The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

Thunder and lightning crash's: Part 2

The thunder and lightning crashed outside as the rain howled through the late afternoon. I saw Happy skid into his hidey hole I made him not too long ago, because he was scared of the storm. Him being a kitten and all, he just wasn't used to it.

Walking over to him, i pet him. “It’s fine. Your are alright.”Picking him up, I tried to comfort him, but it was to no avail as he dug his claws into me when the storm sounded again. “Ow!” Quickly, I pushed him back into his hidey hole, so he would stop before i was hurt any worse.

Gees this is a pain. First off, I have to go to school next week, then next thing you know I have to deal with this little furball! I grumbled, walking over to the bathroom to grab a couple big bandages for the newly bleeding scratches on my arm.

Slowly, I peeled the cover of the bandage off and placed it on my wound. Sighing, i repeated the process with the other three medium wounds I had. I threw away the bandages, then looked in the mirror. Huh...Been a while since I have looked at myself in the mirror. I truly look different than what i did before.

I grabbed my scarf I had on and looked at it. The stain was still on the one part of the scarf that it was in before. I grumbled as flashbacks rolled through my mind. Of Lucy, of corse.

Suddenly feeling anger pull over myself from what had happened before because of me, i rammed my hand into the wall repeatedly. Even with the pain searing through my fist, i didn’t care.

Slowly calming myself down after about a minute, realizing it wouldn't’ do me any good to put a hole in the wall, I barely hit the wall one last time as I slide down it. My expression changed from from anger to irritation and sadness that had grabbed me again. Why does it have to be that way.

Getting up, I felt a tear slip down my face. “All my emotions are doing is making it worse. I have to stop.....but no matter how hard I try, I can’t.” I dragged my feet across the floor. Happy came out of his hidey hole with a look of concern for a second, but only ran back in when he heard the thunder and lightning go off again.

Well...I thought as I plopped down in one of my only chairs I had that was nearby. Now that I am thinking about Lucy.....didn’t she not like the thunderstorms? All well. It’s not like she would be home anyways. I checked every day for quite some time, but she was never there. My eyes looked in the direction of the window. I could barely see the outside, because it was covered in rain, making the outside look glossed over and blurry.

No matter how you look at it, though, I can’t help but hope that she is okay. Standing up for the third time in only fifteen minutes, I walked to my haymic and layed down on it.

I sighed. Slowly, I felt myself drifting from reality as my eyes grew heavy. All I could do to get away from this distress was fall asleep. And that was exactly what I did even though it was only seven o'clock now.


I woke up to my phone going off on the shelf next to where I slept. Grumbling, I got up, even though I didn’t quite want to. Something was grabbing at me, making me want to look at it as if it would be something great. I want to believe that it is good, but like always, it is just most likely someone from the school worrying about me again.

Finally opening my phone, still only a little over half awake, I made out the name of the person texting me. “Gajeel?” I stiffened at the thought that he somehow got ahold of my number.

I opened the text wondering what it was about. ‘You know how Lucy is afraid of thunder and lightning, right?’

My brow furrowed in confusion of how this was the subject of the text, but also interested in this. So, I texted him back. ‘Yeah. What about it?’

I got an immediate text back. ‘It’s just that Levy has been bothering me, because she’s worried for her.’

Wait...I though that Levy was with them. If not, then where is she now? Alone? I texted him that exact thing, for the most part.

This time I had to wait a minute, but i still felt impatient.

I felt myself jump and almost drop the phone as it went off again. I scanned the text message. ‘Not quite. She decided to stay at her house for a couple days while we went out of town.’

My whole body froze as I read that. What felt like forever later, I finally deciphered what I just read. Before i replied, though, I got another text message. ‘Go to her, baka!’

Shaking my head, I realized that it was finally my chance. I had to go to her.

With one last thank you to Gajeel, I grabbed my scarf, a thick jacket, and an umbrella, and ran out the door into the cold, harsh wind.

Fighting against the wind, I didn’t stop running. I’m coming Lucy! Don’t give up on me quite yet!

On the way, the wind caught my umbrella and blew it away. I tried to catch it, but by the time I turned around it was gone. Forget it! I shouted in my head. I need to get to Lucy as soon as I can!

Every step I took, I found myself stepping into a puddle, bumping into a branch, or almost falling down by slipping in a mud puddle. It was hectic, but if it meant being there for Lucy, I would do anything in the world. Even if it means dying for her sake....I would do it!

Finally! I breathed heavily as I arrived into town. Now to get to Lucy’s house!

I could never forget where her house was. Especially after all that has happened there. It wasn’t too far from the where the woods were that I lived in, so it didn’t take me long to get there. Almost there! Turning the corner, I could see her house right in my view.

Knowing how close I was to seeing Lucy, I sprinted. I could never leave Lucy alone in something that hurt her so much. As I got right up to her house, i slammed the brakes on my feet and jumped up to her window cial. D**it! Her windows locked! Guess it’s going to have to be the old fashioned way....

With that, i quickly jumped down to her door. As i hit the ground, i made a sharp turn, and went into her house.

