Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 21 The First Day of School

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

Chapter 21 – The First Day of School


From Chapter 20 –

Harry walked into the Common Room and soon found his way to the first year's dorm. Something told him this was going to be a very good year – If he only knew.

First Years Boy's Dorm – Gryffindor House.

Harry soon found himself in the boy's dorm for all the first year that had been sorted into Gryffindor.

It was so late at night that Harry just decided to try to go straight to bed, and talk to his roommates tomorrow, but there was still a lot he had on his mind that he had to think about. Taking his Grandfather's trunk out of his pocket, he placed it on his bed and expanded it to its original size. Opening the first chamber, he took out a set of pajamas, and quietly changed. After a quick trip to the attached bathroom.

Harry thought it would be wise to use the second trunk his mother had given him as his 'school' trunk. It could sit at the foot of his bed like the other boys' trunks. This way the boy's in the dorm wouldn't wonder about his family trunk, and he could keep it out of sight. So, Harry removed the second trunk from the family trunk and sat it at the foot of his bed, shrunk the family trunk back down and put it away for safe keeping. He wanted to keep this trunk with him at all times if he could.

After pulling the curtains around the front side of his bed, but letting the moon light fall through the window on the back side of his bed, Harry laid back and sorted the events of the past day. And what a day it had been!

-Completing his fourth animagus form-The trip to Kings Cross Station and Platform nine and three quarters-Meeting Hermione, Ron, Susan and Neville-Discovering Peter Pettigrew in the form of 'Scabbers'-Removing the Magical Binds from Neville, Susan and Ron-Training in Chamber eight-His first experience with Hogwarts-The sorting ceremony and his encounter with the sorting hat-His meeting with Professor Dumbledore and the other adults to show them Peter-Getting his Godfather back

All these memories and many others had to be sorted and filed in their proper location before Harry could go to sleep.

The sorting went amazingly quickly, as Harry wanted to take some extra time to think on his Godfather, Sirius Black.

There was one last thing he wanted to do before going to bed. That was to check with Ty to find out how things went with the castle renovation.

"Ty?" Harry whispered, so as to not wake up his roommates.

In an instant the small, excited house elf stood before Harry in his Ravenclaw uniform.

Bowing to Harry, Ty said, "What does my lord wish?"

"Thanks for coming here so late Ty, and remember, it's just Harry. I wanted to thank you and your crew for the great job you did with fixing up Hogwarts. Everything looks great! Did you experience any problems while you were fixing the place up?" Harry asked.

"Thank you mas... Harry. For the most part everything did go quite well. As you predicted, Headmaster Dumbledore did try to make us stop, but for the most part, things went as well as could be expected."

"The other house elves here at Hogwarts were very happy to help us with the cleaning and reorganizing. They were able to show us some of the less used rooms in the castle, some of these you may find most interesting."

"Like what?" asked Harry.

"It would appear that each of the founders has a secret room or chamber. While most of the chambers are only have books, scrolls, or weapons left in them, Master Slytherin's chamber also has a rather large snake in it. I believe the other house elves called it a Basilisk. They said that the snake currently sleeps but that the last time it was awaken was some forty or more years ago and that it was most terrifying."

"Why did the Basilisk wake up? Did the other house elves say"?

"They say that when the last heir of a founder, Lord Slytherin was here, he woke the snake up. He was a young half-blood boy by the name of Tom Riddle. The house elves seem to think that he lived in a place called an 'orphanage' when he wasn't at Hogwarts, and that even though he was a top student, and head-boy, he was very cruel when he thought no one was watching. They say he even had the animal kill a young girl in one of the bathrooms before he sealed his secret chamber again putting the snake back to sleep."

"Boy! If these walls could talk! I bet there are a lot you could learn, right Ty?"

"Oh but these walls can talk mas... Harry, after a fashion."

"What do you mean Ty?"

"Well, there are many old and ancient wards that have been on the castle for a thousand years sir. Part of the functions of these wards is to 'report back' to the founder or headmaster the status of the castle in different areas and when different events happen. Over time, it would seem that the castle has become more or less aware of it's self and has developed a personality."

"The personality is a combination of every witch and wizard that has ever cast a spell or ward here in the school. But lucky for you, two of the most predominate influences on her personality were Lady Ravenclaw and Lord Gryffindor."

"Ty, are you telling me that Hogwarts has a... a soul?"

"No Master Harry, not a soul like you or I, more of an... essences that reflects the combined knowledge, feelings, and experience of all the different people that have ever been here. You might say that each student and teacher leaves a bit of themselves behind when they leave Hogwarts."

"Wow! That's quite a lot to think about! I wonder if there is any way to 'talk' with Hogwarts?" Harry said mostly to himself.

"I don't know sir, the other house elves say that sometimes they can tell that the castle is helping them do their job, or helping some of the students get from class to class by keeping the stairs from moving on them. One of the older elves said that Hogwarts was 'feeling' much happier after we arrived here to start cleaning things up. I also could tell the moment you crossed the wards while you were on the lake. All of the lights and lamps seemed to burn a little brighter, the armor in the hallway seemed to stand a little straighter, and the characters in the paintings looked a bit more alert all after you passed through the wards."

"I wonder what happened when Tom Riddle passed through those wards?" Again, Harry asked mainly to himself.

Responding Ty said, "According to the elder house elves, when Master Riddle came here the castle seemed more dark and foreboding."

"Well thank you for your report. Is there anything else you think I need to know about?" Harry asked his excitable elf.

"There was one other room that seemed most interesting to me Master Harry. The other elves called it 'The Come and Go Room'. It would seem that sometimes it is there, and other times it is not. It seems that the entrance to the room is across the corridor from a tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy on the seventh floor of the castle. According to the elder house elves, you have to have an idea of what it is you need from the room. Then walk back and forth in front of the wall three times. If you have done everything correctly, a door will appear, and you will find the room you need inside."

Harry was getting more and more excited as Ty was telling about the room. He had been concerned that he would not be able to meet with Neville and Susan since they had been sorted into a different house. But now, they would be able to meet in either the early mornings or evenings in the Come and Go Room and meet to train, talk or study.

Harry thanked Ty again, and told him that the sorting hat also wanted to thank him for the fine job he had done in fixing him. Quickly Harry sorted all this new information away before going to sleep.

Harry went to sleep that night with a very big smile on his face.

As Harry slept that night, he went to talk to 'Ma' about some of the things Peter had said and the other things he had learned from Ty.

