to tell the Headmaster that he couldn't wield Durendal until he got all of the hatred out of his heart.

On his last 'day' in flextime Harry put forth his hand again to see if Durendal would let him remove it from the wall. He was rewarded with a positive response. Harry felt a great deal of joy and relief knowing that he had done everything he could to again enjoy the companionship of the 'Blade of Roland'.

Upon returning to chamber five and Potter Manor, Harry found Uncle Remus eating a light breakfast.

"Harry! I'm glad to see you back. Is everything alright?"

"Ya, things are much better now. Hold on a minute will you? Hedwig?" Harry's faithful white owl came into the room. "I have a letter I would like you to take to Professor Dumbledore. Don't wait for a reply, but if he places a tracing charm on you, come straight back here. If he doesn't, go to Lupin Manor and we'll be there in a little while."

Hedwig gave a short 'hoot' and bobbed her head to show she understood. Then held out her leg and let Harry attached the letter to it.

"Sassy?" Sassy was next to Harry in just moments. "Could you take Hedwig outside the house so she can fly to Hogwarts?"

"I would be glad to Master Harry, but why don't I take her a little closer?" Hedwig gave a 'hoot' of disgust, and turned her back up at the little elf.

"I think you just insulted Hedwig Sassy. No, just take her outside, she hasn't had as much exercise as she would like, and I don't use her to deliver many letters. This will be good for her."

Sassy nodded, then, asking Hedwig's forgiveness, took her outside to let her go. "If you hurry," Sassy said, "You can catch the last of the morning deliveries. Maybe even swipe a piece of bacon from the Headmasters plate."

Hedwig looked at Sassy, her eyes smiling. With a happy 'hoot', she was off, on her way to Hogwarts.

Hogwarts – Main Hall – Breakfast September 12th, 1988

The Headmaster was still stunned at the show of power a young eight-year-old boy had displayed just the day before. It reminded him of another young man who had attended Hogwarts nearly fifty years ago - Tom Marvolo Riddle. Had the Headmaster just made the same mistake with Harry as he had with Tom? Was all lost? But Harry held the Sword of Roland. Wouldn't that 'prevent' Harry from going 'Dark'?

The morning rush of owls had just landed in front of the students when, to everyone's surprise; a beautiful white owl came gliding through the windows and lit in front of the Headmaster. Holding its leg out, the Headmaster gently took the letter from off the owl. As soon as the letter was off, Hedwig started eating off of his plate, and drinking the pumpkin juice out of his goblet.

Professor McGonagall knew who Hedwig was, but didn't say anything to the Headmaster about that. Instead, she asked; "Aren't the wards around Hogwarts designed to direct all owls addressed to you to your office, or the central mail center Headmaster?"

"Of course you are correct Professor McGonagall. The only exceptions to that rule are for former Headmasters, current staff, and … Heads of a Founders House." This last part was almost said to himself. Professor Dumbledore was shaken out of his thoughts when he noticed Hedwig start to leave. Thinking quickly, he took out his wand and placed several tracking spell on the owl's back and tail. Hedwig, felling the spells hit her, let out a disapproving squawk, turned back around on the Headmaster, and let her displeasure known by soiling his new purple robes.

Some of the students laughed at the owl's antics, as Hedwig continued to out of the hall and continued back to her master.

With a wave of his wand the stain was gone and the Headmaster continued looking at the letter he had just received. Opening it, Professor Dumbledore was quite shocked to see that the letter was from the little boy whom he had been worrying about, but the letter did not sound like it was a little boy talking. Someone far more mature had written this. But the magical signature was that of Harry and Harry's alone. 'Maybe he had someone dictate the letter to him.' Dumbledore thought. 'I have to find out who his guardian and advisers are. All Minerva and Filius will tell me is that they are not able to talk about the proceedings of the Inquiry, and that damned goblin oath is keeping the secrets safely tied up in their mind where I can't get to it.'

