Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 2 Some Good News, Some Bad

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?


Chapter 2 – Some good News, Some bad

Scene – Vernon and Petunia Dursley's Home

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE PREGNANT?" Vernon's face was currently shifting through different shades of purple when Petunia gave him the 'good' news.

Petunia was shacking and took a step back when she heard how Vernon was reacting to the announcement. They had talked about starting a family, but Vernon seemed to be more interested in lying, cheating, and bribing his was up to a better position.

Petunia loved Vernon with all her heart and was willing to look past his 'minor' faults and do everything in her power to keep him. This was one of the reasons she used to convince herself that it was time to start a family. If Vernon had someone other that just her that relied on him, then maybe he would start to settle down.

"DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MORE DIFFICULT IT WILL BE FOR ME TO MOVE TO A NEW JOB NOW?" Vernon had been at Grunnings drill manufacturer for several years now, and was looking at transferring to a competitors firm so he could get a 'bonus' for bringing his customers with him.

With their recent move to number 4 Privet drive and now news of Petunia's pregnancy, Vernon was stuck. "Well that's a fine kettle of fish now isn't it?"

"But… but snookums, you know we talked about starting a family soon." Petunia stated. "I just thought this would be a good time. Besides, look at all those people in upper management. Most of them have one or two children. It's a sign of maturity. I was thinking how, if our little bundle of joy could arrive before the summer picnic, that your managers would see that you are ready for more responsibility – starting a family and all."

"Oh, hum… yes… that would be a good thing now wouldn't it." The gears were slowly turning in Vernon's head. "Yes, this just might work… I mean, look at Jenkins, he's probable the next one up for promotion – time wise I mean. But he's still single. Spending all those hours chasing down lead and what not. He's the one I have to bump off too get the next management slot that comes up. And there's talk the Smythe is thinking of having his retirement party sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, this just might work out. Oh, Petunia, I'm so happy for you! Now, all I have to do is let all the key people know at work so that I can start paving my way up to the corner office. Yes, thank you very much Petunia."

Scene – St. Mungo's Hospital waiting room – Late January 1980.

"Alice, what are you doing here?" Lily asked.

"Probable the same thing you are. I haven't been feeling very well lately, and thought I better come and get checked out." Alice answered.

Just then two medi-witches stepped out and called for Lily Potter and Alice Longbottom.

45 minutes later the two witches again appeared in the waiting room with huge smiles on their faces.

"Well?" Lily asked.

"Yep!" Alice answers. "You?"

"The same!"

The two young witches embrace each other joyfully. They can't get over how their lives mirror the other ones.

Both married to newly commissioned Aurors; both working in the Department of Mysteries, Lily as a Charm's Mistress and creator, and Alice working in administration; and now, both expecting!

"I just can't believe it! First, Petunia announces that she is expecting, and then me! It is good to know that the Evans line will be continuing."

"Petunia?" Oh ya, that's your muggle sister isn't it?"

"Yes. I'm still sorry we don't get along better, but she and my parents all the family I have left. I just wish her husband were a bit more opened minded."

"Well, don't worry about him right now. Things will work out one way or the other."

"When are you due?" Alice asks.

"Late July, or the first of August. How about you?"

"My medi-witch told me pretty much the same thing. You've got to stop copying me Lily!" They both laugh.

"How are you going to tell James?"

"Oh, I think I get out the fine china, candle lights, soft music – pull out all the stops. He's sure to think he has forgotten another important date. Why don't you and Frank floo over at about 8:30 PM and we can celebrate together?"

"Sounds great! Did they tell you if it was a boy or a girl?"

"It's a boy - Harry James Potter. It's a family tradition that the father's name be used as a middle name, but we've been talking about what we would call our son for a long time. How about you? Boy or girl?"

"It's a boy also – Neville Franklin Longbottom. Same thing with the father's name, but I don't mind, I have the feeling my son will be a lot like his father."

"I'm hoping Harry will be a little more like me, and not so much like James. I don't know if I could handle another Marauder in the house!"