I can hear her crying in her room even over all this...... A harsh feeling filled up my chest. It hurt hearing her hurt that much.

My feet went without a thought as I jogged my way towards her room.

Trying to open the door, I found that it was locked. “Great.....” I said under my breath. Leaning against the door, I realized that there was only one way to get into the room so i could help her.

Gulping, I took one breath, then spoke her name. “Lucy!” I criged, scared stiff, now that I would have to finally face her. No turning back. “Open the door!” No answer. “Luce, please.....” Still no answer. “Lu-” I was stopped as I saw the door open up, with a blond girl on the other side.

I felt my mouth go agape, with no words. Without warning, the storm sounded. “Natsu!” Suddenly the door was swung open completely and Lucy was clinging onto me. A dark blush spread throughout my face and neck. “L-lucy!” Calming my nerves, i gently let my hands and arms wrap around her. She’s shaking. I tightened my grip.

“Don’t worry. I’m here, Lucy. Your safe.” I rested my chin on her head. We didn’t move for a moment, until she let go of me.

I could see tears stream down her face. “I’m sorry! I don’t know what i did wrong to make you leave for so long, but I missed you so much! I’m sorry!” No, no, no! She’s crying! Snap! What do I do!What do I do!?

Without another thought I went hugged her, but because I hugged her too fast, she stumbled and fell, me being pull along with her. I bonked my head on the floor, making a headache start to come to me. “S**t....” I said under my breath as I pulled myself up.

My eyes stopped as they trailed to see that my legs were straddling Lucy’s while she lay there on the ground, my arms also pinning her down.

Again, a loud boom sounded throughout the place. I could see her eyes tight shut and a few more tears fell down her cheek. My eyes grew wider, my mouth fallen agape, as i didn't’ move from my spot, but just brought my hand up to her and wiped her tears away. “You know.... I can’t stand seeing you like this. It hurts me a lot.” I went to kiss her, but froze, remembering that it was her safely I was putting in jeopardy.

Snap. I thought as I got up, resisting as much as I could, even biting my lip a bit, to not touch her too much that might hurt her in the long run. I have to keep on guard. The last time I kissed her, she hated me for it.

I put my hand out towards her. “Here. Sorry. Let me help you up.” Although I tried to brush off the fact that I could off kissed her right then and there, I knew it was obvious that I was embarrassed by the fact. This will never get out of my mind. I’m telling you.

Turning my head in the other direction, I felt her grab my hand, so I gripped it and pulled her up. I heard a faint ‘it’s okay....’ as she didn’t let go of my hand.

Finally getting the courage to turn towards her, i saw a small smile. Huh? What did I do?

“It’s nice to see you’s been a while....” No matter how much I wanted to not see her cry, she started yet again.

“No....Lucy.....stop please.” She pulled me to her bed where i sat down next to her.

“I know it’s sudden, but can you please stay with me just tonight....I know it’s not what you do, and all, but please. I am so scared and don’t know what to do.” She tried to smile, but when the lightning went for the third time since I was there, she buried her face in my chest, making me not be able to say anything for a moment as I thought of what to do.

I guess.... that it wouldn’t hurt to help just this once. That’s what I came here to do. Cradling her in my arms, i smiled and spoke. “Fine. If you really want me to.”

With that she tucked herself into the covers, and i watched as she tried to fall asleep.

Too tempted not too, i slipped in behind her and spooned her. Although it did seem to embarrass me, she didn't’ seem to mind. This isn’t that bad. Just one night won’t hurt. Then tomorrow, I can leave early in the morning and leave the scarf for her.

“Hey, Natsu.....” I could hear her speak under her breath next to me.

“Yeah?” I wonder what she needs.

“Your soaked. Go change into some of my bigger P.J.’s that are in my drawer. “ I watched her yawn as I got up. I wonder if I can get a peek at her underwear drawer without her noticing. “And no peeking into my other drawers, comprendo?”

I sighed, realizing what i had thought about right before she said that. “Fine. But are you sure that you want me to change into your P.J.’s?” She seems way too normal to be afraid of the lightning for some reason.

I waited for a response only to get one right after I was just about to speak. “Because. I want you to hug me and keep me safe all night, so I don’t have to be scared. And you can’t do that if you are soaked.’ll only get me wet too.” I could see her face turn red just as much as I did.

Hmm....It’s so tempting. Giving in, I found the biggest, but ironically also the girliest, P.J.’s she had and quickly put them on.

After also putting my other close in the dryer, I laid down in the bed next to Lucy. The second I did, she rolled over on my arm and grasped onto me. I felt something soft against my chest, making me turn reeeeally red, realizing what it was exactly. Dagnabit! Why now do I have to have this kind of stuff! Do you want me to make out with you Luce?!

A sigh escaped my lips, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night as she lay there sleeping soundly in my arms.

Funny thing was....the storm had already calmed down by the time I had slipped into the bed the first time. Lucy being by my side was the best thing ever. That was....until the next morning, when I would leave.


