Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 6 One Dark and Stormy Night

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?


Essences of Lily – Chapter 6 – One Dark and Stormy Night

At the Summers End

Tradition held that the end of the Celts year was called 'Samhain'. It was the time of the harvest, and the beginning of a new year.

Over the years, it came to be seen as a night of power. A night when the veil that separates our world from the world of the spirits was at its thinnest. It became 'All Hallows Eve' or Halloween.

Even though the people did not celebrate 'Samhain' as they use to, there was something about that day, that the Potters want to have all of their affairs in order by then. Not because the little ghost and goblins were going to be out visiting the neighbors, but because of the real evil that was about in the land.

'Lord' Voldemort liked to make a big 'display' on this year, as he viewed himself as the 'High Priest' of 'Samhain'. This year was to be no different.

James and Lily Potter wanted to have the Fidelius Charm cast on their home before 'All Hallows Eve'. It was decided that they would go into the Fidelius Charm the evening before – November 30th, 1981. They had just selected who the secret keeper would be for their Fidelius Charm would be.

Of course, everyone would expect Sirius Black to be their secret keeper since he and James were so close, however, to throw people off the track, both James and Lily thought it would be best to use somebody else. But whom could they trust with this type of secret?

Lily wanted to use Remus Lupin. He had proven himself in all types of situations to be a true, loyal and caring friend, one that would not betray their trust.

There was only one problem; Remus was a werewolf.

While that should not eliminate Remus from consideration in Lily's mind, werewolves were seen as 'dark' creatures, leaning to the side of evil. Voldemort had been actively recruiting werewolves into his army with the promise that they would be treated fairly, and be given greater power and freedom when he came into power. That was a lie of course on Voldemort's part, but he needed the ferocious beasts on his side to help win the war – then, after the war was won, he would 'dispose' of the problem in his own – 'unique' way.

It wasn't fair, but it was enough to raise a shadow of doubt in James' mind about using his good friend from school.

And then there was Peter Pettigrew – Wormtail.

A very unremarkable wizard if ever there was one. It seemed that no one ever noticed him – except to belittle him. He held one of the lowest ranking clerk jobs in the Ministry since graduating from Hogwarts, and had never been promoted. It was almost like he wasn't there. But he had access to almost every bit of information in the Ministry since he was the one everyone yelled at to go and get this report, or gather that scroll. He had been very helpful to Voldemort in keeping him informed of what was going on in the Ministry.

Lily felt a little sorry for the man, but to be honest, he gave her the creeps.

It was like she could feel his eyes on her, lusting after her, when no one else was looking. She felt uneasy around him, and it seemed that Harry did also.

After arguing for several days, if not weeks, it was decided that Sirius would be the secret keeper. But Sirius – trying to be cleaver, convinced them to use Peter instead.

No one was to know of the switch. Not even Dumbledore.

James and Lily worked with Professor Dumbledore on how to perform the Fidelius Charm. It would require rune be cast on four stones, and these stones to be placed on the four corners of the property. These runes would 'power' the Fidelius Charm. A 'sealing' charm, would activated the connection between the rune stones, and 'draw' the land under the Fidelius.

One of the problems with the Fidelius charm is that it is not compatible with any other protective charm or ward so as the rune stones are activated, and the Fidelius charm closes; all other protection that was on the land is removed.

The last part of the charm was to implant the knowledge of the location of the land covered by the runes into the secret keeper. It was only the secret keeper that could tell others about the location under the Fidelius charm. This could either be by verbally telling someone the secret, or by writing the information down and freely giving to another person.

Lily had taken the time to compute the distance markings that had to be placed on each rune stone with the rune, and with James and Harry, went to each corner of the property and carefully placed the stones. Then, by activating a special charm on the stones, a dark violet line went out from each of the stones, connecting them together. This not only marked the boundary of the land, but also showed the exact center of the property.

The spell had to be performed from the center point so that everything could be drawn in there.

James, Lily, Harry, and now Peter also stood in the center of Godric's Hollow.

Joining their wands together, Lily and James pointed to the northern most rune and pronounced: 'incoho fidelius' (Begin the Fidelius). Then to the southern most rune and pronounced: 'incoho fidelius' (Begin the Fidelius). Then to the east; and finally to the west.

After they and completed the initial charm, you could see four shafts of dark violet light shooting up into the sky, enclosing the property, and interceding in the middle.

The next part of the charm was to bring everything together.

