Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 30 Recuperation

A/N - This is my first fan fiction it is A/U. I hope most of the characters act in character. The exception of course will be Harry. He will be smarter and stronger then in the first set of books.

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

Chapter 30 – The Day Harry wished to never come.

School was quickly ending and things couldn't be better for Harry and his friends.

Ron had completed the training discs he had received from Godric vault. His attitude and work habits had improved greatly. Everyone noticed that he acted less like a git and more like a young noble gentleman. This was a VAST improvement as far as Hermione was concerned. Now, she didn't feel embarrassed to be close to him for fear he might open his mouth and say something offensive without thinking.

Harry had found time to practice all his animagus' forms in the few moments between training and class. He found out that the Merpeople really did have a herd of Hippocampus near their village and really WERE interested in using him for stud services. It took some doing, but Harry convinced them that he was not a normal Hippocampus, but an animagus. The herdsman enjoyed seeing the deep blush on his face when they realized what they had offered to an Eleven-year-old human.

His Hippogriff form enjoyed flying around the forbidden forest hunting for small rodents or deer to eat, while the Chimera roamed the forest far and wide establishing himself as the top predator on the food chain, yet showed restraint and respect for the Centaurs, Unicorns, Spiders and other creatures. As long as they left him alone, he would leave them alone – except for food.

He took great pleasure in teasing Hagrid in three of his four forms. The grounds keeper couldn't believe his luck whenever he saw Harry in his Hippogriff, Chimera, or Bennu form. It was interesting to hear the gentle giant loudly tell the other staff members what he had just seen out by his hut. Professor Dumbledore was concerned for the student's safety if a Chimera was that close to the school. As a precaution, the Headmaster made discreet trips into the forest to see what he could find. When he came back empty handed, he tried to convince Hagrid that the three ancient and dangerous animals were not in the area.

Of course the Headmaster had seen another bird flying with Fawkes, but thought it was just another phoenix.

One day Harry was feeling rather full of himself and, changing into the Hippogriff, flew around the outside of the Gryffindor towers. To make sure everybody saw him, he let loose a war cry that shook every window in the tower. For the next five minutes, he flew around in front of the tower. All the students had their faces smashed up against the glass trying to get a better view of their house mascot. By the time Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore got there, he was just a dot on the horizon moving away from the castle.

Durendal and Salazar tried warning him that he was treating matter a little lighter then they should be and that if he wasn't careful, he might be caught with his guard down. That he wasn't paying attention to the things that were going around him. While he did listen to them, he found it harder and harder to keep focused on his training. Some might say it was typical of an eleven year old boy, or maybe he was going through some sort of mid-life crises as he was Forty-something years old – as far as his training and magic went. Not a good combination.

Harry always justified his actions by saying that he needed to practice his forms and get more accustomed to them.

The Gryffindor quidditch team had beaten Hufflepuff 120 – 480, and now only had to get passed Ravenclaw to win the Quidditch Cup for the first time since Charles Weasley was captain of the team.

Thanks to Harry and his friends, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff were one and two in the House points standing.

Just a few more weeks and it would be time for final exams, and then home with Remus and Sirius.

He had had to put on the persona of 'The Protector' a few more times to reinforce the notion of fair treatment for all students. Hermione was getting suspicious as to where he was every time 'The Protector' showed up, he was nowhere to be found, but so far Harry had been able to keep her distracted from putting much thought into that problem. It really would be nice if he could be at two places at once. The only way to do that was by either cloning himself, or using a time-turner. Both had their upsides, and downsides, but as of recent, Harry just didn't have the time to run out all the pros and cons on the different choices.

On the morning of the Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor match the weather was sunny and bright, meaning if the snitch stayed in the shadows, it would be hard to find, however, once it came into the light, both seekers would probably see it flashing in the light.

Harry was looking forward to flying as a human again against the older, more experienced seeker from Ravenclaw. He found that his two flying forms took quite a different approach as to how flying was to be done.

The Bennu was graceful and smooth as it elegantly used the up-drafts and air currents to aid it in it's ascent and in keeping aloft. The Hippogriff was strength and power. Yes, he also used the air currents to aid him in his flight, but he wasn't afraid to use sheer power in getting from one place to another.

The result was a Gryffindor seeker who was smooth and fluid while searching, but a strong and powerful flier when performing a faint or going after the snitch.

The match turned out to be the most exciting of the year. The lead exchanged hands several times as the chasers all showed their skill and talent. Harry was flying against a fourth year student by the name of Cho Chang. She was talented enough that she had already prevented Harry from getting the snitch twice during the course of the match, but he had also blocked her once, so he felt he owed her at least one more block, if he couldn't get the snitch outright.

The Ravenclaw beaters where leaving Harry alone after he returned one of their bludgers through their chasers breaking up a scoring drive.

After an hour and twenty minutes with the score at 90 – 110 in favor of Ravenclaw when Harry saw the snitch come out into the sunlight from behind the Ravenclaw post. Without a thought, he turned his broom and shot towards the snitch so quickly, the Ravenclaw keeper thought he was going to attack him. Cho didn't have a chance as by the time she saw Harry move, to the time she turned her broom to see where he was going, the contest was over.

"Potter has the snitch in with a spectacular finish!" Shouted Lee Jordan, "Gryffindor wins 240 to 110 and with that also wins the Quidditch cup for the first time in several years."

Harry was basking in the glory of victory with his team mates as a normal eleven year old boy would, not paying attention to what was going around him as they all took a victory lap around the stadium when suddenly; things went terrible wrong for Harry.

First, Harry felt what he thought was a bit of magic around the snitch. 'Was that a switching charm?' He thought briefly. The next thing he noticed was that the 'snitch' start to vibrate, and then start to release a very high-pitched hum. Thinking quickly, he tried to throw the 'snitch' as far away from him as possible.

The object had no sooner left his hand when there was a thunderous explosion and fireball. Pieces of shrapnel ripped through Harry's hand, face, and upper torso and forearm causing further damage.

