The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

Only a memory and a white scarf left

Natsu was smiling ear to ear as we entered the karaoke place. “Yes! We are finally here!” He jumped a bit, almost like a little kid in hyper mode.

“Yeah. Guess we are.” I looked around as I stepped through the door.

I paused for a moment to take in what was really happening at that second. Wow. I never expected for it to be like this. Even if it is supposed to be a great day that Natsu and I are-My thoughts were interrupted as I heard a familiar, almost silent, girly voice. “Lu-chan!”

When I turned to look who it was, I didn’t have a chance to see exactly before I was punched on. “Hey, Levy! How are you?”

She let go of her over-powerful grip that she had on me and almost fell from losing her balance. Before she could fall, though, Gajeel caught her. That’s odd... “Careful there. I need to take you home soon.” Gajeel sighed.

I was perplexed. “Is Levy okay?”

For a moment, he didn’t answer. “She kinda had her first try of a drink. Then just got all loopy. Shes not as innocent as I thought she was.” His voice went almost to a whisper. “And a really light drinker, too, as a matter a fact.” Levy giggled at that, then hiccuped a few more times. “Well, I better get you home. See you guys. You take care of Lucy, Natsu. Got it?!”

As he stepped out the door, Gajeel gave Natsu a death glare before he turned completely and left. That was odd. And kind of out of the blue too. I mean...Levy drank? Interesting. I put my hand on my chin as I thought. And what was that glare for that Gajeel gave Natsu?

Shrugging it off, Natsu paid and lead me into the room. “I don’t know how good you will think my singing is, and I am pretty sure it is bad sounding, but all well. It’s the best I could think of.” He looked at the ground and smiled. His hair kind of dropped down a bit to where it partially covered his face, which kind of fascinated me in a since. He’s kind

Once I realized what I thought about what I felt my eyes grow wide a bit in surprise, then i patted my face a bit. No no no. This just won’t work. There is no way I should be thinking these things. I mean....he technically isn’t even my friend starting tomorrow, so why am I getting worked up! I just can’t!, what wa- “Lucy!” He patted my head, getting my attention all the way. “You in there?” As I raised my head to look at him, he laughed.

“What?” I stared at him for a moment as he continued to laugh really loud and uncontrollably. Even though I wouldn’t admit it, I kind of found the way he looked when he laughed attractive. What was with all these ideas and thoughts of Natsu being cute, hot, and attractive? Well, to tell you the truth, i didn’t know.

“It’s just....” He started to catch his breath. “’s not you, it’s just your reaction to some things.” Natsu paused for a moment. “Anyways. Sorry for bugging you if I did, it’s, the karaoke is working, and two...” I could see his face turn a little red around the cheeks. “I was a little worried. That’s all. You looked so deep in thought, that I was hoping that it wasn’t my fault, or something” That made me smile. I continued to look at him, while he dismissed the fact that he was blushing with the excuse that it was way too warm i the room. I knew that he was just a bit embarrassed, so I let it go instead of consulting him. Hmm....I kind of am curious if it really was because he was embarrassed. All well.

“So. Who’s going first?” Natsu was looking over his shoulder at me. I gave him a look like ‘you know I am not going first’ and he noticed. “Ha ha ha....” He did a kind of shocked fake laugh. “Sorry, but I am not going to go first.”

Holding the mic in front of me with his face filled with curiosity. I heaved a sigh. Well...I guess nothing could hurt. “Fine.” I let a slight half of a grin come out. It was more of a smirk then a grin, though.

Walking up, I began to search through the songs that I had to pick out, and finally found one. I know what I will sing. I mean, this song should do. I clicked on it, and I began to sing the song Bad boy.

“Remember the feelings, remember the day

My stone heart was breaking

My love ran away”

As I sang the song, so much came to me. From the time I just meet Natsu...

“This moments I knew I would be someone else

My love turned around and I fell”

To the moment he kissed me then said we couldn’t be friends...

