Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 5 – Planning and Preparation

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?


Essences of Lily – Chapter 5 – Planning and Preparation

Over the next few days and weeks, James and Lily were busy making all the legal arrangements, gathering books and training items that Harry would need as he was growing up.

Suddenly, Lily stopped what she was doing and turned to James.

"James? What do we do with this information about the magical blocks on the children?"

"What do you mean Lil?"

"I mean I'm Neville's Godmother. Don't I owe it to him to make sure his block is removed also?"

"Lily, I don't know. I mean, on the one hand yes you do owe it to Neville and Alice and Frank to let them know what the Ministry and Dumbledore are doing. On the other hand, if we let this information out, there is a greater chance of it getting back to the Ministry, causing an investigation, and very likely your and my job. Not to mention a stint at Azkaban. I'm afraid the only course of action we have right now is to obliviate ourselves with regards to the power block…"

"NO, James I can't do that!" Lily screamed.

"Lily… Lily! Wait a minute! Hear me out!" James got up and went over to his wife.

"Lily! There is no other way right now!" He said. "I'm not saying that we obliviate ourselves right now, but before either of us go back to work, we are going to have to erase all indication of what we have been doing, and the information regarding the power block from both of our minds!"

Lily was still shacking her head no and starting to cry thinking about Neville and all of the other children that had had this power block put on their magical core over the last five years or so that had been handicapped due to the Ministry's short sightedness. Lily was thinking that if they acted quickly they could reduce the potential damage to those children as they grew up, but she also knew that there was no way of convincing Professor Dumbledore of going back to the Ministry and having them admit that they were the ones responsible for having the power blocks on the children in the first place.

"What are we going to do James?" Lily asked through her tears.

"I'm not sure hon, but you're a charms mistress, so maybe you could find a charm that would identify the power block, and an other one to remove the block. If we can't do it on the sly with Neville, and maybe some other children, we could at least include the information with Harry's stuff and tell him how to take the blocks off when he is older. But it has to be done while we are on maternity leave All of this information has to be removed from our mind before we get around all of those people in the Department of Mysteries or the DMLE. I know you can occlude your mind, but don't forget that there will always be someone stronger then you and you don't know when or where you will meet that person."

Lily had started to calm down by now. She knew that James was right, but that didn't mean that she had to like it. It was clear that her first course of business was to come up with a power block detection spell, and then see if she could come up with a counter spell for it. It was very doubtful that the all-purpose Finite Incantatem would work on something like this.

After several days of writing down everything that they could think of that Harry might need growing up, Lily again stopped and turned to ask the question that had been plaguing mankind for at least the last 72 hours.

"James, where are we going to put all of this 'stuff' in? I can see where we will probable have enough to fill a good size library by the time we get all of these manuals together. I would have to be something small enough for Harry to carry around without being observed, yet be able to carry all of these manual, books and things."

"I'm glad you ask that hon.," James answered with a sad smile on his face. He then took out a small box out of his pocket, and placed it on the floor.

"Expandere" he said quietly, while his hand was on the box.

In the next moment a beautiful custom-made travel trunk was standing next to him.

"Oh James, that's beautiful, where did it come from?" Lily asked.

"This was a trunk my father had made special for our family when Voldemort first came to power about 5 years ago. Voldemort approached father knowing our feelings about blood purity and muggles. He felt that if he could get a 'light' family to his side early in his labors, it would bring a lot of the other families in line. Of course father refused him out-right, and Voldemort made him one of the first examples of what would happen to a pure-blood family that refused Voldemort's 'offer' to join him."

"It was during my 5th year at Hogwarts that Voldemort attached and killed my mother and father. It wasn't until I had graduated from Hogwarts and went to commission my own special trunk that I found this one. The trunk maker apologized to me for not having it done sooner; it appears that he finished the trunk the same day my parents were killed."

"I took the trunk and held on to it as a remembrance of my parents. I've never planned on using it. But I think this might just be the thing that we need to put everything in for Harry."

"Let me show you around the trunk, and you can tell me what you think." stated James.

"This is a nine chamber trunk. It can be charmed to look like a standard size traveling trunk, and with a few more charms it can be made to look like a standard Hogwarts student's trunk."

"In the first chamber you will find what looks like a standard clothes rack and drawers. But the space inside is practically endless, and will allow the user to store an unlimited amount of clothes in it.

To get a desired item from the clothes rack, you just have to think of the style or outfit you want to wear, and the trunk will bring it to the front of the chamber. It's like each person having their own walk-in closet, and a personal valet to dress you each morning. The same thing with the drawers, you can put as much as you want in to the drawers and they will sort themselves."

"The garments and other items in the drawers are kept clean and in good repair by a self-cleaning / repairing spell when you return the items back into the drawer or closet."

"The second chamber is where 'school supplies' are kept. This would be book, parchment, quails, brooms, and so forth that Harry would need while at school. There is also a 'port' on one of the bookshelves where a request can be made regarding a resource book, and if that resource book is in the trunk's Library, it will be returned to this bookshelf. To return the Library book, just set the book back on the shelf, and say 'Return' as you touch the shelf with your wand."

"The third chamber is the main library and study hall." When James opened the third chamber, Lily was surprised to see a small archway expand out of the trunk inviting them to enter. "This can be keyed to where only those who have been granted access can see the arch. It will be important to make sure Harry knows that he has to be careful in how he uses some of these different chambers so that it does not draw too much attention to him or else it could appear that he just 'disappears' when he enters some of these rooms."

