Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 28 Duel at Hogwarts

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

Essences of Lily - Chapter 28 – Duel at Hogwarts.

After waking up from a well deserved rest, Harry was pulled aside by Ron and Susan.

"Harry?" Susan began, "I talked to my Aunt about that 'special building project' you had mentioned a while back, and we both think it would be great if you could build or maybe I should say rebuild the Greenhouse for us."

"Ya Harry, Dad says that if you knew where Godric's chamber is, it might help me and Percy with our 'little' problems. Though I think the twins are more interested in learning the finer points of pranking from one of the founders then anything else."

"Sue, I'll send my house elf construction manager, Ty, to talk with you and your aunt. And Ron, I don't know where Godric's chamber is exactly, but if it's anything like Roe's and Sal's, only an heir can enter it – or maybe someone they find worthy and invite in. Let me know when you and your brothers can all get together and I have Ty or Sassy take you to it. But if it's anything like the other founders chambers, there will probably be a test or trial before your can get in."

"Sue, we may also have to do something with the Headmaster before we build the greenhouse. It would probable raise too many questions if a building that size just 'showed up' one day."

"Well, since the other chambers are hidden, the greenhouse will be hidden also."

"You may be correct, why don't we ask Ty now before we get to Hogwarts? Ty?"

The small excited elf appeared in front of the group. "Yes Master Harry. Is there something you want?"

"Ty, This is Lady Susan Bone, heiress of Hufflepuff, and Mr. Ronald Weasley, one of the heirs of Gryffindor." Ty bowed low to both young students.

"Susan had a question regarding Hufflepuff's greenhouse and chamber. Do you know if the general population can see the greenhouse or is it hidden from view like the other founders chambers?"

The next few hours were spent talking with Susan and Ron regarding the founder's chambers and when they could be built / taken to them. They ended with Ron saying he would get with his brothers and get back to Harry as to a time when they could be shown Gryffindor's chambers.

After spending a few more 'days' training in chamber eight of Harry's trunk, everyone exited so they could get ready for the return to Hogwarts.

Arriving back at Hogwarts Harry was in a hurry to get through the wards of Hogwarts before any of the students made it to the Great Hall. Harry had set up a prank before leaving that would take affect as they entered the castle, but first he had to let Lady Hogwarts know to get things started.

As the students got out of the carriages, they felt compelled to just stand in the entrance hall in small groups, moving in a little deeper as more students came. After the last student had been dropped off, they hear music start to play…

It after midnightsomething evil's lurkin' in the darkUnder the moonlightYou see a sight that almost stops your heartYou try to screamBut terror takes the sound before you made itYou start to freezeAs horror looks you right between eyesYou're paralyzed

'Cause this is thriller...

(A/N Michael Jackson's 14 min. rendition of 'Thriller' View it on Youtube or Vevo)

As the music started to play, Draco Malfoy comes to the front of the student to lead them in, while they get into straight rows of boy / girl behind him and turned to face the door to the Great Hall.

The music continued with the bass pounding out. In unison, the entire student body started moving together. Stepping, clapping, spinning, flipping, swaying from side to side and twirling as one unit as they entered the Great Hall. The Headmaster and others at the head-table looked up to see what the disturbance was when they noticed everyone dancing in unison. The voice of Vincent Price raps:

Darkness falls across the landThe midnight hour is close at handCreatures crawl in search of bloodTo terrorize y'alls neighborhoodAnd whosoever shall be foundWithout the soul for getting downMust stand and face the hounds of hellAnd rot inside a corpse's shell

The foulest stench is in the airThe funk of forty thousand yearsAnd grizzly ghouls from every tombAre closing in to seal your doomAnd though you fight to stay aliveYour body starts to shiverFor no mere mortal can resistThe evil of the thriller

As the music continued, the students broke into tight patterns, each student heading to their own table, crisscrossing with each other with perfect precision and timing. On the enchanted ceiling, the words to the song scroll by like a large karaoke machine.

As the last chord of the song ended, the students were all in position, and sat down together. The muggle-born and those raised with some exposure to the muggle world started applauding and whistling. The pure-bloods and most of the professors had a very different look on their faces.

Draco and his crew looked as if they wanted to go a scrub the 'muggle contaminants' off themselves. But if you looked closely, there were one or two that had actually enjoyed it.

Professor Dumbledore stood up to start the back-to-school feast. Most of the students are still cheering when he pulled out his wand to cast a 'shotgun' blast, but before he could, someone, or something else did it for him.

The enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall flashed brightly causing everyone present to cover their eyes for but a moment. Everyone looked up just in time to see the lyrics of the song scroll past. Following the song came, for some, a disturbing message:


The image of a Grim and the Moon showed on the ceiling, followed by what looked like the three goal post from the quidditch field slowly fading from view to revel the night sky outside.

Both Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall were trying hard to keep a straight face, while Professor Snape was staring daggers in Harry's direction.

Another 'flash /bang' and all of the professor's robes where changed to different styles.

Professor Dumbledore wore a psychedelic tie-die robe that looked like it belonged at Woodstock.

Professor McGonagall's robes were new cut in an early Victorian style.

Professor Flitwick's robe made him look like a leprechaun, but the most drastic change was Professor Snape. His robe was now pure white, to match his now pure white hair. The other professors at the head-table were trying their best (and failing) to not snicker at portion master's new cloths.

Looking at his robe, a tinge of pink rose to his normal pale checks. Jumping up, he moved quickly to the Gryffindor table to confront his prankster. As he moved, his robe (and hair) started changing through the colors of the rainbow.


"Can he do that?" Fred asked.

"I think it's a little out of his scope," replied George.

"Shut up you two or I give you the same punishment!"

"But Professor Snape, how could it be me? I was in the middle of the group as we came in, and besides, I'm not a keeper, I'm a seeker."

"I don't care if you were dancing a jig on the moon! I know it was you and those two juvenile delinquents that used to tag along with your worthless father! You will change my robes and hair back now or you will face my wraith!" Snape's finished with his big hooked nose in Harry's face.

Leave it to Snape to kill the mood.

By this point in time both Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall and the other heads of house were also at the Gryffindor table just in time to hear Snape's challenge.

"Severus, it would not be wise to talk to a student in that manner. The consequences could be most severe."

"I have put up with those morons longer than anyone else Headmaster. I refuse to let this spoiled, pampered, lazy, poor excuse of a worm, let alone a wizard, think he can intimidate or prank me and get away with it! I am not a small boy anymore! I will be shown the respect I deserve! Especially from a Potter!"

The entire Hall was quite to the point that it didn't seem as if anyone was even breathing. Harry had been getting more, and more upset the more Snape was speaking.

"What did you say Snivellus?" Oh, this was a bad sign. Harry's voice was just over a whisper but everyone in the Hall could hear him clearly.

"Did you insult my father and my family? Did you call my father worthless, and me a spoiled, pampered, lazy, poor excuse of a worm?" The air around Harry and the professors was getting thick with unleashed magic. If someone would have looked at the ceiling they would have also seen the stars start to disappear, and the lights in the Hall dim.

"Severus Snape of the House of Prince," (Snape's growled at Harry for revealing his family house) "I, Harry James Potter, Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter declare a feud between our two houses. You have questioned my family's honor and integrity, insulted my family's name and have spoken slanderous remarks in the presents of the wizarding public and myself. Do you wish to withdraw your comments in my presence and in the presence of the wizarding world?" To all those around Harry, the aura of his power was clearly visible, but to Severus Snape, all he saw was a first year who thought he could take him on.

"No... Now, what do you plan to do about it little man?"

"You have stated that I should change your robes and hair or face your wrath. To me, you have issued a challenge, and I accept!"

"Harry, no!"

"As the challenged, I have the chose of weapons, time and location. The time? Now. The location? The Quidditch field. The weapon?" Here Harry had to be very careful. He knew he was powerful, but so was Snape. And he has a lot more years dueling than Harry. There was only one weapon Harry had practiced with enough that he felt he had a chance against the man. "Broadswords until an opponent yields or draws first blood."

Snape's laughed. "Can you even pick up a broadsword little man?"

"Harry, Severus, stop! I forbid it!" Dumbledore was trying to establish control again over the situation.

"I am sorry Headmaster, but according to the olde laws, such a slanderous statement cannot be allowed to stand. This shallow man has slandered my families name for the last time. When this is over, I will be withdrawing from his class, and hiring a private tutor for potions, and will invite anyone else who wants to join me."

Harry turned to his friends who had come to support him.

"Lady Bones, may I ask for you to contact your guardian to provide the proper paperwork for this duel?"

"Lord Longbottom, could you please contact your guardian also since I intend to have you act as my second tonight?"