Again starting with the northern most point, the Potters pronounced: 'conduco fidelius' (draw / bring together the Fidelius), and going from right to left, drew their wands from the north corner, to the east corner, to the south corner, to the west corner, and back to the north corner. Then, without stopping, drew their wands toward the center of the property. The affect of this was to close up all the property into an area that was outside normal space – folded space if you would. As such, it was very difficult to perform.

James and Lily were trying their hardest to get the charms to come together to the center of the land. They had been working for 20 minutes straining against the forces of nature.

Harry had been sitting on the center point where the forces of the Fidelius crossed. He could tell that his Mummy and Daddy were having trouble with this spell. It must be very important to them if they were working this hard to get something done. Without even thinking, Harry stood up and placed one hand each of their legs, willing them to be strong and to have the power they would need to finish the charm.

As soon as Harry touched James and Lily's leg, they felt a renewed surge of power come over them. It still took another five minutes to close the charm, and bring it to the center.

When the four walls of the Fidelius touched, the land, house, trees, everything vanished and James, Lily, Harry, and Peter were left in an empty field.

Raising their wands one more time, with Harry still hanging onto their legs, James and Lily pointed their wands at Peter and said: 'servo servare fidelius' (watch over and protect Fidelius).

For a moment Peter just stood there raveling in the power that he was feeling. He knew the secret! He had the power to revel! For once he had something no one else in the world had! Not even James! The sensation was almost overwhelming.

James cleared his throat, and Peter came out of his raveling. "Ah, Peter, I seem to have forgotten where I live, but I get the feeling that you may have some idea."

Peter laughed. It was a strange feeling for him to have the upper hand not only over James, but Lily also. He though, briefly, about not tell them, but knew that there was another situation that he could benefit from.

Standing up proudly Peter looked at each of the Potters, and clearly said: "James, Lily, and Harry Potter live at Godric's Hollow." As if by 'magic' Godric's Hollow reappeared in front of them.

Going inside, Peter said, "I'm going to write a few notes so that you can show this information to Sirius, and Remus, and maybe give one Dumbledore so he can notify some of the members of the Order. Well, I'd better be going now, I have some other people to meet."

With that Peter left. Immediately Lily knew something was wrong… very wrong.

James felt safe and comfortable and wanted to go straight to bed. Lily however was nervous. 'Who would Peter be meeting at this time of the night?'

"James, I know it's late, but I would feel a lot better if we at least let Albus, Sirius, and Remus knew where we are at." Lily stated.

"Why honey, what's wrong?

"I'm not sure James. But don't you find it a little bit strange that Peter said he had someone to meet this late at night?"

"Ya, that is kind of strange… Okay, just to be on the safe side we'll let those three know where we are and I'll leave this one note with Albus if he wants to let anyone else know."

James headed for the fireplace, took a pinch of floo powder, and said "Headmasters office, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"Well Harry, Daddy's going to be gone for a while. Why don't I put you to bed."

"I want to thank you little man for helping your Daddy and me cast the Fidelius Charm." Lily said to Harry as she carried him up to his bed. "I don't think we could have done it without you."

Harry for his part just rested his head on his mothers shoulder, listening to her heart and smelling her perfume with his hand in his mouth.

"I know you may not be able to understand me Harry, but I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. When I say 'meum affectus serpire thee ex noceo ac ex mortis' I mean it. I hope my love can protect you from harm and death. You see, I think we have just made a big mistake. I think Peter is going to turn on us and I think it is going to be soon."

"Tomorrow is Halloween – All Hallows Eve – the most magical day of the year. I'm afraid HE will be coming for us tomorrow. HE will be trying to kill the children of the prophecy. But to do that, HE will have to go through ME."

"I will protect you with all the love I have, but after tomorrow sweetheart, I'm afraid you will be alone in the world. Don't worry though, Mummy and Daddy have taken precautions to make sure Uncle Sirius will take good care of you so you won't have to go stay Mummy's mean sister Petunia."

"Your schooling will be all taken care of, and you will have the opportunity to learn from Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. The best Headmaster Hogwarts has ever had." Harry laughed sleepily at the funny sounding name.

When Lily got to Harry's room, she just sat in the rocking chair that was in his room and just held him. Her heart was aching right now thinking of what they had done. The only protection they now had over Godric's Hollow was the Fidelius Charm, and it was only as good as the secret keeper. Lily knew that Peter had sold them out. It was just a matter of time – and more then likely tomorrow night.

