Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 7 – The Missing Day

AN – The following answers some of those questions:

1. The second trunk Lily is getting ready for Harry is a regular trunk. She does not remember anything about the trunk in the Amulet. This second trunk will just be shrinking this trunk down to the size of a deck of playing cards, and hanging it around his neck like a necklace. The amulet is hidden from magical and muggle sight.

2. The Knowledge transfer spell is one that Lily only uses just before her death (She is a Charm's mistress after all). The spell that the Potters were using on Harry from the time that he was 1 year old until just 5 days before their demise, was a mental expansion spell – to make his brain better equipped to handle any new information he comes across (more synopsizes between brain hemispheres).

3. Dumby (your word, not mine – though I might agree) will not be able to tell how powerful Harry really is. The Amulet will prevent that spell from working (whole in my script after month 3). Prior to month 4, when the Potters were testing Harry, the Amulet would have been off of him so that the magnitudo de magica –(size of magic) spell would have worked. If Dumby tries any other spell to try to measure the size of Harry's core, he will get a very erratic reading (one time 9, the next time 100 – but never too high to scare the D-man).

4. Harry is going to be A LOT smarter in this story then in the books, but it will not come all at once. Remember, Lily's essence is working in his sub-conscious mind. Right now little Harry is not even aware of her, but that will change between ages 2 and 3, but it won't start training him yet – still a bit too young.

5. Things will be different at the Dursleys. Harry will still be treated almost like a house elf, but he will not be abused. He will be in the cupboard under the stairs, but it will have a 'familiar feeling' (something about his mother casting a spell on the room or something [hint, hint). And besides, he has to have somewhere to put his trunks [hint, hint again.

6. Harry will do very well in school, but will not 'out shine' all the rest.

7. Don't worry about not using the trunk for training – yet, but reading and studying? Yes. He has a lot of books to read in his family's library – Hermione won't know what hit her when she goes to school. Physical training won't start until Harry is at least 8 or 9 years. I don't care who you are, your body has to grow and mature as a sane rate. If you push physical training too soon, you can actually stunt the growth of the body – with, or without magic.

8. The empty chamber number 9 is directly from RossWrock's great work 'The Power of Time' – Please read it.

9. I know that Samhain would be celebrated at sundown, but it's much more dramatic if everything happens at midnight.


Disclaimer: This story is based on characters created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

The term 'Ma' is from 'A Tabby and Her Kit' by uber grasshopper

Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?


Essences of Lily – Chapter 7 – The Missing Day

Halloween Night – 11:59 PM

Hagrid had stepped in to The Hog's Head Tavern in Hogsmeade in his large musk ox coat to protect him from the cold. He had planned on a quiet evening with just himself and a 'small' mug of mead to celebrate Samhain.

"Bar-keep if ya please! 'ow a'bout a mug a mead to 'art off with:" Hagrid bellows as he comes in to the tavern.

He just gets up to the bar, when the fireplace at the Tavern turned green – announcing the arrival of someone via floo. This was highly unusual since this fireplace was not connected to the floo network.

The bar keeper (Albus Dumbledore's brother, Aberforth) had his wand out ready to stun who ever came through. Everyone was quite surprised when the only thing that came through was a writing quail.

The quail flew directly to Aberforth, who caught it and looked at it closely. "Hagrid, I think you best be taking this up to the Headmaster at the castle, and be smart about it." And he handed the quail to him.

Hagrid looked at the quail, then looked at his mug of mead. "Don't worry Hagrid. It'll still be here when you get back and it will be on the house. But you should be quick about getting this up to the Headmaster."

"Oh, all right, if you say so."

Hagrid slips his coat back on and heads back to the castle as quickly as he can.

Headmasters office Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Albus Dumbledore is worried, sitting behind his desk. He has just received work from his spy that Voldemort is planning several attacks tonight, including both of the children of prophecy soon, but he didn't know when. Somehow Voldemort has found the location of the Potters. That could only mean one thing… Sirius Black was a spy for Voldemort.

If Sirius was Voldemort's spy, then that would mean all of the plans of The Order of the Phoenix had been compromised. Voldemort would know all of their spy's in his network – except for this newest one that had come to him just over a year ago.

Severus Snape had been an excellent spy. He had a totally unreadable exterior, and a superior Occlumency shield around his mind, which Dumbledore himself could not break through.

Professor Dumbledore knew that he should be doing something, but right now, he couldn't move. He was waiting for the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, to come and help him 'polish up' his beginning-of-the-month address that he was giving in front of the Wizengamot tomorrow – well, later today actually. He had even sent part of his Auror detail ahead of him to make sure the Headmaster would be present when he arrived. Most unusual. Why did he have to wait until the very last minute? Most inconvenient.