Then, from every possible direction, about a dozen bludgers appeared from seemingly out of nowhere at the same time.

He was so shocked that he couldn't think what he should do in this situation. The first few bludgers had already hit him before he started to move, but it was already too late. He was able to dodge or redirect a few of the others, but one of the first bludgers had hit him in the side, breaking at least two ribs causing it hard for him to think or move.

While he was distracted, another bludger had hit and broke his left leg, another one, his right arm. Harry was trying to get down as quickly as possible while the students and teachers in the stands where shocked and screaming in unbelief at what was happening to the young seeker.

One last bludger managed to hit him in the back of the head before the Professors and Headmaster were able to dispatch the rogue bludgers and get to Harry who was now laying beaten and bloody on the stadium floor.

"Poppy, please take Mr. Potter to the infirmary. Professor McGonagall, Flitwick, and Quirrell, search the stadium. See if you can find any clues as to where these bludgers came from and who might be behind this attack. The rest of you, please return to your common rooms. Lunch will be served there when the time comes. Ms. Granger and Bones, Mr. Longbottom and Weasley, you may accompany your friend to the infirmary. Just be sure to stay out of Poppy's way while she works on repairing the damage that has been done to Mr. Potter."

Dumbledore thought he might as well invite these students to stay with Mr. Potter, since they would only find someway to sneak out of their common room and come to the infirmary anyway.

"Why didn't the Protector show up to protect Harry?" Neville asked as they moved towards the school.

"I don't know." Hermione replied. "I used to have a theory that Harry somehow was the Protector, but I could never prove it."

"Who and why would anyone want to hurt Harry?" Susan asked. "He's always been willing to help anyone who asks him."

"Something bad is about to happen. Someone wants Harry out of the way." Ron sounded scared. "Someone knows something about Harry that we don't. Someone feels threatened by him and will do anything to keep him out of the way."

"What could be so important that they would do that to Harry?" Susan asked.

"The corridor on the third floor!" Hermione exclaimed.

"What?" The others all chimed in.

"Remember at the beginning of the year? The Headmaster said something about not going down one of the corridors on the third floor or they would die a very painful death. There must be something down there that someone wants to get, and they don't want Harry to get in the way!"

"Do you really think someone would feel so threatened by a first year that they would really try to kill him in front of the entire school?" Now Neville was sounding scared.

"Look, there's nothing we can do about that now. Let's just go up to the infirmary so we can be with Harry when he wakes up." Susan was the voice of reason for the group.

By the time they got to the infirmary, Madam Pomfrey had stopped the bleeding, set his bones, and had given him Blood Replenishing Potion. "Come in and be quiet all of you. I've already given him a sleeping draught. He'll be asleep for at least the next eight hours, but being a Potter, that just means he'll be up and causing trouble in six." Madam Pomfrey stated as she worked on her patient. "Did they find out who did this to him?"

"No, Madam Pomfrey." came the reply from Harry's friends.

"Well, you stay here and keep an eye on him. I need to contact someone at St. Mungo's about that head injury. It's always a bit tricky when you start working around someone's noggin."

With that, Madam Pomfrey went into her office to make the call.

"Do you think Harry will be alright?" asked a scared Neville. Apart from visiting his parents once a year during the Winter break, he had never really been around a person this badly hurt in a medical facility.

"Ya, I think he will be." Ron said, sounding more like he was trying to convince himself of that fact.

"Do you think he's safe here?" Susan asked. "I mean, someone went to a lot of trouble to hurt him. What if they come back to finish the job?" While she wanted to be there to support Harry and the others, being the niece of the head of the DMLE, she was just paranoid enough to worry about these thing.

"You're right of course Susan," Hermione responded. "I've been reading about some wards and spells we can use around the infirmary to make it safer. It might help if we all work together in putting these up."

For the next fifteen minutes, Hermione went over the notes she had taken from one of Harry's books on warding and defense. Not sure what to do, they did a little bit of everything.

A Proximity ward to let them know someone was coming as well as several different locking charms that Hermione had found as well.

Each of Harry's friends cast a Notice-me-not spell on the door to the infirmary that would make it hard for anyone to find the door.

They cast a permanent Impediment Curse on the area in front of the door to keep anyone from running quickly into the room. Hermione showed how they would power that curse using rune stones. They all added their power to the stones, hoping that would make it strong enough to keep unwanted people out.

Neville suggested that in addition to the Impediment Curse, they add an Incarcerous spell that would bind anyone coming into the room so they couldn't hurt Harry further. With a little bit of work, Hermione found another set of rune stones that could be used to power this spell as well.

"Might as well cast a 'Stupefy' as well if we want them to stop for sure." Ron suggested.

This time Hermione had to conjure some stones to use to power this spell.

By the time they had finished casting all these spells, they were starting to feel a little tired. However, before they could rest, Neville brought up one point of concern, "Ah, guys? What about the windows?"

"Of course! How stupid of me!" Hermione was very upset with herself. "We've completely neglected those! Come on Susan, help me conjure some more rune stones to be placed around the windows."

Working quickly, the task was soon done and the four students felt satisfied with the work they had accomplished. Finding a bed close to Harry's, they all laid down to recover from the work they had done. Invariably, they all fell asleep resting and recovering from the days ordeal.

That is how Madam Pomfrey found them when she returned with a head-trauma specialist from St. Mungo's.

"Most unusual." She said mainly to herself. "I would have thought they were too worried to fall asleep so soon." Ignoring the other students, she showed Healer Adams to Harry so he could consult in his treatment.

"I don't know what you've done with the place Poppy, but I haven't felt this safe outside St. Mungo's since... will, I can't remember when." He said. "Now, let's take a look at this young man."

Everything was dark around him. He hurt everywhere. His head, his arms, his chest, and legs. He was having a hard even opening his eyes.

'Oh, what happened? Where am I? Where is everyone else?'

In what seemed to be the far distance, he heard someone call his name. 'Harry? Harry can you hear me? Come on son, you need to come back to me. We have a lot of work to do. Please Harry wake up for me?'

