The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel


He turned and looked at me in surprise. “How long have you been there?!”

“I just got here. I had some complications and now Happy is tagging along. So I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go bowling in a bit, but it’s your choice.” Looking him straight in the eyes, I smiled. But it wasn't totaly a real smile. It felt, and was, only half real. This is where I can start to be his friend....maybe.

He sighed and I knew why. “Well, I guess. Does that mean we are friends?” He turned his head a little bit, but not much, as to make a look of confusion.

Yes! Score! I can do this! I giggled. “Yeah. I guess that is so.” I was overjoyed at that point because, well....besides the point that I hadn’t seen any of my other friends around, I wanted to make new friends too. Including Levy.

“I have one favor to ask, though.” He looked at the ground as I heard his voice go soft.

Did....did I do something wrong? “Sure. I guess. What is the favor?”

He didn’t reply for a second, but then pulled his head up. “If you want to talk to me at school, ever, um....” He paused for a second. Go on, Natsu... “The thing is once you start talking to me at school, you need to make sure that you stay near me whenever you can. Please. I have my reasons.” By the time he finished, his voice was down to a low whisper.

I wonder why he is acting like this. And why he would ask such a favor? “Yeah, I can do that, but you need to try to socialize a bit more. Please. Because it would be nice to have other friends to socialize with too every once in a while.” I smiled. “Now, we should go. I mean, we will be late as it is to the bowling alley.”

On the way there, I briefed him on the things that we would do, so we could give Levy and Gajeel some alone time. “WAIT! So you mean that that piece of scrap metal, I mean Gajeel, actually might like someone!” His voice was almost at a shout.

“Yeah. It’s kind of funny. Who would of known that a book worm, similar to how I am, would like a person like Gajeel.” I giggled, because all I knew about Gajeel was that he wore mostly gray and Black. Plus he could be a softy out of nowhere. That’s I witnessed. The rest I know are from what Levy has told me.

He looked at me and continued to speak with only a few words. “Who would have known....” I laughed. Leave it to me to laugh at the weirdest things ever. “What?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” That was my final words before there was silence for a while.

Finally,after what felt like forever of awkwardness, I grew tired of the silence and decided to bring up the topic of Gray and Juvia. I had to know where they were. “Hey, Natsu. I am sure you know a lot of people, even though they don’t know you, you know Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser?”

Natsu stared at me and suddenly burst out laughing. “Yeah! I know them! I thought that you would have known! Well, I guess I'll tell you anyways.” He calmed himself down and began to explain the things that pondered my mind. “Gray had been put in Juvenile School for running streak, even though he claims that he didn’t know he was doing it. Then Juvia, being a die-heart Gray fan, demanded that she went to that school too. In the end, she won the battle, and now she goes there.” Natsu started to laugh again.

In the middle of what he said, my head was just about to pop. It was just too much for me. Erza and Jellal getting married, Gray going to Juvenile school, and Juvia following right behind him. That means...! I have nobody to talk to that I know well!

I knew that I was upset, but tried not to show it. Suddenly I felt a comforting arm wrap around me. “What?” I looked over to see that Natsu was looking the other way. “Natsu?”

He jumped a bit, but his arm stayed. “It’s looked so sad. This is what I would do for any friend. At Least from what I remember.”

I looked at the ground, overwhelmed a bit, but after a while looked up at him and smiled. “Thanks. I think I will survive.” I giggled a bit and looked forward.

“Well I am glad you are happy. Now isn’t that the bowling alley?” I squinted my eyes as he let go of me.

Smiling, I relaxed my eyes after seeing the bowling alley. “Your right. Lets run there.” We started to run, but Natsu went and grabbed my hand in the process.

I blushed, surprised. What are you doing Lucy! It’s only him holding your hand! So why are you blushing?!

Finally arriving, he let go. “You know what the idea is, right?” We have to do this. For Love's sake!

He nodded, and we entered. “Hey Levy!” Levy turned around and upon seeing us, she smiled.

“So I see that you are late.” Her face was serious, and Gajeel wasn’t looking, so it figured as much.

“So sorry....we didn’t “ She interrupted me as I was speaking.

Laughing, she started to speak. “Just kidding. Hey Gajeel, this is Luce.” She turned back to me. “It’s okay if I call you Luce, right?”

I don’t see why not. “Sure. It’s cute.”

“Lu-lucy? Um....” Natsu suddenly spoke up.

“Yeah, Natsu. Speak up if you want me to hear you please.” I giggled at his shyness. It seems that he can be shy sometimes.

He sighed as if to calm himself down. “Can I call you Luce too? I do like that nickname, don’t you?”

“Sure. I don’t mind. I mean, we are kind of starting to be friends and all.” Natsu nodded as I said that.

He looked around his shoulder, as if to look at someone. “Do you mind if I go and get something. I must have dropped my wallet outside. I will be right back.”

He didn’t move his head one bit, but just turned around and walked outside. “Um...ok?”

I turned back to Levy. “Do you mind if I join you guys for now. I kind of lost my bowling buddy for a bit.” She nodded and after getting my shoes, I bowled with them for a while.

Five minutes became ten, and ten became twenty. After a while, I became worried. “Levy. I think I am going to check on Natsu.”

“Okay.” It was Gajeels turn, so he went.

I got up and walked towards the door. Before opening it, someone opened it first. I stared at him, as I noticed something on his face. He’s hurt.

“Natsu....” He turned his face, finally noticing me. “...your hurt. What happened?” I tried to reach up to aid his wound on his head, but he turned away and went back out the door.

I ran after him. “Natsu! Wait! Please!” He stopped all the sudden and turned around, yelling at me. “I just bumped into a pole, okay! It’s just that it’s embarrassing.”

He had turned around, and I could tell that he just didn’t want to admit it. Natsu....I wish that I was a better friend, so you could tell me everything. “Please, Natsu. Just let me atleast aid to it. I mean, it’s only a small cut, nothing more.”

He sighed and came over to me. “Okay.”

“Now. What do you say that as soon as we clean this up, we do what we had planned, and I will leave a note in her bag. How does that sound?” I giggled upon the thought of Levy reading the letter.

After a bit, I finished bandaging his wounds up, wrote the note, and secretly set it next to her bag. Then we ran as fast as we could to the town.

Panting, we arrived there in a short amount of time. After recovering, it took me a while, but I realized that I just did something I never thought would happen. I was alone with a boy, late at night.

“So...what do we do now?”
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