The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

Just Maybe

I watched, teasing Natsu, as he stared at me irritatedly. I sat down next to him. “Missing something?” I went and teased him more as he almost did a silent growl at me.

“Why do you have that..... oh, I get it. I must of accidentally left it at your house. Now can I please have it back.” At the moment he kept looking around to see if anyone was looking, from what I could tell.

Wow. He really doesn’t want anyone to know it is his, does he. “M-hm. What if I like this scarf so much that I don’t want to give it back?” I giggled, trying not to be too teasing.

“Please. It’s really special to me. Even if you don’t believe me.” He looked at me with longing eyes, and i could tell he really wanted it back.

“Well. I think I will keep it to make sure you keep your promise. I will give it back tomorrow.” The bell rang, and I went through the door of the lunch room, exiting towards my next class of the day.

Levy looked at me and i looked back at her to see that she had a surprised look on her face. “What? Did I go too far?” I didn’t think I went too far, but maybe I did. I was just trying to give him a little taste of his own medicine.

She turned her face over to look at me directly and smiled, then she giggled. “Nope. Just surprised that something of that color would be Natsu’s. I mean, he is always wearing black from what I could remember.”

I thought about that for a minute. “Well....actually, it doesn’t seem like that to me. I kinda can’t tell you about it, but I could see him wearing this scarf.” My mind went to the time we meet, and how he was, in fact wearing the scarf back then. Why exactly is he so different from how he was that day. I don’t exactly believe his story about just meeting him on an odd day. It just doesn’t add up.

Plus, I believe that if that is true, that he has a good side in him. It would only make se- “Lucy, are you listening to me at all?” I was cut off realizing that Levi was talking at the moment.

“Oh, sorry. I wasn’t listening. Could you repeat that?” Guess I will figure it out some time later. Maybe there is a good side to Natsu.

We arrived in class, which was an Acting class, (I also had this class with Natsu, making it kind of awkward sometimes), and today, we were selecting who did what. We, this time, we're doing Romeo and Juliet. (Kind of Cliche, don’t you think?)

“Please sit down, class. I will tell you who is who in the play in just a moment.” Natsu came in, soon after, wearing his normal attire, right as the bell rang. “Thank you for sitting down.”

She started to write on the board. “Our lead player will be Lucy as Juliet and Natsuas Romeo. Sorry, you two. It was kind of someone elses Idea. *Cough* Mrs.Mira *Cough*.”

Suddenly we both rose up in objection. “I can’t be Juliet! Why do I have to be her! She is so elegant a pretty!”

For some reason, Natsu was blushing, but looked a little worried as he added on. “And I can’t be Romeo, because, well, just because!” I could also tell, he was having a hard time for some reason.

No! I just can’t be Juliet! It’s too much! Plus....okay, I do know her lines...a lot...but that was only because I really liked the story Romeo and Juliet! Sweat bead began to pour down my face, as did Natsu’s.

Both of us looked at each other, as Mrs. Mavis continued. “And that is who will be who. Also, Lucy and Natsu. Sorry. Like I said, it was not my choice. I have to listen to your homeroom teacher, no matter what. New rule.” She just giggled, then handed out our scripts.

For the rest of the day, I could not get the idea of me being Juliet, and Natsu being Romeo. Dang it, Mrs Mira! I tripped suddenly, making Natsu’s scarf fall in a puddle. “Oh, no....” I picked it up, realizing it was soaked. “Of all the days, why did today have to be such a bad day for me. I mean, since Natsu is Romeo, that means we will have to k-k-...”

I finally realized something as I stared at the scarf. “Kiss!” Everything had now changed. There was one thing i knew, and it was that I would have to kiss Natsu, again. I started to mumble to myself as I continued to walk home.. “I can’t do this. It’s just so sudden, and I just can’t. Not after what happened the last time we kiss...I mean, I want to kiss him....What are you saying Lucy!”

I took a deep breath, and fell onto my bed, which I had conveniently made my way to already. I’ll just deal with this all tomorrow. I mean.... I felt something cold and wet on my bed. “Oh, yeah.” I pulled Natsu’s scarf.

Great. And it’s scales too. Better put it in the dryer and see what happens. It was all I could think of at the time, because my mind was too clouded with thoughts about Natsu and the play, and practically too much of everything.

Too lazy to do anything else, I lay back down on my bed and sighed. Why did this have to happen to me. Plus, he practically has been the rebel, I have heard about, so why can’t I get it out of my head that somewhere in there is his good side.

I rolled over to my side, and got comfortable. Unintentionally, I fell asleep. Yet again, my dream started a very interesting Natsu, but mostly the one that was kind, gentle, and kind hearted. He actually kissed me on the cheek, even.

After so long, I woke up myself, smiling a bit. It’s not all that bad, actually. The dream, and the play. Maybe I will be able to talk to Mira and my teacher and cox her into letting Levy be Juliet, and Gajeel be Romeo. I smirked. Way to think on the bright side luce. They make a great couple, though.