'Ma', are you there?' He asked.

'Yes Harry, over here.'

Harry found his 'Ma' in a field with a small cottage in it at the edge of a small village.

'Is this Godric's Hollow?' He asked.

'Yes. I was just thinking of all the wonderful times I had there with your father. The plans we had of raising our family out of the main view of the world safe from Voldemort and his minion. Things didn't workout quite the way I had envisioned them.'

'Ma', about what Peter said… It wasn't your fault. I'm sure you didn't led him on to think that there could be something between the two of you…did you?'

'No Harry, I didn't! I was just trying to be nice to everyone… including Severus.'

'You're kidding right?' Harry gasped.

'No Harry, I'm not kidding. For almost seven years I was his study partner in potions and charms. We grew very close during that time. He can be a 'likable' person when he wants to be but that seemed to change in our seventh year when I started dating James.'

'James and Severus have always had hard feelings towards each other. One was in Gryffindor, the other in Slytherin; your father a pure-blood, while Severus was a half-blood – please don't let that become general knowledge – being a half-blood in Slytherin was bad enough. If some of the pure-blood families found out that a half-blood was head of Slytherin House, the Headmaster would have howlers everyday until he was removed from his position, and from the school!'

'That doesn't sound too bad after what he said about me and dad, and what he tried to do to Uncle Sirius.'

'Harry James Potter! You will behave yourself and try to get along with Professor Snape! He may not be the nicest person around, but he has had a very hard life growing up.'

'I know you are planning on pranking him with those Weasley twins, but like you told that nice Granger girl, get to know him first. See if you can resolve your differences peacefully – not like this evening when you 'Accio'd him into a brick wall! If he doesn't straighten up… I'm sure I can help you find a charm to turn all of his underwear red and gold, and all of his robes bright pink. I think there's even one spell in there to turning his hair into a 'dirty' blond, but for now – just try to get to know him a little bit better. I'm hoping he can be a big enough person to get over childish feuds that should have died out years ago.'

Harry and his 'Ma' talked for a while longer about her time at Hogwarts and her relationship with some of the different staff members still at the school.

'Ma', did you or dad know about the Come and Go Room? Or about the essence of Hogwarts?' Harry asked.

'No son, I didn't, and I don't think your father did either. If he had, the Come and Go Room would have been the ideal place to plan and stage all of the pranks he and the rest of the Marauders pulled off.'

'Now, as to the essence of Hogwarts, again, I didn't know about that either, but, now that I think about it, it just makes sense. I mean, look at me. I'm the essences of your mother. I am a result of your mother's magic. But I also 'feel'. I feel love, anger, happiness, sadness. All the emotions she felt in life, I feel now. All of the experiences she remembers, I remember – and even those experiences she has pressed back into the dark recess of her mind. I feel that given any situation, I would do the same thing she would have done, so why not Hogwarts? Every time you perform a spell, a part of you in included in that spell, your power and your intent. I'm sure over the millennium of time Hogwarts has been around, the amount of magic that has been performed here must be tremendous! Depending on how the founders set up the original wards around the school, I can see where it would be possible to Hogwarts to develop its own 'essences' over time.' 'Ma' said thoughtfully.

'But is there a way for me to 'talk' with Hogwarts like I do you or Durendal, or even Sir Toppum in the sorting hat?' Harry asked.

'I don't know Harry,' 'Ma' said, 'But I don't think it would hurt to try.'

'How do you think I would be able to talk to her 'Ma'?'

'Well, most of the time you have either had the 'essence' placed in you, or you have been in possession of an artifact that was imbued with the essences such as the sword, or the sorting hat. Now, I don't think there is any way you could 'put on' Hogwarts. It's just too big. But what's from stopping you from doing what you did at Ollivander's? Send your magic out and see if you can feel or sense Hogwarts presences?'

Harry thought about this for a few moments. It would be fascinating to be able to 'talk' to the castle, and in a way, he realized that he already had. When they were coming across the lake in the boats, he had felt the wards around the ancient castle recognize him as a heir of the founder, but had 'asked' the ward not to let the Headmaster know who he was. He couldn't be sure, but it seemed as if he received a response back letting him know his wishes would be respected. Had that been Hogwarts' 'talking' to him? He wanted to believe it was, but did he really want to try and 'talk' with her again right now?

He came to the conclusion that he had enough on his mind right now with everything that had happened today, he was just overwhelmed.

'I think I wait for this 'Ma'. I think it's going to take me a few days to understand everything that has happened to me tonight, if you know what I mean. Plus I need to get some sleep sometime tonight.'

'Okay dear, I understand. You have had quite a busy day today. Why don't you go to 'Potter in the Mind' to get some rest now, and we will see how you do with your classes tomorrow okay? Good night dear.'

After Harry left 'Ma', he went to talk to Durendal who reminded him that while having fun was a part of life and living, there was a right time, and a right place to blow off a little steam. Being a Paladin in training Harry had to remember to set the proper example of chivalry and manners – a real mood killer if you're trying to plan a prank or two.

Durendal also let Harry that yes, he could 'sense' the essences of Hogwarts. That it was mostly kind and benevolent, and was anxious to 'talk' to someone besides the Headmaster. But Durendal had something else to tell Harry – something was not right at Hogwarts.

'There is a very evil presences here in the castle, It's possible more then one, from both the staff and the students. I know you felt one of those presences at the welcoming feast. I would suggest you keep me very close by so that you may act quickly if the need arise young master.'

'Thank you Durendal, I will.'

'Well, sleep well now young master.' And that is just what Harry did.

Before he knew it, it was time to get up. The sun was shining through his window, and since he had failed to close his curtains on the window side of his four-poster bed, the light was hitting him right in the face.

Harry decided to get up to get a good start on a new day. After showering and taking care of other business, he came out to meet his dorm-mates.

Ron he already knew from the time he'd spent on the train with them and in his trunk. The other two were Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan. They were likable enough mates, but Harry didn't know how to react around them.

Dean and Seamus where the poster children of what a fun-loving eleven year-old boy should be. They were rowdy, messy, loud, playful, didn't take many things seriously.

It seemed Seamus was predisposed to some of the 'harder' drinks in the wizarding world, and both boys were well into puberty already, since they were taking special notice how some of the members of the opposite sex seemed to walk and fill out their robes. Of course, all girls still had 'cooties', but they were starting to get curious about them.

