Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 19 – What else has been going on

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

Chapter 19 – What else has been going on?


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Infirmary – prior to the new term

The Headmaster had been under heavy sedation for the last week. Madame Pomfrey had diagnosed him with a simple case of exhaustion. It would appear that he hadn't been sleeping since Professor McGonagall informed him that Harry Potter's guardians has sent a reply back stating that Mr. Potter would in fact be coming to Hogwarts on September 1st.

Now that the students were to be showing up later tonight, Professor McGonagall needed the Headmaster to again take some of his duties back since she had to make sure that everything else was ready for that evening.

As she entered into the Infirmary early in the morning, Madame Pomfrey greeted her. "Professor McGonagall. Have you come to get the Headmaster up?"

"I certainly hope so Poppy. We're down to the last day and I have some things that I just have to get done before my classes start. How is he doing now?

"He seems to be doing much better. He has stopped fighting the sedatives and has just let them do their job. I would think that if he were to get some normal rest in his personal chambers from now on, he will be fine."

"But Minerva, you really need to get him to talk about what is bothering him. We can't afford to have him falling apart with the children here."

"That's why I will be taking him back to his office this morning Poppy, to have a good long talk with him and to try to get whatever is bothering him, behind him."

"Well if you can't get him to talk about it, there are some mind healers at St. Mungo's that may be able to help."

"Thank you Poppy, you've been a great help."

Professor McGonagall waited until the sedative wore off of the Headmaster. As he started to wake up, she could see him toss and turn. "It was for the greater good…wasn't it?" She heard him said still in a half dream state.

Professor McGonagall gentle shacks the Headmaster awake. "Albus? Albus we need to get back to work now."

"Ah – what? Oh Minerva. What am I doing in the Infirmary?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

"Don't you remember? You came into the Great Hall in a state of confusion and total disorientation. I brought you here, and Madame Pomfrey diagnosed you with a simple case of exhaustion, but you must take better care of yourself Albus. The students will be here this evening, and there is still much that needs to be done."

"I'll let you get dressed and then you and I are going up to your office and have a talk about just what is going on." There was no room for negotiation in Professor McGonagall's voice. The Headmaster knew he was going to get a talking-to from the Deputy Headmistress, and he knew he wasn't going to like it.

After leaving the Infirmary, the Headmaster and his Deputy made their way to his offices. Upon reaching the Gargoyles that stand as sentinels to the entrance of his office, the Headmaster gives the password ('Butterscotch'). After the Gargoyles have moved out of the way, they proceed on their way up.

"It feels so good to be back in my office. May I interest you in a Lemon Drop?" Professor was trying to stall as long as possible. But he should have known better than to try that with his Deputy.

"No, thank you Headmaster. Now if you're through stalling, I think we need to have a little talk as to what brought this 'exhaustion' on, don't you think Albus?"

Sitting defeated in his chair Professor Dumbledore knows that there is no getting out of this discussion.

"I'm afraid I've been a little unsettled since receiving word that Mr. Potter would indeed be coming to Hogwarts to school this fall."

"Why should that be troubling you Albus? I would have thought having Mr. Potter here is just what you wanted?"

Professor Dumbledore was quiet for several minutes resting his head on his steepled fingers. Finally, he looked up into the eyes of his most trusted friend. Tears were slowly creeping down the corners of his eyes as he addressed her.

"Let's start with my last encounter with young Mr. Potter. As you know, he had directed me to have the wards down around number Four Privet Drive no later then Midnight on September 11th. I intentionally did not show up until just after midnight to see just what he thought he could do to some of the most powerful wards outside of Hogwarts."

"I wasn't surprised at all when he met me out back, but what did surprise me was his request that I put up protective shields and privacy wards around the house, and again around the outside of the property line. After I had done so, Mr. Potter told me a little as to why he is so strong. It would appear that Lily and James had come up with a series of charms and exercises that allowed young Mr. Potter to expand, and then fill, his magical core. The fact of the matter was that he had been using the Blood Rune wards to help expand his core. He had indicated that this would be the last time they would be needed since he would be moving to another location as soon as some of the elves had things ready."

