Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 8 – Harry at the Dursley’s

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?


Essences of Lily – Chapter 8 – Harry at the Dursley's

Petunia started her morning at 7:30 am as usual. There was the newspaper to retrieve, coffee to make, and breakfast to get ready for her two 'handsome' men.

As she opened the front door to retrieve the paper, she saw it. A large wicker basket, covered by a holding blanket, with a note addressed to her on it.

Had someone left a lunch basket here? Oh, that was nice of them. But then she noticed that the note was written, not on paper, but on parchment… the type of parchment that Lily and those kind of people used. Also, instead of the black or blue ink that was so common, this one was written with green ink.

'No!' She thought to herself: 'It just can't be! Why would Lily be sending me her little, ungrateful rug rat? But that handwriting doesn't look like Lily's. Who could it be from?'

Just then Harry stirred in the basket, and let out a little sigh.

That was all it took.

"VERNON! VERNON! COME HERE QUICKLY!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Right now, she didn't care if the neighbors were looking at her. She needed her husband her NOW!

"What is it Pet? Vernon asked. He had just finished shaving, and wasn't quite ready for the day to begin.

"O… On th… the front stoop!" Petunia got out finally.

Vernon opened the door and saw the wicker basket. Not taking a very close look at it, he picked it up, and brought it into the house.

"Oh! Look, there's a note here for you! It must be from some fancy place if they are using that heavy parchment paper. Who's it from Love? Vernon asked.

As Vernon turned around he was surprised to see that his wife's face was as white as a sheet and her whole body was shaking like a leaf.

Slowly, Petunia took the note in her shacking hands and opened up. As she read it her face went even whiter.

"It's… It's fro… from them." She whispered.

"Them who women! Speak up!" Vernon barked out.

The noise was loud enough that Harry started to stir in the basket.

Vernon jumped back and looked at the basket more closely this time. Carefully he approached the basket, and jerked the blanket off.


The noise scarred Harry, who was startled by the sudden commotion and stated to cry, but not for long.

"It's him isn't it!" Vernon said. "It's that little freaky nephew Henry isn't it!" Vernon shook his big beefy finger at the basket, while his face went from red, to blue, to deep purple.

"His name is Harry, Vernon, and according to this letter from Professor Dumbledore, his parents have been killed by some dark … you-know-what. Dumbledore says that since I owed James a life-debt when the Death-eaters attached during the baby shower, I am now honor bound to raise their son as my own. If I don't, Professor Dumbledore says that terrible things will happen to me and my family, but that if I did keep him here, we would be protected." Petunia was still shacking and had to sit down on the sofa in the front room.

Harry for his part, had finished crying, and had crawled over to the side of the basket and watched as they bickered back and forth.

"I don't care what that Dumbdoor says, we are not taking him in! Take him down to the Family Services and have them place him in a family or in an orphanage I REALLY DON'T CARE!" Vernon was quite angry at this point.

"Look Pet, I really don't care what you do with him, but now I'm going to be late for work and it all his fault! Just take him down to Family Services and be done with it!"

"I can't Vernon! I do owe James a life-debt! If he hadn't done what he did, I would have been killed, and little Dudlekums would never have been born!" Petunia was resigning herself to taking care of Harry, but she didn't have to like it.

"Fine! If your set on keeping him, I know just the place to put him!" And with that Vernon grabbed the basket, causing Harry to fall back in, and took it over to the cupboard under the stairs, opened the door, and literally threw the basket with Harry in it inside and slammed the door shut.

"There! If it a good enough place for his mum to put me into, then it's good enough for their son! That's now Harvey's room. And the less I see of him the better!"

"Now, if you don't mine, I need my coffee and breakfast while I finish getting ready! I'll never get to work at this rate! What a fine way to start off a week!"

With that Vernon stormed back upstairs to finish getting ready.

Petunia was still in shock, but knew that if his breakfast wasn't on the table when he got back, there'd be hell to pay.

As she went past the cupboard under the stairs, she could hear little Harry crying, but she knew that she couldn't stop to comfort him, or see if he was alright, or else she wouldn't have Vernon's breakfast ready in time.

Petunia hurried around the kitchen getting everything ready; got it set out on the table, and then realized that the newspaper was still on the front stoop. Running as quickly as she could, she went out, got the paper, and hurried back to the Breakfast table to set the paper out, all ready for her 'sweet' husband.

Vernon came in, ready for work, and sat down at the table to begin his morning ritual as if nothing had happened.

Petunia went back upstairs to finish getting ready and get her sweet little Dudley up.

Even though Dudley was only about a month or so older than Harry, there was a marked difference in their development. Harry could use small sentences; Dudley would only grunt and use hand gestures to get what he wanted. Harry knew how to play fairly with other small children, and loved to play with adults; Dudley had to be the center of attention wherever he was, and didn't know the meaning of the word 'share'.

By the time Petunia got back downstairs with Dudley, Vernon had left for work.

She placed Dudley in his chair, and gave him some cereal to keep his busy while she went to check on Harry.

Opening the cupboard door, she looked in to find Harry back in the basket, holding the blanket in one arm, and sucking his thumb.

"Ouchie" he said as he held up his left hand. Apparently when Vernon threw the basket into the cupboard, Harry fell out, and hit his left hand on the back wall.

Petunia still didn't know how to feel. She had just learned that her sister and brother-in-law had been murdered, and that somehow, this young baby hadn't. Even though Dumbledore stated that Lord 'Voldemort' would no longer be a problem, Petunia worried about people like those Death-eaters that had come during the baby shower would still be around and try to take some revenge on Harry – and anybody that was around him.