As Lily and James entered this chamber, it was as if they had entered a room that looked a great deal like the library at Hogwarts – with the exception that it was about ten times larger. At the front of the library, where the librarian's check-out desk would be was a pedestal with a large tome on it. Two small book carts were on ether side of the pedestal.

"The Potters have always encouraged the need for constant learning, and as such have an extensive library of books covering almost all subjects, even some of the now called 'Darker' subjects. It seems that my predecessors' felt that it was the 'intent' behind the spell, and not the spell or charm its self that made something 'Dark'. I have been thinking that I should probable go down to Gringotts and get ALL the books and scrolls copied and put them in here, in case someone gets into the vault before Harry, and removes some of the more 'interesting' items." James said.

"That's a good idea honey, I have some potion, charms, and Arithmancy books and scrolls that would be hard to replace. I should probable place them in there as well. I still have my notes that I used with Severus when we came up with wolfsbane potion. I'm not upset that he took all the credit for improving the potion, but I still think there are a few things that could have been done differently to make it even more effective."

"That would probable be a good thing hon. I just hope Harry has your love of reading and learning and not mine."

Turning to the pedestal, James pointed to the large tome.

"If you have a new book or scroll that you want 'checked into' the library, you will place it on one of these carts, touch the book or scroll with your wand, and then touch the master book while saying 'addo carta' (add book). The master book – or master index, is charmed to scan through the book or scroll being added, and cross referencing it with all the other books and scrolls in the library. This will also include any text that may be hidden or encrypted in the volume.

If the master book does not understand the language or encryption to begin with, it will make note of it, and continue working on the problem until it learns it. After the master book has classified the scroll or book, it will file it in the most appropriate main subject area in the library."

"To get a specific book from the library, you can go and look for it (not recommended unless you know right where to go and want the exercise), or you can touch the master book with your wand and say 'accire carta' followed by the name of the book (fetch book [book name])."

"If you do want to go to the location of the book in the library, you can say 'positus carta' and then the name of the book you are looking for. A map will appear on the cover of the master book to show where you are and where the book is."

"If you want to search a subject, you can say 'accire subjunctus pri' then the subject name. This will return just the books and scrolls that contain basic information on the subject; for more advanced information, 'accire subjunctus aggredior' then the subject name; or your could ask for everything on the subject by saying 'accire subjunctus totus' followed by the subject name. Be very careful what you ask to get EVERYTHING on, you may get more then you expect."

"To see what books are in the library, hold your hand or your wand on the master book and say 'ostendo' and then the subject name. Then open the master book to the first page and a list of all of the books relating to that subject will be shown. When you see the book you want, place your finger or wand on the entry and say 'accire carta'. The master book will know which book you are referring to and will retrieve that book."

"If you want a summary of the book, say 'collectionis' and the book entry will expand to include a summary of the books / or scrolls content.

If you get more books and scrolls then you need, or you want to return to the beginning of the master book to start a new search, simply put the extra books on the carts, touch your wand or your hand on the master book and say 'Return'.

Lily was thrilled at the extent of the library system, and what it could hold. Her eyes were going wide, and she was looking like a little schoolgirl again with a new toy.

"Why didn't you show me this before? It would have helped in some of my research a great deal."

"Lily, I meant this to be a memorial to my parents. I never thought about it until you asked where we were going to put all this stuff."

"Oh, sorry dear, I forgot what this represented to you."

"That's okay hon, no harm done, but we do have to move along, there's quite a bit more to see."

"This next chamber is for physical and magical training. You can see that there is a track to run around, mats to practice falling and tumbling, some free weights for lifting, and a dueling platform with training dummies that can be programmed from beginner level through senior Auror, hit wizard, unspeakable special agent, and assassin. When ever you step onto the dueling platform, a protective dome will be activated protecting the rest of the contents or people in the room."

"The last object over at the edge of the room is a Power Meter Target trap. This has two modes: stationary, and mobile. In its stationary mode, this trap will measure the strength of the spell, hex, jinks, or charm that hits it, with the exception of the unforgivable spells."

"In mobile mode, it tests for strength and accuracy, so you will see two scores above the box; the first on will be the power rating of the spell with a rating from 1 to 99,999. The next will be a percentage of contact with a range from 1 percent to 100 percent."

"It can also act as a training probe that can fire back stinging hexes just to make sure you are staying alert. To stay on the safe side, the stinging hex will never be powered above 350. That is still enough to raise a welt, and hopefully, get your attention. There are a total of ten of these traps in the training room, not that I think anyone could go against more then three on their highest setting, but more then one person can train at a time."

"This next chamber is my favorite, and also the chamber that causes me the most pain. Close your eyes as we go through the portal."

Lily wasn't too thrilled about closing her eyes as James led her through to the next chamber. She didn't want to be pranked in the middle of this tour.

"Okay, you're in the next room. Open your eyes now."

Lily peaked through one eye not knowing what to expect. What she saw took her breath away.

They were currently standing in the foyer of a grand manor.

Directly in front of them was a spiral staircase that led up to the main living/sleeping quarters. Directly behind the staircase was the entrance to the Grand room that opened out to a veranda. While still in the foyer, on your right was the formal dining area and a training area behind and to the side of the room. On the left side of the foyer was an office / den, and another training area.

Just past the spiral staircase on the right was the kitchen, informal dining area, living room, and a breakfast / morning nook.

Off the left of the spiral staircase was one of the two Master bedroom suites.

