Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 22 Flying with Broom

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

From Chapter 21 -

On Harry's third pass, the three other students all gasped when there, on the wall, appeared a beautiful door and entryway. Harry looked up smiling, took hold of the handle on the door and opened it.

Making a grand sweep of his hand, he announced to the others, "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Come and Go Room. Will you please step inside.

Chapter 22 – Flying with Brooms

What greeted the three other students was something that looked like a combination of the Gryffindor common room, and an old-school study from a regal English manor. Harry and the others looked around a bit, and then, after Harry expanded his multi-chambered trunk, went into chamber number eight to train for two 'days' before going out and returning to their own common rooms.

Over the next few weeks this pattern continued and things seemed to get into a flow with school: training; homework; and Ron rushing to the Great Hall for every meal; classes; and, for everyone but Ron, studying in the 'Come and Go Room' every other day.

Hermione was able to convince Ron to finally join them in the 'Come and Go Room' after he saw how much better the other four were performing in class. It didn't hurt any that they also mentioned that Sassy provided all the snacks and food they wanted while they were there.

For the most part everything was going well... with the exception of potions and strangely enough, Defense against the Dark Arts. Every time Harry entered the DADA classroom he would get the feeling that something evil was present in the room. 'Well this is the Defense against the Dark Art's class.' When Harry entered into the classroom for the first time, 'There's bound to be some dark presence here'. Harry thought.

'No, young master,' Durendal said, 'The darkness is not from the 'objects' in the room, but from the man himself. There is something very dark about this professor, and it is closely related to the Dark Lord himself. You must be very careful around this man. If you do not keep your shield up around Voldemort's core, you may find yourself drawn uncontrollable to him. We do not want his core controlling you.'

'Thank you for the warning Durendal,' Harry said, 'This will give me an excuse to strengthen my shields daily.'

Charms class.

"Very good class! Now, open your books and read about the first spell you will be trying in here – 'Wingardium Leviosa'. While you are doing that, I will be handing out feathers for us to practice on."

Ten minutes later everyone was through reading their assignment, and a feather was in front of each student.

"Now," Professor Flitwick started, "The incantation is 'Wingardium Leviosa' remember that little twist and flick we have been practicing while you are pointing your wand at the object you wish to levitate. Ready? Begin!"

The room filled with the sound of children's voices as they began casting their first charm. It wasn't too surprising that many of the Slytherin were first in getting their feathers floating, though not very controlled.

Harry was watching to see how the other students were doing before trying himself.

Ron was making grand circles over the feather, and then shacking his wand at it as if he were beating it up while murdering the enunciation of the spell. Finally Hermione had to stop him before he poked somebody's eye out with his wand, and ended up showing him the correct way to do the spell. You could tell that Ron was very upset by being shown up. Harry just hoped it had nothing to do with the fact that he (Ron) was a pure-blood, and Hermione was a muggle-born.

Seamus and Dean weren't having much better luck then Ron. Their enunciation and wand movement seemed to be correct, but Harry had an idea that their main problem was not focusing on what the expected results of the spell are going to be. Without focus, you do not tap into your magical core to give it direction.

Harry had heard from Susan that Neville seemed to be having much of the same problem as Seamus and Dean. The incantation and wand movement were correct, but it didn't look like his heart was really in casting the spell. Harry thought this might be due to the fact that for the better part of his life, Neville had been told that he was little better then a squib. Harry had ask Susan to remind Neville what they had been practicing in the 'Come and Go Room' after classes tonight.

This night, after entering the 'Come and Go Room', instead of going straight down to chamber eight in Harry's trunk, they decided to sit in the study, around a table talking.

"I just couldn't get it Harry." Ron said, referring to the Charms lesson.

Opening his trunk as if to get something out of it, Harry conjured a feather to put on the table for Ron to try with. However, when Harry turns around, there is already a feather on the table.

"Did I just miss something? Harry asked. "Where did that feather come from? I was just thinking that we needed a feather to practice with, and there it is on the table."

"I don't know Harry." Susan answered. "I thought that maybe it was your doing again"

"No, not me." said Harry holding up the feather he 'retrieved' from his trunk. "Well, we have it now, so let's move on. Ron, why don't you repeat what did in class this morning?"

Taking his wand out, Ron looks at the feather and while moves his arm in a great circle again shouted: "Wingardrem Levaossa". He ends the charm shacking his wand like he's trying to get the last of the catchup out of a bottle. The feather didn't rise, but a fresh Cauldron Cake appeared next to it. Ron was a little embarrassed and upset when he hears some of the others starting to laugh at his performance. Once again Hermione steps in to catch his wand before he puts out somebody's eye again.

"Well that is interesting." Harry said raising an eyebrow.

"Wait, wait Ron, your doing it all wrong!" Hermione starts.

Ron just gives her the 'evil eye' look as if to say 'Well if you know how to do it any better, show us'.

"First Ron, you're saying the spell all wrong. It 'Wingardium' not ' Wingardrem' and ' Leviosa' instead of 'Levaossa'. Here, let me show your." Hermione clears her throat, and with a gentle 'swish and flick' says: "Wingardium Leviosa"! The feather slowly, gentle rose off the table and into the air in front of Hermione just as it had done in class earlier that morning.

"Very good Hermione!" Harry said. "That was a great demonstration. Now Ron, Neville, don't get upset that Susan and Hermione seem to be catching on to these spells a little quicker then you are. It just seems that girls this age seem to pay a bit more attention to the details then us boys. Now Neville, can you tell me what is required to perform a spell successfully?"

"Well, you have to be strong enough to perform the spell, you have to have the incantation, and you have to have the wand motion. Right?" Neville said shyly.