He was somewhat shocked at some of the information contained in the letter. He didn't know if he liked the idea of a piece of Voldemort connected to 'The-Boy-who-lived', but it did verify the identity of Voldemort. He was also glad that he had been right with regards to Durendal. As long as Harry was worthy to hold the sword, he would not go dark.

He was sadden somewhat with the fact that Harry was not 'burying the hatchet' with him. He also felt a pricking of the mind and heart when Harry mentioned the incident of the Will, and placing the block on the children's core but how was he going to reverse that item? The Ministry had been putting limits on most new infants since just after defeat of the Dark Wizard Grindelwald on his recommendation. Maybe he could do something with the students as they arrive each year. But should he do it to everyone? What about those whose parents had been followers of Grindelwald and Voldemort? 'Do you condemn the child for the sins of the parents?'

"Albus are you alright?" Professor McGonagall asked quietly.

"What? Oh, yes thank you Minerva, I'm fine. I was thinking about this letter from Harry."

"Who is the letter from? Why didn't the wards stop that owl from delivering it to you here?" Professor Flitwick asked innocently. He too knew who Hedwig was and whom she belonged to. He just wanted to see if the Headmaster would give a correct response or a lie.

"The letter is from our Mr. Potter. I'm sorry, I can't disclose that information. And I really don't know how she got through the wards" was Dumbledore's reply. Well, at least it wasn't a lie, or half-truth. Maybe he was learning something after all.

Number Four Privet Drive – Chamber 5.

Ty the house elf came in the kitchen very excited just after Hedwig left.

"It's done Master Harry, Master Lupin, the new Manor is complete! We just need a few more hours to move in the furniture and we'll be already to show you your new Manor Master Lupin!"

You could tell Ty was very excited, but he had learned his lesson from Professor McGonagall regarding how to act.

"That's great Ty!" Harry said. "Is there anything you want us to do before coming over?"

"Oh no! Please just when you come, slide to these coordinates," and he handed them a little piece of parchment with the location on it.

"Why here? Why can't I apparate to my own home?" Remus asked.

"Please Master Remus, don't get mad at me. It's just that it's been so long since I've been able to show a finished project, that I'd like to make a big deal out of it." Ty was hanging his head.

"Oh, come on Uncle Remus! Ty has worked hard on this project. The least you can do is give him the pleasure of unveiling it for you."

"Okay, we'll come as soon as Hedwig gets back, or if she shows up there, then come and get us."

"Thank you Master Remus!" With that, Ty disappeared back to the Manor to finish-up the last minute details.

"Do you think Hedwig will really come back here first?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I do Harry. Albus knows you'll be moving soon, and he won't want to lose track of you if Hedwig is his only connection to you, he'll probable place every tracking charm know to man on her. Now why don't you get Sassy, and let's go down to chamber 8 and get in a few days worth of training while we're waiting for her to get back."

Remus figured they had about two hours left before Hedwig or Ty showed back up to get them. That would give them about two and a half days in flextime. During that time they reviewed all the basic information from the second year course work at Hogwarts. That included Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, DADA, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration, and Wizard Etiquette. Harry also reviewed what he had read with regards to Rune casting and Rune Magic in general.

At noon of the third day in flextime Remus and Harry came out of chamber eight, just in time to feel Hedwig trip the ward around Number Four Privet Drive. "Sassy? Could you please go out back and bring Hedwig in? I want to see what tracking spells Professor Dumbledore placed on her." Harry said.

A few moments later, Hedwig was resting on Harry's arm looking very pleased with herself.

"That was a quick trip Hedwig, did you have any trouble?" Harry asked.

Hedwig just pulled herself up a little taller and gave a respected 'Hoot'.

"You didn't retaliate did you?"

Here Hedwig's eyes started to twinkle as she nipped Harry's fingers softly.

"Uncle Remus, you may want to contact Uncle Filius and Aunt Min to find out what really happened."