"Professor Flitwick, may I ask you to referee this event, seeing how you are a world renowned dueling champion?"

"Is there anything I can do to talk you out of this foolish venture Harry? It's dark outside in the middle of the winter. Surly this can wait for another time?" Dumbledore asked.

"No. The house elves can bring torches to light the field, and I'm sure Professor Flitwick is intelligent enough to fashion a proper dueling platform with a warming charm on it. Just have Madame Pomfrey ready to patch up the loser. I wouldn't want you to loose a potion master due to loss of blood, and Headmaster, I have told you time, and time again, to you, I am Lord Potter."

"As for the rest of you, it will probably take two hours before Madame Bones can get here with the paperwork. Enjoy your feast while you can. I have things to prepare."

As Harry turned to leave, he came close to Professor McGonagall and whispered to her very quietly. "Please see if you can get Remus and Sirius here. This is as much for them as it is me and my family." Upon seeing an almost undetectable nod, he left the Hall, heading to 'Room of Knowledge'.

Upon reaching Hogwarts in the astral plane, he was met with a variety of reactions. Durendal let Harry know that he was walking a very fine line between personal vendetta and fulfilling the duty of a Paladin by challenging the bully in such a fashion.

'Ma' was mad. Not at Harry, but at Severus for his closed minded, totally unfounded tirade against her husband and Harry. She wanted nothing more than to have Harry humiliate him in front of all the faculty and students there.

Lady Hogwarts was saddened that the conflict had gotten to this point, but knew this was a cancer that needed to be removed from Hogwarts for a long time.

Godric Gryffindor was excited to be able to teach Harry some of the techniques that Durendal may have overlooked. Actually, he just wanted to spar with Harry to gauge how good is was with a sword.

Of all the founders, Salazar was the most reserved. He knew just how big this challenge was. Harry had to fight a much older, more trained opponent, win, and start to win the respect of his house. It really didn't matter if Severus 'saved face' or not, but it was absolutely vital that Harry win the duel – even if he had to cheat.

Harry, Durendal, and Godric found a dueling platform to use, and for the next several hours (astral time – earth time, just a few minutes) they reviewed all he had learned as a Page, Squire, and Knight under Durendal at 'Potter in the Mind'. Godric found very little that he could add, so he spent most of his time dueling with Harry, presenting different attacks and defenses, instructing him in how to know what your opponent was about to do by the way they held their sword, he positioning of their feet, or how they had their weight distributed. All of these observations constituted the dueler's 'tell'. If you knew what your opponent was going to do before they did, you had a distinct advantage.

Later, Salazar came to Harry and asked him to go for another walk with him.

"Do you know what you will do tonight Harry?"

"I'm going to carve me a 'bat' for the welcome feast that I missed."

"Don't get cheeky with me young man. You are still my heir and represent me and my interests at Hogwarts. Though it was quite Slytherin how you were able to dictate the conditions of this contest to your advantage. This could be a very large step in showing some of the members of my house that they are not on the right path, but you must be careful. I have watched Severus for many years here in the astral plane. He will not accept defeat easily or well. You can almost count on him trying to bull-rush you, knock you down, smash your glasses, and hitting you before he tries to draw first blood. In short inflict as much pain as he can."

"If by some miracle you manage to win the duel, do not expect him accept the outcome. Be prepared to guard your back, as he is sure to want to have vengeance on you for his loss of face before the entire school."

"If he chooses a second, you can be sure it will be someone who has no moral character and will also try to strike you as quickly and brutally as possible. What is it that that one Auror says? 'Constant Vigilance!' . Until you are back at the school, and the threats have been removed, you must always be looking over your shoulder."

"Now, your one main advantage is that Snape will probably underestimate your abilities. That can work to your advantage, however, do not get sloppy by pretending you have no talent. Address his attacks, use a strong defense, and then draw that blood as quickly as you can and get out of there!"

"I think you've made your point Uncle, I will."

Salazar left Harry to clear his mind and prepare himself for the up coming duel.

A short time later Lady Hogwarts found him, and gave her opinion of the situation.

"You know Harry, this has only happened twice before in the last thousand years, and both times the teacher was victorious. I do not want that trend to continue. I need my defender to start taking care of the evil that is present here. Professor Snape is the lesser of two major evils that are currently here. You must be careful that you do not revel too much to the greater evil that currently resides on Quirinus' soul."

