The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

Thunder and lightning crash's: Part 1

I open my eyes, staring at the ceiling. Natsu was in my dreams again. A sigh slipped through my lips.

Sitting up, I remembered what had happened yesterday. I forgot that I went to my house. Bouncing around in my bed, I giggled a bit at myself. Last night was the best sleep in forrrreeevveerrrr!

Throwing my hands in the air, I stretched them, letting a yawn come out of my mouth as I did. “Today’s possibly the last day. seems that I did okay, besides all those memories of Natsu and my friends coming back to me.”

Getting up, I slugged myself across the floor, trying to get to my dresser. My feet didn’t leave the floor as I dragged them. Arriving at my dresser, I rubbed my eyes to attempt to wake them up. What...should I wear today? I am going to be walking around basicly saying goodbye to here, just in case I can’t go back here by myself tonight.

Pulling out a white and blue button up shirt, a denim blue mini skirt, a brown belt, my keychain, and knee high boots, I looked at them all together. More casual than I thought I would want today, but this should work.

A slight smile came to my face. I was excited, nervous, and upset that today was the day. Putting them all on, I grabbed my bag and looked at my room. Scanning and remembering all I remembered yesterday, my smile grew. “So many memories that I have made here are with my friends. Natsu in particular. That’s what I figured out yesterday.” I sighed. I think that today.....will be more of a refresher of what has happened as whole.

Walking out the door, I thought of my first stop that I should go to. I went to the school.

Looking at it, it felt as if there was a tune that had happened. From the day I enrolled here, to the day that Natsu just dissapeared from here. I would miss being here.

Stepping closer to the school, I saw a flower planter on the side of the walkway. And right next to that was a couple cherry blossom trees. I remember that whenever Natsu stood out here, waiting for me the few times he did....he would stand right here, hoping no one would notice him with his black hoodie over his head.

I sighed, remembering his grip on my wrist. Taking a step towards the door, I grabbed the door and opened it, stepping inside. A smile crossed my lips as I remembered how Levy was talking to Gajeel at that exact point.

Then remembering our conversation we had about her coming with me to the wedding, I did a slight frown. I never did go to pick her up, did I? I laughed at myself. Next stop....the cafeteria.

Walking that way, I remembered both the incident where I found Happy following me here, then the point in which i was extremely upset about Natsu being accused of being the worst guy. never really dawned on me that I didn’t see happy either after he tried to help me when those guys attacked me.

Looking at the cafeteria, a weak smile crossed my lips. I just hope they are both alright.

I slowly moved my feet to the tables. A soft texture went against my palms as I felt the table where I sat. “Levy. The time I just decided that I would talk to her, because I didn’t technically have any friends yet.” I laughed, thinking of the moment I had called her ‘blue haired girl’ because I didn’t know her name.

Come to think of it, she was really open to me, even though she didn’t have a reason to be that way to me. I mean....I found out her crush on our first day together! I giggled a bit lowder.

Lifting my hands off of where I had rested them, I turned in the direction that I knew I hadn’t looked at in quite some time. Natsu’s table. Where he sat alone at lunch.

If it wasn’t for him giving me his number that day, I might not even be here. But then again....I probably wouldn't of gotten into the mess I was in, because those guys did it with the knowledge that I was ‘suposably’ important to Natsu. I ran my fingers against the table just like i did then other one, but this time I sat down in the spot that I remembered i had talked to Natsu from.

So many memory’s fill this school. I guess my final stop at the school is my homeroom. Getting up, I walked to the doorway.

Something pulled on my mind, though. I felt like i should turn around and look back.

Giving into the urge, I looked around, pausing again at that specific ‘Rebel’s’ table. My expression dropped as my whole face relaxed. I just didn’t know how to express the feeling. There was so much that he had me go through here, it was just so different than what I ever would of thought.

Sating one last goodbye.... “I’ll miss this place.....” my body turned in the direction of my homeroom.

Arriving only a little after visiting the classroom, I said goodbye to it too, remembering Mira and my friends I had made in that class, even if they were few.

Finally finishing that, I speed walked to the exit, leaving through the double doors.

I turned towards the school as I felt a gentle breeze go through the air as I the sun beat down on me. No matter what happens, I will always love this place.