Remus just gave a little chuckle and quickly agreed to write the others.

"I feel four different spells here on Hedwig's back and tail. Can you take them off of her?"

"I'll see what I can do Harry." Remus answered. "Is there some way you can show me where they are?"

Harry thought about it for a moment, and then, held his hand over Hedwig's back area. Four different areas started to glow on her as if you were looking at her under a black light.

"Do you want me to just remove them, or should we make life a little more 'exciting' for the Headmaster?" Remus asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I thought we could take three of these tracking spells and place them on each of the Dursley's and let the Headmaster try to figure out where you really went to."

"I think that's brilliant Uncle Remus! Can you do that?"

"Ya, I think I can. We'll first remove the strongest tracking spell and place it on one of the floor joints here in the cupboard so he won't be able to tell when we leave, then I will disillusion myself and Hedwig and place the remaining tracking spells on each of the 'family' members. It should only take about ten minutes tops. After that, we'll close up your trunk, shrink it down, and I'll let you 'slide' the rest of us to Lupin Manor."

"Great! Let's get it done then!"

True to his word, ten minutes later Remus showed back up with Hedwig, with a big smile on his face. Harry had been making sure he had everything picked up and pack away by the time he got back. "Mission accomplished Harry, let's go! You're sure you don't need to say goodbye to anyone here do you?"

"Na, I've already said my goodbyes. Lets just get out of here. I want to see what Ty had done with the place."

Placing the trunk in his pocket, Hedwig on his shoulder, and holding on to Remus by the arm, Harry 'slid' everything and everyone to the coordinates given them by Ty. When they arrived there, they were surprised to see a large brush hedge in front of them, and what looked all of the bound house elves behind them.

Outside Lupin Manor

As soon as they appeared, the house elves began cheering and whistling. Ty appeared by their side and announced to the crowd: "We've finished the Manor and it's time to bring the new owner home!"

The crowd of elves began cheering even louder.

"Okay, now I know you're both excited to see your new Manor, but first lets give a had to all the house elves from the House of Potter and the House of Ravenclaw for all they had done to make this possible. Now, I know you want to see your new Manor that is currently behind this brush, so why don't we ask the grounds keeper to get rid of it for us. You know what to say, so why don't you say it with me: GROUNDS KEEPER, MOVE THAT BRUSH!"

The brush hedge vanished and Remus and Harry stood there dumb founded.

Before them stood the most stately, the most beautiful, the largest 'Manor' either of them had ever seen.

The Manor its self was sitting in the middle of a 200-acre plot of land. The front portion of the estate had a smooth lawn, edged by a traditional English garden. The pathway to the Manor was of large granite stones perfectly set together. The exterior of the Manor was also granite showing a four-story exterior.

"Do you like what you see on the outside? Why don't we go and take a look at the inside of your new Manor!" The excited elf said.

Coming through the double doors into the foyer, Remus and Harry were greeted by a familiar floor plan. Off to the right was a formal dinning room, to the left, office space and a den for Remus to work in. Directly in front of them was a spiral staircase that led up to the main living/sleeping quarters. Directly behind the staircase was the entrance to the Grand room that opened out to a veranda. All of the floors and stairs were of the finest marble from Italy. The glass and crystal were from the finest wizarding foundries in Venice.

Ty came in and ask Harry and Remus if they liked what they had seen so far. All either of them could do was look around and shack their heads 'Yes'. "Well, there's a lot more of the Manor to check out. Why don't you GO AND CHECK OUT THE REST OF YOUR MANOR!

Remus and Harry broke out of their stupor and started running in every direction.

Just past the spiral staircase on the right was the kitchen, informal dining area, living room, and a breakfast / morning nook.

Off the left of the spiral staircase was one of the two Master bedroom suites.