Stopping in front of Harry, Lady Hogwarts took his face in one of her hands, gentle stroking his check. Moving forward, she surprised him by leaning forward and giving him a chaste kiss on him lips. "Win for me my champion." and she was gone.

Harry found himself back in Rowena's private room. He could still feel the touch of her kiss on his lip. It filled his whole soul with a type of love he had never felt before. He would win. There was no question of that. He would not let his Lady down.

Harry called Sassy to bring him his dueling robes, and slid to the Quidditch team's locker room to finish getting ready.

Elsewhere in the Castle.

"I must insist you stop this foolishness Severus. You do not know the danger you are in or the danger you are placing others in. You MUST call off this duel!"

Severus Snape was enjoying the foolish ranting of the Headmaster. What could this little snot nosed brat do to him that he would want to call off this duel? After more than ten years he was finally going to get some payback for all the humiliation he had to suffer at the hands of those four delinquents. All of that payback was going to come out of the hide of one Harry James Potter.

It was only fitting that he should get his pound of flesh from the son of the thief that stole his only love. Of course, losing Lily wasn't his fault. It was all Potter's, and today he was going to extract his revenge.

"You do not understand Severus. Harry is not a novice with a sword. He has had one since he was eight years old and I have personally witnessed what he can do with that sword! The sword is called Durendal, the same sword that Charlemagne gave to Prince Roland, Chief of the Paladins!"

"Oh, please Headmaster! Are you trying to tell me that that little twerp has some magical, mystical sword that hasn't been seen for over a thousand years! Knowing James, he probably got it in a brothel down Knockturn Alley and Harry found it in one of his old trunks."

"No Severus, you don't understand. I have seen Harry destroy Blood-rune stone with one swing of the sword and come out unscathed. It really is the sword of Roland!" He didn't want to tell him how Harry used it to judge him at Gringotts and what that had cost him.

"If Harry is still worthy to hold the sword, you MUST withdraw your challenge. I do not know Durendal will do to you."

"You're wasting your time Headmaster. The little worm has accepted my challenge, and since he as asked for a second, I have contacted Lucius so that Draco can be mine. IF by some stroke of luck Potter draws first blood, Draco will make short work of what ever remains of him. I have seen how Lucius has pushed the boy over the holidays. I think you would be quite impressed with his skills. It almost makes me sad that we no longer teach sword fighting in the school."

Dumbledore saw that he was not going to change his potion master's mind. His only other hope was to try to find Harry and talk him out of it, but he knew going in that Harry's mind was already made up.

Professor McGonagall was successful in not only contacting Remus and Sirius, but also Ragnok, Griphook and Stonehand.

"So what exactly is going on Min? What's this about Snivellus challenging Harry?" Sirius asked as soon as he reached Hogwarts.

"Severus seems to have taken exception to a little prank that was pulled on the school at the beginning of the welcome back feast. You two didn't have anything to do with it did you?" She asked.

"While I can't confirm or deny if Harry is a Marauder, I can say that whatever happened had nothing to do with us." Remus responded. "Tell us what happened."

Professor McGonagall shared what had happened to both the old Marauders and the guests from Gringotts.

"We're going to have to ask for a pensive memory of that dance routine. It sounds like it was quite involved."

"Oh, it was. It wasn't until the message from the 'old Marauders' introducing the next generation and having our robe changed that things got out of hand. I really think that Severus just snapped. The thought of seven more years of pranks and practical jokes must have been the straw that broke the camel's back."

"Did his high and greasiness ever think that he was not the only one being pranked? It sounds like it was more of a 'get everyone involved if you want to or not' kind of prank. It's not like the old days where James and I would target him specifically now is it?"

"No, but he could have left that comment about Snivellus minding his own business off of his message."

"Now Min, You're still assuming that this is Harry pulling the prank. What about those Weasley twins? I've heard their prime Marauder material."

Professor McGonagall looked over her glasses to Remus with a look that stated 'Just how dumb do you think I am' written all over it.

"Yes, while it may have been one or both of the twin's, I don't think they have what it takes to be Marauders. For one, they don't have an animagus ..." Professor McGonagall looked very coldly at Remus. "Remus, don't tell me you've been teaching Harry how to become an animagus have you?"

"Teaching? No, not me." Remus responded without looking in his old professor's eyes.

"Oh, good heavens! Harry Potter, a first year and already an animagus! What is his form Remus?"

"That's just it Min, Harry doesn't have 'A' form."

