Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 23 Outrage at the Ministry

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

Chapter 23 - Outrage at the Ministry

It had taken the better part of a week to get to the point where everyone could be at Gringotts at one time, Harry thought it would be a good idea so the other heirs would know that they had an ally.

It was decided that they would all meet at Gringotts on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM.

Harry had already gone to Gringotts to return the heir's artifacts, and to have the heir claim of the Weasley's and Bones' confirmed, and Sir Toppums claim of his right to the heir of Slytherin by conquest also confirmed.

The goblins were more then a little suprised when he showed up with the three missing heir item. They realized that Harry could have taken over 'rule' of Hogwarts if he had wanted to... But a Paladin didn't do things like that now did they.

They were even more surprised when they found out that his claim to the heir of Slytherin was in fact valid.

The only thing that was left now was that the claimants present themselves at Gringotts and have the Founder's artifacts show that they excepted them.

Harry wondered how this was to be done. He didn't remember the Staff of Ravernclaw doing anything 'very' special when he received it.

The Goblins explained that the fact that he was Ravenclaw's Heir by blood was proof enough. There was also the fact that Raven, Lady Ravenclaw's personal house-elf came at his command and delivered the Book of Ravenclaw to him.

Since that time, Harry had been thinking what he could do to have Salazar's book accept him.

He knew that the book was sealed. It appeared that a large black asps was acting like a lock around the book. Whenever he got near the book, it would begin to talk to him: 'Are you my new master? Beware young one, only those who possess the greatest gift can access the book of my creator.'

"Did you hear that Goldridge?" Harry asked.

"All I hear is that damn book hiss at me." Goldridge replied.

"No, no. It asked if I was it's new master!" Harry said seriously.

Goldridge looked at him and just shook his head and went about his business.

Harry desided to see if 'Ma' could help him out in this situation.

'Ma? Am I going crazy? Did you hear what the tome said?' Harry asked.

'Yes Harry I did.' 'Ma' replied

'Well then, who's right? Me or Goldridge? Did the book hiss, or did it say something?'

'Well Harry, that's just it... you're both right. The book did hiss, but you could understand what it was saying, couldn't you?'

'Well, yes, I could.' Harry replied, wondering what 'Ma' was trying to get at.

'It would appear that the guardian of the book speaks in parsaltongue.' 'Ma' said.

'Well, that's good then isn't it?' Harry started out. 'I mean, if you can understand it through the translator, then you can tell me what it wants can't you 'Ma'?'

'No Harry, it's not that easy.' 'Ma' said. 'Parsaltongue is not something that can be translated into English. It is a magical language that is used to talk to snakes and other reptile type creatures like Dragons and such. What I heard was a hissing, but when the sound got close to Tom Riddle's power core, I could hear the words translated into English. It would appear that Mr. Riddle was a parsalmouth, and as a result of you having a piece of his core in you, so are you.'

Harry was shocked with what his 'Ma' was saying to him. He was a parsalmouth because some crazy man killed his parents and tried to kill him.

'Lady Potter is correct my Lord,' the essences of Durendal joined in on the conversation. 'I would encourage you to devote a good deal of time learning this language as it can be very helpful to you in communicating with dangerous animals, and also making it so your opposition does not know what spell you are casting.'

Harry thought about the problem for a minute. 'If the book speaks in parsaltongue, then it is probable looking for a master that can speak parsaltongue in return. But how can I speak a language that I can't learn through the knowledge sphere?'

'I do not know Master Harry.' Durendal said, 'but let us think on this until we return with the others on Saturday.'

Harry waited with the others at Hogwarts for Saturday to arrive. Classes continued as usual, but Harry had a hard time concentrating on them. He was trying to think of a way that he could communicate with Salazar's Book.

Finally the day came. After breakfast, Harry, Susan, Ron, and his brothers Fred, George, and Percy all met in the Headmaster's office. Everyone but Harry still didn't know what was going on.

As they arrived, they found that Professors McGonagall and Sprout were both present.

"Ah good, you are all here now." Professor Dumbledore started. "As you are all minors, it would be very thoughtless of me to send you to Gringotts without some adult supervision. So your Heads of House will act as chaperones today, though I do believe the Weasley's parents and Madam Bones will be at Gringotts when you arrive. I have other matters that prevent me from going with you."

Harry growled within himself at Dumbledore's assumption that they would need to be chaperoned at Gringotts. But he did find it somewhat pleasing that he (Dumbledore) still wasn't welcome in the bank by the Goblins.

"But sir, how will we get there?" Percy asked.

Harry looked over at Fawkes, and before the Headmaster could answer, he let out a trill that drew everyones attention to him. Lifting off his perch, he came to hover over the children and spread out his tail feathers.

"It would appear that Fawkes is willing to take you to the bank and back." The Headmaster said with a gleam in his eyes.

As soon as everyone reach up and grabbed hold of a tail feather, they were literally off in a flash.

Landing in an unoccupied corner in Gringotts, Harry thanked Fawkes for bringing them there, and asked him to return when they were finished.

Fawkes trilled his response, and flashed out of sight.

Everyone else was still in somewhat of a state of shock, as it was very rare for someone to travel by phoenix. Even Professor McGonagall had not had that privilege in all the years she had known Professor Dumbledore.

Getting everyones attention, Harry lead them to the main lobby of the bank. It didn't take long to find the rest of the group.

Madam Bones was indeed there with a small group of aurors around her. Being the head of an important department in the Ministry meant that most of the time she had at least one or two guards around her at all times. Harry was glad to see that one of the guards was in fact the retired auror, 'Mad-eye' Moody. The other was a young, tall,dark man with a bald head.

"Auntie!" Susan yelled as she ran across the lobby to met her aunt. It may not have been the exact proper thing to do in a public place, but Susan really did love her aunt. It had been hard on her to go to Hogwarts as it was the first time she had been away from her aunt since she had moved in after her parents had been killed by Voldemort.

Madam Bones looked up when she heard Susan's voice and went to move towards her, but Mad-eye stepped in between the two of them and pulled his wand, pointing it at Susan. As you can imagine, this brought Susan up short.

"Auror Moody! What do you think you are doing! That's my niece you're pulling your wand on!" Madam Bone exploded.

"I'm doing my job Amelia, and if you would think for just a minute you would realize that fact." Mad-eye growled back, never taking his magical eye off Susan.

"Normally you would be right Auror Moody," Harry stated as he moved forward, "But you forget two things: First, this is Gringotts, we are in fact under their jurisdiction. Second, wizards are not allowed to perform 'offensive' magic while here in the bank. As soon as you drew your wand, several armed goblins surround your group. If Susan were an imposter, she would not have lasted past her first curse, and if you had attacked Susan, I think Stonehand would have taken great pleasure in seeing just how good you really are."