Slowly sitting up on the edge of my bed, I scratched my head in wonder. Today’s saturday, right. So, why do I feel like I am forgetting something?

Turning my head around, so I could get a glimpse of the weather, I jumped a bit, seeing two eyes in the window. First thing that popped in my head was, Natsu! Why is he here.

He jumped in. “Sorry. Habbit. Don’t know why I like to come in through windows, though.” He put his hand on the back of his head as if in embarrassment. “It’s kind of creepy, huh.”

I stared at him, until I realized that I was in my loose pajamas, and became a bit flustered. “Natsu!!!” I held myself back, for some reason, and didn’t give him a lucky-kick, so to speak, and just turned around in embarrassment.

“That’s me. Anyway’s, can you hurry up and change. You slept through half the day. I thought you were excited to come with me today. Guess I was wrong.” He climbed into the house, making me finally notice what he was wearing. That’s right....I can’t believe I forgot. Today was supposed to be the day we spent together.

Blinking a few times, I finally also came to realization of what was today. AHHHH! I can’t believe I forgot! I shot up real quick, walking to dresser, grabbing what i was going to wear.

When I was just about to change, I remembered a certain salamander was in my room. I made a blank stare at him. “Turn around so I can change, please. And absolutely NO PEEKING! Got it. If I catch you peeking, you will get a Lucky-kick you will never forget.” I gave a gentle smile as he turned around.

I can’t believe myself. Why, though, am I freaking out so much about this. It’s only two friends hanging out for a day. Nothing special. Still getting changed, I paused my thinking for a second, then thought again about the subject. Actually, it’s more like two acquaintances hanging out.

Sighing, I put on my last bit of close, when my mind went to the fact that there was a hallway that Natsu could of stood in, so he wouldn’t of been able to see me. And why did I just let him only turn around, and not send him out? I am getting way too comfortable around him.

“Luuuuucccyyyy.....are you done yet.....” His voice showed that he was getting impatient, for some reason. It was almost as if he was waiting for this day forever, and wanted to take me with him.

Natsu is really acting different today. “I’m good. Let’s go.” He went to go out the window, and I panicked. “Not that way!” Turning around, he stared at me, then gave me a smirk.

“Well, if you insist.” Jogging over to the apartment exiting door, he grabbed my hand. “Now let’s go!” His face went to a big grin, the one I saw only a few times, as he looked at me.

I didn’t know what else to do as I stared in awe, with him pulling me along. Really different. He did say he would be the person I meet that day, but still. I might even get wrapped up in this side of him.

There is something off with him, still, as it is, though. My mind clicked real fast, then my eyes widened in realization. His scarf! I smiled a bit, and pulled on him slightly, making him stop. “Wait her, Natsu. I have to grab something.”

“What do you have to grab?” He looked at me, smiling, and I almost gave in, but decided that I wouldn’t tell him.

I will keep it as a surprise later. I’ll just put it into my bag. Going through the door, I answered him. “It’s personal. Nothing you need to know about.” I closed the door behind me, quickly looking through the drier.

Freaking out for a bit, as I couldn't’ find it, I sighed in relief as finally saw it in the back of the drier. It actually turned out better than before, to my surprise. It looks so shiny. Standing up straight, I smiled. That’s good.

My eyes stared at it for a few moments, until I remembered that Natsu was waiting. “Opps. Forgot. Better hurry.” I folded it up gently and put it into my bag. “There.”

Stepping through the door, I smiled, yet again. “Let’s go.” He was standing there when I went out the door, but when I spoke, he jumped a bit.

“You good? You have everything this time?” Natsu laughed, which made me overly happy. If you're not careful, Natsu, I might just have to be your friend permanently. I already want that, but I know I can’t even have that.

I gave him my own special huge grin, and walked over to him where I was standing right next to him, looking up at his face. He looks so cute up close. I paused for a second looking away, because I felt a blush coming on. Why did I think that?

Rubbing the blush off, Natsu’s voice came from behind. “You okay, Luce?” Hearing his voice like that made me even happier. Happier then before. Don’t say I didn’t warn you Natsu.

Natsu.... I looked back up at him, not caring anymore that I was blushing. ....if this is another one of my dreams, I am going to hate myself when I wake up.....I just hope it isn’t one of my dreams about Natsu..... “Yeah, I am fine.”

I grabbed Natsu’s hand, making him suddenly blush a bit. “’m happy. “ He looked around a bit, only to look back at me. “Are you happy, Lucy?”

My eyes, yet again, widened in surprise, but for more than one reason. One.... “Yeah, I am more happy then you know Natsu...” I wasn’t expecting Natsu to blush. And Two.... “Now where to?” He was kinder than I ever expected him to be.

“Lets start with some karaoke.” He was the kind Nastu I was so excited about. He was the one that I wanted to see so badly. This Natsu, and the other Natsu, even though I didn’t want to admit it, where both wrapping me around there finger.

Like a mages Dragon ring. Once they have it, they treasure it forever. But was that how Natsu thought of me?

Just maybe, that was the case later on. Just maybe....both Natsu’s would like me that way. Just maybe....
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