Technically that was true. He had FOUR forms – so far. Professor McGonagall must have heard Remus' stress the 'A' part of his reply. She found that she suddenly needed to sit down.

"Harry Potter has more than one animagus form? How many? What are they?"

"Now Min, you know that's not for us to say – even if it is true. You'll just have to get Harry aside and see if he trusts you enough to share this with you."

All this time, the goblins were watching the interaction between the other witches and wizards, making mental notes as to the talents, skill and taking bets on the animagus forms of one of their favorite subjects – Harry Potter.

"Look, all of this can be discussed at a later time. Let's get back to the duel. Remus, just how good is Harry with a blade?" Sirius asked.

"All I can tell you is that I wouldn't want to be on the dueling stage with him. I haven't been able to beat him for about the last three months before he went to Hogwarts. It doesn't matter if we're using wooden swords, or real blades, if Harry want's to he can end a duel any time he wants."

Stonehand spoke up for the first time after hearing that. "We goblins pride ourselves on our skill with a blade. I would be very interested in seeing how our young Paladin handles himself should he survive the night. Of course, with your permission my Liege." Referring to Ragnok.

"Yes, I think that would be a very interesting demonstration. We will see if young Lord Potter would be willing to participate in something like that. It may prove very... enlightening."

'Harry,' 'Ma' said. 'Both Madame Bones and Longbottom are in the annex off the Great Hall and wish to meet you.'

'Thanks 'Ma'. How did you know that?'

'Lady Hogwarts let me know. It really is nice to have another woman to talk to.'

Harry blushed at the thought of the last time he had seen Lady Hogwarts.

'Yes, we'll talk about that later son.' 'Ma' said, picking up on his thoughts.

Harry slid to a dark alcove near the annex, made sure there was no one around, walked over and knocked on the door. When it was open, he was met with the stern stare of two of the most formidable women in the wizarding world. Madame Bones was the first to address him.

"Lord Potter, I understand you have been challenged by one Severus Snape to a duel of honor until one or the other combatants yields or draws first blood. Is that correct?"

"Yes Madame Bones that is correct, and I want it clearly stated that it is swords only, no wands or other weapons will be allowed. If you wish, I will provide a pensive memory of the insult that preceded this unfortunate event."

"That will not be necessary. Both Lord Longbottom and Lady Bones have offered memories showing the insults made and of your response. It looked like it was a very festive prank as things go until Professor Snape confronted you. Now, I understand you have ask Lord Longbottom to be your second in this matter."

Harry faced Lady Longbottom, but addressed Madame Bones. "Yes, that is correct. I have been reminded over the holidays that a Longbottom always stands by a Potter, and visa-verse. I will do everything in my power to see that his services are not needed, however, I feel honored that he feels he can stand by me in this challenge."

Lady Longbottom responded, "Lord Potter, I am sure you would have no shortage of people who would stand as your second against that vile excuse of a person. You honor me and Neville in your request, and even though I would rather not have him on the platform, I will agree to let him participate." With that, she signed the required forms.

Harry bowed his head to Lady Longbottom as a show of respect. Turning back to Madame Bones he asked, "Has my challenger requested a second as well?"

"Strangly enough, yes. He as requested young Draco Malfoy to stand as his second. Lord Malfoy was just in here signing the required form so that he can participate."

"Now, so that there is no misunderstanding. This a duel of honor until a combatant yields or draws first blood. This is NOT a duel to the death. When first blood is drawn, the combatants are to stop and withdraw to their original starting positions so no further harm is done. If the second wishes to continue, he is to wait until he is called and the contest will continue at the discretion of the judge. In this case Professor Flitwick. Is that clear to you Lord Potter?"

"Perfectly clear Madame Bones. Lady Longbottom? If I should fail in my quest to draw first blood from my opponent, I want Neville to yield. I don't want him getting hurt on my account. He is there for moral support, not to fight my battles."

"I understand Lord Potter. I will let him know what you wish. Thank you."

Harry sign where Madame Bones indicated and went out to talk to Neville before the duel.

Despite the lateness of the hour, or the coldness of the weather, the entire school made their way from the castle to the Quidditch field. There they found the field well lit and a splendid dueling platform where all could see.

On the East side of the platform were Harry and Neville. Harry was surprised that Neville had his own dueling robe and sword. He made it clear to Neville that he did not expect him to come in as his second, but that he needed him there since a Longbottom always stands with a Potter.