When James got home about an hour later, he found Lily still holding Harry in the rocking chair. He noticed that Lily had a tear stain on her cheeks. Why had she been crying? There was something in the way that Lily was holding on to Harry that gave James the impression that she didn't think she would be holding him for much longer.

He placed a cushion charm on the chair and on the floor, and a sticking charm on Harry so that he wouldn't slip off of Lily. James then lay down on the floor, and got ready to sleep next to his wife and son. "Nox" he said as the lights went out.

Scene – Lord Voldemort's headquarters – Riddle Manor

Wormtail changed into his Death-eaters uniform quickly. This was a proud moment for him. He had done it! He had become the secret keeper for the Potters! His Lord would be very pleased with this information.

Apparating to Riddle Manor, Wormtail made his way into his Lord's chamber. No matter how may times he had been there he was still intimidated by Lord Voldemort and the raw power this man had.

Entering quietly, Wormtail waited until his Lord called him forward.

"Ah, Wormtail, what information have you brought me this night concerning the Potters?"

Wormtail hurried to Lord Voldemort's throne, kneeled, and kiss the hem of his rode.

"My Lord, I bring you great news this night. The Potters have entered into a Fidelius charm, and have made me their secret keeper!"

In Wormtail's joy he didn't even studded while delivering his report. Voldemort was impressed.

"Wormtail! My faithful servant! You have indeed done well this evening and just in time too. Tomorrow is Samhin – the summer's end. The time when magic is at it's strongest. We must take advantage of this situation."

"You deserve a reward for your good work this night, Wormtail. What would you have your Lord grant to you?"

Voldemort already knew of Wormtail's lust for Lily. He had to admit; she would be a fine charms or potions mistress to add to his army, even if it had to be under an IMPERIUS curse.

Wormtail hung his head. This was too good to be true! His 'Lord' was about to grant him his hearts desire! He had to be very careful as to how he phrased his request.

"My Lord," Wormtail begin, "Severing you is reward enough! However, if you could be so gracious to one of your lowly servants… Give me Lily Potter."

"Ah, Wormtail! Yes, I can see the lust that you have for her in your mind! But a mudblood? It doesn't matter, she will be yours if you can get her to hand over her son to me!" Voldemort knew enough about Lily Potter to know that she would never hand her baby over to Wormtail, or anyone else if he were near, but it took so little to keep Wormtail happy.

"Tha… Thank you m… my Lord!" Wormtail then kneeled again and kissed the hem of Voldemort's robe before leaving the chamber.

"Bellatrix! Get in here!"

Bellatrix entered the room and bowed gracefully before Voldemort while kissing the hem of his robe.

"What do you wish my Lord? Your most loyal and faithful servant awaits to do your bidding."

"Bellatrix, Wormtail here has just brought me the most wonderful new regarding the Potters. They are now virtually defenseless. I am going to attend to the Potters with Wormtail tomorrow night, while you, your husband, and brother-in-law attend to the Longbottom's. I believe you said something about payback and revenge?"

Bellatrix Lestrange's eyes looked as if they were on fire. The previous time she had met Alice Longbottom, she had been hit with a rather nasty flaming whip curse that not only killed her unborn baby (she had just found out she was pregnant), but it also made it so that she could not have any more children. What she wanted more than just about anything in the WORLD was revenge on Alice Longbottom. The only question was what would she do first? Kill her child in front of her eyes? Use the INCENDI SCUTICAE (Fire Whip) on her to tear her body to pieces? Or just use the Cruciatus curse on her until she went crazy?

Bellatrix was brought out of her daydream by her 'Lord'; "Bella! Prepare your team. We strike at midnight!"

"Yes, my Lord! Thank you my Lord!"


This whole day had seemed surreal.

The Potters all slept late on Halloween day due to the amount of energy they had used in putting up the Fidelius charm the night before. It wasn't until Sirius and Remus came over for lunch that things started stirring in the Potters home.

"Hey you guys, what are you all doing in here? Did Harry having a hard time sleeping last night?" Sirius asked.

"Oh, Good morning Sirius, Remus, what brings you over here so early?" James asked.

"What do you mean early? It's after 12:00 noon! Come on Lily, I hungry, and I sure Harry could use something to eat too."

"Okay big boy. Here, Sirius, you take Harry and I'll go get something to eat. Ah, James, why is Harry stuck to me?"