Mad-eye's magical eye moved off Susan and noticed for the first time that they were in fact surrounded. Stonehand, the head of security at Gringotts, was grinning at Mad-eye, with his battle-ax at the ready. Putting away his wand, Mad-eye straighted up as best he could, and said, "Ah, yes, well, ah, good point there Potter. Always be aware of your situation, and remember to practice 'CONSTANT VIGILANCE'!"

Both groups of people had frozen in fear when they notices the goblins around them. It wasn't until Harry laughed, and moved forward to greet Stonehand and Griphook that the others come out of their shock and move together to greet each other.

Harry couldn't help but step back and watch as the two families met and mingled. Susan with her aunt... the only family she had left; and Ron with his parents, all of his brothers, and his one sister. He was swept away thinks of how his life could have been different if he still had his parents with him today. Would he have younger brothers or sisters? How close would they be? Where would they be living? Would he be loved?

Harry knew that Remus and Sirus both loved him, and he loved them in return, but somehow, it just wasn't the same.

Harry was brought out of his thoughts when Ron's little sister came up to him.

"Mis.. Mister Potter sir?"

Harry looked down at her with a start. He hadn't noticed her coming over to greet him.

"It's just Harry, please. I just want to be called Harry. You must be Ron's sister. I'm sorry I don't remember, but, what's your name again?" He asked.

"Oh! I'm Ginevra Molly Weasley." she said with a small curtsy, "but please, call me Ginny?"

"Ginny." Harry repeated to himself smiling. He liked that name. For her, it just felt right.

"I remember seeing you at the train station running along the platform as the Hogwarts Express was heading out. I remember thinking that it was a lucky family to have someone like you on the platform wishing them goodbye." Harry lowered his head and his voice a little and said, "I wish I would have had someone like that on the platform for me that day."

Harry was surprised at how lonely he felt at that moment. He missed having a family! He missed have siblings that he could play and fight and laugh with! He missed having a mother to hold him and hug him and let him know she cared. He knew that 'Ma' loved him, and tried to show that love when he was with her, but there was still something missing.

Sensing that something was wrong, Ginny gathered up her courage and took Harry by the hand. Harry looked up shocked at her action, but Ginny just smiled and pulled him towards her family.

As they approached, Ron noticed them holding hands.

"Oy! Potter! What do you think you're doing holding Ginny's hand like that?" He asked hotly.

"Oh, be quiet Ron! He's not holding my hand, I'm holding his!" Ginny said with her chin held up. She proceded to take him over to the rest of the family and introduce Harry to them.

When Ginny introduced him to her mother, Molly reacted just the way she had hoped.

Reaching out, Molly took Harry in the type of hug that only a mother can give and just held him there.

"Oh you dear, dear boy. Thank you for all that you have done for us and our family and for being friends with Ron."

Harry just stood there soaking up the feeling of warmth and love that was coming from Mrs. Weasley.

Back in his subconscious mind, Harry could feel 'Ma' crying for joy that her little boy finally had someone that could show him what love felt like. It hurt her a little that she couldn't give that feeling to Harry, but she vowed to do everything in her power to make sure he didn't forget that moment.

The moment was broken when Griphook cleared his throat to get their attention.

"If the candidates and their families could please follow me, you escorts can wait here in the lobby."

Mad-eye again stepped forward. "How can we be sure they'll be safe?" He growled.

Stonehand stepped forward to meet Mad-eye and said, "I swear on my life and my blood they will be safe while at Gringotts. Happy now Auror Moody?" Stonehand was still had an evil grin on his face looking at Mad-eye.

After a few moments, Mad-eye said, "Ay, that will do, and I'll be hold'n ya to that Stonehand." Mad-eye grinning back.

Without further delay the large party of goblins and humans headed back to the maze of Gringotts hallways to a secure conference room.

For the first time since arriving at Gringotts the younger auror spoke.

"Auror Moody? Do you really think they'll be safe back there without an escort?"

"Ay, young Shacklebolt, when Stonehand swears on his life and his blood, ya know the only way any harm will come to 'um is if he is dead. And I don't see that happen'n ta'day, now let's go over to the others and visit while the rest are away." This was one of the few chances he'd had to get close to Min, with her at Hogwarts and him at the Ministry.

Of course, both Mad-eye and Professor McGonagall knew that as long as Harry was with the group, they would be safe.

Harry's group continued in somewhat of a confused state until they were brought to a conference room with large gold doors. As they opened the doors, Harry notices Ragnok, Goldridge, and several other members of the Goblin ruling council, and the Goblin equivalence of the Department of Mysteries.

When everyone was seated, Ragnok stood up and addressed the group. "Welcome honored guest." He started out.

The older people in the group were shocked to hear the leader of the Goblin world be so civil to a group of witches and wizards.

"It has come to our attention that the heir of the Hogwarts founders have been identified, and the heirlooms of the heirs have been reclaimed."

Madam Bones and Arthur Weasley gasped on hearing this news.

"Before we go any further, we need to have a magically binding oath from each of you that the information that you not disclose the identify of any of the other founder's heirs, or the rites that are to be administered here without the express permission of the heir."

Harry immediately gave his oath, and after talking about just what was meant by this oath, all the other families gave their oath as well.

"Splendid! Now to begin with, we must tell you that this information comes to us from the heir of Ravenclaw." As Ragnok pointed to Harry.

"Ravenclaw!" Ron yelled, "I thought you were the Lord of the House of Potter? If you're the heir of Ravenclaw, then why are you in Gryffindor?"

Ron's dad looked somewhat upset at his son's outburst.

"Remember Ron, I'll only be in Gryffindor for two years before I move on to another house." Harry replied.

"That is correct Master Weasley, Lord Potter is already the head of two houses, and soon he may be the head of a third, IF the heir's artifact accepts him" Goldridge added. Harry was still unsure how to get the book of Salazar to accept him.

"Let us bring forth the artifacts!" Ragnok declared.

The Goblin's from the Department of Mystery brought out three covered trays and set them on the table in front of the different families.

"First, the chalice of Hufflepuff! It is said that in times of need, this chalice will transform into a cornucopia of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, and will so manifest its self in the hand of the rightful heirs."

"Next, is the sword of Gryffindor! A noble blade that can only be used in the service and protection of others."

"And finally, the Book of Salazar. It is said to contain some of the darkest, most powerful magic and potions ever devised. In the hands of a dark wizard, this tome would be a very powerful weapon for evil, but, in the hands of a light, or gray wizard, this tome could help untold thousands by providing a clue as to how to undo a dark lords curse."

"Who would want to be the heir of Slytherin?" Again Ron stated loudly. "Everyone knows he was nothing but a dark wizard."

Both Arthur and Molly chided him for his outburst and threated to silence him if he couldn't remain quite.

