The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

The Rebel

“Okay, so it looks like my homeroom teacher is....” I looked at my scheduling form to see who it was. “Mirajane?” I stared at the sheet for a moment in surprise. Wow, I thought she was a model. I remember seeing her in my Teenage magazine I used to own. Sorcerer weekly, I think. Or was that a different Mirajane? I thought about it for a second, thinking of what the models full name was. No. I'm pretty sure it's her that I remember.

I was walking through the halls while keeping my eyes glued on the piece of paper, when I bumped into someone.We both took a small stumble backwards, but then I looked to see that it was a blue haired girl with glasses and a orange headband that held her extra hair back.

“Oh! Sorry! I didn’t mean to bump into....” She looked at me in surprise as she stopped dusting herself off. “Oh, hi. I have never seen you around. Anyways, nice to meet you and again sorry for bumping into you. Now I have to go. Bye.”

She ran off without anything else to say. The girl seemed in such a hurry that I didn't even get to ask her name. I Wonder who she is.

After a while of looking, along with the warning bell already ringing, I had to be quick. I speed walked as I looked at the numbers on the signs of the doors. 3-C, 2-C, ahah!

I looked to see that it was the class 1-C. That was my homeroom that I was in. I hope that some of my friends are there. It would be nice to see them again. I looked around to see that there was none of my friends in my homeroom.

There was one person I had meet before that was there, though. Natsu. I guess that that is better than nothing.

No one was sitting next to him for some reason, and he was wearing dark colors today. That’s odd, I don’t remember him looking like that. Maybe it’s the wrong person. Sitting next to him, I turned my head to see what color his hair was. Sure enough it was pink and slightly spiky.

That's definitely is Natsu. I gathered up my courage and put aside my shyness. “Hey Natsu. How was the rest of your day yesterday? Sorry that I couldn’t talk to you more.” I smiled at him, but when he turned around, I didn’t get a smile back.

“What do you want? I only helped you yesterday because you looked helpless. That's all.” He glared at me. What was that about? What did I ever do to him?

Eventually I came to the conclusion that he was just was in a grumpy mood, so I left it at that. When the bell rang, signaling the end of class, Mira called me over. “Yeah. Is there something I need to do?”

She smiled at me. “No, I just wanted to say that I am happy I have you as a homeroom teacher. Also, it seems that Natsu is opened up a little to you for some reason, and since he doesn’t have much friends....I was hoping. Well....” She stopped herself for a second, but just smiled careless like. “I was hoping that I could ask you a favor.”

I paused at that. Mira, a previous model wants me to do something? Sure! Without even thinking what it was, I just smiled and blurted out my answer. “Sure! I would love to help you out!”

She giggled at my excitement. “If it’s fine with you, I will excuse you from being tardy to the next class, so you don’t have to worry about being late. I have a prep period next anyways.”

By then she grabbed the phone and was dialing the number to the office. “Yes. Hello. Yes, this is her. I would like to excuse Lucy Heartfillia from the first fifteen minutes of class.” She paused for a minute. I wonder what she wants to tell me.

“Oh, really? They want her to come? Well ok. I will speak with her about that too, okay? Mhm. Okay, Thank you. Good Bye.” She hung up the phone.

“You should be fine now, Lucy. About the favor. I would like to ask if you could possibly work with Natsu at becoming friends with him. I know that you have your other friends, but he keeps looking at you in an odd way. It’s quite interesting. Plus, just saying, you got to admit that he is cute, right?”

I froze at those last words. “C-cute? I-I guess.” My face turned red. It was true that he was cute, but it was embarrassing to say out loud, especially when I just meet him yesterday.

When I didn’t talk for a while, she took that as an opportunity to speak again. “So do you accept?” She giggled in an odd way, but I couldn’t help it.

There is no harm in getting to know him, right? I sighed as I looked at her again. “Sure, I will work on becoming his friend anyways.” That actually was true, but now I was going to try a little harder then normal. “Anyways, I probably should get going there. The sooner the better.”

I started getting up out of the seat, but Mrs. Mirajane stopped me. “Wait, I have one more thing to tell you.” She had grabbed my hand, but as soon as she noticed, she loosened it up.”Sorry.”

“What else do we need to talk about?” Why did she stop me? It doesn’t make sense.

She started to smile again from the serious look she had when she grabbed my hand. “Well, the thing is that you apparently know Erza and Jellal, right?” That's for sure. I nodded. “Apparently, they finished early last year, since they wanted to get married.”

My jaw dropped. Ma-married! Wow, that escalated quickly! He must have gone to a lot of trouble, since his dad had put him with another girl, and all. Wow. That was fast. “O-okay?”