Harry decided to mostly ignore this two, but not cut them off completely. Who knows, he may start to notice girls as other then study companions too some time soon.

Harry and Ron met Hermione in the common room and proceeded to go to breakfast. Ron was having a hard time staying with the group. He hadn't eaten in nearly eleven hours, and was sure he would just waste away to nothing if he didn't eat soon.

"Come on guys! We can talk when we get there! We don't want all the food to be eaten and have to wait until lunch to get fed now do we?" Ron was pleading with the group. The twins had told him that it was first-come, first-serve as to the meals, and that once the food was gone – it was gone. Nothing left for stragglers.

"But Ron, that doesn't make sense now, does it." Hermione replied. "Just look at the feast last night – I don't think I've ever seen more food in one place at one time in my life! And I know that when you and Harry put food on your plates, the serving dish didn't look any emptier then before you had it. So what makes you think they'll limit your food intake for breakfast?"

"That's just it! They probable spent the whole year's food budget on that feast last night, and we'll be forced to eat bread and water for the rest of the year!" Ron was getting more hysterical each passing moment.

"Ah, Ron, where did you get this information from?" Harry asked, "From the twin's perhaps? The same twins that said you would have to wrestle a troll to see if you could get into Hogwarts in the first place?"

"Ya, so?" Ron replied not seeing what the connection between the two pieces of information.

"Ah, Ron, what I think Harry is trying to say is that if the twins didn't tell you the truth about how you were to be sorted into a house, there is a good possibility that they are also pulling your leg regarding some other things about Hogwarts – like meals?" Harry was trying to help his friend see the truth as gentle as he could. He didn't want Ron to lose all faith in the twins, but he also wanted Ron to start thinking for himself, and not always rely on someone else to tell you want to think.

"No – they wouldn't do that now. They know just how much I love eating. They wouldn't tease me about something as serious as food – would they?"

Before anyone could answer, Fred and George Weasley seemed to come out of nowhere to be in front of the group of first years.

"Oy, that was a great breakfast, wasn't it George." Fred started.

"Indeed it was – a meal for the ages. Too bad these firstes will just have to settle for bread and water now isn't it Fred?" George replied. With that they continued past the group back to the Gryffindor common room.

At this Ron panicked, screamed, and ran the rest of the way to the Great Hall at top speed.

The rest of the group continued walking, and were at the Great Hall in no time flat.

Susan Bones and Neville Longbottom were just getting to the Great Hall as the rest of the group approached the doors.

"What's wrong with Ron?" Susan asked, "I could hear him running for the Great Hall as soon as I came out of the Hufflepuff common room."

"Oh, his brothers told him that they only put out a small amount of food for breakfast in the morning, and if you don't make it here early enough, you have to eat bread and water until lunch." Hermione explained.

Everyone laughed and entered the Great Hall together.

After bidding Susan and Neville goodbye, the rest of the group headed over to the Gryffindor table. There they found Ron piling as much food as he could on his plate at one time.

"Looks like we made it in time after all didn't we?" He said to the others not even looking up from his plate.

"Really Ron, I would think that you could tell that your brothers are just teasing you." Hermione said.

"Well, better safe then sorry isn't it" Ron replied.

Giving up arguing with him, the rest of the group settled in at the table for their first breakfast at Hogwarts.

"Harry? What happened in the Headmaster's chamber last night after we left?" Hermione asked.

"Oh, I think you'll all find out as soon as the Daily Prophet arrives." Harry said.

As if on queue, the sound of hundreds of pairs of wings could be heard entering the Great Hall. The morning Post was here, and with it, a special edition of the 'Daily Prophet', the most widely read paper in the wizarding world.

It only took a few moments before screams and yells could be heard around the Hall. When Harry's friends got their copy they knew why:

Sirius Black cleared of all charges!Peter Pettigrew found alive after living ten years as a Rat!

The article went on to say that Peter had been found out while in the office of the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. Harry was grateful that it didn't mention whom the rat belonged to or the fact that several first-year students had been present at the time.

It did say that officers from the Magical Law Enforcement Department, and the Wizengamot, along with other witnesses were 'summoned to positively identify' Peter who was arrested on the spot. A writ of release was issued for Sirius stating that he was free to go. All of his privileges as a wizard were being restored, and that he had been re-instated as the Head of the House of Black.

The article ended by stating that Sirius was staying at 'A family friends', while Peter was being held in a Ministry holding cell awaiting trial.

Professor Dumbledore stood up at the head table and called the Hall to order.

"I am sure you have all read by now that Sirius Black has been cleared of all charges and has been released. This means that he was not the secret keeper for James and Lily Potter; he did not reveal their location to Voldemort (most of the Hall gasps at the sound of the name); He did not kill Peter Pettigrew – seeing how he was found completely alive; and he did not kill all those muggles. A small, petty man who did not know the meaning of words like 'honor' and 'friendship' did all this, and framed an innocent man in the process.

"I hope we can gain experience from this incident, and be more careful how we judge our friends – and our enemies. Thank you." With that Professor Dumbledore sat back down and breakfast continued.

"That was strange." Ron said.

Harry looked over at Ron and watched him for a minute. "Ron?" Harry said.

Ron looked up with a half a sausage link hanging out of his mouth. "Wat?" He tried to say.

"I'm sorry about you losing your pet last night. If you'd like I'll replace it with something else." Harry offered.

Ron thought for a few minutes while he finished chewing the breakfast meat. "Thanks, but not right now. I'm still mad at that little 'rat' of a man used my family to hide for the last ten years. Hey, the paper didn't tell who he was staying with did it? Well, I guess that's a good deal since I'm sure someone like little 'lord' Malfoy would love nothing better then to rub something like that in my face. I guess I should write mum and dad tonight to tell them about it. Maybe they can get me something new." Ron did look a little hurt about losing his 'pet'. But the last thing he needed right now was pity from Harry Potter.

"Look Ron, this isn't like pity or anything else like that." Harry replied back, "I didn't tell you what I wanted with you and Scabbers when we went up to the Headmasters office last night, and as a result, something of yours was taken. The least I can do is try to replace it... after I apologize for my stupid trick in the first place."

"Na, that's alright Harry. It wasn't really a pet new anyway was it? But how did you know it was an animagus?" Ron asked.

Harry had to think quickly, so, to buy some time, he took a bite out of his English muffin with orange marmalade. "Well," He started, "I was thinking of the spell you were trying to cast on the rat. It's true it wasn't a very good spell, but it should have done something – if the thing you were casting it on was a real rat."