Neville said he understood, but "It would feel so good getting my hands on that greasy git."

"Remember Neville, he probably has twenty or thirty years experience with a sword. The only reason why I am challenging him with a sword rather than a wand is due to all the time I've spent in my trunk training." He still hadn't told them about having the essences of Durendal in his mind, or his training at 'Potter in the Mind'.

Professor Dumbledore tried one last time to talk Harry and Severus out of the duel, but neither would budge. Now it was a matter of honor, and neither were willing to lose face by backing out at the last minuet.

The combatants and their seconds approached the center of the platform and faced Professor Flitwick.

"This is a duel of honor until one of the combatants yields, or first blood is drawn and it is to be swords only. Do both combatants understand the rules of the contest?"

"Yes." Both men replied.

"Please place your wands on the table in front of you."

Professor Snape and Draco were both hesitant to place their wands on the table. Harry and Neville did so without batting an eye.

"I must ask one last time if either of you wish to withdraw from the contest?"

"No." Came the unanimous response.

"Then turn and face each other. Bow." Snape and Draco barely moved his head. "Seconds return to your marks and combatants move to the center and wait for my signal."

Draco and Neville moved to the end of the platform while Harry and Snape stood in the center of the form facing each other.

Snape sneered at Harry, "Couldn't you find a sword small enough to fit you little man?"

Harry held out his right hand as Durendal appeared in it, the blade surrounded by a dark black flame with flex of green in it. The students and faculty gasped when they saw the sword.

"It would appear that you have be judged and found to be dark by Durendal, sword of Prince Roland, now the sword of Lord Potter."

Another gasp went up as the people heard Harry's declaration.

"Oh please Potter." Severus moaned. "A cheap trick to draw even more attention to yourself? Just how pathetic are you? Never mind, don't answer that. We all know the answer to that now don't we? You're even more worthless than your DEAD father." Most of Slytherin House laughed at that while the rest of the student body just looked in shock at the young man before them.

"Lord Potter, are you ready?"

Harry nodded his head.

"Professor Snape, are you ready?"

He also nodded his head with a sick smirk on his face.

"Combatants En Garde! Begin!" Professor Flitwick called out.

(A/N if you want to see a good sword fight, go to Youtube and look up 'sword fight princess bride', 'Inigo Montoya vs the Dread Pirate Roberts' or 'three musketeers'. They will provide a much better fight scene than this)

Both men came out to the center of the platform with their swords at the ready. When they were about three feet away from each other, Snape did just what Salazar said he would do, he started running at Harry at full speed with his sword raised above his head.

"AHHHHHHHH..." Snape yelled trying to unnerve Harry and catch him off guard.

As he came towards Harry, he swung his sword in such a way as to deliver a fatal blow, Harry stepped to his right and stuck out his foot.

Snape's was surprised by the sudden move by Harry and soon found himself kissing the hard platform floor with his face. Harry, for his part, walked down the platform, and turned with his guard up waiting for the Professor's next move.

To say that Professor Snape was mad would be an understatement. That little twerp had tripped him and made him look foolish in front of the entire school. Getting up quickly, he checked himself to make sure no blood was coming out of his nose. Turning to face Potter again, he was enraged to see that Harry was facing him in a standard dueling stance. 'Well, if the little twerp wants to play with the big-boys, lets see just what he knows.'

Closing the distance, Harry and Professor Snape began testing one another's defenses and range. Harry chose to defend against Snape's attack since he did not want to give up too much information to Snape or anyone else that day.

Snape came at Harry hard with multiple overhead strikes coming from the left, then right and back again. Harry parried and blocked each strike and moved easily out of the Professor's strike zone.

Snape thought that he could lull Harry into a false sense of security by repeating his overhead strikes, sometimes doubling up on the side he was striking from, when he suddenly changed tactics and went for a thrust straight through Harry's heart. The only problem, when he thrust, Harry wasn't there any more. He just stepped to the side, and grabbed the Professor's over-extended hand, and pulled him down again. This time, however, Harry didn't cross the platform to get ready for the next pass. He calmly stepped over the downed Professor, and with his left foot, stood on the right arm that held the sword to where Snape couldn't move.

Pointing his own sword between Snape's eyes he asked, "Do you yield?"

Snape's whole face went as red as any Weasley's hair. "NEVER!" came the reply.

With a simple arch, Harry used Durendal to cut a small 'C' (for coward) into the cheek of Professor Snape – drawing first blood.

