The Boy I just Meet is The Rebel

Hardships Cast

Almost every day people confronted me about my friend Lisanna. Or at least my used to be friend. I still remember the day that I had to start being this way because I was helpless. I was young, and I didn’t have a family, so it was scary.

Every time I fight people, it is because they think we are still friends, but it ended long ago. It ended when I told her ‘I did what I wanted’ and all. The only flaw in what people think is that I didn’t hurt her at all. All I did then was push her. Sure, it wasn't the best now that I look back at it. But I still have fellings.

I hated it so much, but I couldn’t do anything. They all said that if I was friends with her, they would attack me, and kill me along with Lisanna afterwards.

I was young, and now I haven’t seen her since, but things have been coming up again. People had been asking if I was still friends with Lisanna, but they won’t tell me anything else before trying to attack me.

Lisanna. I punched the last guy and he ran screaming. “He’s a crazy guy!” One of them said. “Yeah, I told you we shouldn’t of picked him! The rumors of him being a total Rebel was true!” The other one said. I never wanted to be the way I am now, but I thought they would leave you alone if I did this.

I stood there, looking at my hand. It had some blood on it and I wiped it on my handkerchief I carried with me in secret, then put it back away in my pocket. Why did it have to come to this...?

I turned around after hearing a sound of footsteps behind me. “So, Natsu? You wanted to meet me here?” I looked at her, and there stood Lucy. Well. Atleast I can be friends with you. I'm glad.

“How long have you been there?!” I remembered that I had just had a battle and if she saw, I didn't’ know what she would do. Did she see what I just did?!

“I just got here. I had some complications and now Happy is tagging along. So I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go bowling in a bit. But it’s your choice.” I smiled.

But then I was sighing in relief that she didn’t show any sign of seeing me. “Well, I guess. Does that mean we are friends?” I wanted to have a friend again so bad.

She giggled, and her smile was so bright, even the sun couldn’t manage. “I have one favor to ask, though.” There is one thing that I can’t have her doing. For her own safety.

“Sure. I guess. What is the favor?” I hope she doesn't hate me.

Maybe someday when we are great friends, and I don’t have to be this ‘Rebel’ person, I can tell her why. “If you want to talk to me at school, ever, um....” I really hoped that she would agree to this. “The thing is once you start talking to me at school, you either need to make sure that you stay near me whenever you can. Please. I have my reasons.” My voice in the end softened a bit to where it was as low as a whisper.

She was staring at me, but smiled. “Yeah, I can do that, but you need to try to socialize a bit more. Please. Because it would be nice to have other friends to socialize with too every once in a while.” Sorry, Luce, but that is the one thing I can’t do. “Now, we should go. I mean, we will be late as it is to the bowling alley.”

I didn’t understand at first why she was in such a hurry, but after she briefed me on what happened, I kind of freaked out. My mouth was wide open as I heard what she said. “WAIT! So you mean that that piece of scrap metal, I mean Gajeel, actually might like someone!” I could hear my voice raise real loud.

“Yeah. It’s kind of funny. Who would of known that a book worm, similar to how I am, would like a person like Gajeel.” What would be wrong with a person like him liking a unique person like you, Luce? I mean, I like you. I kept it in my mind, because she might get the wrong idea if I said that.

I started to speak to myself, but Lucy heard. “Who would have known....” She giggled at me. “What?” I was kind of confused at that point. I didn’t understand at all.

She stopped giggling. “Oh, it’s nothing.” It went dead silent.

I began to fidget. What should I say. She spoke up for me, relieving my awkward self from the premises. “Hey, Natsu. I am sure you know a lot of people, even though they don’t know you, you know Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser?”

Juvia? Gray? The love birds that used to be my friends before the Rumors broke out? I remembered what happened to the both of them and started to bust out laughing. “Yeah! I know them! I thought that you would have known! Here I will tell you anyways.” I looked at Luce, and realized that I may have scared her somehow, so I calmed myself down. “Gray had been put in Juvenile School for running streak, even though he claims that he didn’t know he was doing it. Then Juvia, being a die-heart Gray fan, demanded that she went to that school too. In the end, she won the battle, and now she goes there.” I couldn’t hold it in, and just started to laugh again.

