Essences of Lily Revised

Chapter 9 Harry in Muggle School

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Summary: What is 'The power he knows not' and how did Harry get it? How did Harry survive the killing curse and what does Sirius Black have to do with it? Who is the voice Harry is hearing in his head?

Essences of Lily – Chapter 9 – Harry in Muggle School.


Harry was starting Year 1 in school and he couldn't be happier.

During his time at the Dursley's he didn't have the opportunity to meet any other persons his same age – Dudley doesn't count.

Aunt Petunia was very reluctant to let Harry go to school. 'What if he does something to draw attention to himself? What if the school finds out about his freakish nature?'

Uncle Vernon had the solution for that.

"Boy! Come here!" Uncle Vernon bellowed.

"Yes Uncle Vernon." Harry answered politely.

"Don't give me any of your lip boy!" Vernon snarled. "You're going to be in public with 'normal' people now. I expect you to act completely 'normal' also. No disappearing, and the reappearing or anything like that. Do you understand?"

"Yes Uncle Vernon, no doing ma…"

"DON'T SAY THAT WORD IN MY HOUSE OR IN MY PRESENCE!" Uncle Vernon bellowed. "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC!" Uncle Vernon's current color of deep purple looked quite fetching on his face.

"Denying the existence of a thing does not make it cease to exist. It just closes off our minds to the possibilities that are out there in the universe." Harry answered calmly.

"Why you ungrateful little brat…" Uncle Vernon charged at Harry, with his hand raised, intent on doing serious bodily harm. Harry just stood there waiting for the attack. When Uncle Vernon was close enough to swing his fist, a shield appeared in front of Harry that not only stopped the fist, but also stopped Uncle Vernon cold in his tracks. The results were, Uncle Vernon 'bouncing' off the shield, loosing his balance, and falling in a heap on the floor, and one very sore fist.

"Why you little freak! Attack me will you? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

"We can't do that Vernon, he's just a child. And I have a life-debt to pay off to his father. If we don't keep him here, what protection will we have from those freaks that are trying to kill him?" Petunia said quietly.

Vernon was breathing very hard right now. More then anything else he wanted to be rid of Harry Potter. He couldn't look at the boy without thinking of his dead mother and father. He knew that somehow, their deaths were his fault. But he didn't want to be defenseless against the type of people who could kill you just by pointing a stick at you.

"Just stay out of my sight then boy! The only time I want to see you is at mealtime. And even then, the less time I see you the better! Now go on, get to school!" Shouted Vernon.

Harry gathered up the worn backpack that he had inherited from Dudley and started walking to school. It was about a kilometer from his house, and so it would take him about 10 minutes to walk there. Of course Aunt Petunia would drive Dudley to school; he couldn't be seen arriving with Harry.

Arriving at school, Harry found out that he and Dudley had both been assigned to Miss. Moon's class located in the southwest corner of the school. Next door, to the east of her room, was Miss. Harrison, a strict disciplinarian who took great pleasure in smacking children on the hands or top of the head if they did not respond to her requests immediately.

Getting to the classroom just before the last bell rang; Harry took the only chair left – right in front of the teacher's desk.

Harry actually looked quite good in Dudley's old cloths. As he would put the cloths on, he would think to himself that the cloths needed to fit him, and as if by 'the M word', the cloths would morph to his size when he put them on. They were still old, and worn, but at least they fit.

Miss. Moon went through the roll and asked the children to take out a pencil while she passed out some paper.

Harry raised his hand and waited for Miss. Moon to call on him.

"Yes Harry?"

"Excuse me ma'am, but I don't have a pencil."

"Didn't your parents get you any supplies?"

"No, ma'am, my parents are dead. I'm staying with my Aunt and Uncle, the Dursleys."

"Well then, Dudley, do you have a pencil Harry could use?"

"Let that freak uses one of my pencils? I don't think so, my Mum and Dad gave me these to use, not HIM!"

"Now Dudley, that's not a very nice thing to say about your cousin now is it? Just let him use it for the test and he can give it back to you." Miss Moon was quite shocked by Dudley's response.

"Huh, fat chance. Who knows what he would do to the pencil after he touched it! I don't share anything with him at home, why should I be made to share anytime with him here? It was his parents that got themselves killed and him left on our front porch. He's nothing but a burden to our family and a freak! I won't share my pencils with him!" Dudley was repeating what he had heard his father say over, and over again and even if he didn't understand everything that he said, he knew that his father would be proud of him for putting Harry down in public.