After a few more minutes of small talk, and dreaming, Lily and Alice headed back home to get ready to tell their husband's the good news.

Scene – James and Lily Potter's home later that evening

James Harold Potter had just flooed home after a hard days work as an Auror. He and his partner Frank Longbottom were some of the few Aurors who were actually 'in-the-field' trying to capture and subdue Lord Voldemort and his Death-eaters.

Voldemort's forces were getting stronger every day. Attacks were becoming more frequent, and also more deadly. It didn't seem to matter who you were; once you had spoken out against Voldemort – or refused his 'gracious' offer to join him – you were as good as dead.

Frank and James had been lucky so far. They had had a modicum of success in stemming the Death-eater raids from time to time, and had even been lucky enough to escape serious injury when Voldemort himself showed up at the raids.

Today had just been frustrating to James. There had been rumors of another 'recruitment' meeting in South London, but nothing came of it. James and Frank spent the whole day chasing petty thieves and merchants dealing illegal items all over the countryside with little to show for it.

'Man, am I beat.' James thought to himself.

Almost immediately after coming out of the fireplace, James froze. Something definitely is not right. The house is cleaned and orderly; the lights are soft and dimmed; there is soft music coming from the Wizards Wireless Network (WWN); and there is a hint of perfume in the air.

'Oh no, what have I forgotten this time?' James thought. 'It's not our wedding anniversary. It's not Lily's birthday (I think). Didn't we just have Christmas? Or was that last year? Boy, I'm working way too hard – I don't even know what day of the week it is. I better come up with something quick before Lily kills me. Okay, let's think. Candy and flowers are always good.'

Quick as a flash, James headed back out in the floo to Honeydukes for a box of their finest chocolates and then next door for an arrangement of pale pink Day Lily's and Angles Breath (like Baby's Breath, but with small pixies flying around – changing color to match the mood), and heads back to floo home like nothing happened.

"Lily, I'm home!" James announces as he comes back through the floo, brushing the ash off his cloak and gifts.

"I'm in the kitchen, dear," came Lily's reply. "Didn't I hear you come in a minute ago dear?" she asks sweetly.

"Ah, no, that wasn't me. It must have been one of the house elves getting things ready for tonight."

'Oh James, you are such a fibber. You know house elves don't make any noise doing housework'. Lily thought.

"Mmm, that smells delicious. And I have the perfect center piece, and desert," as James brings the chocolates and flowers out from behind his back.

"Oh, James, that's so sweet of you, how thoughtful." Lily was going to play this up for all it was worth.

"Oh ya. Can't forget a day like today now can we?"

"Come on, let's eat quickly, Frank and Alice are coming over later this evening."

James and Lily had a lovely dinner, making small talk and enjoying one an others company. James did notice a small wrapped present next to Lily's plate. He wondered what the gift was about, and started to worry that he should have gotten a small gift for Lily also.

Thinking quickly, James conjured a bright orange Tiger Lily with a pretty pink bow around the stem and placed it in a conjured box underneath his chair. He would give it to Lily after the meal.

James still didn't know what the special occasion was, but he felt confident that he was doing a masterful job of not letting it show.

At 8:30 PM, Frank's head popped up in the floo. "Hey, you two love birds, mind if we come through?"

"No problem, come on in, we're just finishing with dinner". James answered back. James and Lily both walked out of the dinning room into the front room caring their gifts. "I was about to give Lily her present anyway."

Frank and Alice Longbottom, some of James' oldest friends, came through the fireplace holding each other like they were newlyweds again, with the biggest smiles on their faces. James knew something was up.

"Hey what is up with you two? If I didn't know better I'd say Frank just popped the question to you and you said 'yes'?"

"What do you mean 'what's up'?" Frank replied, "I can't believe you are being so calm about the whole situation".

"Did I miss something? Lily and I were just sitting back having a special dinner". James was getting confused.

"Yes James. But did you ever think about what we were celebrating?" Lily asked.