Upstairs held the second Master bedroom suite, and eight additional bedrooms, each with their own walk in closets, and full bathrooms. There was also a galley that looked over the Grand room, a Library, main training area, and a muggle game room.

Everything was fully furnished, and functional.

Lily couldn't believe her eyes. "Why haven't I been shown this before?" she asked.

James blushed and hung his head as he answered. "This is a replica of one of the Potter manors in upper Scotland. This is where I grew up, and I had hoped one day to be able to take you there and fill all those rooms with then next generations of Potters."

"Well, what's keeping you from doing that?" asked Lily.

"This is where Voldemort attacked and killed my parents. He leveled the manor to the ground." Was all James said, his eyes filling with tears as the memory of that day hit him full force. This was the main reason he had not used the trunk before. The pain was still there, it felt like his heart was breaking, it was more then he could stand. Lily could see the sadness in his eyes, and feel the pain in his heart. He became the last of the Potters' that day, and he did not like dwelling on it.

Lily took James into a kind and loving embrace and said, "I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to open that old wound. It's just that the home is so beautiful… I would love to live in it now… if it didn't bring so many bad memories up for you." Lily turned him slowly to face her, and looked him straight in the eyes and said: "With all my heart, with all my soul, I love you and will stand by you to give you support whenever you are feeling down. This may not be our home, but I promise you that I will do everything that I can to see that Harry fulfills your dream of filling this house, and the one in Scotland with the next generation of Potters."

Lily then leaned forward and gentle kissed James as tenderly and lovingly as she could. No other words were spoken. There was no need for that. James knew that this woman in front of him could see him through all the trials of the coming days.

After a few moments, James regained his composure, and suggested they finish the tour of the trunk.

Chamber 6 was set up to be a Potions area, and if needs be an infirmary.

There were a total of ten potion stations; so many things could be going on at once. The storage area for the raw materials was immense, and the area for the finished product was lined with wall-to-wall stasis cabinets, so that the potions would not go bad after being brewed.

Lily again started to act like a kid in the candy store. It was true that she had tested out to be a charms mistress, but she could have just as easily tested to be a potions mistress as well. She had been one of the top two students in the potions class – the other one being Severus Snape. She and Severus actually got along quite well, until he asked her to a Hogsmeade weekend, but she had already committed to go with James. After that, Severus would avoid her, and started treating her as one of the Marauders.

Dragging Lily from the Potions area into chamber number 7 was quite fun for James.

Chamber 7 was a wooded glen that spread out in all directions for about a quarter of a mile in each direction.

There was a large meadow with a stream running through it. There were also trees, scrubs, and bushes to support all manner of birds and small animals.

James immediately changed into Prongs and started running around in the glen. Lily just sat back and laughed at him for a moment. She quickly joined him in her animagus form of a tigress – she was, after all, the mysterious 'Tiger Lily'. Lily didn't change into her form very often. She had only learned during her seventh year at Hogwarts and rarely used it while she was there.

Being a tigress, she was faster, and in some ways stronger then her husband, but he still had a head full of antlers that she had to look out for whenever they played 'tag'.

They couldn't spend much time there, they knew that they had to finish the tour quickly before Harry woke up from his nap, so after about 15 minutes of running around, they continued on.

Chamber 8 was set aside for the performing of rites and rituals.

Runes were drawn on all of the surfaces of the room to aid in the rite and rituals that the person was performing. One of the unique features of this room was that if you invoked the correct runes, in the proper order, time, as you knew it basically came to a stand still.

James explained some of the limitations of this room to Lily: "For every day that would pass outside of this room and this room only, one month would pass in the chamber."

"However, due to the strain that amount of compressed time would put on the human psyche, the room can only be activated for eight (8) hours in a twenty-four hour period. That would translate into ten (10) days in compressed time for each eight hours of 'normal' time. That means that for every 48 minutes on 'normal' time is the equivalent of one 24-hour day in compressed time."

"You have to plan very carefully if you were going to spend a great deal of time in there. You would have to bring in all of your own housing (a wizarding tent or other structure), food, clothes, books, and toiletries, everything you would need. But the house-elves seem to be able to travel between 'normal' time and 'compressed' time without any ill effects, so they can always bring you what you forgot. Or, of course you could end the time suspension ritual at any time."

"There are two sets of clocks and calendars in the chamber to tell the person inside what the actual time and date was outside of the chamber, and when they were to wake up, eat, and go to sleep."

"While you were in the chamber, you will age at the 'normal' time rate, and not the 'compress' time rate."

"Here is the book that is restricted to the ritual chamber – it can not be taken out of the room, that explained all the runes, along with the rites, and rituals that could be performed while in there. Now let's go on and finish the tour."

The last chamber (number 9) was just an empty room that was again about one quarter of a mile in all directions. This was meant for future growth and expansion, or other development that may arise.

Anything could be put down here. With the right supplies, you could install a greenhouse to grow your own food, or potion plants. You could use it as a place to fly a broom to help alleviate boredom (but you could do that in the forest glen area or in the quidditch field behind that manor). You could even put in holding cells if you so desired. This was a general purpose room to meet what ever need you may have.

Coming out of the trunk, Lily could not believe how much forethought James' parents had put into the trunk. It would have been the perfect place to 'hide' and train during Voldemort's reign of terror. It was too bad that it wasn't completed in time, and that now, all it represented to James was the family he lost. But it would be perfect for what they had planed for Harry.

"James, how do you shrink it back down?" Lily asked.