'Ya 'Ma', I'm here.' Harry started out slowly. He still couldn't open his eyes. His head just hurt too much. 'What happened? Did I fall off my broom? Did you get the number of the Hippogriff that ran me over?'

'Maybe now you will take my and Salazar's warning more seriously young master.' Came a slightly annoyed male voice. 'You were attacked, and since you did not have your guard up, have suffered several severe injuries. You are currently in the Hogwarts infirmary being cared for by Madam Pomfrey. Your friends are here, trying to make sure you remain safe. Unless you wish to spend several days here, you best be getting around to healing yourself young man. I have the distinct impression that your Professor Quirrell is going to try something while you are incapacitated.'

Slowly Harry opened his 'eyes' as his subconscious greeted 'Ma' and Durendal. 'Okay, what happened?' he asked.

'During your victory lap, someone used a switching spell to replace the snitch with a muggle device called a hand grenade transfigured to look like a snitch.'

'You must have sensed something as you tried to get rid of it just before it exploded. It covered you with small metal fragments and removed most of your right hand. That is clearly what will take the most effort to heal. Madam Pomfrey can do it with Skele-Gro, but it require at least a full day before you could even use your hand again, and I'm afraid we don't have that type of time available right now.'

'After that, several bludgers appeared in close proximity to you and proceeded to beat you senseless. Whomever set this trap did not want you to survive. You were lucky to get to the ground before you did fall off, and Professor Dumbledore was able to keep them away from you long enough for you to be brought here.'

'Madam Pomfrey has given you a Sleeping Draught, Blood Replenishing Potion, and some other potions to help speed your healing as well. She has just stepped into her office to make a floo call to someone to help her with your head injury. Your friends are making this place safe in case your attacker try again.'

Looking around, Harry could see a great deal of damage that had been done to his mental shield and knowledge sphere. He could sense a great deal of damage to his skull and brain in the back of his head.

'If you want to fix this Harry you will have to be very careful. The brain is the most complicated organ in the body. You are lucky that your occlumency shield is so strong. It actually prevented more damage to be done to the sensitive areas of the brain. Why don't you take a few moments to look at a healthy part of the brain versus a part that's been damaged.' 'Ma' instructed him.

'What I want you to try next is the cell rebuilding technique you learned when your were learning how to redirect those bludgers without hurting yourself. The process will be similar, but more complicated. You will have to take your time in setting things right. As you do that, you should notice your shield and knowledge sphere shaping up.'

'Actually, there are two ways you can do this. Since the shield and knowledge sphere represent what is stored in your brain, if you were to repair them, you would, in fact, be repairing that portion of the brain they represent. This may actually be a little easier since you can 'see' if you have everything in the right place in the book or manuscript, and then store it back on the shelf where it belongs. Would you like to try that first son?'

'Sure if you think it will be easier.' Harry was feeling quite sheepish at not paying attention to what Durendal and Salazar had been telling him. They should be thankful that his attention span was as long as it was or he would have had to wait until he was in his twenties before he started his paladin training.

Taking a close look at his mental shield, he noticed all the dings, dents and scratches. 'Maybe if I can get this straightened up, my head will start feeling a little better and make the rest of the work go more quickly.'

Thinking about how his shield looked originally, Harry started concentrating on what he saw. Slowly, the berms and moat around his shield were repaired. Next, he concentrated on the other details of the shield itself. Slowly the scratches started to come out of it followed by the dents and dings. If he were to look in the real-world, he would have seen that the portion of his skull that had been damaged was being repaired at an amazing rate. As the skull moved back in place, the pressure on the brain was decreased, making it much less painful.

Moving on to the knowledge sphere, he found that almost two-thirds of the books and tomes had been damaged or torn to pieces. Thinking very carefully, he brought up the torn binding of one of the defense tomes he had been studying. Taking the binding, he 'willed' it to look like it did when it was new. Next he looked out over all the papers that had been scattered and torn and summoned those pages that belonged to the book he was working on. A mini wind storm whipped up, and soon all the pages related to this book were moving about in the air. Again Harry 'willed' the pages to order themselves into the book, and then bind the pages to the book.

In looking at his first attempt, he found that some of the pages were up-side-down or in the wrong sequence. If not corrected, this would have resulted in accessing the memories out of sequence, making it harder for him to learn and remember these spells.

After making those corrections, he checked again to make sure everything was in order he then put the tome on the knowledge sphere shelf. 'Well, that one. Only four hundred fifty thousand more to go.'

Once 'Ma', Durendal, and 'Ma's clones saw how Harry was repairing and ordering the material, they started helping.

'Harry, you don't have time to do all of this right now.' Durendal said. 'We should concentrate on your Paladin training, and your Hogwarts classes. The rest we can work on later, but for right now, you need to get ready to face Quirrell.'

'Okay, that sounds like a good plan. Why don't you guys work on that while I go and check out the rest of my body?'

Back in the real-world, Madam Pomfrey and Healer Adams had just entered the ward and were moving over to work with Harry.

"You say he took a bludger right in the back of the head Poppy?"

"Yes. I had to use a field healing spell to control the bleeding before moving him here."

"Well, let's take a look at that part of the head now shall we?"

Healer Adams cast a diagnostic spell to see just how much damage there had been. What he saw shocked him.

"This can't be right. You did give him a sleeping draught didn't you Poppy?"

"Of course I did Allen, I just didn't know how to address the brain swelling. That's why I asked for you. Is there a problem?"

"No. No problem. Just the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Here, let me show you."

Healer Adams cast a monitoring spell that showed the activity going on in the brain. It would also show where there was abnormally high pressure in the brain from swelling and other trauma related injuries. The Frontal Lobe, Parietal Lobe, and Temporal Lobes were all glowing brightly – meaning they were all currently active processing information. The Cerebral Cortex was being repaired and protected at an astonishing rate. "Normally this type of healing takes weeks to accomplish. It's like viewing the brain being repaired in fast motion."