Ragnok smiled, showing his teeth for the first time – not a pleasant sight – and responded to Ron.

"Oh, that is quite alright Master Weasley, you see, had someone else not already claimed the heirship of Slytherin, your family could have made a claim on it also."

Ron sat there stunned, with his mouth open and his eyes bugging out of his head.

"Wh... what do you mean?" asked Ron shakily.

"Well in our research of your family genealogy, we found that your family line comes through a union of Godric Gryffindor, and Salazar Slytherin's oldest daughter Murisa." Ragnok stated.

"Don't you mean oldest sister?" Arthur Weasley asked hopefully.

"No indeed." Ragnok shook his head. "His oldest daughter." (A/N I can't remember what story I read this from, but it sounded too creepy not to use here.)

"It seem when Murisa entered Hogwarts, Godric was smitten by her. Before that time he and Salazar had been quite good friends, but the budding relationship between him and his daughter wore on that friendship."

"Godric was an honorable man, and did nothing to advance his feeling towards Murisa, but also did nothing to hide them as well. On the night of her graduation, Godric asked Salazar's permission to court and marry his daughter. Salazar is said to have been so angry that he attacked Godric right then and there, and would have probable killed him if Murisa hadn't sided with Godric and intervened in his behalf."

"Salazar was so mad at the 'rebellion' raised against him by his daughter, that he cursed their union until an heir of Slytherin could forgive them (Godric and Murisa) of their betrayal."

"What was the curse?" Molly Weasley asked.

"That until the curse was lifted, their children and their children's children throughout all generations if time would be red of hair, and skin as if pox marked. That they would live nigh in poverty, and never prosper, and lastly that of all those born, only one lass would be born every seven generations."

"I think he hit the nail square on the head with that one." Ragnok concluded. Several of the other Goblins laughed.

"But now you see here young Master Weasley, there is one in this group that can break this curse – if they wish to (Looking at Harry), but I would be careful as to who I yell at because of their heritage, for you also share that heritage. Do you have any other questions?" Ragnok look at Ron coldly hoping the young wizard learned a lesson and could control his temper and prejudices better.

Ron, to his credit, blushed as red as his hair and slid so far down in his chair that all you could see of him was the top of his head. It didn't help matters that Ginny was trying to stifle a laugh an his expense.

"Now, first, we will start with the Bones family. Technically Susan is direct the heir because she is the only surviving child of the oldest Bones daughter and would normally be seen as the heir if they had claimed it prior to their death. We brought both of you here so that there may be an establish line of continuation should anything happen to either of you. Would you agree with this Madam Bones? Lady Bones?

Both Madam Bones and Susan looked at each other for a few moments in shock before turning back to Ragnok and shacking their heads said, "Yes".

"Excellent!" Ragnok said. "Now if you will each come up and take hold of one side of the chalice, each of you say together ' We claim our rights as heirs of the house of Hufflepuff'."

Susan and her aunt looked at each other for a few moments before both getting up and moving to standing on either side of the chalice of Hufflepuff. Slowly they reached forward with their hands to take hold of the handle on each side of the chalice. Again looking at each other for a few moments, they both nodded their heads, and, closing their eyes, said: " We claim our rights as heirs of the house of Hufflepuff!"

Immediately the room was filled with a wonderful light full of every color in the rainbow. When the light cleared, there, sitting on the table was a cornucopia filled to over flowing with fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains of every kind spilling out over the table.

"It would appear that the chalice has accepted you both as proper heirs. Lady Bones (speaking to Susan) I would suggest that since Madam Bones is your guardian, that you let her also be the public face of the heir of Hufflepuff. There are certain groups of people that may come after a founder heir, and your aunt is in a much better position to defend herself then you are. You would still have full access to Helga Hufflepuff's vault, but you would not have to worry about the social and political commitment that comes with this calling."

Susan and Madam Bones talked for several minutes before Susan again faced Ragnok and said, "We find your counsel and advice very wish. Please have the Power of Attorney papers drawn up to make it so". Susan bowed her head as a show of respect to Ragnok, who also bowed his head in return.

Turning himself to the Weasley family Ragnok addressed them.

"As we have already established, you are the direct descendents Godric Gryffindor and Murisa Slytherin."

Ron mumbled something to himself but fell quite when the rest of the family turned and gave him a dirty look.

"Your family's heirloom is one of the most recognized item in all the wizarding world; The Sword of Gryffindor."

"Mr. Weasley, if you would please take the sword and scabbard off the table and go and stand on the North cardinal point in the rune there in the middle of the room please? Thank you. Now Mrs. Weasley, will you please go and stand to the left of your husband? Yes, that's right. Now, each of the children starting with the oldest to youngest form a circle starting to the left of your mother. That would be Bill, Charle, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and then Ginny."

"Come now Fred and George, there is a time for play and a time to be serious." The look Ragnok gave the two twins left little doubt in anyones mind that this was not the time to joke around. Slowly, they switched places in he circle and waited for further instructions.

"Now," Ragnok continued, "Mr. Weasley, if you would bring the sword and scabbard into the center of the circle, everyone in the circle bring your right hand forward and support the scabbard. It is important that everyone is touching some part of the sword or the scabbard."

All the Weasley's brought their right hand forward and each grabbed the part of the scabbard that was closes to them.

"Now, with your left hand, rest it on the shoulder or arm of the person standing on your left. Miss. Ginny? It's alright if you can't reach your Dad's shoulder, just do the best you can. You can hold on to his side or back if you have to."

"Now Mr. Weasley, take the sword of Gryffindor by the hilt with your right hand and draw it out raise it over your head. Feel in your heart the words you need to say."

Everything was quiet for several minutes while Arthur Weasley closed his eyes and searched his soul for the right words.

Finally, Mr. Weasley opened his eyes, and looking up at the ceiling, said in a loud voice, "I, Arthur Septimus Weasley, of the ancient house of Weasley, claim my rights as heir of the house of Gryffindor for myself and my family for all time and throughout all eternity. So mote it be."

A great rushing sound was heard throughout the room as the air around the Weasley's began to shimmer and shine. A great column of light descended over the entire family and each member of the family shone in their own bright light.

Harry noticed that both Mr. and Mrs. Weasley glowed almost a pure white light, trimmed in gold.

Bill's light was a bit more gray, but still showed purity.

Charles' light had more of a blueish hue to it as if looking at the sky.

Percy 's light had elements of both green and red. It looked like Percy was quite 'discomforted' by some element of his light.

The twin's light showed playful signs of multiple colors around their head. Harry could just imagine a jesters hat fitted on top of their heads.

Ron's light was a darker green then that of Percy's. He looked as if he were in pain at the time, but no sound was heard, and he could not let go of either the scabbard, or Ginny on his left.