"Well guy's what do you think? Is Neville's answer correct?" Harry asked the group.

"That's what both Professor Flitwick and McGonagall said in class." Hermione replied.

"What about intent?" Harry asked.

"What?" came Ron's intelligent reply.

"Intent. What were you thinking about when you were trying to levitate the feather?" Harry asked Ron.

"Well, right then, I was thinking about how long it had been since I've eaten, and was wondering were Sassy was with those Cauldron Cakes." Ron answered, blushing slightly.

Harry's eyebrow goes back up as he looks back at the Cauldron Cake on the table next to the feather.

"That's okay Ron, Sassy will be here in just a few moments. Hermione, what where you thinking of when you levitated the feather?"

"Well, levitating the feather of course!" Hermione said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Right! And as you thought that, you drew upon you magic from your core to come out, down your arm, into the wand, and to be focused on the object and action you were trying to perform. Does that make sense to you?"

Both Ron and Neville nod their heads 'Yes'.

"Okay, before we go any further, I think we need to find out what's happening with this room and where this feather and Cauldron Cake came from." Harry said.

"Now, just before the feather appeared, I was thinking that we needed a feather to be placed on the table for Ron to practice with, and the feather appeared."

"We've just heard that Ron was thinking of getting a Cauldron Cake while doing his charm, and the cake shows up on the table. Now, Hermione, if there is one thing you want more then anything else in the world, what would it be?"

Even before she answered, a large impressive tome appeared on the table.

"A self-updating version of 'Hogwarts: A History'." she said, somewhat in ah as she picked up the book.

"Susan, how bout you?" Harry asked.

Suddenly, on the table, there was a picture of Neville in a plain silver frame. The picture of Neville was waving and winking at her, blowing her kisses.

Both the real Neville, and Susan blushed slightly, but then took a step closer to each other.

"Not to interrupt this moment," Harry said, "but Neville, what about you? And please, try not to think too much about Susan. We may not be ready for the results."

Neville and Susan blushed again and Neville said, "I always wanted to have my own Mimbulus Mimbletonia since I saw my Great Uncle Algie's before I came to Hogwarts."

Once again, on the table, a strange gray cactus looking plant appeared on the table. It was covered with spiny bulbs that looked like they were ready to explode. Hermione reached out to touch one but Neville stopped her.

"Don't touch it Hermione! If you don't handle the plant correctly, the tubules will explode and cover you with Stinksap and that is one thing you do not want!"

"Thanks Neville." Hermione said. "I don't think I would like to be covered with that if it's anything like those dung bombs Fred and George keep setting off."

"Oh, this would be much worse!" Neville said. "The Skinksap used in the dung bombs is diluted to about one part per five hundred before it is put into the toys."

"Oh! Thanks again." said Hermione. "Then what is it really used for Neville?"

Neville looked up shyly and answered, "It's used as a bonding agent or catalyst for a lot of the medical potions in the infirmary. But don't worry, it only takes one or two drops per cauldron to get it all to work right. Of course, you don't have to use the Skinksap, but it will take the potion a lot longer to come together."

Harry thought to himself, 'If I could find a replacement for Skinksap I'd make a fortune!'

Shaking his head to get back to the topic at hand Harry said, "Okay, I think I've figured this out."

"The elves call this the 'Come and Go Room' because sometimes it's here and sometimes it isn't. But remember when Fred and George said they needed a broom closet to get away from Filch? They said they found this closet on the seventh floor that they have never been able to find again? That was this room! This room has to power to give you what ever you want at that moment! When I first learned of this room, I thought it would just provide you the things you needed as you entered the room, but it seems that the room will also give you what ever you require once you are in it. A 'Room of Requirements' if you will!"

Just then, a whole tray of Cauldron Cakes and a pitcher of pumpkin juice showed up on the table.

"Stop it Ron, this could be important!" Harry said, and the food disappeared.

"But I 'm hungry!" Ron whined.

"Don't worry, Sassy will be here soon enough with real Cauldron Cakes and drinks."

Then, Harry looked at the roof of the room as if addressing it directly. "We need a place where we can practice and learn how to perform the spells, charms and everything else we are being taught."

At first, nothing happened, then, the room changed from an English study to more of a classroom setting with chairs, blackboard, individual dueling platforms and target practice range. Also, all around the edge of the room were bookshelves filled with every imaginable book on charms, transfiguration, shielding, DADA spells, curses, hexes, jinx and counter-jinx.

Harry noticed that this list of books was almost as complete as the library he had in his trunk. In fact, if he wasn't mistaken, there were a few titles here that he didn't recognize.

"Wow! This is great! Just think of all the studying we can do here!" Hermione said.

Ron groaned, Neville rolled his eyes, but Harry and Susan both agreed with Hermione.

"Okay," Harry said, trying to get everybody's attention, let's all try the levitation charm again.

As he says this, a drawing on the blackboard appears with the name of the spell, the pronunciation, and the correct wand motion.

"Alright now, I want you to all try it one more time again. Neville, let's start with you, but remember, you have to have intent to make the charm work.

Neville looked over at Harry for a few moments thinking about what he had said to him. Then, with a determined look on his face, he closed his eyes to concentrate on his magic inside. As Neville brought up his magic, Harry could senses that this was going to be a major event and gets his own wand ready.

With a look of determination on his face, Neville yells out – "Wingardium Leviosa"! As loudly as he could.

Not only does the feather shoot straight up into the air, but also Susan who was sitting right in front of him, and the desk she was sitting at.

The shocked girl doesn't have time to react before she found herself heading toward the ceiling at a high rate of speed. Harry takes out his wand and shouts: "Mobilicorpus" as quickly as he can at the Susan and pulls her out of harms away, and set her gently on the ground.