James blushed. How was he going to get out of this mess?

"Well, ya, ah - you know. It's that one special day – ah – you talked about it last month – ah you know – St. Swithum's day or something."

Lily looked heartbroken. Frank and Alice were having a hard time keeping a straight face. They had just figured out that Lily was getting some long over-due payback on one of the original Marauders.

"Oh! James! How could you be so cruel?" Lily looked like she was ready to run off and cry.

Moving quickly, James came to her side and tried to sooth his upset wife.

"Honestly honey, if I had remembered today, I swear, I would have been better prepared. I promise I'll never forget this day again…. Just one thing, what is so special about today?"


Frank let a little smirk slip out. Alice had tears rolling down her checks, stomping her feet on the floor, trying not to laugh, and was holding on to Frank's hand so hard that it was starting to be painful.

James, for his part, was just looking at Lily and blinked, mouth held open, but no noise coming out. After a few moments, his brain finally kicked into gear as he started to comprehend what his wife had just told him.

Slowly, a crooked smile broke across James' face and a fire lit in his eyes as he looked at Lily. "I'm going to be a Father?" he asked.

Lily brought out the little gift – handing it to James and replied: "Yes James, you're going to be a Father."

James opened up the small gift and found small quidditch broom and a miniature golden snitch.

Frank and Alice dissolved into laughter.

"You've got the first position filed on your own personal quidditch team." Frank stated after getting himself under control.

"Lily, are you trying to get my first born to be a seeker? By the way, do we know if it is a boy or a girl?"

"It's a boy James, so who knows, maybe little Harry will want to be a seeker just to show up his old man" Lily stated.

"Harry James Potter." James stated dreamily. "Hey! What was that comment about showing up his old man? I was a pretty good chaser in my day, and if things were different, I could have played professional ya know?"

"Ya, I hear the Cannon's are always on the look out for a decent reserve chaser." Frank teased.

Just then the fireplace flared again, and a tall, dark haired young man looking every part the aristocrat stepped out, followed closely by a thin – premature gray haired gentleman, and a smaller, more rotund, looking man – truth be told, he looked more like a large rodent.

Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew had been James' friends since his days at Hogwarts. Together, they were secretly known as the Marauders: the bane of the house of Slytherin, and the providers of laughter and mirth to the rest of the school.

"Hey, James, did you forget about tonight? Oh, sorry Frank, Alice, didn't see you there for a moment. Boy, look at you guys. If I didn't know better, I'd have to say both of you have some news to spill."

Lily and Alice just smiled sweetly and let James and Frank tell the rest of the Marauders the good news. Needless to say, James, at least, was going to be on the end of countless pranks and jokes for the next seven months or so.

After a few moments, Peter spoke up; "So, when is the blessed event going to happen?"

"Last part of July or the first part of August as best as the Medi-witches can tell. They'll be able to narrow it down a bit more when things are further along." Alice answered.

"Ju.. July or August?" Peter stutters.

Unknown to the other Marauders, Peter had become a Death-eater shortly after leaving Hogwarts. This way he could tell Lord Voldemort what The Order of the Phoenix was doing, who they were keeping an eye on, or who they were suspicious of being a Death-eater.

Peter was convinced that there was no way to stop Voldemort. The Ministry was helpless, and the Order of the Phoenix did little more then watch for Death-eater activity. He had been lured to the Dark Lord with the promise of respect, power and riches.

Respect was the one thing Peter felt he never received from his 'friends' and wizards in general. They were always reminding him how much better they were then him. Not in words so much as in their actions and attitudes. Of course the exception to that was Lily. Lily had always been mindful of the little rat-faced man, and in his mind that meant that she alone accepted and loved him. Peter would do just about anything if he could have Lily.

Power was another one of the things Peter had always envied about the other Marauders. He was always the last one to learn a spell, or to be able to transfigure an object correctly. When it came to their animagus training, it had taken him much longer then James or Sirius. Of course they were merciless with their teasing over that part. And then there were the girls. Sirius, James, and even Remus always got the girls before him. Sirius was the worst one on that point, but he envied all three of them.