Looking at the monitoring spell more closely, Healer Adams' call Madam Pomfrey's attention to the place where the skull had been injured.

"Look here." He pointed to a newly healed portion of skull. "Did you do that before you went to get me?"

"No, I didn't have time."

"Well what about these other students that are sleeping here. Could one of them done something like this?"

"Well, Ms. Granger is considered one of the brightest students in Hogwarts regardless of year, but I don't think she would be so irresponsible as to try something like that without adult supervision. Is there any magical signature around the wound?"

"None that I can detect. Just the young mans magic. Most unusual."

"What about the other injuries?"

Madam Pomfrey cast her own monitoring spell over the rest of Harry's body and was surprised with what she saw.

"What is going on with this young man? Bones don't heal like that. Not even with Skele-gro, and I only gave him the Bone Re-generator potion."

The two healers watched the monitor as broken bone after broken bone set it's self and healed. Then they watched in amazement as the injured tissue around the bones was also healed. Bruising around the injuries vanished before their eyes.

"I have only seen this type of healing one other time, but never to this extent. There is a very special young witch – a seventh year Hufflepuff, that can control bruising something like this, but not to this scale. I wonder if perhaps Mr. Potter should talk to Ms. Tonks before he goes home for the summer?"

The healers were interrupted in their observations when an alarm of a Proximity ward sounded.

"Since when do I have a Proximity ward around by infirmary?" Madam Pomfrey asked to no one in particular.

"That would be because of us Madam Pomfrey." Hermione answered groggily. "We didn't want anyone getting close to Harry without us knowing." By now the other three students were moving as well, getting on their feet and pulling their wands out.

"What do you four think you are doing? Put those wands away this instant. There will be no fighting in my department!"

"With all due respect," Neville started not taking his eyes off the door. "Harry has already been attacked once today. We don't want anything else happening to him if we can help it. Susan, could you and Hermione please keep an eye on the window encase they try coming in that way?"

Susan and Hermione positioned themselves so they could see both the door and the window just in time to see the door be flung open and a large, red headed woman tried to enter the room quickly followed closely by a large black dog.

Professor Dumbledore had not been this upset since Harry's parents had been killed. Someone had the audacity to injure a student ON HOGWARTS PROPERTY! It didn't help matters that the student in question was Harry Potter. He quickly put several instructors in charge of securing the Quidditch field and sent the rest of the students back to their common rooms so they would not get in the way of the investigation that would no doubt follow.

He knew what he had to do first. Contact the parents or guardians of the students involved. This mainly meant getting in touch with Remus and Sirius, but first he should probably also contact the Weasleys, Bones, Longbottoms. It was true that their children were not hurt, but if the got word that their children were in the Infirmary, there would be Hell to pay for not contacting them first.

Moving quickly to his office, he brought the jar containing the floo powder to the fireplace in one smooth motion. "DMLE, Amelia Bones office". This call would accomplish two things at once. First, it would get the Aurors here quickly to begin their official investigation, and second, it would let Madam Bones know about Susan, and that she was alright.

"Albus? This is quite unusual. To what do I owe the pleasure of this floo call?"

"Amelia, there has been a student attacked here at Hogwarts. I believe he is a friend of your niece. Harry Potter?"

"Yes, they are quite close friends. Have you contacted the boy's guardian yet?"

"No, I thought it best to contact you first so we could get some Aurors here to look at the crime scene to see if they can determine who would have perpetrated this act."

"Now Headmaster, why do I get the feeling there is something more to this story?"

"I thought it best to inform you personally, that as a precaution, I also sent Susan and some of her friends to the infirmary as well. After all, it is one of the most secure areas in the castle, and if someone was trying to hurt Harry, they may also be looking to hurt some of his friends as well."

"Hum. Thank you for telling me Albus. I'll come as quickly as I can. In the mean time, I'm sending Shacklebolt and Dawlish to conduct the investigation. I'll want to talk to Susan and Mr. Potter as soon as he's available."

"Of course Amelia. If you would just come to my office first so all the parents and guardians can go to the infirmary at the same time. I don't want to interrupt Madam Pomfrey any more than I have to."

"Could you also tell your Aurors that they will have to use another floo connection than mine since I have several more calls to make."

"I'll let them know." With that, Madam Bones closed her floo connection.

A similar conversation occurred with the Weasleys and Longbottoms. Arthur Weasley was out on a call at work and couldn't get away at the moment, however, Molly was quite anxious to get to Hogwarts to check on Ron for herself. Her oldest son, William, just happened to be home at the time of the call. He was on break from his advanced training as a curse breaker for the Goblin bank, Gringotts. The Headmaster thought it would be good for him to accompany his mother to Hogwarts so he could show her that everything was alright.

The Granger's weren't contacted since they were not really part of the wizarding world, and Hermione wasn't really hurt. The chance of them finding out that she was 'visiting' someone in the infirmary was very low, so he didn't feel the need to contact them.

Next came the call that he had been dreading all school year long. Throwing a handful of floo powder into the in flame, Professor Dumbledore called out his last destination. "Lupin Manor, EMERGENCY!" He cringed even as the words came out of his mouth. He still wasn't on the best terms with Harry, and both Remus and Sirius had several 'bones to pick' with him regarding how Harry was treated while at his Aunt's house and Sirius' time in Azkaban.

As his head stopped spinning, he saw a very familiar looking room staring back at him. Had Remus had the Potter Manor rebuilt? From what he could see it looked exactly like it did the last time he had visited Harry's grandfather many years ago.

"Headmaster?" Remus asked as he entered to parlor. "You stated there was an emergency. What is it if I might ask."

"Yes Remus, I'm afraid there's been an attack at Hogwarts. Harry has been injured. Is Sirius around by chance?"

"An attack? What kind of attack Dumbledore?" Came the voice of a very upset Godfather who was just coming around the corner in time to hear the Headmaster's reason for calling.

"Move it or lose it old man, I'm coming through NOW!" Barked Sirius as he grab a hand full of floo powder and practically threw it in the Headmaster's face as he came charging through the floo network.