Neville is so shocked to see what happens that he screams and drops his wand. As he drops his wand, the spell is broken, and the desk fell down to earth with a crash! In looking up at the ceiling, everyone sees that the feather has been imbedded into the stone.

Everyone in the room, with the exception of Harry and Susan, just stared at Neville, or the feather in the ceiling in a state of shock. Not a word was said until Susan was back on the ground. As soon as her feet hit the ground, she ran off and gave Neville the biggest hug he ever had in his life.

"I'm so proud of you Neville! That was so amazing! I knew you could do it!" Susan said excitedly.

Everyone else in the room was in shock! Didn't Susan know she could have been seriously injured if Harry hadn't moved her out of the desk? Maybe so, but Susan was just so glad to see that Neville wasn't a squib, that the other issue wasn't important to her right now.

"I think we need to practice a little on 'control' right now." Harry said.

With a weak smile Neville shook his head in agreement, still in shock at what had happened, and that Susan was still hugging him after what he had done to her.

By the end of the 'class time', everyone had mastered the levitation charm – even Ron. Sassy had made sure he had had as many Cauldron Cakes and Pumpkin juice as he could stand.

"Well," Harry began, "I think we have a decision to make with regards to our training. We can either come in here and everyone come down into my trunk to train in chamber eight for more time, or we could stay out of the trunk, and let the room provide us with the ideal training environment. Which do you prefer? Hermione?"

"I prefer the this training environment. I mean, look at all these great book titles! I know you would probable have most of them in your library Harry, but we don't always have permission to get them out of there. It almost as bad as if they were in the restricted area of the library! Here, we can come in, and with a thought have any book or training environment we need."

"Okay. How about you Susan?"

"Oh, I agree with Hermione. I think the quality of the training environment more then makes up for the increased time in the trunk – sorry about that Harry."

"Don't worry about it Susan, that's why I'm asking. How bout you Ron?"

"I think this room is best, as long as Sassy can keep us fed!"

"Okay, I'll see that you have a supply of Cauldron Cakes when every you need them, but remember, you'll have to work them off, or else you may start looking like Crabbe or Goyle."

"Hey!" Ron protested, but to no good – as everyone else was laughing in a good natured way.

"Well Neville, what's your opinion on the matter?" Harry asked.

Neville looked thoughtful for a few moments, and then said, "I think as far as learning the spells, this is the best environment to do that. But still once in a while, I think it would be beneficial to be able to go the chamber eight and practice what we learn, and gain more control over them." Then blushing he added, "Lord knows I could use more control over my spells, I mean, just look at what almost happened to Susan."

"I think that's a great idea Neville. Why don't we do this, every night we'll come here to review what was taught in each class for that day, and then, over the weekend, we can come here, but go into chamber eight and put it all together, and do the rest of our homework so that we're ready for the coming week?"

After a little bit of debate (mainly from Ron) the group decided that they would leave their Saturday's free to just be first year students, but they would get together Sunday afternoon after lunch to spend four hours in chamber eight. That would work out to five full days, enough time to review the previous week, and have everything ready for the coming week. They would still be out of the trunk in time for dinner that evening, so Ron wouldn't miss any meals.

The day soon came when all the first year students headed out to the quidditch fields for their first flying lessons.

Neville had been very anxious about flying. He had never been allowed to fly while living with his Gran, and now he just knew he was going to make a fool of himself.

Harry slowed his pace down so he could to talk to Neville on their way out.

"Neville, I know how this might sound right now, but don't worry about it. You've just had two binds removed from your core – it's going to take you time to get use to the new power levels, but look how far you've come with your spells in the last few weeks with us in 'The Room'. I'm sure after some training in the trunk, most of your control issues will be solved, then it will just be a matter of practice and finding out just what you can do."

"Thanks Harry, I look forward to the training."

Just then Susan Bones came up to the pair, and slipped her arm into Neville's. Neville blushed deeply as soon as this happened, but couldn't deny he enjoyed her company.

"I want you to know I'm proud of you Neville. My Aunt told me about the first war with You-know-who and the aurors that fought him. She always spoke of your parents with kindness and respect. I knew you would be a great wizard with parents like that." Then she reached up and kissed Neville on the cheek.

Neville took his hand up to his cheek where Susan had kissed him and just stayed there for a minute. Right now Neville was in bliss. Harry gave him a slap on the back and said, "Way to go Nev! Eleven years old and already a babe magnet!"

Neville just looked at Harry again, blushing, and continued walking up to the quidditch patch.

Shortly after arriving there, their instructor, Madam Hooch arrived. She had short, gray hair, and yellow eyes.

In a very business like manner she said, "Well, what are you waiting for? Everyone stand by a broomstick with the broom on their right side. Ready? Stick out your right hand over the broom and say 'UP'!"

Everyone said 'UP' as they had been instructed with mixed results. Harry could see that again the students who had been raised in a magical household had better getting the brooms to come up then the muggle raised, or muggle born. This was just something that the students raised with magic would have taken for granted. Most probable had training broom, and so were use to calling their broom up, while those like Hermione and Seamus were not.

"Come on! Put some feeling into it!" Madam Hooch said.

Finally, everyone had their broom in their hand.

Next, Madam Hooch showed everyone how to mount the boom. Harry had to smile to himself when she told Draco Malfoy that he was doing it wrong.