"I remember reading in some of my dad's journals how he and two of his friends became animagus while they were here at Hogwarts. One of the forms of one of his friends – Peter – was a rat. Now one thing that you had told us is that you got this rat from your older brother when he was made a prefect and your parents bought him an owl. I didn't know rat lived long enough to still be alive to be able to be passed down from one brother to the next. So I took a chance. I'm just glad it worked out and I have my Godfather back."

"If you change your mind about the new pet, or anything else just let me know. I will be forever in your debt."

After a few moments of odd silence, things got back to normal around the table.

Harry and the rest of the group finishing their breakfasts when Professor McGonagall delivered their class schedules interrupted them again.

"Well what's first?" Asked Ron.

"Looks like potions with Snape." Harry said.

"That's Professor Snape, Harry." Hermione emphasized.

The students took a few moments to look at the different professors. That was when they noticed how banged up Professor Snape looked. He had two black eyes, a broken nose, and a sling on his left arm, not to mention he looked like he was in a great deal of pain.

"I wonder what happened to him?" Hermione asked.

"I hear he tried using magic in the hallway last night and ended up 'running' into a brick wall trying to attack Sirius after he was freed last night." Harry said not even looking up.

"Harry! What did you do to him?" Hermione demanded.

"Never mind Hermione. Besides, you heard the Headmaster last night: No spell-work in the hallway. Professor Snape forgot that and ended up getting hurt." Harry said. He then looked up at the head table to see the results of his handy work from last night.

There, sitting on the far left side of the table was Professor Snape. Currently he was talking to another professor who had a large tunic wrapped around his head.

As soon as Harry looked at the professors, they both looked up and looked directly back at him.

'Something is not right here Master Harry. I sense great darkness from both of these men. Both are harboring dark, dangerous secrets. You will not be able to challenge them until they show cause, but be very careful around each of them.' Durendal said.

Harry was going to respond when he felt a 'tug' on his scare and the 'Tom Riddle' portion of his core.

"AH!" Harry said as he felt a sharp pain through his scar. His hand went up to cover it immediately.

'It would seem that one or both of these two serve the Dark Lord, and has some fragment of his soul with them. That is the only way they could be affecting your core this way. Master Harry, you need to strengthen the shield around the 'Riddle' portion of your core! We cannot afford to have it break through the shield!' Durendal warned.

Harry let out a low growl that reverberated throughout the Great Hall as he tried to ignore the pain in his scare.

Closing his eyes he concentrated on reinforcing the shield Durendal had placed on that portion of his shield three years ago. After a few moments, Harry was sure he had cut off any outside influence to the 'Riddle' core, but just to be sure, He doubled the shield again.

As he was coming out of his self-induced trance, he heard his friend's worried voices around him.

"Harry! Harry! Can you hear me? What's wrong?" Ron and Hermione were both trying to get his attention.

Hermione, for her part just had both hands over her mouth, concern showing clearly in her eyes.

The commotion had also brought thing to the attention of the people at the Head table. Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall were by Harry's side in a flash. Professor Snape and the man in the tunic were just a short distance behind them.

"Mr. Potter, are you alright?" Professor McGonagall.

"Yes Professor, I'm much better now." Harry replied.

"Of course! Just wanted to draw a little more attention to yourself before going to class your first day didn't you Potter?" Professor Snape scowled. "At least the Heir of Ravenclaw knows how to keep a low profile. You don't see them demanding the spot-light do you?"

"That's enough Severus." Professor Dumbledore said. "Are you sure you're alright Harry?"

Harry's eyes flashed for a moment as he looked at the Headmaster. "That is Mr. Potter or Lord Potter to you Headmaster! And yes, I'm fine now."

"Of all the audacity! To address the Headmaster in this way! 20 points from…"

"Severus! That will be enough! Lord Potter is completely within his rights to request the manner of salutation I should use when addressing him. Now, let's all just finish our breakfast so we can get to the first class of the day."

As the group broke up, Harry asked one of the upperclassmen who the man in the tunic was.

"That's Professor Quirrell, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher."

Harry filed this information away to be used at a later date.

-+-+-+-+ (AN – Most from cannon) -+-+-+-+

Potions -

With breakfast over, it was now time to begin school.

The potions labs were all located in the lower levels of Hogwarts, meaning the dungeons.

Harry entered the room and soon found that they would be sharing the class with the first years from Slytherin. Harry got out his parchment, ink, and quill, ready to take notes in class.

Professor Snape burst into the room as menacingly as he could, trying to intimidate the new first year students.

It is hard to look intimidating when you left arm is in a sling, limping heavily with the aid of a cane in your right hand. Your eyes are both bloodied, and there is a piece of tape over your nose, showing to everyone that it had been recently broken.

Still he tried, and to add a bit of fear he actually stopped and glared at the student as he went by.

He quickly limped up to the front of the class and continued as if nothing had happened.

"There will be no foolish wand-waving here! You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion making. I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses... I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death - if you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach."

"Ah, if it isn't Harry Potter, our very own ...celebrity."

"Tell me Mr. Potter, What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

Harry thought for the briefest of moments and said, "a sleeping potion so powerful that it's called the drought of the living death."

Snape had planned on berating him for his fame and lack of knowledge, but the correct answer made him angry. His lips curled into a sneer.

"Fine, let's try again. Potter, where would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar?"

"If you don't mean the one that is in the fourth row of the potions cabinet in the back of the room, then I believe that's a stone taken from the stomach of a goat, and it can save you from most poisons," Harry said simply without emotion, knowing that Snape was clearly trying to bait him for some reason.

Snape's anger increased even more, so he tried a third time to get his revenge on James Potter. "What is the difference, Potter, between Monkshood, and Wolfsbane?"

"They are the same plant. It's also called Aconite," Harry replied, again without showing any emotion. The whole class was astonished, as they too knew Snape was trying to bait the boy-who-lived.

"Two points from Gryffindor for you attitude Mr. Potter! And why aren't the rest of you writing this down!"

Professor Snape hobbles over to the chalkboard in the front of the classroom and taps it once with his cane.

"Now, let's see how many of you can copy these potion instructions down and complete it before the end of class. You will each try your own potion on yourself at the end of the class." With that, Professor Snape went into his office and closed the door.

The potion they were to be working on was a household general cleaning potion.