Looking at Ginny's light was a sight to behold. A bright golden light radiated from her. Harry could have sworn that he had a feeling of love an contentment coming from her.

After several minutes, the light subsided and several of the Weasley family took a sigh of relief, while Percy stumbled back from the circle, holding his head and Ron fell down where he stood.

"Bloody Hell!" he swore.

"Ronald Bilius Weasley! You will watch your language!" Molly Weasley said looking rather harshly at her youngest son.

"What did the different colors of light mean sir?" Harry asked Ragnok.

"Before I get to that, let me tell all present. The Sword of Gryffindor was patterned after another, older sword; The Sword of Roland." Ragnok began. Even though Harry had heard Sir Toppum and Drendal talk about this point, he had not realized just how much of the sword Godric had copied from his sword.

"As with the Sword of Roland, the Sword of Gryffindor can also judge the heart and intent of it's user. It would appear that, for the most part, it has accepted the Weasley clan as the heir's of Gryffindor. However, young masters Percy and Ronald have certain characteristics that it does not find acceptable.

For you, master Percy, you seem to hold an attitude of self-righteousness and jealousy, while you young master Ronald seem to be jealous of almost everyone, and everything. This will not due. You will find training disks in the Gryffindor vault that can help you overcome these emotion.

Percy lowered his head and acknowledged Ragnok's comments and advice. Ron, on the other hand, looked up angrily at the Chief Goblin and said, "Oh, is that right you little.. Ohf.". Ron stopped when Ginny kicked him hard in the arse, while Fred on the other side of him reached down and put his hand over his mouth, while lifting him up with the other arm. He kept his hand over his mouth until he felt Ron go stiff as Bill quickly petrified him.

"Thanks bro! I didn't know how much longer I could have held him." Fred said.

"Yes, thank you Curse-breaker Weasley, your quick action prevented any further harm coming to your younger sibling." Ragnok replied. "Now, just lay him down there and return to the seats so we may continue with the meeting."

"But Honored Ragnok," Mr. Weasley began as he moved to his seat. "You have not told us what the rest of the colored lights mean."

"Yes Lord Gryffindor, you are correct." Ragnok replied. Mr. Weasley blushed and hung his head at being addressed by one of the most revered title in all the wizarding world.

"The white light that surrounded you and Lady Gryffindor show that you are proper wizards of light, and with the gold trim are in fact direct heirs of Gryffindor."

"William's bright gray light shows that, while he know a good deal of 'dark' magic, he only uses it to protect others and in the proper course of doing his work and is worthy to be a Lord of Gryffindor should the need arise."

"Charle would also be worthy of the title 'Lord Gryffindor', but in addition, seems to have an affinity of the air, and all things related to it. Now, if memory serves me correctly, weren't you a seeker at Hogwarts?"

"Yes!" Charle answered. "For Gryffindor house in fact! And now I work with Dragons in Romania!"

"Well, if I were you I would look in the Gryffindor vault for anything relating to being an Air Elemental! I think there is a good chance you may find something you can use down there."

"Now Percy we have already touched on. You too would be well advised to look at some of the training disks on overcoming your feeling of self-righteousness and jealousy."

Percy didn't even look up at Ragnok as he was talking to him, but just shook his head 'yes' while looking down at the floor with tears in his eyes.

As Ragnok turned his attention to the twins, a sly smile came across his face.

"It is said that Godric Gryffindor has quite the sense of humor. It would appear that you two have inherited that aspect of Lord Gryffindor character as the muggles say 'In Spades'. Frankly I pity any person, or group of people you take a mind to 'prank'."

For their part, the twins just looked at each other with a wide grin on both their mouths, and said, "All right!" and gave each other a high five.

Skipping Ron, who was still out cold on the floor, Ragnok turned to the youngest Weasley with a twinkle in his eye, and a 'pleasant' smile on his lips. "Ah, young Miss. Weasley." He began. "Possessing a heart of gold! The fairest of the fair. You have quite a young lady here Lord and Lady Gryffindor, truly worthy of her own prince!" Harry didn't notice Ragnok and the Weasley's all looking at him. He was too busy looking at how beautiful Ginny looked. He could still see the golden glow around her as he used his Mage sight for the first time in a long time.

Addressing the Weasleys again Ragnok continued, "It would appear that Ginny has all the gifts and talents belonging to a true Gryffindor. Guard her well, for she is truly worth her weight in gold. You will find may items in the Gryffindor vault that will be helpful in her training and development."

"That will bring us to the last of the potential heirs. Lord Potter? Are your ready to proceed?" Ragnok asked. "Lord Potter? Lord Potter! HARRY!! Are you ready?"

Harry broke his gaze from Ginny and looked around the room before looking back at Ragnok.

"Wh... What was that you say?" Harry asked confused. Damn those hormones! When they hit a young man, they hit him hard!

Susan, her aunt, and the Weasley's (that were awake) just let out a little laugh at Harry's expense.

Harry blushed lightly as he turned his attention back to Ragnok. "Forgive me my Liege. I was temporarily distracted by the proclamation of Lord and Lady Gryffindor and their family." As he bowed his head in respect.

"Yes, so I noticed." Ragnok said with a glint in his eye. Madam Bones and Susan both tried to cover up a laugh.

"Now, if there are no other delays, Lord Potter, would you please take the Slytherin tome and open it as a sign of it's accepting you as the heir of Slytherin by conquest?"

"I will do my utmost my Liege, but I'm still not sure just how." Harry replied.

"I'm sure you'll find a way." Ragnok responded. " I should warn you that two of our unspeakable's have perished while examining this artifact. It would appear that the Asp that locks the book takes it's job of protecting it very seriously."

"I am sorry for you loss Ragnok, I will endeiver to be more careful."

Harry moved up to the table, taking care to only look at the book first, not touching anything.

As he stared hard at the strange marking around the book, he started to understand what was written on it: "This is the Property of Salazar Slytherin. All Gryffindor's keep their clammy hands to themselves." "Caution: all Gryffindor's have kooties! Keep your kootie to yourself." "Warning: to be opened only by Parsalmouths – That means NOT YOU GODRIC!"

By this time Harry was laughing to himself when he saw some of the sayings around the book. The others were looking rather curious at the way Harry was acting now that he was exposed to the book. Suddenly, the great Asp that wrapped it's self around the book started hissing again.

'Are you my new master young one? Do you have the great gift?'

While the snake was saying this, Harry was moving his hand closer to the book so he could turn it to see what else Salazar had written on it. As soon as Harry's hand touched to book the Asp made it's move and sunk it's fangs deep into Harry's right hand. All the rest of the occupants in the room gasp in horor, knowing that this book had killed before, and was about to kill again.

As soon as Harry felt the pain his attention was drawn to the Asp. Without thinking Harry began to hiss back.