Nodding in agreement to myself, I took a step and walked away from the building towards the next destination. I guess next is the place would be the karaoke place, but I don’t think I will be able to visit there with that memory of mine. ....But Levy and Gajeel were really together that day....

Deciding I would just take a walk around the town, I began to think of place’s I didn’t plan on visiting because of all the things that happened. “There was the bowling alley too. My first kiss. All of this. It all involves Natsu.” This is just crazy. I mean, being in love that is.

Next thing I knew, I found myself at the station. This station is where I meet Natsu, wasn’t ? I thought about that for a second. Yeah. It was. I can never forget that good goofy grin of his that I saw then. And his bony hands....he must me very muscular. But not to- Wait a minute! What am I thinking!

Shaking my head, I could feel a blush form. Stupid memory’s! You're making me embarrassed! ...Not that the memory of kissing him and still being in love with him makes it any better. A grumble came out as I finally decided to buy a ticket to go visit one more place before going back to the house.

Stepping up onto the train, I thought of how bad Natsu’s motion sickness was the last time. Another smile came to my face as I sat down in my seat, waiting for the train to start.

With a whistle of the train, the train began to move. Off to the park Jellal and Erza was married at.

I let myself fall asleep slowly, as it may have been only a half an hour, but it was still a little while for me to wait.

Waking up with someone shaking me to get up, I moaned and stood up, getting off the train, giving an almost soundless ‘thank you for the ride’ to the train people.

I only had a bit more to walk until I arrived at the place. Flowers everywhere and the stream gently flowing against the smooth rocks at the river bed.

Crouching down next the to river, I cupped my hands, filling them with water, then splashing it on myself. A great way to wake myself up, even if it did kind of irked me in the long run from being soaked by only doing that. There! I’m awake! Now....why does this place seem familiar? Besides the fact that those love birds got married here?

My body did a one-eighty as I looked at my surroundings. It then clicked to me as I remembered how Natsu had came after me without me knowing after I hurt my palm while picking up the glass back then. Funny how he seems like he worries one moment, but then the next, he is a bad boy who doesn’t care about anything, practically.

I flexed and squeezed my hand a couple times, observing the creases as they appeared and disappeared. As always, Natsu’s on my mind.

Sitting on the ground, I looked back at the stream right in front of me. I then put my hand in the water, letting it run across my palm. It’s not too rough. Quite gentle, actually.

A cool breeze crusaded my hair again as I got up from where i sat, with my hands wet. Shaking them as I got up, I looked into the sky, seeing it was covered in gray clouds. Must be a storm coming. Better get back home. With that, got on the next train and rode it back to town.

As stepping out of the train, I realized how much it had picked up. The gentle breeze it once was had turned into a harsh gust of wind as I tried to keep my hair in one place to no avail. Also, the rain was pouring, so I was already getting soaked to the bone. What a familiar feeling. At Least there is no thunder or lightning.

Right after that thought went through my mind, a sudden wave of lightning sounded throughout the town. A light appeared soon after really brightly. “EEEEEEEE!!” I screamed. Lightning!

My feet broke into a run as I felt tears of fear well up into my eyes. I kept running until I arrived at Levy’s house. That was when i realized that Levy was gone and her home was locked.

I tried to pull the door open, knowing good in well that it was not possible, but couldn’t force it open. “I shoulda known...” I couldn't’ hear myself over the wind and rain by now, but still said it aloud.

‘CRASH!’ Thunder struck again, making me run to my last place i knew was safe at this hour. My house. It’s my only option anyways if I want to stay here! I dont’ know what I was thinking going to Levy-chans house!

The rain didn’t stop pouring as I continued home. Almost taking a wrong turn, i skid and fell. “Owwwww...” I had cut my knee on the gravel, but that wasnt’ enough to stop me as the thunder and lightning crashed again.

Seeing the front door of my house, I dashed as fast as I could, my eyes still teared up in the process.

Finally arriving through the doors, I ran to my room and jumped into my closet, scared. When will it stop! It only brings back memory’s!

I started to cry, not letting myself move from that spot. ...Or more like my whole body wouldn't’ let me.

I want someone to wrap me in a hug and say it is okay, like my friends did at the other town! I want to have someone say I am fine! With that, I sat in the corner of my closet, just waiting, and wanting, for the storm to stop.
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