For Harry's part, he just sat up in the front of the class with his head held down, a little tear coming from the corner of his eye. He didn't want Dudley's words to hurt him, but they did. If it had just been Harry and the Dursley's, he would have thought nothing of it. But here he was on the first day of school, meeting his teacher and the other 20 some students for the first time, and Dudley used the opportunity to let everyone know that he was a different.

Miss. Moon was still in shock with Dudley's attitude, but decided to address it at a later date. Turning to the class, she asked if anyone had a pencil that Harry could use.

A simple looking girl named Alice, who was sitting next to Harry, said that he could have one of hers.

Harry was still blushing when he took the pencil, and thanked her.

Miss. Moon returned to the front of the room and told the class that they were going to have a review. Most of the student moaned about having a test on the first day of school. No one was louder in their complaining, then Dudley.

"This is not a test. This is just to see how prepared you are to do your first year work."

"Put your name on the top of the paper. On the first two lines, I want you to write the alphabet in uppercase – that means the big letters. Than skip a line and write the alphabet in lowercase – the little letters. If you get stuck on a letter, look up here on the wall above the chalkboard to see what they are. If you still have time after that, skip another line, and start writing out your numbers. No more then ten numbers to a line, go as high as you can count. Do as much as you can in the next five minutes. Ready? Go!" She said.

All of the small students followed the teacher's instructions. Most had their heads down, trying to write the letters as best they could. The one exception was Dudley. He had to stop after every letter and look up at the chart to see what came next and how it was formed. With a look of great concentration, Dudley bore down on the pencil on the piece of paper. Needless to say, he broke the lead on all six pencils that his mother had sent with him to school, (Harry must have had something to do with that) and had to ask Miss. Moon if he could take some time to sharpen the pencils.

Harry was having a different problem. This was basically the first time he had held any writing instrument in his hand. As a result, his fingers were getting sore quickly.

Harry knew his alphabets since he was 17 months old, when 'Ma' taught him the Alphabet Song. It wasn't until much later that Harry could put the 'name' of the letter with its 'shape'. Never the less, Harry picked up quickly that you did not have to press very hard on the paper to leave a mark.

Harry went through the uppercase letters followed quickly by the lower case letters. After shacking the feeling back into his hand, he started on the numbers.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Harry realized that if he were to start at the beginning, he should have started with 0. So, erasing the first two lines from the assignment, he started again.

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19,

20 …

Harry was just getting to the bottom of the page when Miss. Moon called for them to put down their pencils down. Dudley complained that he hadn't finished the first line yet, and that time couldn't be up. Miss. Moon ignored him and picked up the papers. Right after that bell rang so the students could go out and have first recess.

Harry held back, and made sure he was the last one to leave. He wanted to be sure he could keep an eye on where Dudley was at, at all times.

As Harry left the building to go to the playground, he found Alice standing on the side, just watching the other students.

"Hello Alice, thank you for letting me uses your pencil. By the way, my name's Harry, Harry Potter."

"It's nice to meet you Harry. I'm Alice Graham. Is that bully really your cousin?"

Harry let out a little laugh, "I'm afraid so. It's been like that as long as I remember."

"Well I think it was horrible the way he treated you in there!"

"Don't worry about it; I'm use to it… for the most part." Harry said the last part a bit sadly.

"Why aren't you out there playing with the other kids?" Harry asked.

"I could ask you the same thing. In my case, we just moved into the area just before school started, so I haven't had a chance to meet any of the kids in the neighborhood. Now, what about you? Why aren't you out there?" Alice asked.

"To be honest, this is about the first time I've had to meet other children at all. My Aunt and Uncle don't like me out of the house, or out of their sight too much. I might spread my 'freakiness' around."

"What's with that? What do they mean by 'freakiness'?" Questioned Alice.

"I'm not too sure," Harry lied, "I think they are just mad at my parents for dieing and leaving me with them."

"It must have been hard growing up that way."

"No, not really. I just stay out of their way as much as possible and do what every they need done around the house."

"Like what?" Alice was curious.

"Oh, you know, cook the food, do the dishes, dust the house, hoover the carpets, do the washing, drying, and fold the cloths – they put them away since they don't want me in their rooms – mow the lawn, trim the hedge, pull the weeds, plant the flowers, and paint the fence… Its kind of fun, it keeps me busy and I get to work outside. It makes the time go faster. "When I'm not busy, I get to go to my room and study, or have time to think."