She had a decision to make here – how was she going to treat her nephew? Could she treat him as her own son? Look at him, so young and helpless. But he was one of them. One of these freaks that did all of those unnatural things.

It all came down to one thing… Could she love Harry inspite of being different – of being a freak?

It was her chose to make.

She looked at Harry one more time.

"Up?" Harry asked innocently holding both arms out towards her, with a little tear in his eye from his injury.

This was the 'fork in the road'. What path would she take? Looking back at Harry, then back to the kitchen where Dudley was making a racket because no one was paying attention to him. She looked back at Harry and said: "Why should I help you, you little freak! You just stay there out of the way until I get good and ready to get you!"

With that she slammed the door and a twist of the lock on the cupboard under the stairs, Petunia Evans Dursley went back into the kitchen to see her precious little Dudlekums.

Harry was left in the dark room feeling more then a bit bewildered. He may not have understood all of the words, but he knew that tone of voice and he could feel the emotion. It was the tone of hate and anger. Something that he was not accustom to in his home.

Harry crawled over to the door to his cupboard and pushed on it with his good hand hoping that it would open up. He didn't like being in the dark like that, and he hadn't had his morning nappy changed. He didn't like being wet.

"Mummy? Mummy!" Harry said using his little hand to knock on the cupboard door.

No response.

"Mummy? Mummy!" Harry cried a little louder. He was starting to get scared.

Petunia came out of the kitchen carrying Dudley, slapping the outside of the cupboard door with her hand. 'Be quiet you little brat!' Petunia yelled. The loud noise scared Harry inside the dark cupboard.

"Your mum and dad are dead now and you have to live here with us now! Now be quiet before you upset my sweet little Dudley. AND DON'T CALL ME MUMMY AGAIN!" She yelled.

With that she took Dudley back up stairs to play with him while Harry was left alone.

Harry's chin quivered as he realized that his mummy wasn't there and wouldn't be coming to get him any time soon and that he would be stay here with these mean people.

He couldn't understand what had happened.


He remembered being with his parents just a few days before. Then Uncle Wormtail came with that ugly man and started to hurt his mummy and daddy.

He knew that his daddy didn't want the ugly man in the house and was fighting with him while he and mummy went upstairs to his nursery.

Something must have happened to daddy because the ugly man broke the door that mummy had closed and came in the room with Uncle Wormtail – He really don't like Uncle Wormtail.

Mummy had been doing our light game with her stick (expand his magical and mental centers) again like they had done just a few days ago. Harry thought it was strange since they usually only do that once in a long time (at each new moon), and never this close together.

Then Harry remembered mummy doing something she had never done before. She had a new colored light (spell) that hit him more in the head then in the chest. He could see all kinds of shapes and symbols. Words that he didn't know the meaning to; people waving their little sticks – mummy called them a wand – and saying funny words to have different lights come out of the end of the sticks; big 'pots' (cauldrons) where he saw his mummy and other people cut up things and put them in to cook.

It all stopped when the ugly man pointed his stick at mummy, and a sickly green light hit his mummy in the back. Harry felt something extremely painful. Harry remembered his mummy falling over and he couldn't get her to come back up. Is that what this woman meant when she said that mummy was dead?

Then that ugly man came over to Harry and pointed his little stick at him and the sick green light came towards him also. But something happened. Something came out of Harry that hit the green light, and then both lights hit the ugly man in the chest. Something happened. It was like the whole room exploded, and when Harry could see again, Uncle Wormtail grabbed the ugly man's stick and turned into a ugly little animal and ran from the room.

Harry remembered his head and body still hurting, but still he went over to his mummy and tried to wake her up. But he couldn't feel his mummy in her body anymore; He could still feel her, just not in her body. It confused Harry greatly.

The next thing Harry remembered was Uncle Paddy coming in his room and picking him up. Harry really didn't want to leave his mummy and daddy there, but he felt safe with Uncle Paddy, and soon found himself going to sleep against his chest.

Is that when he saw his Mummy? Harry remembers someone that looked just like her somewhere near him. He was sure he talked to her and even asked her questions. He remembered her saying that he needed to go and play while his body recovered. When he woke up he was in a strange place. There were lots of beds here. All of the walls were painted white, and there were lots of 'drapes' around everything. There was a strange lady there who made him feel better; there was a big man who had a big beard that Harry would have loved to have gotten a hold of to see if real, and then there was the old man. He had a beard too, but his was long and gray, like someone's grandfather.

Harry could see the twinkle in the old mans eyes, but every time he looked at Harry, Harry would feel 'pressure' in his head. The pressure never got into his mind, but it still didn't feel pleasant.

That was about all Harry remembered. He ate, slept and basically rested for the remanded of the day. He hadn't seen his Uncle Paddy or Moony and he missed them both right now.

All Harry knew was that when he went to sleep that night, he was in the white room. When he woke up, he was with some strange people yelling at each other over him.

End of Flashback

Harry woke up some time later to find that his nappy had been changed, and a small bowl of dry cereal by the cupboard door. He hurried down and ate the cereal.

After eating, he tried his door again and to his surprise, this time it was open. He got out of his cupboard and looked around to see where he was.

For a 15 month-old baby, Harry could get around pretty well. He could get up and walk, especially if he had something to hold on to, like the wall.