"Now, when I blow my whistle on three, I want you to kick off from the ground, hover for a few moments, keeping your brooms under control, and then press the broom forward and come straight back down. Ready? One… Two…"

Before Madam Hooch could get to 'Three' Neville kicked off the ground with the look of determination on his face, much as he looked in the Room of Requirements when he first did the levitation spell on his feather. His broom went straight up so fast that it took everyone by surprise. He now had a death-grip on the broom handle and was trying to point it somewhere safe, however his movements were so large, wild, erratic and jerkier, that the broom would over correct to each time. Neville was frightened as to what might happen.

In a flash, Harry was on his broom heading for Neville. When he got close he yelled out to the frightened young man; "Just use small movements Neville! Small movements! Think about what you want the broom to do! You don't have to try all that hard!"

Slowly Neville started to calm down. It helped having Harry up there with him giving him encouragement and instructions. He finally got the broom flying straight and started feeling more in control. Listening to Harry some more, he made a gentle turn and headed back down to the other students. Harry continued to talk Neville down, telling him how to slowdown, and finally, how to land without crashing.

Once everyone was on the ground, Madam Hooch started yelling at Neville for failing to listen to the instructor. Neville, of course felt terrible about the whole thing a blushed heavily as he apologized to the flight instructor.

"You were very fortunate to have such a fine flier as Mr. Potter here that could get up there and talk you down like he did! Five points from Hufflepuff!" Turning to Harry, Madam Hooch continued, "Yes, that was some exceptional flying up there today Mr. Potter! It reminded me a great deal of how your father, James, use to fly. However, it would seem that you have your mother Lily's ability to explain the very complicated in very simple terms to where anyone can understand. Yes, you did an outstanding job up there today. Five points to Gryffindor!"

Everyone was thrilled that things had turned out all right and that no one was hurt. Some of the less 'sensitive' people in the group (all of Slytherin – led by Draco Malfoy, part of Ravenclaw, and even part of Gryffindor) made fun of Neville and his problems and losing points, while his home house of Hufflepuff was very supportive of him. A glare and growl from Harry soon had all the Gryffindor's in line and even some of the Ravenclaw were smart enough to know that you did not want to tick Harry Potter off.

Once everyone was settled down, Madam Hooch continued with the broomstick management and usage. After that everything went fine. At the end of the lesson, after a few more basic exercises, Madam Hooch announced the last activity. "As a final test today, we will have all of you students fly three laps around the quidditch field." A mix of cheers and groins could heard from the students. "You will be judged on the quality of your flying. Not your speed, not for any 'technique' you think you might have, just your flying. Keep your brooms straight and level, and your speed constant. Alright now everyone line up. Ready? One, Two, Three, Go!"

Everyone makes it off the ground safely. Harry stays near Neville and Hermione to give them encouragement and assistance if they need it. Ron loves the feel of being able to finally ride a broom without having to first check it for one of Fred or George's jinxes.

Neville and Hermione where now flying on their own with Harry close by. It looked a little funny with Neville and Hermione concentrating so hard on flying straight and level, and Harry, on his broom 'driving in reverse'... facing forward on his broom, but flying backwards... giving them encouragement and tips on their flying. Madam Hooch just looked up at Harry and shook her head. You weren't supposed to be able to fly like that as a first year.

As Harry nears the Slytherin section of the quidditch stadium on the final lap, a round, jet-black medium-sized iron ball come flying out of the stands, and heads straight for him at high speed. Since Harry was flying backward on his broom, he had a clear view of the flying metal ball coming straight for him. Sensing that it meant him harm, Harry broke from the Neville, Hermione and the rest of the students and heads down towards the field. At the last moment Harry had to roll under his broom to avoid being hit in the back of the head.


"Thanks Ron! I know what they are, but why is it after me?" Harry yells back.

"I don't know! Just don't let it get you! Maybe Madam Hooch and catch it or stop it!"

Madam Hooch had indeed seen the bludger come out of the stand heading straight for Harry. She immediately took her wand out to summon the bludger down to her, by either she did not hit the iron ball, or it somehow replied the spell and kept on heading towards Mr. Potter. After several other failed attempts, she sent a quick communication spell to both Professors Dumbledore, and McGonagall.

Professor Dumbledore was unavailable at the time, but Professor McGonagall came out to the field as quickly as possible flying on her own Comet 120 that she'd used as a Chaser during her days on the Gryffindor quidditch team.

She stood next to Madam Hooch, watching in amazement as the young Mr. Potter continued to dive, twist, duck, roll, flare, and accelerate with the grace of someone who had been flying for years.

"How long has he been dodging that bludger?" Professor McGonagall asked with a bit of ah in her voice.

"It's almost been twenty minutes now. The rest of the students were told to get down as soon as it appeared. Mr. Potter has been doing a remarkable job of not only avoiding the bludger, but also keeping the other students safe."

"Let's see if we can't put an end to this little fiasco, shall we?" Professor McGonagall said. "Please see if you can get Mr. Potter to bring the bludger over here?"

Madam Hooch signaled to Harry to have him come over to where she and Professor McGonagall were now standing. While she was doing this, Professor McGonagall was conjuring a metal cage to capture the rouge bludger in.

Harry saw what the Professor was doing, and so took his time to line up his approach so that the bludger would be close to him, and wouldn't have time to avoid the cage.

As he turned to make his run for the last time, Professor McGonagall levitated the cage up to where it would be a safe distance from them, but still allow them to make the catch.

Harry knew it would be close; he would have to be coming at just about head level with Professor McGonagall and Madam Hooch, and then pull up hard to bring the bludger into the cage. He also had to be careful as to not become tangled in the chain hanging down from the cage or hit the cage on his way.