"Normally, you would just put your hand on it and say 'deductus'. That would reduce it to the size of a deck of playing cards. But if I'm going to get it to fit into Harry's amulet; we will have to use 'deductus maximus' before we store it there."

Over the next weeks and months Lily and James were busy placing various items into the trunk for Harry. Were possible, Lily would include a hand-written note explaining the significance of the item, and how she hoped Harry would use it.

As he had discussed before, James went to his family vault, and placed a copy of all of the Potter's books and scrolls into the trunk's library.

Lily had brought anything she thought would be helpful and put it into the library also, along with potion supplies, different types and sizes of cauldrons.

The magical core expansion would take place on the days when there was a new moon. That would mean, August 10th, September 9th, October 9th, November 7th, and December 7th in 1980.

August 10th 1980 in the ritual chamber

According to the lunar charts, the new moon would begin at 7:09 PM local time.

At 7:00 PM, Lily, James and Harry all entered in to the 8th chamber in the Potter's trunk.

They place Harry on the 'Power' rune and at 7:10 PM Lily pointed her wand at Harry, and cast the magical core expansion charm: 'exporrigo magus umbilicus' (Expand the Magical center). A soft blue light encompassed Harry, and stayed visible for several minutes.

When this was done, James tested Harry's core strength 'magnitudo de magica' (size of Magic) charm, only to find that his power level was just slightly above what it was to begin with. "Lily, I think somethings wrong here." James said. "Harry's power rating has only increased about 4 percent – about what you would expect any infant's power rating to increase over the course of two weeks."

Lily looked at James for a minute and tried her own 'magnitudo de magica' charm on Harry and got the same results.

"I know I did the charm correctly," Lily started. She started to think what could have gone wrong.

After a few moments, Lily had an 'AH HA' moment.

"James, what are we doing with the 'exporrigo magus umbilicus' charm?"

"Well, as you explained it to me, we are expanding Harry's magical core size. Isn't that correct?"

"That's exactly right. But just by expanding the magical core doesn't automatically give him more power. I mean, he may absorb some power from the spell, but for the most part, he just has the potential to store more energy as his core expands." Lily said excitedly.

"In order to see what his new potential is, we need to actually measure his potential." With that she faced Harry with her wand and said: "'premetior quantiuas magus umbilicus' (Measure the size (magnitude) of the magical center)!"

After saying that a cloud formed over Harry's head with the number '143' in it.

"See James, whereas Harry only has currently a power rating of 135, he has the potential to reach 143 – That's a 10 percent increase from when he was a baby!" Lily was excited with the results.

"Okay, that's great; he has the potential for having a power rating of 143. How do we get him from 135 to 143?" came James' next question.

Again Lily went into her analyst mode to review the problem, and come up with a solution.

"As I see it, there are two possibilities. One, if Harry is in a place where there is a lot of excess magical energy, he may be able to 'absorb' it into his magical core since there is basically a magical vacuum in his core. The other possibility is that directly transfer the power to him from one of us. Let me try something."

Lily again took out her wand and pointed it at Harry.

"transcribo virtus meus donare ad thee (Copy my strength/power (or courage / bravery) from me to thee)." A soft white light came from Lily's wand and hit Harry in the chest gently. After a few seconds, the white light started to turn red indicating 'feedback' on the magic Lily was sending to Harry. When it did that, Lily released the spell.

"There now, James, please test Harry again."

"magnitudo de magica (size of Magic)!" James cried out. Again the little cloud formed over Harry's head, but this time the number read '145'.

Harry for his part was having a fun time having both parents around him. He loved seeing the pretty lights flash around him, and even though it didn't always feel pleasant, he liked seeing the light hitting him. Of course he was too small to understand what was going on, but deep in his mind, he knew that his mother and father loved him.

This continued for the next two months. The Potter's continued to collect things and put them into the trunk for Harry. They knew that they would have to obliviate themselves to the power blocks on the other children, the amulet, and trunk from their minds before they returned to work. They would still be aware of their attempt to expand Harry's magical core, and when he was old enough, his mental capacity, but they would not have the trunk's ritual chamber to help them.

Of course they also had to be very careful not to let anyone else know what they were doing. This was especially hard with Sirius popping in almost every day to see if he could spoil his godson a little bit more. Of course James and Lily would let him play with Harry. It would free them up to gather and collect some of the different things they would need to place into the trunk. Then, at night, after Sirius had gone back home, James and Lily would remove the trunk from Harry's amulet, and place the things they had collected that day into the trunk. They would then re-shrink the trunk and place it back in Harry's amulet, and hide the amulet from muggle and magical view.

September 9th, 1980

On September 9th, the lunar calendar stated that the new moon would begin at 10:00 AM. James and Lily took Harry back into the ritual chamber (chamber 8) for his next magical core increase ritual. They decided that they would record Harry's progress.

"Okay, when he was born, he had a power rating of 130 correct?" Lily asked.

"Correct!" was James' response.

"And when we tested him two weeks later, he was at 135 right?"


"And after the exporrigo magus umbilicus' (Expend the magical center) charm, his potential power reserve was at 143 right?"

"You're batting a 1,000 babe!" Came James' reply.

'I've got to stop using muggle phrases around him' Lily though.

"But after the transcribo virtus meus donare ad thee (Copy my strength/power (or courage / bravery) belonging to me to thee) the power rating was 145?"

"You got it babe." James was having far too much fun with this. It didn't help that he was playing with Harry, getting him all wound up for the ritual, and only partially listening to her.