"What he did next was nothing short of amazing! First, he connected the four blood rune stones together, and then brought them to 'focus' on him. Next, he started to slowly draw the power from the stones towards himself. Then he did something I felt sure was impossible. He started to bring in all of the energy from the Blood Runes into himself until there wasn't enough power to keep the ward up. After the ward fell, Mr. Potter summoned all four of the Blood Rune Stones towards him at the same time. I saw him draw his sword, Durendal, and in one fluid motion he destroyed all four stones!"

"I saw the shock wave heading straight for me and thought for a moment I was going to die. Suddenly, a granite wall was in front of me – I hadn't placed it there, so that meant it had to be Mr. Potter's doing. I was able to get a strong Protego shield up behind the wall just in time. When the shock wave hit the wall, I was thrown against the shield at the back of the yard, and would have been crushed if not for my own shield. The granite wall that had taken the brunt of the force was pulverized into fine dust. I know Harry would have been hurt much worse then I as I stood up and looked in his direction. I was not ready for what I saw."

"There, in the middle of the back yard, stood Mr. Potter. All of his clothes had been blown completely off of him. He just stood there, in the middle of the yard, head down, breathing as if he had just completed a difficult task, the sword still in his hand. BUT NOT A SCRATCH ON HIS BODY!"

"I had to try to subdue the boy to bring him here where I could study him and control both him and his powers."

"I let off four quick spells that would have been able to subdue a Hippogriff, but when I finished, all I saw was Harry looking back at me. Still standing, just more pissed off."

"He reminded me of how I had attacked him at Gringotts, and how he didn't respond. He turned and started coming towards me. It was then that I noticed his scar was shining a deathly green. Now its aura seemed to be spreading to encompass his entire body, now I felt that I was facing certain death."

"I found that I could not move, and when I looked into his eyes, all I saw was hate. The same type of hate another student use to show many, many years ago. It was a hatred for all things, magical and muggle. It was at this point that I wondered if I had made the same mistake with Mr. Potter and I had with Mr. Riddle all those years ago."

"He went to strike me down, and I found I was powerless to stop him."

"I had always considered myself ready for the next great adventure, but at that moment, I found myself lacking greatly. I had just been shown where I was lacking, and I had yet to do everything I could to resolve the conflicts in my life. I did not want to enter the next great adventure this way."

"As Mr. Potter went to lower sword through me, he was suddenly struck by what looked like a hundred killing curses causing him to drop the sword and sparing my life. When I went to give aid, he stopped me saying that he did not think he was safe to be around yet, and that I should just leave. His personal house elf – Sassy – came out next and was quite emphatic that I leave presently. She then helped young Mr. Potter into the house while levitating the sword inside."

"The next day I received a letter from him. In it he stated how sorry he was that the incident had taken place. He explained that there resides within him a fragment of 'Tom Riddle's' magical core – not a fragment of his sole, just a fragment of his core. It has been in him since the day Voldemort attacked and killed his parents. When Harry brought down the Blood Rune shield from around the house, he was forced to put some of the residual magic in to that part of his core. The results were that 'Tom Riddle's' core almost overcame Harry, and had it not been for Durendal, I would have indeed been killed."

"It seems that the display of magic that temporarily incapacitated Mr. Potter was Durendal's attempt to drain the power from the 'Tom Riddle' part of his magical core and placing a shield around it to try to isolate it. With any luck, it will be inoperable and someday, we can figure how to remove it from him."

"That young man has been walking around with a piece of the most terrible wizard in many years in his core, and because of an immature act, almost lost control of his mind and his magic. He would have been the next dark wizard; he would have been the next Tom Riddle."

"But there is a difference with Mr. Riddle and Mr. Potter. Riddle, I could control. I was more powerful, more knowledgeable, and had more experience. With Mr. Potter, I may have the knowledge and experience, but not the power. Not by a long way."

Professor McGonagall had been listening very intently. She knew something had happened the night but couldn't get the story out of either Professor Dumbledore, or Harry.

"When I heard Mr. Potter was indeed coming to Hogwarts it had a bizarre effect on me. For the first time since taking the position of Headmaster at Hogwarts, there was the possibility that there would be a student that I would not be able to control or manage."

"How could I protect the other students if Mr. Potter gets out of hand? What if I did something that offended him? What if he retaliated? I don't know what to do Min; I just don't know what to do."

Professor Dumbledore drew quiet as he held his head in his hands and wept. Was that the only reason her friend for the last sixty plus years was so beside himself that he couldn't take care of his basic needs? Professor McGonagall thought there must be something more.