The fire in the Headmaster's fireplace turned green announcing the arrival of Minister Fudge. "Ah Albus, thank you so much for helping me at such a late date. Darn tricky thing this speech this year, just can't get the right feel for what I want to get across."

Just then, the ward on the gargoyle let Albus know that Hagrid was coming up the stairs, and he was in a hurry. You could actually feel the floor in the Headmasters office shake as Hagrid took the stair four at a time.

The Headmaster mentally ordered the door to his office to open, so that Hagrid wouldn't knock the door off the hinges when he got to it.

"Excuse me for just a moment Minister… It seems that my grounds keeper has something of importance that requires my immediate attention." Albus said as politely, yet coldly as he could.

Just then, Hagrid came running through the door carrying what looked like a plain writing quail in huge hand.

"Professor Dum'ledore sir! This just came flyin out of the fireplace at The 'og's Head in town! The bar-keep there thought this was somethin you should see it as soon as possible."

"What? An ordinary writing quail? Have you gone deft man?" Minister Fudge said. "Now leave us alone why don't you Hagrid? The Headmaster and I have important matters to attend to!"

Professor Dumbledore went white as a sheet. He knew immediately that this was a message quail from Lily Potter. It was only to be used in the most direr of circumstances. And there was only one circumstance that this could be… Voldemort was at the Potters!

Albus would have liked nothing better then to stun the Minister for making such a stupid comment, but he couldn't… Not right now.

"This won't take but a moment Minister. I just need to show something to Hagrid and send him on his way." Professor Dumbledore said calmly.

"I don't see what could be more important then my speech now Dumbledore! Can't this wait until the morning? I have to get this speech up to my usual high standards." Fudge said looking self-important.

"I assure you Minister, this will take but a moment – and it is most important." Dumbledore was moving to his private quarters and signaling Hagrid to follow him. Albus thought; 'Why is Minister Fudge so set on keeping me here? Is he in on the attack on the Potters?'

As soon as Albus and Hagrid were out of ear-shot of the Minister, the Headmaster turned to Hagrid and took a piece of parchment out of his pocket, and gave it to Hagrid to read.

'James, Lily, and Harry Potter live at Godric's Hollow'

Hagrid's head shot up as he came to know the secret. In a shaky voice he ask: "Ya don't think that…" He couldn't finish the sentence.

"Yes Hagrid, I'm afraid it does. I need you to go there NOW, and bring back ANY of the POTTER'S that are still alive there. Take special care that you bring young Harry back with you regardless of anything else." Professor Dumbledore shuttered as he thought what might be happening at Godric's Hollow right now.

"I will give you a portkey to use that will take you there when you are ready, but since I don't know who all you will be bringing back, you'll have to make it back to Hogwarts the best you can. Make sure no one follows you! It's important to get Harry back here at any cost. You should go armed. But Hagrid, take care. Anyone could be a trader."

Hagrid knew what the Headmaster meant… Sirius Black worked for Voldemort!

"Don' you worry Professor, I'll bring em back if it is at all possible!" Hagrid swore in an oath.

With that, Hagrid handed Professor Dumbledore back the piece of parchment, and took the sock offered as a portkey from him. He then turned around and ran out of the office a fast as he could, not even acknowledging the Minister on his way out.

As Professor Dumbledore entered back into his office, the Minister was still looking at the door that the mountain of a man had just exited through. "Are you sure he's alright Albus? I mean, really! To not even acknowledge ME on the way out! I think he should come back here and rectify the situation this moment – Don't you?"

"I apologies for Hagrid's behavior. He is currently doing me a big favor, and I'm afraid he may have gotten a little carried away. I assure you it will not happen again." Dumbledore said. He had placed his hand on Minister Fudge's Auror to keep him from going after Hagrid.

Professor Dumbledore sat back down to help the Minister write his talk.

By the end of the session, Professor Dumbledore could hardly wait for Fudge and his entourage to leave. Just as he was leaving, Minister Fudge turned around and said; "Thank you Albus. A fine job as usual. Lucius said you would be the best to help with this." And with that, he turned and entered the floo.

Hagrid's Point of View

(Morning of November 1st, 1981)

'James, Lily, and Harry Potter live at Godric's Hollow'

Hagrid was in shock. He didn't even realize that he didn't know the Potters had gone under a Fidelius Charm. That meant that 1) the charm was working, and 2) the secret keeper had to let someone know where they were at.