It was going to be close. Harry was pushing the schools old Comet 160 as hard and as fast as it could go. He could hear and feel the bludger slowly coming closer and closer to him. His timing would have to be perfect if they were going to catch this ball. Pushing as hard as he could, Harry tried to ignore the pain in his hand, shoulders, and legs, and the sweat that was running in his eyes. Ten seconds more... was he lined up with the box? Five seconds more... would he be too close to the bludger to pull this off? NOW! Harry pulled up as hard as he could, his head and broom just flying past the conjured metal box. CLANG! The bludger hit the box, and was trapped immediately inside. As soon as the bludger became trapped, it stopped flying all together, as if it knew it could not get away. Professor McGonagall lowered the box, and decided to take it back to the castle for Professor Dumbledore to inspect, to see if they could determine who had set the bludger after Mr. Potter.

Harry did a victory roll on the old Comet, and then came in for a landing close to Madam Hooch, and his head of house.

"Boy, I don't think I've had this much fun flying ever!" Harry said a little winded. He took the time to stretch and shack out the stiffness in his hands and joints. "My guardian never charmed a bludger to chase me like that! If it weren't for the fact that it was trying to hurt me, I'd be tempted to ask you when I could do that again Madam Hooch!"

Professor McGonagall raised an eyebrow as Madam Hooch stifled a laugh. "That is quite alright Mr. Potter; I do believe you have shown you have a basic understanding as to how to use a broom."

"That is quite correct. Now, Madam Hooch, if you are through with this student, I would like to have Mr. Potter escort me back to the Castle." Professor McGonagall said, sounding almost cold.

Harry misunderstood Professor McGonagall's attitude. He thought she was upset at him for the flippant way he was handling the situation, which was not the case. Professor McGonagall was upset about Harry being chased by the bludger at all. 'Who would do something like that to a first year student?' She thought. 'He could have been seriously injured if he would have been hit by it. I don't look forward to telling Remus and Sirius about this.'

Harry followed behind quietly as Professor McGonagall weaved her way through the corridors of the castle. Stopping in front of the DADA class room she instructed Harry to please stay where he was. Opening the door, Professor McGonagall addressed Professor Quirrell; "Excuse me Professor, could I please speak to Wood for a moment? Thank you."

"Wood, I have found you a seeker!" Professor McGonagall said.

By dinnertime, everyone in school knew that Harry Potter was the new seeker on the Gryffindor House quidditch team. Ron suddenly felt much better about hanging around Harry, as now he was being looked at (in Ron's mind) as a quidditch star.

After dinner, Professor Dumbledore asked if he could meet with Lord Potter in his office.

"I'll meet you guys back in the common room after I get through meeting with the Headmaster."

As Harry approached the Gargoyles protecting the Headmasters office, they appeared for a moment to bow their heads and then move aside for the Heir of Ravenclaw without Harry having to give the password.

Reaching the top of the stairs, Harry knocked gentle to announce his presence.

"Come in Harry." Professor Dumbledore said.

As Harry opened the door, his eyes were more than just a little set as a cold demeanor crossed his face. "I have warned you before Headmaster, only my friend are permitted to address me by my given name. You will address me as Mr. Potter or Lord Potter."

"Or perhaps Lord Ravenclaw?" Professor Dumbledore's eye's twinkling brightly thinking that he had something that he could use to manipulate Harry with.

"That salutation is not an option for you." Harry replied coldly without blinking an eye. "I do not wish to make my linage and heritage to become public knowledge yet." Then looking Professor Dumbledore directly in the eye he stated. "You will abide by this… request… if you do not want me as an enemy, and if you wish to remain Headmaster of this school." Harry let a bit of his aura flair, and asked the school to confirm his words to the Headmaster.

Hogwarts agreed and Professor Dumbledore found himself in a very unpleasant situation of being cut off from the school for a few moments.

To say that Professor Dumbledore was shaken would be an understatement. Since becoming Headmaster, there had never been a time when he did not have complete access to the school, its wards, portraits, and ghosts. All those things that kept him informed as to what was going on in the school.

When Professor Dumbledore felt the school's presences again he was visible relieved, and slumped down into his chair.

"Now, was there anything else you wished to discuss this evening Headmaster?" Harry asked calmly.

"Yes…Lord Potter… I was wondering what you knew as to Mr. Longbottom's suddenly increased magical abilities?"

"Quite a bit actually." Harry replied – but then said nothing more.

"Would you mind enlightening me?" The Headmaster pleaded.

"I believe you will recall that I sent you a letter telling you that my parents had discovered the binds that you had convinced the Ministry to put on all new-born babies with a power lever greater then 40 in an attempt to keep the upcoming generation 'weak' so that they would be less likely to become, or follow after a dark wizard. I pointed out the falsehood of that position in that if my parents could find that out, other parents could also. If these other parents had 'dark' tenderizes, then the only thing you have accomplished is to handicap the upcoming generation that will be called upon to battle these new dark lords."

"When I met Neville, Ron, Hermione and Susan on the train to Hogwarts, I tested them and found that only Hermione's core was unbound. I took it upon myself to remove the binds from the other three making sure to keep notes as to what their power rating were before and after the release of the bind."

"This next information is only to be released to you, the Deputy Headmistress, Charms Master, and the attending Healer." Harry looked at the Headmaster with a stone-cold glare. "If I find that this information has been reviled to any other person, I will hold you personally responsible. Is that understood?"

Receiving an affirmative response from the Headmaster, Harry continued:

"Hermione's power rating was at 485 placing her at the high end of the 'Low-powered Wizard' category."

"Susan Bones initial power rating was at 220 before removing the bind on her magical core. Afterward, she had a power rating of 345. About a fifty percent increase over her previous reading."

"With Ron, there were similar results. He started at 240 and increased to 480 after the bind was removed."