“Yeah, and apparently they wanted to invite you to their wedding. They were greatly sorry that they couldn’t deliver it sooner to you. The letter with the location of the wedding is in an invitation arriving today and the actual event is the day after tomorrow.” She smiled even bigger.

I was still in shock. Wow. Married. Wow. After finally realizing that my jaw was still down, I closed it. “S-sorry”

She looked at me in confusion. “There is no need to be sorry. And don’t stutter as much, it’s not polite. Now you are dismissed. Thanks for the help.” I got up and stepped through the door.

I could hear Mrs.Mira giggling as I walked out. Oh, great. This is getting interesting. Now, even though I was going to be friends with Natsu anyways, I have to be friends with him.

The next few classes went by fast, and none of my friends I had left, meaning Juvia and Gray, were in my classes. Ironically enough, Natsu was in every single one of them.

Sigh. I was so bored and had no buddy to talk to while walking to lunch. It was just too quiet for me.

I looked around to see if I saw anyone familiar. At first I saw no one familiar, but then I spotted the blue haired girl I bumped into earlier.

Excited to have someone to possibly talk to, I sped up a little to catch up with her. If I can’t find my friends, I will make some new ones! “Hey, blue haired girl!” After saying that I put my hand over my mouth realizing how mean that sounded. “Sorry. I don’t know your name.”

She looked surprised. “Oh, hi. I never introduced myself, did I?” She giggled a bit. “My name is Levy. Nice to meet you.” She looks like a nice person.

“Nice to meet you too. Um....I know it is sudden, but do you mind me sitting with you at lunch. I kinda can’t find any of my friends at all.” I rubbed the back of my head, kind of embarrassed.

“Sure. I am too shy to talk to Gajeel anyway. Opps! I didn’t mean to say his name!” I laughed with her a bit, because it was funny how she reacted. She seems really nice.

Paying for my lunch, we sat down at a table next to the first window. I had gotten curious by now about this ‘Gajeel’ fellow. “So who is this ‘Gajeel’ guy you speak of?”

Even though I just meet her, I was quite interested to see what type of person she was. “Um....first off, please don’t say it so loud.....but I think he has a crush on me, but I am too shy to talk to him, or sit by him.” She pointed to the table right next to us, where a guy that was dressed in practically all black and grays sat. “That’s him.”

I looked at him and investigated him for a few seconds. Finally, I came the conclusion that she liked the type of guys that dress like punks, with long hair and such.

He looked over at us. Levy started to blush and freak out that very moment. He got up and walked over to the table. I could tell that Levy totally liked him, but just didn’t want to admit it. I went in and teased her.

I pointed, making faces towards him, and she tried her hardest not to laugh, but it didn’t work. She burst out laughing with me. “What? What did I say?” He stopped for a minute, and I stopped as well. “Anyways, Levy, like I was saying, if you want to, and only if you want to, you can come with me bowling tomorrow.” He sat back up and walked away.

“Well that was quick.” I poked her with my elbow a few times. “Huh. huuuhhhh.” She just turned beat red as I continued to tease her.

“ just don’t know if I should go alone. Maybe you could come and bring a guy friend along?” She questioned me. Doesn't hurt to go, right?

“Sure. I will go ask Natsu right now.” I got up with her face looking shocked. “What did I say?”

She pulled me down back towards the table “You are friends with Natsu? That’s no good. Did you hear what happened to Lissanna when they were friends? He hit her and said that he would do whatever he wanted if the time came. He has even stolen, but no one knows it is him besides the some of the students.”

I was surprised. Twisting my head a bit, I looked over to where Natsu sat alone at his table. Natsu did this? No. That’s not possible. “Sorry, but I am going to trust him.” I pulled her grip away and started to walk towards Natsu.

Sitting next to Natsu, I smiled, but like before there was no smile back. “What do you want?” He looked the other way, so we didn’t make eye contact.

“I was wondering if we could be friends. Can we?” I could hear everyone whispering around me.

He was looking everywhere, but my face. He started to speak in a low whisper yell. “Are you crazy?! People will think that you are some other type of person that I know you are not. Now I will talk to you later at this location. Sorry. It’s the best I can do.”

He gave me a note. I took it and nodded. “Okay Natsu. If you say so. But on a side note, I don't really care about how people see me.” Getting back up, I examined what was on it.


-Don’t Get lost. If you do, here is my number. I will talk to you later. Meet you at 5:30



I smiled at the note as the bell rang. I don’t think that he is bad at all. People just assume things.

I folded up the paper and put it in my pocket. Later on the final classes went by in a flash. It was funny how when I have things that I have to do, time goes by faster for me then normal. It's the total opposite compared to what everyone else says.