Harry couldn't figure out where he was. It wasn't his home. It wasn't Paddy's home. It wasn't even Neville's home! Harry just hoped is wasn't the home of these mean people he saw this morning.

He soon found the layout of the bottom floor of the house; the front room, living room, kitchen, of course his cupboard, a loo and sink off the kitchen. He couldn't get out the front door; he kind of wanted to see what the place around him looked like.

He made it over to the stairs and started to climb up. Apparently, Petunia had left Dudley in his room playing with all of his toys, while she took a little 'nap'.

Harry looked into Dudley's room and at first, just watched as the much larger child grabbed one toy after another, just to beat it up, tear it apart, and throw it away before grabbing another toy and repeating the same process.

Harry was lucky that there were still some almost-complete toys that had landed by the door. He just came quietly around the corner and picked up one of the army men, that still had one leg and one arm attached. This was great fun! But all of that suddenly came to an abrupt end.

A large shadow fell over Harry, and a big pudgy hand came down and jerked the toy away from him.

"NO!" Dudley said, and pushed him away from the toy.

"Sourry." Harry said quietly, and then he reached for another one of the broken toys lying on the floor.

"NO!" Dudley said again, and took that toy also.

"Play?" Asked Harry.

"NO! MINE!" Said Dudley, he tried to push Harry away and started to yell at the top of his lungs.

Harry had never had anybody that didn't want to play with him. He was sad and confused, and started to cry.

The commotion woke Petunia from her nap. She came in to the room very upset. From past experience, Harry thought that the child causing the disturbance would be the one disciplined. So he was a little surprised again when Petunia picked HIM up, and gave HIM a swat on the backside, and started yelling at HIM.

"Oh, so your going to be a little trouble maker are you? You know how to get out of your room now do you? It's not enough that I have to change and feed you, but you are going to make me have to watch you too so that you don't get into trouble now is that right? Well, I know how to fix that. I'll just keep your little room locked up except for when I check on you and feed you in the morning and at night. AND YOU HAD BETTER NOT CAUSE ME ANY MORE TROUBLE WITH MY DUDLEY!" She yelled.

All the time she had been talking, she had been shacking him, and carrying him down the stairs and back to his little cupboard under the stairs, puts him in the room – rather roughly, closing, and locks the door.

Harry went back to his little basket, sad, crying, and feeling all alone. He is wondering why these people are acting this way to him? What had he done to deserve this kind of treatment? If his mummy and daddy are 'dead' he guesses that that means they cannot come and get him. But what about Uncle Paddy, or Moony, could one of them come and get him?

Little did Harry know, but at that very moment, Sirius Black had cornered Peter Pettigrew on a street corner full of muggles in the middle of London, But it would be Wormtail that would get the better of Padfoot that day, and pull a prank of a lifetime on him! And what a prank it would be! It's not everyday where a prank not only makes you look like a hero, but could also cost your rival (Sirius in this case) the rest of his life in the Wizarding prison Azkaban.

Meanwhile in Harry subconscious

Lily's essences was absolutely livid!

Her own family... her own flesh and blood, treating her… Lily's child as if he was dirt! She could not let this go on.

Lily's essences did consider herself to be 'Lily' for all intents and purposes. She had Lily's thoughts, experience, feelings, everything that was Lily.

Everything that Lily had or was; except her body and her soul.

Lily's essences knew that the 'Soul' part of the equation was very important, but in some ways, she was glad that she didn't have a soul.

There were two main reasons for this:

One – she was not technically 'possessing' Harry. She did not have control of him. You could only possess someone if you had a soul.

Two - the fact that without a soul, she wouldn't have to experience feeling bad for the decisions she would have to make in how she acted. Don't misunderstand; Lily's essences knew the difference between good from evil, right from wrong, love, hate and the rest of emotions. It just that she didn't have a conscious to make her feel bad about her decisions.

Right now Lily's essences had two major problems:

One – get the information transferred from Harry's mother in a usable, protected state and

Two – contact Harry to let him know that he is loved, and that there are some things he can do to stay away from the Dursley's.

Her first challenge was getting the information organized for Harry.

Lily's essences knew that she had to get this organization done quicker, but how? How could she automate the sorting and storing of knowledge to something where the information would be protected, but also easy to access and retrieve?

Lily's essences had seen when she first came into 'existence', she could tell that a part of Lily's memory's had been 'covered' or 'hidden' from her.

Taking a few moments to look at these 'hidden' memories, Lily's essences was shocked at what she found! Bound Magical Cores! Ministries knowledge of the action! Dumbledore's part in the conspiracy! Masked Amulets! Shrunken trunks! Power transfer spells! Spells to detect the bind on a magical core, and Spells to remove the binding! If Lily's essences thought she couldn't get any madder then she was with her 'sisters' behaviour towards Harry, she was wrong! She could be a lot madder at Dumbledore and the Ministry right now.

But how was she going to get this information organized and into Harry's hands?

She thought about what James had shown Lily on their tour of the trunk he had found that his father had had made. In chamber 3 was a magnificent Library and indexing tome. Could Lily's essences' uses something like that to collect, organize, index, cross reference, and then have it be 'recalled' at a moments notice? What would you call something like that?

How about a 'knowledge sphere'?

But what is a 'knowledge sphere? Up until this instant to Lily's essences knowledge, no one had even thought of a 'knowledge sphere'

As Lily's essences envisioned it, the 'knowledge sphere' would be like having all of these books, references, and knowledge from Lily in an 'electronic file cabinet'. It would be stored in many inner and outer layers. This sphere and the shields would all be powered by Harry's core – meaning he would always have to hold some power in reserve to keep the shields and sphere in tacked.