"Is Mr. Potter still in possession of Durendal?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"Yes, I believe he is Minerva, why?"

"Well, I would think from your little story it would be quite clear. As long as Mr. Potter is worthy to posses the sword Durendal, he will not go dark. Isn't that correct Albus? And as long as you are truly on the side of right, you will have nothing to fear from Mr. Potter. It is only when your actions are selfish, or dark that you have to fear him."

"Oh course you are correct." The Headmaster answered, not really listening to his Deputy.

"But that's not the reason you are afraid to have young Mr. Potter here this year is it Albus? You're still thinking about what happened three years ago, but now it isn't about him having you removed as the executor of his parents Will or his Magical guardian, it's about when he used Durendal to judge you – to judge the intents of your heart. You're still worried you won't pass another test if it came to that do you?" She asked.

"…Yes, alas to my own shame there are still many things that would cause me to fail a similar test today. And I am concerned that Mr. Potter would or could challenge me at a most inopportune time."

"When I met Mr. Potter at Gringotts three years ago it was to answer for things that I had sworn to do and yet, had not. I had prevented him, like his father from going to Gringotts and participating in the Appointment of the Heir rites and rituals. I had been warned by the goblins that I should not interfere with these rites and rituals, lest dire consequences would befall me if I failed to perform my duty properly. Somehow, he managed to get himself to Gringotts and assume his rightful place as the head of the House of Potter."

"I must admit I was quite surprised to get a summons to Gringotts for a Board of Inquiry, and even more surprised to find out that it had, in fact, been called at the request of the proper Head of House. Remember? You were there with Filius and Remus." I was so sure that I knew what was right for everyone. Why should people be given the opportunity to make a wrong decision when I could prevent them from needing to do so? Wouldn't life be much easier if your decisions were already made for you? Yes, life would be so much easier."

Professor Dumbledore seemed to just drift into his own little world where nothing bad would happen because all of lives tough decisions were already been made for you by someone 'more wise' then they were.

"No Albus, life would not be easier. You know you grow best if you have to struggle against opposition. It's the struggle that makes you strong. Haven't you noticed if a tree is left out in the center of a field to get all the sunlight and water it can get, the root system doesn't grow very deep, and there are so many branches coming off of the tree that it weakens the wood. If a strong wind comes up, there is a very good possibility that the tree will break or become uprooted."

"But, if you have a sapling that is in a congested place, where it has to fight for sunlight and have the roots go deep to reach the water, it will grow slower, but when the winds come, it will have the strength in the wood and in the root to keep it strong and upright."

"It's the same with life. If we are given everything handed to us in life we learn little and grow even less, and have a very shallow reserve of strength and determination when hard time come. However, if we have to choose between what is right and what is wrong, and we learn to stick to our beliefs and decisions, and then are forced to face the consequences for our decisions, we develop deep reserves from which we can draw upon when times are hard."

"Now Albus, what gives you that right to make the decisions for others to make their lives less difficult? I seem to recall one of Mr. Potter's statements to you at Gringotts as being something to the effect: "You are not a god Headmaster; you do not know all things. You do not know the end from the beginning. You need to let the people make their choices and their mistakes. How do you expect them to grow if they do not?" Do you believe that now Headmaster?"

"I am afraid Mr. Potter was more correct than I wanted to admit at that moment in time. He has given me much to think about for these last three years."

"What did Mr. Potter mean when he said you had taken the free agency away from and entire generation? What was that about?"

Professor Dumbledore held his head down in shame thinking about the situation three years ago. Here was an eight year-old boy with almost no exposure to the wizarding world proving to be more 'wise' then the most 'knowledgeable' wizard in the world.

"I am afraid Mr. Potter is making reference to one of my other 'noble' decisions that I had presented to the Ministry of Magic soon after I had defeated Grindelwald. I had noticed that most of the people who had supported Grindelwald were those who where already magically stronger – on a whole – then the fighters for the light."

"I 'suggested' that each magical infant be tested at birth to see what their potential for magic would be. If they were found to be too strong – say have a power rating over 100, than bind their core so that it would in effect limit the core to one half its normal capacities. Needless to say the ministry was more then happy 'implement' my suggestion. The bind was designed to dissipate over time to by their seventeenth year; the bind would be completely off of the individual. With the rise of Voldemort, I 'suggested' that the power rating be lowered to 40."