Grabbing my bag out of my locker, I walked out the door to see that Natsu was standing there, waiting for someone. I ran up to him. “Natsu, who you waiting for!”

Turning around in shock to see me, he shooshed me. “Quiet! No one else knows it is me.” I looked around to see everyone staring to me as if I was crazy. I don’t believe rumors without any proof. So let them think I am crazy.

“Okay, well I guess I will see you later.” I started to step away, when I was, yet again, grabbed by the hand and stopped. Wha-? I turned around. “What?”

He let go of my hand. “It’s nothing.”

A bit confused, I slowly let my hand drop out of his grasp. “Okay. I guess that I will see you later.” His face looked sad, but I just left it at that. Even if it did sting a bit. We weren't quite friends yet, anyways.

As I walked back I saw something in the river. Getting closer, I saw it was blue and white. “Could it be?” I whispered to myself as I stepped closer. It was Happy struggling to swim. It is!

I got down quickly with the poor kitten meowing like madness for help. “It’s okay! I will help you!” I tried to reach, but couldn’t quite get to where he was. That’s it. I have to.

Getting back up, I set my bag down on the ground and jumped in the water. “Don’t worry! I got you!” I went and swam towards the poor thing and grabbed him, swimming back with the upset cat in my grasp.

Gripping a hold onto the edge of the sidewalk, I pulled myself back up out of the water, soaking wet. “It’s okay.” I said under my breath. “Your safe, Happy.” The kitten was shivering because it was probably cold just like me. Plus he almost drowned, so he was probably scared too.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take him home and dry him off too. The little thing is soaked. I pulled my bag around my shoulder and slowly stood up, carrying him with me.

“I wonder where Natsu is.” I didn’t care at this point that everyone was staring at me, I was more concerned for the kitten and it’s owner.

Looking down at the blue fluff ball in my arms, I gently pet his back. “You seem like such a nice kitty, Happy.”

We finally arrived at my house and dried off. “Here is some warm milk to make that little tummy of yours feel better.” I felt like I was talking to a child and it made myself feel warm inside. Oh, how it is nice to be back after a long first day of school.

I looked at the clock and realized the time. It’s 6:00! Shesh! What is with me being late today!

I grabbed Happy and my purse as I left out the door. “Sorry to take you away from your meal, Happy, but we must go meet Natsu now. He must have left already, but still.”

Running as fast as I could I arrived at the location the note told me in a nick of time. But when I was just about to go around the corner, and I heard someone's voice. Natsu’s voice. “You know I can’t do that! And I won’t!”

Happy meowed softly when he heard his masters voice. “Shhh, Happy. You must be quiet for a bit.” I started to pet him again, so he would keep quiet.

I peeked around the corner to see who else it was. I didn’t recognize them. “Hehehe. No way you will get away now, though. You told us that you weren't friends with Lissanna. Now you aren't? What will you do?”

“I am not her friend anymore. I do what I want. Got that!” I heard Natsu’s voice go really husky like. It was nice, but one the inside, I could tell that I had heard that somewhere.

Suddenly, I was frozen as I saw Natsu throw a punch at him, and a fight started out. Natsu! No!

Where have I heard this before! Natsu! It came back to me, from what seemed out of no where.

‘But you heard about the guy, right. I don’t really remember his name, but he is supposed to be quite the delinquent. Everyone is scared to go there, because of him.’ My friends.

You are friends with Natsu? That’s no good. Did you hear what happened to Lissanna when they were friends? He hit her and said that he would do whatever he wanted if the time came. He has even stolen, but no one knows it is him, besides the some of the students.’ Levy, who I just meet.

‘No. You would, one, hate me from now on, and two, be scared of me for the rest of your life. You don’t want to know the real me. Even if your life depended on it.’ Even Natsu himself.

They all warned me not to go. They told me about 'him'. The rebel. I didn't know until now, but I had already meet that rebel the first day I signed up. His name was Natsu and I didn't believe what he had said about his true self back then, but now I do. That's why, I need to get closer to him. To find out his secrets. Yeah. That's why.

After figuring this all out, I stood there, watching what he did. He punched them, until finally they all ran. “He’s a crazy guy!” One of them said. “Yeah, I told you we shouldn’t of picked him! The rumors of him being a total Rebel was true!” Another one said as he jumped over the fence that was nearby.

I continued to stand there for another ten minutes in silence before finally gathering up the courage to walk over to him and talk. Taking the first step was hard, but the rest were much easier as I went. “So, Natsu? You wanted to meet me here?” I smiled at him in fake delight, only half ready for what would happen soon.

I was determined to become friends with Natsu, so I could find what he really meant by all of what he said. I believed that he wasn’t a total Rebl. Somewhere in him had to be the Natsu I meet in the first place. And I planed to find it.
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