No, he would have something that they did not have! He would have respect, and if he could – Lily! He would have power! He would have riches! He would be one of the rulers under his great Master while the others groveled at his feet. It was all just a matter of time.

He had felt a bit of shame and remorse in the beginning, but that all changed after he saw how grateful his Lord was when he brought back news regarding Dumbledore and The Order of the Phoenix.

However, he had also felt the wrath of his Lord when he had failed in his assignment. He resigned himself to the fact that his Master would have to show 'tough love' if they were to succeed in their noble quest.

Peter had just come from a Death-eater's meeting where Voldemort had instructed all of his faithful followers to be on the outlook for people who were due to deliver babies at the end of July. He did not state why he was looking for the child or children, just that it was important that he be made aware of any child born around that time frame. Most of the other Death-eaters thought that it must have had something to do with one of the many rites that Voldemort had preformed on himself. Could one of these couples be carrying a child that his 'Lord' could use? He would have to let his superior know as quickly as possible.

He came back to the present and quickly recovers by saying; "Well, I guess that really doesn't give you all that much time to get everything ready then. Will you need any help James?"

"Thanks, I'm sure there are going to be some things that we will need later on, but right now, I'm just trying to get use to the idea of being a father. Do you know what this means? I have to start being responsible!"

"Parish the thought!" Sirius barked. "The next thing you know, you're going to be expecting me to grow-up or something."

"That wouldn't be such a bad idea Padfoot." Remus responded. He did always seem to be the most 'level-headed' member of the group.

"Don't get started on me Moony. Besides, this is our time to be teasing Prongs mercilessly." Sirius responded. "You know Prongs; they say they have figured out how people get pregnant now ya know."

"Okay, you can lighten up a bit here boys." James said, "Besides, you don't want to be at the wrong end of Lily's wand too soon now."

"Me! What do you mean by that?" Lily asked. "And here we were thinking about asking Padfoot to be the Godfather! I just don't know what we were thinking!"

"Are you serious?" Padfoot shouted. "I'd be honored to be the little tikes Godfather!"

"No, we're not 'Sirius', you are. But yes we are 'extremely intent' about asking you." Lily said. It was an old joke, but it was nice to be able to use it against Sirius every once in a while."

Lily continued, "While we're talking about this, Alice, we would like to know if you would be the Godmother. No offense Frank, but Padfoot's always been like a brother to James, and Alice has always been like a sister to me."

"No offense taken Lily, I was going to ask my great uncle Algie to be little Neville's Godfather, but Alice wanted you to be the Godmother if you would Lily." Frank replied.

"I would be honored, Frank, Alice. Thank you so much!" Lily said with a tear in her eye.

Everyone laughed, and congratulated the happy couples, then settled in for an evening of joking, toasting, and general good time had by all.

Scene – Voldemort's Headquarters – Riddle Manor

Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail) slipped away from his 'friends' early that evening, stating he had some 'family business' to take care of. He quickly changed into his Death-eater uniform and went to tell his immediate supervisor, Lucius Malfoy, that Lily Potter, a mudblood, and Alice Longbottom, a pure blood, were both pregnant, and due at the end of July. Lucius would then take the information to Lord Voldemort.

"My Lord," Lucius began. "It has come to my attention that there are indeed two women who are expecting, and are due to deliver towards the latter part of July. They are Lily Potter, and Alice Longbottom. Both part of Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix, and both working in the Department of Mysteries." He bowed regally as he finished his message.

"Ah Lucius, and how did you come across this bit of information?" Voldemort asked.

"I am always striving to find any information that may be helpful to my Lord." Lucius stated smuggle.

"But I know you would not have dirtied yourself by learning this information for yourself now, would you Lucius? No! YOU wouldn't lower yourself to talk to a mudblood, or a simple administrator clerk. Trying to take credit for someone else's work? How very Slytherin of you – CRUCIO! Tell me, where did you get this information from?"