Lily's essences didn't know what Harry's current power rating would be, but if he was the one that was conjuring the little wolf puppy and changing Sirius' cloths at his first birthday party – wandlessly and wordlessly – he had to be extremely powerful, so keeping the sphere wouldn't be a problem.

The outer layers of the sphere would be like a strong occlumency shields, combined with a language spell, to translate the book, scroll, or even conversation from it's native language, to English. There would also be active scanning spells that could decipher the contents of books, scrolls, and memories and connect it to a master index charm that would basically contain the location of every word or image contained in the sphere.

Inside the sphere would be more occlumency like organized areas.

First it would be broken-down in the basic areas of study in magic: Alchemy, Animagus Training, Arithmancy, Aura Reading, Auror Training Manual years 1 through 5, Battle Magic, Battle Strategy, Care for Magical Animals, Charms, DADA, 'Dark' Magic, Elemental Magic, Etiquette in the Wizarding World, Herbology, History of Charms, History of Hogwarts, History of Magic, History of Spells, Hit Wizard Training and Ethics, Muggle Studies, NEWT's Testing Standards, Occlumency and Legilimens, OWL's Testing Standards, Physical Training, Potions, Runes, Strategy, Transfiguration, Unspeakable Training, Who's who in the Wizarding World, Wizarding Law, and Wizarding Sports. To name a few.

There would also be a section of the sphere that would take care of the muggle subjects that he would have to learn and know, such as: English, Math, Social Science, Geography, Chemistry, Physics etc. This would help him in his muggle schoolwork, and be able to think 'outside the box' in the magic world when faced with difficult problems.

The master control sphere would actually be in the center of the entire complex since it required the most protection, and it needed to monitor the contents, and conditions of the other shielded areas.

Working from the outside of the 'knowledge sphere' in, there would be multiple 'Warding' shields just to protect the contents of the spheres.

Aside from the anti-magic type wards that would be in place, the first defensive sphere would be represented as a steep mound of dirt with pointed poles at the top of the rise.

Next would be a moat filled with water, and several 'interesting' creatures to attack anyone who made it that far. Don't try to drain or freeze the moat, you wouldn't like the results.

Then there would be a stonewall several meters thick, covered by thick poisonous thorns and a devils snare type plant that doesn't mind the sun – or light for that matter which would make the wall all but impossible to climb. This would be a 'double' wall, that is, if the outer wall is breached, the 'filler' between the two wall would start coming out. The 'filler' in this case would be magical animals, snakes, and small dragon's to keep the attacker busy while the wall rebuilt it's self.

This stonewall would completely enclose the other inner spheres. This means top, and bottom, and all sides.

If you were to get past this defense, then you faced a flying armada of Chinese Fireball's dragons and a five-foot thick steel encased structure.

Even if you got in, you had to worry about getting back out because the defensive shields were repairing and replacing themselves.

That should do for defense for now. Now what was actually in the protected area?

First would be the translation charms. One for every know language in the wizarding and muggle world. As soon as the language had been identified, and the work translated, the information would be sent to the sorting and indexing charms that would route information to the correct inner sphere

If the outer spheres could not determine the subject area of the information coming into them, a special holding location would be created where the 'data' would be stored until enough other information found to where an interpretation could be made.

Lily's essences was just about to start the creation of the 'knowledge sphere' when she remembered that many text's have hidden writing, or quite nasty curses on them if not handled properly. So she decided to include a 'reveal' charm that would show any hidden writing, and a 'protection detection' spell to determine – before hand if a curse were on a given book or scroll.

There were four primary charms Lily's essences would be using to populate the sphere:

potatus informatio intro chartea (absorb - soak up information in book)

potatus informatio intro carta (absorb - soak up information in scroll) and

didici intro chartea (acquire knowledge of in book)

didici intro carta (acquire knowledge of in scroll)

She didn't know which spell would be more efficient, so she would try them all, until one (or two) came out to be the best.

Lily's essences was going to call her little project 'Applejack'.

Lily's essences realized that she could not do everything by herself, and since she was nothing more that the result of a spell, couldn't she duplicate the effort by using a similar spell? She had already seen that she could do magic here in the subconscious. So tapping into Harry's power, she said 'septem exempli meus' (seven copies / reproductions of me).

Immediately there came into existence seven identical copies of Lily's essences.

'I need you to take care of directing the books, scroll's, experience, and knowledge from Lily's memory into the knowledge sphere. I have to try and get Harry here so we can talk.' With that the other automatons went to work, knowing exactly want they were to do. It would still take time, but once handled, all of the information would be present, and accessible to her and Harry.

It would take many years, if not decades for Harry to understand the information contained in the sphere, but Lily's essences was going to do everything in her power to see that he knew it all.

Now, on to the second problem: what was she going to do about her (Lily's) sister and Dudley?

The first thing she had to figure out was some way to contact Harry.

She knew that when he was in a deep sleep, he was able to enter the outer portion of the subconscious to where she could talk to him. Now she had to find a way to extend the reach, so that while Harry was a sleep, she could 'visit' him and tell him of the love that his mother and father felt for him.

Lily's essences decides to see just how far she can go to contact Harry. As she walks out over the landscape that is Harry's subconscious, she begins to see what looks like a border. A dark void that was only interrupted by the flashing of synapses firing off – sending messages back and forth to the different parts of Harry's brain.