Hagrid could only think of Sirius Black as a secret keeper for the Potters, after all, he had lived with the Potters after his own family had disowned him, he had been James' best man at his wedding, and he was little Harry's godfather – so who else could the secret keeper be.

Professor Dumbledore had told the members of the Order of the Phoenix that Voldemort was after the Potters and the Longbottom's, but he didn't say why. The quail must have been from Lily to let Albus know that she was in trouble.

Hagrid thought back to when Lily and James were students here at Hogwarts.

In all his 40+ years that he had been here as grounds keeper, he had never met someone as kind and loving as young Lily Evens.

She was one of the first muggle-born students that had befriended him. She would sneak down to his hut to talk to him, and to show him what she was learning in her classes. She would also come down to do some of her homework in potions, DADA, transfigurations, Charms, everything. She would encourage Hagrid to do the homework with her saying that it helped her understand the lesson material if she could 'explain' to another student.

When asked about the other students in Gryffindor, she explained that she didn't feel too comfortable in her new 'house', being a muggle-born and all. She had already had several 'run-ins' with a quartet of boys who called themselves 'The Marauders'. It seemed all they wanted to do was prank people and talk about some wizarding game called 'quidditch'.

Hagrid knew it wasn't pity he was getting from young Ms. Evens, it was friendship. He had told her about how he had been expelled, and how he wasn't to use magic. She was the one that figured how to make the half of his wand that he still had work for him, and hid it in his large pink umbrella. She felt that he had been wronged, and she was going to do everything in her power to correct that error.

Hagrid always thought he was a bad student, and that Lily was wasting her time, but she assured him that she was doing this as much for herself, as she was for him.

She knew that Hagrid had a love for 'misunderstood' animals that would frequently require doctoring. So she order a special potions book that contained all the common potions needed to take care of everything from an Abraxan to a Yeti.

Hagrid had tears in his eyes as he thought about that sweet girl who had done so much for him. You bet he made sure James Potter was serious with his intentions regarding Lily when he started to date her. He couldn't have been happier for her then when she married James. And after little Harry was born, he felt as proud as any adopted 'uncle' could.

He would not let anything bad happen to her or her family if it was at all within his power.

Hagrid had been so deep in thought, he couldn't remember how he got to his hut, but he was here. He quickly grabbed his crossbow, several bolts, a lantern, and his pink umbrella – just in case, and activated the portkey.

He landed at the edge of Godric's Hollow and immediately headed down the road to the house. If not for the lantern, it would have been hard to see the road, since it was only a few days past a new moon.

When he got to the house he stopped in shock. The house was barely standing. Smoke was billowing out of several of the windows, and you could tell that the front door had been blown completely off. But what caught his attention was the flaming red Triumph Bonneville sitting in front of the house with it's lights still on, shining at the front door of the house and the motor was still hot. Sirius Black's motorcycle! He was here! He did betray Lily and her family! He felt like ripping him limb from limb.

As he started to approach the front of the house, he heard someone coming out. He extinguished his lantern, drew back his crossbow and loaded a bolt and got behind a tree to see who came out.

To say Hagrid was a bit shocked when he saw Sirius come out with a little bundle with black hair in his arms would be an understatement. But something else was strange also. Sirius was crying. Crying like he had just lost his family. What was going on? Hagrid didn't know and really didn't have time to find out. He had to get little Harry back to Hogwarts and Dumbledore as soon as possible.

He decided to give Sirius a warning shot and fired his crossbow just over his head.

As if by instinct, Sirius protected Harry as best as he could, and rolled out of the way of the crossbow's bolt.

'That's not normal if you're trying to kill someone.' Hagrid thought.


"So, it is yu Sirius! I 'ought yu luv'd James en Lily bettr thn 'at!"

"What are you talking about Hagrid, I came here after I received a message quail from Lily. (Had Sirius received a quail also? Why would Lily have to send him one if he was the betrayer?) When I tried the floo-network, it was closed off, when I tried to apparate, there were wards around my house to where I couldn't, so I had to take my bike. I just got here a few minutes ago, and found James and Lily dead, and little Harry up in the nursery trying to wake up his Mum. The other things I found were RAT footprints that turn into a humans, and a blood red robe that could only belong to Voldemort – BUT HE'S NOT IN IT." Something that either Lily or Harry did killed Voldemort!"

"Codswoller! Neir one of 'em 'ould be powrful nough ta do somein like 'at! 'Wat's the real story? The 'ony way 'ou-know-'ho could 'ave been 'ere is if the secret-keeper broung him 'ere. And everybody 'nows THE SECRET KEEPER IS YOU!" Hagrid roared.