"Come on now James, quite playing with Harry and help me out here! You're going to have him so wound up that he won't want to stay on the rune for us as we cast the charm!"

"Harry, I think your mother is jealous." James said leaning over to almost touch Harry's nose.

Harry for his part just laughed and reached up to try and grab James' glasses from off his face.

"Okay honey, I'm listening now."

'I'll bet'. "Okay, according to your calculations, where should Harry be now?"

"If it is increasing at an average of 8.3 percent per month, his normal expected power rating should be around 146, but if the core expansion took, he should be around 157." James reported.

"Okay, now let's measure Harry's power rating before we start. magnitudo de magica (size of magic)!" Lily stated.

Both James and Lily were a bit surprised when the number 160 appeared over Harry's head. Harry for his part, just laughed, and kicked his legs, like it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. (Granted, a six week old cannot see very well)

"Okay, I guess by expanding his core, his is more susceptible to absorbing the ambient magic that is around us." Lily conjectured. "That's the only thing I could think of."

"Do you want to cast the charm this month James?"

"I think I do." James replied. "I also want to see about that power transfer thing."

"Okay, just be careful."

James took out his wand and took a deep breath. More than anything else he wanted this to work. Pointing his wand at Harry, James spoke the incantation: "exporrigo magus umbilicus (expand the magical center)"! Once again, a soft blue glow surrounds Harry, and lasted for several minutes.

"Now let's test him to see if the amount of magic he has had increased any: magnitudo de magica (size of magic)!" – 162 – "Interesting. He is absorbing energy even now. Quick, check to see what his potential power reserve is!"

"'premetior quantiuas magus umbilicus' (Measure the size (magnitude) of the magical center)!" – 192.

"Not a bad bit of increase in his potential. Now for the last part James, use the last spell to transfer some of your strength to Harry."

"Okay Lily, here goes: transcribo virtus meus donare ad thee (Copy my strength/power (or courage / bravery) from me to thee)." Once again a soft white light emanated from the tip of James' wand and hit Harry softly in the chest. After a few moments, the color turned from white to red.

"Okay dear, that should be enough, you can stop now." Lily said. But James kept the spell on little Harry.

By now, the color had gone from red, to orange, on its way to yellow, then green.

"James, what do you think you are doing? Stop the spell NOW!" Lily was starting to get mad, and little Harry was starting to fidget around like he didn't like this any more. He was starting to whimper.

James still held his wand on Harry, having a harder time keeping the spell on him as the light went from green, to blue, to indigo, and now, dark violet.

By now Harry was crying quite hard now. Lily was beside herself and was ready to pull out her own wand to stun her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Just before Lily got her wand out, Harry lifted his little hand, and a pulse of red energy came out of his palm, heading straight for his father.

James had to duck the energy ball, and in doing so broke the power connection.

Lily ran over to Harry who was now crying uncontrollable, and scooped him up in her arms and started to comfort him.


To say that Lily was upset was a mild understatement. Her tigress animagus starting to take over as there was a bit of a growl in her voice, and it seemed that her eyes were now yellow and silted glowing angrily at James.

"I'm sorry I didn't talk to about this before honey. But I just thought that when you did your energy transfer last month, you stopped as soon as there was any feedback on the magical stream. That does not necessarily mean that the core is at full capacity, just that it is 'full'."


"Last month when you did the power transfer, you saw how the power rating went up after just a few moments when you stopped. What I was trying to do is expand the core even more by putting in as much energy as Harry could take."

"Magic as it was explained to me to be like different sizes of marbles and the smaller the marble, the more 'refined' the magic is and the easier to handle."

"While you are transferring energy to Harry, you are sending over nice, large round marbles into his magical core, when he gets so many of this size marble, his core tells you it is full. If more magical energy is 'added' to the core, it starts breaking down the size of the 'marbles' to a smaller diameter making the magic more refined. As the 'marbles' become smaller and more refined, there is less wasted space between the 'marbles', so, you can actually put more of the 'marbles' in to the core."

"I'm sure you've seen a jar where they ask you to count the number of items in it? Well, if you want to be accurate, you have to take into account the amount of wasted space between all the different pieces. What I was attempting to do is to make sure Harry's core wasn't just 'full', but that it was at 'full capacity' and his magic was as 'refined' as it could be – so that the 'marble' is the size of a grain of sand. 'Refined' magic should be mush easier to call up and use since it is in a smaller 'size'. Do you understand? Just test him again. See if his power rating is the normal 20 percent gain that we expected."

Lily was still very upset with her husband. He should have talked to her BEFORE trying something as stupid as that. 'How much of a power increase is his expecting' she thought to herself. 'I'm the one that does research into things like this. WHAT WAS HE THINKING! Even though what his is talking about does make some sense'.

Harry for his part had stopped crying, and now was just sniffling on his mothers shoulder.

"If this power rating is less the 200 and you put my son through HELL, you will be in BIG TROUBLE!"

James could still felt the anger radiating off of Lily. It was something he didn't like to feel.

Lily put Harry down, and cast the power rating charm on him: "magnitudo de magica (size of magic)!"

Instead of the 192, or even 200 that Lily had expected, what she saw was – 283 – a full 75 percent increase over his previous reading.

Lily was shocked. It be honest, so was James.

Lily just stood there thinking about the power increase Harry had just experienced. It had been very uncomfortable, but maybe it was worth it.

