The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

Natsu! Help!

Today I had skipped school. I had talked to Mrs.Mira over the phone about not being there, so technically I wasn’t skipping, but the fact was, that I was. I wasn’t hurt physically, or sick. The only thing that did hurt was my heart. It felt like it was being squeezed to the point of bursting. I called it the pain of loss.

I took a deep breath, and let out a sigh, trying to ease the pain even a little, but even if I willed it to, I knew it wouldn’t.

Looking over at happy, who showed a concerned expression, I got up and dragged my feet to the kitchen where his food was. Getting his food, I opened it and put it in the bowl, but he just walked up to my leg and rubbed agent it, giving a slightly loud purr. “I know happy. I am trying, but it really does hurt me a lot having to do this.”

My cellphone went off in the other room, so I rubbed Happy’s soft fur and then walked to my haymitch where my it laid. It’s probably just the information sheet from Mrs. Mira.

I looked to see who it was and my eyes widened as I saw the title name. Lucy! My mind flashed back to when I gave her my phone number on a note. Quickly, I folded open the phone, scared for my life to see what was written. Something in my gut told me it wasn’t good.

I read the message. Natsu. Help me. Please. I’m on the ally now, but soon will be dragged away. I covered my mouth in shock. Just this once! I can’t let them kill Lucy like they did Lissanna! Lucy means too much to me! Quickly, I got dressed and dashed out the door to save Lucy from those people.


Slowly, I woke up, and my whole body was in pain. When I tried to open my eyes to look at my surroundings, all I saw was a void of darkness. I speculated that I had a blindfold on. Where am I? Why did they drag me off, and what are they going to do with me? My mind went frantic as many thoughts went through my mind of possibilities.

Light suddenly came my eyes, as they took a minute to adjust. They had removed my blindfold. “Come with me, Heartfilia. And if you also keep quiet, you won’t get hurt. Yet, that is.” Scared, followed him, like he said.

Only a few moments later were we stopped. “Hey, shouldn’t she have a gag, so she can’t talk back?” One of the other bad guys had stopped me and the other person that had taken me, and pointed to the piece of cloth that was once rapped around my eyes.

“Yeah.” He replied. “Your right.” Harshly, he grabbed me and forced my mouth open, so he could wrap the cloth around my head and through my mouth, preventing me from making any noise, aside from moans or grunts.

The person that had stopped us looked at me and spoke. “Shes a pretty one. I wonder why the boss chose to kill her too.” Kill!! My eyes widened with fear and I thrashed around, knowing I had to get away somehow, no matter what.

As soon as I broke free, I ran as fast as I could. Both of the men started to chase after me as I struggled to run. Just before I could get to the elevator, one of them caught me, and the gag fell off from the harsh force of being grabbed. “Let go!” I screamed. I was scared for my life. Help! Help me!

As if on cue, I saw a certain someone knock out both of the guys in one harsh blow each. Suddenly some alarms went off. An announcement went over some loud speakers. “It’s the rebel Dragneel! Catch both him and the Heartfilia girl! NOW!”

I froze for a moment as my mouth didn’t exactly regester how and what to speak. A few words flew through my mind. Utter chaos. A warm, boney hand grabbed me and pulled me towards the elevator. “Come on!”

Practically being dragged, still trying to register all of my surroundings, a door closed behind us. Looking at my surroundings, I realized that we weren’t in an elevator, but at the bottom floor in a closet. “Shhh...” He covered my mouth as I was just about to speak.

Steps resounded through the hallway. I could see a shadow coming through the cracks of the door. My heart pounded loudly. To me, it seemed to much like a romantic rescue scene. Why did Natsu come and save me? Why did I ever believe he would? Am I really crazy, or what? So many questions ran through my mind.

Suddenly, my heart stopped as the shadow froze in front of the door, turned towards it. My breath began to stagger, making it harder to breath. Natsu’s breath moved past my ear, and I could barely bring out a whisper coming from his mouth. “Don’t....move....” N-natsu!

A blush formed over my face, making me forget that we hiding. My mouth inched towards him and I kissed his cheek. “Now we are even....” I whispered in his close ear. Don’t be this way, Lucy! N-no! Baka!

The shadow wasn’t there anymore, when I looked at the door, making me take a reflexive sigh of relief. No more moves, Lucy! You have to get over him! He was your only choice to message!

“I’ll get you for that later. Even if it was payback.” He didn’t say it much louder than he had before. Great. Just what I needed. If I am not a friend, then what am I!The blush didn’t disappear at all, especially after I realized that I had just implied. Baaaaakkkaaaaa!

Getting up and grabbing my arm again, he pulled me to the door silently. From what I could tell, he was then checking to see if it was safe to leave.

Natsu suddenly spoke. “Luce,I mean, Heartfillia- it’s safe to go now. I’ll stay here. I already called both Gray and Levy! They called the police from what I had been told. Now go!” He slideme out the door, along with him stepping out as a guard.

Almost tripping on my feet from the sudden move, I looked back. “You stay safe, Nastu. I don’t know what you have planned, but I trust you. By the way.” A smile formed on my face. “Friend or not, you can still call me Luce.” I didn’t understand why he was doing this at all, but I trusted him. Even if I shouldn’t of.

