The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

That's what friends are for, right?

I felt my whole body began to quiver from the shock as I sat down across from Levy in a soft cushion chair. So much had happened lately, it was finally starting to mix together to make this big, confusing moosh in my head.

“So....” She said with what looked like with all seriousness. “What exactly has been happening lately to make this stuff happen?” Her her brownish-green pupils looked straight at my eyes, piercing them to the core. “What did you need to speak to me about? You were going to talk to me anyways before this all happened, so I expect that a lot has come up”

I hesitated, then spoke, my voice very dim. “It all began a couple nights ago.... only a little bit after the time I had gone on a ‘date’ so to speak, with Natsu” I had finally admitted that it was sort of like a date, but hadn’t classified it as that before now. “But before we talk about that.....i’d like to talk about what happened between you two after you left that day...” I tried to make a smile come across my face, but it only faded, as my chest was hurting immensely.

“W-who are you talking about?” Levy stuttered in a little bit of surprise, and embarrassment.

“You and Gajeel, of course.” Finally. I thought. The tension is lifting a bit.

Her blush only intensified. “Why do I have to go first?”

My eyes glared at her. “Because.” I began. “You promised before, and I just want to hear about it. Plus my whole dramatic thing that’s going on involved the police, if you hadn’t noticed yet.” I turned my head looking towards the window, then looked back, waiting for a response.

Sighing, she mumbled something to herself, then began. “All that happened was I stayed the night at Gajeels, because I was so drunk. And it turns out I am a very light drinker like I thought I would be.” Moaning in annoyance, she finished her words of with a simple ‘that’s all’.

Hmmmmm. This is interesting. That can’t be all. “Oh, come on. We both know that that wasn’t all that happened. Did he confess? What did he tell you?!” My eagerness showed through my voice, as she jumped a bit, surprised by my sudden words.

“Not.....exactly.” My eyes widened along with a wide, gleeful grin spreading across my face. She didn't’ seem to like the fact that I had made her go on, I just wanted to know so badly!

What does this mean?! “What do you mean by not exactly?” By then I had my palms rested on the edge of the armrests, while I was practically hovering in mid-air at the end of the seat.

There was silence, then she broke out in a shout. “He kissed me, all right!” I jumped up off my seat with so much surprise and joy, I almost fell down, tripping over my own two feet.

I stopped though, as soon as I realized the Levy was as red as a cherry tomato. “You okay, Levy?” Concern ran through me. Is she embarrassed, or is she actually sick?

After thinking about my words, I did a double face palm, meaning with both hands instead of just one, realizing how stupid I was and sounded. “Just don’t answer that question, Levy.”

Sitting down on my chair, I sighed. Levy then spoke. “Are you not sure I shouldn’t. heart really hurts and I can’t stop thinking about him at all!” I could tell she was frustrated.

My face went dull as I realized what exactly she was expressing. “...” I thought she would know what that ment by now. “Hey Levy.”

“Yeah.” She pulled her head up, a bit tears soaked because she had cried upset tears of frustration just a second ago.

Sighing, I began to tell my tale, knowing good and well that it would most likely explain everything to her. “It started when I had been taken by those horrible bad guy thingies.” My mind had gone blank on what to call them.

“They had me blinded and I was really scared. Before that, I was able to send a desperate plea for help to Natsu.” I turned my head to look and see Levy was engrossed into my story.

Before I could continue, though, she interrupted me. “So did he come and save you?!”

“Y-yeah.” Oh, this is going to be more embarrassing then I thought. “Just let me speak a bit more about the stuff they were going to do first....” I attempted a glare, but it didn’t work at all. I tried relaxing my whole body in the chair, but it didn’t work either.

Frustrated, I got up and walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a cup, filled it with water, and set it in the microwave. Starting the microwave up, I didn’t turn away from my cup in it as I spoke again. “Soon after I found my blindfold taken off and was being dragged along. One of the guys that was very muscular- too muscular if you ask me- said that the person dragging me should gag me.”

Remembering the man's brutality, I started to shake. I don’t know if I can tell the next part, but....I trust Levy, no matter how little I know her.

The microwave went off and I pulled the steaming cup of hot water out of it, setting it on the counter. “The next man that I was spoke to the one that was dragging me along. He said....he said....” I began to cry. I can’t let Levy see my tears!

Suddenly a big grip was around my whole body. “Levy....” I couldn't say another word because I was so shocked.

“It’s okay. You're safe now. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” I turned around and hugged her back.

Wiping my eyes, I pulled back. “No. I want to tell you Levy.” Letting my heart rate slow down, I spoke. “They wanted to kill me to get revenge on Natsu. They said they killed one of his friends other friends and were now after me, Levy.” I feel worried for Natsu, if anything.

Smiling a bit I remembered what happened next. “Then that pinkate came. You could hear them yelling over the whole entercom to capture him. He knocked out both the guys with one blow each, grabbed me, then ran with what felt like a blink of an eye.”

Dipping my tea bag in the water, I let it sink as I grabbed the handle and walked back to my seat; Levy trailing right behind me.

“So? What happened next?” I began explaining in detail all the things that happened.

It only took me a few moments before I realized I was getting close to the embarrassing part. “That was when I kissed my cheek and said it was revenge.....” I hesitated, not knowing what her reaction was.

“Revenge for what? He already kissed you before....don’t tell me he kissed you again?” I can’t believe I forgot that detail!

My mind pictured the exact moment I did that. “Um...It’s complicated to explain, but still. Before he left, he said he would get me back for I don’t know what to do.” I just watched the small amount of foam in my cup swirl around in a circle.

“All I remember after that is running to the doors and slamming through them, then shouting for help.....after that it’s very fuzzy as to what happened until I woke up later in the office. What happened to me? Did I faint? Was I that scared.....seeing how I am know, I don’t see why not.

I could see Levy bite her lip out of the corner of my eyes when I took a glance. “So that’s what happened.....” There was awkward silence for a moment until she continued. “I don’t really know what to say. I much has happened to you. One moment you're trying to return Happy to Natsu, then the next you are almost being killed by some psychopaths who want to get revenge on Dragneel. It’s just a lot take in.”

What do you think I have been dealing with the whole time, Levy? A sparse sigh left my now moist lips. Taking a sip of the tea, I coughed a bit as some went down my air pipe.

“Hey, Levy...” My voice barely squeaked out.

“hmm..” She cocked her head.

“Can I sleep here tonight. I don’t feel safe anywhere else. I don’t know where Natsu lives, and, well, I just don’t even know if my house is safe now. Tomorrow I can j-”

“Shhh-” Levy shooshed me and I went quite. “It’s fine.We can go over to your house and grab close and other things tomorrow. I’ll even bring Gajeel along so you can officially meet him.” I could hear her say something about clearing up a misunderstanding too, but i didn’t ask.”Stay as long as you like. I don’t mind. I mean....we are friends, right?”

Finishing my last bit of my tea I had been sipping on off and on between the conversations, I put it down onto the counter and slipped under the covers. “Right. Now lets get some sleep, shall we?”

With that, we fell asleep. Both of us a little upset by the recent happenings. The only thing I had on my mind, though, was Natsu the last moments before I slipped into a Natsu induced sleep. I just want to see him so bad. It really acks. I don’t know what to do at all. If I don’t get to see him soon...I just might explode. I mean......I must love him, right?
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