"Oh, sorry, when I came in here last night I didn't have the heart to take him off of you, so I put a sticking charm on him so he wouldn't slip off." James' replied.

"Well, could you please take it off of me? We don't want to see Sirius waste away to nothing you know. I know Remus can take care of himself."

"Ah Lily, your too kind" said Remus.

With that, James got up and removed the sticking spell from Harry.

"Here you go Sirius. Why don't you change his nappy while I go get something for us to eat?" Said Lily.

Sirius held Harry out at arms length looking at him. "Ah, James, didn't you say this was one of the advantages of being a father? Changing nappies?"

"Come on Sirius, hand him here, I'll show you how it's done. Don't tell me in all the time you've been watching Harry you've never changed his nappies?"

"Well, I usually wait for Lily to show up on one of her breaks, or at lunch time or let Sissy take care of it. I consider myself very lucky not to have had the pleasure."

"Well then, come on now, I show you how it's done. It really not that hard and I think that Harry will probable be able to potty train in the next few month."

By the time the men got back to the kitchen, Lily had a light luncheon spread set out for them complete with coffee and tea.

"Tell us how the Fidelius charm went last night James." Remus asked. He always seemed interested in learning more about magic. For his part, Remus was still under the impression that Sirius was the secret keeper – after all, he wasn't present when James and Lily made the change, and it was James that had delivered the note with the location of the Potters. If he would have thought more about it, or viewed his memories in a Pensive, he would have realized that the hand writing on the note was Peter's and not Sirius'.

"Well, it was a lot harder then what I had expected, even with both of us working on it." James started.

They then took turns explaining, in general terms, what had happened last night.

Lily took over the conversation; "I didn't think we were going to be able to close the conduco fidelius part of the charm, but just before I gave up, little Harry here, stood up and placed his hand on my and James' leg. All at once, I felt a renewed power and energy. It only took about five minutes after that to get the fidelius charm closed. How did you feel about it James?"

"Pretty much the same was as you described it. I was exhausted before Harry joined us. At the time, I thought it was just the thought of protecting him that made me move on. But now that you mention it, it was like a surge of power entering into my body that helped me finish the spell. I wouldn't have known that Harry would have had that type of power, or would be able to share it with us like that."

"I've noticed that Harry is always in the top 5 percent of his age group as far as growth," said Remus. "Have you ever had him tested as to his magical strength?"

James and Lily both looked at each other. "Ah… Yes, we have Remus, but we would like to keep that private if we could." Lily said. "I know when the medi-witch was here she said something about him having a power rating of 40 or something like that."

Lily had always been a bad lair.

Sirius and Remus just looked at each other with a somewhat confused expression on their faces at her answer.

After a strained moment of silence, Sirius spoke up again: "Well, James, Lily, do you have plans for this special evening? Are you going out anywhere?"

"No, I think we should just stay here at home, especially after just having a Fidelius placed on our home. What good is the charm if we aren't under its protection?" James replies.

"Your right of course, especially with Voldemort still out there. Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then." Said Sirius. Remus just waved and started to follow him to the floo.

Before they could get to the fireplace, Lily jumped up with Harry in her arms and ran after them.

"Sirius!" She cried out, "Before you go, do you think you could give 'The Blessing of the Heir' one more time to Harry?"

Sirius stopped and looked at Lily. He could see the want, hope and 'loss?' in her eyes. He walked over to Harry, and, placing his right hand on his head said – with all the feeling and love he could muster: 'meum affectus serpire thee ex noceo ac ex mortis' and then he leaned forward and kissed Harry on the top of the head. When Sirius looked back up to Lily she was crying. "Thank you Sirius, Thank you." Was all she whispered.

Looking back between Harry and Lily, Sirius gave a half smile, and said: "Your welcome Lily, anything for Harry." With that he turned, and with Remus floo'ed out of the Potter Home.

"Lily? Are you alright?" James asked.

"Yes James, I'm alright now." She lied.

For the rest of day, James rested while Lily wrote down anything she could think of to tell Harry, and put it a trunk next to her (not the same trunk hidden in Harry's amulet – She doesn't know anything about it). She was hoping that she would be able to shrink the trunk, and place it with Harry, so that who ever found him could give it to him. Lily also kept two special message quills near the fireplace. These were specially treated quills that would go to a specific person via the floo network should trouble arise. One was designed to go to Sirius, the other to go to Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix.

