The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

Romeo x Juliet:The Rebel x The new Girl

I didn’t know what to say. I mean, everything was so different when you are with a guy alone, in town, with nothing planned. Ideas of things went through my mind, and suddenly I blushed as some awkward pictures were put in my mind.

I patted my cheeks, telling myself not to think those things. “I don’t really know. I guess that....” He stopped and looked at me. “....why are you slapping your cheeks like that?”

I stopped and looked up realizing he noticed. “Oh, nothing. I was just trying to get my own attention. Hehe. Weird, huh.” It was silent for a minute, until I broke the silence. “Ya know, we could go get something to eat. I mean, we have nothing else to do.”

His face suddenly brightened up. “Yeah! Let’s get go somewhere! You have an idea where we should go!?” He looked really excited, as if there was a sparkle of joy in his eyes.

“We could go to this one place my mom....” I stopped. My mom. Tears fell down, remembering her death. My mom. I really miss her still.

“Luce. What’s wrong.” He pulled my chin up, staring at me for a second. “Luce. Your so....” He wiped my tears, and his eyes widened. He leaned in and closed his eyes.

What is he doing! I...I... Before I could stop him, a sense of warmth over-flowed in me as our lips meet. His touch was so delicate and warm. In all honestly....I loved it. Wow. I never imagined that a kiss was like this.

We kissed for a few minutes, until our breath could not be held any longer. We pulled apart and panted for a few seconds, then he covered his mouth in shock. “I...I...I’m sorry!” He turned around and his voice went strict. “I am sorry that you believed that I was your friend. I am nothing of the sort. I do what I want.”

He started to walk, but it accelerated to a run. “Natsu! Wait!” I tried to grab him, but wasn’t successful. “Natsu....” I whispered as I felt my lips, where they had touched his. The rain started at a slow drizzle, but began to pore in only a few seconds.

I stood there, not knowing what just happened, really. First we had run away from Gajeel and Levy, to leave them alone. Then next thing I know, we were kissing. And not to long ago, he said that he wasn’t ever my friend. What....what did Natsu mean by that? Did I really....miss judge Natsu’s personality?

I looked at the ground as my hand fell down by my side from where is was. The rain continued to drench me as I started to walk home.

Suddenly lightning crashed and I freaked. I was scared of lightning, and hated it so much.

The lightning hit again. Running, I hid in the nearest hiding spot. Under a table outside. I wasn’t helpless, but felt like it. What just happened today? Why did this happen to me? Was it really wrong to trust Natsu?

I continued to hid under the table in the darkest corner like a scared cat.

Out of nowhere I heard footsteps drawing near. What is that! I tried to scoot back farther into the corner, but it didn't’ work. I was scared.

Thunder and lightning crashed yet again. I screamed. “AHHHHH!” I had my ears covered and my eyes shut, but as I uncovered my ears, and opened my eyes, I saw two people crouching down in front of me. Gajeel. Levy.

“What’s wrong. Do you not like lightning, Lu-chan?” Levy’s voice was calming as I jumped up and hugged her.

“I hate lightning! I hate this! Natsu was so mean! Why did he have to be so mean to me! All I wanted was a friend!” I could feel tears forming in my eyes, and couldn't’ hold it in again. I let it flow out of my eyes and onto Levy's back.

She patted my back, and Gajeel just kept quiet. “There, there, Lu-chan. Don’t worry. I got you. Now where is your house? We will take you there.”

I pointed in the direction that it was, and Gajeel suddenly spoke. “Where is Natsu! If he hurts Levy’s friend, then he is melted metal to me!” He looked around, but from what I could tell, he found no signs of him.

“It’s fine, Gajeel.” Levy spoke to Gajeel as we walked to my house. Every time the thunder and lightning hit, I tightened my grip, but Levi didn't’ seem to mind at all.

“Is this it?” I looked up to see we were at my house.

I sucked up my runny nose, then nodded. “Yeah. This is it. Thanks a lot for keeping me company.”

I smiled and started to go in, but Levy stopped me. “Wait! Can I please come in too! I wanted to talk to you! I know we just meet not to long ago, but I still want to help.” Her voice trailed off as she looked at the ground. "I feel bad and I don't want to leave you alone with you seeming so hurt."

“Sure, I don’t mind.” I could use the extra help anyways.

Levy said goodbye to Gajeel as he left and she walked in right behind me. We both sat on the bed, and for a while. We were both silent a few moments. In the end, she was the one who broke the silence before me. “So, what happened between you and Natsu?”

