The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

The Text for Help

My breathing was heavy, as I had woken up, yet again, after attempting to get some sleep.

‘I like you so much.....’ His words kept flowing into my head. ‘ you...” Those specific words kept popping into my head. I was just too surprised by them. Every time I did fall asleep, I would have dreams about him, that were a bit too high on the rating chart, and also a little too much for me to handle.

“Natsu....I really wish I wasn’t awake when you said that, because now I can’t think of you as just a friend.” I was sweating way too much for my comfort, so I pulled off the covers, letting a breath of fresh, cold air hit my skin, instantly cooling me off. I rolled to my side to check my alarm clock.

7:30... I groaned, realizing that I had to get up in just ten minutes, anyways. Why now.... I just don’t know how to take Natsu’s words, because, if he know I was awake, he may of been just playing me, but if he didn’t.... I stopped there, now knowing how to react, still.

Forcing myself out of bed, I took a quick, refreshing shower. Along with the water, I let my problems wash away for the moment, and just relaxed. “Ahhhh....” I let out a breath of relief as the hot water ran through my silky smooth hair, and down my back with it’s continuous warmth. It was lovely.

Finally after a short shower-aka 15 minutes- I came out of it with my mind decided. “He probably didn’t know I was awake...” I began, but then thought for a second whispering out a ‘I hope’ in the middle then finished off my conclusion I had come to. “ I guess I will just pretend that it didn’t happen.”

Wrapping myself with a towel, I walked out of the bathroom, into my bedroom. Quickly, I picked out and put them on. I just grabbed a tank-top, a mini-skirt, and long socks with knee-high boots. I truly did not care what I wore, because I was just plain tired from my long day. Plus, it was nice outside, so I just wore something that would be appropriate for the day.

Combing my hair, I decided to let it flow this time, and just not put it up. Personally, it was probably just my mind saying ‘I look good like this, and you probably should save the thinking for your test today...’ “Wait a minute....”

I froze in place, remembering that today was the entrance exams for college. I really wanted to study, because I already had an idea of what I wanted to be. “S**t! I forgot to study!” Smacking my face, I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door.

I ran as fast as I could to the school. I have to hurry, so I can get some studying in! I have to- AHHH! I tripped, making my bag fall, along with something in it. “Owww....” I rubbed my knee, which was now hurting and looked around. “I really need to be more careful.” Grabbing all my stuff, without getting up, I saw a scarf.

Oh, yeah. I forgot....he left it there. I grabbed it, making sure it wasn’t dirty. I wonder why it is so important to him... right as i was thinking that, I chill went down my spine, as I realized how cold the air was.

I looked up in the sky. “It’s sunny,’s still windy.” I wrapped it around my neck. I’m sure he won’t mind. I mean, we are kind of friends, even if he doesn't’ want to admit it in public, he knows that we are.

As I got up, I brushed off the remaining dirt that was left on me and began to walk, but was stopped, when someone bumped into me, making me fall again. Sheesh, what is with today...

“Sorry....” I saw a hand being held out in front of me. I looked up by instinct. “Lu-chan? Wow! What a coincidence!” Taking Levy’s hand, she helped me up.

“Thanks.” I looked at her, when something dawned on me. “Say... why are you walking this way? I thought you lived on the other side of town.”

Her face turned really red. Red as a red balloon, actually. “W-well. Ga-gajeel had to take me to his house yesterday, because I had drank a little too much.” She paused for a moment. “Speaking of which...weren’t you with Natsu yesterday?” She stared at me with her oval eyes.

“How about this...” I said as all of the memory’s of yesterday came back and began to stab me mentally in the heart, anime style. “...we can tell each other's story’s today after school. How does that sound?” My face turned to a smile, or more like I forced myself to smile.

Maybe it will help if she knew about it.... maybe she will be able to help me decipher this feeling. In the middle of my thoughts, she spoke. “Yeah, sure!” Levy paused for a moment. “But...we probably should hurry to school, because I think college entrance exams are today.”

My heart sunk, as I remembered that. “Snap! Okay! Lets spread walk together!” I quickly started to pace myself to the school without much talk to Levy.

“There it is!” Levy pointed to the school.

Not too long after did we arrive there. “Yes! We are here!” Right as she said that, we stepped inside the school, and began walking to our homerooms so we could study. I wish that Levy and I had homeroom together, because I am sure she would be good study company.

I sighed, as I entered the uncomfortably quiet room. No Natsu....I felt disappointment wash over me. Wait a minute.... why am I looking for him. Shesh.

Before I could sit down, someone stopped me. I looked up. Mrs. Mira? I stood up straight, and looked at her, also taking a small step backwards to make space in the process. “Need me for something Mrs. Mira?”

She smiled. “I was just wondering how you are doing with Natsu.” I froze at his name. My heart suddenly went frantic, for some reason I did not understand. What in the world?! What is wrong with me!

I didn’t know what to say about it, so I improvised, finally remembering what she asked me to do. “W-we are getting along a bit, but it’s not q-quite a friendship...” I paused. Well..... “y-yet...that is...” I began to sweat uncontrollably, which I absolutely hated, and I could feel the warmth of my face build up.

“Are you okay, Heartfilia?” She blinked a few times.

Collecting myself, I decided, if possible, it would be best to just ask one simple question for her. “Not really, but I really need to do the exams, so....” My voice trailed off, not knowing what else to say. I just....I don’t really want to stay at school...but...