She gets as close as she can and extends her hands. The barrier is real. Lily's essences was still aware of everything that is happening to Harry, that he is back in the cupboard, that he had been crying, and that his left wrist still hurts from when Uncle Vernon throw him in the cupboard.

'Why didn't the Blessing of the Heir charm fully protect Harry when he was put in here?' She thought to herself.

In reviewing the incident from this morning, the charm had protected Harry when Vernon threw him in. It was after, when Harry tried to get out of the basket, that he fell over and hurt his wrist.

'It would appear that the charm only works when you are being attacked, or harmed by an outside force. I'll have to remember that for the future.'

Getting back to how she was going to communicate with Harry, Lily's essences had an idea.

Placing her hands on the barrier, and speaking she said, "Harry? Harry? I need you to rest little one. Please come lie down in the basket and rest for a few minutes, I have some things to tell you and I can only do it when you're asleep."

She could tell that Harry was confused. He could hear her, or something, but he didn't know how to respond. Lily's essences tried again, "Harry? I need you to rest little one. Please come lie down on the blanket and rest for a few minutes?"

Harry was still confused, but he had stopped crying. It appeared that he was trying to see where the voice was coming from.

Lily's essences thought back to how Lily used to put Harry down for his nap. Most of the time there would be a bottle of milk or juice, his favorite blanket and toy, and then a lullaby from Lily until he fell asleep.

Well, Lily's essences didn't have a bottle, or a toy, and the only blanket that he had was the one that covered the basket when it was delivered. Lily's essences hoped that if she started to sing, Harry would respond by going to the closest thing he had for a crib, and would take the blanket and go to sleep. Only then could she hope to 'direct' Harry back to her to where she could talk to him.

She started singing:

Sleep my child and peace attend thee,All through the nightGuardian angels God will send thee,All through the nightSoft the drowsy hours are creeping,Hill and dale in slumber sleepingI my loved ones' watch am keeping,All through the night

Angels watching, e'er around thee,All through the nightMidnight slumber close surround thee,All through the nightSoft the drowsy hours are creeping,Hill and dale in slumber sleepingI my loved ones' watch am keeping,All through the night

Harry took the suggestion and came over to the basket, and even though he was hungry, took the blanket, curled up, and went to sleep.

After Harry was asleep, Lily's essences started calling for Harry to come to her.

She could tell that Harry was confused, but he tried to head to the direction that his name was being called from.

There were many setbacks, as Harry would go back to the night when Voldemort killed his mother and father. He reacted as any infant would: with shock and horror. Lily's essences had to call out to Harry many times to comfort and reassure him that the 'Ugly man' was gone, and that he could not hurt him any more.

After the better part of an hour, Lily's essences sensed Harry approaching her.

'Heawo' Harry said. 'Are you my Mummy?'

This was the same first question that Harry had asked the last time he visited her.

Lily's essences looked at Harry and said, "No Harry, I am not your Mummy. I am her thought, emotions, and experiences that she had during her lifetime, and I know she loved you with all her heart."

"You look just like her. Are you sure you're not my Mummy? If you are not, what do I call you?"

"Your 'Mummy' is in the great beyond, but I think it would be alright if you called me 'Ma', Okay?"


'Do you remember asking me the same questions the last time you saw me?' 'Ma' asked.

'Yes, but I thought that was just a dream.' Harry was a bit confused. (A/N baby talk omitted, but Harry is still only 15 months old. I hope to keep him in character)

'It was in a dream Harry. Right now that's the only way I have of talking to you. Your mind is not strong enough to find me any other time then when you are sleeping.'

'Harry, I have some important things to talk to you about Okay?'

'Okay.' Harry replied.

'Harry, something very bad has happened to your mother and father. Do you remember what happened on Halloween night?'

'Uncle Wormtail came to the house with a bad man and... and... and he killed mummy and daddy. What does kill mean?'

'It means that their spirit or soul and body are separated from each other. The body can't live without a soul inside. How did that make you feel?'

'Sad, I want my mummy and daddy back! Can you bring them back?' Harry cried.

'No Harry, I can't bring them back. But I can do this. I can let you know that you mummy and daddy loved you a great deal. In fact it was your mothers love for you that created me!' 'Ma' said. 'Her last wish was for you to know you were loved unconditionally and she used all of her magic, and some of yours, to create me so that I would have all of your mothers thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences. I KNOW how much your mother loved you. She loved you with all her heart. She loved you so much that she was willing to die in your place instead of you, but Voldemort just killed her, and then tried to kill you also, but he wasn't able to.'

'The reason he could not kill you was because of a blessing you first received when you were first born, and that blessing was repeated several hundred times over the next 15 months of your life.'

'The charm is called 'The Blessing of the Heir'. It was given to you by someone else who loves you a great deal, that is you Godfather, Sirius Black.'

'Paddy?' Harry asked. 'Can I see Paddy soon? Or Moony?'

'I don't know Harry; I don't know where Padfoot went to or why you have to stay here instead of with Padfoot. I know that Lily and James – your mummy and daddy – wanted you to go to Sirius if anything happened to them.'

'And that brings me to the next important thing.'

'It seems a though you are going to be here with Lily's sister Petunia and her family for some time. Again, I don't know why. Lily gave strict instructions to Professor Dumbledore, and in her will that you were never to be placed here. In fact, you were only to meet them after you turned 11 years old.'

'But right now, we have to do something to prevent you from being starved or beat-up, and getting your nappy changed.'