'OW! What do you think you are doing you bloody snake?'

Immediately the Asp released Harry's hand.

'Forgive me my Lord.' The snake began. 'I have been waiting for low these nine hundred year for another master to come an open me. Can you tell me, young master, how you came to speak the noble tongue?'

'The former heir of Slytherin came to my home when I was but a baby. He killed my parents, but was knocked out of his body when he tried to kill me.' Harry replied.

'Ah, I see. It would appear that this pretender heir does not understand what it truly means to be Slytherin. I am glad one of Rowena's blood beat him in single combat and can make the claim of being heir by conquest.'

'Yes, that's what I'm here to do today. But the goblins seem to think that I must be able to open this book without dieing. Will you accept me as the heir of Slytherin? And if so; How do I open you?'

The Asp on the book laughed for the first time in over nine hundred years as it came to understand Harry's situation. The people in the room were filled with dread as the hissing sound filled the chamber that were coming from both Harry and the Book.

'Yes young master, I will accept you as the heir of Slytherin. But first tell me your name?'

'I am Harry James Potter, Son of James Harold Potter and Lily Evans Potter, Lord of the noble and ancient house of Potter and Lord of the most noble and ancient house of Ravenclaw.'

'You have answered well young master. My name is Wadjet, descended from the ancient gods of Egypt. I feel we have a connection in this from one of your animal forms I sense within you. Yes, you will be a very good master for me.'

'Now young master, I must bind myself with you and neutralize the posion that is currently flowing in your vains. After the binding, all you have to do is ask me to 'Open' in the noble tongue, and I will reveal myself to you.'

'Why did you posion me Wadjet?' Harry asked shakily, starting to feel the effects of the posion now.

'I am sorry my Lord, but I must protect the secrets that within the book. They contain life's work of my creator, and must be guarded at all cost. Now quickly, place your hand back on the tome so the binding may take place.'

Following Wadjet's advice, Harry once again placed his hand on the tome and watched as the great Asp sunk her fangs back into his flesh. He could feel the anti-venom being released throughout his body and immediately began feeling better. After Wadjet had taken some of his blood, she injected Harry with some of Salazar's blood to complete the blood bond, and to make Harry, if fact, the blood heir of Slytherin.

After the bonding had taken place, Harry again looked at the Asp, and while concentrating on her hissed 'Open'.

Everyone in the room gasped as they saw the asp uncoil it's self from around the tome disappear down the spine of the book. Then the book opened it's cover for the first time in almost a thousand years.

Looking back up at the other people and goblins in the room, Harry found their faces in various stages of shock, terror, and disbelief.

"What?" Harry asked intelligently, looking at the others in the room.

Mr. Weasley was the first to collect himself to the point that he could answer. "Well Harry... It's like this Harry... You were standing there looking at the book and then... you started to laugh and... it started to hiss at you... and, and you put your hand on it and then... You... You were bitten by the asp on the book... and we all remembered what Ragnok said about the other two who had died... but then... You, you started to hiss back at the book, and it hissed back at you and so forth, and then the asp bit you again and you hissed at it and the asp just uncoiled it's self from around the book and then the book... it just... opened!

Mr. Weasley and the others were still pale and speechless as Harry and the others just looked at one another and blinked their eyes.

Finally, Ragnok got to the point where he could talk too.

"Ah, Harry? How did you learn to speak parsaltongue?"

"I don't honestly know Ragnok. All I know is that as I was looking at the symbols on the book I was able to tell what it was saying. Some of them are quite funny. I guess Salazar and Godric really did not get along very well back then."

"When the Wadjet bit me, of course, my attention was taken from the writings, to the snake on the cover and I said the first thing that came into my mind. I didn't realize I was speaking in Parsaltongue."

"Wadjet told me that the secrets stored in this book must be guarded at all cost. That is the reason to the lethal bites. This book could only be opened by a parsalmouth, and now after the blood bonding, can only be opened by me. I would strongly recommend that you let all your workers know that."

"It shall be done Lord Slytherin." Ragnok stated solemnly.

Closing the book, Wadjet again came out from the spine of the book and wrapped herself around the tome to lock it. Harry again placed his hand on the book as said, in parsaltongue, "Shrink." Which the book did until it was small enough to fit in his robes inside pocket.

After several more minutes, Ragnok and the others settled down enough to where they could continue with the meeting. For this part, Ron was revived and brought back onto chairs.

"Now that each of you have claimed your birthright, there are other rites that must be undertaken. These will occur in the Vaults of the Founders. Each of you will go with one of these specially to your respective vault and go inside. There you will find two clocks, one for the inside time, and one for the outside date and time."

Ron and Susan both looked at Harry when they heard about the time dilation spell in each of the vaults. Could this be just like Chamber 8 in Harry's trunk? They turned their attention back to the Head Goblin.

"For each hour that passes in the outside world, one week will seem to pass within the vault. This is so each of you can inventory the vault, and find those thing that will help you in fulfilling your role of a founders heir."

Each of the different families headed out a different door, got into a cart, and were rocketed down the tracks deep under the bowels of the bank. After about 5 minutes Harry notices that his, and two other carts are heading for the same point on the tracks. Bracing himself for a tremendous crash, Harry was shocked when all three cars stopped just before colliding. Harry found himself with his eyes closed, his teeth clinched, and his arm braced for impact. He could hear the screams from the Bones and Weasley women, and most of the Weasley men (except the twins, who that the goblins should pay for a ride like that).

Getting out of their carts shakily, each family was directed to a Vault of the Founders. After placing their right hand on the door and identifying themselves, each group was admitted into their own vault.

Harry looked at his surroundings and wished he had brought Remus or Sirus with him. Before him was a vast cavern, with cauldrons and potions of every kind. Rare ingredients that would bring a fortune on the market stored in stasis spells that had lasted a thousand years.

Harry found a portrait of Salazar Slytherin prominently displayed in between the potions, and the stasis cabinets as if keeping an eye over his possessions.

"Hello sir. My name is Harry Potter." Harry said politely.

The portrait just ignored him.

"I said, HELLO SIR! MY NAME IS HARRY POTTER!" a little bit louder.

Still nothing.

Harry was getting frustrated and was about to walk away when he hear laughing from within him robe pocket. Stopping, Harry took the tome of Slytherin and placed it on a nearby table. After trying to get it to expand using a normal charm, Harry concentrated on the asp on the front of the book and hissed 'Expand'.

The tome immediately returned to it's regular size. Wadjet was still moving around the cover of the book, laughing at Harry.

"He will not respond to you unless you use the noble language!"

"What? What are you talking about? What noble language?" Harry asked.

"Parsaltongue of course young master. In his later years he only spoke in parsaltongue so of course any heir of his would know how to speak parsaltongue also." Wadjet replied.