Dumbledore had just enough time to move out of the way before Sirius came out of the fireplace. It just so happened that the two Aurors assigned to the case were just entering the office to check in with the Headmaster as Sirius was coming out of the floo. Seeing the Headmaster on the floor, and a very angry Sirius Black standing over him, Auror Dawlish quickly drew his wand and stunned the one-time prisoner of Azkaban.

Remus Lupin was just coming out of the floo as Sirius hit the floor. Drawing his own wand, Remus points it at the offending Auror. "Was that really necessary John. You know he has been cleared of all charges."

This brief break in the action gave the Headmaster enough time to pick himself back up and try to take control of he situation. "Remus, Auror Dawlish, please! Both of you put your wands away! There was no harm done here. Sirius was just a bit anxious to come through the floo."

"No harm?" Remus asked, not letting his gaze or wand move from the offending Auror. "Maybe we should wake Sirius up and see if he is of the same opinion."

"It might be best if we let Mr. Black rest while the other parents and guardians get here shall we? I wouldn't want to cause any more problems."

Remus reluctantly agreed and levitated Sirius to a chair so that when he was revived, he wouldn't find himself on the floor.

They only had to wait a few minutes before the others arrived at the Headmaster's office. With a careful swish, Remus revived Sirius, and then just as quickly, bound him to the chair, and silenced him. As an added precaution, Remus cast an anti-animagus spell on him so he wouldn't be tempted to change into Sniffy and bolt from the office.

Sirius knew what Remus had done and sat in the chair giving him 'The Evil Eye'. It promised pain in the future for what he had done. Remus had a small smile on his lips, thinking about all the times one of the other Marauders had given him that look when he had stopped them from doing something stupid.

"Thank you all for coming so quickly." Dumbledore started. "Again let me assure you that with the exception of Mr. Potter, none of your children have been injured in any way. It was just a precaution on our part. Also, given how close your children are to Mr. Potter, it was thought that instead of them getting in trouble for sneaking down to see him, just to let them be with him to begin with. Now I have placed my memory of the attack in this pensive, if you would like to see what happened."

Remus released Sirius from the chair, but didn't take the silencing or anti-animagus charms off him. With that, everyone entered the pensive.

Upon exiting the pensive, Madam Bones asked Professor Dumbledore for a copy of the memory, and instructed the Aurors to review it thoroughly for clues. After that, they were to talk to the other professors mentioned and the rest of the Gryffindor team.

Leaving the Headmaster's office, the Headmaster offered his arm to Lady Longbottom as the group moved quickly to Madam Pomfrey's office. Bill Weasley kept a firm hand on his mother to prevent her from running all the way down the hall. He engaged the Headmaster in a discussion of wards and curses that might be helpful in his in moving up as a curse breaker at Gringotts. Madams Bones and Longbottom were on the other side of the Headmaster listening and giving some pointers as it was appropriate.

Remus and Sirius were a few steps behind everyone else. Remus had finally released the Silencio from Sirius, and he was not too pleased. Remus still had a firm grip on his arm to prevent him from also running in the halls.

"Let go of me you flea bitten fur ball. I've got to get to Harry."

"Quiet Sirius, I don't want you disturbing the others. We'll get to Harry just a few seconds later if you just take your time and breathe."

"I don't want to take my time, I want to see how Harry's doing now! Now release me and let me get down the hall!" Sirius said through his clinched teeth.

Remus just shook his head and laughed. It was just like old times. Yes, he was as worried about Harry as Sirius was, but he also knew that Madam Pomfrey was very good at what she did, and that their presence would only distract her from healing her young charge.

It was at this point that he noticed that they were walking down the same corridor they had left a few moments ago.

"Ah, Headmaster? Have you done something different with the infirmary? I thought it was just down here on the right."

"Yes Remus you are correct. It seems that there is something or perhaps, some one, preventing us from finding the infirmary. Mr. Weasley? Could you please scan that part of the castle on the right to see if you can find anything out of place?"

Bill was almost speechless that the great Albus Dumbledore would ask him to do something like that. He quickly agreed and started casting some diagnostic spells on the area.

"There appear to be multiple 'Notice-me-not' spells over there. I think there may be more behind them, but we will have to take them down first before we can see what else there might be."

What followed was a master's level class in ward detection and removal. Bill, Remus, Madam Bones, Lady Longbottom and Molly were all deeply involved in listening to, and practicing the spells and technique Professor Dumbledore was mentioning.

Sirius was paying little attention to the instruction that was being given from the Headmaster. He kept pacing back and forth thinking and worrying about what had happened to Harry. He wanted to know who was responsible for this and he wanted to know NOW! After all, Harry was his godson, and he was the head of the Noble and Most Ancient House of BLACK! No one messes with HIS godson and gets away with it.

Sirius turned around to find that all the 'Notice-me-Not' spell had been removed, but now there were multiple locking charms on the door. He started to get more than a little upset when the Headmaster felt it necessary to identify and explain each of the charms to the group, how they were cast and when it would be best to use them to the group as if he were a teacher again. Bill, Remus, and Molly listened like new first-year students to the old Professor – hanging on to each word he might say. Madam Bones had been called down the hall by the two Aurors to give her their preliminary report.

"Oh bloody hell, just blow the damn thing off it's hinges and lets get in there! I need to see Harry NOW!" Sirius shouted at the Professor.

The outburst shook everyone else out of their stupor.

"There is no need to be impatient Sirius, the last of the locks are coming down... now. Mr. Weasley, if you would be so kind as to open the door from here? I think we may find a few more surprises on the other side of the door."

Bill shook his head an used his wand to open the hospital's large double door. As soon as the door started to move, both Molly and Sirius bolted for it. Molly was much closer to the door than Sirius, but he changed into his animagus form and was at top speed when he crossed the threshold right after Molly.

"Molly! Sirius! Wait!" Remus called out.

A bright flash greeted the two impatient guardians as they were both hit with multiple stunners and other spells. Needless to say both Molly and Sirius crashed to the ground very unceremoniously.