James couldn't help but see all the precautions Lily was taking and confronted her about it.

"Lily, why all these precautions? What do you think could possible go wrong?"

"James, it hurts me to say this, but I am sure we have been sold out by Peter. Things just don't add up. The feeling got even worse when he became the secret keeper. It was like he held our lives in his hands, and he raveled in the power and control that he had. And then that comment about meeting people last night. There is only one group of people that would be up that late at night; that would be Death-eaters!"

"If my hunch is correct we can expect a visit from Wormtail and Lord Voldemort and possible others tonight!"

"Well, what do you want to do? Go to Dumbledore? Set a trap here? What?" James was a bit upset. And even though he did not want to lose faith in his friend, he also didn't want to reject his wife's concerns.

Lily just shook her head 'no' and said: "This is all part of the Prophecy and fate. There is nothing really that we can do. We have tried to prepare Harry as best as we can, and somehow, he will make it through to see tomorrow."

Lily's eyes were wet, she had seen her death, but she knew that Harry would survive.

The time had slipped away. It was nearly midnight on Samhain – Halloween.

Lily had gathered Harry in her arms, and had shrunk the trunk that held all of her personal notes to him, and placed it around his neck and hid it from all muggles and magical senses (This is a second trunk and charm, she and James don't remember the first set).

As the clock struck 12:00 Midnight, the door was blown off of its hinges by a strong Reductor Curse. There standing in the doorway, in full Death-eater uniform, was their one-time friend, Peter Pettigrew.

"Lily, I'm Home!" He joked.

Behind him, Lord Voldemort, with his red eyes flashing, stepped forward, not wanting to waste any time.

"Move out of the way you pathetic moron!" he hissed.

Lily picked up Harry, and banished the message quills to the fireplace.

Voldemort was angry that the Potters were not totally unprepared for their arrival and made is displeasure known to Wormtail. "Wormtail! Find out where those message quills went to and stop them if you can. If I am interrupted before I am finished, I will take out my displeasure on YOU!"

"Ye… Yes My L…Lord" Wormtail shuddered. And jumped into the fireplace after the message quills.

"Take Harry and run!" James said. "I'll try to hold him off for as long as I can! Lily, I love you, and I'm sorry."

With that James Potter stood to face his fate.

"Well, James. We meet again. I think this time your luck has run out."

"Leave now Voldemort! I will not let you pass!"

"Now, Now James. Such a fine pureblood family - it would be a shame for that family to end tonight. I give you one last chance, join me and you and your wife shall live. All I am after is the boy."

"NEVER!" James yelled. With that the dual was on.

James knew he had to hit Voldemort with everything he had quickly to try to injure, slow him down, or – if he were extremely lucky – kill him.

James used his most powerful blasting spell on him, but Voldemort just flicked his wrist, and the spell crashed into the wall, leaving a gaping hole.

He tried again, and again; blasting the ceiling above him to try and have the roof fall on him, or blast the floor out from underneath him, to make him fall into a hole. He used the rubble to get into Voldemort's way so that he couldn't see what was coming at him, but it was like a gnat trying to fight an elephant.

Unnoticed by James, Wormtail came back through the floo in his animagus form. Wormtail snuck around the back of James and turned back into his human form.

'Stupefy!' came the shout from Wormtail. James didn't have a chance to move, and was struck down.

Lord Voldemort walked coldly up to where James was laying, and in a cold hard voice said: "Now you see there is nothing you can do against me. Good-bye James – 'Avada Kedavra'! And a cold green light sped towards James, and a moment later, he was dead.

As he died, his wand rolled free from his hand, and before Wormtail or Voldemort could get it, it vanished from sight.

"Such a pity, it would have been a nice entry to my collection."

"Now Wormtail, where would Lily and the Brat be?"

"Up… Up in the nursery My… My Lor… Lord."

"Then let us go quickly! Your prize awaits!" Voldemort knew that that was all he had to say to get Wormtail's mind off of the fact that he had just killed one of his only true friends.

As they headed to the nursery, Voldemort asked: "What did you do with the message quills?"

"Dum… Dumbledore's I redirected to the Hog's Head – no one will notice it there. I didn't get Sirius Black's quill in time, bu… but I was able to close his floo, and put up an anti-apparition ward over his house. We will not be dis… disturbed Master."

"You had better hope for your sake you are correct Wormtail!"

