The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

Sometime soon we'll meet again

I at the house. It seemed so desolate. My head turned to Levy and I gulped. “I think I left something at your house!”

Turning around, I began a sprint in the other direction, but to my dismay I was grabbed by the wrist. “Your are not leaving till I say you leave! It’s the last day of the week and you said that you would go to your house....” She paused as I turned around and looked at her. Levy then whispered one more thing. “Besides....i already have plans for that, yeah.”

Sighing, i looked back at the house. The feeling of emptiness filled me again. I hated that feeling. I did promise her. Besides. I will have to leave the day after tomorrow if I can’t do this.

“So here’s the plan.....” Levy pulled out our list that we had mad about four days ago, when I officially told her about possibly leaving. “We have already dealt with a lot of these things. We dealt with the people asking you questions at the school and all that jazz. Now we have to take one of the hardest steps.”

My eyes stared at the chart as Levy-chan continued to speak. These last couple days have been hard, but these next couple days that will possibly be my last..... Thinking those last words, I lightly tapped my forehead with my palm, reminding myself to forget that the best I could.

I felt Levy’s glare on me. “Are you even listening?”

Quickly I pulled my head up, facing hers. “Huh...?” Rubbing my head, I realized what had happened. “Uh....yeah. I was. Just was going over the things in my head.” I did a fake laugh, letting myself go.

“Well, then. I trust you that you will go to your house. Take your time, though. As long as it doesn’t get dark without you entering, you’ll be fine.” Up went Levy with a big jump as we both heard a ring tone go off on her phone, telling her that she had a text message.

Probably Gajeel, by the looks of her face. Her face had turned a slight hue of red as she turned to me. “I have to get going. I believe in you. And I am sure that wherever that pink haired j**k, Natsu is, he is rooting for you to stay here.” With that, she disappeared.

Way to make a leave, Levy. I grumbled a bit, approaching the house. Reaching towards the door, I felt a shiver go down my spin, remembering the first time Natsu came over.

‘ “Yeah, sure. I mean, I was going to invite myself in anyways.” He laughed as I noticed that my face had turned red.

“Natsu!” I crossed my hands, but soon after calmed down, letting him in.’

I am sure that everywhere I go....Natsu will come up. I might as well enjoy it a bit, even if some of them, even if it does pain me a bit. Sighing, I opened the door, taking in the scent of the house.

It smelled really sweet with a fragrance. Kind of like Minty chocolate on a warm summer day. The part of it being on a warm summer day, though, was the fact that it was, infact, a comfortable warmth that I had missed while at Levy’s.

Closing the door behind me, I still felt a bit uneasy. I turned my head towards the mailbox that was fill with letters. Lifting the lid, i watched as they spilled out. One being the wedding invitation. I giggled. It’s been that long since I checked the mail? Wow, that was pretty much months ago now. Doesn’t seem like it.

I remembered the wedding, and Natsu being there. Then I remembered my first kiss.

‘ “Luce. What’s wrong.” He pulled my chin up, staring at me for a second. “Luce. Your so....” He wiped my tears, and his eyes widened. He leaned in and closed his eyes.

Before I could stop him, a sense of warmth over-flowed in me as our lips meet. His touch was so delicate and warm, I loved it.’

I can’t belive ....or more like I can, but back then I didn't’ understand....that I liked kissing Natsu so much. But because I was so confused, there was a consequence to both mine and Natsu’s actions at that point in time. Next, I remembered the lightning storm that same night as I picked up the letters and walked up the stairs.

‘Thunder and lightning crashed yet again. I screamed. “AHHHHH!” I had my ears covered and my eyes shut, but as I uncovered my ears, and opened my eyes, I saw two people crouching down in front of me.

“What’s wrong. Do you not like lightning, Lu-chan?” Levi’s voice was calming as I jumped up and hugged her.’

Looking around my room, I saw the pictures that that were hung up on the wall. I still could remember his touch as he embraced me while I cried.