Alice was amazed. She knew how hard some of that housework could be. And here she complained when her mum asked her to clean up her room.

The bell rang signifying the end of the recess period and for the children to return to class. Harry and Alice were two of the first in the building since they were closest to the doors. As they entered into the classroom, however, Dudley came running up and tried to push through both of them. Harry's 'shield' stopped Dudley from running through him. As he 'bounced' off the shield, he fell into Alice, knocking her hard to the floor, with Dudley falling on top of her.

Miss. Moon got up from her desk to see what the commotion was at the door. "What is going on here?" She asked.

"It's Harry Miss. Moon. He pushed me into Alice here." Dudley responded pointing his beefy finger at Harry.

Harry was helping Alice out from underneath Dudley, and helped her stand back up.

"No he didn't Dudley, you tried to push your way through, but Harry didn't move. When he didn't move, you tripped me and fell on top of me you big elephant!" Alice yelled out. Her head had a big bump on it that was starting to swell and bleed.

"Student, come in and get out your reading books, stay quite and busy until I get back. Alice, I need to take you to the school nurse, and Dudley, you need to come with me to the Superintendents office." Miss. Moon seriously.

"ME! But it's that freaks fault! He's the one that pushed me into her!"

"How could he push you into her when he was in front of you Dudley?" Miss. Moon asked.

"I don't know how he did it! All I know is that it's that freaks fault not mine!"

"I am quite tired of hearing you call Harry a freak every time you talk to him. Is this how you treat him at home? Maybe I need to have someone from Family Services come by to talk to your parents about how they are treating Harry."

"Miss. Moon, you don't have to do that. I'm treated well enough." Harry said.

"Well, I think we're going to have to separate you two or no one will be able to learn." With that Miss. Moon took Alice and Dudley down the hall.

When Harry got home that afternoon, the Dursley's were ready to explode.


"I didn't do anything Uncle Vernon. Alice and I were returning in from recess when Dudley tried to push through us. Somehow he tripped and fell on top of Alice. She got a bump on the head, and a cut. Then Miss. Moon took them to the office. That's all I know."

"There has to be more to it then that now boy! You must have used your unnaturalness to cause the accident. My sweet little Dudlekums would never do anything like that. Especially to a little girl." This time it was Aunt Petunia putting in her two cents worth.

"I'll tell you what you're going to do now young man. You're going into the kitchen and fix our dinner, then you are going to GET IN THAT CUPBOARD AND STAY FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK!" Uncle Vernon threatened.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that." Harry said.


"All I'm saying is that Miss. Moon already suggested sending someone over from Family Services to see how I'm being treated. If I don't show up to school, I'm sure there is nothing what will stop her from contacting them. Do you want me to show them where I sleep if Family Services does come by?"


"No. I'm just asking a question. If you raise too many flags, Family Services will be called and they will find out how you've been treating me. Now I am willing to stay in my cupboard, except to do the house and yard work and to do the cooking and cleaning, but I will not miss school. I like being with other kids that are my age, and I really like my teacher Miss. Moon. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do before dinner."

With that Harry excused himself and started cleaning things up outside until it was time to start dinner. He still didn't get much to eat, but that was alright, he could come out later at night to get something else to eat if he needed to.

When Dudley came back the next week, Harry found out that he had been transferred to Miss. Harrison's class in exchange for one of her students. Harry had hoped that having Miss. Harrison would have straightened Dudley out since she was known as such a strict disciplinarian. Instead, Dudley found a coach and mentor in the treatment and torture of children smaller then you. Dudley soon became Miss. Harrison's 'teachers pet'. She would let Dudley take care of some of the 'minor' infractions of her classroom rules.

As the next two years went by, Harry continued to excel in school, while Dudley excelled in cruelty.

The school administrators made sure the two cousins were in different classes, and it seemed that wherever they went, you could predict the outcome in the class results.

In Harry's classes you had greater class unity and learning. Harry was always kept quite and mostly stayed to himself, but he was always near the head of his class in all subjects.

While in Dudley's class you had the feeling of terror and oppression. Dudley always picking on the smaller children and at his size that was everyone.

Some thought it funny that the best and worst students came from the same home.

During the summer, Harry continued to work hard in the yard and around the house. He had continued to expand his magical core and his mental capabilities, but was much more careful when drawing power from the Blood runes.

Harry started a tradition of staying up on July 30th until midnight. At the stroke of 12:00, Harry would make another notch on the wall in his cupboard and wish himself a happy birthday, and then go to sleep.

