The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

The Girl

It seemed like an ordinary day for me. Happy was walking along my side as I stepped down the sidewalk to go to Fairy Tail Highschool, yet again.

Because I was in town, and not at school, I was able to act like a normal person. It felt great. No rumors, not having to dress up in dark colors, even being able to be happy instead of my fake angry side I have to use at school.

“I wonder what will happen when school starts again, Happy. Will I have to sit alone again? I mean it would be nice to make one friend this year, but ever since that day....” Everything has been a disaster. No one believes me at all. What will I do?

I sighed and heard Happy meow back. I smiled at that. “Oh, yeah. Sorry Happy. I forgot that you will always be my friend, won’t you?” I laughed as I suddenly bumped into something.

“Owf.” I tilted my head down to see that it was a girl about my age with Dark Chocolate brown eyes, and hair the color of blond. It was a wondrous sight. “Can I help you?” I couldn’t help but want to get to know the girl. I had never seen such a beautiful girl in my life. Maybe Lissanna could be in comparison, but she is still so cute.

“Yeah do you know where the Fairy Tail Highschool is?” I looked at her and giggled. Wow. She really is my age.

Smiling at her, I gave her a true, straight answer. “Yeah, as a matter of a fact, I am going to ride the carts there now...” I then sighed, because I didn’t want to go on the cart ride, but I just had to. I started to talk under my breath. “...even if I don’t do that well with anything that moves at all.”

Wait! This is my chance to spend a normal day with someone! "Would you like to join me? I'll pay. It's nice to get to know people every once in a while, so I thought it might be nice." I stopped for a moment, realizing she might not want to go. "But only if you want to."

I looked at her, and she gazed at me for some reason. I waited for an answer. “Why not. It sounds fun and it would be nice to know someone around the place if we ever meet up again after this. Oh- and you are?” She smiled. Wow! Her smile is as bright as her hair is in the sun! I love it!

“I’m Natsu. Nice to meet you. ” I decided to greet myself. It only seemed right. She shook my hand when I put it out in front of me.

I heard a faint meow behind me. “What?” I looked back to see who stood behind me. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. “I almost forgot to introduce my little cat, Happy. He is only as small as a kitten, but I still love the little thing.”

I smiled contently as I went and looked back at her after gesturing with my hand at the cat behind me. I waited for her to respond, but grew impatient. “Here. Follow me.” I grabbed her hand without thinking.

Snap. What am I doing. I just meet her. Despite what I thought, I continued holding her hand and didn’t let go. Finally we arrived at the cart station. We both got in and sat down across from each other.

I planned to talk to her, but when I was about to speak, my motions sickness said otherwise with it immediately kicking in. Here we go again. Great.

“Are you ok?” I looked up, still a bit irritated about the motion sickness, upon hearing the girls voice.

I tried to be nice, but it just came out almost like it would if I were in school. “Yeah, I am fine. Just don’t speak anymore, because otherwise I may get sick.” There goes me being normal.

Suddenly I heard a giggle from her. What’s so funny about my motion sickness?!

I tried my very best and clinched my belly to hold it in. My face was collecting some like normal already, though. I looked outside to see we were in Mongolia. Finally.

As soon as the cart stopped, I slowly slugged out without a care in the world besides the girl and getting my sickness to go away.

Barely making it out, I felt a lot better. “Now which way do we go to get to Fairy Tail?”

I looked over, and yet again grabbed her hand without thinking. Dang it, Natsu! You really need to stop this. I still didn’t let go even with all the protest going on in my head. “This way. Here, I will show you.” I looked back to see if Happy was there, and when I saw him, he had a small grin on his face. “You too Happy. And even though you don’t understand me, stop giving me that goofy grin.”

I pulled her along, and upon arriving at Fairy Tail, she looked amazed. “Let’s go inside.” I finally let go of her hand as we stepped inside the building.

“Hi, Natsu.” “Hey Dragneel.” All the teachers greeted me like they normally did, so I responded back with “Nice to see you again.” and “Been a while.”.

It was about the tenth person, when the girl finally spoke up. “Hey Natsu, do you come here often? It seems like everyone knows you.” I laughed in my head, but stared at her in surprise.

I thought she already knew that. “Well, yeah. I thought you would have known.”

Shaking her head, she replied. “No, I didn't’ know that. Why do you come here so often anyways? And why does everyone like you?”