"No, James and Lily changed at the last minute. They thought that every one would expect me to be the secret-keeper, but we changed at the last minute to throw everyone off. We didn't even tell Dumbledore in case one of the portraits was leaking information to Voldemort!"

"I 'dona care wat ya say. I 'ave strict oraders from Dumbledore his self to bring little 'arry back ta 'ogwarts right now! I 'dona wnt to fig't ya Sirius, but thems is me orders."

"But I'm his godfather Hagrid! At least let me come with you."

"Sor'y Sirius, Dumbledore said just 'arry. Maybe ya can come by later."

"I don't like this one bit Hagrid! I'm Harry's godfather! I'm the one James and Lily want to take care of him! I really don't care what Dumbledore has planed right now, I'm the one who should be taking care of Harry! Please Hagrid!"

Hagrid held his ground. "Sor'y Sirius, I have me oraders. I prom'sd Dumbledore that I would bring 'arry to 'im direct'y. Ah 'wear on me 'agic, no 'arm will 'ome to 'im".

Sirius knew is his current frame of mind he was in no position to fight Hagrid. Being a half giant made him made him resistant to most spells, and besides, Hagrid was a good man who would do EVERYTHING in his power to fulfill Professor Dumbledore's order, and keep Harry safe.

"Okay Hagrid, you take Harry to Dumbledore, just take care of him like your life depends upon it because it does!"

Sirius slowly handed a now sleeping Harry over to Hagrid. "Be well Harry."

"Hagrid, take my motorcycle and keep it safe. I'll be by to see Harry as quickly as I can, but for right now… I have me a Rat to catch."

Hagrid noticed that Sirius had a look in his eye that said he would kill that little rat if he found him – But just who was this rat he wondered?

'Maybe he wasn't the secret-keeper after all. I mean if he were, he wouldn't have given 'arry to me so quickly or easily. If someone else was the secret-keeper then… But why didn't they trust Professor Dumbledore?' Hagrid though.

Sirius apparated away with a thunderous cracking sound – typical of when wizards are VERY upset.

Hagrid looked down at Harry for the first time and noticed that he was bleeding from his forehead.

'Oh blimey! I have to get 'arry to Madame Pomfrey as quick as possible!'

He then took the large bag that he was carrying and using his umbrella, changed it into a baby carrier to where he could put Harry in it, and carry him on his front. He also cast a circulation charm, and a constant temperature charm on Harry and the carrier so that Harry wouldn't get too hot under his musk ox coat while they went back to Hogwarts.

'Well, it's a good thing that Sirius left his bike here, or I might have to use the Knight Bus to get back to 'ogwarts.'

It took a little while, but soon Hagrid had the bike running, flying, and heading back to Hogwarts.

When he got it back to Hogwarts, he took Sirius' bike and put it behind his hut, then, as carefully as possible, he made his way up to the castle, and to the infirmary.

"Madame Pomfrey? Madame Pomfrey! Where are you? Lit'le 'arry needs looked at right now!" Hagrid bellowed.

"You will keep you voice down in here Hagrid!" Poppy Pomfrey said hotly as she came out of her office in her robe.

"Who is this 'little Harry'? And why does he need looked at right now?" Madame Pomfrey ask as she was getting her equipment and wand ready to do the examination.

"Lit'le 'arry Potter! James and Lily Potter's son. They're both dead, but according to Sirius Black, either Lily or little Harry here did something to 'You-know-Who' and killed him! Just his robes were left of him!"

"I find that highly unlikely! We all know that 'You-know-Who' is the most powerful dark wizard that there has been since Grindelwald. How do you expect a little 15-month-old baby to defeat someone like that? But I am getting some very unusual readings from this scar on his forehead. I can close the wound, but it won't let me heal it without leaving a scar. I'm also getting the reading of not one, but two killing curses from the scar! But, that… that's impossible! No one can withstand one killing curse let alone two! How could this have happened?" Madame Pomfrey asked.

"How could what have happened Poppy?" Asked Professor Dumbledore as he stepped into the infirmary.

"Young Harry here, Headmaster. He shows signs of surviving not one, but two killing curses with nothing to so for it, except a very stubborn scar on his forehead." Madame Pomfrey replied.

"I can't say Poppy, mainly because I don't know." Came the Headmasters response.

"I have sent Alastor and a team of aurors to the Potter's home. Kingsley Shacklebolt is taking a team to the Longbottom's to see if we can protect them any better. They should both be back shortly with their reports."