Harry noticed that the last ingredient for that potion was missing from the list of elements on the chalkboard.

Without the ground beetle eye, you would end up with a very caustic lye solution instead of a gentle soap.

Harry was trying to decide what the correct course of action to take.

Looking around the classroom, he knew that if he just cast a spell to write the ingredient on the board, most of the students would not see the changes, since most had already finished writing the potion down. He also thought that since this was such a common potion in the magical world, all of the students who had been raised with magic would already know it was missing, meaning only the Muggle-born, or Muggle raised witches and wizards were likely to make the mistake with this potion.

There was only one thing he could do.

Getting up from his chair, Harry walked to the head of the class to the chalkboard and picked up a piece of chalk to make the correction.

As soon as he had picked up the chalk, Professor Snape quickly opened his office door and stepped out.

"Just what do you think you are doing Mr. Potter?" he asked coldly.

"I am making a point of clarification for all of the Muggle-born, and Muggle-raised students … sir. The entry for the four ground beetle eyes, stir four times counter-clockwise – seems to have been left off the board. I was just making a notation to that effect for the class in general." Harry replied.

"Fifteen points from Gryffindor for questioning a teacher!" Snape spat. "I had left that item off intentionally to see who had read their books."

"Even if that were the case…sir… This potion isn't mentioned until the latter half of the third year potion book since it is a caustic lye solution if not brewed correctly. I don't think many people who haven't been raised in wizarding home would have been aware of that fact, and since you stated we would be testing the product on ourselves, I, for one, did not want to see anyone hurt unnecessarily."

"Ten points from Gryffindor and detention with Mr. Finch for attempting to correct a teacher!" Snape snapped sharply. Harry just stood in front of him calmly knowing that he had done the right thing. "And five more points for your cavalier attitude!"

While he had been having this 'discussion' with Professor Snape at the front of the class, most all the students from Gryffindor were adding the missing item to their potion. Even Crabbe and Goyle could be seen crushing the last ingredient and adding it to their potion.

"Well, Mr. Potter, since you seem to know so much about potions, why don't we try yours right now." Professor Snape stated as he moved towards Harry's cauldron. Snape was going to make sure Harry didn't have any more time to work on his potion. "Just dip a couple of your fingers in and… oh, I don't know… Let's see you rub it on your scar to make sure it doesn't just wash off."

Several of the Slytherin students laughed at the suggestion.

As Harry returned to his seat, just prior to putting his hand in the potion, a small film of gray dust appeared over the open cauldron, but didn't fall in.

"I took the precaution of placing a sealing charm over the cauldron before I came up just in case some 'dust' fell into the potion from the ceiling." Harry said as he looked directly into Professor Snape eyes. He could feel Professor Snape try to enter his mind to see how he knew how to perform this charm since this was the first class of the day for these first year students. Charms wouldn't be held until after lunch, so where had this brat learned how to do a fifth year charm, and when did he activate it? Severus didn't remember hearing any incantation. 'Could he have cast the charm wandlessly and wordlessly? That would be preposterous! Only powerful wizards like Dumbledore, or great wizards like the Dark Lord can do something like that.'

"You never know when some old ingredients like, oh I don't know – powdered newt – might just show up all of a sudden. And of course we all know that powdered newt neutralizes ground beetle eye now don't we?"

"Are you implying something Mr. Potter?" Professor Snape asked coldly.

"Not at all sir, just making conversation." Harry still looked the Professor directly in the eyes.

'What is this shield he has over his mind? I get nothing from him – just a great void. Well that just proves he doesn't have a thought in his brain. It is not possible for him to block me out so completely.'

Dusting the powder off the top of the cauldron, Professor Snape briskly said, "Come now Mr. Potter, you're wasting valuable class time. Let's see if you are as good at brewing this simple potion as you are attracting attention to yourself."

Without any further comment, Harry removed the sealing charm over his cauldron and dipping two fingers into the potion and then rubbed the potion on his scar as directed. After 30 seconds, there was not adverse reaction to the mixture.

"It seems your potion is marginally acceptable. Three out of ten points, now, let's test everyone else's potion."

Professor Snape went around the room testing the rest of the cauldrons. Only making the students stick their hands into the potion and bring it back out to see if there was any irritation.

Hermione received seven out of ten points while Ron received zeros for his potions when they had a slight pink irritation on their skin after 30 seconds.

Everybody from Slytherin received full marks for their potions even though Crabbe and Goyle had large blisters on their hands as soon as they touched their concoction. Their problem was solved with a silence charm, and an ample covering of orange paste over the affected area from Professor Snape.

None too soon the bell rang, and class was dismissed.

Once in the hallway Ron and Hermione came up to walk with Harry.

"Oy, mate, 30 points in one class and detention with Finch – that's just down-right unlucky." Ron said.

"32 points." Harry corrected him.

"32 points! The upper classes are going to be looking for blood! Your blood Harry! I mean, couldn't you have done something else so as to not get more points taken away?" Ron asked.

"What I did was right and given the same situation, I would do it again. Now come on, we have to make sure Susan and Neville know what to expect from Professor Snape just in case he tries the same thing with them."

"That was very noble of you Harry. I know I wouldn't have gotten the potion correct without your help, but why didn't you complain to Professor Snape about his unfair handling of the situation – I mean, you did nothing to earn any of those demerits, or the detention." Hermione stated.

"What do you think the results would have been if I were to have challenged Professor Snape when he deducted points or assigned the detention?" Harry asked her.

"Well, I don't know – probable just more deductions and more detention, until he could kick you out of the class."

"That's right. I was not guilty of the first offense or the second offense. Those facts are clear and will be recorded and presented to the proper authorities at the proper time."

"First offense? Second offense? What are you talking about Harry?" Ron asked.

"I am giving Professor Snape every opportunity to resolve any 'issues' he has with me in a peaceful manner. By refusing to do so just gives him 'more rope' that I can use later against him. Besides, I want to make sure any prank against him is completely justifiable."

"Harry! You still can't be thinking of pranking a teacher now can you?" Hermione said.

"Now Hermione, I'm not pranking a teacher, I'm pranking a bully who is taking advantage of his position to terrorize and torment the very children he should be helping and teaching."

"Come on now, let's hurry to Transfiguration and see what Professor McGonagall has for us." Harry said.

Gryffindor had Transfiguration with the students from Hufflepuff, meaning that Neville and Susan would also be in the class.