In the nursery, Lily was holding on to Harry for dear life, she did not want to let him go.

'I must protect him, I must protect him – but how?' was all she was thinking.

They had been able to transfer / copy some of their power from themselves to Harry, could she try to transfer ALL of her power and knowledge to him?

They had only been doing the mind expansion spell for the last three months, would that be enough to hold everything that she knew? She had to try it.

Bringing her occlumency shields up to full strength, she turned them outward to expose all of her thoughts and knowledge, at the same time casting a spell she had never tried before: 'transcribo cognitionis meus donare ad thee' (A copy of my knowledge, belonging to me, I grant to thee).

It was not a pleasant experience for either of them but after several minutes, Lily could tell that at least everything she knew regarding magic, was now in Harry's mind.

Lily now had to try to give Harry all of the power she possessed.

Instead of using the charm that they had for every other power transfer, Lily said: 'condono virtus meus donare ad thee' (I give up, or give away my power to thee).

This time the beam from Lily's wand started out as the deepest red, and was progressing through all of the colors of the rainbow.

Behind her, she heard the door to the nursery being blown off of it hinges.

"Give me the boy!" Voldemort hissed.

"No! Not Harry! Take me! Spare him!"

"Stand aside you silly girl!"

"Not Harry! Please, take me, kill me instead!"

By now the beam between Lily's wand, and Harry, was dark purple. Lily kept her back to Voldemort and Wormtail so that they could not see what she was doing.

"Lily! Please give him the boy! We can still be together! I will always love you and together we can do great things for our Lord and Master, Voldemort!" Wormtail said.

"Even before what you have done tonight Peter, I could never love you or care for you like I do Harry and James!" Lily shouted.

Without warning Voldemort roared: 'Avada Kedavra'!






Lily could feel the curse hit her full in the back. It entered into her body and sought out her magical core. But her magical core was now tightly connected to Harry's magical core!

'Oh, Dear Lord! What have I done!'

She could 'see' the Avada Kedavra curse in all it's parts and pieces. She could see the amount of magic that was used to cast the spell. She could see the emotions that were required to cast such a 'dark' spell. But there was still more.

There, in the energy stream – a small piece of 'Tom Riddle?' 'Who was that?'

Not his 'soul', but his Magic – part of his core – his knowledge – his power.

Lily 'turned' around in time to see herself, her magic, and that of Voldemort and this 'Tom Riddle' all follow the magical connection that she had with Harry.

All of her magic entered Harry's core. Lily could see that the core still had room to grow, and it is a good thing that it did!

The power rush from the magic behind the Avada Kedavra entered Harry's core stretching it well past anything point it had been stretched to in the past, but since the core was use to stretching like this in the past, it held and did not rupture.

The curse it's self was stopped and contained by a silver, multi-layer 'blanket' for lack of a better word, came up and surrounded it to where it did not hurt Harry.

'The Blessing of the Heir' Lily thought. 'Sirius said that it had a layering effect, the more times you used it, the more layers of protection you would have!'

The piece of 'Tom Riddle' magical core did not enter Harry's core, but did attach it's self to his core by tiny tendrils of magic. Then it started to drain some of the magic away from Harry, but since the 'Tom Riddle' core was ridged, it could only take a little bit of the magic that was being held in Harry's core – it was acting like a 'relief value' on the core.

Right now, there was enough 'pressure' in Harry's core to keep 'Tom Riddle's magic from mixing with his, but it would only be a matter of time before that happened, and when it did, who knew what would happen.

Lily knew that her body was 'dead' for all intents and purposes. She did not know how long it would be before her soul was removed from Harry's body but she knew it wouldn't be long.

'Mummy? How can you be here Mummy?' Harry could feel his mother's existence in his body, in his mind, and by his magic.

'Mummy? What is that bad man doing? Why is uncle Peter with him? Mummy? Why is your body on the floor, but I can feel you in my heart?'

'Listen sweetheart, Mummy doesn't have much time! Uncle Peter works for that bad man. Uncle Peter told that bad man where we lived so that he could kill us all.'

'Sweetheart, Mummy wants you to know home much I love you, and I am going to try to always be with you. Honey, I don't know if I can, but I need to use some of your power from your core to try to do one last spell.

Lily's 'spirit' stretched her hand and placed it through the wall of Harry's Magical Core. Wishing with all her heart that this would work, she uttered her last spell: linquo meus coris hic (Leave my essences (mind/soul/spirit) here, in this place).