After a few seconds, I looked over and saw that there was something wrong with Luce. Why does she look so upset? Suddenly I felt the urge to comfort Lucy. Maybe. Maybe she wouldn't mind.

Shuffling my feet closer, I gently put my arm around her, but felt myself blush. Could it be? Could I already like Luce....more than anything else in the world?

“Natsu?” I jumped a little bit, hearing my name, but kept my arm around her. “It’s looked so sad. This is what I would do for any friend. At Least from what I remember.” My heart is pounding so fast. Why?

“Thanks. I think I will survive.” She was looking at the ground for some reason, then giggled.

I looked over in the distance and saw something. “Well I am glad you are happy. Now isn’t that the bowling alley?” Squinting her eyes, which I thought was cute how she did it, she smiled.

I started to run, grabbing her hand in the process. When I looked back she was blushing. I kept on running, though.

Slow, but at the same time fast, we arrived the Bowling alley. You know what the idea is, right?” Lucy said under her breath.

I nodded in reply and we entered into the place. “Hey Levi!” Luce just blurted it out as she stepped through the door.

“So I see that you are late.” So the other side appears. Who would of known that Levi is like this sometimes.

“So sorry....we didn’t “ Levi went and interrupted her.

She started to laugh. “Just kidding. Hey Gajeel, this is Luce.” Oh, so there isn’t a mean Levi, but rather a goofy one. Levi turned her head so she could see Luce again. “It’s okay if I call you Luce, right?”

Hey, I wanted to call her that first. “Sure. It’s cute.”

Okay, Natsu. You can do this. “Lu-lucy? Um....” My voice was really quiet because I was being shy.

Suddenly I saw someone that had caught my attention. Oh, no. Not them. “Yeah, Natsu. Speak up if you want me to hear you please.”

I looked over my shoulder to get a better look. Sure enough it was them. They saw me too. Waving me over, I put my pointer finger up secretly to tell them one minute. It could get me in trouble with them greatly, but I didn't care. “Can I call you Luce too? I do like that nickname, don’t you?”

She smiled at me. “Sure. I don’t mind. I mean, we are kind of starting to be friends and all.” It felt like I was being stabbed in the chest for some reason when she said ‘kind of starting to be friends’.

I looked over my shoulder again to see they were growing impatient. “Do you mind if I go and get something. I must have dropped my wallet outside. I will be right back.” I turned right around quickly and walked outside. I don’t need to get Luce involved. I want to keep her safe. I can’t tell her the truth.

I looked at them. They were the ones who forced me to not be friends with Lissanna. I hated them. I didn’t care the consequence. I would even die if I could be with Luce.

First thing I did was through a fist at him, but he dodged it. “You think you can beat me! I will get what I want!” He hit me in the gut, and it hurt very bad. I stayed on my feet, though. Luce.

I did a round kick, and when they tried to dodge it this time, I punched them it the gut too. Something made my hand sear with pain, though. I looked to see that his shirt was ripped, but there was armor under him.

Before I could react to what I found out, they all ganged up on me. I felt defenceless. I hated it. After all these years, I thought that I could deal with anyone that tried to take my friends. I made a mistake, though and i hate it so much. I want to keep Luce safe. I really want to.

Trying again, I went for their face, which I knew was uncovered, but they just blocked my kick. I felt like a helpless child. No one could help.

The biggest guy spoke up. “You know that I will take your life and your friends if you ever talk to her again! Now where is Lucy Heartfilia! Tell me now or I will kill you!”

They let me go, and like any person would do, I ran. I was scared for my life. For Lucy’s. If they ever caught up with me, I will be dead.