"From that little rodent of a new recruit, Wormtail, I mean, Peter Pettigrew." Lucius stated after regaining his composure from the Cruciatus curse.

"Ah yes, young Peter. Who would have thought that such a weak, pathetic wizard could be such a successful spy? Let this be a lesson to you Lucius, you do not have to be flashy and well bred to be successful. Sometimes it is best to be 'invisible' and underestimated by everyone to be of the most uses to me. Call him in. I wish to reward him."

Lucius bowed, and exited the throne room to go and get Wormtail.

Upon seeing Lucius recovering from a Cruciatus curse, and hearing that Lord Voldemort wanted to see him, Wormtail thought that his life was over. 'If he didn't like what Lucius had to tell him, he must be greatly displeased with me,' was going through his mind.

As he entered the throne room, Wormtail hurried over to Lord Voldemort to bow and kiss the hem of his robe. "I… I co… come to ser… serve my Lord". He stayed bowed, thinking that this way he wouldn't see the killing curse coming towards him.

"Rise faithful Wormtail." Voldemort said.

Peter winced inside at his Marauder nickname. Was Lord Voldemort going to tease him like the others had done?

"Wormtail, I am impressed with the quality of information you have brought me, though others would try to take credit for it." Voldemort looked over to where Lucius was standing. "I have a special assignment for you and your connections. I want you to keep an eye on these two witches, Lily Potter and Alice Longbottom. Let me know when they know for sure when the babies will be born, and where they are at all times. This should be an easy assignment for you, but I remind you, I will not tolerate failure. Also an added bonus, you will report directly to me. You will no longer have to go through Lucius when you have information to report. This is a great privilege, do not abuse it."

Wormtail stands up a bit taller as Voldemort was praising him. This is what he was craving! For someone to recognize what a great wizard he was. And to have direct access to his Lord! That was a privilege usually reserved to only those in the inner circle. Peter puffed out his chest just a bit as he bowed low to Voldemort. "Thank you my Lord. I will not displease you or abuse this great privilege you have given to me." He bowed again, and as he left, gave Lucius a sneer worthy of a Slytherin.

"Oh Wormtail," Voldemort called out. Wormtail turned proudly to face his Lord.

"CRUCIO! Just a remember of the cost of failure."

Scene – Vernon and Petunia Dursley's Home - # 4 Privet Drive, June 8th 1980

The Evans and the Dursley's had gotten together to through a baby shower for Petunia and Lily. Petunia was felling particularly miserable with just over a week until she was due to deliver.

Most of the guest had already left. Lily had been very specific in telling all of her witch friends that this was to be a VERY muggle affair and they had all acted accordingly, even going so far as having a 'muggle fashion party' for some of the pure-bloods so that they could blend in better.

Vernon Dursley was going around counting how many presents had been given to Lily, and how many had been given to Petunia. He was determined that Lily would not receive one more present then his precious Petunia.

This had only been the second time all the Evans' and Dursley's had been together. The first time had been during Vernon and Petunia's wedding, and just like the last time, tensions were running high.

Of course John and Rose Evans knew all about Lily and James being a witch and a wizard, and accepted it. In fact, they couldn't have been happier. But Vernon Sr. and Mildred Dursley were quite shocked that there were actually 'freaks' that could make things happen by pointing a little stick at something and saying something in a long dead language. They went to great extremes to let Lily and James know about it too.

James had come at the end of the shower with Frank and Alice in a stylish, well kept Land Rover to carry the gifts home in.

For their part, Lily and James did everything they could to ease the tensions between the families. They would dress in 'normal' muggle cloths. They even went out of their way to make sure they didn't do ANY magic around the senior Dursleys – or Vernon Jr. for that matter. But the most important thing they did was just stay as far away from all the Dursleys as possible.

Alice and Frank where helping James clean up the back yard (with NO magic) of course, while Vernon Jr. was in the house talking to Lily.