Upstairs was a second Master bedroom suite, and eight additional bedrooms, each with their own walk in closets, and full bathrooms. There was also a galley that looked over the Grand room, a Library, main training area, and a muggle game room.

The top two floors were different from the original floor plan. The third floor had six additional bedrooms, with their own walk in closets, and full bathroom. The top floor was for physical training and magical dueling.

The Manor also had three floors underground. The first basement was a copy of chamber eight in Harry's trunk. And was ready for any rites or rituals Remus and Harry wanted to perform. It also had a wizards tent set up inside that was a miniature copy of the Manor where they could stay when they were in flextime.

The next basement was a fully stocked potions lab. It was currently set up to handle twenty workstations at a time.

The last sub-level was a copy of chamber number nine from the trunk. Just before going in, Ty looked at Remus and said: "Master Remus, I know that most of the time you are a kind, considerate master. But once a month, you have a problem with Lycanthrope. I have made a part of this chamber my secret project just for you. Go in and see if you like it.

Entering into the plain room, Remus saw two fully automated dummies. One shaped like a stag, the other like a large black dog.

"These dummies will respond only to your werewolf self, and are designed to be here to keep you company during the transformation. Also, this room has been warded so that a werewolf may enter this area, but may not come out of this area so as to keep everyone in the Manor safe.

Remus was speechless as he thanked Ty and gave Harry a big hug. "It will almost be like running with Prongs and Padfoot again. Thank you."

"Well we're not done yet Master Remus. Why don't you and Master Harry go and check out your new backyard!"

Harry and Remus made their way to the backyard through the Grand Room on the main floor. As soon as Harry saw what was out back, he let out a war cry and started running down to a brand new Quidditch field as quickly as he could. When he got to the field, he opened the equipment shed, and pulled out a brand new Cleansweep 7. Letting out another war cry, Harry jumped on the new broom and was off in a flash.

"Hey! Be careful out there! Minerva will kill me if anything happens to you while you're here!" Remus yelled. It didn't do any good; Harry was already too far away to hear him.

For the next hour Harry was flying the Cleansweep 7 as fast as he could. Remus brought out the box that held a quidditch set and decided to give Harry a try-out to see just how good he was.

First Remus took out the quaffle, and after getting Harry's attention; throw the ball up into the air. That was all it took as Harry came flying around as quickly as he could and caught the quaffle with his left arm, then, swinging back as sharply, rocketed down to the other end, transferred the quaffle to his right side and throw it with all his might through the middle ring of the goal. It was good! Before the quaffle could hit the ground, Harry zoomed around the back of the goal, grabbed the ball again and headed off to the other end of the field.

After about twenty minutes of that drill, Remus got Harry's attention again by holding up one of the beater bats. "Let's see how you are with a bludger. I'll only let one out this time." Remus said.

Harry dropped the quaffle, and grabbed the bat from Uncle Remus. Remus let one of the bludgers out. It shot up into the sky as if it was grateful to out of the box. Harry moved away from Remus so that the bludger wouldn't hit him by mistake. Remus had grabbed the other bat just in case it got close.

Harry proved to be just as accurate with the bat as he had been with the quaffle. At the end of another twenty minutes, Harry hit the bludger, and then started chasing after it. As the bludger started to slow down in preparation to turn back to the field of play, Harry caught up with it and grabbed it, tucking it tightly under his arm.

With the bat in his right hand, and the bludger on his left, Harry used legs to guide the broom back to Remus to hand the equipment back to him. Harry was looking very pleased with himself, and Remus was impressed beyond words as to how his all-but-godson was performing on the quidditch field. After Harry had given him the bludger and bat, Remus held his hand behind him. "Are you ready for this Harry?"

Harry looked at him questioningly. Remus brought his hand out from behind him: "the Golden Snitch," he said.

A large grin grew over Harry's face as he saw the small golden ball spread its wings.

Remus suddenly let the snitch go. It flew right past Harry who turned to follow it, but suddenly it was gone.