"HOLD!" Professor Flitwick called. "This contest is concluded. Lord Potter, return to your line while Professor Snape is looked at for medical attention."

From the far side of the platform, Draco started at Harry on a dead run. Harry withdrew his foot from the Professor's arm and proceeded to move back to his side of the platform. He knew what was coming next. Salazar had warned him how the Professor would react should he lose the match.

As soon as Harry turned his back to the Snape, he heard him get up quickly and begin his charge towards him.

"DIE POTTER SCUM!" the Professor yelled out.

Harry spun on the spot observing the situation. Snape was almost upon him, with Draco a step or so behind. Bringing Durendal up in a slashing motion, catching the Professor's right arm half way between the shoulder and the elbow. Durendal flared as it cut up through the attacker's arm. Harry took a step to the side, and bringing the sword down, caught Draco's right arm off removing it below the elbow. Both fell to the platform holding their injured appendage.

Harry stepped over to the injured man and asked, "Do you want me to remove the left arm as well while I'm at it?"

Looking at the end of the platform, Harry saw Lord Malfoy starting to rise to come to the aid of his son. Harry's gaze froze him in his stride, and he returned to his seat.

Pandemonium broke out as Madame Bones, her Aurors, the Headmaster, Professor Flitwick, and Madame Pomfrey all converged at Severus' location at once.

There was minimal bleeding as both sides of the cut since they had been cauterized as Durendal moved through the tissue. That meant that the arm could be restored with minimum problem, however, with the tissue cauterized, that also meant that nerve tissue had been destroyed, and that even though he would retain the use of his arm, there would be a loss of motor control, meaning that, for Snape, he may be able to teach potions again (if he ever got out of prison again), he would never have the control required to mix some of the more 'delicate' potions. For Draco, he would not have as fine a motor control in his wand work. He would have to work that much harder to keep up with the rest of the first year's.

Over Professor Dumbledore's protest, Professor Snape was take to a secure ward at St. Mungo's to have his arm reattached and then taken to a holding cell to stand trial for the attempted murder of the head of an ancient and noble house. While against Harry's protest, Draco was just taken up to the infirmary to have his arm replaced. No charges would be made against Malfoy since he was a minor.

For his part, Harry quickly left the area and tried to stay out of sight. Returning to the Quidditch dressing room, he immediately went to the bathroom and prayed to the porcelain goddess. Maybe it was a good thing he hadn't eaten dinner after all.

After he had cleaned up, and came back out to the dressing room, he found a small hoard of people: Neville and his Gran, Susan with her aunt, Remus, Sirius, Professor McGonagall, Ragnok, Griphook, and Stonehand.

Harry turned first to Ragnok kneeled, and bowed before him.

"Forgive me my Liege, I did not know you were present. I pray I have not done ill in your sight."

"Rise Lord Potter. You have done no ill for defending your family's honor. Because of your victory, and the cowardly attack by Severus of the House of Prince, you now have claim of half the goods, wealth, and property of that House. We will make up a full reckoning by the time you next our establishment."

"Thank you my Lord, but I have no desire to take of these spoils of conquest. Please extent this gift to my second and loyal friend, Lord Longbottom. He has also been wronged by this man and has as much claim against him as anyone else."

Both Neville and Ragnok were shocked at Harry's decision, but agreed to it.

Stonehand addressed Harry next. "That was an extremely easy win for you out there Lord Potter. I get the impression you were most restrained in your contest with Professor Snape. Perhaps you would be interested in some private training lessons with me. I would love to see exactly what you and that sword of yours can do."

"You honor me Stonehand. I look forward to our exchange."

"Well, if you will excuse us Lord Potter, we have to get back to Gringotts and prepare for the coming day. May your gold always flow, and may your enemies lie in ruins at your feet." With that, the goblins left.

"Harry, mate, thanks! I really don't know what else to say!" Neville was dumbfounded at what Harry had passed on to him.

"Don't thank me yet. You may only get some greasy robes and half-baked potions. What ever it is, you deserve it for being willing to stand by me. I really appreciate it."

"You truly are a noble head-of-house Lord Potter. I am grateful for everything you have done for the House of Longbottom. I'm glad Neville met you on the train." Lady Longbottom had an unshed tear in her eye. This was so typical of the Potter heads in the past. Always looking out for their friends and allies. Coming over to face Harry, she took his face in her old, withered hands and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then, taking Neville by the arm, exited the dressing room.