“There he is!” I turned and saw the person that had dragged me off attacking Natsu.

“Run!” Trying to make my feet move away from the obscure sight, I couldn’t. “Go, Luce! If you trust me, GO!”

Finally getting my feet to move, I felt my eyes well up, taking the first step away from him. I don’t want to leave him! Taking one more step I turned around one last time. “If you really meant what you said that night, you better stay alive!”

My feet picked up and ran to the double doors before I could see his reaction, or say another word. Don’t you die Natsu. Especially since it was my fault that you are in this mess!

Slamming my hands to leave through the doors, there was police cars, Levy, and the starry night staring at me. “Quick!” I pointed inside. “You must go and get that guy! He’s right behind me!” A tear streamed down my face, not knowing what might happen to Natsu.

I was afraid. Fear had gripped me very strongly, and wouldn’t let go now. I don’t want Natsu to die after what I have just said! Natsu! Natsu!

As I collapsed on the ground, the police ran through the door. My eyes slowly closed as I relaxed; My whole body in pain. “Natsu...” I whispered as my eyes grew dim, and all I could hear was a scream, and a heart beat ring in my ears. If only Natsu had not come to save me.


“Lu-chan!” I woke up to the sound of Levy’s voice next to me.

I shot up and looked around. Where am I?

“It’s good to see you're awake.” She smiled, then hugged me. Pulling back, she looked at me. “No time to explain what happened, but some officers want to talk to you.”

My lips quivered a bit and I began to shake. What happened? Why am I like this? A few images flashed in my head of Natsu. Oh....right. Natsu....saved me.

I let out a sigh and got up. Levy pointed to a room close by. “They are over there.”

Smiling back, I gave on slight reply. “Thanks for the help.”

“No problem. And...I won’t tell them about him, if you don’t want me to. I know that it is important to you, so....he did save you and all....” She bit her lip, and I turned around.

That’s right. My gazed flew towards the ceiling. Natsu still is that ‘Rebel’ that everyone thinks he is. Letting my head drop, I took my first step forward towards the doors of the soundproof room. Then another....and another.

Slowly I picked up the pace, until I was at a slow walk when I opened the door. “You...wanted to see me?”

They jolted at the sudden noise. Upon seeing me, one of the officers pointed towards the chair. “We need to ask you a few questions. You're not in trouble.” Why do they always say that? I thought as I sat down in the chair. It only makes people feel even more uneasy.

Only a moment passed before they uttered their first words. “First off. When were you attacked, and where?”

I was jolted by the straight forwardness they used with me. “Um...I was walking home because I didn’t feel the best, and I took a wrong turn. I was in the an alleyway. Normally, I would be more safe, was distracted.”

A questioned face formed on the officer. “Distracted by what?”

I remembered happy. “My friends cat had decided to follow me to school, so i decided to take him home.”

“Wait. You just said that you were walking home because you were sick. Are you lying? If that’s the case, there is no reason to.” What is there deal?! They’re jumping to conclusions really quickly!

Trying not to get angry, for a reason I did not know, I went to rub my neck. My eyes widened, realizing something. Where is it? I frantically started to search around me. “Um...” I began in between my looking. “You didn’t happen to see a white, scaly scarf, did you?”

“Why? Is is special?” The officer to my left cocked his head.

I gave a gentle smile. “Yeah. It means a lot to me.”

The two officers looked at each other, nodded, then looked back at me. “Why is it so important?”

I can’t tell them it was from Natsu. “It was from a friend of mine that died....” I pretended to be sad by rubbing my eyes, and sniffing a bit. I let my voice crack as I spoke again. “If it’s lost....I don’t know what I will do.”

“Hey, stop crying. You will be fine. Don’t have it, but I bet we will find it when we search the scene!” The tallest of the officers, also known as the one on my right, patted me on the back, as if to try to comfort me. that really helps. “O-okay. I hope you do.” I smiled a slight smile and waited for their response.

“We have one more question before we let you go for now.” The one that had patted my back before spoke. “Was anyone there that you knew? Someone besides the ones that we already arrested?” He showed me the pictures of the guys they had caught. “All the people here were either caught, found wounded, and a couple dead from jumping and committing suicide before we could catch them.”

Quickly, I scooped the pictures, examining if any of them where Natsu. I let out a sigh of relief as I didn’t see Natsu in any of the pictures. Wait. If he isn’t here, then he’s alive most likely. I wonder if I’ll get to see him soon. The only problem here, is that Natsu has been in trouble with the police once or twice if I remember from him telling me before. So what should I do? Tell them he was there, and risk him being questioned.

Without much thinking about it much after that, I just blurted out the answer, deciding to lie to the officer again, making me personally going against the law, technical. “No. No one else that i remember.”

They gestured towards the doors. “Then you are dismissed to leave the room.”

Walking out the door, closing it right behind me, I looked around for a blue haired brunette. Levy was sitting on a bench near by. “Levy.” I said as I approached her, grabbing her by the wrist, and pulling her along to the exit. “I really need to talk with you.”
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