After his eight birthday Harry laid down on his little blanket, and fell to sleep quickly. As with most nights he found himself in his subconscious to spend the evening learning with his 'Ma'. This evening Harry felt a bit low since it seemed no one knew or cared that it was his birthday.

'Ma' took Harry in a gentle hug, and whispered, 'Happy Birthday Harry.'

Harry hung on to 'Ma' trying to feel what it would be like to be hugged by his real mother.

'Harry, now that you have reached the age of accountability, you must know that now you will be held accountable for the magic you perform; that when you leave this sphere of existence, and move on to the next great adventure, you will be judged by Magic it's self for your deeds, and how you have handled the talents, and gifts you have been given, and whether you have used them for 'good' or 'evil.

'What do you mean?' Harry questioned. 'Who is to say what is good and what is evil?'

'Every person is given an internal beacon or light that points to the correct path. As you perform good deeds, the light gets stronger. If you perform bad deeds or act cruelly, the light gets dimmer until it is so dim it is difficult to see. For some people, like Voldemort, the light is completely extinguished.

Also, now that you have reached this age, there are several things about your history, past and future that you need to be made aware of so that you can make more informed decision.' 'Ma' started.

As for your past… Shortly before you were born, there was a prophecy made that stated in part: 'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...'

'In part? What does the rest of the prophecy say?' Harry asked.

'We don't know. That's all of the prophecy Professor Dumbledore would tell us.'

'Professor Dumbledore? I thought he was just the Headmaster at Hogwarts.'

'Yes he is, but, Professor Dumbledore is many other things. In addition to being Headmaster: He is the recipient of the Order of Merlin – First Class; the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot; the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards; and the first recognized Grand Sorcerer in over 500 years. For these reasons he carries a lot of political weight in the wizarding world.'

'Professor Dumbledore is also the leader of a group called 'The Order of the Phoenix' that is dedicated to the way of the 'Light'.

'But getting back to the prophecy.'

'Ma' then 'showed', and told Harry all about Frank and Alice Longbottom, and their son Neville who was born just a few hours before Harry, and how Lily was Neville's godmother. She told him about the check-up from the Medi-witch from St. Mungo's, and how all babies who had a power rating over 40 had their magic 'bound' so they will not be as powerful as they could be when they grew up and what his parent's did to prevent his magical core from being bound. She made Harry promise that he would be a friend to Neville, and remove the magical bind off his core as quickly as possible.

'Ma' also told Harry about the two trunks that Lily and James had made for him and how to use them.

Harry asked her, 'If I expand the trunks in this cupboard, there won't be any room in here for me!'

'Stretch out your magic and feel the room around you.' 'Ma' prompts.

Harry starts to 'feel' his surrounding in the cupboard. He finds that there is a familiar magical signature in the room. The signature 'feels' like his mother. The cupboard 'felt' like it used to be bigger.

'When a group of Death-eaters attacked here on the day of Petunia's and Lily's baby shower, Lily used a spell, Extensus cella antepagmentum decoris idem (Enlarge space, exterior looks the same) and put Vernon in this same cupboard. It's probable one of the reasons you are in here now.'

'When you wake up, I want you to try and find the magic in you. Then think about how large you need this room to be, then recite the incantation and expand the room to that size. After you have done that, take both trunks; put them on the floor, find your magic again, and say Expandere on each of the trunks. The custom-made travel trunk is from your father. It is a trunk that his father, your grandfather, had commissioned when Voldemort first came to power. It was finished on the day that Voldemort killed your grandfather, and grandmother. There are nine chambers in it that will help you with your training. But we'll go over more of that tomorrow.'

'The second trunk contains mostly notes and thoughts that I … Lily wrote down just prior to Voldemort's attack on Godric's Hollow.'

Godric's Hollow?' Harry asked. 'What's that?'

'Ma' laughed lightly. 'Not what – where. Godric's Hollow is where your home was located. It's the place where your parent's … died.'

For the last few nights, 'Ma' had been telling Harry how 'accidental' magic, and 'wandless' magic were really the same thing the only difference between the two was just a matter of control, and doing the magic on purpose. Harry practiced and practiced trying to 'find', or 'feel' his magic and make it do what he wanted. A week after his eight birthday, Harry found his magic, brought it up into his hands, thought about the room being the size he needed, and said 'Extensus cella antepagmentum decoris idem (Enlarge space, exterior looks the same)'. Harry noticed that there was a brief 'flash of light that came from his hands and the sides of the cupboard walls. Instinctively he closed his eyes so as not to be blinded by the light. Whenhe opened his eyes, he saw that his cupboard-under-the-stairs had expanded to a 12' by 12' room with a 10' ceiling.