Harry thought for a few minutes and ask 'Ma' what Wadjet was talking about.

'Well Harry, it would appear that when you are concentrating on the snake, or the markings on the book, you naturally slip into speaking parsaltongue. It has been quite fascinating for me to set back here and 'hear' both sides of the conversation. Both what you are trying to say and how it sounds in parsaltongue, and also what Wadjet is saying to you. How you hear the hissing sound, and also the English version too. I am trying to keep a record of the different sound and their English equivalent for further study. In the mean time, you need to take a little bit of time to feel the difference when you are speaking English, and when you are speaking parsaltongue.'

'Now go and greet Lord Slytherin. I want to what he has to say, it should be most fascinating'.

After Harry had spoken with 'Ma', he did take a few minutes to review. At first he didn't know what he was looking for, but then he noticed that whenever he looked at the Book of Salazar, or the snake, his speech center moved closer to 'Tom Riddle's' core. That was how he could speak parsaltongue.

Remembering this fact, Harry again approached Lors Slytherin's portrait and said, "Hello sir, my name is Harry Potter. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Lord Slytherin's image opened his eyes and looked over Harry with a look like he has just smelled something very bad.

"So, you are my heir? Not much to look at are you? A 'Potter' you say? How can that be? The Potters were always do gooders like Godric. And, according to Wadjet, you are already the heir of Ravenclaw."

"Tell me... 'heir' what year is it? How old are you? And how did you come to be my heir as well?"

Harry was a little 'put out' by Salazar's attitude, but both 'Ma' and Drendal encouraged him to show respect as he (Harry) was probable the first person this portrait had spoken to in many, many years.

Harry took a few calming breaths and started at the beginning, explaining that it was now the year of our Lord 1991, and that he was a first year student at Hogwarts. He to Salazar about what happened to his family and how he 'defeated' Lord Voldemort in single combat.

He told of his childhood in the home of his Aunt and Uncle, and how he found out about his heritage when he was eight years old.

Harry told him about the wizarding worlds situation – as best as he could, and how things where in the muggle world in general.

Salazar's portrait listened attentively, asking questions for clarification where needed. He was very disappointed in what Voldemort had done, how corrupt and inept the Ministry of Magic had become, and was even more upset in how manipulative the Headmaster was.

Over the next 'seven days' that Harry was in flex time, he learned what it truly meant to be Slytherin. He was show potions and charms that would correct any physical defect and limitation he may currently have.

Harry took some of these things, but decided against correcting his eyes yet as they were still changing, and fixing them now may just mess things up later.

At the end of the seven days, Harry had just scratched the surface of the things that Salazar had to teach him, so he found another mult-chambered trunk, and packed as many books, potions, ingredients as he could, and of course Salazar's portrait. After it was packed, he shrunk the trunk, and put it in his robe pocket.

He came out of his vault at the same time all the other families came out. He could tell that they must have had an experience simular to his. There was very little talking as the families got back into their carts and headed back to the surface. Once there, the groups were once again brought into the large conference room with Ragnok and the others.

"Welcome back everyone. I hope your time in the Founder's Vaults were well spent. You are welcome to come back here any time to return to your vaults and learn more of your heritage. Now there is just one more item of business we need to take care of, and that is to remove the block from your magical core – for those students that still have them."

For a moment there was stuned silents in the room, then both Madam Bones and Mrs. Weasley exploded demanding to know who would have put a block on their niece's / children's core.

Ragnok smiled at the reaction of the two matrons, and explained what Harry had disclosed to them.

After the other Weasley children were 'cured', Madam Bones indicated that she would be going to the Ministry of Magic and St. Mungo's to see that the practice was stopped.

For her part, Mrs. Weasley went to the Daily Prophet to make sure all of the parents in wizarding world were aware of what had been done to their children, and to demand an investigation as to who was responsible for this act.

The children attending Hogwarts were taken back to the main lobby, where they went over to a secluded corner of the bank. Harry called for Fawkes, and he and everyone else were taken back to school.

The next few weeks seemed to filled with concern and confusion throughout the wizarding world in Great Britain.

Parents of young witches and wizards were being informed by the Ministry that persons, under seventeen, had to have a 'check-up' before continuing their education. The Ministry was 'requesting' the parents grant permission of each youth to be tested at either St. Mungo's, Hogwarts, or if the children where home schooled, a healer would come to visit them... along with an Auror.

It was explained in the notice that there would be no potions administered to the children, just two, or possible three quick spells. It was stressed that it was mandatory of those who had been born at St. Mungo's in the past seventeen years to complete this 'check-up'.

Harry had given the Headmaster and Professor Flitwick permission to disclose these three spells with the healers who would have to take a magical vow to never disclose the spells to any other persons. Then they would be involved in removing the blocks from off the children's core. They could even take credit for their development – Harry didn't care. "You can always tell the Minister you always had a way of reversing the process." Harry told Professor Dumbledore.

It wasn't surprising that most of the opposition to the testing was from the pure-bloods that had supported Voldemort the last time he was in power. The Malfoy's, Parkinson's, Nott's, and Goyle's were some of the more notable names on a petition sent directly to the Minister of Magic demanding an explanation for these test, and also demanding to be present when the test were administered.

The Minister explained that the spells were simply healing spells, but that since they were still new, they were distributed to the healers on a need-to-know basis only, and that the actual incantations would not be disclosed at this time. If fact, he himself didn't know what the Headmaster and Professor Flitwick were looking for.

In the end, it was agreed that a parent or guardian could accompany their children to the test.

The children would sit in front of a screen to conceal the identity of the person performing the incantation. There would also be a screen over the top of the child sitting in the chair with a hole cut in it so that the healer could see the top of the persons head. A silence charm would be on the screen so that the parents and the child could not hear the spells being cast, or see the results of the 'magnitudo de magica' (size of magic) spell. There would also be an obscuring spell cast over the opening so that if the person sitting on the chair tried to see who was standing behind them, they could not.

In years to come, the 'magnitudo de magica' (size of magic) spell would become one of the standard spells used when ever anyone came into a healing center, just like taking your height, weight, and the color of spots on your tongue.

After most of the issues had been worked out between the Ministry, St. Mungo's, and Madam Pomfrey at Hogwarts, the testing was scheduled. Most of the testing would occur over the weekends for the next several weeks so as to not interfere with the regular class schedules. Those students who's parents wished to attend the testing were scheduled first to insure that their questions and concerns would be alleviated.

Draco and his group were among the first to be tested at Hogwarts.

In order to keep up appearances, Harry and his friends were also in one of the first groups.