"May I look at Harry Poppy?" The Headmaster asked. "If you'll excuse us Hagrid?"

"Oh… Sur' Professor. I 'ave som things ta take care of at my hut. I'll see ya later 'eadmaster."

Poppy and the Headmaster waited until Hagrid had left the infirmary. The Headmaster turned to his Medi-witch and asked: "Poppy what can you tell me? I need to know everything. How are the other results from your examination? How did Harry survive the killing curse?"

"Headmaster, I don't know what to tell you. As you can see all of the standard scans are normal. I am having trouble with the power-rating scan, but according to the records at St. Mungo's, it was a 39 when he was tested just a few days after he was born, so you would expect him to be some where around 85 or 90 by now, but look at this." Madame Pomfrey cast the Power-rating spell on Harry 'magnitudo de magica'. Above Harry's head a small cloud appears that displays '53', then a few seconds later '89'. Another few seconds – '35'. Then '17'. After that Madame Pomfrey cancels the spell.

"It may be that Harry's core was somehow damaged when he was hit with the kill curse." The Headmaster stated.

"I don't know Headmaster, but I have also found the remains of two spells that look like they may have been Lily's prior to the killing curse, but unfortunately, the power mask of the killing curse is preventing me from identifying them." The Matron says.

"That is too bad. Lily was a talented charms mistress. I wonder if she actually found a spell that would block the killing curse? It would be invaluable to us in the fight against Voldemort and the Death-eaters if we could take that weapon out of his arsenal."

"Madam Pomfrey, how soon before little Harry will be able to leave the hospital?"

"I'm not sure Headmaster. As far as I can tell, he is ready to go right now. I've fixed the cut on his forehead as best I can, but will will always have that scare. Right now, I think a good rest is all he needs before I let him go."

"Of course my dear. Please let me know when he wakes I have much that must be done by tomorrow."

Albus Dumbledore headed back to his office. He indeed had much to do, and quickly. Harry could not stay here; Hogwarts was no place to raise a child.

He would have to check in the Hall of Records to see if James and Lily left a will. He was sure they had, but if the will listed Sirius Black as Harry's guardian, he would have to see what he could do to 'correct' that problem. The best thing would be if he could find a relative somewhere that had a life-debt to pay to the Potters. If he could find that, he could erect ancient blood based wards that would protect him from harm.

Upon reaching his office, Professor Dumbledore crafted a letter to the Hall of Records, using his position as the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, and Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards as the authority he needed to request for these things (this was clearly not a school matter). Using Ministry letterhead, he was able to 'fly' his request through the floo network to the Hall of Records at the ministry for information on both the will, and the life-debt.

Just as his message left, Alastor Moody, a semi-retired senior auror flooed into his office.

"Ah Albus – what a mess, what a mess." Alastor said as he limped over to the chair in front of the Headmasters desk.

"The house nearly fell down on us while we were doing our inspection. James must have put up one hell of a fight before he went down. The entire downstairs was blown to bits and heavily damaged – mostly from James wand from what we could tell. There were only two other curses found in the room. A weak stunning spell, that looks like it hit him in the back, and of course the AK that finished him off."

"Who do you think cast the stunning spell, Alastor? Could it have been Sirius Black?"

"Black? Huh, I don't think so, not unless he was very drunk or very wounded, besides, it looked like whoever hit James from the back transformed from RAT to human."

"A rat? As far as I know there are no animagus registered in all of Europe that are a rat."

"Well, if you want my opinion, it had to be someone close to Potter. What was that little group of troublemakers called? The Marauders? Knowing them, I wouldn't put it past 'em to become animagi so they could keep Lupin under control when he has his little furry problem once a month. But a rat wouldn't be able to help keep a werewolf under control. I recon' they would need to be something bigger – but didn't Potter have one friend? Little mouse of a man? What was his name?"

"I believe the person you are looking for is Peter Pettigrew." Professor Dumbledore replied.

"Yes! That's the one! Never did like that one. His eyes were always too shifty. He always looked afraid. I recon' that's why he would chum around with Potter and his group – for protection."

"That's ridiculous Alastor! You know how difficult it is to be come an animagus. Not everyone can do it. And to do so without someone like Minerva helping them, it would just be too dangerous!"

"Well, think what you want Headmaster, but I know Potter and Black are both smart enough, and sly enough to do something like this without anyone being the wiser for it. And if those two did it, you know they would have included that little rat-faced friend of theirs, Pettigrew. In fact, the more I think of it, the more a 'rat' personality fits that young man."

"No, I'm sure if the Potters were going to change their secret keeper they would have informed me." Albus said, trying to convince himself.