Harry was so happy it had worked he almost shouted for joy, but stopped himself just in time, remembering that the Dursley's were probable still sleeping.

He then expanded both trunks. He carefully opened his mother's trunk first to examine the contents there. He cried as he read the letter she had written him, telling him about the situation they were in, the prophecy Professor Dumbledore had told them, and about the love she and James had for him.

Lily's letter also included stories about Harry's early childhood, the tricks he used to play; about the Marauders, and about the traitor, Peter. She told him how, if they were gone, he should be raised by Sirius Black, or Alice Longbottom first, and that while he did have an Aunt and Uncle, he probable wouldn't be meeting them until he was eleven years old because of their feelings towards magic.

Harry was quite shocked to read the details in the letter. Why was he here then? Where was Sirius, or Remus? He knew from 'Ma' that Dumbledore had gone against his parents wishes, but seeing it in writing made it hurt a little more.

Closing his mother's trunk, Harry continued with his father's. He read the letter his father had left him explaining the history of the trunk, and what he and Lily had done to prepare for Harry's training. He explained the different chambers in the trunk, and how they were to be used. Harry then took his mothers trunk, opened his father's trunk to the fifth chamber (the living quarters), and went inside.

Harry could not believe what he saw as he entered into the foyer of the replica of the former Potter manor from Scotland. Storing his mother's trunk in the downstairs master bedroom, that he was going to claim as his room for now, Harry spent the rest of the day exploring his new possession. He was simply stunned by the items that were present in the trunk. The cloths, book, Library and study hall, the workout room, with everything he saw.

When Harry got to the eighth chamber, and read of everything you could do there, he just stopped in shock. His mind could not comprehend all the things he could do while in this room.

The first thing he did was to find the book that explained how the room worked, and what runes controlled the time in the room. After reviewing that, he went back to the manor and did the one other thing 'Ma' had asked him to do.

"Sassy!" Harry called out firmly.

Instantly Harry was greeted by a strange small person, with long ears and large eyes appeared suddenly in front of him.

When Sassy saw Harry she started to cry.

"Oh, Master Potter! How is you remembering Sassy? I is been waiting so long to sees you again! I is so sad about you mother and your father!" Sassy ran over and hugged Harry for all he was worth, crying and sobbing heavily.

Overcoming his shock and surprise, it took Harry some time before he finally spoke back. "Sassy, its ok. My mum left me a note to call you after I got my father's trunk. Now, Sassy, if it's not too much to ask, what exactly are you?"

Sassy composed herself and dried her eyes, "I is a house elf Master Harry. I and my family has been serving the Potter family for many generations."

"Just what is a house elf and what exactly do you do?" Harry wanted to learn more.

"A house elf serves the needs of the family. We's cook and clean, and make sure you has everything you need before yous ask for it. We's is to do this quickly and quietly without being seen by our masters and their guest. But most importantly… I is keeping all of your secrets." Sassy said.

"Boy, it sounds like I've been a house elf to the Dursley's most of my life them." Harry said to himself.

Sassy was confused at why her master would be a house elf to anyone else, so Harry gave her a brief background of his life with the Dursley's. When he was through, Sassy was ready to go out and curse the Dursley's into next week. Harry stopped her, telling her that it was all right, that he needed something to do to keep him strong and in shape.

Harry was not too happy with the way Sassy described her life. "Sassy, when do you take your time off, and how much do I pay you?"

Sassy looked like Harry had just threatened to give her cloths. "Oh, Master Harry, I is not taking any time off or taking any money. I is a good elf. And good elf's is happy to work for their families."

Harry still felt uncomfortable. He approached Sassy, and kneeling down, put his hand on her shoulder.

"Sassy, I don't view myself as being worth enough to be you 'master'. First of all, I don't know how to be a good master. Secondly, I'm just a kid who only know a small part of my families history right now. Third, what I could really use right now is a friend who I can talk to, and who will help me learn, and be ready for the mission it appears that I have to perform in life."

Sassy's eyes opened wide as she heard Harry say he wanted a friend and someone to help him.

"You is wanting Sassy as a friend? You is letting Sassy learn Wizard Magic? You is wanting Sassy to be with you your whole life?"

"Yes Sassy, that's exactly what I am saying." Harry responded.