As Lily finished the incantation, her soul from her body entered the great ethos, on to the next great adventure; her wand disappeared, to go to the Potter vault, and in sub-conscious of Harry's mind, a perfectly formed mental automaton of Lily Evans Potter appeared.

'Well, it looks like I have a lot of work to get this mind organized and protected'. Lily said.

Meanwhile back in the nursery…

Voldemort looked very please with himself. Two of the last three Potter's were dead at his hand, and soon the third and last of the Potter's would also be dead.

Wormtail, however, was shocked speechless. HIS Lily was dead! Voldemort had barely given him any time to talk to her to get her to turn the baby over! He knew that if he had been given time, he could have gotten her to give him the baby.


Voldemort looked at Wormtail. "CRUCIO! Quiet you worthless little man! Do not try to counsel me! I am here to show the world that there is no one that can conquer me! I do not fear any child of prophecy and I will eliminate anyone to get to my way… ANYONE Wormtail… do I make myself clear?" he hissed coldly.

"Ye… Yes mm… my L…Lord. Please, forgive me." Wormtail whimpered.

Voldemort turned his attention back to Harry.

"So, you are one of the children of prophecy? I will take great pleasure in killing you and eliminating such a weak pureblood family from the wizarding world! 'Avada Kedavra'!

Voldemort, Wormtail and Harry all watched the sick green spell speed toward Harry. Within Harry, however, the first 'Avada Kedavra' that had come from Lily seemed to be attracted to the second 'Avada Kedavra' currently coming to him from Voldemort.

Before the second curse could get to Harry, the first curse, still wrapped in the 'blanked' of 'The Blessing of the Heirs' found the most direct path to the curse via the center of Harry's forehead and out.

As it came out, it left a distinctive 'lightning bolt' cut in the forehead. The power core of 'Tom Riddle' was also pulled to the source of the second curse, but could not leave due to the fact that it had tendrils attached to Harry's main magical core. So instead, it became lodged behind the cut in Harry's head.

As 'The Blessing of the Heirs' left Harry, turned ridged just long enough to fully reflect Voldemort's second 'Avada Kedavra' curse back to him. Voldemort did not have time to move before the full force of both of his own curses hit him.

The resulting explosion totally obliterated Voldemort's body leaving him less then a spirit.

To say the least, Wormtail was shocked beyond words.

His 'Lord' and 'Master' had been 'killed' by a 15-month-old baby!

Wormtail was brought out of his shock when he heard the angry roar of a magically enhanced Triumph motorcycle 'Sirius!' He had to get out of their FAST! 'ACCIO VOLDEMORT'S WAND'! As soon as Wormtail had the wand, he changed into his animagus form, and left the house.

Sirius' rage

As soon as Sirius saw Lily's quill come out of the fireplace, he knew the Potters were in trouble.

Getting over the shock, he grabbed his wand and cape and headed to the fireplace. Grabbing a hand full of floo powder, he through it into the fireplace. "GODRIC'S HOLLOW" he yelled as he ran into the fireplace, only to hit the back of the wall and fall backward out of it. "What in the world? Why would the floo be closed?."

So next he ran outside to try to apparate there – again nothing happened. Anti-apparition wards had been set up around his house.

Sirius knew he was wasting time! Right now every moment counted. But what could he use to get there? His Bike! It was faster then a broom, and right now he needed to get some of the adrenalin out of his system by trying to blow something up.

He reached into his pocket, and took out what looked like a model motorcycle and set it on the ground.

'ENGORGIO' he shouts and stands back as the motorcycle grows to full size.

Jumping on the bike, he forgoes the helmet, and just starts it up and leaves as quickly as he can.

With a top speed of 564 KPH (350 MPH), Sirius is at Godric's Hollow in a matter of minutes.

As he concentrates on the note that James had given him the night before, he sees Godric's Hollow come into view. And what he sees does not please him.

The door to James and Lily's home has been blown to pieces.

The front room and living room area looked like a small war zone. 'Well someone didn't go down without a good fight.' He thought – then he saw James' body. "No James! No! No!" He ran over to him and saw a 'stupefy' mark on his back, but no other marking. His eyes were open, and his hands empty. 'Well, I don't see a snapped wand anywhere.' Sirius looked back behind James where the stunning spell would have come from. There in the settled dust, you could see where someone had changed from a rat to a 'man'. 'Wormtail!'