The wizards outside the hospital slowly walked up to the door and looked in.

"Tell me Mr. Weasley, what do you think of the spells and runes that are guarding this entrance?"

Bill slowly closed his mouth and got over the shocked expression on his face when he saw the runes just inside the door activate.

"They appear to be most impressive sir. If my diagnostics is correct, they are still fully charged and could stop a small herd of hippogriffs if called upon to do so."

"Very good. Now this poses a somewhat unique problem since the spells are powered by runes, and the runes are inside the protective barrier."

Professor Dumbledore didn't get any further in his lecture as Madam Pomfrey came out from in back of the privacy screen around Harry's bed looking for someone to hurt.

"What in the name of sweet Merlin's beard is going on out here? I have a seriously injured young man in here at the moment and I don't have time for any of this foolishness... What are a dog and Molly Weasley doing stunned in my door way?"

Hermione, Ron and the others were shocked to see how well their defense scheme had worked, but even more shocked to see Ron's mom and Harry's godfather (in his animagus form) fall to the floor after trying to rush into the room.

Finally, it was Neville who came to his senses and addressed the adults both in and out of the infirmary. "That would be our fault Professor, Madam Pomfrey. We felt we had to something to make sure Harry was kept safe. I'll get rid of the rune stones now so you can come in." You could tell by the tone of his voice that he was expecting to get some serious detention for this.

"Oh please, Mr. Longbottom. Don't remove the runes. This is some of the finest work I've seen a student do here at Hogwarts in nearly 50 years. Just deactivate them and remove the other spell you and your friends have placed in front of the door. I think this would be a wonderful addition to the security of the infirmary. Do you think you could show Madam Pomfrey how to control them? Oh, and 20 points to each of your for your fine work."

The group of young students where shocked again that the great Albus Dumbledore had praised their work. They quickly deactivated the runes from both the door and the windows and and removed the other spells from the floor, then let the Professor and his group in. Madam Pomfrey stated that she didn't have time right now to learn how to control the runes but would expect to meet with each of them after she finished with Harry.

Remus levitated Sirius out of the way and on to one of the unoccupied beds. "I think we should leave him stunned for right now. If we revive him, he'll just get in Poppy's way." The others quickly agreed.

Bill quickly revived Molly, who immediately found Ron and started to yell at him for being in such a dangerous situation. Madam Pomfrey had to come back out to remind Molly where she was at, and if she couldn't keep her voice down, she would be asked to leave.

Only after Professor Dumbledore's reassurance that Ron had not done anything wrong, in fact had provided a welcome service to the school, that she settled down and started asking about the other students and Harry.

Augusta Longbottom looked at her grandson with a new sense of pride. Her Neville (and his friends) had done some very impressive magic! His friendship with the young Potter heir had taken a shy, unsure little boy and turned him into a strong, brave young man. She was going to have to have Mr. Potter and Lord Black over again to their manor sometime during the summer. Of course, Neville would insist on having young Ms. Bones as well, and her aunt would have to come along, which she was sure the young Lord Black would appreciate.

Professor Dumbledore made sure to visit with young Ms. Granger to see how it was that they were able to do such advanced magic as first-year students. Hermione nervously mentioned that Harry had been training all of them since they all met the train. That he has them reading, exercising and working with their magic as much as possible to increase the size of their core. He could tell there was more to it than just that, but when he tried a passive Legilimens, he was somewhat shocked to discover that not only did Ms. Granger have a very substantial occlumency shield. At first, she looked very intently at him, and then turned her eyes away, breaking the connection.

"Is that one of the things Mr. Potter has been teaching your group Ms. Granger?" He asked kindly.

"Yes sir." she said, still not looking him in the eye. "He explained how using occlumency would help us organize our minds and make it easier to learn and study. Keeping people out of our minds was just an added bonus. If what I have read is correct, practicing Legilimens without Ministry approval is against the law. Should we ask Madam Bones since she's here?" Hermione was shocked at herself for even suggesting such a thing, but Harry had warned all of them about Professor Dumbledore and Snape.

"That will not be necessary, Ms. Granger. I apologize for my intrusion. It will not happen again."

He excused himself to go and see Madam Bones who was visiting with Susan at the time while Hermione went to go and visit with the Weasleys.

As he stepped up to the Bones, he could tell that Madam Bones was quite upset.

" Auror Dawlish felt it imperative to inform the Minister what had happened here today. He is demanding a meeting with both of us as soon as possible."

"I can't leave the school now just to have Minister Fudge second-guess how to run Hogwarts! There is still someone out there who has hurt one of my students, and I must get to the bottom of this!"

"I'm afraid it wasn't a 'request' Professor. He has one of his under-secretarys set to review the 'facts' as it were and make some 'suggestions' that are to be implemented upon your return."

"This is ridiculous Madam Bones, I must protest."

"I agree Headmaster, but if we aren't in his office in the next 45 minutes, he has instructed Dawlish and some Aurors that are loyal to the Minister to come here and arrest you and me, and bring us both to his office by force if necessary. I'm sorry."

Dumbledore let out a sharp breath. "You have nothing to apologize for Madam Bones. Let's move quickly so we can return that much earlier."

Madam Bones hugged Susan one more time and waved goodbye to the rest as she and Professor Dumbledore headed out the door and back to the Headmaster's office to floo to the Ministry of Magic. They didn't notice the red-beady eyes watching them from the shadows as they hurried down the hallway.

'Excellent. It would appear my 'messenger' was able to get the Minister to agree to a meeting with Dumbledore. How fortunate. With both Potter and the Headmaster out of the way there should be no one to stop me from getting the stone, but I must act quickly.'

Harry and the others were making good progress with repairing his mind and body when an unexpected visitor joined them.

'Lady Hogwarts! I didn't think you could leave the astral plane. What are you doing here anyway?'

Lady Hogwarts looked sad as she observed the condition of Harry's mind and body. 'Harry we have a major problem. Tom has somehow gotten the Headmaster and Madam Bones to leave Hogwarts. He's now on his way to get the Philosopher's stone, and create a new body for himself. You must try to stop him!'