I set down my letters on my desk and walked over to the lights, turning them on as soon as I got to the switch. Walking around, I dusted my room off. It looks exactly as I left it. Practically clean, aside from all the dust that has collected.

I moved my way towards the bed, where so many pictures came into my head. First was me talking to Natsu about the problems with my parents that I had told no one before, then the fact that....Natsu told me he loved me....

His exact words filled my head. “I like you so much.....”

A sigh escaped my lips. “Why couldn’t we have meet, no, that’s not the word.....If only we could have had a different fate. Maybe if Natsu wasn’t forced to be a rebel as he thinks he does, then it might have been different.”

Plopping down on my bed, I took in my surroundings. It’s great to be back home......but.....I still feel so much here, that I could never replace. All of it confuses me. Loving Natsu is such a pain! I stood up quickly, marching to my closet.

Well, then Natsu! You better have a reason for not seeing me because....because.... “Because....” I fell to the ground. “Why is this happening to me? Of all the people that had to fall for Natsu, why me?”

Shaking my head to make the tears that threatened to fall disappear, I stood up. “No. I can’t be depressed right now. I need to focus on the task at hand. And that is being able to stay at this house.”

Looking through my closet for proper atiar to sleep in, I found a soft and fluffy t-shirt that was more like a blanket and a pair of shorts that were comfortable. Grabbing them, I quickly walked to the shower, eager for a chance to relax.

After starting the shower to my preferred temperature, I stripped off my worn and dirty cloths, jumping into the shower. This feels so nice against my skin. Like I thought....Relaxing......

What felt like not too long after, I was out of the shower, dressed and ready to sleep. Cautiously I slipped into the covers of my made bed, also relaxing even more. After a while, I twisted around a bit, till I finally fell asleep.

It had been a while since I had slept in a proper bed and not on the floor. That night was the best sleep I had had in a long time.


I looked at the clock. Nine’o’clock. If I was going to go to Lucy’s I would now, but I think that yesterday proved that she wouldn't’ be there anymore. I mean.....she hasn’t been there forever.

“It’s just give up on the fact that she will come back anytime soon. I need to go to school again, starting next week, no matter what. I don’t need to be any more behind than I already am.” Happy rubbed up against my leg.

“No, happy. I just can’t. It’s over. She’s not coming.....” I looked over to my wall, which had picture of many places I had been. There were a tune I had taken of my friends during middle school. But there was a lack of Lucy and this year in High school.

Pulling out my phone, I looked. Here’s one. Jallal and Erza’s Marriage. I laughed. I remember how shocked Lucy was to see me! I blinked, remembering her. But that was also the day that I had told her we couldn’t be friends officially.

I sighed, continuing through my photos. Here’s the same day that Gajeel just about knocked me out. I totally remember that......and boy was it really a hard hit. I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

There was another one, right before that with the bowling alley....where is it? I scrolled through it until I found it. Hahahaha! Lucy looks so mad here about me beating her at the game before we left! I couldn't keep myself from cracking up.

In the middle of my laughing, I got a message. I calmed myself down, opening my message file. Well, thanks for the message gray. Reading it, I responded to it almost right away.I’m doing fine. Thanks anyways.

No response. Well....the truth is....I thought as I put the phone down. I am not doing fine, but I am learning to cope with is, so I’ll survive.

Petting happy, I relaxed in my haymic. “Ya know happy. It almost seems like I have changed a bit because i meet Luce. What do you think?”

“Mrowwww....” I could barely get out a smile from him.

I giggled. “My thoughts exactly. I mean. What am I doing talking to a cat? Am I going nuts?!”

I for some reason, literally thought about that for a second. “...Maybe I am....” I burst out laughing at myself. “I am a different and crazy guy, that’s for sure!”

Only moments later did I find myself asleep with a smile, because Lucy was in my head all night. Sometime soon, Lucy. Sometime soon we will be able to meet again. And in that time, when you are fully conscious, not asleep, I will tell you how i really feel. Sometime soon.......
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