I looked down on the ground. “Well, he kissed me and said that....”

She went and interrupted me. “Wait! You got kissed by Natsu!” Her face looked totally pale.

“Yeah, but let me finish. After he kissed me, he said that he did what he wanted and couldn’t believe that I ever thought that I was his friend.” I did fake laugh, but in the end it died out as I felt another tear threatening to fall.

“Wow. I guess the rumors are not rumors about him being so cold. I mean, was that your first kiss?” I still kept looking at the ground and just nodded. “So that means that....ouch. This must really hurt.”

I looked up at her. “Yeah, it did, but what about you. It looks like you and Gajeel did get along well. I am glad my plan worked out for you two.” Another fake smile from me. I don't want her to feel bad when it was my fault.

“It went well and wait...Plan? I guess I will set that aside and tell you what happened.” She paused for a minute. “After you left, we just played a few more games, and then I noticed your note on the counter. By then it was late, and Gajeel decided to walk me home. He was trying to tell me something, and he was blushing about it for some odd reason, and then we heard you scream, and you know the rest.”

I paused and thought about it. So that means... I started to laugh. “I can’t believe that you don’t know what he would of said!” I continued to laugh. A genuine laugh that felt good.

“What? What would he of said?!” Her face was a little red, and she was anxious looking.

“Calm down. I believe that he was going to confess his feelings to you. You would of been ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Girlfriend’“ I emphasized the boyfriend and girlfriend words to show what I meant better. Her reaction to this is priceless. I am so happy right now! It was as if I almost forgot about my own dilemma.

She turned red, then sighed. “I mean, it probably wasn’t that, but it would be nice if it was.”

Keeping a little more silent, I giggled again. “Suuuuure. He wouldn't’ ever do that.” I looked at her and smiled. Thanks, Levy, for making my aching heart fell a little better than it was.

We both talked for a bit before falling asleep. She laid on the ground with a pillow and extra blanket I had, while I slept on the bed.

“Natsu....” I heard myself whisper before I fell asleep, still for some reason worrying about him. I really wanted to be his friend, and I had to. Even if he said that I wasn’t right now, it’s better than nothing. I thought before falling into a deep sleep, after a long day, I wished didn't happen.

I wanted to be friends with Natsu so bad, but was that even possible? It was like the story of Romeo and Juliet. They’re family was sworn enemy’s, but they still loved each other even if they had to pay the ultimate price. Death. Was I willing to be his friend that bad? A sweet, kind, new girl like me, and a so called ‘Rebel’ with rumors about him all around the school.

I didn’t want to believe it was like that, but it was true.

I wanted to be friends, maybe more, with the Rebel of the school. Natsu Dragneel.

I woke up soon enough, and the sun shone through the window. There was a note on my dresser.



I hope you are okay. You get better soon, and see you tomorrow at school. Oh, and Gajeel will be siting with us. I am so nervous. I am actually blushing just thinking about it O/////O. Hehe. See you later.

Sign, Your friend,

Levy M.


I smiled a bit and put the note in the trash. It was sunday, so I could enjoy myself a bit in my tower, now called the Heartfillia Tower, because I couldn't get the Idea of Natsu being Romeo and I being Juliet. It was an odd idea, but that was how my mind worked sometimes. Oh Natsu, Oh Natsu, why can't you be my friend, Natsu.

I giggled a bit and sighed after remembering what happened. Falling backwards onto my bed, I frowned. "I guess I will just stay here and write some, or something. I don't risk bumping into someone who I don't want to see by chance." I closed my eyes, and Natsu popped into my head again.

"Natsu. Why did you have to be so cold like that? Where is the Natsu that I meet? The one I saw before all this when we bumped into each other?" I grumbled as I lay there, speechless until I just fell back to sleep. Sleeping through the rest of the day and night.

The alarm suddenly went off, making me fall out of bed surprised. In the process, bumping my head on the ground. I groaned. Awwwy. That hurt. Did I really sleep through all the day yesterday? I looked at my watch, and sure enough, it said Monday.

I laid back down on the cold, hard ground before getting back up and ready.

Oh, how much I didn't, but did, want this day to come. The day I have to see Natsu again.

I sighed again, noticing that I was sighing a lot before walking out the door, ready for school. I grabbed my bag that was right outside the door before I left. I was ready. Whether I saw Natsu, or not.
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