"When I went and looked at Neville, I found that his initial power rating was 130 – just over a squab. But when I looked for a bind on his magical core, I found two binds instead of one!"

"When I removed the bind that had been placed on him at birth, his power rating doubled to 260. After removing the second bind his power rating went to 720! That places Neville in the middle of the 'Standard Power Wizard' category. Who knows what it may have been if someone hadn't placed those binds on his core."

"Neville's main problem right now is learning how to control that much more energy. One of the side effects of this new power though is a more confident young man. I plan on doing everything in my power to see that confidence increase."

"One of the things I found over the past few years is that Alice Longbottom was meant to be my God-mother, and Lily Potter was meant to be Neville's God-mother. I told Neville that that makes us god-brothers – or as good as brothers (you might even say my brother from a different mother). And I will protect and defend my brother – even if he is one day older than I am." Harry said this last bit with a smirk on his face.

"How do you think we should proceed with the other students Harr… Lord Potter?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

"First, you need to convince the Ministry and St. Mungo's to have the practice of binding an infants core at birth stopped immediately! All other children under the age of seventeen need to be tested either here, or at St. Mungo's.

I believe Pure-blood, Mixed Blood – magically raised, Mixed Blood – muggle raised, and muggle born should be tested in that order.

"If I may inquiry my Lord Potter, what is your power rating?" The Headmaster asked.

Harry just smiled and said. "Would you allow your power rating to revealed Headmaster? I didn't think so."

"My parents put a protective amulet on me when I was just a baby, that amulet prevents anyone, even me, from getting a good power reading on me. The amulet was put on by my father, and could only be removed by him to prevent any damage to either myself, or the amulet (that was a lie, but Dumbledore didn't need to know). Besides, after my father put the amulet on me, it apparently fused with me over my heart, so there's no way for me to take if off without doing some research first."

"Is there anything else Headmaster?"

"Yes, what were the charms you used on your friends?"

Again Harry smiled as he addressed the Headmaster.

"I have already given you two of the three charms earlier, but if you must know, there were three spells that we used on the train. You will be under the same restrictions as before as to who can know and use these spells. If I find that a Potions Master has learned these spells, I will again hold you personally responsible."

"The spells are:

o – ostendere virtus compresco (Show or Reveal the power block)o – amoveo virtus compresco (Remove power block)"o – magnitudo de magica (size of magic)

"Now sir, if there is nothing further, I wonder if I might have a few moments with my mentor."

"Your mentor? Who would that be Lord Potter?" The Headmaster asked somewhat confused.

"Sir Toppum sir... you know, the 'Sorting Hat'. He did ask me to be his apprentice and I did agree. I wish to check in and see if he has any instructions for me."

"Oh... I guess that would be alright. I'm not use to having... um... Sir Toppum out for much more then the Sorting. Just be careful with ... ah... his. He is quite old." Dumbledore stuttered.

"Yes sir." Harry replied.

Going over to the shelf that held the Sorting Hat, Harry conjured a chair to sit in comfortably and carefully took the Sorting Hat off the shelf. After sitting himself down, he placed the Sorting Hat on his head, and started to meditate, to go to that mind-scape where he could meet with Sir Robert Toppum.

'Well Lord Potter, how have you been enjoying yourself here at Hogwarts so far?'

'To be totally honest with you, it's been a little trying. The classes are much less then I expected them to be, and the rivalry between the houses do nothing to add to a healthy teaching environment.

'I'm sure you heard of the little excitement I had out on the quidditch field with the rogue bludger? Have they been able to figure out who enchanted it?' Harry asked.

'No, in fact by the time Professor McGonagall brought it up to the Headmasters chamber it it had vanished.' Sir Toppum replied.

'That means that it was a conjured bludger, not one of the schools, or some other students. That would mean that we are looking for someone who has above standard wizards power or even a Low Sorcerer. But what I wonder is if the person who conjured it was out there on the field, of if they had conjured and charmed it earlier and placed it there so they wouldn't get caught... I wonder.' Harry thought to himself, as he tried to determine who would be able to do something like this.

'Well, I think that will have to wait for an other day. Is there anything you would like me to be doing over the next few weeks Sir?' Harry asked his most unusual mentor.

'No Harry, not really. You are here mainly to learn how to socials with others your own age, and to show them the true meaning of being a member of their respective house.

'I am quite please that you have already developed friends among the Hufflepuffs, but do not forget the other houses. It took the combined effort of all four of the founders to build Hogwarts, and it will take all four houses to fight the coming darkness in the land.

'I am also quite pleased that you have found the founders training and storage room. Godric was always in there practicing with his weapons, or Rowena practicing one of her new charms. Helga preferred the out of doors in her greenhouses, or down in the kitchen teaching the house-elves a new recipe, and Salazar the dungeons to keep all his potions and experiments to himself – except when he was in his secret chamber.'

'Secret chamber?' Harry ask.

'Yes, secret chamber. I'm sure your house elf Ty told you about it. The one with the Basilisk in it. All of the founders had a place set aside connected to the castle, where they could go and work or study away from everyone else.

'Currently, you are the only recognized heir of the founders, however, there are two more in your little group that could be heirs – or the descendants (family member) of the heir – if they possessed the talisman of their forebears. The Weasley family is the most direct family to Gryffindor, while the Bones are the most direct family of Hufflepuff.

'Come to think of it, you could be considered the heir of Slytherin since you defeated Tom Riddle when you were a baby. That would make you the heir by conquest! We must get the Book of Slytherin to see if you can read it!' Sir Toppum said excitedly.

Harry, for his part was both shocked and unnerved to hear this information.