"So Lily, still fell like your superior to my Petunia? I'll have you know she received three more presents today then you did, three! Ha! I guess your friends don't like you as much as Petunia's friends like her." Vernon said with a sneer.

"Vernon, I didn't come over here to have a contest with my sister. I came over here to try to mead some fences and feelings and to let her know that I'm here to support her in any way I can." Lily replied.

"Oh, is that so?" Vernon asked. "Is that why you've been going with her to those birthing classes at the Rec. center over the last few weeks?"

"I've been going with her to those classes so that when the time comes, we'll both be better prepared for the birth of our children. For your information, I'm just as scared as she is regarding how things are going to work out. I've never had a baby before. It's a totally new experience for me too you know."

"Yes, but you have those freakish little sticks, and those freakish little incantations that you can say to make it where you won't feel any pain and what not don't you?"

"Well yes, we do have Medi-witches that can help us during delivery. But as a sign of good faith to you, and to prove that I am just like my sister, James and I have decided that we will have our baby the same muggle... ah, non-magical way as you and Petunia are having yours. No magic, no hocus-pocus. Just natural child birth so that you can see that we are just like you."

"Ha, that's not bloody likely." Vernon mumbled in reply.

There conversation was cut short with the sound of several loud 'Popping' sounds coming from the Dursley's back yard. Lily looked out in horror to see several people dressed in black robes wearing white masks apparating in to the area. Lily knew that somehow Death-eaters had found them.

Not waiting for Vernon to act, Lily grabbed him by the arm and opened up the cupboard door under the stairs.

"What do you think you're doing ya daft woman! I'll never fit in there!"

Lily took out her wand and said - Extensus cella antepagmentum decoris idem (Enlarge space, exterior looks the same). She then shoved him through the door, closed it, and locked it just for good measure. She had to get outside to help her husband, protect her sister and try to save her parents!

"Vernon, I'm sorry, but you'll be safer there. I'll come get you out as soon as we take care of a little problem." And with that Lily ran out to see what was happening.

When she got there, she found that about ten Death-eaters had decided to crash the party.

Immediately upon arriving, both the senior Evans and Dursley's had been killed with the killing curse Avada Kedavra before anyone was even fully aware that the Death-eaters were there.

James jumped into action by grabbing Petunia and pulling her out of the way as another killing curse went by, and placing her behind him, began fighting Death-eaters. Frank was just as quick, but first sent off an alarm charm to DMLE letting them know that there was a Death-eaters attack, and to sent more Aurors.

Alice was not known for her fighting abilities, but when faced with someone trying to injure or kill her in her condition, she turned into a fierce lioness protecting her almost-born cub. INCENDI SCUTICAE CUNCTUM! (Fire whip all) she yelled as the Lestranges' rushed her. The fiery whip lashed out and caught Bellatrix, Rodolphus, and Rabastan in the mid-section injuring them severally.

"You bitch!" Bellatrix yelled. "You will pay for that someday!" And with that she apparated away, Rodolphus and Rabastan followed shortly there after.

Alice had no way of knowing that Bellatrix had just found out that she too was pregnant, and would have delivered the beginning of a healthy new generation of Death-eaters ready for her Masters service.

The 'Fire whip' would have all but guaranteed that Bella would lose the baby, and probable never be able to have children. To say that she was furious would have been an understatement! Alice Longbottom had just taken away her opportunity to bear children for the Dark Lord! She vowed then and there that Alice would pay for her actions, and if possible, she would take Alice's baby from her if she could – or take her baby away and raise him as her own. Raise him to be a Death-eater in the service of our great Dark Lord.

Coming out of the house, Lily helped James fight off the remaining Death-eaters by using some of the new spells she had been working on in the Department of Mysteries. Due to the nature of these spells, and the fact that she was seven months pregnant, she couldn't do too much, but it was enough to let James and Frank get the upper hand on the remaining Death-eaters.

Pulling Petunia and Alice into the safety of the house, Lily went about comforting her sister, and to get Alice settled down. Petunia was now the only family Lily had left in the world and she would protect her no matter the cost.