With Lily was still in shock from Harry's power increase, James slipped over and scooped up little Harry in his arms.

"I hope your not too mad at me little guy. I didn't want to hurt you, but you have to be ready for the coming trials, whatever they may be. Will you forgive me Harry?"

James didn't really expect his son to answer him, but Harry did look up into his father's eyes, and then with his little hands, he patted him firmly on his cheeks. Next he reached up and got James' glasses, and proceeded to rip them off his face, and put them in his (Harry's) mouth. But after that, he just turned his head, and rested it on his father's neck and took in a big sigh of relief like nothing had happened.

"Well, I guess that's the least I deserve from you, Harry."

Turning to his wife, James asked: "Will you forgive me too?"

Shaking her head, Lily said: "James Harold Potter! If you EVER and I do mean EVER try something like that again with out talking to me first, I may not forgive you. But just this once I will." She then came over to hug both James and Harry.

James felt relieved instantly.

"But don't think you're out of the dog-house yet. For the rest of the month, YOU get to change Harry's nappies."

October 9th, 1980

For their last time in Chamber 8 – The rites and ritual chamber, Lily was a bit sad. She remembered what had happened here, and had not been happy, but the results were unmistakable. Harry's magic was growing at a phenomenal rate.

The new moon arrived at 2:50 AM this day. Lily and James had expected Harry's power rating to be around 310 as they came into the room, but when they tested him, he was at 325!

Lily was going to take care of both the expansion spell, and the power transfer spell. It wasn't that she didn't trust James… Okay, maybe it was that she didn't quite trust James again, but if there was anything that was going to go wrong, she would rather it be her that messed it up rather then James.

It seemed like the power transfer, and core expansion had helped in Harry's growth and development also.

At three months old, he looked more like five months old; he was rocking on his hands and knees just waiting to crawl around. As it was he would rock on his belly and do a type of army crawl with his forearms, he couldn't quite figure out how to get the feet involved with it. The other way he would move around is by rolling over from front to back.

He loved to see what trouble he could get into, and always laughed out loud when his mother or father came rushing over to stop him from rolling off a couch or down the stairs.

Harry was also starting to recognize people and things.

He loved it when uncles Mooney or Padfoot showed up, but was a bit distracted when Wormtail was there.

This was the last time they would be in the trunk. Even though it was only the 9th of October, they both felt that by obliviating each other now would give their minds time to recover, and place other memories in there to where it would be difficult to tell that they had been obliviated.

Like the true researcher she was, Lily started by recording the base measurements:

"Expected power rating without core enhancement – 165."

"Observed power rating at the beginning of the session – 325. Percentage of normal – 197 percent."

"Initiating Magical Core expansion charm: exporrigo magus umbilicus (expand the magical center)"!

"Measure the potential of the Magical Core: "'premetior quantiuas magus umbilicus' (Measure the size (magnitude) of the magical center)!" – 487."

"Initiating Power transfer:" Lily swallowed hard. She know what she had to do, but didn't like it. "transcribo virtus meus donare ad thee (Copy my strength/power (or courage / bravery) from me to thee)."

Just as in months prior, the a soft white beam connected between Harry and his mother's wand, it took a little longer for the color of the beam to change, but this time when it did, Lily kept the spell going. From red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, - Harry was starting to feel the discomfort of the spell now – to indigo. That's as far as Lily could take the spell. She couldn't intentional inflect pain. She quickly terminated the spell, and rushed over to pick up Harry and comfort him, and as she did, she repeated the blessing given to them from Sirius as she did every time she picked him up (meumaffectus serpire thee ex noceo ac ex mortis – (May my love protect you from harm and death)).

After a few minutes, she felt James' hand on her shoulder. "Come on Honey, we have to finish the documentation."

Placing Harry back on the power rune, Lily takes back out her wand and cast the final spell: "'premetior quantiuas magus umbilicus' (Measure the size (magnitude) of the magical center)!" – 612. Percentage of normal: 371 Percent."

"Okay now Lily, pick up little Harry and lets make sure every is ready to go back into Harry's amulet for the last time. Tonight, we have to obliviate ourselves regarding 1) the power block, 2) this trunk in Harry's amulet, 3) what we did to the Medi-witch when she came over to test Harry, and 4) the fact that Harry has an amulet."

"The expansion spells, measure power spell, and power transfer spell have all been added to the Potter family book of spells. As such, they do not need to be shared with the Ministry, however, we may want to share them with Frank and Alice. I mean, even if we can't tell them about the block on Neville's core, these spells should help expand his core some what."

Lily finished her notations, picked up Harry, and left the trunk for the last time.

Later that night, as James and Lily were ready to go to bed, they sat quietly facing each other.

"I hope we're doing the right things James." Lily said.

"I know, I hope we are too. Are you ready for this? Do you have all of the parameters and areas of the memory that you want erased clear in your mind? Make sure the memories are outside of your mental shields."

"Yes dear… lets just do it and get it over with!"

"Okay then, on three. One, Two, Three… OBLIVIATE!" They both yelled together.

After the initial confusion, Lily and James looked at each other, and at their wands in their hands, and just shrugged their shoulders. "Good night honey, I guess I was more tired then I thought." James said.

"Ya, me too, good night dear."

Returning to work was hard for James and Lily.

All Lily thought about every day was Harry, and the prophecy that may pertain to him. James, for his part, was kept busy chasing Death-eater attacks, tracking suspected Death-eaters, and trying to catch any break he could get in finding out more information on Voldemort's organization.