I ran till I was at the bowling alley and I opened the door slowly. I was hurt, but I just held the pain. Lucy. I thought of her. I didn't’ want her to get hurt. I just didn’t. That’s why I have to give her some reason to not be my friend. I want to be with her so bad, but until I can protect her, I will train. I must defeat them, so they can’t hurt Luce.

First, though, I have to tend these wounds, so she doesn't’ see them. “Natsu....” My eyes opened as I heard her voice. It can’t be her. She can’t see me like this. I turned to see who I didn’t want to see me. “...your hurt. What happened?”

Reaching up, I could tell she wanted to help, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t let her know what happened. If she ever got hurt, she would know it was my fault and hate me for not defeating them. I turned and ran, scared from what she saw.

“Natsu! Wait! Please!” I could hear her plea and it hurt. I got angry with myself and all the sudden lied to protect her. “I just bumped into a pole, okay! It’s just that it’s embarrassing.” As if that isn't cliche enough.

Please, Natsu. Just let me atleast aid to it. I mean, it’s only a small cut, nothing more.” She sounded upset. Does she know? I thought about it and decided that she didn’t.

I sighed knowing that I could not avoid it. “Okay.”

“Now. What do you say that as soon as we clean this up, we do what we had planned, and I will leave a note in her bag. How does that sound?” She laughed, making me crack a small smile.

It only took a little bit, but she bandaged me up, and in the end she wrote the note and set it where she had said and we left.

we both ran as fast as our feet could take us until we arrived at town, panting.

After calming my breath down, I sat on the ground for a second, then got back up with her talking. “So...what do we do now?”

“I don’t really know. I guess that....” I looked at her. What is she doing? “....why are you slapping your cheeks like that?”

She looked shocked, but answered. “Oh, nothing. I was just trying to get my own attention. Hehe. Weird, huh.” I didn't’ say anything, and she didn’t say anything. It was quiet for a bit. Ya know, we could go get something to eat. I mean, we have nothing else to do.” She spoke up for me, yet again.

Food! Yes! Yes! I mean. Focus, Natsu! Food! When I heard food, it was my weakness. I loved food so much, if I had the money, or chance, I would eat food all day. “Yeah! Let’s get go somewhere! You have an idea where we should go!?” I could feel my eyes began to sparkle.

“We could go to this one place my mom....” She suddenly stopped. Why did she..? Tears started to fall down on her face.

Lucy.... “Luce. What’s wrong.” I wiped her tears away and my eyes widened in amazement. She’s so....I really want to....Ug.....I guess....just this once.

I pulled up her chin and looked her in the eyes. Her eyes. They remind me of milky chocolate and brownies. It’s so cute. “Luce. Your so....” I leaned in closer to her. My heart pounding in my chest, it was maddening. I really want to have her, but I...I....

My eyes closed and I felt our lips slowly touch. Her kiss was passionate and long. I had never had a kiss in my life, surprisingly. It was so delicate. So warm. So....wonderful. I didn’t want to let her go, but soon we ran out of breath.

I was panting fast as I realized. I...I can’t do this. I just can’t! I covered my mouth in shock, and my Rebel self took over. I turned around, afraid of what would happen if anyone found out that I liked her this much.

“I...I...I’m sorry!” My voice was stern and intact. Just like at school when the once in a while I talked came. “I am sorry that you believed that I was your friend. I am nothing of the sort. I do what I want.”

I just said what I said to Lissanna. What have I done.... I needed to anyways, I guess, but this was not the way. I started to run and I could see over the corner of my shoulder that she tried to grab me, but she missed.

I kept running and running. It was pouring, but I kept on going until I got home. I slammed the door behind me, and ran straight to my haymitch. Happy came up to me, trying to cheer me up, but it didn't happen. I just layed there, when the thunder started to crash.

Then I fell asleep, unaware what Lucy was going through herself. I wish, luce, that I could do something for you, but I am helpless, and I hate it, Luce. I want to protect you, and because of that kiss I gave you, I know....that I love you.

Somehow. Already. The time has turned, but I can’t do anything, Lucy. What would you do in my situation. What would you do, Luce?
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