Entering the Transfiguration classroom, everyone noticed that Professor McGonagall was not present, but for Harry, a very familiar gray calico cat was sitting on the teacher's desk watching the new students come in.

Moving to sit in front of the teacher's desk, Hermione asked, "I wonder where Professor McGonagall is? I wouldn't think she would be late for the first class of a new school year."

"That's fine by me," Ron said, "It just means less work for me to do."

Ron didn't think much about it when the cat seemed to hiss at his comment.

"Ah, Ron, I wouldn't say that too loudly if I were you." Harry warned.

The bell rang as the last of the students found their seats, each looking at the cat at the front of the room. As the bell finished ringing, the cat got up and slowly stretched its self then jumped from the table and on to the floor. As it jumped, it quickly transformed into their instructor, Professor McGonagall who came to rest directly in front of Ron looking down at him over her glasses.

Ron's mouth was open for several seconds as he looked up at his Professor. Finally, as he started to come back to reality he swallowed hard and said, "That was bloody brilliant!"

All of the other students (except Harry) slow also realized what the Deputy Headmistress had done, and started applauding her work.

"Thank you students that will be all." She said with a voice of authority.

"What you have just witnessed is from one of the most advanced branches of Transfiguration. This goes beyond transfiguring something from one species to another; this is where you actually allow the animal in question – in my case a cat – to actually merge with you. Practitioners of this type of transfiguration are referred to as animagus."

"Since it is possible for a wizard to effectively go into hiding from the authorities, any person who wishes to become an animagus, must register with the ministry as soon as they begin their training. If they are successful with their training, they must register the form they take and the unique marking that can be seen while in their animal form. Currently there are only three registered animagus in all of Great Britain, but as we can see from the Daily Prophet this morning, it would appear that not all practitioners have indeed registered. Yes, Miss Brown?"

"Were you in the Head Master's office when that man was found out?" Lavender Brown asked.

"Yes I was Miss Brown, however I am not at liberty to discuss that matter until a full investigation has been completed to determine how Mr. Pettigrew was able to become an unregistered animagus."

Professor McGonagall started her beginning-of-year lecture:

"The art of transfiguration is one of the most powerful and serious areas in all of magic. Over the years, you will learn how to change one inanimate object into another, such as changing a match into a pin and back. As your understanding, power and control increase, you will be able to change larger items into more complicated patterns.

"Then, in the coming years we will learn how to change an inanimate object into one that appears to be an animated or alive, such as changing a rock into a bird, or a frog, a fish or a dog. Technically these items are not alive since they will only last a short while before reverting back to their original form, but you may find that it is important to know how to perform this type of transfiguration from time to time in very critical situations."

"To be successful in this aspect of transfiguration, you must have a complete understanding of the item your are changing the inanimate object into. For example…" Professor McGonagall picked up a small bar of soap to show it to the class. "If I wanted to change this soap into a mouse, for instance, I must understand what a mouse looks like, how a mouse moves, how it thinks, and what it would do in any given situation. In essences I would know how the mouse's mind interacts with its sense of smell, hearing, touch, sight etc. … Everything. The better I understand the characteristics of the mouse, the more likely I am of being successful in transfiguring it."

Professor McGonagall placed the bar of soap into a clear glass cage and as she moved her wand over it, said, "Demuto Mus" (change mouse).

All the class gasp as they saw a bar of soap replaced by what looked like a real mouse running around the cage, looking for someway out.

"Yes, Mr. Thomas?" Professor McGonagall asked as she saw Dean's hand go up.

"Um, ah, I mean, ah, what would happen if you were to eat that mouse when you were in your cat form Professor?"

The rest of the class let out a strained laugh – as most of them had been thinking the same thing.

"Well, if you are well trained, you would be able to tell that this is not a real mouse, but that's something else completely. However, if I were to eat this mouse in my animagus form, then in about 15 to 30 minutes I would find myself very sick to my stomach as the mouse would have reverted back to its original form. That is, if it were a good transfiguration. If it were a poor transfiguration however, then as soon as I bit into the object I would be able to taste the soap bar and immediately spit it out."

"Now, moving on. The next level of transfiguration is being able to change one live species into another live species – for example – dog to cat. It is very important that you understand how dangerous this can be. The Ministry of Magic looks very poorly upon people who think it is funny to change a person in to something else. Unless there is a clear reason why this is done, the person doing the transfiguration can be punished up to and including time in Azkaban."

"Associated with transfiguration is the art of conjuring."

"To some persons it may appear as if conjuring is creating something out of nothing. That is not the case at all. Conjuring is the ability to rearrange the elements in the air with magic its self into a more tangible item. For example…" Professor McGonagall holds out her hand and touches it with her wand. Suddenly a saucer, teacup and steaming tea in the cup appeared all at once.

"In most all cases, there are fine traces of dirt, lint, water and other elements in the air all around you at all times. Conjuring is simply taking these small simple elements and expanding and transfiguring them into the items you need at the time. As with other transfiguration, the size, quality and durability of the items conjured depend in large part to the power of the person casting the spell, and the level of understanding that they have of the object they are conjuring. For example, Professor Dumbledore has a conjured tea set in his office that has served him for the past 15 years. You should not think that a conjured item would last forever. The last tea set the Headmaster conjured lasted 17 years 6 months and then simply returned into the ethos."

"The last course of study in this class in year seven, will be that of an animagus. We will review how a person registers with the Ministry to begin studying to become an animagus, and some of the other skills that will aid you if you wish to pursue this course after Hogwarts. Let me just say that the normal Ministry program takes three years to complete, and requires that you are well versed not only in transfiguration, but animal husbandry, charms and arithmancy."

"Now for the next 20 minutes, I want you to all read chapter 1 in your transfiguration book. Then, if there are no questions, we can begin practicing transfiguring match sticks to pins and back."

Everyone took out their book and dutifully read the first chapter. For Harry and Hermione, it meant reading the chapter – again.

Harry even did this just to reinforce some of the basics of transfiguration and conjuring.

After the 20 minutes, Professor McGonagall answered the questions the students had about what they had read, and passed out the matchsticks. After explaining the incantation ("Demuto acus") (change pin) and wand movement, she let the student practice for the remainder of the class.

"Remember to visualize the results as you are specking the incantation." She reminded them.

Neville was concentrating so hard on the matchstick, that before he could speck the incantation, it caught on fire. Professor McGonagall was over to his spot quicker then anyone thought she could move and quickly doused the flame out.