Harry, for his part, spent most of the day with Sirius. Lily wasn't too happy about that, given Sirius' jovial nature, but he was one of the few people they could trust. In fact, they were thinking seriously about asking him to be their 'secret keeper' when they went under the Fidelius Charm, when everything was set up and organized.

Most of the time Sirius would have Remus Lupin with him. Remus had a hard time getting a job in the wizarding world, so, he would gain employment in the muggle world. Currently Remus was working in a small specialty bookstore, not far from Diagon Alley. He had worked out an arrangement with the manager/owner of the store to have a 'short week' when there was a full moon for the day of the full moon, and the next two days after. This would give him time to recover before meeting the public again.

Sirius was nearly beside himself when James and Lily ask him to take care of Harry. His only concerns were, feedings, and changing the nappies. It was a good thing for Sirius that the Potter's house-elf, Sissy, helped him in those areas.

Harry was old enough to start to eat cereals, and strained fruits and vegetables, and luckily for Sirius, Lily would floo over during her breaks, and lunch to take care of the nappies, if Sissy hadn't already, so Sirius didn't have to worry about that most of the time.

What Sirius did enjoy was playing with Harry. Most of the time he would transform in to Padfoot, and play with Harry in his dog form.

Harry loved Padfoot. He would laugh at him when he changed into his animagus form; he would laugh as Padfoot brought him a toy to play with or would 'challenge' Harry for a toy by not letting go of it when Harry grabbed a toy. But most of all, Harry loved it when Sirius would hand him his bottle, then change in to Padfoot, and lay down behind him, so that Harry could lean against Padfoot, drink his bottle, and then go to sleep feeling warm and protected by HIS big, black dog.

On more then one occasion, Lily would floo over from her office to find both Harry and Padfoot sleeping together, in the middle of the floor. It looked so cute that Lily had to take several pictures of it. Of course there were those times that before the pictures were taken, Lily would have to have a bit of fun with Padfoot, by putting different color ribbons in his hair, and then take the picture. Needless to say, all of the other Marauders LOVED the pictures, but Sirius could do little about it, besides plotting evil things against Lily. He was never able to carry out any of his evil schemes though, because 1) Lily was too smart for him, and 2) James would literally KILL him if he did anything against Lily.

James and Lily did end up telling Frank, Alice, and Sirius about the core expedition spell that they had developed for Harry after swearing them to secrecy. They didn't tell them about the blockage on Neville's core because they had obliterated that information from their minds the month before. Alice was a little bit hurt that Lily wouldn't have told them right away, but Lily explained that they wanted to be sure no harm would come to the children before raising their hopes.

On November 7th, 1980, the new moon arrived at 10:43 PM Local time. Frank and Alice watched as James once again took care of the spell. After the Potters finished their monthly ritual, they watched as Frank and Alice did the same to Neville.

"I wish there were some way to know if the spell were actually working," Alice said. "But something must be happening; I mean it took a lot longer for Harry on the core expansion spell then Neville."

"Well, you know we can always use 'magnitudo de magica' spell to see the size of the magical core. But I think we should do it in private. Not that I have anything against either of you, it's just that we've been doing this to Harry for a few months, and we don't want you to get your hopes up too high that you will have the same type of results." Lily was hoping they would understand.

"I understand what you mean. One of the business men my father has dealings with in the muggle world has an old saying: 'Past performance does not guarantee future results' or something like that." Alice said. "We might end up being jealous, or we may exceed what you have done, but you do have at least a three months head-start on us."

"Thanks for being understanding. I wasn't sure how you would have taken it." Lily concluded. "Now, over the next month, don't be afraid to do magic around Neville. It seems, at least for Harry, that the more magic he is around, the stronger he is the next time we test him. Also, remember not to let ANYONE know – especially Dumbledore. The only reason we are doing this is because either Neville or Harry is the child mentioned in that damned prophecy. They will need to have every advantage they can get if they have to go up against that monster." Frank and Alice readily agreed.

Thus ended 1980, and began 1981. James and Frank were just as busy with Death-eaters; Lily was still working away trying to find more effective and more powerful spells for the aurors to use against the Death-eaters, Alice was working as an administrator's assistant in the Department of Mysteries, Harry was being watched by Sissy, Sirius and Remus, and Neville was being watched by his Gran.

Harry, for his part, had continued to grow and progress above the curve for children his age. At 10 months he was pulling himself up (and pulling lots of Padfoot's hair), at 11 months he was walking, and starting to talk. He could say 'Mama', and 'Papa', 'Yes', 'No', 'Prese' (Please), 'Burf' (Harry's way of barking), 'Dog', Uncle Moony, and 'Padfoot', along with a few others. It was cute to see Harry chasing Padfoot around the house saying "Dog! Burf! Burf!" as he tried to catch him. There were a few times that you could have sworn that Harry 'summoned' Padfoot to him!

When Sirius was asked about it, he said: "It felt like I was being summoned. One minute I would be running for my life, and the next minute, I was flying back towards Harry, and I would always land right in front of Harry to where he could grab both of my ears as tight as he could, pull my head towards him, and give me a big, fat kiss on the top of the head. There wasn't a thing I could do about it!

July 1st, 1981 came up and Lily noticed something on the calendar. There were two new moons in the month of July, 1981. One on July 1st at 7:03 PM, and again July 31st – a 'blue' moon, Harry's birthday, at 3:52 AM, just a few hours after he would be turning 1 year old!