'This is what I want you to do. I want you to ask Aunt Petunia that if she will feed you and change your nappies three times a day, that you will learn to go to the loo all by yourself as soon as you can, and that for the rest of the time, you'll stay in your room, out of her way. This way if you're resting, we can visit more and I can help you learn. Then in the spring and summer, you can ask Aunt Petunia if you can stay outside, but in the yard. I want you to look around the yard a little bit for me when it gets warmer. Dumbledore must have put some protection wards up to keep you safe. But remember, you can't let anyone know I'm here okay? How does that sound?'

'Okay, I guess – but I still miss my mummy and daddy. Could you hold me for a moment?

'I'll try as best as I can.' Was 'Ma's reply.

So the essences of Lily, and the essences of Harry came together for a second 'hug'.

It made Harry feel much better knowing that somebody loved him, but at the same time, he could tell that something was missing from the essences of Lily. He couldn't feel her Soul – her 'Heart' was missing, even though he could tell that 'Ma' loved him to as best she could.

It took several days for Harry to successfully communicate to Aunt Petunia about how he would stay out from under foot, and even though she was not thrilled about having to change or feed him, she was agreeable with him staying out of sight.

'Ma' just didn't let Harry sleep while he was in his cupboard. She taught him something called 'Greet the Sun' that he had to do every morning. She had him do it so that his muscles wouldn't shrink, and he would stay limber.

Next 'Ma' taught Harry how to 'breath' of all things, stating that it would help him be more aware of his body and balance.

After that came 'Meditation'. 'Ma' said that this was to help her communicate with Harry as well as help him organize his mind and help build 'shields' around his mind, so that he would be better protected, and be able to remember more things, while not letting things like Uncle Vernon and Dudley upset me.

Christmas time was very hard for Harry. He could see the tree, and the presents – so many presents – under the tree; he just knew that one of them had to be for him. But when he made the mistake of coming out of his cupboard on Christmas morning to open his present, he was yelled at by Vernon.

"Why should anyone give you a present? Presents are for good little girls and boys like our Dudley here. Not for some freak that only exists to take food from our table, and cloths off our sons back! Now GET BACK IN THAT CUPBOARD, and just for your smart mouthing, NO DINNER FOR YOU!"

Harry just couldn't understand what he had done to make Uncle Vernon so mad. He hardly ever saw him, and when he did, Uncle Vernon was always mad at him.

Harry just went back into his cupboard and cried himself to sleep.

Of course when he went to sleep, he would visit 'Ma' and talked with her about how he felt, and what he should do.

It was decided that for right now, it was best to just try to avoid Uncle Vernon, and see if by 'laying low' he could avoid the conflict.

As winter turned to spring, Harry approached Aunt Petunia to see if he could go outside. He promised that he would stay in the yard, and he wouldn't make a mess. Aunt Petunia's only concern was to make sure that no one noticed him while he was out there.

'I will not let any of the neighbors notice me.' Harry thought. And with that he went outside.

'Ma' had wanted Harry to look or rather, 'feel' for the magic around Number Four Privet Drive. She was sure Dumbledore had put up some kind of protection around the house, but she wasn't sure what it would be.

As Harry went outside, he stopped, and closed his eyes. He was concentrating on the environment around him. He could sense the air around him, the trees, flowers, grass, and other plants. He could sense the stone fence at the back of the yard. It was here in the stone fence that Harry also sensed something else, something very powerful and… red?

As Harry approached one of the corners, he put his little hands on the stone and again closed his eyes. This time he was concentrating on the stone that has a red picture on it. You couldn't see the picture or the red color; in fact, the stone was actually below the ground level. He stayed there for several minutes until he could remember everything about the stone, the pictures, and where the red was.

Harry repeated the same process on the remaining three corners of the property.

On the left front corner, Harry found that the stone used to put the pictures on was not completely buried under the ground. There was a small 'whole' in the shield about three fourths of an inch above the ground.

Harry was joined there by some very smart looking, flat-faced cats that seemed interested in what Harry was doing. This was the first time Harry had had an animal close to him since Padfoot. He welcomed the company for as long as they would stay.

Aunt Petunia was on the front porch just waiting to yell at Harry for something. She was so caught up in looking at Harry, that she didn't notice Mrs. Miller from Number 6 coming down the street. Everyone knew that Mrs. Miller was the Queen of gossip on Privet drive.

"Well Petunia, it's a bit surprising to see you out here out here so early in the season. Are you looking to see what you have to do to get the best lawn award this year? I must say; that fence is looking a little dungy."

"Oh, Susan! I'm sorry I didn't see you. I was just trying to make sure my nephew didn't make a mess out here."

"Your nephew? Where? All I see out here is you and I and one of the ugly cats from down around the corner at Mrs. Figg's house." Mrs. Miller responded.

"You mean you can't… I mean… what I meant was." She was looking right at Harry and he was looking back, listening to the conversation. "We have been raising my nephew since his parents died… in a… car crash. And try as I might, there is no controlling him. I was just looking at the yard hoping that he doesn't tear thing up." Petunia hoped she had recovered enough to make the story sound acceptable.

"Oh," said Mrs. Miller, only half convinced. "Why that's a mighty Christian act your doing there. I hope everything goes well with you. I'll be seeing you later Petunia." And with that she was gone.

"Harry, come over here now!" Petunia growled.

"What's the matter Aunt Petunia?" Harry was honestly wondering what the problem was.