He came out of his shock when he heard Harry crying in the nursery. 'Could Wormtail and Voldemort still be here? If they are, I'd probable have a better chance against them as Padfoot.'

Sirius quickly changed in to Padfoot and ran for the nursery and quickly and quietly as he could. As he got close, he began to sniff the air to see if he could tell who was in there. 'It smells like death. I hope Lily got that rat before HE got her.'

Changing back into Sirius, he looks in quickly to assess the situation. What he sees shocks him.

The room looks like it has been the center of an explosion. All the glass is blown out, the wallpaper and paint has been burned off and scared. Hardly any of the furniture is left intact.

On he ground is Lily's body, with Harry, bleeding from the forehead next to her trying to wake her up.

"Up Mummy, up prease." He says over and over.

Over by Harry's crib is a robe of blood red – Voldemort's robe – It's still smoldering, what every happened here, one thing was sure.

Voldemort was Dead!

"Harry… Harry… come on son, we have to get out of here. It isn't safe for you right now. Can you tell me what happened?

Harry looked up with tear filled eyes and said: "Mummy not get up! Uncle Peter with bad man! Bad Uncle Peter!"

"Harry, I know you're too young to understand right now, but Mummy and Daddy won't wake up. They have gone to the next big adventure. They have gone to where they can look over you always. Please son, come with me we need to get out of here, it's not safe."

"Otay Paddy. Carry me?" And Harry lifted his arms up to Sirius.

Sirius' heart was near breaking as he saw his godson look so helpless, but trusting at the same time. He reached down and picked up his loving Harry.

Just as he made it out the front door, the hairs on the back of Sirius' neck stood straight up. Rolling to his left, Sirius protected Harry in his arms as well as he could as a large bolt from a crossbow went over his head.


"So, it is yu Sirius! I 'ought yu luv'd James en Lily bettr thn 'at!"

"What are you talking about Hagrid, I came here after I received a message quill from Lily. When I tried the floo-network, it was closed off, when I tried to apparate, there were wards around my house to where I couldn't, so I had to take my bike. I just got here a few minutes ago, and found James and Lily dead, and little Harry up in the nursery trying to wake up his Mum. The other things I found were RAT footprints that turn into a humans, and a blood red robe that could only belong to Voldemort – BUT HE'S NOT IN IT." Something that either Lily or Harry did killed Voldemort!"

"Codswoller! Neir one of 'em 'ould be powrful nough ta do someing like 'at! 'Wat's the real story? The 'ony way 'ou-know-'ho could 'ave been 'ere is if the secret-keeper broung him 'ere. And everybody 'nows THE SECRET KEEPER IS YOU!" Hagrid roared.

"No, James and Lily changed at the last minute. They thought that every one would expect me to be the secret-keeper, but we changed at the last minute to throw everyone off (Sirius couldn't mention who the new secret-keeper was). We didn't even tell Dumbledore in case one of the portraits was leaking information to Voldemort!"

"I 'dona care wat ya say. I 'ave strict oraders from Dumbledore his self to bring little 'arry back ta 'ogwarts right now! I 'dona wnt to fig't ya Sirius, but thems is me orders."

"But I'm his godfather Hagrid! At least let me come with you."

"Sor'y Sirius, Dumbledore said just 'arry. Maybe ya can come by later."

"I don't like this one bit Hagrid! I'm Harry's godfather! I'm the one James and Lily want to take care of him! I really don't care what Dumbledore has planed right now, I'm the one who should be taking care of Harry! Please Hagrid!"

Hagrid held his ground. "Sor'y Sirius, I have me oraders. I prom'sd Dumbledore that I would bring 'arry to 'im direct'y. Ah 'wear on me 'agic, no 'arm will 'ome to 'im".

Sirius knew is his current frame of mind he was in no position to fight Hagrid. Being a half giant made him made him resistant to most spells, and besides, Hagrid was a good man who would do EVERYTHING in his power to fulfill Professor Dumbledore's order, and keep Harry safe.

"Okay Hagrig, you take Harry to Dumbledore, just take care of him like your life depends upon it because it does!"

Sirius slowly handed a now sleeping Harry over to Hagrid. "Be well Harry."

"Hagrid, take my motorcycle and keep it safe. I'll be by to see Harry as quickly as I can, but for right now… I have me a Rat to catch."

End of Chapter 6

Chapter 7 – The missing day

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