'Do you know where the talismans currently are being held at?' Harry asked slowly. He remembered what the Goblins had said about the Headmaster having all but one talisman of the founders. That he was trying to collect all four so he could declare himself the rightful 'owner' (ruler) of Hogwarts.

'I know that the Headmaster has them. In fact, the Sword of Gryffindor is in the display case on the shelf over there. But as to where he has Helga's chalice, or Salazar's book, no, I do not know.' Sir Toppum replied sadly.

'Then it looks like I'll have to 'ask' him for them, doesn't it?' Harry said with a slight smurk on his face.

'Be careful young ward, the Headmaster is not use to having his actions challenged.' Sir Toppum reminded Harry.

'Don't worry sir, I have already addressed this subject with the Headmaster. If he knows what is good for him, he will give me the talisman's. Thank you sir, I will be talking to you again soon.' With that, Harry took the Sorting Hat off his head and placed it back on the shelf.

Harry stood up, and turned to face the Headmaster again.

He found Professor Dumbledore looking quite uneasy as he faced him.

"Well, Harr... Lord Potter, did Sir Toppum have anything interesting to say?" He asked.

"Well, in fact, yes, he did Headmaster." Harry responded.

"He mentioned that you had yet to return the talisman's to their rightful heirs." As Harry spoke, the Sword of Roland appeared in his hand.

Professor Dumbledore paled as he saw the sword appear in Harry's hand. This meant that Harry was still worthy to hold the great sword, and that if he wanted to, he could 'judge' the Headmaster again to see if his heart was pure.

Dumbledore started to stutter, "M... My Lord," he started, looking at the sword. "You do not understand. I.. If I were to openly return these item to the heir families, it would not only cause irreparable damage to the side of the light, not to mention give Lord Voldemort a tool that we may have no defense for."

Harry smile looked almost feral as his sword started to glow.

"That won't be a problem Headmaster since I have an option for you that will insure that the light side is not divided, and Tom doesn't get his hands on Salazar's book."

The Headmaster seemed quite shocked that Harry knew the true identity of Lord Voldemort.

"How do you propose that this is done then?" He asked.

Still smiling, Harry said, "You will give me all three items. I know the families they belong to. And I can assure you that Tom will not get his hands on the book."

"But how is that possible? Even if he is a half-blood, he is still the most direct heir of the House of Slytherin."

"You forget Headmaster. The heir of Slytherin was defeated in single combat, and as such, has passed on his title to the one that defeated him."

Harry didn't really want to disclose this to the Headmaster yet, but it seemed to be the only way that he would trust him in this plan.

The Headmaster looked at Harry for a few moments what the fact of the matter to sink in. Then, as the truth of Harry's statement hit home. Slumping back in his chair, all Dumbledore could do is look at Harry with his mouth wide open.

"Careful Headmaster, Fawkes may chose to build a nest in your mouth if you don't close it." Harry joked.

Closing his mouth, Professor Dumbledore tried one last time to reach his ultimate goal.

"Harry... Lord Potter, would not it be easier for me to keep all four talisman's safe rather then returning them to their families where they too could be 'taken' through single combat?"

Harry temper exploded when the Headmaster made this suggestion, knowing full well what his real intent was.

His eyes glowed bright green, while the Sword of Roland burst into a bright red flame. The entire castle of Hogwarts was shacking in rage at the audacity of the Headmaster. For a moment, it seemed that Hogwarts' its self were about to tear its self apart.


For a few moments Professor Dumbledore sat there quivering in fear. He knew he had 'stepped cross the line', but he felt that he had to try just one more time.

For his part, Fawkes was looking very sadly at the Headmaster for the way he was behaving. He had noticed since he had bonded himself to the Headmaster, that his heart and intentions had changed. He saw in young Harry was indeed pure of heart, and besides, one of his animagus forms was that of a Bennu – early relation of the Phoenix. Making up his mind, Fawkes lifted off his stand, and started singing a sad song of termination. He was breaking his bond with Professor Dumbledore so that he could join Harry.

As Harry and Professor Dumbledore heard the song, they both felt sad. You could tell that this was a very difficult decision for Fawkes to make.

Professor Dumbledore could feel the bond grow weaker and weaker between himself and Fawkes. It had been there so long, he had forgotten what it felt like. But now as it was becoming weaker and weaker, he began to see just what his decisions had cost him.

"Fawkes! Please! NO! Don't leave me!" The Headmaster cried. Then in a smaller voice, "I need you." But it was to no avail. At that time Dumbledore felt the last of his connection with Fawkes slip away, leaving him alone for the first time in many years.

Fawkes flew around for a few more moments before landing on Harry's shoulder.

'Young one, I feel I can no longer stay with this wizard due to a mighty change in his heart for the worst. May I join with you to help you on your path in the light?' Fawkes asked Harry in his mind.

Harry looked over at the Headmaster who was crying bitterly, as if he had just lost a close loved on. He realized that that is exactly what had happened. Professor Dumbledore had just lost a companion of over forty years and was deeply hurt from the loss!

Looking back at Fawkes, Harry lowered his head, then looked back up into the Phoenix's eyes.

'What about this one Fawkes?' Meaning the Headmaster. 'We need him on our side if we are to prevail. I am afraid that if you abandon him completely, he will become a great menace to the light. He may feel that the light has abandon him, so why shouldn't he do the same?'

Fawkes looked back at his long time companion and ask, 'What do you think I should do then young one?'

Harry replied, 'Stay here with him and watch him. Sing for him and ease his pain and his burden. If he returns completely to the way of the light, you may chose bond with him again. I would be willing to wait until he has moved on to the next great adventure before you bond with me, if you still want to. In the mean time, you could help me in developing my talents as a Bennu.'