Be my bad boy, be my man

Be my week-end lover

But don't be my friend

You can be my bad boy

But understand

That I don't need you in my life again

Won't you be my bad boy, be my man

Be my week-end lover

But don't be my friend

You can be my bad boy

But understand

That I don't need you again

No I don't need you again”

All the way to this moment now at karaoke together. As the music brake went along, I couldn’t get him out of my mind, plus also the fact that I was pulled by something in my mind to sing this song. I couldn’t understand it at all.

“You once made this promise

To stay by my side

But after some time you just pushed me aside

You never thought that a girl could be strong

Now I'll show you how to go on

Be my bad boy, be my man

Be my week-end lover

But don't be my friend

You can be my bad boy

But understand

That I don't need you in my life again

Won't you be my bad boy, be my man

Be my week-end lover

But don't be my friend

You can be my bad boy

But understand

That I don't need you again

No I don't need you again”

I listened to the final music break, and slowly brought myself back to what I knew was, yet again, what was happening at the moment.

I didn’t understand why, but as the song finished, I yearned to be Natsu’s friend so much more, but I didn’t understand it. All I knew was that if I was going to last the rest of the time after today, I would need to leave him now before I got too attached and being hurt tomorrow.

I’ll have to leave him now....but first I must return his scarf. I turned around, and to my surprise, I saw a Natsu sitting there in awe. His eyes were glued onto me. “Natsu...?” He continued to stare. “Um...” I pulled the scarf out of my bag and the moment it was visible, his gaze went from me to his scarf and back to me. “Here.”

Without a thought, I wrapped it around his neck, and I could see a blush forming slowly in his cheeks. Even though I knew I would hate myself later, I knew it was time for me to leave. That very second before his gazed captured me.

“Luce....” His voice showed concern. “Your...crying..?” My eyes widened as I looked at him staring at me. Standing up, he grew closer to me. He put his hand on my face and looked me in the eyes. “Why....why are you crying, Luce.” Wiping his thumb on my cheek to wipe away the tears that I finally realized were there, I continued to cry.

Now Lucy, otherwise it will hurt more than this! I stepped back and looked straight at him. “I’m sorry....but...” I began to shout out fear, pain, and desperation because I didn’t quite know what to do. “...but....” I covered my mouth my hand as I continued to cry. I couldn't say it to him. No matter how much I tried.

Not knowing what else to to, I ran out the door, going straight in the direction of my house. I’m sorry, Natsu! I’m so sorry! I could hear him yelling my name as if he wanted me to come back. “Lucy!!!!!”

I wanted to turn back so much, but I kept telling myself no. I wasn’t going to give myself the satisfaction of that. Especially since I knew that I would most likely want him to be my friend even more if I did. All that would bring me would be even more pain. Pain was the thing I hated the most.

This pain was different though. It was as if someone was stabbing my heart over and over again, just to try to get me to turn back around and run towards Natsu again with his arms opening wide to welcome me back with a great big worry filled hug.

As I landed on my bed, I continued to cry, why also trying my hardest to ease the pain. The only way to do that would be my writing or sleeping in my bed. I decided to write.

For hours, I sat there not knowing what exactly to write. Nothing came to mind. Every time I tried to write something, even a sentence it would end like.... Practically every word I tried to write only reminded me of....Natsu....

Eventually giving up on what I thought would be a good Idea to do, plopped on my bed. I stared at the ceiling for a long time, until I eventually got bored of looking at every detail it had.

Getting up, yet again, I first took off my clothes, including my bra, because I just didn’t really like wearing the thing to bed.I put on a loose tank top and some shorts, that I admit did show off my boobs and bottom a little, but I truly didn’t care.

Letting my hair down, I felt a little bit of relief on my head, for because of the combination of my hair being up and crying just created a major headache for me. My hair was loose and flowing as I just left it unbrushed and wavy from being in a bun pretty much all day. I should try to let my hair be wavy a little more often, because I kind of look cute like this.