Sassy jumped up and hugged Harry around the neck as tightly as she could. With tears in her eyes, she said "Thank you Master Harry, thank you! No other wizard has ever thought of a house elf as an equal!"

Harry thanked Sassy, and then took her on a tour of the manor, and the trunk.

Harry explained to Sassy that he was interested in learning as much as he could as quickly as possible. This would mean organizing his studies from the books and scrolls in the library, and using the time option in chamber 8 as much as possible. Harry explained to Sassy, that he would like her to get enough book, supplies, and food to last for as long as they would be in the chamber.

If the chamber allowed ten days of training in an eight hour period that passed on the outside, or one day on the inside, for every 48 minutes on the outside. That meant that Harry could stay in there for about five days (4 hours outside time) before he would have to come out and help with the Dudley's lunch. Then he could return for about another five days before he had to come back and fix their supper. During the evening, Harry could go to the trunk to do some reading and training in normal time.

Of course, Harry wouldn't spend all of his time working. There where lots of other things that he wanted to try and do, including taking his fathers Cleansweep 5 into chamber nine, and learning how to fly! Of course Sassy insisted to be with Harry all the time and Harry gives her time on the broom as well.

When Harry was in chamber eight, it seemed a bit strange to him, but Sassy could go between normal, and 'extended' time without any problem. It must have been the house elf magic.

It soon becomes apparent to Harry and Sassy, that if Harry is to go very far in his studies, he is going to need some things from the wizarding world. But how will he get it?

'Ma' has told Harry about Diagon Alley, and how to get to it. The question is, how is Harry going to get to London?

Sassy comes to the rescue by letting Harry know that she can 'take him along' with her as she does what the house elves called 'sliding' from one location to another or she could teach him how to do that part of house elf magic. It is different from the wizards 'apparition' in that it is near instantaneous, absolutely quiet, and 100 percent safe. It was also very difficult to perform. As Sassy explained the process, as long as one place was connected to someplace else, even if only by air, the house elves could sense the object, person, or location, and open a 'hole' to it. Then it was as simple as walking through the hole to be at the new location. This is why when Harry called for her, she could sense where he was located at, and even though he was hidden from other witches and wizards, she could come right to him. The only effective 'block' for this type of travel was a total lack of everything – a complete vacuum.

Harry said that he would like to go along side Sassy the first time to see how it felt, and to see if he could understand the magic used.

Sassy explained that the hardest part of 'sliding' was conjuring a small amount of negative mass that was required to build the 'hole'.

Harry decided before they left, that perhaps it would be a good idea for him to have a hat or something so that people wouldn't recognize him while he was in Diagon alley.

No sooner said, then Sassy had a baseball cap with the saying 'Marauder's Rule' across the front of it.

Sassy told Harry that while they were in Diagon Alley, she would remain invisible. She explained that it was unacceptable for house elves to be seen in public. Harry didn't like it, but he understood.

Putting the hat on, and pulling it over his scar, Harry took hold of Sassy's hand and extended his magic (Aura reading) to where he could feel her pulling up the elf magic to create the negative mass. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before in his short life. Then as Sassy thought of the location she wanted to go to – 'The Leaky Cauldron' – Harry could see a negative mass shot out in front of him to open a little hole in the space directly in front of them. Then, following Sassy, Harry walked through the hole, and found himself in front of the tavern.

'I is being right beside you young master. Just go into the tavern, and head to the rear door that leads to the alley in the back.' Sassy whispered quietly.

Harry looked around, and seeing no one watching, opened the door to The Leaky Cauldron. The feeling of magic was almost overwhelming to him. Never had he been in the presence of so many magical people. He could sense good and bad intents of the different people, and the relative strength of each one. It was, to say the least overwhelming to him, and for a few seconds he froze in his tracks. 'Master Harry, yous must be not using your aura reading here. It is being too much for you right now.' Harry heard Sassy say. Struggling to turn thing off, Harry felt Sassy push him towards the back of the tavern while he came back to his senses.

Upon reaching the back wall, Harry said "Thanks Sassy, I've never felt anything like that before. It was just overwhelming to me. I couldn't take everything in."

"Yous is not a fully trained wizard yet. Yous must be careful in what yous does with your magic until yous know how to uses it. Now watch." Sassy took one of her fingers and touched the bricks on the back wall in a pattern: Left, Up, Over, Down. Sassy vanished once more as the wall started to reform it's self into an arch.

'Welcome young Master, to Diagon alley.'

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