Next was Madame Bones' chance to address Harry. "Lord Potter I would like to apologize for not having taken control of the platform sooner as to prevent this attack on your person. This was clearly a personal attack outside the scope or bounds of the duel. I must say you handled yourself very well. You do know you would have been within your rights to have killed him outright when he came after you after the duel don't you?"

"Yes Madame Bones I do. However, I think that may be a little too much to ask an eleven year old boy to do at this time, don't you? I was lucky he didn't run into the end of the sword, but I did not want to see him dead. He just needs to learn that my father has been dead for almost ten years now. I am not my father. I should be judged on my own merits, not someone elses."

"Well said Lord Potter well said."

As Madame Bones was leaving with Susan, Professor Dumbledore came in looking very upset.

"I hope you are satisfied with what you have accomplished today Harry. Not only have you physically injured a member of my staff and a fellow student, but in all likelihood ended the career of one, and made life extremely difficult for the other."

Harry started growling at the Headmaster, but before he could respond, Professor McGonagall beat him to the punch. "Just what is your problem Albus? Harry has done nothing wrong but defend himself, and the honor and integrity of his family. It's not his fault that Severus could not put away the hard feeling he had with James and the rest of them after all these years. As for young Mr. Malfoy, again, Harry defended himself since Mr. Malfoy certainly looked like he was out for Mr. Potter's blood as much as Severus was. It's just too bad that they can not take him in for questioning to find out what intentions were. And how many times must he tell you that you will address him as Mr. Potter, or Lord Potter!"

"Now if you are quite through with trying to brow-beating Mr. Potter I have some questions for him."

Everyone in the room was surprised with the tone of voice Professor McGonagall had taken with the Headmaster. It was like a lioness looking after her cub. It made Harry feel all warm and comforted inside.

Defeated, the Headmaster headed towards the door only to stop as he was about to leave, and, turning back into the room saying, "We will be discussing this further... Lord Potter." With that he headed out the door.

Harry looked back at Professor McGonagall, grateful that she had stepped in to take care of the Headmaster, but now, he was concerned with what she had to ask him. She conjured soft chairs for them all to sit in and then asked her question.

"Harry... If I can call you Harry?" He nodded his head 'Yes'. "I'm your Aunt Min now, not Professor McGonagall, or the head of Gryffindor House, or even the Deputy Headmistress. Just Aunt Min so you know nothing you say will go any further than this room."

"Please be honest with me. Are you an animagus? Did Remus teach you how to become an animagus?"

Harry was a little shocked and surprised by Aunt Min's questions. In truth, he had started his training before he met Remus or her through his father's journals and notes.

"I will be honest with you Aunt Min. Yes, I am an animagus, but no, I can't say that Remus taught me. I started my training will before meeting any of you through my father's journals and notes. Did he help me or supervise the transformations? Yes. Only because if he hadn't I would have tried doing them anyway, and may have injured myself, or got myself stuck in a form. As it is, I was able to transform without any problems."

"Please don't be made with Uncle Remus. He really had no choice in the matter. Please?"

Sitting back in her chair she slowly rubbed her tired eyes and let out a sigh.

"Will you tell me what your form is Harry?" she asked almost afraid of the answer.

"Form?" Harry replied with a little smirk.

Now Minerva put her head in her hands and just shook back and forth.

"Will you tell... and show me your FORMS, Harry?"

"As long as you promise to keep them secret. I will register ONE of the forms if it becomes public, or upon graduating from Hogwarts. Is that acceptable Aunt Min?"

"Yes Harry, that will be fine. I promise to keep the forms a secret as long as you do not use them to get into trouble!"

"Fine, I can live with that." He then proceeded to show her all the forms that he had managed so far. By then end of the demonstration, she was suitable impressed.

"What you have managed to do is nothing short of amazing! I don't know of one other person alive or dead that has had more than one form! Keep practicing them. You never know when they might come in handy."

"Now, come on, you need to get back up to your room and get to bed. Thanks to your little show tonight no one is going to get much sleep."

End Chapter 28

A/N Thanks to Galezilla for reviewing the chapter. English has always been one of my weak subjects. It's nice to have someone smart in the house. (Now if he'd only help pay for the groceries)

Regarding the Dance sequence. Harry did not use the Imperius Curse to get the people to dance, just a greatly modified version of the Jelly-leg Curse where the students went through specific steps in sequence.


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