Fawkes frowned a little. 'It is not normal for a Phoenix to stay where he is not bonded.'

'Well then,' Harry said, 'Could you not bond yourself to Hogwarts? As I understand it, it is nearly a sentient being?'

'An excellent suggestion young one!' Fawkes exclaimed. 'That would allow me to help the Headmaster as well as the other heir's or their descendants while there are here, or where every they might go!'

With that Fawkes again took to flight, singing a new song. A song of bonding between himself and the castle.

The Headmaster stopped crying and looked up as he heard the new song. He felt the connection again between himself and Fawkes, but this time it was different. This time, it was as if he could feel Fawkes via the castle!

As Fawkes finished his song, and bonding with Hogwarts, he came and stood in front of the Headmaster, looking him in the eye.

"Thank you Fawkes for not leaving me totally alone." The Headmaster said.

Fawkes looked at the Headmaster as if to say, 'Don't press your luck with me young man.'

Dumbledore looked down from Fawkes' gaze and said, "Of course old friend, I will try to stay worthy of your presences."

Looking up at Harry, Professor Dumbledore asked: "I know that I am no longer bonded to Fawkes, how is it that I can feel him once again?"

"He has decided to bond with Hogwarts herself, and by virtue of your position as headmaster, you also have access to Fawkes. In addition, all heir's and their descendants can call upon Fawkes for help if they are found worthy. Now, Headmaster, I believe you still have several things that do not belong to you..." Harry left the question open.

"Of course Lord Potter, one moment please." With that Professor Dumbledore got up from his desk and went into a hidden room. When he returned, he had a golden chalice and a large, leather-bound tome. He set them on the table, and then went over to the shelf and retrieved the Sword of Gryffindor.

Harry looked at Fawkes, and asked: 'My friend, could you please take these items to the fifth chamber of my trunk in the founder training and storage room? What we call the 'Room of Requirements'. I need to get down there to help my friends.'

Fawkes look at Harry for a moment, bobbed his head, and then lifted himself up off the desk and on to the pile of founder's items. In a flash he was gone, and in another flash he was back – minus the founder's items.

"If there is nothing else Headmaster, I will be returning to my common room."

"Thank you Lord Potter, you have been very helpful today."

After leaving the Headmaster's office, instead of returning to the Gryffindor common room, Harry went to the Room of Requirements where he knew his friends would be. Everyone was there in the classroom setting practicing the charms and transfiguration from today's lessons.

"Ron, Susan? I need you to write a letter to your parents and all of your siblings, or Aunt in your case Susan, to see how quickly they can all get to Gringotts."

Ron and Susan both looked up from their studies with a questioned look on their faces.

"I have just found out some important information regarding you and your families, and it must be attended to quickly." Harry said with a sense of urgency in his voice.

"What is it Harry? Is something wrong?" Ron asked.

"No, nothings wrong, in fact, you could say something is very right!" Harry replied. "I have just come across somethings that belonged to your families a long time ago, and need to be returned."

Susan let out a little gasp as her mind raced as to what the item could be. She remembered hearing stories in her family regarding the challis of Hufflepuff being in her family a long time ago.

"Harry?" Susan asked.

"I'm sorry Susan, but I can't tell you or Ron what it is until we get you and your families to Gringotts."

"Harry, why can't you tell us anything?" Hermione inquired.

Harry looked at Hermione for a few moments before responding, "There are somethings that need to remain private at this time since some people could get seriously injured if this information became public knowledge to soon. So please, don't ask any more questions. This does not concern you."

Hermione was shocked at Harry's abrupt tone of voice with her, and the fact that there was something out there that she didn't know about. However, one look at Harry told her that he was completely serious, so she let the matter drop.

Neville gasped to hear Harry's tone of voice also. What ever this was, it was BIG!

"I'm sure my Aunt can come to Gringotts at a moments notice Harry, but why is it so important for her to come?" Susan asked with a shacking voice. She wasn't doing a very good job of keeping the anticipation and fear out of her voice.

Harry just looked at Susan without saying a word. He knew that Susan already suspected what this was all about, but in the presence of the others he couldn't say anything.

For her part, Susan just dropped her head, and started writing her letter.

Ron was watching between Harry and the others and was starting to get a little scared. What was this all about?

"Har.. Harry?" Ron asked. "Most of my families is here at Hogwarts, but I've got Mum, Dad and Ginny and the Burrow, Bill in Egypt, and Charles is in Romania, so how am I to get the mail to them quickly, and get back to Gringotts?"

Harry thought for a moment and said: "Just write a letter that we can copy three times and I'll see if Fawkes will deliver them for you. If I'm right, Fawkes will be able to bring them to Gringotts when the time is right."

"But Harry," Hermione started, "Fawkes is the Headmaster's Phoenix. Why do you think he will do this for you?"

Harry had anticipated this question from Hermione and had thought up an answer already.

"Hermione, Fawkes is bound to the school, and as such will help any worthy student if the need is great enough." It was a true statement as far as it went, but he didn't feel he had to mention that Fawkes was also bound to the founder heir's as well.

Harry got busy writing his own letter to Remus, Sirius, and Professors McGonagall and Flitwick. Only Remus and Sirius would be going with him to the Bank, but he felt he owed it to the others to let them know what had happened between him and the Headmaster, and Fawkes.

When Harry and the others were through with their letters, he called Fawkes to have him deliver them to the appropriate people. Afterward, he called for Sassy.

Immediately the little house elf was there to help her master.

"Could you please setup chamber eight for five days of training for all of us?"

"It will be my pleasure Master Harry."

"Come on everyone, let's work on controlling our magic while we wait for our answers.."

End chapter 22.

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