Petunia was crying uncontrollable, and was very close to going into early labor. She was still in shocked at the sudden death of her parents and the terror and confusion that was going on outside. It was just too much for her to take. She had just watched as her parents and in-laws were both killed in front of her – just feet from where she stood. She felt defenseless, and was resigned to die before James had pulled her back. She was also afraid because she didn't know where her husband was.

As Lily calmed her down, Petunia could hear Vernon banging on the cupboard door, trying to get out. "What have you done to my husband?" she spitted out at Lily.

"I placed him in the cupboard where he would be safe. Don't worry, I enlarged the inside of the cupboard first before I put him in there, and then locked the door so that the Death-eaters couldn't get to him. He's safe enough in there" was Lily's reply.

"So you think that you're so special that you can just come in here, remodel my home, and lock my husband up while I have to be… to be out there watching our parents and my in-laws be killed right before my eyes! Vernon should have been out there with me! He would have shown you and your kind what a real man could do! You let him out right this minute!" Petunia screamed.

Lily didn't want to argue with Petunia right now. She knew that if Vernon had been out there, he probable would have died trying to stand up to one of the Death-eaters. But now, all she could do is go over to the cupboard, and unlocked it and let Vernon out. Immediately Vernon came spilling out white as a ghost! Who would have known that he was claustrophobic?

As soon as he got up however, he too started yelling at Lily.


That was when he noticed Petunia crying in the front room, hyperventilating. "What have you done to her?" Vernon bellowed. "If you have done any of your freakishness on her and she loses this baby, you'll be held responsible."

"Vernon, there has been a terrible incident outside. Some of the followers of an evil ... 'person' in our 'world' attacked out back while we were in here talking," Lily started out. "They are known as Death-eaters, and I am afraid that both of our parents have been killed.

Vernon was shocked. He had always revered his father. The man could do no wrong in Vernon's eyes. He was the one who showed him how to get ahead in business by lying, cheating and bribery.

It was their fault, them and their kind. They were freaks just like his father had said, and now he was dead.

"GET OUT!" Vernon screamed. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW! You and your kind are not welcome here."

James had come in to the house just in time to hear Vernon's bellowing. He may have been blooded and his cloths torn, but he was not about to let ANYONE talk to his wife like that!

"Now wait just a minute now Vernon." James started.

"NO! You don't 'just a minute' you little freak!" Vernon spit out.

James had his wand in Vernon's face before he know what had happened, the tip of the wand was glowing white hot, and Vernon could feel it.

"You will listen to what I have to say Vernon!" James fired back.

"I'm sorry this had to happen today. This was to have been a day of gladness and rejoicing. Instead, it has turned into a day of great sorrow for all of us. Remember, you aren't the only one who lost their parents today! Petunia and Lily also have reason to mourn! They are probable still in shock and haven't had time to process what has happened yet. But when they do, they will need both of us there beside them to help them easy the pain."

"We have tried to show you that we are not so different from you. In fact, you might say that we are muggles too, it's just that we can do magic."

"Now let's not get too carried away with the blame game. The Unspeakables are already here to modify the memories of anyone outside of the family who may have seen or heard anything. They have also repaired any damage that had occurred outside. The local police have already been called and will be here any minute. Right now, I think the Unspeakables are going to modify their memories so that it will appear that all 4 people died of either a heart attack or a stroke I know that normally that would be hard to believe, but the police and the Medical Examiner will accept it as fact."

"If you would like, I will take care of the Evans funeral arrangements. I'm sure you and your wife can take care of your parents. Again, I'm sorry for what has happened today. I would like to stay friends with you." James extended his hand to Vernon in a show of comfort and support. Vernon looked down at the pro-offer hand and said, "Not bloody likely." With that he turned his back to the Potters and went back outside to help the para-medic who had just arrived.

James and Lily stayed until the Police and the Medical Examiner left. They had told them that it must have been the excitement of having both women so close to delivering that had facilitated the elder couples to have a heart attacks / strokes.