"Well look at it this way then Dumbledore," Mad-eye continued, "Who is Potter's best friend? Black! Who was Potter's Best man at his wedding? Black! Who know how to fight dirty? Black! Who doesn't have to work another day in his life if he didn't want to? Black! Who is the logical chose to be their secret keeper? Black! That's what everybody would think! But I hope I taught young Potter better then that in Aurors School. 'CONSTANT VIGILANCE' I always say. No they probable wanted everyone to think Black would be their secret keep so that Voldemort would go lookin for him, all the time the real secret keeper could 'hide in plan sight'. And who better for that then the one person nobody notices. Pettigrew."

"So if Voldemort is looking for Sirius, there would be no pressure on Peter now would there? He could go on living his life, and no one would look at him twice thinking HE was their secret keeper now would they?" Albus said thoughtfully.

"Oh, it's so brilliant it almost worked! Just one small problem, it looks like Peter is a Death-eater." Mad-eye Moody's 'mad-eye' was whipping back and forth as he thought about the Potter's situation.

"That may be your opinion Alastor, however, the Potter's gave me no indication that they were switching secret keeper, so I still say it must have been Sirius. We are just lucky that Hagrid got there when he did so he could take Harry from the madman." Dumbledore stated.

"But we are getting off track. Tell me what else you found at the house?" Dumbledore leaned back in his chair, resting his steeped hands on his chest.

"Like I said, James put up quite a fight down on the lower floor of the home, if not for magic, I'm sure it would have fallen down around us. He had been stunned in the back, and AK'd at close range. There was no wand snapped, so either Voldemort has it, or it went back to his family's vault."

"You could tell that he had used up a good deal of his magical power, his core reserves were pretty low. We got his body out before we went up stair to look at the nursery."

"The nursery was a complete mess! It looked as if the entire place had been burned."

"We found Lily's body by the crib. There was something very odd in the room, as far as the residual magic though; you could almost feel the deepest hate, but at the same time the deepest love in the room at the same time. The hate I would attribute to the AK's that were used in there, but I don't know about the deepest love."

"I did find it interesting that Lily had absolutely no magical reserves remaining in her. As if all of her energy went into one last spell. But what ever that spell was, we may never know."

"There was also a red cape and robe there that reeked with dark magic. Voldemort's magical signature was all over it. I don't think he would have left them there by chose. The only thing I could think of is that what ever Lily did in that room, vanquished Voldemort – at least for now. We were able to get Lily's body and the clothes out before the house collapsed." Mad-eye finished his report.

"Thank you Alastor. You have conformed many of the theories that I have suspected. Please keep me informed with regards to Voldemort's artifacts. I am a bit concerned that his wand was not found at the scene. But, no matter, that is a mystery for another day."

Mad-eye got out of his chair and went over to the fireplace and flooed out of the office.

Before Dumbledore could get situated back at his desk, the flames in the fireplace turned green again. The head of senior auror Shacklebolt appeared in the flames.

"Excuse me Headmaster, do you have a moment? There's been some difficulties at the Longbottom's tonight." He asked.

"Of course Kingsley, please come through."

Professor Dumbledore had hoped for a few moments so he could get better control over his emotions with the loss of James and Lily. He just hoped within himself that the news would be better with regards to the Longbottom family. For now he would just have to keep his emotions bottled up inside, and make sure none of his feelings showed on the outside while they were in the middle of this crisis. But regardless of what may have happened, he had to keep control of everything. Of where young Harry was to live, or who would look after young Mr. Longbottom.

With Neville it would be a little easier. He still had a grandmother on his fathers side. A very formidable woman committed to the side of the light.

Kingsley's head disappeared from the flames, and shortly there after, he came walking through the Headmasters fireplace.

"I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news this morning Headmaster." Kingsley began.

"Why? What has happened? Has anyone been killed?" The Headmaster was a sounding a bit concerned at this point.

"No, no one was killed, however, we didn't get there in time to prevent the Lestrange's, and Barty Crouch Jr. from torturing Frank and Alice insane. We've already sent them to St. Mungo's. It doesn't look good for them though." Kingsley reported sadly.

Dumbledore put his head in his hands thinking about the pain and suffering they must have endured before breaking.

"What of little Neville?" Professor Dumbledore was almost afraid to ask.

"It appears that he had spent the day at his Gran's, and wasn't hurt at all." Came the reply.

Professor Dumbledore breathed a sigh of relief that Neville had not been harmed, but felt sorry that he was now basically parent less. He knew that Neville's grandmother would take care of him.