I guess she really doesn’t know. Guess I will have to explain it to her. I sighed and started. “I am a first year this year. Not everyone likes me, though. It’s just some of the teachers who don’t really know the real me. It's kind of complicated in a since.”

She looked surprised. “I wouldn’t have known. You are tall enough to be an adult and all. And wait. Not the real you?” Her face then added the expression of excitement to the confused and surprised look.

She can’t know the person that everyone thinks I am. She probably wouldn’t believe me either. “Well, right now, I am just acting like a normal person. But around my friends -actually. Scratch that. During the school year I am a whole other story. I have a whole background, that if anyone knew about besides the myself, I would be a dead man by now.” That’s what everyone thought about me, right?

“You mind showing me some time. Maybe now perhaps?” She looked with a smile and I couldn’t help but laugh. My laugh went real serious, real quick, though.

“No. You would, one, hate me from now on, and two, be scared of me for the rest of your life. You don’t want to know the real me. Even if your life depended on it.” I don’t want to have to loose another person besides Lissanna, so that is the best I could tell her, I guess. It was kind of the truth, but some of what happened wasn’t my fault. When she hears the rumors, she will believe them most likely, and I do want her to be my friend, but I don’t think it will work out.

I looked over at her to see she was staring at her clock. “Sorry, Natsu! It was nice chatting, but I’ve got to run! See you later!” She sped off to the office after I quickly gave her a map of the school.

“Good Luck.” I whispered as I walked out the door. “See you tomorrow. You won’t recognize me, though.” I chuckled and walked to my house.

Too bad that it didn’t last longer. I started to realize while I walked home that I already like her as much as I had Lisanna. It was surprising.

What am I going to do. Well, as long as she doesn’t get hurt, I will be fine, right. Even if she doesn’t know me as well as today. Sighing, I entered my house, which had so little in it, it was pathetic.

Not even parents. All I had was a cat named Happy, which liked to smile at me all the time in his own special way.

I lay down on my bed, which was a hamack. Because I had to pay for going to Fairy Tail on my own, and all, it was the nicest I could afford. If Luce, hey that's a good nickname if her name was Luceinda or Lucy....getting off topic, Natsu. If she ever knew how poor I was, I don’t really know what I would do.

I looked down at Happy, who had been meowing all this time. “Fine, get up here, so you can listen to me go on about another girl.” He hopped up, and gave me another goofy grin, like earlier at the cart station. “Again, with the grin.” Where did he learn that anyway? He never did it till Luce and I were together today. What a weird cat I have.

I smiled as I pet him, making him purr. “You know. Even if she doesn’t recognize me, I might as well make her something.”

I jumped out of the bed, which unfortunately made me fall smack dab on the ground, and started to try to figure out what I would write to her.

Five minutes. Fifteen minutes. An hour. Three hours. Nothing came to my mind. “Ug! This is so irritating. I think I will just talk to her in person and become friends. Happy, remember. It is a promise between us, okay?”

He meowed as if in agreement to what I was saying. I wrote the note with my a few small sentences, my name, and my phone number on it. “There. Now I feel like I can go to bed.

Getting up in my bed with caution this time, I fell asleep almost right away. Not to my surprise, I drempt of the girl I just meet. Even though I didn't know her name, I would get it. Oh, how it would be cool if her name was Lucy.

In the middle of my peaceful dreams, my alarm suddenly went off. “Awwww.” I said, because I was upset. “I wanted to continue. We were almost friends.”

I looked at the clock as I slugged out of my bed. “Plenty of time like usual.” I took off my PJ’s and put on my dark colored close. Even my extra special scarf was turned black. By turned black, I mean, it was a different, not as special scarf.

“You have to stay, Happy. Okay? Sorry, but school starts today.” I looked around, not seeing him at first, but then noticed him in a corner. “Oh, I feel so bad for you. You have to deal with me being this way. If only nothing happened."

I shut the door gently, then heard meowing and scratching at the door. I had only got him last year because I was lonely after my father left me. I found him on the street after searching for another cat at the pet store. After that I nursed him back to health, he warmed up to me and I kept him. But Happy hadn’t meet this me yet, so it must have been shocking. I am truly sorry, Happy. I should have warned you.

I sighed, walking towards the door.

“Well, here I go.” Maybe this girl will be my friend. But what if she doesn’t want to be friends. I began to freak out as I walked down the street, but I am sure it didn't’ show. I was ready for her to become my friend. This would happen. Eventually.
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