Now Harry felt even worse about not being more vigilant with regards to his training and the dangers that were at school.

'What can I do in the shape I'm in? I'm trying to repair my body as quickly as I can, but even with everyone working as hard as they can it will still take several hours if not days for me to get everything back in order and fixed.' He felt a tear forming in the corner of his eyes as he thought of how he had failed the essences he had promised to protect.

Lady Hogwarts smiled softly at him as she felt his desire to help, and his pain at his apparent failure.

'I'm much more familiar with these tomes and scrolls than any of you are. Why don't you let me take care of your knowledge sphere while you and the others concentrate on mending your body.'

'That would be great! But even with that it could still take more time than we have to get everything repaired.'

'Would it help if you had a little more power to help you out?' She asked.

'Sure, the more power, the more of 'Ma's clones can be maintained and the faster we can get the work done.'

'Good. Before I do this though, I think we should use Lily's core expansion charm on you again. I have a feeling you're going to need it.'

It had been a long time since Harry had had someone else control the core expansion charm, but he felt safe that Lady Hogwarts had his best interests at heart.

'I'm sure 'Ma' gave you the charm and how to control it didn't she?'

'Ma' appeared next to Lady Hogwarts with her hands on her hips and a funny look on her face. 'Of course I did sweetheart. You don't expect me to be as reckless as your father now do you?'

Harry had the decency to hang his head in 'shame' that he would expect anything less from his 'Ma'.

'Now Harry, I'm going to try to expand your core as much as I can. This may be a bit painful, but I think you will need it for the trial to come.'

Harry just shook his head that he understood what was going to happen.

Lying down on the floor, Harry prepared himself for the charm.

'Exporrigo magus umbilicus' (expand the magical center).

(A/N Harry really didn't have to lay down in his subconscious mind. This was just a representation of what was happening in the real-world)

Madam Pomfrey and Healer Adams were watching in awe as Harry's body continued to repair itself. They had noticed over the last little bit that things seemed to be slowing down.

While they were comparing notes and watching the monitoring charms, Harry was suddenly enclosed in a pale blue light. All the monitoring charms failed at once, and try as they may, they couldn't get the charms to stay active again.

On the other side of the privacy curtain all conversations stopped. The room was suddenly bathed in a pale blue light that was coming from Harry's bed. His friends recognized at once what was going on and came quickly around the curtain to see who was controlling the core expansion charm.

"Why are you expanding Harry's core at a time like this? Doesn't he need his strength to heal up first?" Ron asked before Hermione could stop him.

"What do you mean Mr. Weasley? There is no know way of expanding a persons core without plain hard work." Madam Pomfrey asked.

Before Ron could answer again, Hermione grabbed him by the arm to stop him from saying anything more.

"I'm sorry, but this is something from the Potter family grimoire that Harry showed to us. We can't tell you anything else about it. If fact, we've already said too much." This last part was spoken to Ron who realized what he had done, and blushed with embarrassment as to having broken Harry's trust.

"Ms. Granger! Perhaps you do not recognize the importance of such a spell. Many families with squib's could have their children treated with such a spell letting them lead a normal magical existence!" This time it was Healer Adams that was addressing her.

This subject hit very close to home for him since two of his three children currently had a power rating of less than 50. If something weren't done soon, he was afraid they would be cast out of his extended family for having given birth to squibs in the first place. It was one of the main reasons he had become a Healer and specifically a Mind healer since that is where he thought the problem was located at.

"I'm sorry sir, but it is not my place to say on this manner. All I can say is that you should talk to Harry once he recovers to see if he can help you. Harry is the one who always does it for us – we don't even know the incantation."

As they were talking, the light around Harry went from blue to white. Hermione and the other friends of Harry all gasped at the sudden change in color.

"I take it this means something has changed. Is this normal?" Madam Pomfrey asked.

"Yes it is another spell from the Potter family grimoire. Again we can't tell you what it is or what it does. It's just not our place."

Everyone in the castle noticed that there seemed to be a 'pull' of the magic of everything related to Hogwarts.

The people in the infirmary noticed the pull on the magic, and that it seemed to be focusing on the young man they were surrounding.

"Well, I think we can guess what this second spell does." Healer Adams said.

Unfortunately, deep in the bowels of Hogwarts another person also noticed the draw of power from Hogwarts.

Looking around Quirrell / Voldemort also felt the pull of magic. 'Someone must be trying to fix young Mr. Potter. I must work more quickly.'

Back in the infirmary, a large black dog jerked awake as if someone had pulled his tail. Quickly changing back to his normal self, he noticed that the area he was at was currently devoid of people, and that there was a bright white light coming from the area where his godson was laying. Coming around the corner he was shocked at what he saw.

"Remus, what the hell is happening here?" he asked, confusion clearly marked on his face.

"Sirius! What are you doing up? We don't know what's happening to Harry. First he was glowing light blue, then white and now – light pink moving to red." Looking over at his friends Remus asked, "Does that mean anything to you?"

They all silently looked at the last two marauders and shook their head 'yes'.

"You didn't answer what you were doing here Sirius. We left you stunned so you wouldn't get in Poppy's way while she was healing Harry." Remus stated again.

"Well, while I was out, I thought I could hear Lily. She was asking me to do something for Harry that I did when he was a baby. I'd almost forgot how to do it, but Lily insisted."

"What was that?"

"The Blessing of the Heir. It's an old Black family charm that is used to protect the heir of the line from harm and death. It hasn't been used for centuries before I gave it to Lily and James to help protect Harry. Now, if you'll excuse me I have some work to do."

With that Sirius walked up to the head of the bed Harry was laying on and put up a privacy charm around them. Laying his hand on Harry's head, he started chanting the family blessing on Harry over and over again. "meum affectus pro thee serpire thee ex noceo ac ex mortis" (May my love protect you from harm and from death) over and over again.