“You know, you can take the exams home, if you want. You just have to stay for homeroom to get the rules and the other stuff. I mean, you are just a first-year, so you still have some time.” She paused for a second. “I’ll just excuse you for the rest of the day, kay?”

I nodded. This would be best. I need a break from this all. I can still talk to Levy later, just, she would have to come to my house. After that, she went straight to her desk without saying a word. I began to worry a bit that I had somehow made her mad. “Um...I didn’t make you mad, did I?”

Mrs. Mira gasped and turned towards me. “No. It’s just that one of the other students said they would come yesterday, then rescheduled it to this moring, and the bell is about to ring without her being here. I just got a bit agitated when students do this to me without warning.” She pointed a finger at my desk. “Now, you have a seat, because the sooner that bell rings a second time, the faster you can leave and get better.” She gave me a sweet smile, then went back to her work.

Poor Mrs. Mira. I feel bad for her. The bell rang. She works so hard, yet we still get students like this.

I was about halfway down the hall when I felt something brush up against my feet, and a chill went down my spine as I froze in my spot. “Mrow” I jumped, but then looked down finally. “Oh, It’s you.” I smiled and picked him up. For some reason it didn’t seem unusual to see Happy, Natsu’s adorable, yet offside weird, cat at the school.

He looked up at me, probably remembering me from our last encounter, when it seemed like he was giving me a huge grin. Not again. I sighed. Don’t even get me started, Lucy, on remembering the last time he gave that expression on his face. How does he do that stuff?

Smiling, I picked him up, and began to pet him.

I blinked a few times,kind of registering what I was doing before that. Oh, yeah. I was going home, wasn't I? The cat continued to purr as I pet him as I hadn't stopped petting him. Well. I guess there is no harm in a deture to a soon to be friends house, is there? I emphasised the ‘guess’ as I looked back down at the cat that was snuggled in my arms. “Lets take you home.”

Smiling, I walked the rest of the way out the door, petting Happy along the way. Without even thinking about it, I began to hum the school theme song we almost never sing. Slowly, it progressed to singing softly.(A/N:To be clear, its the fairy tail main theme song, if you are wondering.) I did that for a bit, looking only at Happy and where my feet were going; taking each step with extra precaution, so I wouldn’t bump into anyone.

I felt and saw a paw bat at my chest as soon as I stopped singing. “What did I ever do?” I meowed at me then. “Okay, one more time. But only once, because I don’t like singing in public.” Singing it again, I smiled. When was the last time I sang, anyways?

I felt a tear go down my cheek. Why am I crying.I wiped the tear away as the image popped in my head. Oh, yeah. The last time I sang was... Unknowingly a few more tears escaped. ....I was at karaoke with Natsu.

I could hear Happy meowing at me as I sniffed a bit because my nose was stuffy. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” Yet again, I wiped the tears away from my face, and made sure to also hold back the ones that threatened to fall down, knowing that if I cried one more tear, I wouldn’t be able to stop, and that would create a scene.

Looking around, I didn’t see anyone staring at me. Infact, there was almost no one there.

I had turned down an ally. It was coincidentally that ally that I had first realized that Natsu was the school rebel. “Oh, no.” I whispered as I collapsed. “Why did I have to end up here?” I then remembered Natsu’s note.

I could.....text him....maybe......I shook my head, telling myself not to do such a thing. He doesn’t think I am a friend anyways. Happy was continuing to meow, but I ignored it. “Why did this have to happen? Why now, of all times?” My voice grew louder, and I covered my ears, trying to shut my voice from my own ears.

“Hey little lady. What’s the matter?” I looked up, feeling a chill go down my spine. My crying didn't’ stop at all. He stared at me, and I know he wasn’t good. And Happy know that too, because he had her back arched in front of me and was hissing at him.

“Happy....” I whispered. “” The man heard me. I put my head down as I was cornered and didn’t even want to look at his face.

He gave me a mischievous smile that I could barely see and grabbed my cheeks harshly. Wh-what! “Don’t touch me!” I slapped him, trying to evade whatever he had planned. Happy then retaliated too by scratching, biting ,and clawing at his leg.

That man grew angry, and tried to kick him. He dodged the first time, but then Happy was hit hard in the stomach and smacked against the wall, falling unconscious. “Happy!” I screamed to him, scared already that he had been hurt. Someone help me!

I cried. “What a nice scarf you have there. It’s only in the way, though, so I am going to have to take it off.” He grinned and grew closer to me.

Natsu’s scarf! I forgot I had it on! If anything happened to it..... I could imagine him yelling things at me like ‘We will never be friends, ever.’ and ‘Its all your fault that my scarf is messed up. These words that popped in my head didn’t help my crying at all. The tears only fell more. No. Don’t touch Natsu’s scarf. I want him to be my friend! I want to get to know him for the person I believe he is! I began to scream. “Noooooooo!!!!” But stopped when I remembered Natsu’s note again. Natsu.

“Fine. I won’t touch the scarf, but you're coming with me. Especially since you are Lucy Heartfilia. My boss has been trying to catch you for a long time, and I am sure he will reward me especially.” He bound my hands and dragged me forcefully. I tried to kick and scream to get someones attention, but was knocked out.

Before this all happened, though, I sent one text to one special person. I trusted he would be there. Soon, he would be there. I knew it. ‘Natsu. Help me. Please. I’m on the ally now, but soon will be dragged away.’
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