Professor McGonagall was beside herself. She had noticed that the new students had a very difficult time doing any kind of magic when they first arrived. She had just attributed it to lazy students. But to hear that her 'friend' was the person responsible for their poor performance was almost too much for her.


"At the time, I must admit I was feeling a little bit like a 'god'. That I and I alone knew what was best for them all."

"I am afraid it is now quite clear that I was not thinking and that in fact I did not know what was best for anyone."

"In the one letter that I had received from Harry three years ago prior to him going to his new guardians, he told me that his parents had figured out about the core binding, and prevented it happening to him. He also suggested that if they could figure it out, other families could also. The obvious implication is that it would be the 'darker' families that would be more likely to remove any type of magical bind on their own children. He even provided a counter-spell to remove bind if one existed. It would seem that despite my best of intentions, I just might have been the one to put the 'light' in a more precarious position due to my 'insight'."

It was strange, but the more Professor Dumbledore confessed to Professor McGonagall, the more a weight seemed to be lifting off his heart and shoulders. A weight that had been there for so long that he had just come to accept it as a regular part of life.

But he knew this was just the first part of his own personal road to redemption. There was still the part about 'obtaining' the other Heir of the Founders key items and vaults. Dumbledore know that it was not right for him to have these things. They were not his and – with the possible exception of the potion manuals from the heir of Slytherin – he had to return them.

But how could he bring himself to return the Gryffindor heirlooms to the Weasleys after he had 'held' them for the last one hundred years. He was sure that none of the current generation of Weasleys that even knew they were the heirs to Gryffindor.

He had 'held' Hufflepuff's challis for even longer. He did not know how Madame Bones would react if he were to just hand it over to her without any explanation. Maybe young Harry would have a solution to these touchy problems… Yes, he would wait for Harry to come before worrying about these problems.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Professor McGonagall asked him: "Well Albus, you've had three years now to make changes and to rectify things. What steps have you taken to fix this?"

"Alas, to my shame, very little. I did go to Harry's Aunt and Uncle and pay them all the money they should have had for having Harry stay with them, and I did return the books, artifacts and keys that I had taken from the Potter vaults, but outside of that, very little."

"What about binding the new-born's magical cores? Surely you stopped that – didn't you?" Minerva asked.

For his part, Professor Dumbledore just looked down, into his lap, not responding to the question.

"Albus! What were you thinking!" Professor McGonagall yelled. "You knew what needed to be done over three years ago, and you sit there and do NOTHING? What's wrong with ya man? Are you daft? Or are you just too proud to admit you were wrong?"

Letting out a sigh of defeat, and coming back to the present, looked back up at the Deputy-Headmistress. "What? Oh, that… Of course I must contact the Ministry and the healers at St. Mungo's and have this practice stopped at once. Next we must find a way to remove the remaining binding from the students here at Hogwarts and in other areas that applied the binding. Lastly, we must see if there is a way to overcome the effects of the bind, and get the power level in the core to its proper level. I am thinking that perhaps our Mr. Potter may have come upon a solution to the problem in one of his mother's journals."

Professor Dumbledore came to the uneasy realization that he would have to make some major changes in his approach to many things and one of the first of these would be how he dealt with a certain young man who was proving to be able to take care of him self better then Albus could.

Later that morning – Hogwarts

The students would just be leaving from platform nine and three-quarters about now.

The classes were all prepared and the teachers all in place. Professor Dumbledore was in the teacher's lounge holding the last staff meeting before the students arrived when they all started to hear the noise.

It sounded like an old steam locomotive starting in the basement and moving up to the battlements. The room was shacking, and everyone was afraid that they were under attack.

Professor Dumbledore tried to assure all of the staff present that they were not under attack, none of the defensive wards had been tripped, and it would be impossible for any dark creature to come through and hurt them or Hogwarts.

"Duncan!" Dumbledore yelled over the increasing noise.

"Yes Headmaster? Yous is calling Duncan sir?" The proper looking house elf said.

"Do you know what that noise is Duncan? Can you tell us where it is coming from?" The Headmaster asked.

"Yes Headmaster. Just a few moments ago hundreds of house elves from the House of Ravenclaw appeared stating that their Master wanted Hogwarts restored back to its original glory. They is being told that they only have eight hours to do the work, or they will have to work at night quietly. Their master told them they could not take Hogwarts down first to repair it, but must leave it up right and inhabitable while they do their work.