"Where did it go Uncle Remus?"

"You have to wait until the snitch shows its self to you, then you try to catch it. Try flying in a searching pattern while you wait for it."

Harry started by flying higher the usual so he could see more of the field at one time. He would not fly in a straight line, but weave back and forth, doubling back on himself just in case the snitch appeared behind him.

Finally after about five minutes, Harry caught a glimpse of something gold near the northern goal. Turning his Cleansweep 7 as hard as he could he put it into a power dive right towards the golden glitter. Sensing it was being chased, the snitch headed lower to the ground, still staying close to the goal post. Remus saw Harry starting to dive at something at the far end of the field and looked over. He just caught a glimpse of gold before it moved lower and behind the goal post. 'Harry's going to kill himself! There's no way he can avoid the post, grab the snitch, and pull up from that dive before hitting the ground!' "HARRY STOP!" Remus yelled. He started running to the far end of the field to be there when Harry crashed. He yelled again, but he knew Harry couldn't hear him. He was flying too fast for Remus to use his wand, so all he could do is pray that the ground was soft, and that he could put him back together again after he hit

Harry also noticed the snitch was hugging the goal post a little too close for his liking. 'It's probable going to make a sharp turn and brake up and away from the post when I get closer.' Harry thought to himself. 'I'll need to make a little course adjustment just in case. Not too much, but just enough give me some options rather then hitting the pole.'

Harry pushed his broom into a steeper dive so he could come out of the dive sooner, he also moved out away from his current line, which would have put him right into the pole. Sure enough, as Harry started to pull out of his dive, the snitch turned to the open field, and started to accelerate upward. Harry's line-of-flight was such that he was able to 'slingshot' around the goal pole without much loss of speed. Pulling the broom up, Harry soon caught up to and caught the snitch.

Letting out another victory yell, Harry held the struggling snitch in his hand as he pulled broom to a stop. Looking down where Uncle Remus had been and didn't see him. Looking over the field, he found Remus on the ground near where he had just come around the goal post. Heading down as quickly as he could, Harry jumped off the broom and ran over to see if Remus was injured.

"Uncle Remus! Are you okay? I didn't see you when I came around the pole! I'm so sorry!

Remus slowly raises his head to see that Harry's all right, with the snitch still in his hand.

"Yo… You did… didn't crash!" Remus stutters out. "I thought you were going to crash for sure!"

"Why should I crash? All I had to do is keep my eye on the snitch, make sure I didn't run into the goal pole, and not hit the ground. I thought the snitch would head out towards the open field, and probable shot up since it was so low. I just needed to adjust my dive to be able to take advantage of something like that if it happened."

Harry made it sound like it was no big deal.

"Well, let's put things up and go back to the Manor shall we?"

"Sure, Uncle Remus. Say, can we do that again, that was fun! I wish there were other people to play with."

"I know Harry, we can do this some more at a later time, but as far as having other kids over, that wouldn't be too safe right now. I hope you understand."

"I do Uncle Remus, besides, I think my studies will keep me busy for the most part."

"Good kid. Now, let's get back to the Manor and go exploring some more before we get down to work"

The next few days were spent getting use to the new Manor. Over the weekend, Professors Flitwick and McGonagall were brought up to see it and needless to say, were very impressed the things in general.

Professor Flitwick kept teaching Harry regarding the business he had, and how each of them was running. Harry also asked Professor Flitwick to work with the Goblins on setting orphanages on several of the Potter and Ravenclaw properties in areas where the need was greatest. A percentage of each profitable Potter companies would go to support the different orphanages. All would be welcome at the orphanages: regardless of if they came from a pure-blood, half-blood, squib or muggle-born family. Harry also wanted the children tested for a power block on their core. If one was found, it was to be removed.

Harry didn't want the public to know that he was the one running the orphanages, and so the Lawcraven Foundation was created.

End Chapter 15

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