Meanwhile back in the infirmary, 'Lily's Essences' was busy at work. To her Harry's mind was a vast landscape showing all of the memories and experiences he had had. His power core was a large, expandable tank, which had four distinct sections that were interconnected.

She could sense her own power, concentrated in one area of the core. She could sense James' power concentrated in another area. She could sense Harry's small, but quickly growing magical power in a third area of the tank, then there was the four section of power – the power that had been stripped from the Avada Kedavra curse was stored over close to the second power core of 'Tom Riddle' that had attached it's self to Harry's core, but which was located nearest the place where the Harry seemed now to have a scar.

She was pleased to see that the knowledge that Lily had attempted to send to Harry was represented by a large room that looked much like the Library at Hogwarts, however the books were all on the floor in no particular order.

Encompassing Harry's 'Life-source' (His heart) was a bright multi-layered shield. 'The Blessing of the Heir' 'Lily's Essences' thought. It was comforting to see that it was still intact. You could feel the love that had gone into building the shield, both from Lily, James, and Sirius.

'Bless you Sirius. You saved her son.' The 'Essences' thought.

'I have to build a mental shield here. I cannot let the Headmaster, or anyone else, besides Harry, know that I am here. It appears that Harry is sleeping now. I will take this time to build his first occlumency shields so that he can begin to protect his mind. Then afterward, I will organize the Library so that I can begin teaching Harry when he is ready. '

'Essences' found she could use power from Harry's core, but only within the confines of the landscape she was in.

As she was working on the Library, she could sense another consciousness near her. She stopped what she was doing and turned around as a small boy who looked like Harry, came up to her and asked: "Hello, are you my Mummy?"

'Essences' looked at Harry and said, "No Harry, I am not your Mummy. I am her thought, emotions, and experiences that she had during her lifetime, and I know she loved you with all her heart."

"You look just like her. Are you sure you're not my Mummy? If you are not, what do I call you?"

"Your 'Mummy' is in the great beyond, but I think it would be alright if you called me 'Ma', Okay?"


"What are you doing?" asked little Harry.

"I'm protecting your mind so people can't see me, or see how much information you have stored in your mind."


"Because some people would get very upset to find out that I was here."


"Because they think they know what's best for you and don't want anyone interfering."


"Harry, I can't answer all of your questions right now. I have a lot of work to do. Are you through with your nap yet?"

"No. I still hurt a little bit, and I don't like remembering seeing my Mummy get hit with that green light in the back. She wouldn't wake up for me after."

"I'm sorry honey, come here and let me give you a hug."

In this strange world of thoughts and emotion, Harry and 'Ma' were able to come together, 'feel' and 'touch' each other. 'Ma' gave Harry a motherly embrace. After a few minutes she said: "Why don't you go on and rest now. I know the Headmaster would like to talk to you, but please don't tell him about me, Okay?"


With that Harry went back to the playgrounds in his mind while his body rested.

Scene – Headmasters office

Professor Dumbledore had just received a reply from the Hall of Records regarding James and Lily Potter's will, and if there were any life-debts owed to either James or Lily. It was fortunate that all magically binding contracts were automatically recorded in the Hall of Records.

Professor Dumbledore found two life debts owed to James. One from Severus Snape, and another one from Petunia Evens Dursley.

'Hum. Most interesting. I must ask Severus the nature of this Life Debt someday, but for now it is the Life Debt of Mrs. Dursley that will be most useful to me.' Professor Dumbledore thought to himself. 'I could set the blood-wards there with no problem. I am sure Petunia would treat her sister's son as her own. All I have to do is remind her of the Life Debt she owed to James and that it is now being called due.'

Professor Dumbledore was brought out of his musing by a large Eagle owl bearing the crest of Gringotts bank. It was carrying a letter addressed to him.

Opening the letter it read:

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Order of Merlin - First Class,

Grand Sorcerer,

Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot,

Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards,

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


We have been made aware of the sudden demise of both James Harold and Lily Evens Potter.

We have also been made aware of your receipt of a copy of their last will and testament from the Hall of Records. So you are aware that they have chosen you to act as the executor of their will in their behalf.

To summarize the contents of the will:

Sirius Black is to be the legal and magical guardian for Harry James Potter. In the case that Mr. Black is not available, then Alice Longbottom, Frank Longbottom, Remus Lupin or Minerva McGonagall are suitable candidates as well. As executor of the will, you are not eligible as a guardian as it would prove to be a conflict of interest.

Under NO condition is Harry to be places with Petunia Evens Dursley or her family.