At that moment, the door to the teacher's lounge blew open and a great wind rushed in. All the teachers were standing with their wands drawn, ready for action. But they were never attacked. What they saw however was marvelous to behold.

As the 'wind' passed over the stone, the grime and soot from a thousand years was removed from its pores of the stones. The stones where then re-surfaced and polished to a high luster.

All of the torches in the room were also completely re-worked. The metal was cleaned and polished; the wicks were all trimmed and re-lit. The old stain on the doors was stripped and new stain applied. The pictures, statues, furniture, and armor were all cleaned, polished, and repaired before any of them complain about it.

"Duncan, can you please find the elf in charge of the renovations and have him report to me in my office?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

"Yes sir." Duncan answered, and with that, he was gone.

The Headmaster and the other head of houses went directly to the Headmasters office. A few moments after entering the office, Duncan was back with a very well dressed elf.

"Master Albus, this be Ty of the House of Ravenclaw." Duncan announced.

"Ah, Professor Dumbledore! My master told me you would probable want to talk to me. How may I be of service to you?" Ty said with a slight bow.

Professor Dumbledore was confused at the behavior of this house elf. He didn't act like a 'regular' house elf; he almost acted as if he were an equal with the renowned wizard.

"You and your other house elves will cease your work here and leave at once! Hogwarts has plenty of house elves that work hard to maintain and keep this building clean and in good repair. You help is not required."

Ty seemed to smile just a little as if this type of a response. "I am afraid you have no say in the matter Headmaster. You are not the Master of the House of Ravenclaw, and at best are only a caretaker of Hogwarts physical appearance. My master is grateful for all you have done for the castle and grounds, but now that they are attending, they have given very strict instructions that Hogwarts is to be restored to its original beauty and luster. This is not a poor reflection on you or the house elves of Hogwarts; on the contrary you all are to be commended as to the overall good condition of the estate. Now, if you will excuse me, there is much work to be done."

With that, Ty disappeared and suddenly, the headmasters office to be reformed. The desk was reorganized, and cleaned with a new finish on it. Fawkes' stand was completely redone and made more dignified and beautiful with a proper ashtray underneath to catch his ashes on burning day. For his part Fawkes let out a song of joy and flew around the room looking very pleased with his new stand.

The portraits of the former Headmasters and Headmistresses were cleaned, touched-up and straightened before they could complain; even the sorting hat was completely renewed and restored to how it would have looked a thousand years ago.

The bookcases were cleaned and reorganized; the armor cleaned and polished, the doors, walls, windows and torches renewed.

As quickly as it started, the activity seemed to end. The Headmaster and the other heads of house were looking around with awe and disbelief.

A cold snicker from Professor Severus Snape, head of Slytherin House, broke the silence. "That was almost as repulsive and annoying as some of those tricks Potter and Black use to play. What's this 'Heir of Ravenclaw' trying to prove? How much better they are then the rest of us? I'm just glad they will be sorted into your house Filius, and not mine. I will not play nurse maid to some spoiled 'Heir' even if they have not been at Hogwarts for who knows how long."

"I wouldn't be too sure Severus, being an heir of a house does not guarantee where someone will be sorted." Professor Flitwick responded. Both he and Professor McGonagall had seen Ty before, and knew for a fact who the 'Heir of Ravenclaw' was, but he just couldn't let such a good jab at Professor Snape pass by unanswered.

Just at that time, a beautiful white owl entering into the Headmasters office and flying around in a large circle interrupted the bickering. As Hedwig approached Fawkes location, she gave a hoot, which could have been interpreted, as 'I love what you've done to the place'. Fawkes, for his part just chirped back 'Thanks, and thank your master as well'.

Circling back around, Hedwig lit on the Headmasters desk and bowing her head, held out her leg with a letter tied to it. As the Headmaster reached for the letter, Professor Snape recognized the Snow White owl.

"Headmaster, isn't that the foul beast that made fun of you some years back?" He was reaching for his wand as if to be ready to blast the owl away as soon as it had delivered its message.

"I would put my wand away if I were you Severus. This owl has done nothing to you, and I am afraid you may not like her owners response if she where to be damaged in some way." Professor Dumbledore's tone of voice left no room for argument that this bird was not to be harmed.

"But Headmaster…"

"PUT. IT. AWAY. SEVERUS. I am doing you a favor." The Headmaster said strongly.