I climbed back into bed with full intent to fall asleep this time as I crawled under the covers and snuggled up to my little teddy bear that gave me comfort. Truthfully, even though I was a teen, i still had a bear to cuddle. This particular bear was one my mom gave me when I was little. I had fallen in love with this bear the very moment I laid eyes on it, and ever since, it has given me comfort through the hardest of times. “Hey, bear...” I had named the bear ‘bear’ as a kid and it never changed at all. “What do you think about this all?”

I rolled on my back and held the bear in eyes sight straight in the air. It just stared at me. I did know it was a bear, so I didn’t expect a comment, but it would of been nice.

Laying back the way I was before I held up the bear, I snuggled him again, slowly falling to sleep.

*BANG* I opened my eyes with a start. I turned my head cautiously to see that it was only Natsu. Only Natsu?! How could I think that! Quickly and quietly, i turned my head to where it was before. Just pretend to be asleep, Lucy. I closed my eyes.

“S**t!” I could hear him say that in a loud whisper. “I need to be a little more careful. Knew this would eventually happen if I kept coming through windows, but sheesh.” I could hear him sigh and began to move as the floorboards creaked.

My heart beat was one of the few sounds I could hear in the quietness, aside from Natsu. Keep them closed, Lucy. You have got this. Don’t move a muscle and breath through your nose. Don’t swallow, either. There was so much to pretending to sleep, but I had done it before, so it was actually quite easy to me.

Natsu’s breath became more vivid as he grew closer to the bed. Suddenly I heard scratches at the door. Natsu’s breath grew quieter, as I noticed he was walking away.

I took the moment to turn myself to where I was laying on my back, but still didn’t move too fast, and also in the process kept my eyes shut, hoping he wouldn't’ notice that I was turning on purpose.

There was a small meow as I heard Natsu coming closer. “Happy. I said if you came with me, you would have to be quiet. You don’t want to wake her.” Playing around with what he had just said, I rolled around a bit, trying not to laugh, thinking of Natsu’s reaction.

I felt the bed go down a bit; it was probably Natsu sitting on the bed. He is so close that I can feel his warmth, even when I am under the covers.

Natsu began to speak. “If only I could tell you this...” he sighed. “I mean, in person that is.... if I could tell you my whole story, and we could be friends, or...” Paused for a second. “...or even more...then I would of been so happy. The only thing is, I don’t want you to get hurt like Lissanna did...” I could hear the sound of tears in his voice. Natsu’s....crying..... “I tried so hard to protect her, but shes....and for you.....I don’t want you to leave me too....” Natsu stopped again, but then started. “I wish I could act like the way I used to, but I can’t. Not when people are after you like they were Lisanna.” I could hear him cursing under his breath. “If I had the choice, I would be acting how I was today, with my happy, cheerful, kiddush side, but I can’t. Not when it comes to the real world.”

There was no speaking for a while, and I was shocked. What happened to Lissanna! Who is she! Why do you have to act like a Rebel, Natsu! Why! I had so many unanswered questions, that I knew I didn’t have the whole story.

“It’s just because...” His voice was there again, and I was listening to him. Yearning to comfort him some how. “I like you so much.....” The pressure was suddenly off the bed. I heard him step towards the window. “If only I could tell you that in real life, Luce...when you are awake. Maybe some day. When the world is perfect, I will be able to tell you...but for now, there is no hope for us.... come on Happy. Let’s go, before I cry any more.”

I heard the cat meow, and Natsu leave out the door, with not even a idea what I had just heard. My mind was blank, and I had no idea how to respond to what I wasn’t supposed to hear.

“Natsu...” I whispered to myself. “Did you just...unknowingly...confess your love....” I looked down at the foot of the bed to see something I was sure, and knew, was special to both sides of Natsu. Natsu’s white scarf.
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