After several incidents, Neville was given a toothpick instead. Professor McGonagall said, "Maybe you should not try concentrating on the matchstick quite so hard."

Neville blushed as he took the toothpick and said, "Yes Professor."

During the time remaining, only Hermione, Harry, and those students that Harry had removed their magical bind were successful in changing their sticks to pins and back.

Harry made it look like he was using his wand, but in fact was practicing doing the transfiguration wandlessly, and wordlessly with both his right and left hand. Hermione almost caught him one time, but he quickly moved his hand in the way so she couldn't see what he was doing.

As class ending Professor McGonagall asked Harry to stay after so she could talk to him for a few minutes. He agreed and told everyone he would meet them in the Great Hall for lunch soon.

"Okay Harry, but you better hurry, I don't know if there will be anything left if you don't get there quickly." Ron said as he broke away from the pack of friends on a dead run for lunch.

"Well Harry, how have you enjoyed your first day at Hogwarts?" She asked.

"Well, to be completely honest, I have found it somewhat trying and confusing." He replied.

"Oh, how so?" she inquired.

Harry told Professor McGonagall about the incident in Potions with the missing ingredient not included on the board and how Professor Snape had reacted when he went up to write it on board.

"There is a reason that is a third year potion." Harry commented.

He also went on to explain the 32-point deducted from his house and his detention with Mr. Finch. When he finished, Minerva was more then a little upset.

"I'll talk to Albus about the points and the detention Harry. I just don't understand why Severus can't move on with his life instead of living in the past."

"What do you mean Aunt Min?" Harry asked.

Now it was Professor McGonagall's time to blush.

"I have a feeling all of this is over Severus feeling that your father 'took' Lily away from him. I seem to recall that Lily and Severus were quite close for the first six years of their schooling here at Hogwarts. But during their seventh year, after your mother started dating James, well, let's just say things did not go well between the two men."

"That sounds a lot like what Peter said last night in the Headmasters office, but what does that have to do with me?"

"It would appear that Severus is still not over your mother Harry. I feel that is one of the reasons he has been so miserable over all these years – unrequited love, plus you bear an uncanny resemblance to your father, except for your eyes. It would appear Severus still has hard feeling about your father that he has transferred to you. You are the result of the two most painful memories in his life – the loss of his love, Lily, and the torment and ridicule that he received from James – not to mention what you did to him last night."

Harry smiled at the memory of Snape crashing into the conjured wall last night after he had tried to attack Sirius. "If he is going to hate me, he should hate me for being me not as punishment for missing my mother, or the pranks played on him by my father. If he cannot overcome his problem with me then he's welcome to try to 'adjust' my attitude though I wouldn't suggest trying it."

"Harry, what are you planning to do to Severus? I know that look. It's the same look your father and Sirius used to get before someone was pranked around here."

"Who, me? I'm not planning anything … yet. I assure you Aunt Min, I will do everything in my power to get along with Professor Snape before I take any action. Even then, it won't be against a Hogwarts Professor that is pranked, it will be against a bully who prays on the children in his care."


"I'm sorry Aunt Min, but I will not allow such a bias, vial person to go unchallenged while he is in a position of trust. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get down to lunch in the Great Hall before Ron eats it all."

Harry started out of the room, but then stopped and turned around.

"Oh, Professor McGonagall please let the deductions and the detention stand. I don't want Professor Snape thinking I am a spoiled brat who went running to his Head of House as soon as I didn't get my way."

Professor McGonagall let Harry leave knowing that he was correct in Severus' attitude regarding most children, and that since he was still worthy to hold Durendal, he would always do what was right… Not what was easy.

Walking into the Great Hall, Harry soon found his friends at the Gryffindor table busy eating away.

Along the way, he stopped by the Hufflepuff table and leaning close to Neville's ear he said softly, "Great job on that pin Neville, I've never seen a matchstick burn so bright. I think now that the two binds have been taken off your core, you may find that you 'overpower' a lot of thing until you can get the feel of your magic.

I've found a place in the castle where we can all practice in my trunk. If you would like, after class we can go there and practice on refining your control. How does that sound?"

"That would be great Harry, thanks."

"Okay, you tell Susan, and I'll get Ron and Hermione and meet you up on the seventh floor near the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy at 7:00 o'clock tonight." With that, Harry headed off to his own table.

"Hey guys, room for me?"

Looking back up at the group Harry asked, "Well Ron, did you leave me any lunch?"

"Just a little, it seems almost as good as mom's back home, and it just keeps on coming and coming. Maybe they've changed since Fred and George were here last year. By the way, what did McGonagall want?"

"She just wanted to know about the deductions and detention. I asked her not to interfere. If she did, it would just confirm to Professor Snape that I was a spoiled brat who through a tantrum any time I didn't get my way."


Everyone in the Hall was now looking at the group of Gryffindor first years. Some of the Gryffindor upper-class persons were looking at them with concern. Surely they didn't mean that one of those little first years had managed to lose over 30 points already could they?

"Do you think you could say that a little louder Ron? I don't think Hagrid heard you out in his hut." Harry said a little coldly. Ron, for his part just blushed as bright as his hair, dipped his head lower, and continued eating twice as fast as before – trying to act as if no one could see him.

"I will not let Professor Snape continue to think that I am a spoiled brat. I will protect my friends and myself from harm, but I will not oppose him in these actions… yet. He will have to opportunity to 'redeem' himself by treating other people fairly, but if he does not take advantage of that opportunity, then your brothers and I will have to see about humbling him a little." Harry had a feral grin on his face that made chills run down everyone's back.

"Harry you can't do that! It's against the rules!" Hermione restated for about the twenty-something time.

"It's also against the rules to attack law abiding citizens like he did Sirius and the rest of us last night; to willful cause the injury of students in your care – think what would have happened if I hadn't included that last line on the potion. You would have been directly affected. Attempt to alter someone's potion with the intent to cause harm; attempting to use Legilimens on someone without their consent; and last but not least, judging the results of the potion with extreme bias based purely on the House a person belongs to. And that was just from this morning. Not to mention everything he said during the opening feast."

"So tell me Hermione, which set of rules are you going to judge us by? Professor Snape is not excluded from the rules just because he is 'an adult' or a teacher. If anything, he should be held to a higher standard. I'm afraid one of the false pretenses you are living under is that all adults look out after the well being of the younger children and those in their care. If that has been your experience growing up, then consider yourself lucky. Not all adults or teachers are trustworthy or deserving of our blind respect. To me trust and respect are earned, not given blindly."