Grudgingly Professor Snape put his wand back into its holder.

Professor Dumbledore took the letter from Hedwig, who then stepped back a few paces, turning her head, it almost looked like she stuck her tongue out a Professor Snapes, then turned her head back to the Headmaster, looking as if she were waiting for a response.

As Professor Dumbledore read the letter his hands began to shake. Setting the letter down, he quickly conjured some parchment and ink and made a quick reply to the letter. Folding it up, he tied it to the owl's leg and said, "I don't know if you will be able to get this to him before the train stops at Hogsmeade, but you should be able to get it to him as he crosses the lake in the boats. Why don't you rest in the owlery until then."

Hedwig hooted her appreciation, and flew back out the window.

"Headmaster what's the problem?" Professor Sprout asked.

"It would appear that Mr. Potter is invoking his right as Head of the House of Potter to call for two meeting after the Sorting ceremony and Welcoming feast. The first meeting will be with a group of students, one of their pets, some ministry officials and some other member of the wizarding community, including the heads of house. That meeting will be in this office. Following that meeting, Lord Potter has requested that a Board of Inquiry be called and held. He has provided a list of goblins and wizards he wishes to attend this meeting. If everything goes as planned, a great injustice will be corrected tonight." Professor Dumbledore was feeling less then happy about the possibility of another Board of Inquiry at the beginning of the school year.

"LORD Potter is it? He's not even here and he's already more arrogant then his dead good-for-nothing father! Where does he get off calling himself a LORD when he's barely a child? All we need to do now is get LORD Potter and the 'Heir of Ravenclaw' together to form a mutual appreciation society club to see who can be the most spoiled! Mark my word Headmaster, if you do not put a stop this … this… grandiose behavior before it is to late, these two spoiled brats will think they run this school and answer to no one!"

"Well, just get them into my class. I'll show them who the adults are. Now, if my services are no longer needed, I will be in my chambers until the Welcoming feast. And those mange house elves had better not have cleaned up the potions class room!" With that Professor Snape turned throwing his robe behind him looking like a great bat exiting the room.

Before he made it to the door, Professor Dumbledore addressed him again.

"Professor Snape? We will need a vial of Veritaserum for some of this evening's activity. Would please make one available?"

Professor Snape turned back around, and with an emotionless expression on his face said: "Of course Headmaster." Then continued out the door.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Asked Professor Sprout.

"No Pomona, but thank you for asking. Just please make yourself available for the first meeting after the welcoming feast." Professor Dumbledore replied.

Turning to his Deputy, Professor Dumbledore said, "Minerva, I need you to contact the goblins and Tiberius Ogden from the last Board of Inquiry. I know this is at the last moment, just explain to Goldridge and the others that this is important."

"I have to contact Madame Bones, Mad-eye Moody, Remus, and several other Minister Members and Aurors for the first meeting. I'll meet you later tonight for the Welcome feast."

Hours later – Out at the Boat Landing of Hogwart's Lake

"Everyone in and settled? Good. Now off we go!"

As the boats pulled away from the dock, Harry was thinking to himself; 'now the adventure begins.'

All the small boat's followed Hagrid's as they set out across the black looking water of the lake.

"The castle will be visible just around this corner." Hagrid called out to the others in the boats. As they continued, Harry felt them passing through the wards around Hogwarts. 'Oh, so that's why they do this… They want to get a magical 'fingerprint' or impression of everyone coming into the school. That should make it easier to tell who did what if there is an 'accident'.' Harry thought to himself. Harry also felt the castle acknowledge him as a Heir of one of the founder. When this was done, the Headmaster, and all of the house elves were also made aware of the fact that a heir of the founders would be in their mist. Harry asked the castle to please not 'identify' him to the headmaster, that he wanted to be treated as a normal student.

As the boats came around the bend, everyone let out a collective gasp – including Hagrid. Before them was the most beautiful castle any of them had ever seen. If you didn't know that Hogwarts had been standing for a thousand years, you would have thought it had just been built.

'Boy that Ty can really do some good work. I'll have to make sure he knows how much this is appreciated.'

The new students could not take their eyes off the castle. From the foundation that disappeared into the ground, to the uppermost battlements pointing skyward, the whole castle seemed to glow in the light of the crescent moon and the lights that were streaming out of the hundreds of windows.

End of chapter 19

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