Lily looked at it as a double blessing since she would be starting the memory expansion (enhancement) charm after Harry's birthday.

On the 31st of July, James and Lily had already decided to do the core expansion charm first since they were most familiar with that spell. For the first time, James wanted them to cast the spell together. James said: "Lily, instead of just casting the spell and letting it go, see what happens if we keep the spell on him, and put more power into the spell then we normally do." (Remember, they can't remember what they had done in the past.) Harry had been surrounded by soft blue light for nearly 20 minutes before it faded away. Lily had hoped that by both she and James casting the spell, the added power would decrease the time the spell had its influence on Harry.

"I don't know James. I don't want to put in too much power… but since Harry seems to be doing fine after all the other times we've done it… Okay, let's try it. But let's talk to Harry about it first. You know he is growing up quite fast."

"I'm good with that."

"Harry, honey, I know you're tired, but can you please listen to Mommy?"

"O tay." Harry answered.

"Okay, now Harry, Mommy and Daddy are going to try to help your magic grow bigger. We are going to cast a spell on you, and you might not feel very well, but we need you to hold still please. Okay?"

"O tay." Came Harry's response.

James sat Harry on the middle of the front room floor, after all of the toys and other items had been cleared away. Then, looking over at Lily, said: "One, two, three, GO! exporrigo magus umbilicus (Expand the magical core)."

As before, a light blue beam emanated from both parent's wand but when they fell upon Harry, they formed a darker blue aura. As the parent's kept the spell up, the aura became darker and darker.

"Um, dat good Mummy!" Harry stated.

After a few minutes though, and the aura went from blue to indigo to violet. Harry said: "Ouch! Ouch! Hurts!"

As soon as Harry said that, both parents terminated the charm, and were surprised to the aura around Harry dim from violet, to indigo, to blue, to green, to yellow, to orange, to red, and finally white, and quickly faded away.

Lily ran over and scooped Harry up. "We're sorry dear we didn't mean to hurt you. How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Full!" Was all Harry would say.

"Full? What do you mean you feel full?" James asked as he rubbed Harry on the back.

"Full!" Harry relied again.

"James, don't expect to carry on much of a conversation with a one year old okay?"

"Oh! Okay."

"Are you ready for one more honey?" Lily asked softly. It was quite early in the morning, and they knew that Harry would be sleeping most of the day after this next spell. It was a good thing that the 31st of July was a Friday, James and Lily just hoped that it would be a quiet weekend.

Harry shook his head yes, so Lily sat him back down on the floor. "I think only one of us should do this charm." Lily suggested. James shook his head and agreed.

'exporrigo affectio meminisse' (Expand the mind) Lily chanted. A soft yellow light fell on Harry as his eyes opened wide, and then slowly closed and Harry settled in to a peaceful sleep.

"Because of the 're-wiring' that is occurring in Harry's brain, His nervous system has placed him into a deep sleep so that the spell can do it's work. He should sleep for most of the day. Just tell Sirius not to disturb him. Come on James, we can still get a few hours sleep before we have to go to work today."

Harry's first Birthday Party

Because Harry slept most of the day, it was decided to have his party later that evening at around 8:00 PM.

There were the Longbottom's, and the Marauders, and a few people from work to wish Neville and Harry Happy Birthday.


At Harry's first birthday party, it seemed the pranks were going wild.

Lily found a Forever ice rose on her plate – James looked bewildered when he saw it and ask everyone where it came from.

Remus had to keep on banishing a small wolf cub that would follow him around and 'mark' him on his shoes as his own before he started chewing on his cloths.

Sirius was so busy laughing at the sight of the little wolf with Remus, that he didn't notice his own state of attire. It would appear that someone had changed Sirius' fine robe into something that looked like Remus has worn it after his last full moon. Of course, when everybody else stated laughing at Sirius, he didn't find it funny at all.

James was in trouble with Lily, due to the fact that, try as he may, a small, a child's size broom kept showing up around Harry. Lily had to be quick to grab it before Harry could get his hands on it. Harry made sure everyone know of his displeasure when he couldn't get the new broom.

Perhaps the one that was picked on the most at the party however, was Peter.

Wormtail had just arrived at the party when his robe caught on fire starting on his left sleeve. Next, when he went to stand up to go to the kitchen for dinner, he promptly fell over, his shoelaces having been tied together.

Dinner wasn't much better. There was a dribble glass; earthworms on his dinner plate; sour pumpkin juice in his glass; and spoiled icing on his piece of the birthday cake. It was almost too much for him.

All of the other marauders denied having anything to do with it, and Lily was appalled at all of the tricks that were being played on their 'good' friend.

End Flashback.

Harry was as happy as any one year old could be. He had parents who loved him, a godfather who tried to spoil him, a playmate his same age in Neville with whom he could share his toys with, and at least one 'uncle' that he loved dearly. The other 'uncle', Peter, made him feel sad and cold. He could never feel comfortable around him and would do anything he could to get away from him when he came close. Couldn't his parents feel it? Couldn't they see the black shadow that seemed to stay on Uncle Peter's arm? It felt bad, like it was going to hurt him. That was one of the main reasons why Harry didn't like Wormtail. He had been trying to make Uncle Wormtail go home all night. But now it was his bed time. Harry wasn't too worried about Uncle Wormtail right now, he was played-out now and was just looking forward to a nice nights rest so he could wake up and play with his new toys in the morning.

End of Chapter 5

Chapter 6 – One Dark and Stormy Night

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