The Malfoy's made a big display coming to Hogwarts by dressing in their family crested robes. Lucius Malfoy held his head high, with his nose slightly up in the air so that he could look down on everyone he passed. In his right hand, his custom made cane with the silver snake head on it with the emerald eyes. Few people still alive knew that's where he kept his elm wand with the dragon heart-string core in. On his right was his lovely and spoiled wife Narcissa, still looking as if there was something smelly under her nose. On his left, Draco, looking like a spoiled prince.

Most of the others families that signed the petition were with the Malfoys. They were to be present when their children were also tested. Harry also wanted to keep a close eye on Draco and the rest of the Slytherin house.

As the first group of people approached the infirmary, Professor Dumbledore was there to greet them. "Ah Lucius and Narcissa. How good to see you again, and in such fine health."

"Yes Headmaster, isn't it?" Lucius snarled. "Why don't you drop all your pretending and tell us what is really going on?"

"I'm sorry you feel that this is a ruse Lucius. I assure you this is something that could be quite serious. It has come to our attention that the majority of children born over the past seventeen years may have somehow had a block put on their magical core, thus preventing them performing to the best of their ability." Dumbledore answered clinically.

"WHAT! This is an outrage! I demand to know who is responsible for this travesty and have them punished to the fullest extent of the law! Then I want them sent to Azkaban and given the Dementor's Kiss!" Lucius Malfoy yelled in false outrage. He knew what was going on moments after Madam Bones returned to the Ministry. Several other parents joined in his mock anger.

"That won't be necessary Lucius. The individuals responsible are no longer at St. Mungo's."

(Strictly specking, since Dumbledore and Fudge were responsible for this mess and since they were not at St. Mungo's, the Professor spoke the truth – just barely).

"It is hoped that the spell we will be doing today will identify any block on your son, and then remove it. It is hoped that over the next few years his core will continue to expand to it's proper size before reaching his seventeenth birthday and his final magical maturation."

"Now the procedure will proceed as follow," Professor Dumbledore stated to all those present. He knew that all he would have to do is explain it one time, and the Hogwarts rumor mill would take care of the rest.

"Each family or individual will be brought into the infirmary one at a time. Once inside, you will find a chair in front of a screen. The student will sit on the chair, and the healer behind the screen will cast a series of spells on you. The first spell establishes a baseline rate as to the current power of the student. The next spell will check to see if a block or binding is present on the students magical core. If it is, a third spell will be used to remove the blockage. Depending on the power of the person that put the block on in the first place, it may take a few moments to remove the block."

"The student will then be checked again to see how their magical core is doing, and if any other blocks are present. This procedure will be repeated until there are no more blocks on the student. A final power rating will be taken, and the student and their parents will be excused while the next student is called. Are there any questions that I can answer?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

"Will we be given our final power level after the procedure is complete?" Asked Draco.

"I am afraid while you are not of age you will not be able to given that information, however, should your parents or guardians ask, the information would be given to them. Then it would be up to them to share that information with you. But I must caution you that regardless of your power level, there is always the likeliness of someone having a higher number. This is something that can cause a great deal of jealousy among friends."

"What rubbish." Draco snared almost as well as his father. "Everyone knows how powerful the Malfoy / Black lines are. I'm sure I'll have one of the highest numbers in the whole school, not to mention year."

"Well, if we are through discussing things out here, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy? If you would please escort young Mr. Malfoy in to the infirmary?" Professor Dumbledore gestured as he opened the door.

Harry had found the whole scene quite amusing. He expected that the Malfoys had made sure there was no 'bind' or 'block' on him as a child. But it still seemed that he wasn't that powerful of a wizard. Harry thought it might be because Draco had everything done for him, he had no reason to work his core while growing up.

In less then five minutes Draco exited the infirmary at a high rate of speed, his cheeks flushing bright red.

"What was your power rating Draco?" Pansy asked.

"None of your business!" Draco yelled without looking back, stomping his way down to the dungeons and the Slytherin home room.

Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy tried to salvage some small shred of decency by walking slowly past the crowd of people towards the doors leading out of Hogwarts. "Headmaster." Lucius acknowledged as he passed tipping his head slightly – being sure he didn't make eye contact with any other person in the queue.

Most of the others being tested were thrilled with their results. As soon as those students found out that they could know their power rating – but only with their parent's permission, wrote home to have them send a permission slip to have the power rating released to the student.

Over the next few weeks everyone was excited to find out what his or her power rating was. They were thrilled to see how everyone was progressing.

Neville was now up to 1,380, Ron had progressed to a 920, Hermione was at 1,150, but everyone was surprised with Susan's increase. She had been at 345 after Harry had taken the binding off her core, she was now at a solid 1,265! Of course, the healers and staff at Hogwarts were unable to determine Harry's power rating due to the amulet his father had placed on him when he was a baby.

Everyone was happy for the others success... except Ron.

"How come everybody's so far ahead of me now? It's just not fair!"

"Ron, remember we spend almost everyday in Harry's trunk in the Room of Requirements for the equivalent of three days!" Hermione said. "If you want to improve, you have to work for it everyday, not just once in a while or only make a half hearted effort when you are there."

After the testing had been completed, some of the Ravenclaw students got together and came up with a table of the average power level for each grade level:

First year: 460 (They disregard Harry's group's rating since it was so far outside the 'norm')Second year: 525Third year: 675Fourth year: 750Fifth year: 870Sixth year: 990Seventh year: 1,372 – (This included those student who had already gone through their magical maturation)

To review the current power rating for a witch or wizard:

A Low Power Wizard started at: 101A Normal Power Wizard started at: 501A High Power Wizard started at: 1,501A Low Sorcerer started at: 3,001A Normal Sorcerer started at: 5,001A Grand Sorcerer started at: 7,501A Mage started at: 10,501An Arch Mage is any witch or wizard with a power rating greater then 15,001

The few classes after the student 'check-up' as it was being called, quite interesting. Many students had to learn how to control their magic all over again in Charms, Transfigurations, and Defense against the Dark Arts. Harry felt a small degree of satisfaction knowing he had brought about a little bit of change in the lives of his fellow students, and that hopefully, they would use this increased power for the benefit of their fellows.

Professor Dumbledore had made an announcement to the school that with the blocks taken off their cores, they could work on getting the cores to their proper size by using magic as often as possible. He explained that their magic was just like any other muscle. In order for it to grow, it had to be exercised. He did warn the students that just like any other muscle, it was not always good to work the magic until you were exhausted. The core needed time to recover after a hard 'workout'. Of course the students could always go to Madame Pomfrey for a restorative draft if they needed it.

Almost all the students were casting stronger charms, shield, and spells and were having an easier time with their transfiguration problems then before. Not only that, but the increase in power, also increased their own self-confidence.

That is for everyone except – Draco Malfoy.

It would appear that Harry was right in his assessment. Draco never had a block put on his core, but also, he never exercised his magical core while he was home. He just had his house elves bring him everything he wanted.