Harry is to be given the opportunity to meet his aunt and cousin(s) shortly before his eleventh birthday.

Harry is to have full access to all Family and Personal Vaults. He cannot withdraw any funds from the Family vaults, however, all books, scrolls, articles, artifacts, and portraits are to be at his disposal to help him learn and become a contributing member to the wizarding world.

If at any time Mr. Harry Potter should become the last Potter, as he is now, he is to come immediately to Gringotts to experience the Appointment of the Heir rite and associated rituals.


Moneys and properties are to be distributed as listed in the wills WITH NO VARIATION.

Remember Headmaster, you have been chosen to execute the wishes of James and Lily Potter, not make your own decisions. Dire consequences will befall you if you do not listen to their will and perform your duty quickly and fairly.



Senior Vice President, Gringotts.

Dumbledore just laughed at the threats breathed out by the goblins. They were just mad at him because he didn't work harder for normal relations between wizards and goblins.

He knew what was best for young Harry. He was far too young for the Appointment of the Heir rite and rituals.

As the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, he could act as proxy for the Potter vote until Harry turned 17. He just had to file some forms with the office of the Chief Warlock and everything would be legal – luckily for him, he was the Chief Warlock!

As far as distributing the moneys or properties, well, Remus could use the money and land, but then he wouldn't be as dependent on Albus for what he needs, and he may not be so willing to go on assignments to the werewolves in the different areas to get them to help the 'light' side. The other people in the list were not in as bad of a situation, and what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

It was still quite early in the morning of November 1st, so Albus packed up some rune stones, and an Invisible cloak that James had let the Order of the Phoenix use once in awhile. He had to get the wards set up around the Dursley's home before school started this morning.

As he was getting ready to leave, his Deputy, Professor Minerva McGonagall came in to discuss the events of the previous night. She was somewhat surprised to see him getting ready to leave.

"Headmaster! Just where do you think you are going?" She asked.

"Ah Minerva, I am on my way to set up the Blood-wards around Petunia Dursley's home so our young Harry will have somewhere to go tomorrow where he will be safe and sound."

"Are you sure about this Albus? I attended a baby shower for Lily and Petunia at the Dursley's home just before they both delivered their babies; it was not a pleasant experience. I received the distinct impression that Petunia wanted nothing to do with James or Lily, and only tolerated her presents was because her parents were there. Albus, have you even visited with the family?"

"There shouldn't be any problem with that Minerva. It would appear that Petunia owed James a life debt! I'm just seeing that she honors her commitment to him by raising Harry as her own son." Said Dumbledore – without actually answering the question.

"You can't be serious, Albus!" Minerva yelled, "You don't know a thing about them, and your going to just drop this precious little baby on their door steps? I won't have it Albus; there must be another way. What did James' and Lily's will say about this? Minerva asked.

"That I am to use my best judgment as to where Harry should stay." Albus lied.

"I don't know Albus. I'm going to go and watch them just in case. And you better be right about this. I don't think I could face Lily in the next big adventure if anything were to happen to her little Harry."

With that Professor McGonagall left the room to get ready for a day of people watching.

Professor Dumbledore stopped down at the infirmary to get a small amount of blood from Harry to activate the rune stones. He then went to Number 4 Privet Drive in Surrey to place the blood runes at the corners of the housing lot and a second set of protective runes at the edge of Little Whinging in case he went to the park, or store, but the most important protection were the Blood-runes on the house where the two blood relatives had to live in the same house for two months out of a year to re-charge the wards around the house.

As Professor Dumbledore finished warding the area, he felt very confident that Harry would have a good life out of the eyes of the wizarding world.

A normal childhood where there would be little pressure to live up to the hype that was being generated about 'The Boy-Who-Lived'. Who could ask for anything more.

On that evening November 1st, 1981, after another confrontation with Professor McGonagall, the Headmaster took little Harry from Hagrid, and placed him on the front porch of the Dursley's home with a note to Petunia, reminding her of her life-debt to James, and how that life-debt would be satisfied by raising Harry as her own.

The Headmaster then activated the wards, one of which kept all other witches and wizards away that the Professor did not specifically approve of. Currently, only he and Professor Snape could check on Harry, and that was how he was going to keep it.

If only the Headmaster would have listened to Professor McGonagall, or Hagrid, or Alastor Moody. But he didn't – he was Albus Dumbledore. He knew what was best for everyone.

If only he would have listened, Harry's next 10 years wouldn't have been so bad.

But then, Harry wasn't alone. He just couldn't remember it yet.

End of Chapter 7

Chapter 8 – Harry at the Dursley's


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