Petunia grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him inside the house.

"What do you mean 'What's the matter'? You know perfectly well what the problem is! Why couldn't Mrs. Miller see you when you were outside just now?"

"You told me you didn't want the neighbors to see me, and so I told myself that the neighbors would not be able to see me and they couldn't. The little kitty could see me, but the lady could not." Harry answered honestly.

He was quite surprised when his aunt took him forcefully to his cupboard and threw him in, and then locked the door.

"I'll have none of your freakishness here young man. For that you will stay in your room all day, and maybe tomorrow as well!" And with that Aunt Petunia locked the door and left.

Harry had resigned himself to this type of action from the Dursley's now. It didn't bother him though. 'Ma' had been working with him so that when everyone had gone to bed, Harry could go up to the door, envision in his mind that the door was unlocked, and then go out and get something to eat, or go to the bathroom, or what every he needed to do. He always made sure that the room was locked again when the Dursley's came down the next morning.

This type of treatment continued throughout the years.

At age three and a half, Petunia and Vernon felt that it was time that Harry start earning his keep by cooking.

The first few attempts were disasters, but after a few lessons from 'Ma', Harry turned into a better cook then Petunia – Lily had always been better in 'domestic skill'.

Whenever Harry did get outside, he would get as close as he could to the 'Blood runes' as 'Ma' called them. He always felt that the magic feeling inside of him felt stronger when he spent time by the runes. 'Ma' explained that, yes, his magical core were still growing, and that his being by strong magical items, Harry could absorb some of the energy, and continue to expand his core.

By the time Harry turned five, he could have passed for a seven year old.

That year, Uncle Vernon decided that if Harry was going to be outside so much, he could take care of the responsibilities outside, as well has the cooking and cleaning on the inside.

Harry really didn't mind the work. It kept his body fit and active. He found that it was easier to do magic if he was in shape. He did feel rather bad that it didn't seem like there was anyone else in the house that really worked. Aunt Petunia spent all day either gathering, or telling gossip about different people in the neighborhood, while Dudley just spent the majority of his time in front of a telly, or playing computer games.

Also in his fifth year, 'Ma' told Harry a little bit more about the early life. Including the ritual his parents would perform on the days of a new moon where they would expand his magical core, and then, after he was a year old, the mental expansion spell that would increase the number of synapses in the brain, to allow the transfer of information between the two hemispheres more efficient. She also told him about the energy transfer that they would do, but that how that was impossible now since there was no person to transfer their power to him.

"'Ma', didn't you say that my core absorbs the extra energy from the Blood rune wards?"

'Yes I did Harry, why?'

"What if I could focus all four stones to a central location and absorb the energy that way?"

'How would you draw the focus to one point Harry?'

"When you mentioned the Fidelius charm, you said that there was a charm 'conduco fidelius' (draw / bring together the Fidelius), will, what if instead of 'conduco fidelius', you use 'conduco maga scutum' (draw / bring together the magical shield)?"

'Very interesting, but how would you focus your magic to the point that you could cast your magic on the blood runes?'

"I've been practicing doing simple things like 'Wingardium Leviosa' on a single leaf as well as all the grass clippings on the yard, I think I can connect all four corners and do this."

'Well, the next full moon is on the 16th of August. It starts at 10:06 AM, we could do the exporrigo magus umbilicus (Expand (the) magical center) and the exporrigo affectio meminisse (Expand the mind) spells, and then wait until that evening to try your spell.' 'Ma' suggested.

"That sounds just great to me." Harry was excited to see just what would happen.

August 16th 1985

Harry decided to wait until 12:00 Midnight to try the new spell.

Earlier that day, Harry had found out just how hard it is to cast a spell on yourself without a wand.

He had to concentrate on his mind or his magical core until he could clearly see them in his mind, then focusing his magic, out of his core, into his hands, and then back into the core, with the incantation. Once Harry got that down for the Magical core, he had to be careful that he didn't get into an unrecoverable feedback loop, where his own magic would keep on coming into him until he ruptured his own magical core. At a minimum, it would kill him, worse case; it would level a city block or more.

Harry started slowly, checking his core, and the amount of energy that was required to expand the core its self. By visualizing the core during this process, Harry could see if there were portions of the core that was not expanding as rest of the core and concentrate on those areas so that everything would be expanded the same, and there wouldn't be any weak spots in the core.

After several minutes, Harry felt satisfied with the endeavor he had made.

Doing he second charm wasn't as hard as the first, but it still was very hard. Harry spent most of the day resting on top of one of the runes in the back yard.

At 12:00 Midnight, Harry got out of his cupboard and went to the backyard to the center of the rune stones and started to concentrate on the task at hand.

He sent out his magical senses to encompass the four markers on each of the corners, and instead of going from one corner to the next, Harry 'grabbed hold' of all four runes, and shouted within his mind 'conduco maga scutum'!

He felt his magic grab on to the Blood rune magic, and the excess magic building up along the connections. Mentally, he opened the leads to the magic, like a power cord – wide open – ALL AT ONCE.

Like grounding four large power generators AT ONE POINT, AT ONE TIME. The basic effect was to short out the Blood rune wards around Number Four Privet drive, and put all the power through Harry's connections!

The magical power that hit Harry all at once was incredible. In a matter of mille-seconds, Harry had more power flow through him then he thought possible. If his core hadn't been so large and flexible, it would have killed him.

The power shock hit Harry so hard, that he was blown out of the way, and thus, broke the connections from the blood rune stones.