Draco was falling further and further behind is classmates in the three classes that required power from your magical core. The only class where he really excelled was in potions, and that was with a lot of 'encouragement' from the instructor, Professor Snape.

One day after class, Draco stayed behind to ask for help from his Head of House.

"Mr. Malfoy, don't you have some other place to be right now? I would suggest you get there, NOW." Professor Snape snarled as Draco approached his desk.

Trying to still act in control, and superior, Draco snarled back, "Sir, there is a matter of House pride that I feel must be addressed immediately."

Professor Snape raised an eye brow and looked up at Draco.

"And what matter might that be Mr. Malfoy? Your hair dye potion run out?"

Draco flushed at the mention of his scalp condition.

"No!... NO!" He said much quieter. "It about... the, the, results of the... check-up." By the end of the sentence Snape's could hardly hear what Draco was saying.

"Excuse me, what was that again?" Professor Snape asked with an evil gleam in his eyes.

Draco's face colored even more as he as he lifted his head and yelled into his Head of Houses' face. "THE CHECK-UP RESULTS! THOSE STUPID, BLOODY CHECK-UP RESULTS!"

"Ah, and what seems to be the problem with these check-up results? It seems to me that most of the results in Slytherin House are at par, or above the average for each year. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, the only person not reporting or bragging about his power rating would be... you. I wonder why that would be? Especially with all that boasting about how powerful the great Malfoy / Black heir would be."

"Now Mr. Malfoy, what exactly is the problem here? You said it was a matter of House pride. Are you sure you phrased that right? Wouldn't this be more of a matter of 'personal' pride?"

Severus Snape was enjoying humiliating his godson too much just now. It wasn't often that he could get something on Lucius, but this could play out to be something BIG! Well, at least embarrassing to the Malfoy family, and he wasn't about to let it pass.

Draco finally felt defeated, as he lowered his head and dropped his shoulders.

"Uncle Severus, I need your help... as, as your godson."

"Very well Draco," Severus' attitude changing as quickly as his roll of Professor to Godfather. "Are you going to tell me the results of the check-up?"

With his head held down Draco muttered something.

"What was that?" Severus yelled back. "Remember who you are boy and who you represent! Head up! Shoulders back! Look me straight in the eye and tell me the result of your check-up!"

Draco jumped when his Godfather yelled at him, but he quickly stood up straight, held his head high, with his shoulders back, looking once again like a pampered, spoiled prince.

"My initial and final scores were the same, 395. No block was found on my core."

"Ah. I see now. You are well below the average for even a first year student then aren't you? Yes, I see your problem now." Professor Snape said looking thoughtful. "There are, of course potions and rituals that can be used to increase your power. Most of the more 'effective' ones are forbidden by the Ministry, so I would have you wait until winter break until we use some of them."

"In the mean time, there are three thing we can do."

"What? What are they? I'll do ANYTHING so as to not be the laughing stock of Hogwarts!" Draco said with a great degree of emotion in his voice.

"I am glad you feel that way Draco, because it is going to require you to actually do something you've never had to do in your life... WORK!" Snape said with a certain amount of glee in his voice. He know that his pampered godson had never had to do a bit of work all the time growing up. That he was use to having someone else do anything he was expected to do.

The reaction in Draco's face was the same type of shock and horror you would see in someone else's face when they heard the word 'Voldemort'.

Ignoring Draco's response, Professor Snape continued. "I will work with you every morning at 6:00...".

"6:00!" Draco shouted. He was about to say something else before his godfather cut him off at the knees.

"Quiet you insolent brat!" Professor Snape yelled at him. "For too long you have not been carrying your own weight when it comes to doing things. Performing magic is something you have to do for yourself. You can't have Crabbe or Goyle do it for you! Do you not think that the Dark Lord himself hasn't had to work and sacrifice to obtain the awesome power he held? If you want great power, you must do the same."

"Now, as I was saying. You will meet with me each morning at 6:00 here in the potions lab. I will supervise you working through the basic spells you are currently learning, and will instruct you in some of the more advanced spells that are no longer a part of the Hogwarts curriculum, and some of my own design as well. The results of these sessions will be to exercise your core and allow it to grow."

"In conjunction with this we will be using two different amulets. The first amulet, that you WILL be wearing during these training sessions, is designed to restrict the amount of magic a person can use. This will require you to work harder to get the same results. Frankly, I will be quite surprised if you can do even the easiest of spells with this amulet on."

"After these sessions I will be giving you a strong restorative draft and a second amulet. This amulet will amplify your magic by a third. You are to wear it always and keep it well hidden. If you are found in possession of this amulet, you could well be expelled from Hogwarts and have your wand snapped! Do you understand the importance of this item Draco?"

"Yes, Godfather, I do." Answered Draco quietly. "Th... Th... Thank you." Those were probable the two hardest words Draco had ever said. He had never said them to another individual, and he knew that now he would be indebted to his Godfather for a long time to come.

"Don't thank me yet boy, wait until you see what I have planned for you in the morning."

Draco had never worked so hard in his life, and anytime he would whine, or complain to his Godfather about the amount of work he was required to do, he would find himself on the end of a very low powered Cruciatus curse. Of course, you couldn't tell Draco it was a low powered curse. If you were to ask him, he would have said that Professor Snape was powering the curse with all of his negative emotions.

He would show up at 6:00 AM sharp – if he didn't want further punishment from his Godfather.

Professor Snape sat up dummies and targets much as were in Harry's training room. Draco would work on casting his spells at the dummies while they were standing still, and then when he thought he knew the spell well enough, he would use the target traps to test both strength and accuracy.

Professor Snape made Draco re-learn ALL his spell and pushed him to do them perfectly before going to the next one. Draco soon learned that he was to do EXACTLY what his Godfather said, or he would be punished.

After several weeks Draco noticed that his spell casting was improving greatly. He was feeling more powerful, and with that feeling came confidence. He again began to strut around in the common room and hallways of Hogwarts.

He took great pride in the fact that, not only was he learn how to do his standard spells correctly, but the fact that his Godfather, Professor Snape, had entrusted only HIM with spells no one else in the school knew. Overall, thing were looking up for the young Slytherin.

End of Chapter.



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Things are still not back to normal in my house. My wife's MS has progressed to what is call secondary progressive. She has had to give up driving and can no longer do many of the house-hold chores around the house or outside in her flower garden.

I have just had my knee repaired and am spending about half my time back at work – until I just feel too sick (or sore) to continue.

I will try to get the next chapter out in the next four to six weeks. My outline is in need of a great deal of updating.

Again I thank you for your continual support. I hope you appreciate the effort that goes into writing a story. If you think it's easy, just try it – that's what got me started. You each have your own ideas as to how you wish things should be, write an outline and start flushing out some ideas. We all benefit from your efforts.

See ya soon.


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