As Lily and James were leaving to go and make funeral arrangements for Lily and Petunia's parents, James turned to Petunia and said "When I pulled you away from that Death-eater out there to save your life, I gained a 'life debt' from you Petunia. The day may come when I upon you to collect that debt and you will be honor bound to perform it."

"Just take your 'life debt', your little twigs, and your freaky unnaturalness and leave this place!" Vernon bellowed. But Petunia knew in her heart that what James had said was true.

James, Lily, Frank and Alice all sat quietly in the Land Rover as they made their way back to Godric's Hollow.

"How do you think they found us James?" Lily asked.

James had been thinking about that since the attack.

"I'm afraid I may have led them there today when Frank and I came over in the Land Rover." James said quietly.

"It seems Voldemort has placed a price on our heads for getting in his way of world domination. I guess someone must have seen us in the Land Rover and placed a tracking charm on it. Then all they would have had to do is wait for the car to stop moving, and send out the hit squad."

"I don't know if you saw, but he sent all three Lestranges' out after us. Alice, you did a great job in dispatching them so quickly. You can come join us as an Auror as soon as you get off of maternity leave." James half teased, half praised his partners wife.

Alice blushed as she rested in the back seat with her head on her husbands shoulder. "I think I'll stay where I'm at thank you very much! It's bad enough worrying about Frank every time he goes to work. No... I just got lucky out there. As soon as I saw those three rushing towards me, something just ... I don't know... snapped. I knew I had to protect my child at all cost and did the first spell I thought of that would do the most damage to the most people at once. I guess they weren't expecting anything from me, and so didn't have time to get a shield up before I attacked them. I just wish Bella would have been another step closer. Then maybe we could have put that rabid dog (AN: You can substitute your own word in here) down."

Alice was still rather upset that someone had tried to harm her and her unborn child.

After arrive home at Godric's Hollow, Frank and James unloaded the car as Lily and Alice went inside to freshen up and get some tea.

The Potters and Longbottoms talked for a while longer before calling it a night.

As Lily and James got ready for bed, Lily sat on the edge of the bed thinking.

"Lily? What's the matter love?"

"I was just thinking about the attack this afternoon James."

"I know hun, I know, I miss your folks too, but we'll make it through." James said trying to comfort his wife.

"No, no, not that part. It's the ... oh what do you call it ... 'target selection' that the Death-eaters had during the attach."

"What do you mean?" James was confused now.

"Well, it seems strange to me that the first people that they would eliminate were the muggles, and then to after the pregnant witch. I mean, Petunia would have been killed as well if you hadn't pulled her out of the way when you did. I know Mum and Dad are gone now, but why did the Lestranges' go after Alice next instead of you and Frank? I would have thought it would have made more sense to take the fighters out before going after Alice and me. I mean, we were really lucky she was able to defend herself so well this afternoon. I don't know if I could have handled losing her also. Don't get me wrong, you're doing a great job providing support for me being like this; but it helps so much having Alice there to talk about how you feel from day to day because you know she knows exactly what you're going through, because she's going through the same thing."

"Oh, I'm just so upset right now I can't even think right!" Lily screamed as she threw herself on the bed.

Coming over James knelt down by his wife to where he could hold her and rub her back to let her know he was there for her. He leaned up to where he could be by her ear to whisper word of comfort and support to her.

Lily didn't move. The terrors of the day had finally hit her full force. She had lost her parents. She had almost lost her sister and her best friend, and for some reason, it seemed like the Death-eaters were more interested in attacking the women, then the Aurors that where there.

After a long while, Lily ended up crying herself out as sleep over took her.

Carefully, and lovingly, James levitated her to where she could lay comfortable on the bed.

Lying beside her, he put his arm around her to hold her tight and said, "Don't worry my love I'm here to protect you. Sleep well, dream well. Remember the good times. I will always be here to support you. Goodnight my love."

End Chapter 2

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