With the power connect broken, the runes again re-established the Blood wards over the house, and started to work. After several seconds, everything was working correctly.

Harry laid on the ground for a few seconds checking out if he was still in one piece. After he determined that yes, everything was still intact, including a fully charged magical core; he slowly made his way back to his cupboard, and collapsed to sleep.

Headmaster's office Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Bells and whistles are blasting in the Headmasters office. The wards around Number Four Privet Drive have just fallen, but how? These are the strongest wards put up by the strongest wizard in the known world! The power that would be required to do something like that is almost off the chart.

The fact that ALL FOUR Blood runes failed at the same time would be totally unheard of.

Albus had to get to the Dursley's house as quickly as possible.

Just as Albus was going over to ask Fawkes to take him to the Dursley's, the alarms turned off, and the devices started acting as if nothing had happened.

Was this a false alarm?

Albus stopped and walked over to the devices. After casting a diagnostic charm over each of the devices, he came to the conclusion that the devices were acting properly, and that Harry was still within the wards. So, WHAT BROUGHT THE WARDS DOWN? Even if it were for just a few seconds that would be enough for someone to get into the house and cause harm to Harry.

"Fawkes my old friend, would you be so kind as to take me to Number Four Privet Drive?"

Fawkes let out a trill, which sounded a bit like a laugh, almost like he knew something the Headmaster didn't.

Lifting off his perch, Fawkes offered the Headmaster a feather, and then in and instance they were gone in a ball of flame.

Arriving in the back yard of Number Four Privet Drive, Professor Dumbledore had his wand out – ready for action. Fawkes flew off and landed in a fruit tree, and started helping himself to some of the ripe fruit.

Professor Dumbledore was casting spell after spell trying to see if there were other magical people in the area, were there other magical objects close by that could account for the wards failing, what was the status of each of the blood runes at the current time? Everything came back as the Professor had expected.

Looking on the lawn, Professor Dumbledore noticed a spot here it looked as if someone had been standing, and then fell down. He could see that the person had to literally crawl into the house. Could that have been Harry? Could he somehow have shorted out the wards?

Professor Dumbledore let himself in to the Dursleys home and using a 'Point me' charm found where Harry was sleeping. He was a bit surprised when he opened the cupboard under the stairs to find Harry there.

'Well, obviously, Harry couldn't make it back to his room, and so he decided to sleep here.' He thought. If he had taken a moment to look around, he would have noticed that all of Harry's things were in the cupboard. This was his room!

Professor Dumbledore decided to test Harry again to see if he were strong enough to have shorted out the ward.

Casting the magnitudo de magica charm again, he got the same results as before, the cloud floated over Harry had, but the numbers kept on jumping around – 37, 98, 17, 115. Oh that last number was a good sight to see. It meant that Harry's magical core was growing, and that he should be a standard powered wizard by the time he got to Hogwarts. If he still had trouble with his core fluctuating, he would consult Madam Pomfrey to see what they could do to get it stable.

Coming to the conclusion that everything was all right, and that Harry was in no danger, Professor Dumbledore went back outside, called for Fawkes, and headed back to Hogwarts.

August 17th, late afternoon

Harry was painfully aware of his surroundings. He was being woken up in his subconscious, with a very 'pissed off' looking 'Ma'.

She was standing over him with her hands on her hips and fire in her eyes.


Harry had heard of things called howlers; he was currently on the receiving end of one right now.

'Oh, 'Ma', not so loud please! My head (and the rest of my body) is killing me. Can you tell me what happened?' Harry was confused, but was willing to learn.

'Instead of pulling off the surplus energy from the Blood rune wards, you tried to take in ALL of the power that the Blood rune wards generate! Your lucky you weren't fried to a crisp!' But it did wonders for your magical core.'

'If it weren't for the fact that you had been expanding your core already, you would have surely died. As is, it increased another 45 percent over what you had expanded it this morning.'

'You are not doing that again next month. I mean, you can do the charms, but you are not tapping into those Blood runes until your magical core has a chance to recover. We also need to look at getting you a wand so you can better control your magic.' 'Ma' said, 'Now come on, finish resting. You have a lot to do before you are ready to go to your Primary school in a few weeks.'

After he and Dudley had started going to Reception in the Primary school in the neighborhood, 'Ma' starting teaching Harry little things like the 'ABC' song, or how to count, or 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'. That one was fun because of the spiders that were in the cupboard with him.

The rest of the Dursley family did not think it was so fun. Almost immediately Harry started getting notes from the school expressing how pleased the teachers were of is preparation and work ethics, while Dudley received letters of reprimand several time each week. They all made it a point to make Harry's life as difficult as possible.

The Dursley's were convinced that Harry was using his 'freakishness' on the teachers so that they would love him, and punish Dudley. It soon became apparent that whenever Dudley brought home a reprimand note, Harry would be punished. If Vernon or Petunia were called to the school for discipline action on Dudley, Harry would get it three times as bad when they got home.

After a great deal of talking by Harry to his teachers, they stopped sending reports home regarding Harry's work – At least he wouldn't have to suffer for those. But he couldn't do anything about Dudley's reports, so he just resigned himself for the yelling and abuse he would get when ever Dudley acted up at school.

Another problem was when report cards came out. Harry was near the top of his class in almost every subject – but then you don't really do all that much in Primary School. Harry had to plead with his teachers to give him no more then an 'Acceptable' on his card. Even with that he knew he would be in trouble when he got home.

End of Chapter 8

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