"I am sorry if you feel I am not agreeing with your point of view Hermione, but I was raised in a very different environment. One where the adults commonly abused and belittled me, so I hope you will understand where I am coming from."

Hermione just hung her head and went back to eating lunch, even though after everything Harry said all she did was move the food around her plate with her fork.

As lunch was just about over, Harry got Ron and Hermione together to tell them about the training session he was planning with Neville and Susan at seven o'clock that evening. Both of them were eager to continue their training.

After lunch, all the Gryffindor first years got up and headed to their Double Charms class with Slytherin.

Charms –

Professor Flitwick watched eagerly as the students entered into his Charms class for the first time. He had great expectations for them this year, due in no small part of Harry Potter being in the class.

Professor Flitwick had been visiting Harry for the last three years after he had been introduced to the young man at Gringotts. Most of the time was because he had been charged with being the executor of the Potter will. But also, he was to explain the wizarding world and the complex world of business and finance to him.

With Sirius being freed, and accepting his gift from the Potter will, his duties as executor were now complete, but he felt an obligation to keep in touch with Harry as a mentor in finances and charms, and as a friend for as long as he could.

Filius had taken time to visit Harry while he was at 'Lupin Manor'. He was aware that Harry was training as a Paladin, and was using magic in 'flextime' that the Ministry could not detect, but he also understood why Harry was training so hard.

He knew Harry had complete mastery of any charm, hex, jinks, curse, or their counters that could or would be taught at Hogwarts, but that he would never use any charm just to 'show off' or draw attention to himself.

As the bell rang, Professor Flitwick took his place on the stack of books sitting on top of his chair so he could address the class:

"Welcome students to your first day in Charms! You may find by the end of your stay here at Hogwarts that the class name is a bit deceiving, for while you will be learning charms, you will also be learning hexes, jinks, curses, and their counter spells. There will be many thing that you learn here that you will be able to use in your Defense Against the Dark Arts class, as well as in dueling situations."

"Now, the first thing I want everyone to do is to take out their wands for general inspection."

"Taking care of your wand is a very important matter."

Dean and Seamus both ducked their heads and let out a small laugh.

"A wand that is kept clean and polished, free from dings and nicks performs better then one that is neglected."

"Now, each of you will come up here row by row and hand me your wand for inspection. When I give it back to you, I want you to give it a little 'flick' to see how compatible the wand is with you, just like most of you did when you picked up your wand at Ollivander's."

Again, Dean and Seamus snickered into their hands at the possible obscure meaning of the diminutive instructor.

"Lets start with the first row of Slytherin and go around the room from there."

The remainder of the first half of the class was taken up with Professor Flitwick inspecting everybody's wand and giving pointers as to how to take better care of them.

He found that many of the Slytherin, as well as Ron, were using wands that had been passed down in their family. He explained that while any wand would work, in most cases, the effectiveness of spell would be diminished if the caster did not have their own wand.

Everyone was quite surprised when Ron took his wand back from Professor Flitwick and gave it a 'flick' just to shoot off some sparks. The results were large enough to where Professor Flitwick almost fell off his stack of books. If not for Harry's quick reaction in steadying the slight Professor, he would have fallen to the ground.

For the second half of the class, Professor Flitwick showed the students how to correctly hold their wand:

"Place the wand in your dominant hand with the base of the wand even with the edge of your hand, and laying perpendicular to our heart line. Next, fold your thumb over the wand, and wrap your fingers around your thumb, and the wand handle. This is referred to as an 'inside' grip, since the thumb is on the inside of the hand. If done properly, it will help prevent the loss of your wand from a magical attach as the grip will actually become tighter on the wand as it is trying to come out of the hand – let me demonstrate."

Professor Flitwick then cast a very weak 'Expelliarmus' spell against each member in the class. More times then not, the wand would slip out of the students hand and fly to the Professor's feet. If that were the case, then the Professor would banish the wand back to the student, and move on to the next. After several round, most of the students had the general concept, and could now keep their wands as the spell was cast on them.

After class, Harry, Ron and Hermione headed back to the common room to finish up the homework they had received from their classes today, and to review their text books for the subjects they would have tomorrow.

Harry was able to get them alone in a corner and asked if they wanted to meet with Neville and Susan at seven o'clock for some more training in his trunk.

Hermione immediately said 'yes', but Ron wasn't so sure.

"I was hoping to get up a game of wizard's chess against someone in the house. I mean, no one will play with me back at home."

"Oh but Ron, just think how much better prepared we will be for our classes tomorrow and for the rest of the week!" Hermione said enthusiastically.

"That's just it Hermione, I mean, what is this – oh ya, the first day of class! I don't think our teachers are going to be expecting too much out of a bunch of first year students on the first day of class."

Hermione was about to say something else when Harry stopped her.

"It's his decision Hermione, and I've found that if you have to 'nag' someone into studying, it is counter-productive. Come on, we need to be getting up to the seventh floor to meet the others."

Hermione looked like she still wanted to argue with Ron to make him come with them, or at least to feel guilty, but instead, she just nodded her head and started to move towards the common room portal.

"I do hope you'll change your mind Ron. One day you may find that there are things more important in life then chess." and with that he was out the door to catch up with Hermione.

Arriving on the seventh floor, Harry and Hermione found Neville and Susan already there looking at the tapestry.

"I mean, who in their right mind thinks they can teach a bunch of trolls how to dance?" Susan was saying as the others approached them.

"I don't know." said Neville, "I just hope I never meet a troll. Oh, hey Harry, Hermione, where's Ron?"

"He thought Wizard's chess was more important then learning." Hermione said coldly.

Everyone was quiet for a few moments not wanting to get caught in Hermione's cross-fire.

When Neville thought it was save to talk again, he asked Harry where their training room was.

"You'll see in just a minute." was is response.

The other first year students looked at Harry as if he had lost his mind for a few moments as he seemed to be thinking about about something as he paced back and forth by the wall on the other side of the tapestry.

On Harry's third pass, the three other students all gasped when there, on the wall, appeared a beautiful door and entryway. Harry looked up smiling, took hold of the handle on the door and opened it.

Making a grand sweep of his hand, he announced to the others, "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Come and Go Room. Will you please step inside.

End of Chapter 21

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