By this time, the color of the light had progressed through the colors of the rainbow and were now looking a very deep, dark purple. In his subconscious, Harry was feeling like he was about to explode. Finally, he couldn't take it any more as with a yell, sent out a pulse of magic that knocked out everyone in the infirmary area.

Lady Hogwarts lifted the power transfer spell and looked at her young knight.

'How are you feeling Harry?' she asked calmly.'

'Like I've just finished challenging Ron to about a dozen eating contests back-to-back and won. I don't think I've ever been this uncomfortable.'

'Well why don't we get rid of some of that extra magic and get this mess organized.'

With a thought Harry created legions of clones of 'Ma' s to help repair his body while Lady Hogwarts took care of the knowledge sphere (his mind).

In almost no time all of Harry's injuries had been repaired. His hand that had been so badly damaged was completely repaired, with the missing fingers and other parts replaced.

Lady Hogwarts had been true to her statement and had all of Harry's books repaired, rebound, and sorted exactly as they had been before... well, almost.

Since she has a mental copy of every book Harry had ever read, she simply replace the damaged copy with a new one. She then went one step further and created a new wing in his knowledge sphere that would contain EVERY book that had ever been brought into Hogwarts. This was protected behind a spell that would only allow Harry to read them as he matured so he wouldn't be overwhelmed with the new additions.

Along with this section was the knowledge of the 6,900 different languages and dialects that the works were written in were stored to where Harry could learn these when the time was right. As it stood right now, Harry would be able to understand anything spoken in any of these languages.

Before leaving Harry's knowledge sphere, she took out Lady Ravenclaw's journal and marked the place where the relationship between her staff and her Diadem (the crown of knowledge) was explained. She had a good idea of what Harry was going to be facing. He would need this knowledge if he was to survive.

Coming out to Harry's open mind-scape, Harry, 'Ma', Durendal, and Lady Hogwarts looked around and saw just how beautiful everything looked. The additional clones where removed since they were no longer needed, and they all took energy to maintain.

'I wish we had more time my knight, but Tom has been in the chamber with the stone for the last 20 minutes. I am afraid if you do not hurry, you may not be able to stop him from regaining his body. Please go quickly and make sure you can call both staves and your sword before you go down there.'

'Your friends have been knocked out from the power feedback pulse, but they will recover quickly. Please, go now and protect me.'

Harry turned to Lady Hogwarts and sank to his knees. 'My Lady, today I give you my full measure. With all that I have I will defend thee. This is my promise and vow.'

Standing, Harry mentally forced himself to come out of his coma. Opening his eyes, he panicked for a brief moment when he saw the condition of his friends and family lying on the floor around him. He remembered what Lady Hogwarts had said about them being okay and slowly pushed himself up and off the bed.

His body may be whole, but that did little to stop the stiffness he currently felt in his hands, arms, chest and legs. He was hit with a brief bout of vertigo as he tried to stand for the first time. Holding on to the bed and closing his eyes, he took a few moments for his inner-ear to adjust to the new position before shifting to the 'Room of Knowledge'.

Taking a few moments to put on his battle robe, he tested each weapon as Lady Hogwarts had suggested. As he drew the Staff of Ravenclaw last, he felt that there was something else that he needed to know and do with this staff, but didn't take the time to reflect on it now.

Taking a few calming breaths, Harry changed into the 'Protector' and shifted to the chamber holding the Philosopher's Stone.

Appearing in a dark corner of the room, he quickly erected a shield and began scanning the room.

There appeared to be two other people in the room with him. Well, at least two other bodies. One of the body\ies was clearly dead, as only a husk of skin and bone were left of the person. The other person looked tall and powerful, and reeked of evil.

This person slowly turned to face Harry with cold, red eyes holding a goblet in one hand and a small irregular shaped stone in the other.

"Ah Mr. Potter I presume. Please do not insult me with that ridiculous disguise. I had been hoping to complete the rite of immortality and be gone from this place before you recovered. I did my best to see that you had a hard time healing, but apparently that was not enough. Now, what are you go to do?"

"Tom, what's it been? Ten years now? If anything you look even uglier than you did back then. You know I can't let you leave. I meant what I said in the forest. I AM the protector of Hogwarts and she has charged me with stopping you by what ever means possible."

Voldemort throw back his head and laughed a cold, heartless laugh. "Do you think you can KILL me Potter? I have killed hundreds if not thousands of men, women and children in my time to where I am past feeling any remorse for them. You will be just one more on that list and then I will be gone and you will soon be forgotten. Are you ready to die Potter? Do you even know how it FEELS to KILL someone?"

"Yes, I do know how it feels to kill one who is not worthy of death. The Great Guardian left by Salazar Slytherin asked to be released from this world after what YOU caused it to do."

"So, you killed the Basilisk? Pity. I was hoping to use it to help cleanse the world of all the mud bloods and half-bloods like yourself."

"Well if that were still an option, I would suggest you be the first in line – Tom Riddle Junior."

For the first time, Voldemort showed emotion, and it wasn't good. "Don't say that name!" As he threw a dark, blood boiling curse at Harry. "I am no longer that person! I have descended below all the evil that is known to man and have come out a new creature. One FAR superior to mere man or wizard! I AM A GOD! I WILL DESTROY ALL WHO STAND IN MY WAY! Starting with you little boy!"

"Too much talk old man. Lets dance the dance of death."

"If that is your wish, so be it. I will be victorious!"

"I don't think so." The sword, Durendal, appears in his hand and he prepares for battle.

And so it starts...

A/N I was going to try to finish the story in this chapter, but I think it's been going on long enough, and this seemed like a good place to stop.

Harry does not have god-like power or knowledge at this point. Even with the power transfer from Hogwarts, most of that was used in creating the clones to help repair his body.

He is still sore from his quick recover, and his power is like an old battery that can receive a charge, but doesn't hold on to it very well.

Thanks to all those who have reviewed this story or just marked in to follow. It is very humbling to me.

I hope to have the next chapter out in a month or so.



PS Somewhere in the back of his mind, Salazar is saying 'He still talks too much')

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