I felt the warmth of something next to me disappear, but just dismissed it because I was tired. The only thing that kind of shook me was the fact that I heard the dryer door being opened then closed, but I figured it was my imagination.

When I heard Natsu’s voice, that is what surprised me to the point of almost jumping up and screaming. “Too bad I couldn’t help you anymore then I did. I am glad that I got to be here when I did. I didn’t want to leave you. You should've seen me when I didn't’ see you at all. I was a total train wreck.” I heard a sigh come out of his mouth. “But i guess this is goodbye. It’s for your own good. I would never want you to be in danger and all.”

Cracking my eyes open, i saw Natsu next to the bed. I closed them completely in a flurry. “Too bad we couldn't of meet differently. Maybe then we would of fallen for each other.”Fallen for each other....? I felt a hand brush my bangs away, then a slight moist warmth was pushed softly against my forehead. “Here, I guess.” I heard him take a step back. Does he mean.....? “You can keep this.”

“Natsu!” I grabbed the scarf before he could let to off it completely. I watched as his eyes widened and his face turn a undeniable shade of red. “Don’t go!”

I can’t let him leave again! I have to tell him about all that has happened and how I feel about it! “I am not letting you go again! If you leave again, I will be crying non-stop! When you were gone, people thought it was you that helped the bad guys, but I denied it knowing it was you, but every time they said that, it only made me cry thinking of you!”

“Luce....” He didn’t say a word besides my name, and I wasn’t even close to done yet.

“Not only that, but back when you saved me from the bad guys, it made me happy. You made me happy at the wedding when you came after me! You made me happy when you came and asked me to go with you on what I now realize was a date!” No going back on this! Not now, not ever! Natsu looked at me with wide eyes.

“Even though there were times when you made me sad, I always can find a happy moment, where, even though you might not have meant it, it meant a lot to me! I remember no matter what, the day we meet! You warned me, and everyone else warned me about you being the type of person they thought you are, but i didn’t believe them! I knew somewhere in you was the Nastu I meet back then! You prove that in so many times, that I can’t even count!” There’s just so much! The wedding, our meeting, him always trying to give me his scarf, keeping me safe, all of it!

“And Natsu, dangit! I don’t care if I am threatened by people to not talk to you, or hurt, or that you are a Rebel in your own way! I don’t care, as long as I am with you! I really did like that kiss you gave me after we helped Levy and Gajeel at the bowling alley, and I just-” I was stopped when Natsu suddenly came forward, pushed me down on my bed and kissed me full on for a really long time.

His kisses are so passionate and full of feeling! I just love him so much..... “Nastu.....” I said, making him stop. “ I over heard you back then when you were talking to me while you thought I was asleep. I know your feelings...I know that you loved me.....but didn’t know if you knew I was awake and was kidding.....” A slight tear fell down my face. “Do you know how much it hurt when you just disappeared?” I turned my head towards him where his I saw his mouth was agape. “Say something!”

“What would you do if what I said that night was true? Would you still care? It really hurt me too to leave you like I did.....I just thought that it would keep you safe.” I saw a tear well up in his eyes too. “It’s just that I love you so much it hurts me, but this world had to be the way it is! I hate it! I fantasized so much about what it would of been if we could both be normal people!”

Natsu..... “Hey, Natsu.”

“Yeah?” I looked him in the eyes.

“I love you.” A smile spread across my face. “No matter what happens, I will always love you. Even if you have to save me every day, I will love you. Even we had to be separated for a while, I’ll still love you. Even if someone else tries to take me or you away from each other, I will still love you. Even if I had to die in your place......I would still love you. So Natsu, can I say something?”

Natsu nodded kind of in shock.

“I love you!” I kissed him for a minute, our soft lips grazing each other, needing air. Finally, we broke.

“Luce....can I say something too?” He got up off the bed and wrapped his scarf around my neck.

“Of course, my little Rebel.” I giggled.

“I love you too.” I stopped laughing, because I didn't’ expect him to respond for some reason. Natsu actually said he loves me.....It’s like a dream come true.

I sat up too, letting a blush form. “I’m glad.” I could barely get that out as I said it because I was so embarrassed. He sat next to me and unwrapped the scarf that he had wrapped around me before a bit, then wrapped some of it around himself, so we were very close. N-Natsu! You're making my embarrassment worse!

Gently, he put his forehead against his, to the point our noses were almost touching. “I.....” He started, looking a little embarrassed. “Wish we could stay like this forever.”

I bit my lip a bit, then let myself fall back on the bed, pulling him along with me to where he lay next to me. “Then lets lay here for a while, until we have to leave.”

With a smile and nod from each other, we spooned each other and fell asleep in eachothers arms.

Although it seems like such a dream, I hope it isn't, because I don’t want to ever wake up from it if it is. I could feel a smile form on both our lips. I can’t believe that this boy that i meet the first day, this one crazy boy, that also turned out to be a Rebel in the end, is now in like this with me. He loves me and I love him. That’s all to it.

That being said, even though we have gotten this far, we still have a long ways to go. But......that will be another story for another time.

Until then, though, I hope we can stay like this forever and ever. Loving him is all I ever want to do.

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